“Impeachment” 3.0

Tomorrow begins the third “impeachment” of President Donald J. Trump who, by the way, is now former President Trump, so how can he be “impeached?”

No matter to these clowns.

No matter that the entire farce is unconstitutional.

No matter that President Trump has been afforded, as usual, no due process.

No matter that they have not one iota of real “evidence.”

No matter that the accusers continue to suffer from the worst case of Trump Derangement Syndrome ever diagnosed.

An interesting paragraph from the article linked above:

Trump’s brief reminds us that the Democrats are actually required to prove that the election was not stolen.  The articles of impeachment do not merely open the door and allow Trump to prove there was election fraud.  They accuse Trump of falsely claiming there was fraud in the election, thereby inciting protests.  

Nevertheless, I’m not watching this clown circus, are you?

Not my circus. Not my monkeys.

Let history judge these clowns.  And it will. (I’ll catch the juicy parts on re-runs, if there are any. Gateway Pundit will surely provide the best excerpts.)

Hear the Musical Donkey bray out of its own rear end!

Now comes word that President Trump is considering instituting his own social media platform.

At last, good news: The return of actual free speech on the Internet.

That is, if the Biden clown circus “allows” it.



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