And the Answer Is …

Our last post asked whether we would still have a constitutional Republic after January 6, 2021. The answer is

Who the hell knows?


Probably not. 

We’ll have to wait to see what our overlords do next before we have a definitive answer.

Our overlords being increasingly totalitarian, the situation does not bode well for our nation or its people.

The “cleansing” has already begun. Tech giants have begun the purge that has long been planned in collusion with the Democrat Party.

New social media sites (Parler, Gab) are being attacked financially and censored indiscriminately. Mainstream monopolistic social media giants (Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook) are using arguably illegal means to stifle their competition. Not being a lawyer, I can’t begin to list the laws being broken but surely the victims will not take these attacks lying down, at least not while we still have a semblance of a court and legal system to which they can appeal. What about people who own stock in these companies, both those censoring as well as those being censored? Let the lawsuits begin.

Of course, with total control of the government, our Democrat overlords can now simply pack the Supreme Court, abolish the filibuster, and change to simple majority rule to pass legislation. “Minority rights” will take on a new meaning under this totalitarian Democrat cabal: There will be no “minority rights” in Biden’s administration nor in Congress.

Can the People do anything to stop it? Not likely, anymore, at the ballot box. After the debacle of 2020, will we ever have free and fair elections again?

Who believes that after the system of stealing an election has been perfected–the “beta version” having proven successful–it won’t be deployed again, and again, and again. What’s to stop it? Who’s to stop it? The Republicans, who did little or nothing to stop it this time around? Don’t make me laugh.

President Trump is now labeled a “man without a country” by a despicable excuse for a human being, retired general, and former (alleged) public servant. (Perhaps his current Commander in Chief ought to invoke Article 88 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, if only as a test case. Fight fire with fire; lawfare with lawfare.)

President Trump’s opponents, our opponents, must totally destroy him, lest he rise again.

Their gambit of trying to invoke the 25th Amendment will fail, which is why they now talk of impeachment, with a trial in the Senate after Trump has left office! (When they control the process, the subpoenas, the interrogations– literally the entire circus of a show trial.)

The fearful left believes that if Donald Trump is impeached (even unconstitutionally, when he’s not president anymore), he can never hold office again.

What will they do if impeachment fails or if the courts rule against them? Dare we speculate?

At best, they’ll try to run him out of the country, like Third World tinpot dictators tend to do to their defeated opponents.

We already know that they intend to wage “lawfare” against Trump, his family, and his supporters, twisting the law to crush them by any means necessary. (Again, like tinpot dictators tend to do.)

But at their worst, what will they do? I shudder to contemplate.

Take note: they’re not just coming for the President. They intend to “cleanseall of us, but so far, it’s not working.

Some news you won’t see in the mainstream media–President Trump’s approval rating has risen since January 6th. His opponents know this in their heart of hearts.

If they truly believed that Trump is a defeated man, if they truly believed that he’s “a man without a country,” then why would they still fear him and us so much? If they believed he has no legacy, that he’s disgraced himself beyond redemption, then why do they still perceive him (and us) as a threat?

I’m reminded of a quote from the movie Casablanca, adapted for this moment in time:

And what if you track down these men [and women] and kill them? What if you murdered all of us? From every corner of [the United States of America] hundreds, thousands would rise to take our places. Even Nazis can’t kill that fast.

You see, it’s not about one man. It’s about an idea called the United States of America.

It’s about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s about freedom.

This idea is why our country exists: to be a place where millions of human beings came (and still come) seeking refuge from oppression and tyranny. People don’t run towards oppression and tyranny.

We the People are not going to let that dream, that idea, die.

I had planned to say that finally, finally, I’m left speechless; but as you can see, I still have words, although they become increasingly difficult to not just

spit out!

Who among us ever thought we’d live to see this happen in the United States of America?

Chairman Mao would be so proud of his proteges.

What next for the (dis)United States of America?

God only knows.

May God and St. Michael help and defend us.

Pray for our nation, its people, and our future.

Pray for our president and his family.

May God bless the Once and Future United States of America.



177 responses to “And the Answer Is …

    • It’s disappointing that they’re not going to have comments anymore. It makes me wonder for how long the leftist websites knew in advance the plan to blame conservative sites for the false flag “insurrection” (urged on, btw, by a leftist Black guy who created “Insurgence USA”, proving you cannot make this stuff up), which is why the leftwing websites began early on to NOT ALLOW comments in the lead up to the election. Supposedly Yahoo! stopped commenting to create a safe space. Check out their homepage today to see how “safe” the site is for conservatives. They’re attacking our beautiful and gracious First Lady for no reason other than spite.

    • But haven’t you seen? Now the leftists in state authorities are declaring we must open up and that lockdowns don’t work. So do we even NEED a vaccine or a new drug? Did we EVER?

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