Détente with the Left?

In the aftermath of the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Steve Hilton has called for  people to embrace their “humanity” and end the “madness” exhibited by most Democrats, some members of the media, and all the radical leftists who now promise to “burn” the system down, or “blow” it up, or riot, because once again they intend to do everything in their power to deny President Trump the powers of the office to which he was elected in 2016, in this instance the power to nominate Ginsburg’s replacement.

Hilton called for détente between political factions, but is such a thing even possible between radical leftists and the rest of the country? Could we have reasoned with Nazi Germany in 1941?

Hilton called for peace and respectful debate. Is that ever possible with those who feel no respect for any political opponent and who refuse to debate issues in an intellectually honest manner, sans ad hominem attacks on anyone who disagrees with them?

The final few minutes of the above video will remind everyone of what’s truly at stake in this election, according to Hilton:

The White House and the Senate are also at stake here. Lose those, and you get not just the [Supreme] Court packing the Democrats have promised but the end of the legislative filibuster, statehood for DC and Puerto Rico, gerrymandering state legislatures to then “fix” congressional districts, and of course getting rid of the Electoral College.

The far left are taking over the Democratic Party and there is a very real, very frightening prospect, that they will take over the country and do permanent harm.

When it comes to the Court, the best chance of preventing that is for the President to nominate someone, for confirmation hearings to start as soon as possible, but for the vote to happen after the election and after we push Joe Biden to tell us who he would nominate to fill the vacancy.

But please, let’s debate this in a respectful, above all, peaceful manner.

Lower the temperature.

At this point, is it even possible? Can one reason with a mob? With a cult?

How does one reason with the unreasonable, with people who threaten, bully, intimidate, and seek to shut you up because they don’t believe in your right to free speech, only theirs?

How does one reason with crazed, violent bullies?

How does one reason with single-minded, amoral people so convinced of their superiority, their right to rule, that they will stop at nothing, will deny and disrespect every human right of their political opponents, all to gain absolute power over the entire country and everyone in it?

These crazed leftists resemble the title character from the movie The Terminator. Paraphrasing another character describing the cyborg:

Listen. Understand. [These radical leftist are] out there. [They] can’t be reasoned with, [they] can’t be bargained with. [They don’t] feel pity or remorse or fear and [they] absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you are dead …

[or until you completely submit to their absolute rule over you. Forever.]

This is our future unless we stop the radical left from burning our country down, as they have promised to do.

This election is one possible chance for us to stop them from “fundamentally transforming” our country, as Obama promised to do.

Who can say what our last chance to stop them will be, if we fail this time?


122 responses to “Détente with the Left?

  1. ….ha …. Care 4….MO’….. CAKE RUTH?
    O’.. uzzSuch ..a smooth ….talker Barry!!!


    • Oh, they are SO ANGRY with her that she didn’t retire when Barry was in power. Poor woman. Can’t even rest in peace. They don’t bury her quickly because they wanted to stretch out the funeral so Trump has less time to get his nominee in. They boo POTUS and the lovely, gracious, beautiful, and intelligent FLOTUS at Ruth’s wake, completely disrespecting the poor woman. And now they criticize her for not falling on her sword and giving up HER power to suit THEIR lust for power.

    • That was an EXCELLENT find, wasn’t it? Of course, as with the Hunter Biden report and the info about the Flynn FBI guy saying the entire investigation as well as the special counsel investigation was only to “get Trump,” it’s not going to be reported in the mainstream media. If most people don’t learn about any of this, then it never happened. Right?

      I am so sick and tired of reading about the evil of the DemoncRAT party. They’re sending the usual crooked lawyer suspects to all the swing states to try to rig election rules and policies to totally favor them to allow ballot harvesting, ballot rigging, and vote fraud to steal this election. They are too evil to be believed.

  2. WTP’S …. HOUSE ….. & Were Keepin’ IT!


  3. Finder …keepers …loose THEM …..???
    BALLOTS!! .. Just WHO …LOST -Them ???

    One ….ballot …. Each? TRUMP ..is RIGHT

    • James O’Keefe recently was able to get a voter who voted twice arrested and charged. The problem is that the double vote happened in 2018! It was reported to the elections authorities (AG, etc.) early in 2019! That’s over a year ago. He confronted them recently and FINALLY, within 24 hours, they arrested and charged the guy, even though their own records show the two votes and even though he CONFESSED on video. He voted as a woman and also as a man. Dressed in women’s clothing and got another voter ID card, apparently. This reminds me of the author of MOTUS site that said that she received a voter registration solicitation as well as a vote-by-mail ballot in the name of someone who doesn’t exist and who never lived at her address, obviously. The surname was the same but the “voter” had a new first name. A wholly fictional character, created by some amorphous agent or agency, who could very well register and vote, if the author of the blog weren’t an honest person. HOW MANY MORE FICTIONAL PEOPLE WILL VOTE IN THE ELECTION?

      We’ve heard for years about how more than 100% of registered voters voted in any election (in DemoncRAT areas, of course) or that an impossible number of voters voted with the number exceeding the population of the area! But if they create FICTIONAL people then that solves both problems. The FICTIONAL people will be counted in the population and they will also be “legally” registered to vote and allowed to vote.

    • Oh, it was just a “mix up.”

      OMG. Check it out! It was because of a label printing JAM. Remember how they blamed a jam of the microfilm machine for the non-existence of Barry’s (alleged) mother’s travel records during the week he was born? I know it was some sort of record of hers that disappeared allegedly because a machine jammed sometime back in time. RIGHT.

      Why is it that every “gaffe” or “mistake” or “mix up” or machine “jam” always favors the left?

      • As usual, the SUBTLE parsing of media/DemoncRAT narratives:

        First it was Trump (or any other person with common sense) stated “without evidence” that there’s going to be mail-in vote fraud.
        Then it was there’s NO EVIDENCE of vote fraud in mail-in voting.
        Then it became there’s no evidence of WIDESPREAD vote fraud in mail-in voting.
        Now it’s “Election experts say that voting by mail is more susceptible to fraud than casting a ballot in person, but they’ve seen no evidence of widespread fraud.”

        First of all, they haven’t seen the evidence because the election hasn’t taken place yet. We’ve seen evidence of lots of voter fraud. You won’t see it if you refuse to look for it, to report it when it happens, or acknowledge seeing it.

        Secondly, the part in bold is EXACTLY what the POTUS has been saying and which they always say he stated “without evidence.”

        So “experts” can say what POTUS SAID but without evidence (they admit they haven’t seen evidence) but POTUS can’t say the same thing without evidence (but using common sense and deductive reasoning) without them criticizing him for “speculating without evidence.” So EXPERTS can speculate but POTUS cannot, when anybody with a brain can see easily that there are numerous holes in the mail-in voting schemes and the absentee voting schemes being used for the FIRST TIME in this election (without the usual safeguards, courtesy of DemoncRAT judges responding to DemoncRAT lawsuits) that WILL allow the DemoncRATS to effect massive and WIDESPREAD vote fraud.

  4. Sad 👿

  5. So true.

  6. Marlarkey ..Joe ..must ..de – part U tricked
    Your way in… Now …. Just leave it2TRUMP


    • All these court rulings, EVERY SINGLE ONE, is UNCONSTITUTIONAL when they overrule or disagree with STATE LAWS governing elections. That’s violation of the U.S. constitution, not state constitutions. The state LEGISLATURES control how elections are handled. Any LAWS passed by them control the elections, NOT rulings by unelected judges. This is why POTUS will win in every case.

    • I’d love to know what is going to happen to the 7 votes for Trump. Are they going to throw them out? Submit them for counting? WHAT? Are they going to track down the people who submitted them and give them a second chance to vote?

      They’re trying to cover up this potential vote fraud conspiracy by saying that it was an inexperienced, temporary election worker who mistook absentee ballots for REQUESTS for absentee ballots, because the envelopes look alike, and so opened them all up so as not to miss a request for an absentee ballot. THIS despite that PA law REQUIRES the elections office to preserve the ballots and NOT OPEN ANY OF THEM UNTIL THE LEGAL CANVASS (COUNT) OF VOTES BEGINS ON ELECTION DAY.

      If this is true, then let’s see examples of the envelopes so we can determine for ourselves whether a moron or a chimpanzee or a pigeon can tell the difference between an actual ballot and a REQUEST for a ballot.

  7. WE … R … FAMlLY … USA… All the WAY
    … AMY …. Of 9 ….. Home sweet 😘 HOME

    • Biden has already said he won’t submit to a drug test, even though all those coal miners in Scranton probably get drug tested regularly.

  8. Nancy Pelosi’s …. Dickheaded-Con-nephew …Y e p …yep ..yep ..yep yep yep!!!!!!
    ALL .. in …the .. SICK-O’ – FAMILY ???
    Disgusting. .. wake up ….USA..

    • Well, (real) ladies: Stay out of prison and you won’t find yourself bunking with a bearded lady.

    • “The law also requires officers to do body search on inmates based on the search policy of their chosen gender identity.”

      Imagine how that works. Just try to imagine a “cavity” search when there isn’t one. I’m just sayin’.

  9. Taxes. 😆
    So. I finally read the NYT Trump tax story because I wanted to see what line was being reported for taxes owed and I came across this about the $750 in 2016 and 2017. Per the NYT own story, Trump actually paid to the US Treasury $1 million in 2016 and $4.2 million in 2017.

    • He paid MILLIONS in taxes. That’s the bottom line.

      Did you see that old Joe, desperate for ANY narrative, even if a LIE, had bumper stickers and buttons all ready to go proclaiming something like “I paid more taxes than Trump?”

      I wonder how many of them gave their entire salary to charity this year, last year, the year before? Trump needs to make buttons that say that. They’re SUCH LIARS. It makes me sick.

  10. Cernovich
    An honest media would say that Trump’s tax returns show that far from profiting from the office, he has lost money by becoming POTUS. And moreover there is no Russian money.

    We don’t have an honest media.

    • As usual, they lie. In essence, what POTUS did was take deductions that he’s entitled to. In many cases MORTGAGE deductions, just like every U.S. homeowner takes when filing their own taxes. In addition, POTUS foregoes his $400,000 yearly salary EVERY YEAR. That’s something, isn’t it? Do Pelosi or Schumer or Schiff or Nadler (or did Obama or Biden) donate their salaries, or do they take taxpayer money despite being independently wealthy themselves?

    • That’s an interesting article. I did not realize that when the question goes to the House, each STATE gets one vote and that one vote is determined by which party controls the House DELEGATION from that state. So if there are more House Representatives that are Republican in any state, then the vote is Republican (most likely. There are always RINOs around.) This makes it important for the Republicans to win as many races as possible, in as many states as possible.

    • Excellent point: Why do they pretend to be black when blacks are “disadvantaged” and whites have “privilege”? Answer: In ACADEMIA and leftist land, it’s the “people of color” who have all the privileges. Why else did Warren pretend to be a Native American?

      Maybe this particular woman lied about her identity in order to salvage a career. Consider the possibility that she’s studied African history, despite being white, but suddenly is confronted with the race-based, illegal, discriminatory notion that ONLY blacks can teach black history. Think that’s it? I suspect it plays a role, although I haven’t made a study of this woman’s case. What if only Italians could study and teach Roman history? This is totally against everything MLK stood for.

      “Jessica Krug’s colleagues said they “are shocked and appalled” by her lying about her identity.

      “She has betrayed the trust of countless current and former students, fellow scholars of Africana Studies, colleagues in our department and throughout the historical discipline, as well as community activists in New York City and beyond,” the university’s history department said in a joint statement. …”

      Why do I suspect that MLK would be “shocked and appalled” by the notion that a white woman has to be ashamed of her race and has to deny it in order to teach and research in the field for which she has prepared herself? Apparently whites must be FORCED to learn and study “African” history but aren’t allowed to teach it.

      They have sympathy for a man who assumes a female identity and portrays himself to the world as a woman. Why is she not allowed to assume a black identity and portray herself as such to the world? Do they fire “women” professors if they’ve hidden the fact that they’re biological men?

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