Debate Watch Open Thread

Debate watch: First we watch to see if there really is a debate and then, provided there is one, we watch to see what happens.

It’s only Monday. The debate is supposed to happen Tuesday, tomorrow evening, so there’s still time for something to happen to derail it.

In a seeming effort to provide former vice president Mr. Joseph Biden with an out, Senator Nancy Pelosi has offered various excuses for why Biden should not bother to debate President Trump. She says, for example and without evidence, that Trump has “no fidelity to fact or truth, and actually … no fidelity to the Constitution” and that Biden shouldn’t “legitimize a conversation with” the President. It becomes obvious that Pelosi would prefer that Biden stay in his bunker. Why is that?

Biden is reported to have been practicing for the “debate of his life” for days. He dropped from sight last week to be coached on answers to the topics conveniently provided by the debate moderator.

One must wonder whether, as with Clinton in 2016, someone has provided Biden with the actual questions he’ll be asked, so that he can hopefully memorize his responses and stay alert enough to give them at the appropriate time.

Will the debate moderator engage in private signalling with Biden, as was suggested happened when Lester Holt “moderated” a debate between Clinton and Trump in 2016?

One also has to wonder whether Biden will have an earpiece, as has been suggested he has used in other instances, or whether there will be a hidden teleprompter, as has also happened in other instances.

President Trump has said he’s not preparing for the debates. He seems to do fine off the cuff. Let’s hope and pray the President is on his game tomorrow.

President Trump has called for drug tests to be performed before the debates. Biden has already refused in a particularly profane manner. Why is that, one wonders? Hit a nerve? Can’t pass the test? What’s the problem?

Many U.S. citizens are regularly drug tested as a condition of their employment. Biden is applying for the most important job in this Republic. Is he exempt from following rules that tens of thousands of blue collar workers such as those living in his “hometown” of Scranton have to follow on a regular basis?

What the media call a debate is anything but an actual debate. Compare a typical presidential debate to any high school or college debate and you’ll see the difference. Issues are the focus of a real debate, not “gotcha” questions meant to demean or destroy the candidate not favored by the so-called moderators. Nor are debaters personally attacked, either by moderators or their opponents.

Pray that President Trump prevails in the debates and in the upcoming election.

The future of our Republic depends upon it.

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. 

May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, 
O Prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, 
thrust into hell Satan, and all the evil spirits, 
who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. 


98 responses to “Debate Watch Open Thread

  1. HELL … NO ! …as WALLACE did the
    … 1 -2 RUMBLE …. TUMBLE … Eat-Crow baby
    Some…Body ..did…Some – THING !!!!

    GETTING ….O’…..2 HOT? can’t stand the
    HEAT??? ..WTP … R ..rather enjoying it!

  2. Yep ….. What is Worse WTP…. R
    FORCED?… 2 BEAT a dead horse ….so sad
    But he lied for years saying 1st wife …. &
    Little amy’
    WAS hit & KILLED …Except…. Nell caused the accident! …. Sad lier …JOE BS’er

    They probably have him rigged so when he wanders they zap his ass so he knows he’s going in the wrong direction. Like what we do in the south when the raccoons get in the garbage.

      • That was one of his WORST ever lies, and he totally ignores the family of the other driver and the person he SMEARS falsely with his lies. Can you believe that Snopes can’t even call it a LIE, but make up some rationalization that even though the guy wasn’t charged with ANY infraction some people in the community were gossiping and passing rumors that maybe he was drunk?

        They don’t care if they falsely smear this man or harm his family, because all they want to do is defeat Trump.

        It sounds as if, unfortunately, Biden’s wife either failed to stop at a stop sign or pulled out in front of a truck that had no stop sign and so had the right of way.

        At a four-way intersection that has stops only on one of the roads, if you get broadsided by a vehicle that has no stop sign, there’s no doubt it’s your fault.

        btw, read the article: Why was Biden’s wife HOLDING the baby while driving? What?

        This disgusting “fact check” says it’s possible the guy was drunk because there was no evidence he was NOT. So the guy is assumed guilty of drunk driving and causing an accident that would NOT have happened even if he were drunk, had Biden’s wife not pulled out into his right of way! They are assuming his guilt of drunk driving because there’s no EVIDENCE that he WAS NOT drunk?

        What a surprise! All evidence regarding the accident are “lost.”

      • He lies about many things. He implied today that he’s a veteran; he’s not. He falsely stated the other day that he got his “start” at a historically black college. He didn’t. There’s no other explanation for what getting his “start” at Delaware State versus the University of Delaware meant. What other kind of “start” could he have meant that he got at the historically black Delaware STATE university? He confused the college he went to with the other with a similar name. I heard him in another clip recently proclaiming the wonders of state colleges, which he implied was a lesser institution as compared to the elite Ivy League schools, which includes the U of Pennsylvania! Therefore, he’s trying to portray himself as a non-elite person who went to a state college, which in the case of Delaware WOULD BE Delaware STATE university. University of Delaware, which Biden attended, is a PRIVATE/PUBLIC school, not a totally publicly funded college like a STATE university. He LIES by implication and by omission and sometimes just flat out lies.

        He also is a plagiarist, which of course is just another form of LYING.

        • Yeppers 👍 😊👍 like I said …be-4
          As Time ….passes on .. So does the Last
          Brain .. SURGE …!!!… Please
          Watch the debates … All of it …. I was concerned …. CatonaHotTinRoof…
          …Now breathing .. easy once again …
          I thought TRUMP … was “mad” at how
          his hair turned Out! & What was Up with all them striped ties ???
          Bid-n-time’…looked like he was GOING 2
          A Wedding?…?? or could just be …a funeral? Of… Sorts

    • People commented that he was more on the ball, seemingly, than recently. As the debate continued, though, he began to slip and his eyes began to close, as they are wont to do. It’s obvious he was reading from notes. When he wrote them, who can say? It may be that he memorized things and quickly put them on paper as soon as he came to the podium, before he forgot. In any case, he WAS reading.

      About the wire, he did seem as in other instances to be listening to someone other than Trump or Wallace. Yesterday I posted photos of what MAY HAVE BEEN the thing sticking out of his shirt sleeve–a button to self-administer the uppers that help people with dementia remain more alert. This is entirely possible. It may be why they did not want him examined for an earpiece or any other wire. The infusion pump goes under the shirt, on the body, and then there’s a “bolus cord” that has the button to self-administer a dose, as necessary.

      He possibly would have to do something like this since they would not agree to give him breaks every 30 minutes. Since they wanted that and with no explanation for the necessity of it, one might assume that’s the time frame during which a dose would last and then need to be re-administered before the effects of the wearing off of the uppers became apparent.

      On the road and in the basement, he shows the symptoms. It may be that it’s too dangerous to dose someone too often with that kind of a drug, and so they only do it when they absolutely have to–like during a debate.

      I’m just speculating, but that thing sticking out of his sleeve does not, to me, look like a round religious medal, which is what was shown on the alleged rosary (more like a beaded bracelet) they claim he always wears.

      Of course, he also refused a drug test, so …

      How were the lights at the debate? I thought it was rather dark and they made Trump look worse than Biden.

      Remember how they put secret air conditioning by JFK’s podium and left Nixon to sweat under the hot lights? They will use every trick in the books and ESPECIALLY against this president.

    • Too many incidents now that make the danger so obvious, even to the complicit media. There are people in DC that got SEVEN ballots at their home, most for people who don’t live there or no longer live there. What if they weren’t honest people but just filled them all out and mailed them back? What are the odds that DC voters are mostly honest and won’t do that and will fear the supposed repercussions more than they want to defeat Trump? Then there are 100,000 ballots ADMITTED to be sent in the wrong envelopes and if the people didn’t notice and already mailed them back, their votes are void. Maybe they will and maybe they won’t mail new ballots out. Maybe just new envelopes. If the people show up at the polls after having requested the mail-in or absentee ballots? Chaos at the polls, which is what they want. An appeals court ruled now that PA CAN count ballots for 6 days (iirc) after the election, provided the ballots were “postmarked” before election day. But what if there are no postmarks? You think the DemoncRATS won’t be screaming “count every vote?” They’re illegally and unconstitutionally imposing new rules that ONLY the legislature can do under the Constitution. Will SCOTUS uphold or will they even be asked? Or will they do the right thing and overrule the appeals court?

    • Don’t you love the new narrative that they don’t want to cause “unfounded fears” of potential mail fraud or give POTUS any reason to “falsely” claim that mail-in ballots might be fraudulent, so they’re acting AS IF they suddenly care? We’re not supposed to get upset about the potential fraud. No, we’re supposed to get upset that all these shenanigans might give POTUS support (you know, that EVIDENCE) for the contention that the voting is being rigged.

  3. “It’s definitely a little concerning,” ??!!??!!?

    Edward Daniels, the ANC Commissioner
    for 6D07, said. ..???

    “I don’t think it’s alarming,

    I think that D.C. is preparing very well for mail-in ballots.”


    Courtesy of wondering999 at TCTH. Enjoy. Cute, huh?

  5. Hope Hick … tested positive with C -19 Trump waiting for his results …..
    I’m sure bugs don’t want 2 attack him also

    Dr. Janda rises to a more serious level than your average conspiracy theorist:
    By Kyle Mantyla | August 6, 2018 1:06 pm

    While appearing on Greg Hunter’s “USA Watchdog” YouTube program on Saturday, right-wing radio host Dave Janda claimed that President Trump has survived “close to a dozen” assassination attempts while in office.

    “I believe there have been a number of assassination attempts on his life since he took office,” Janda said. “I’ve been told that there have been close to a dozen attempts on his life and obviously he has survived those. I believe the difference between JFK and Donald Trump is the following: Donald Trump has the support of the military. Donald Trump, I believe, has not only the Secret Service protecting him, but I believe he also has another layer of protection that he has arranged for, that he’s paid for himself, for him and his family.”

    Janda, the host of the “Operation Freedom” radio program, went on to praise Trump’s ability and willingness to carry on with the work of the presidency despite being “under a howitzer every day.

    “The fact that he has so many deep state players that want him out of the picture, and the fact that he is willing to put his life on the line every minute of every day, to me is incredible,” Janda marveled.
    So is this number 13?
    Remember I called the Floyd killing a black flag event the first day I heard about it.
    Now this – the President and The First Lady have covid-19, tested positive for it.Covid is very convenient murder weapon because no one would think twice about it, You might not be able to get close enough to the President to contaminate him but you can probably contaminate some staff easily enough.
    The covid virus collected from Melania and the President must be DNA sequenced to find out if there are any modifications to it.

    There’s this so-called mutation:
    Compared with HIV, SARS-CoV-2 is changing much more slowly as it spreads. But one mutation stood out to Korber. It was in the gene encoding the spike protein, which helps virus particles to penetrate cells. Korber saw the mutation appearing again and again in samples from people with COVID-19. At the 614th amino-acid position of the spike protein, the amino acid aspartate (D, in biochemical shorthand) was regularly being replaced by glycine (G) because of a copying fault that altered a single nucleotide in the virus’s 29,903-letter RNA code. Virologists were calling it the D614G mutation.

    Mutation article from:

    In April, Korber, Montefiori and others warned in a preprint posted to the bioRxiv server that “D614G is increasing in frequency at an alarming rate”1. It had rapidly become the dominant SARS-CoV-2 lineage in Europe and had then taken hold in the United States, Canada and Australia. D614G represented a “more transmissible
    when is a mutation just a mutation?
    If I wanted to use nuclear weapons to conquer someone, and I just had one new bomb, I’d probably think “need to wait til I have some more”

    If a country wanted to launch biological weapons against the world, would it wait until it had multiple different germs?
    just sayin’

    • This would seem very believable. Actually, it would seem unbelievable if this were NOT true. We know about the ricin, but I wonder if this positive test plays a role, either in giving them all an excuse to stay absolutely safe for a while until some threat is dispensed with or even the possibility that somehow he was deliberately infected. Nothing these people do would surprise me. If, as some say, the DemoncRATS know after the debate that things are NOT going well for them (which is why suddenly Biden’s peeps are going to have a “ground game” after all), then Plan C or D or maybe it’s Plan K will be a last ditch effort.

  7. OK, I think I have figured this out.
    It’s the start of the old switcheroo.
    The Dems can’t go to election with an obviously advanced senility Joe Biden.
    Nobody expected him to be there on Nov 3.

    Why is he there anyways?
    The Dems knew they had to stop Bernie Sanders who would have won the primary but lost the election and they only had Joe.
    So how to switch him out while making it somebody else’s fault.

    Seed the Trump staffers with covid-19 and hope Trump gets it.
    That worked.
    Notice his positive test results came through a couple of days after he shared the debate stage with Biden for 90 minutes.
    Next it can be announced that Biden also got the coronavirus probably from Trump.
    This doesn’t have to be proven, just the accusation will do.
    In two weeks the Biden team state that Joe is just too sick and will drop out of the race. (It’s Trump’s fault)
    Now what?
    The Dems have Kamala Harris but she is not widely popular leaving only Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama.
    Hillary has too much baggage and the Durham investigation indictments could be unsealed against her within days.
    That leaves Michelle Obama and there you have it..
    Two “women” and one of them has that magic name.
    That’s what they’re going to do.

    • I thought of that same scenario and they get to blame Trump if Biden gets infected. Supposedly the DNA can actually trace where a person got the virus–from whom, I mean. If Hicks is patient one, then where did SHE get it?

      I don’t know what they would or could do if Biden drops out (the NY Times is claiming if Trump gets sick, which he is feeling symptoms, then HE should drop out. Fat chance. Did Boris resign?). As I said, in Missouri, they left a dead man on the ballot and he got elected, believe it or not. The idiot Republicans, as usual, did NOT object and allowed the dead man’s widow to take a U.S. Senate seat. She was virtually useless, btw. Just a rubber stamp for the Party, which is what all of them are, anyway, so no difference except that the Republicans ought to have contested an illegal race. Surely dead people cannot run and be elected to office (even though dead DemoncRATS regularly vote).

      It’s plausible that Biden will drop out. Maybe after he “wins”, but maybe even before election day. Who knows? I don’t see how they could possibly substitute Clinton or Obama for Biden or even Harris. This is just another reason why EARLY VOTING is so fraught with problems. People are already casting votes. If Biden drops out, what happens to the votes for HIM for President? You can’t just give them to Harris. I also don’t see how electoral college votes could be cast for someone OTHER THAN Biden, if he got the votes and then dropped out before the electoral college votes. It all means more CHAOS, which is what they want, anyway.

    • Postpone it? Why would anybody postpone the election? That makes no sense. The voters aren’t sick, (well, some are). Does it matter if a candidate is sick? Kennedy was sick almost his entire “reign,” wasn’t he? How about FDR? Notice how nobody ever suggested THEY resign or drop out on account of illness. Of course, they HID their illnesses, iirc.

    • That’s an EXCELLENT article. I was shocked and appalled by the way the media treated Kayleigh yesterday. Even SHE was shocked and shaken up, I believe, based upon her body language and especially her eyes. She seemed to be fighting tears (just a slight indication) when that FOX radio news guy (Decker, I think his name is) attacked her over and over about Trump saying “river” when he meant “ditch.” I don’t know what they’re up to, but it’s something. Another FOX guy went after Kayleigh, too, trying to get her to speak the exact words HE wanted her to say on Trump’s behalf, about white supremacists, instead of what SHE said and Trump has said many, many times. He was like one of those BLM bullies who tries to make people who are innocently sitting eating dinner to “say his name” or to say “black lives matter.” NAZIS and now the media join in.

  8. LOVES…the ….JUiCE …Far..2 MUCH…then
    the … GREEN -“WEED” … 2FarOut 4WTP

  9. Yep yep 👍😊 … They say she has a liquid
    Issue… Just passing on the message that’s
    Been “laid- down” & that voice grates U as
    Sittin’ on……a Feather or 2 ..

  10. PELOSI’s … jerk azz dick head NEPHEW
    Gavin Newsom .. runs in the FAMILY…4sure


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