Again, It Goes Without Saying …

Yes, we do; indeed we do, Mr. President.

Here are just some reasons why we miss our President, as borrowed from Charlie Kirk:

In less than 72 hours, Joe Biden:

Killed 70,000+ jobs

Eliminated women’s sports

Invaded Syria

Left the National Guard to freeze in a garage

Admitted he doesn’t have a plan to fight COVID

Broke his own mask mandate EO

Ended US energy independence

Do you miss Trump yet?

Kirk’s list doesn’t even touch upon Biden’s plans to

  • open our borders once again to illegal immigrants and so-called economic refugees, pushing Americans out of jobs;
  • give amnesty and citizenship to illegal aliens already here;
  • suck up to both Russia and China;
  • support the globalist Great Reset (iow, put America last);
  • cripple our economy in the name of an alleged “climate crisis“;
  • use federal funds to promote abortion;
  • place an anti-white woman at the head of the DOJ’s Civil Rights division, continuing the racist narrative that civil rights laws don’t apply to white people;
  • prioritize federal aid to small businesses based upon race and sex, thus discriminating against white men;
  • lay the ground work for gun control, if not outright confiscation, and
  • fill regime positions based upon race, sex, gender, and ethnicity quotas.

So, yes, it goes without saying that we certainly miss the once and future President greatly and apparently now so do many of the (alleged) Biden voters, of which there’s serious doubt there ever were as many as reported by the regime’s allies in the complicit, post-journalism media.

Biden promised to be a president for all Americans and laughably made “unity” the theme of his candidacy and inaugural address.

What a joker!

Apparently Biden’s definition of “unity” means that we become “unified” when all opposition to his policies is destroyed: If we don’t submit, then he’ll simply be forced to “ram” his regime’s tyrannical plans down our throats.

Not only will we be forced to “unite,” but as many are dismayed to find, we also may be forced to “follow” his regime on social media, whether we want to or not.

Dhimmi for Dummies: Now there’s a book that would probably find a publisher under Biden’s regime.

George Orwell warned in his novel 1984:

There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always— do not forget this, Winston— always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless.

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.

Who imagined one man could be so prescient?


275 responses to “Again, It Goes Without Saying …

    • Hey JEN ..
      ….WORDS MATTER ..

      • Special privileges for Biden supporters. She probably has the gall to criticize MTG for her past comments. MTG is ostracized for things she “liked” or said on social media YEARS AGO. btw, there’s no crime in believing or even considering “conspiracy theories.” As MTG pointed out: The entire mainstream media took part in, promoted, and believed the PROVED HOAX know as the Trump/Russia collusion CONSPIRACY THEORY. It was lies. It was disinformation. It was misinformation. AND it was deliberate. It harmed our country. It damaged our democracy. It damaged the institution of the presidency. It corrupted our intelligence agencies, the DOJ, and indeed the entire government bureaucracy. Oh, nevermind, though: They’re leftists so have leftist privilege.

    • What? And he wasn’t allowed to just apologize? Are they actually trying to be fair minded here? Being a leftist doesn’t get you a pass? It probably would if he were black and made an anti-white comment.

    • I notice that he also used sexist language but apparently that was NOT part of why he was fired. It’s okay to diss half the population. It’s NOT okay to use the n-word. Double standard. Some “minorities” are more equal than others.

  1. Personal life …of ….. LIndsey
    Graham has never been married and has no children.[11] He helped to raise his sister, Darline Graham Nordone, after the death of his mother and father, which occurred within fifteen months of each other,[227] leaving the two without parents when Graham was 22 and she was 13. Experiencing the early deaths of his parents, Graham says, made him mature more quickly, and Nordone, who introduced her brother at his formal announcement of his candidacy for the 2016 presidential race, said she hoped to be with him on the campaign trail frequently to show voters his softer side. “He’s kind of like a brother, a father and a mother rolled into one,” she said. “I’ve always looked up to Lindsey.”[228]

    • Interesting. I’ve never heard that about him before. Maybe having to raise a child at such a young age put him off having his own kids. It happens.


  3. ” You smear somebody with …..

    “Then you merchandize it.”

    “Then the press writes it.”

    “Now we have our validation.”

    “It’s a tactic!”

    • Oh, please. I’m sorry but … I hold to my disgust in political dynasties. Being consistent here. If I hate the nepotism in DemoncRAT politics, then have to condemn it in Republican politics. Besides which, she’s (I’m convinced) a closet (if that) liberal.


    • And did THEY get the Ashli Babbitt treatment? OF COURSE NOT.

      A racist, Maxine-Waters-inspired insurrection by Biden supporters. Is the FBI on the case?

    • We’ll probably NEVER learn now that they’ve also supposedly advised AGAINST any charges in her death. No autopsy report yet, either. Would be interesting to know what her family says. I feel so sorry for her husband.

  5. JOE .. on “YOUR” DIME?
    R U CRAZY ??? ha’ 4 sure

  6. YES …NAIL them good !!! 24/7
    WTP can Also PLAY your GAMES

    • Love this. He knows as well as anyone what it’s like to be terrorized and attacked, as a sitting Senator, by domestic terrorists known as Antifa and BLM.

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