Halloween 2020, a Year from Hell.

1377170_10202027387947762_1931609609_n - Copy

Round about the caldron go;
In the poison’d entrails throw.—
Toad, that under cold stone,
Days and nights has thirty-one;
Swelter’d venom sleeping got,
Boil thou first i’ the charmed pot!
Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

About the beginnings of Halloween or Samhain:

The celebrations for this holiday started in ancient, pre-Christian times as a Celtic ceremony for the dead. The holiday fell upon October 31, as it still does. It was called Samhain and marked the eve of the next season and new year. During this time period, November 1 was the beginning of the cold season, which was a time of hardship. …

The winter ahead promised to be cold, long and harsh. … Because of the severity of this season, and the long, dark, cold spell upon the Celts, it became affiliated with death.

The festival of Samhain became a time that people believed the worlds of the living and the dead could become one again, with the presence of spirits. …

Costumes were adorned during these early festivities, usually those made from the skins and heads of dead animals. The Celts would try to make predictions for one another, gathered around the large bonfire, then returned home to start their own hearth fire back again. They would use a flame from the Samhain bonfire, believing this would help to protect themselves and their homes.

Interesting that these days so many Halloween observers gather round “bonfires” in fire pits from their local hardware store. (The more things change, the more they stay the same.)

Let’s hope all the children can find a little joy and have some fun this weekend!

Sorry, that’s so gruesome.

Trick or Treat!


42 responses to “Halloween 2020, a Year from Hell.

  1. Would that be the squad ….getting all
    HEATED …….UP??? …SURE. ..Hope SO!

  2. I don’t do halloween.
    The best thing about halloween is that by the morning of Nov 1,
    it’s gone.
    And all the hollywood celebrities who spent the night out in their various bizzarro costumes, will have to just put them away somewhere.
    I think these choices have effects, even if you don’t feel them immediately.

  3. I just got notification from the California Election Board that they have
    received my ballot and it will be counted. Good.
    There is advice that no matter what, try to go to a polling booth on the day and vote. You will be told if you can’t.
    But I live too far away for that to be possible for me.
    I still have high hopes.

  4. Guitars
    So I bought this guitar in about 1976 form The Guitar Center, big store in LA,
    They told me they had no idea what it was and it would be years before the Internet came alive. It took years to say on a music board it was called a Dirwin.
    The guy I was talking to said “i have just lifted my jaw off the floor.”
    It is not a Dirwin but a D. Irwin (Doug Irwin) and there’s only about 60 in the world.

    I remember paying about $1500 in 1975 that was a lot of money!
    It was too beautiful to resist.

    I had always been a fan of Grateful Dead but my entire music collection is on vinyl because that sounds better – so no pictures.

    One day I am listening to a song at work so had to use Youtube


    hope that link works.

    and in there is Jerry Garcia playing a guitar:
    I can’t post screen grabs but I go THAT IS MY GUITAR!!
    99% – no doubt.

    There’s a guitar collector here where I work and I show him the concert pictures and I bring in my guitar..

    He says Holy S**t ! and knows how to contact the reclusive builder who only made about 60 guitars after leaving Allembic. He made all of Jerry Garcia’s guitars. (Wolf and Eagle)

    This is a near as I can post an image sort of my like guitar:

    Everybody at the guitar builder’s little company says it was one of several prototypes built for Jerry Garcia to try out. Mine is called “Firedrake”.

    The guy at work told me to get it insured promptly but I have no interest in
    selling it except to maybe give it in a will.

    I somehow have acquired, accidentally, what I am told is a world class museum piece.

    I don’t care about that at all. Just want to do the right thing in passing it on, not making myself rich.

    The piece of music that I linked to is called Never Give Your Love to a Foolish Heart. Hope you enjoy it.

    It’s a very special piece of music played by a very special guitarist and
    explains why I have intention to sell it.

    • Wow, that’s a GREAT STORY. I was a “Dead Head,” too, back in the day. Saw them at least 18 times (in person). That is REALLY cool. You’ll have to update your insurance. It must be worth a fortune! You made a great investment.

      Here’s a link I found with photos of some of his guitars. https://jerrygarcia.com/guitars/

      Does yours have a dragon on it?

  5. why I have NO intention to sell it.

  6. Rally first of four today, ❤

  7. https://donsurber.blogspot.com/2020/10/how-trump-threw-obama-off-his-game.html

    Back to our initial topic of interest: Barry’s ineligibility.

    “The whole birtherism thing never made sense. Even if Obama were born in Kenya (and he was born in Hawaii) he would still be a natural citizen because his mother was a citizen. …”

    Well, it didn’t make sense because this writer didn’t and still doesn’t understand the Constitution or the law, and he obviously didn’t do any research to make it “make sense.” Not unlike the rest of the media who CHOSE to NOT KNOW the facts about the issue.

    A “natural BORN CITIZEN” is a person whose citizenship is NOT EVER in doubt and one who doesn’t need any act of Congress to determine his status. It’s a person born on U.S. soil to TWO U.S. CITIZENS and who therefore has no allegiance to any other country. Obviously.

    “Even if Obama were born in Kenya … he would still be a natural citizen because his mother was a citizen.”

    First of all, there’s no such thing as a “natural citizen.” The phrase is “natural BORN CITIZEN.”

    Obama was born a British subject because his father was a British subject of KENYA. This is true regardless of where he was born. Therefore, not a “natural” or “natural born” citizen.

    In addition, if he was born in Kenya, then he would not even BE a U.S. citizen at all, because BY LAW at the time of his birth (if all we’ve been told about his “mother” is true), then SHE WAS NOT STATUTORILY ABLE TO PASS ON HER CITIZENSHIP BECAUSE SHE WAS TOO YOUNG TO DO SO, BY THE LAWS AT THE TIME OF OBAMA’S BIRTH. Look it freaking up!

    IF he was born in the U.S. (in doubt, never CONFIRMED), then AT BEST he’s a statutory citizen. He’s simply a citizen, not a “natural born citizen,” which is what the Constitution requires. You cannot be a natural born citizen and hold other citizenships!

    It’s likely, imo, after all the research we’ve done, that he was adopted by his alleged “mother” (who was a U.S. citizen at the time, apparently) and that it’s as likely as not that he was born overseas to whomever his likely non-U.S.-citizen biological parents were (e.g., Indonesians or somewhere else she did her anthropological work. His “sister” admitted that he WAS adopted and we know that his original birth certificate WAS amended. WHY?)

    Has it EVER been adjudicated that an adopted person becomes a U.S. citizen upon adoption by a U.S. citizen if that person was born to non-citizens in another country?

    Even if it has been, then OBVIOUSLY that person is NOT a “natural born citizen” because that status had only been determined by a law and NOT by the Constitution.

    • Someone in comments at that blog claimed this: “When you are born in another country to at least one American parent you can be an American Citizen that qualifies for a Presidential candidacy, granted, BUT, if I am not mistaken you have to move to America within your first 5 years and get that BC and Citizenship verified. If you live in another nation for your first 5 years, you can’t just move to America and become a Citizen because you have an American Parent. …”

      Now, I don’t have the time or even the inclination to look to see if this claim is true but, nevertheless, it brings up an intriguing point: Remember how it’s in dispute WHEN and WHERE Barry went to kindergarten (arguably about the time one is 5 years old)? Remember how it’s also in dispute WHEN he exactly moved to Indonesia with his mother and for how long he lived there?

      There are alleged photos of Barry in CA in “kindergarten” but then also we have dubious stories about his kindergarten records being lost and also more dubious stories from women who CLAIMED without evidence that they were his teachers at the time. However, there are PHOTOS of Barry in kindergarten IN INDONESIA. You can’t go to kindergarten in two places. Suppose he WERE born in Indonesia, adopted by Lolo, maybe he’s even Lolo’s son. We KNOW FOR A FACT that he WAS an Indonesian citizen and that Lolo claimed when he registered Barry for school, IN INDONESIA, that Barry was his son! So suppose Barry was born there and NEVER came to the U.S. until after he was five years old, thus, if that commenter is correct, Barry wasn’t verified as a U.S. citizen in time under his mother’s citizenship (and even then this presumes she was old enough at the time to pass on her citizenship, which she wasn’t unless they’re lying about her age). But this is also true: The commenter’s contention about age of moving to the U.S. obviously refers to STATUTORY CITIZENSHIP because nothing in the Constitution talks about the magic of age five after having been born overseas. This must be details in NATURALIZATION paperwork and/or registering a birth at a U.S. consulate. This ALL plays into WHY Brennan had Barry’s passport files “cauterized.” Those files would tell you WHEN he first set foot in the USA. Where he was born. To whom he was born. Whether he was adopted, when, and by whom.

      I hope that some day we learn the truth.

      I hope that this never becomes an issue with Siri Harris, meaning I hope and pray she’s NEVER in a position to become the POTUS. iow, they must LOSE and soundly on Tuesday.

  8. We haven’t talked about this case in France.



    Has anyone read HOW this happened? Exactly HOW it happened? The man was a seemingly fit full-grown man. How was it and where was it and under what exact circumstances was it that he was overpowered by an 18-year-old and beheaded? Didn’t he fight back? Didn’t ANYBODY help him? Didn’t ANYBODY see what was happening? WHO helped in this attack?

    Now there’s the similar story about 3 people being attacked in France in a CHURCH in Nice. Of course, the muslim attacker is said to have “acted alone” EVEN THOUGH they’ve arrested two other people who were in contact with him close in time to when he suddenly decided to enter France and perpetrate this atrocity. They also claim they don’t know the motive. Will they EVER get off this politically correct merry-go-round? I’m sick of it. Call it like it is and let the chips fall where they may. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-france-security-nice/one-person-killed-after-knife-attack-in-french-city-of-nice-media-idUKKBN27E177

    • You know, it occurs to me to tell these racists that they should STOP SPEAKING AND WRITING ENGLISH! It’s not your culture. Language is the number one component of culture. Therefore, for those who worry about cultural appropriation or see racists behind every tree, unless you’re of ENGLISH ancestry, then stop IMMEDIATELY speaking or writing in English. It’s OFFENSIVE to those of us whose language it has historically been. iow, unless you have an ANGLO-Saxon ancestor, then STFU. (Love those Anglo-Saxon words, like the eff bomb.)

    • You can ASSUME that where there’s NO Biden sign, then you have found a Trump supporter. In addition, I’ve heard of people putting up Biden signs as “insurance policies” to protect them and their homes from election vandalism and antifa/BLM/hateful leftist Nazi violence.

  9. https://creativedestructionmedia.com/news/politics/2020/11/01/leaked-zoom-calls-reveal-federal-workers-conspiring-to-shut-down-white-house-disrupt-government/

    THIS explains the slowdowns at the post offices, and in typical DemoncRAT fashion, they FIRST accuse the Trump administration of doing WHAT THEY HAVE DONE already.

    THIS IS SEDITIOUS, imho. On video. They admit it. These people should, at best, be FIRED because AT BEST they’re promoting insubordination.

  10. LOCK … It …. All ??? ….. UP???
    ? Even …ha’ Starbucks …hahaha turds!
    OUT ….of ? CONTROL …. DISGUSTING !!!
    For sane folks 2 ….SEE THIS! USA????


  11. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3901165/posts

    COVID-19 Update – (11/02/2020)COVID-19 Update – (11/02/2020)

  12. The PLA$TIC ….. WORLD ….the ending
    Is the … Cream de crap …. Give it up ga

  13. Both of your pictures are really good, and the article was great for Halloween. Thanks for this post.

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