Concerning Sign?

Is former Senator Joseph Biden, alleged “president elect”, signaling something to the country? Enquiring minds need to know.

We’ve been told by our betters in the mainstream media that the gesture Biden makes in the above photo is not “innocuous” but rather signifies “white power” and support for white supremacy.

A number of high-profile figures … have helped spread the gesture’s racist connotation by flashing it conspicuously in public

[T]he gesture has … become a “sincere expression of white supremacy,” according to the Anti-Defamation League

President Trump has often been accused of using this sign to show support for “white supremacy,” as have members of his staff.

(Note that Biden is using his right hand, specifically indicating support for white power and adherence to white supremacy.)

The sign only works if made with the right hand. It is said to depict the letter ‘W’ with the outstretched fingers, and a ‘P’ with the circle.

Houston, we have a problem!

Equally concerning, some also believe that the same gesture indicates 666, the “mark of the Beast!”

So which is it Joe? Do you support white supremacy, Satan, or perhaps both?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a single mainstream media story reporting Biden’s apparent support for white power, or for anyone at the Anti-Defamation League to criticize Biden, nor, for that matter, for the Southern Poverty Law Center to take Biden to task for his apparent dog whistle calling all white supremacists.

Will any reporter even ask him what he means when he makes that gesture?

At best, Biden is extremely clueless to not know that this sign is allegedly used by the Proud Boys, a group that leftists love to hate.

Why is Joe Biden so careless and clueless?

That’s not a good sign, either.



205 responses to “Concerning Sign?

  1. ..NOTHING Gets SOLVED …in S F

    A cipher from San Francisco’s notorious “Zodiac Killer” of the 1960s and ’70s apparently has been solved after 51 years.

    • OF COURSE THEY DID. But there are different rules for DemoncRATS versus Republicans. No special counsels or counterintelligence investigations or impeachments for THEM.

  2. CHESTS puffed Out .. STILL got a FEW..options …. GO TRUMP


    As WTP… R unable ..2 do our own Laundry! SHUTS WTP down FOOLish Power HUNGRY RUNS HUGE YEP …Sick Aunt… Nancy PELOSI .. Scolds the STATE ZERO unemployment aid …. Until …
    TRUMP …is fried?????
    LOCK. …the ALL UP SOON!!!

    • You can go to the French Laundry, if you have the money, but you can’t get your laundry done there, you can only eat expensive food that’s no doubt not worth the price with a bunch of other elite fat cats. Seriously, can you not even go to a laundromat?

      They are ALL such a bunch of hypocrites. I wonder where Newsom and Pelosi will spend THEIR holidays? Or will Nancy just eat up all the expensive ice cream in her freezer?

    • IF it’s true. Where’s the report that their Sec. of State is BLOCKING? It’s enough, though, to know that she’s blocking it and the only reason one WOULD block the report is if the EVIDENCE is contrary to what she wants to believe. Therefore, logical inference is that the analysis PROVES the machines didn’t tabulate correctly and/or were hacked and/or were deliberately weighted to give the desired result. WHY ELSE HIDE THE REPORT? If the result is a CLEAN report, no problems, then they WOULD release it to prove the security and accuracy of the Biden “win.”

  4. Hey dummy, America is a constitutional republic. We’re not a democracy. The fact you don’t know that shows how damn stupid you are.
    A democracy is mob rules. A constitutional republic is the rule to protect the individual from oppression by the mob. A democracy is what Thomas Jefferson warned us to not become.


    The betrayal is now complete: SCOTUS dismissal of Texas lawsuit illuminates final remaining option to save the republic
    Friday, December 11, 2020 by: Mike Adams
    Tags: America, China, civil war, Constitution, cyber warfare, dominion, insurrection, national defense, scotus, Trump, uprising

    Great clarity has now been achieved on the remaining option
    The final option now remaining to save the republic is President Trump’s “national security” option, which would mirror the actions of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. Trump must now declare the fraudulent election to be an act of cyber warfare against America, deploy the military to key cities, and initiate mass arrests of court judges, mayors, governors, election officials, complicit “journalists,” members of Congress and everyone else who has colluded in this criminal conspiracy to overthrow the United States of America.

    Fortunately, this is precisely the option for which President Trump has been preparing since at least September of 2018. I have been covering these preparations in my Situation Update podcasts, which bring to light activities of the DoD, DIA, SpecOps forces and cyber warfare soldiers, all of which are preparing for Trump to give the green light on an operation that would take down America’s enemies with ferocity and determination.

    Trump now surely realizes this plan is the only remaining option to fulfill his oath to defend the United States of America against enemies foreign and domestic. SCOTUS has just handed Trump the clarity he needed to carry out this historic, necessary step to defend this republic in its final hour, when enemies across the country and around the world believe they have succeeded in their suffocation of liberty and the planned demise of the United States of America.

    By Saturday, mid-day, I will have two new Situation Update podcasts posted. Here is Friday’s podcast, which reveals all the actions already under way to prepare Special Operations forces and pro-America elements of the DoD for their finest hour and most important mission of all: The saving of our constitutional republic.


    • I can actually see the logic BUT Alito and Thomas wanted to hear the case, so what do I know? I trust Thomas above ALL others of them.

      In any case, it IS up to the states and that means the STATES’ legislators MUST appoint the electors because THEY KNOW that the election was fraudulent in so many ways. THOUSANDS of affidavits. The evidence alone, as Scott Adams pointed out, that LEGALLY-REQUIRED, MULTI-PARTISAN OBSERVATION of counting of ballots and adjudicating of ballots was DELIBERATELY AND ILLEGALLY BLOCKED IN ALL THE PLACES WHERE THE FRAUD SEEMS MOST EGREGIOUS is enough to know that the election was stolen.

      I can’t believe it’s true, but it was reported, that the vast majority of the votes in one Georgia area were SENT TO ADJUDICATION because allegedly the machines couldn’t or didn’t register the votes. Nearly 200,000 votes sent to screens of people with the power to SELECT what they THOUGHT or WANTED TO BELIEVE the voters intended and vote FOR THEM, WITH NOBODY TO OVERSEE WHAT THEY DID AND NO WAY TO INDICATE (NO AUDIT TRAIL) WHO MADE THE CHANGES, ensuring that even if the fraud is caught no individual casting the illegal votes can be prosecuted.

      So sure, there’s a finite number of adjudicators but you can’t convict them all and you can’t sort out the guilty so they ALL GET OFF the hook. Fraud is rewarded. The election is STOLEN.

      imho, but I’m no lawyer, it certainly seems logical that every other state most certainly does have STANDING when it’s KNOWN that elections were fraudulent and that these states, by certifying known fraudulent results, are going to impact the fate of every human being ON THE PLANET. On the planet because as goes the U.S., so goes the world.

      That said, Congress and the vice president have the power to NOT ACCEPT fraudulent electors. There IS a Constitutional process.

      They IGNORE US AT THEIR OWN RISK. We the People are NOT going to accept this election as “the most secure” in history when we KNOW it was STOLEN, in several instances by Soros-paid BLM activists.

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