The Steal Is On

And he’s still in the way, despite the lie that Joe Biden (some say Kamala Harris) is “president-elect.”

Here’s the latest word from President Trump:

We all know why Joe Biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner, and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him: they don’t want the truth to be exposed. The simple fact is this election is far from over. Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states, let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts, or states where our campaign has valid and legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate victor. In Pennsylvania, for example, our legal observers were not permitted meaningful access to watch the counting process.  Legal votes decide who is president, not the news media.

Beginning Monday, our campaign will start prosecuting our case in court to ensure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner is seated. The American People are entitled to an honest election: that means counting all legal ballots, and not counting any illegal ballots. This is the only way to ensure the public has full confidence in our election. It remains shocking that the Biden campaign refuses to agree with this basic principle and wants ballots counted even if they are fraudulent, manufactured, or cast by ineligible or deceased voters. Only a party engaged in wrongdoing would unlawfully keep observers out of the count room – and then fight in court to block their access.  

So what is Biden hiding? I will not rest until the American People have the honest vote count they deserve and that Democracy demands.

– President Donald J. Trump

Suddenly the media have “called the election” for Joe Biden, as if they rule in this country, as if President Trump, his campaign, his supporters, and his voters have NO RIGHTS WHATSOEVER to a free and fair election process.

The media know that multiple states are still contested. They know that several states will go to a recount. They also know that there are many credible allegations of a fraudulent process in many of the so-called “swing states.” There are voting machine and voting tabulation “glitches” which, when caught, changed the races.

How many glitches and “clerical errors” were not caught? All these problems need to be resolved and all questions need to be answered before any honest human being can declare a winner.

In the 2000 presidential election, the media were cheering on Al Gore’s attempt to overturn the results in just one state–Florida. The media actually uncalled the election for George Bush because this single state was going to a recount (based upon far less evidence than observed in this election).

Notably, the media refused to address Bush as president-elect, referring to him as Governor Bush, until the Supreme Court ruled that the recount process in Florida should end, confirming that Bush had indeed won the election.

Compare 2000 to 2020, where the media have rushed to declare Biden the winner while votes are still being counted in multiple states, while lawsuits are being filed, and when multiple recounts have not yet begun.

(Consider the irony of  “vote margins” for recounts, when tens, if not hundreds of thousands, of questionable or questionably counted ballots may illegitimately place vote totals beyond the threshold, depriving victims of redress or forcing them to pay for the recount. Such an outcome simply cannot stand in a free democratic Republic.)

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has twice ordered all ballots received in Pennsylvania after 8:00 p.m. on election day to be sequestered. Amazingly, despite the fact that the SCOTUS had already made such a order, some counties and officials simply ignored the “guidance” or pretended to misunderstand it.

Votes were to be sequestered. They were not to be opened. They were not to be counted. They were not to be added to any candidate’s totals.

And yet, in some instances, they were opened and counted, perhaps even added to the totals.

How can that genie be put back into the bottle now? If the SCOTUS becomes further involved (and it had better, for the good of our Republic), it’s now entirely possible that all of those votes will have to be tossed out.

Of course, the situation with the SCOTUS is why it was “necessary” for the Democrats to work on the totals in other swing states, so they could, against all statistical odds, miraculously make Joe Biden overtake President Trump in those states as well: The SCOTUS may not proceed with the PA case unless it seems determinative. If Democrats make the claim that Biden “won” enough electoral votes in the rest of the country, then the SCOTUS may decline to take up the PA case.

“Lawfare” will have won again.

This election is under a larger shadow of doubt than the 2000 election ever was. No candidate should be declared the winner until every recount is finished, until every ballot in states where Republican observers were shut out is examined by Republican challengers, until every lawsuit is resolved, and all votes have been certified.

Some of our so-called allies (Germany, Ireland, Canada, France, e.g.) have already rushed to congratulate Biden and Harris on their “win.” Biden is already making phone calls, as if he’s transitioning to the presidency immediately. (I wonder: Is the FBI monitoring Biden’s calls via a FISA warrant to ensure that neither he nor any of his staff violate the Logan Act? Will they open a counter-intelligence investigation if anybody on Biden’s team seems to be colluding with, say, China? Will President Trump appoint a special counsel to begin an investigation of Biden that will continue throughout his term, if he manages to occupy the Oval Office for the next four years?)

Can we blame our allies for believing Biden won when our media suppress reality, pretend there’s “no evidence” of vote fraud, and report virtual reality instead of actual facts about the status of the presidential and senate races or how our elections are supposed to be run?

(I, for one, blame these “allies,” anyway. After the Russia hoax, they ought to know better than buy into the fake news published by our so-called journalists. Woe betide these so-called allies should President Trump get the four more years that he deserves. As with the Russia hoax, however, it’s entirely possible that some of our so-called allies are in on the “fix.” Many of them are not true friends of We the People of the United States of America.)

We who supported President Trump–and even those among us who did not support him but who are as outraged as we are to realize that our fellow citizens may have conspired to invalidate votes, to violate civil rights, and to undermine our Republic because they want to gain power “by any means necessary”–must not give up. We must continue to fight for our Republic and our duly-elected President.

This cannot stand. It simply cannot stand.

We cannot capitulate, as they hope we will because we’re weary, because we want peace, because we fear being threatened, shamed, ridiculed, accused, or outright attacked by those who just want us to sit down, shut up, and submit.

Our very lives and freedom may depend upon the outcome of this fight. Biden’s supporters are already making up their “enemies lists.” To what end? Gulags? Reeducation camps?

Listen carefully. Do you hear Joe Biden or Kamala Harris objecting to AOC’s threats? Do you hear either of them crying out for fairness for President Trump and his 71 MILLION plus voters? Do you hear Nancy Pelosi acknowledging that she does not have a “mandate” when at least half of the population (actually much more) has rejected her far-left agenda? Do you hear Joe Biden chastising his campaign worker who disrespected the President of the United States and his family by referring to them as “trespassers?”

Thank you, President Trump, for carrying on the fight.

If the left can be allowed to steal a presidential election, then there’s nothing that will stop them from doing it over and over again. That, or even worse.

Pray for our President. Pray for our country.

May God bless the USA.



173 responses to “The Steal Is On

  1. Yes
    Peoples Pundit Daily
    Race Called: Republican @SenThomTillis
    has defeated Democrat @CalforNC
    in North Carolina, boosting GOP hopes to maintain control of the U.S. Senate.

  2. For them, when the men and women in suits arrive on their doorstep to politely inquire “can you explain this,” with “this” being one of the many felonies listed above, the campaign operative is likely to immediately have a life-altering moment. As often is said: You can go easy, or you can go hard, but make no mistake: you are going to address your behavior. And as the joke goes, never steal anything small, and the Democrat team certainly took that to heart.

    Read more:
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    • Can’t tell you how much I hope this is true. I love what Pompeo said today about the transition to the second Trump administration! We’ve just been disappointed so many times by these evil people, though. First with Barry’s ineligibilty, then with the 3 coup attempts against Trump with us waiting patiently for all to be exposed, never to see it happen. (I’m still waiting for the TRUTH about Barry. Let’s hope that if POTUS knows it, he reveals it on his way out, whether it’s 2024 or sooner.) Now this. I’ll keep praying. I think there was a story at The Gateway Pundit earlier this week with a Catholic priest asking us to pray a prayer like an exorcism of all the evil entities floating around at this point in time (especially in DC, I’m sure he meant). That’s something we ought to do, too.

      • Same here .. never give Up .. it wears Thin
        At 1’s every breath … Every fiber of your life … Like a boil on your-butt’ … ha’
        Soon WTP won’t be lounging on that
        “HOT TIN ROOF ” … As this may be
        …. the Greatest TIME … of our lives …
        TRUMP’S HELPER’S must EXPOSE … the Filthy … Rotten … Rats … Holding us DOWN
        IT’S …. OUR …. TIME …. 2 SHINE !!!

  3. Greetings all! My message is for the blog owner/administrator. I apologize for the O/T, but I’ve had this blog bookmarked for years and every once in a while take an afternoon and read blog posts and comments, etc. Anyway, one of the links in one of the blog posts goes to one of your posts that says something like “at the beginning” (I assume that means the start of your investigations). When I go to that link it says that anyone interested needs to click on the invitation word to send a message to you all for approval. I clicked that link and it said my request was sent. What I’m wondering is if anyone still checks that? As I said, I’ve kept your site bookmarked as a resource; my interest has been “re-piqued (?)” as I’ve recently purchased Jack Cashill’s book “Deconstructing Obama” and his most recent, “Unmasking Obama”. Thank you and God bless you all. 🙂

    • Greetings! You have me stumped. I don’t even remember that post or “invitation,” but it’s likely that nobody’s checking that request (whatever that is. I’m clueless. Sorry.) In any case, welcome and glad that you’re interested in our research. Jack Cashill is a favorite of ours, that’s for sure. God bless you, too.

    • I’ve had to explain that term, gaslighting, to my hubby so many times! I think he finally got it after watching this election coverage and the BIG STEAL.

  4. HaPPY …HAPPY … Happy …so much
    2 ….READ …. & REFLECT on
    GO … TEAM … TRUMP … USA!!! RED!

    • I can’t get their site to come up at all, no matter which story. Somebody elsewhere on the web says they have trouble getting it to come up. Anybody else having the same problem? On their Facebook page, they seem oblivious to the potential problem.

    • I’m loving that! Sydney Powell used the phrase “pallets of ballots” in a video and I’ll bet she borrowed it from this kid.

  5. Been a bit quiet lately.
    This is interesting:
    Trump fires Defense Secretary Mark Esper, indicating imminent military action
    Mike Adams

    As I’ve been writing about for months, President Trump may invoke either the Insurrection Act or the Fourteenth Amendment to put down any illegal domestic uprising or coup attempt against the United States.

    The massive, brazen election rigging by the corrupt Democrats was an attempted election coup, and the evidence is overwhelming.

    Trump is gearing up to declare either an insurrection or to invoke the Fourteenth Amendment to strip Electoral College votes from states engaged in open rebellion against the United States. Both options require firing Mark Esper (which he just did) and putting patriots in charge of the national defense.

    This action now indicates Trump is likely planning to deploy the military to defend our Republic and take down the domestic enemies who are trying to destroy it.

    See my full analysis here.

    I am not sure about Mike Adams. He was fantastic on the Las Vegas mass shooting story but when people talk about “interdimensional aliens from parallel worlds” I go a bit errr…

    • Thanks for the thoughts. I was wondering why he’s fired now, but it could be POTUS doing the typical house cleaning that presidents tend to do upon reelection. He has nothing to lose now with getting rid of these people who were never supporters but were as likely Deep State plants.

      The guy was signaling insubordination, from what I read somewhere but could never find the source of the claim–that Esper said in an interview that he wouldn’t follow any orders from Trump over the next 10 weeks. If true, then firing him was the LEAST POTUS could do to him. Do the rules of military conduct apply to his ilk? Can a Defense Secretary face court martial?

      Yeah, it’s true and we know it that Esper opposed using the military to quell the rioting in Oregon, among other places. That writer is correct. It may be that POTUS is preparing for the VIOLENCE that Gore suggested will happen if SCOTUS merely contemplates taking up the Trump cases over election fraud. Yep. Gore said they shouldn’t “risk” the violence unless the “outcome” will be changed. So GORE is (who himself tried to overturn an election) is pushing for the SCOTUS to, out of FEAR, not even accept the PA case, which is the ONE CASE for sure that they MUST take.

      The SCOTUS, if they have any relevance at all, cannot allow a state’s officials to totally IGNORE. THUMB THEIR NOSES AT, AND DEFY THE SCOTUS! That’s what PA did when they did NOT segregate all votes that arrived at the election offices after 8 p.m. on election day.

      They were UNDER SUPREME COURT (OF THE U.S.) ORDER TO SEGREGATE AND NOT COUNT THOSE BALLOTS, but some places in PA did NOT segregate the ballots, did not save the envelopes they arrived in, did not let Republicans review the ballots, and mixed the counts into the offical tabulations; and the Sec. of State deliberately sent out “guidance” that was against PA LAW and the SUPREME COURT ORDER!

      That cannot stand. The SCOTUS MUST take the case just on that defiance of their authority alone. WTF must Alito be thinking that he had to put out TWO orders and neither seemed to have been followed? He MUST be royally pi**ed. Who would NOT be?

      So IF there is violence to come when SCOTUS takes the case and/or rules in Trump’s favor (which they also MUST DO if our laws and the Constitution mean ANYTHING), then it could be that Trump’s putting in place someone who WILL engage the “insurrection,” which IS what it will be.

      Or course, the mainstream media are falling back on the excuse that Trump, in all his narcissism, simply demands “loyalty” and that’s why Esper is gone. It’s enough to know that he IS gone.

    • The CARAVANS amassing, waiting for Biden, are living proof, literally, of what WE THE PEOPLE (liberals and conservatives) OPPOSE. The fact that they’re amassing again proves that the leftists are not going for any kind of reconciliation or acknowledgement that they need to “work across the aisle.” They’re ALREADY signaling that every outrageous policy of Barry’s that lost Clinton the 2016 election will be BACK in spades. The illegal aliens know it. So far, Mexico’s president is NOT congratulating Biden because, correctly, he says the election is not over. So far, he’s been pretty good about keeping his promise to POTUS to stop these caravans before they start going through Mexico. Will he hold the line if, God forbid, Biden steals the WH? Who knows but it’s likely, given who will really be in charge, that they will blackmail and/or extort him to become complicit, once again, with letting these hordes transit his country, against all international law.

    Biden has the highest ever recorded votes from men and women in the 98-158 year old age group
    — Samuel Culper (@thedarkhorse77) November 10, 2020

    • Ha, ha. Too funny.

      I read yesterday that when some of the supposed walk-ins were being same-day registered, or maybe it was even just processing rigged up ballots, the workers who didn’t find the name in the electronic poll book or the hand-written register (which I assumed was for newly registered voters) would just assign the ballot to any name they found that seemed to belong to somebody who hadn’t voted OR when they wanted to register a Biden ballot that had no identification connected to it, they just made up names and gave the person the birthdate of 1/1/1900. So either all these extremely elderly Biden voters are fictional with fictional birthdates (somewhat like Barry) or it’s “fact” that so many likely dead people voted–either explanation proves vote fraud.

  7. @DC_Draino
    You can hear it in Biden’s voice
    You can hear it in Kamala’s voice
    You can hear it in every fake news reporter’s voice
    They know Biden didn’t win
    They know it’s 4 more years of Team Trump

    • I could puke every time I hear some DemoncRAT or complicit media minion state that Biden will be such a change from Trump, praising Biden as so gentlemanly and dignified and honorable and calling Trump (as usual) a racist, misogynist, etc. Right. Ask all the women who’ve been manhandled by Biden about his gentlemanly dignity.

  8. Sydney

    • Totally, totally believe this. And why not? After this year of complete disregard for the law and the Constitution, with people RIOTING in the streets, destroying other human beings’ property, businesses, and livelihoods, as our so-called elected “representatives” who are SWORN to uphold the law not only did not but also pandered to, protected, and encouraged the LAWLESS MOBS OF LEFTISTS, then why would ANYONE expect that the utter disregard for the law, the Constitution, and OTHER PEOPLE’S GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS (LIKE TO VOTE) WOULD NOT BE EQUALLY DISREGARDED?

      This is exactly what Barry wanted, what he wrought, what he formed his “shadow government” to do, and what he ORGANIZED to do, aided and abetted by the complicit media, social media “vainglorious,” and evil scumbags, and DemoncRATS the country over. It’s a COUP. Nothing less. It’s a conspiracy on a scale that even the Mafia could never have imagined pulling off. It’s TREASON. It’s SEDITION. But since laws and the Constitution do not matter to these scumbags, what’s a little treason among “friends?” AS IF after all is said and done and they’ve destroyed the Republic, they won’t turn on each other.

      This is what We the People and Donald J. Trump are up against. We pray to God that we are up to the task. May St. Michael the Archangel be our shield. May the spirits of our Founders lend us what support they can.

      Some say that BLM was completely staffing some of the inner city polls. This, also, I totally believe. And WHY NOT? And why should it be surprising that they are RACIST (towards white, Republican poll watchers and challengers) and feel entitled to steal the votes of “privileged” white people who don’t deserve human rights and who aren’t, in their opinion, protected by civil rights laws or that they believe it’s fine to harass and prevent white people from watching the vote counting? We already saw that it was PRE-PLANNED in that video that documented how Detroit elections workers would keep observers, using the excuse of COVID, so far away that they could NOT possibly watch the activities.

      These are multiple individual crimes committed by individuals and also members of an illegal conspiracy. Individual HATE CRIMES were committed, as documented by affidavits (and are probably on video, too), when poll workers called Republican observers racial epithets and CONSPIRED TO VIOLATE THEIR CIVIL RIGHTS BASED UPON THEIR RACE.

      EACH crime needs to be identified, investigated, and PUNISHED.

      WTF is Bill Barr?

  9. O’bummer dirty dog meat super CON’
    & …. BIDEN’S ….lie …video

    • It still bugs him and he still has to whinge about it, which means there’s something to it. Right? Otherwise, he’d just laugh it off but he can’t because he knows in his heart that it’s true. He NEVER was eligible for the presidency. He LIED. Did you see how he played the race card and attacked Sarah Palin? SEXIST PIG. SEXIST RACIST PIG. See how that works? We can play the sex card and the race card. She has more brains in her little finger than he has in his entire body. Where’s that law degree, Barry? Why’d neither you nor your wife ever really practice law? Let’s see those grades, btw. As much as Barry brags, being the genius he is, you’d think he’d be framing his transcripts and posting them on the wall in his library. Since he’s not, we can only imagine what they say.

    • Seriously? Barry actually wrote that people were “spooked” by his presence in the WH? Was that another Freudian slip? Spooked? Imagine if anybody conservative or Republican used that word.

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