Here We Go Again?

The country is abuzz (or would be, sans partisan social media censorship) about the contents of a laptop and external hard drive that apparently belonged to former vice president Joseph Biden’s son Hunter and that have become the subject of a “bombshell” report by the New York Post.

This entire saga seems too familiar, considering all that we’ve learned about the Deep State and the “resistance” to President Trump’s presidency.

The FBI seized the laptop in Dec. 2019 but did nothing with it (except tip off their Democrat allies)?

Just a month later, the New York Times published this (without evidence?): (emphasis and comments added to quotes)

With President Trump facing an impeachment trial over his [can we have an “alleged” here?] efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his son Hunter Biden, Russian military hackers have been boring into the Ukrainian gas company at the center of the affair, according to security experts.

The hacking attempts against Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company on whose board Hunter Biden served, began in early November [2019], as talk of the Bidens, Ukraine and impeachment was dominating the news in the United States.

It is not yet clear what the hackers found, or precisely what they were searching for. But the experts say the timing and scale of the attacks suggest that the Russians could be searching for potentially embarrassing material on the Bidens …

The Russian tactics are strikingly similar to what American intelligence agencies say was Russia’s hacking of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman and the Democratic National Committee [didn’t happen] during the 2016 presidential campaign. …

Fancy Bear and GRU strike again!!!

Coincidentally (or not), Area 1 is the “Silicon Valley security firm” that discovered this alleged hack. The company is headed by Oren Falkowitz, a Democrat donor:

Before we break out the rocket launchers in response to reports that Russian hackers have targeted the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, let’s consider the source of that information: a single cybersecurity start-up, whose founder is a Democrat and who won’t say anything about how he knows that the hacking actually happened.

The New York Times and the Washington Post on Monday [January 13, 2020] reported that technology company Area 1, founded by Democratic donor Oren Falkowitz, has found that Burisma’s internal cyber system was breached by Russian hackers. …

There has yet to be any corroboration of this by Burisma (the seedy company at the center of President Trump’s impeachment, and which paid Joe Biden’s son Hunter hundreds of thousands of dollars for unknown services), Russia, or U.S. intelligence.

No, the only evidence that any breach occurred is an assertion by Falkowitz, who is trying to get his company, Area 1, off the ground and turn it into a leading cybersecurity firm.

Sound like a Crowdstrike reprise to you?

Yesterday, the New York Times reported again, citing their January 2020 story about the alleged hack:

The Times reported last January that Burisma had been hacked [can we have an “allegedly” here?] by the same Russian GRU unit that was one of two groups that hacked the Democratic National Committee in 2016 [again, didn’t happen.] Last month, United States intelligence analysts [who?] contacted several people with knowledge of the Burisma hack for further information after they had picked up chatter that stolen Burisma emails would be leaked in the form of an “October surprise.”  

Among their chief concerns, according to people familiar with the discussions, was that the Burisma material would be leaked alongside forged materials in an attempt to hurt Mr. Biden’s candidacy — as Russian hackers did when they dumped real emails alongside forgeries ahead of the 2017 French elections — a slight twist on Russia’s 2016 playbook when they siphoned leaked D.N.C. emails through fake personas on Twitter and WikiLeaks.

Facebook said that soon after the story was posted it noticed the controversy around the veracity of its claims and over how The Post had obtained the evidence. …

Who gave all of this likely classified information to the New York Times? Wouldn’t this, as with the leaks during the 2016 election, constitute illegal leaking of national security information?

Again with the “people with knowledge” about and the people “familiar with the discussion!” All ANONYMOUS sources who seem to be, once again, potentially leaking classified national security information to the media during an election.

Are these speculative and poorly sourced New York Times articles being censored by social media? Of course not.

Who are these mysterious and anonymous “intelligence analysts” and how can the media rely upon mysterious and anonymous “people with knowledge of the [alleged] Burisma hack?”

Can we assume that this alleged “hack” is what Facebook referenced when they censored the Hunter Biden “bombshell” as a product of “hacking,” without evidence?

Let’s build a timeline:

April 2019: The laptop and external hard drive are left at computer store. Also in April, coincidentally or not,  former VP Joe Biden announces his run for the presidency and is immediately the front runner.

About July 2019: The store owner examined the contents of the devices, after 90 days expired during which the owner failed to retrieve them. At some point afterwards the store owner, concerned about what he saw, notified the FBI.

December 5, 2019: It’s reported that Biden got “terse” and “heated” at a town hall, angrily denying involvement with his son’s dealings in Ukraine or that his son was involved in anything nefarious. Could Joe have known what was coming? Did somebody tip him off about that laptop? Days later …

December 9, 2019: A U.S. District Court grand jury in Biden’s home state of Delaware (for some unknown reason) subpoenaed the laptop and external hard drive. Both were turned over to the FBI, but the computer store owner copied the hard drive. (By then both were his property, according to Delaware law about abandoned property). Shortly thereafter …

December 31, 2019: Area 1 claimed to have suddenly discovered that the Russians hacked “Ukrainian companies” and days later claimed that all of the “hacked” companies happened to be Burisma subsidiaries. Just weeks later …

January 13, 2020: The New York Times published a story alleging, without evidence, that the Russians had hacked Burisma to “dig up information … that could embarrass the Bidens.”

Sometime after February 5, 2020: After President Trump was acquitted of the trumped-up charges that resulted in the wholly partisan impeachment process in Congress, the store owner, concerned that the Hunter Biden evidence didn’t emerge during the hearings, began to contact others, including members of Congress, who apparently rebuffed him or at least did nothing with the information.

September, 2020: Steve Bannon told the NY Post about the hard drive. The store owner had given a copy to Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer at some point after the FBI seized the laptop and external hard drive.

October 14, 2020: The New York  Post published a story documenting the saga of the laptop/hard drive, the incendiary contents and their implications.

October 14, 2020: The New York Times published a story claiming, without evidence, that intel “chatter” had indicated that the contents of the laptop/hard drive “would be” revealed as an “October surprise” and that unnamed “intelligence analysts” feared that allegedly “forged” information would be included, all designed to damage Joe Biden’s “candidacy.” (However, nothing in the story seems to suggest that these “intelligence analysts” were at all concerned about national security–just the potential effect on Biden’s campaign.)

So what does this look like? Another “insurance policy” where Deep State actors, social media moguls, and the complicit mainstream media cover, once again, for the Democrat candidate?

Let’s not forget about all those odd warnings we read in the complicit media about “deep fakes” that just might affect the 2020 election and about how social media had to be ready to censor misinformation to prevent interference in the process. Again, the Russians are the scapegoats.

Were they preparing the narrative? Setting us up to disbelieve our own eyes?

“Forged” documents? Faked photos?

Are we to believe in doppelgangers, too?

It’s all about the timeline.  

The timeline shows that the “hack”, if it happened, had nothing whatsoever to do with the laptop or hard drive. Both were in the store owner’s possession in April 2019 and in the FBI’s possession by early December 2019. The alleged “hack” didn’t happen, if it ever happened, until New Year’s Eve, weeks after the FBI and the Delaware grand jury had the information.


184 responses to “Here We Go Again?

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    Man up ….WTP ….GOTyawithyour pants down …. & Baby 👶 BOY HUNTER’S 2…
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  2. One notices that the social media platforms re banning and removing any website that talks about “Q” and some mainstream media are trying to define “Q” as some sort of crazed cult.

    Here, depite the fact that I found it on Beforeitsnews, is a very detailedhistorical discussion the origin of Q and the Q proofs that shows it is integrated into the WH sphere of operation

    It’s long, 2 hours,
    just watch a bit now and then

    It really is very good.

  3. Rally


    Did you see this? Because POTUS is nominated so many times for a Nobel prize and because foreign relations is such a WIN for POTUS, not the totally partisan, corrupt debate commission is doing a 360 and going right back to the topics already “discussed” in the first debate. How can these people even pretend to be nonpartisan? Again, with no input by Trump? What are they going to do, ask him for the umpteenth time to disavow “white supremacy” and QAnon? This is sickening.

    • Also, if the topic is foreign relations, there will be an opening for POTUS to bring up Hunter, Ukraine, China, Kazakhstan, etc.


    So effing true and as predicted: A huge “surge” just in time to try to terrify the TRUMP voters who are going to vote in person. They are transparent as jellyfish. Scum of the earth or, as POTUS says, bastards.


    FYI. Pay special attention to when it all BEGAN. First “probable” U.S. case in Ohio JANUARY 2. First CONFIRMED case in U.S. January 21.

    • It can’t come soon enough. I’m thinking they’re going to blow it up just in time for the debate. The media are bitchin’ about an “October surprise” but it’s their own damned fault it’s only coming out now. The FBI should have released it, at least to Congress, during the impeachment. Then they wouldn’t have “chosen” Biden for the candidate. MAYBE. In addition, you just KNOW from stories trying to explain it away in advance, before it came out, in case it came out, means that the media also KNEW about it and covered for Biden by putting out silly stories about how the Russians “hacked” Burisma. Now they’re suggesting that somehow somebody planted the information on the laptop. However, covered already: The computer guy says the laptop was NEVER connected to the Internet while in his possession (it could likely be verified with an ISP) and remember: He had it since a year ago last April, before anybody knew Biden would even run for POTUS or that Giuliani would go to Ukraine to investigate potential Biden corruption. What’s illogical are their B.S. rationalizations. So they have only themselves to blame because the guy, rightfully so, to protect his very life, copied it and gave copies to friends. Good on him. THANK YOU, SIR, very much. A grateful people salute you!

  7. Lots more you won’t be able….2 spit out
    Your a con Joe …wtp seen it for years….
    Nice 👍 cushy job …. Joe ….47 years ha

    ….remember …Your ….Life Is on Loan

  9. When Rush was …out …. B 4
    months ago…
    I missed him so much . .I would listen …
    2 his commericals ….. So sad …
    Yes Cancerous cancer has a way of winning

    Vote in TRUMP …. 4 …RUSH & the USA

    • One of my all-time favorite songs!

      I wonder if the Republicans are ON IT with regard to getting ready to challenge Siri’s eligibility to take over the presidency? If not, they ought to be.

    • Is “Fittie Cent” the rapper who endorsed POTUS or was that somebody else? Maybe Joe ought to change his nickname to Joe Fitty Percent Biden.

    • You know, one “defense” the complicit media are offering is that the China deal happened when Joe was out of office. HOWEVER, if he got $10 million from the ChiComs, did he report it on his income tax and PAY TAXES ON IT? Did Hunter register as an agent of a foreign country? Did Joe? What about that Logan Act, Joe? Dealing with the Red Chinese while Trump is president?

    • I want to see the photos and the video. Oh, btw, before I forget. Yesterday I think I wondered under what circumstances would a guy be flipping “it out,” so to speak, while on Zoom. We got the answer. He was pulling a Pee Wee Herman, if you get my drift. (Did he get turned on by one of the girls (or guys) in the meeting with him?)

    • Wow. The media, however, continue to ignore the story, but for the complicit columnists who are covering for Biden by claiming it’s a laughable premise that Biden would have left that information at a computer shop, knowing what was on the laptop. THIS, from supposed conservative voices; you know, like the “Republican” reps on the so-called nonpartisan debate commission. HOWEVER, it now comes out that there’s his signature on the receipt for the laptops, that his lawyer called to get the laptops back BEFORE the story broke, and (most important) that nobody in the Biden sphere, including Joe or Hunter (who’s missing, as usual), DENIES the provenance or the authenticity of the information. Even the Russians couldn’t pull off 25,000 images of Hunter doing whatever Hunter does. The thing is, the serial number is on the receipt, which would make it seem a simple matter to ask the manufacturer for the data concerning WHO BOUGHT THE LAPTOP(S) AND WHO OWNED THEM? IF it’s the Biden Foundation, that’s AS POTENTIALLY INCRIMINATING as it being Hunter himself. LIKELY, the foundation OWNS and BOUGHT everything the Bidens now have. Remember that Joe was supposed to be broke when he left office? Well, he would be, on paper, if all his money was in the Cayman Islands or handled by his son or some other member of his family, later to be laundered through the foundation which likely paid him a “salary”. Jill, too. She of the “doctor” title, which is only an education doctorate (one of the easiest to get, and in short time, too) and who only got that title relatively recently.

  10. Home grown terrorist.

    These fliers are being left in Kansas City neighborhoods. This on top of our former KS National Committeeman getting run over on his yard due to his Trump sign. Please pray that America will reject this violence and hate.

    — Matt Schlapp (@mschlapp) October 19, 2020

    • Supposedly they’re painting graffiti on government buildings suggesting that Trump be attacked. Did you see how Whitmer, in typical /DemoncRAT snarky and symbolic manner, a la Obama, suggested that somebody do similar to POTUS? She had a little thing on a table behind her, on a Zoom appearance, that read “86/45”. Secret Service should pay her a visit. And here she’s complaining that POTUS is dog whistling for people to attack HER just because he criticizes her political behavior. BTW, did you also see that the so-called plot against her involved an FBI “informant” who was the one pushing FOR the plot? The impression I got was that a defense lawyer says that HE was the principal mover and shaker ON the plot–his idea, iow. This goes along with Deep State false flag theories, don’t you think? It was suspicious from the get go. Just as all these sudden attacks in the media on the relatively innocuous QAnon are suspicious. What are they up to, huh?

    • I can’t believe the Trump administration is “putting up with this,” either. WTF and WHEN TF will Trump act against this? Our entire Republic hangs in the balance. IF NOT NOW, THEN WHEN? After the election, there may NEVER AGAIN BE A TIME to root it out. It will be over. End of story. End of Republic. FOREVERMORE the “intel community” will control the U.S. population. What we see; what we hear; what we are allowed to say. Already the left are suggesting South-African-like “truth and reconciliation” commissions to FORCE Trump supporters into reeducation and apologies, if not actual gulags. And then REPARATIONS. YOU SHALL PAY!!

      Trump should IMMEDIATELY order everything to be revealed. All of it, top to bottom, beginning with the big lie of Barry’s birth certificate but also reveal the complicity of the CIA/FBI/DOJ/NSA in this treason. If he doesn’t do it now, it will NEVER happen. He may not have a second term, depending upon what happens and even if he WINS he may not have it because the DemoncRATS have their “insurance policies” and resistance contingency plans, if not plans for actual civil war. They’re NOT going to allow him to be POTUS, just as they’ve prevented him from actually being a president with the full powers of the presidency for the past 4 years. Thus we have unelected judges just ordering him not to be president and micromanaging every decision he makes. So he’ll have a few months after they steal it but will he realize that those weeks will be critical? OR will he fritter them away while contesting the election only to “lose” at the last moment when all time has run out?

      NOW is the time to act against this resistance, this corruption, this sedition. And he ought to ORDER Barr to appoint the special counsel so that that investigation of Biden WILL CONTINUE through any future administration, no matter whom the SCOTUS installs.

      Trump needs to USE THE AUTHORITY HE HAS. NOW.

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    Those two just seem to go together. How freaking scary are the tech guy and Tapper, both of whom seem to agree that censorship of speech is GREAT and that there’s nothing un-American about censoring the freaking POTUS (no matter who the president is)!

    • They’ve taken to calling the New York Post, a newspaper founded by Founding Father Alexander Hamilton (an idol of the left, btw), a “TABLOID.” Suddenly mainstream New York Post is a “tabloid.” Of course, they’ve always called them “right wing” because they actually try to be journalists with objectivity.

      Have you noticed SUDDENLY a number of stories in the news telling you that SCOTUS has no way to ENFORCE their decisions? I have. Multiple stories and any time a narrative like this develops in the mainstream media, there’s something afoot and here’s what I suspect it is:

      Should Barrett be confirmed and become a deciding vote in election cases, then they will RESIST the SCOTUS decision and EVERY OTHER DECISION HENCEFORTH.

      This means that IF they manage to steal the election and Siri becomes POTUS (in effect if not reality), they WILL not pay attention to any decision SCOTUS makes.

      This means that it WON’T matter what SCOTUS rules to a Harris administration. So they won’t NEED to pack the court if they decide (as Barry did, iirc) that they won’t have to follow any decision.

      Whenever they float some idea like this, there’s a nefarious reason.

      It’s NO COINCIDENCE that suddenly they’re talking about how the SCOTUS has no enforcement power.

      iow, it’s always been an HONOR system and we know by now that the leftist DemoncRATS HAVE NO HONOR.

      Did you see how Roberts sided with the leftists on the court and allowed PA to keep the counts going days after the election and ALSO allowed non-postmarked ballots to be counted? THIS is without doubt unconstitutional and yet he sided with the left, leaving NO DOUBT that he is, indeed, somehow compromised. He’s a tool in so many ways.

  17. 😆

  18. Yes!! 😀

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