Basement Administration

A curious article in the news alleged that the current set up at the White House may not work for a potential Biden administration.

First, consider the response of former president Barack Obama, when asked if he would like a third term.

Obama replied:

[I]f I could make an arrangement where, um, I had a, I had a, a, a stand-in, a front man or front woman, and, and they had an earpiece in, and I was just in my basement in my sweats, looking through the stuff, and then I could sorta deliver the lines but somebody else was doing all the talking and ceremony, I, I’d be fine with that.

Of course he would! Conveniently, Obama still lives in DC in his $8.1 million house that must have quite a luxurious and comfortable basement.

If Obama hopes to call the shots in a puppet Biden/Harris administration, then he’ll need the ability to Zoom (so he can see “the stuff”) and he’ll also need a way to access the front man’s or front woman’s earpiece, through which to feed instructions and “lines.” (As an aside, leftist-complicit Twitter, which loves to control all communications, just bought out Squad, “an app that allows you to share your screen and video chat” simultaneously.)

Back to the curious article entitled Biden’s challenge: Creating a COVID-19-free White House:

President-elect Joe Biden, surrounded by just a handful of aides in Delaware, is using Zoom to oversee his plans to assume power.

But Biden soon will be entering a no-Zoom zone at the White House — just one sign of the challenges his new administration will face when it moves to Washington in the midst of a pandemic. …

White House computers don’t allow the popular video conference software Zoom or rival systems like Google Meet and Slack. Government-issue cellphones only gained texting capabilities a few years ago. And many employees will need to be present at the White House to access classified information.

Telework is possible for some White House staff, and improvements in both secure and unclassified videoconferencing have been made over the last two decades. But the lack of in-person coordination could pose an additional challenge to the new government facing a multitude of crises. …

Detailed planning is still underway, but some early considerations are to curtail the number of staffers who have unfettered access to the West Wing, encourage remote work where possible and even have staffers use secure teleconferencing between individual offices to minimize use of shared spaces. …

Immediately one can speculate about the “additional challenge” involved in setting up a system for a former president to actually implement a virtual third term from the basement of his home. After all, there will necessarily have to be a “lack of [visible] in-person coordination” between the real administration and the shadow basement administration.

Obama would have to remain in his home or elsewhere because, after all, there is that pesky White House visitor log (an open record) to contend with.

Obviously, it would be next to impossible to hide numerous visits to the White House by Obama, or even a single visit. 

But how else would Obama get to see “the stuff,” especially highly classified information?

Would a SCIF be set up in Obama’s basement, as happened at the Clinton home when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and infamously violated many rules concerning public records and proper handling of classified information, not to mention preservation of government records? 

(Would the newly acquired and suddenly shut down Squad app perhaps be useful for Biden/Obama purposes? After all, Obama would have to see all the “stuff” on Biden’s screens.)

How would presidential records that consist of teleconferences, or app usage, or instructions transmitted via earpiece be captured, stored, and sent to the national archives or made available through FOIA to We the People? Will someone make transcripts or collect minutes? Store the video and audio?

Or, as with all the election laws flouted in order to install Biden, will every law concerning transparency–presidential records and public access to them–be similarly ignored under the pretense that COVID is an emergency, despite the new vaccines?

Never let a crisis go to waste.

Would national security take a back seat to the necessity of providing invisible, secret electronic communication between the Oval Office and the Obama abode? Surely national security requirements explain why White House computers don’t allow for Zoom, for example. But will rules, policies, and even laws go by the wayside to enable the basement presidency, just as they did during the actual Obama presidency, when Hillary Clinton was allowed to have a private server, use non-governmental email, and employ Bleachbit or simple deletion to evade accountability and avoid leaving records of her activities?

Since Obama’s home and office are relatively close to the White House, would it be possible for direct lines (hard-wired, non-hackable lines) to be installed between the Oval Office and the Obama locations? If so, they’d need a cover story for the activity and also a way to fund it, then hide the financing.

Is the article intended to provide explanations in advance for the construction, destruction, acquisition of digital devices and apps, laying of wiring, etc., that may be required to facilitate an invisible but virtual third term for Obama?

Consider this section from the article:

There will be a top-to-bottom cleaning of the West Wing in the hours after Trump vacates the premises and before Biden’s team moves in. Public health experts say it’s crucial that extra steps be taken to mitigate the spread of the disease during that changeover.

One former official said the White House ventilation system, hardened against chemical and biological threats, poses less of a concern than in typical buildings, but the Biden team is not taking any risks. [S]aid Dr. Abraar Karan … “Having full air exchange, filtration and open ventilation will be important between the cleaning and the moving in of the new presidential family.”

Does this excerpt attempt to explain in advance the extensive work that may visibly take place in the White House, including modifying walls and ductwork, using the excuse of COVID?

The Biden/Harris team will likely be concerned about bugs of another kind hiding in the walls or anywhere in the Oval Office because, after all, leftists project: they always accuse their opponents of doing that which they do themselves. 

After infamously spying on candidate and then-President Trump, of course the Biden/Obama cabal will fear turnabout, whether it is likely or not and no matter what it costs the taxpayers to satisfy their fears.

It’s also not surprising that a Biden administration would seek to “curtail the number of staffers who have unfettered access to the West Wing,” considering the number of media leaks that occurred during the Trump administration. Given the number of people who consider a Biden presidency illegitimate, certainly the Obama/Biden/Harris triumvirate fear a “resistance” similar to that which they employed against President Trump.

They have set the precedent now, have they not?

Again, knowing what they did for four years and more to President Trump, they surely fear that similar tactics will be used against them. Classic projection. Typical Democrat behavior. They think everybody is as devious and corrupt as they are.

At this link is a pertinent interview of Representative Devin Nunes, who speaks about Obama’s selection of his stand-ins and the Obama, Clinton, and Deep State corruption, among other topics.

Time will tell what happens.

With luck, this will all become moot and we’ll enjoy another four years of the Trump presidency.

God willing.


67 responses to “Basement Administration

  1. THIS is why they hate him.

    Trump actually works for YOU.

    — thebradfordfile™ (@thebradfordfile) December 23, 2020

  2. Merry CHRISTmas …. dave m …
    & repost …. Open video on top

  3. IS any bullshit more shitty than Republicans and Democrats in Congress voting 600 dollars to Americans for relief and handing over 1800 dollars to foreign vermin?


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