The Harris Administration (with Joe Biden, maybe)

We’ve been saying for months that whoever ends up as Biden’s vice presidential candidate will be the actual presidential candidate. Whether it’s already a done deal or not, it’s obvious that Biden will not serve even one term if he and Harris end up getting enough voters to buy their Trojan Horse named Joe Biden.

Yesterday, Kamala Harris made a Freudian slip, calling the potential Democrat administration the

Harris administration, (together with Joe Biden as president).

Sure, Kamala. We get it. Joe’s the afterthought.

O, what a quick, slick speaker Harris is, barely blinking an eye as she catches her slip and adds the non sequitur of “Joe Biden as president.”

Hasn’t every administration in the history of our Republic been known as the administration of the president, not the vice president?

Best case scenario, Harris was merely admitting that Biden will be president in name only and she’ll be the acting president (i.e., the administrator of the Harris administration).

More likely, Harris accidentally told the truth that she’s the actual presidential candidate and Biden is simply a figurehead as others have called him.

Trojan Horse or figurehead. It amounts to the same thing.

If you think you’re voting for Joe Biden for president, THINK AGAIN

A vote for the Biden/Harris ticket is a vote for Kamala Harris for president.

We’re not the only ones who believe this is a done deal.

This is going to be the Harris Administration with Joe Biden as a figurehead. That is not an exaggeration. Biden chose the most ambitious potential partner, who arrives on the ship and announces “I am the captain now”. She is also the least likely to be a good governing partner who doesn’t want to replace him as soon as possible. This was the whole reason Biden’s inner circle was wary of her.

Well, Biden’s inner circle lost that one.

Don’t forget that Harris was roundly rejected by Democrats in the run up to their primary; however, Harris was the choice of the Obama shadow government.

Harris is going to represent the third Obama term. Make no mistake about that.

They needed a Trojan Horse to slip Harris into the presidency, by any means necessary. Run the white man, substitute the (arguably) black woman.

Democrats rejected Harris, so what would the entire country do, after soundly rejecting Hillary Clinton, too?

Democrat operatives perceived a need to trick all those blue-collar white men, which the sneering elitists who run the Democrat party assume are racist, sexist troglodytes. (It never seems to occur to them that voters of all stripes had good reason to reject both Clinton and Harris, because of who they are and what they stand for, not what race or sex they are.)

Many may have predicted this result–that the VP candidate would end up as the POTUS candidate–but just as many erred in thinking that the powers-that-be in the Democrat Party (i.e., the Obamas) would not stick it to their own voters (again). Au contraire!

So unpopular Kamala Harris, instead of one of the Democrat candidates who polled far better than she, ends up as the vice-presidential candidate and soon will be POTUS, if the Democrat machine, along with their willingly complicit minions in the media, can fool enough voters (and cheat well enough, too).

If you’re a Democrat and think that the Democrat Party gives a rat’s ass about what you want as a voter, think again.

Is this just another conspiracy theory, as the mainstream media likes to label truth?

Listen to Joe Biden today, referring to the

Harris/Biden administration

As clueless as Joe seems, he’s on the money here. Biden knows perfectly well who’s running the show. Biden knows who will actually be president, if the Democrats “win” in November.

Democrats and their minions in the mainstream media will likely say that both Harris and Biden misspoke, if they say anything at all.

Isn’t it interesting that both Harris and Biden made the same “mistake” within hours of each other?

One might conclude that everybody in the Democrat inner circle has already become so accustomed to the reality of what their ticket represents that their guard is down, so mistakes are easily made.

The mainstream media are not going to tell you this truth about Kamala Harris:

Harris is the Democrat candidate for president.

Will anyone in the mainstream media, in any media, have the guts to ask Biden or Harris whether it’s a done deal already? Has Biden already promised to step aside? (Consider that Biden admitted before choosing Harris that the person he chose would have to be ready to become POTUS “immediately” because, after all, he’s an “old guy.”)

Will anyone confront either Biden or Harris about their slips of the tongue concerning the Harris administration?

Don’t voters deserve to know that when they vote for Biden they’re really getting Harris as president and Biden in the ceremonial role that’s usually filled by the VP, if that?

How about asking Mrs. Biden about this? I’d love to know what Jill Biden thinks about how she and her husband are being made stooges by the Democrat Party, in their quest for absolute power, by any means necessary.

If Biden “wins” and if he sticks around at all, he will not be running the show. So it doesn’t matter what Biden says or promises on the campaign trail.

The true agenda will come from Harris, second hand from Obama, who stands behind her. 

So we have a former president behind a figurehead behind a Trojan Horse.

All the usual suspects from the Obama administration (the current Obama shadow government) will be back to haunt us for another four years, if the worst happens and somehow the Democrats “win” the election.

What will it take to ensure that everyone knows exactly what’s going on with the Harris/Biden ticket before the election? We the People need to spread the word far and wide.

A vote for Biden is a vote for Harris as president.

Will Biden debate President Trump? If so, surely the POTUS will ask Biden about that woman behind the curtain, who’ll head the Harris administration.

We can only hope that President Trump makes it a point to constantly refer to the Harris administration from now on.

What will happen before the debates that will make it “unfortunately” impossible for Biden to attend the debates? You can probably count on something happening to (supposedly) prevent his attendance.

Will they try to substitute Harris for Biden and expect President Trump to debate her? After all, if the Democrats win, Harris will be president.



147 responses to “The Harris Administration (with Joe Biden, maybe)

    • That’s another of their “arrows”: impeach the conservative justices. They already PLAN to try to impeach and remove Kavanaugh. So if they can remove some of the conservatives, then they can avoid the packing of the court and LOOK LIKE or pretend as if they’re not the evil anti-Constitution, anti-American, anti-DEMOCRATIC power-grabbers that they are.


    Here’s a graph showing the coronavirus death rate per day on a rolling average and expressed in deaths per million.

    You can view any country but I put on the USA and the UK. The USA is running at about 2.3 ppm/day and the UK is running at about 0.3 ppm/day

    Over here the politicians are running about like crazies screaming second wave!

    I wonder if Joe could even understand what the chart means. I suspect not.
    Over here I would say BB couldn’t either.

    • Didn’t that story last week, talking about how 28% of coronavirus deaths were wrongly attributed TO coronavirus when they were actually CAUSED BY other conditions, pertain to the UK? We know for sure that’s happening over here. ANYBODY who tests positive seems to be counted as a COVID “death” even if they died from gunshot wounds, getting hit by cars, being poisoned, having cancer, etc. All these statistics are CRAP.

      • What I wonder is that the UK intelligence agencies are part of the “five eyes” cooperation agreement with US intelligence agencies.
        Does hysteria over here somehow help with hysteria in the US, shutting down the whole country before election day?
        It’s possible, ain’t it?

        • I do wonder about all that, too. It seems to be somebody with a lot of global power pulling strings. The UN is NOT what I’m thinking of but it could very well be all the wealthy people who are indebted to CHINA for their wealth. Trump is a huge threat to China. There was a story suggesting that CHINA is behind funding the unrest in all the cities (well, them and SOROS and, imho, organized by Barry, who is after all another wealthy global citizen. Biden, too. Indebted big time to China.) Something’s going on. We know China is behind the pandemic. They created the virus. It emerged immediately after the Davos meeting in January. Is THAT a coincidence? They arguably released it. WHY are all the other countries going along with the shutdowns, despite that it’s ruining their own economies, too? I’d love to know the definitive answer.

    • He’s slick and he understands how much harm the DemoncRATS do to themselves by accidentally (or deliberately, in fits of TDS) TELLING THE TRUTH about what they plan to do instead of just hiding it or outright LYING TO THE PEOPLE about what they WILL DO once in power.

  2. Last wish…? ..This is a Super duper FLAW
    Did….Ruth ….NOT …DIE ….JEWISH???
    Did …she not share…that with her granddaughter???really weird ….

    • I heard that POTUS said he’d appoint a nominee after the funeral, so my first thought was that they’ll hold off on the funeral as long as they can.

  3. Clara Simone Spera
    the Grand-daughter of RUTH … sTILL
    aboveGROUND ….?

  4. Listen 2 Michael Savage’s ….podcast
    Today ….Sept 21 2020 .. ondirtyRUTH
    Contempt ….4 ..America….yep! ..WOW

    • As with all human beings, she should be judged by the totality of her actions. Yes, her decisions helped women achieve parity with men in this society. On the other hand, millions died by abortion as a direct result of other decisions she had a hand in making. They removed a statue in Springfield, IL, of Stephen Douglas because he allegedly inherited a 20% interest in a plantation that had slaves working it. Now people are saying that LINCOLN’S statues ought to be removed because he made statements some call “white supremacist,” when they forget that so-called “scientists” of that era made the same statements–blacks and whites are biologically different, unequal, can’t live together, and some even believed couldn’t “breed.” He was a product of his time, as were the slaves themselves, considering they were brought from a very uncivilized place to live within a relatively advanced civilization, in terms of technology, education, medicine, sophistication, etc. Science has now changed, however, proving that under the skin we are all the same, have the same POTENTIAL, are the same species, are more alike than different (in minor ways). Race is a SOCIAL construct, as we’re told but which was something beyond the ken of Lincoln as well as the majority of “scientists” of his time. Nevertheless, they want to remove Lincoln’s statues and honors based on a few statements. THEREFORE, by the same token, the lives lost due to Ginsburg’s decisions ought to be weighed against any honors they want to give to her.

      Consider, too: They’re renaming a street after GEORGE FLOYD. Yes, drug addicted felon, George Floyd. Why is this man being honored for ONLY the manner of his death allegedly at the hands of white, black, and Asian police officers? How much GOOD did he do in his life versus the BAD he did? Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington should NOT be honored but criminals should be. This is the country we live in today.

  5. Just … ART ??? Ha’ …. See something …
    Say something …..
    SMELL ….it as ….4 sure .. it STINKS 24/7
    What will wake these sleepers UP???
    See …what is right before their EYES?

    • I LOVE that! It’s great. It’s about time that people FIGHT BACK against these leftists using their own tactics. Dare them to charge them with crimes when they let BLM just do whatever they want.

  6. Joe Biden was prone to embellishment. Hints of that linger today. But unlike then, his message to voters is clear: He’s a stabilizing … who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”) …
    “Shows how much I know.”.

    • So my paper today said that Biden, in his recent appearances, talked about the 200,000 people who died from (WITH) COVID. It’s so interesting. They didn’t say he talked about the 200 MILLION who died or the 200 INDIVIDUALS who died. Nope. For him alone, they substituted the “correct” number. How would they have written the stories had President Trump said “only” 200 people died from COVID or that 200 MILLION died from COVID? Would they have not even mentioned him “misspeaking” and instead just edited to correct his “gaffe?” We know the answer.

    • I wonder. We thought Roberts would be good, too. Look what happened. Gorsuch? They have a way of “mellowing” or, should I say, leaning left once there.

  7. AG Barr.

    • OF COURSE. It’s why they wanted postage paid envelopes. They pretend it’s to help voters be enfranchised by paying for their postage but they know that prepaid mail isn’t postmarked. This way, they can see the results from election day and also SEE WHO ALREADY VOTED, then create the votes for all the other people who didn’t vote and make them all vote for Biden. Magic! iirc, I read somewhere that they’ll count them unless there’s “evidence” they were NOT mailed by election day. Well, what kind of evidence could there be?

  8. Will the Weiner laptop files be the October surprise?

    • Gee, if only ABC had put as much effort into debunking the Schiff conspiracy theories, the Clinton conspiracy theories, the Biden conspiracy theories, the Obama conspiracy theories, the Brennan/Comey/Clapper conspiracy theories. Just goes to show that they CAN do some research WHEN THEY WANT TO.

      What gets me is WHY they’re so concerned about Q. Why don’t they look into the conspiracy theory of man-made global climate change? That does FAR MORE HARM to us all than anything Q SAYS.

      It’s said that Q was infiltrated and taken over, which may be possible. Didn’t the same thing happen with Wikileaks in 2016? Similar to how the DemoncRATS plant “Nazis” and “white supremacists” in Trump rallies to discredit Trump supporters or CREATE “white supremacist groups” like those that, iirc, are composed of supposedly FORMER liberal activists who suddenly decided to become white supremacists and counter-protest antifa in order to try to discredit Trump supporters, as in Charlottesville?

      I would dare say that IF there are ANY “white supremacist” groups in this country every one of them is actually a false flag, a fake group composed of leftists trying to discredit conservatives.

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