Puppet and Panderer

Ok. I’ve had it with Democrat politicians and the media hiding facts from the public so they can pursue a false narrative. Their blatant lies divide our nation along racial lines and they don’t care because their goal is to defeat President Trump by any means necessary.

Democrat vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris met with Jacob Blake’s family yesterday and spoke to Blake himself over the phone, something which the media took pains to report as they pointed out that President Trump didn’t meet with that family when he visited Wisconsin recently.

The media fail to mention that the Blake family wouldn’t agree to meet with the President without lawyers present and that some members of the family were openly hostile and disrespectful of the President, so it was obvious the family rejected the President’s condolences.

The media also fail to mention that Blake’s mother apologized to President Trump for having missed his call, which came shortly after her son was shot. Blake’s mother made this apology openly on CNN, much to the probable astonishment of Don Lemon and the Blake family’s well-known, very political, race-baiting lawyer. She seems like a thoughtful, lovely and gracious lady who likely would have met with President Trump, absent the interference of lawyers and the more vocal and militant members of her family. Hearts go out to her for the pain she must be feeling these days. She’s ill served by the lawyer who sits next to her during the interview.

The lawyer in question tweeted yesterday that Kamala Harris told Blake that she was

proud of him.

Harris had  tweeted days earlier that

We see the pain and hurt of yet another Black man shot by police—and a family with extraordinary courage come together. His family is in my heart today as we continue our fight for justice.

As a former prosecutor, Harris ought to realize the importance of not putting a thumb on the scale of justice before investigations are even complete. Has she even read the police reports before flapping her gums and politicizing this event, taking sides against the police?

Earlier still, Harris said that women who accuse men of sexual assault should unquestionably be believed. Her statements concerned women who had accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh as well as those who had accused her own eventual running mate, Joe Biden:

Harris beefed up her #MeToo credentials later, making it clear she doesn’t just believe women accusing Republicans of sexual assault. All women had to be believed, including those who ­accused prominent Democrats. At a campaign event in Nevada in April 2019, Harris discussed the allegations against Biden, declaring of the accusers: “I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it.”

Now Kamala Harris seems to have another standard altogether for black women who accuse black men of sexual assault. If she believes that all women should be believed when they accuse someone of sexual assault, then how could she possibly be “proud” of Jacob Blake?

Here is an excerpt from the full criminal complaint made by the woman last May:

Traumatic, to say the least. She ought to be believed. Her story certainly rings true.

LNB is the woman who called police on the day of the shooting that left Blake paralyzed. As a result of the alleged sexual assault, LNB got a restraining order against Blake, which is why he wasn’t supposed to be at her home that day.

As with the May incident, Blake took LNB’s car keys and was attempting to take her car. Her car, not his car, as is falsely reported in nearly every mainstream news article.

After resisting arrest, after putting a police officer in a headlock, holding a knife that he was ordered to drop but didn’t (based upon still images from video), Blake was attempting to get into LNB’s car and drive off with her three children. This is the man of whom Harris is “proud.”

So much for believing women who accuse men of sexual assault. Somehow, for some reason that we can easily guess, Harris has forgotten all about believing women who accuse men of sexual assault.

She particularly seems to have forgotten about believing the women who accused her now-running mate of behavior ranging from “inappropriate touching” (aka, sexual assault according to the Obama/BIDEN administration) to rape.

#MeToo is totally forgotten when the Oval Office is the prize.

Make no mistake.

Joe Biden is not the Democrat presidential candidate.

If the Democrat Party “wins” in November, Kamala Harris will be president, sooner or later, but certainly long before the 2024 election.

Biden is the Trojan Horse. Harris is the scary surprise inside.

Harris dropped out of the presidential race because less than 4% of Democrat voters supported her candidacy.

Few in her own party wanted her as the presidential candidate; thus, the need for the Trojan Horse called Biden because, like Clinton in 2016, Harris is the choice of the powers that be in the Democrat Party (aka, the Obama shadow government). Harris

switches positions to whatever is most expedient, and during her campaign for President, her positions changed seemingly based on her social media feedback. …

If Harris has any guiding force, it isn’t principle. It is naked ambition. And if Joe Biden wins he is essentially handing her the keys to the White House.

Harris intends to continue Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.

Make no mistake about that.


45 responses to “Puppet and Panderer

  1. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/09/demonic-possession-portland-riots/

    This is an interesting article. We’ve felt in our guts since this blog first began that forces out of the ordinary are striving with each other for dominion over our country. We felt it in our guts that evil was involved, especially when we heard the voice and saw the face of he who promised to “fundamentally transform” the USA. And he’s done so for sure, whether or not this is the outcome he envisioned. He didn’t foresee Donald Trump. Certainly the chaos and division is giving him joy; all that’s left to achieve is absolute power. There was a program on TV last evening about Ed and Lorraine Warren and their demon-fighting years. The program emphasized some of the main points listed at the link, courtesy of Adam C. Blai. From this, we know, that we MUST continue to resist the destruction of our Republic by these evil forces. The focus in the article on how demons operate legally is quite interesting, when you consider the “Constitutional law professor” we had before and how he and his friends at “Lawfare” have twisted and perverted the law and the Constitution to achieve their tyrannical goals. Liars. Cheats. Evil Ones. They cannot control you unless you give them “permission.” Do not listen. Do not look. RESIST. Get Thee behind me.

    From the article: “The Antifa/BLM forces seem to be under the command and control of demonic forces. Humans are no match for demons. Better tactics and equipment will not turn the tide. We must fight their spiritual fire with the power of God through prayer. We must humbly accept that, as the lowliest of God’s creatures, we are the mercy of the spiritual world. …”

    Any questions when you see this, or this?

    • That was a truly odd revelation. Is POTUS truly on terms with Zucker such that he will talk to him over the phone? Cohen has no credibility whatsoever, but who knew that he and Zucker were such pals? What a freaking bunch of snakes. Why did Trump ever have Cohen as his lawyer?

  2. The .. BAkers … Dozens… Evil devils

    Only they R every where ….24/7

    With God’s grace … & Efforts …WTP win

    • https://www.wnd.com/2020/09/oops-prof-suddenly-sorry-promise-document-nick-sandmanns-actions/

      “A Transylvania University professor apologized after saying he would “document” Nick Sandmann if he had behavior issues, according to a statement provided to the Daily Caller News Foundation. …

      Tompkins has since apologized for his comment. …

      Translyvania University said in a statement provided to the DCNF, “There are two things that, as a university, we are not able to discuss: our students (without their permission) and personnel matters. In response to posts on social media and other websites over the Labor Day weekend, we reiterate that point.”

      “A review of the situation will be conducted expeditiously by the appropriate university officials,” the school statement said. …”

      Of course! That school doesn’t want to be sued, too. These people are SICK and my gosh. How STUPID, given that this kid just won mega-bucks suing other liars and people who infringed on his rights!

      Notice, too, how they stereotype this child. HOW THE HELL do they know WHAT his “views” are and that they “oppose” what the university stands for, as if a university (what an oxymoron, all things considered) STANDS FOR one political, religious, or moral choice as opposed to the UNIVERSE of all others? Just because the kid visited DC, bought a MAGA hat, and is Catholic, that means somehow the entire university is in opposition to his views and he shouldn’t even have been admitted? Whoever this clown is, he seems to hold views that are entirely in opposition to what the freaking ACLU is SUPPOSED to stand for.


      Fascists! Look how he complains that he was speaking (actually facebooking) on his own time, as if that saves one from being CANCELED in this progressive left culture that’s been created by the likes of him. NOBODY ELSE who’s lost a job or been sanctioned or shamed or bullied has been able to fall back on “private time” or “private page” or “First Amendment” rights. He, like all others who have offended, ought to pay the price that’s been meted out to conservatives for similar alleged offenses. Why do they think they should be immune from the punishments invented by the very SYSTEM they’ve created?

  3. Liars. Cheats. Evil Ones. They cannot control you unless you give them “permission.” Do not listen. Do not look. RESIST. Get Thee behind me.

    I say this sentence is extremely important because you can see something,
    The image of Britney Spears in her “poison” video comes to mind, and you might think – I am not doing anything.

    Looking past a second or two is permission unwittingly granted and you can struggle to get that door shut again.
    Don’t look.

    btw, Craig has got his website back. good news.

    • Yep. That’s what I was taught in school by nuns. Deny them. It’s no coincidence that they use so many “pagan” and satanic signs, signals, imagery. I’m reminded, too, of the early stories about how when Obama was preparing to go speak, people would meet him in a room and bystanders would hear bizarre chanting. It probably was NOT anyone’s imagination. It could explain so much that we don’t understand readily. For one–how their message is resonating. Another thing–how things we would never expect are happening. Everybody so willingly going into quarantine. People so willing to police their neighbors while at the same time not getting upset about riots, looting, the murder of children. The same evil was there in Nazi Germany, when people said “how could this possibly happen? How could people stand by and allow it?” Now we hear that even high-up military generals are discussing a coup, if the election is unresolved. THIS is also Obama’s influence. He didn’t fire so many generals for NO REASON and replace them with his own. In addition, they’re dividing the military against itself by promoting the racist Critical Race Theory.

      • spooky
        from newsmax
        Megyn Kelly has announced the launch of her new production company, Devil May Care Media, to create podcasts and shows that focus on news, current events and other issues, starting with a podcast of her own, “The Megyn Kelly Show.”
        I won’t be watching it.

        • Hmmm. I thought of you when somebody put up on You Tube a clip from that new Netflix show Cuties. What you said yesterday about not even looking at what they do. Cuties is the new TV show that leftists have claimed doesn’t promote pedophilia by sexualizing 11-year-old girls. Of course, they lied. They claimed it is an uplifting program about a girl coming of age and trying to fit in with a dance group. However, they show the happy young girls “dancing” AS SLUTTY, as disgustingly, as pornographically as Beyonce, Madonna, and CardiB all rolled into one. They CLAIM that if you watch to the end of the show, you will see that it’s actually a movie against the sexualization of children because the mothers and adult women, in the end, show their disapproval. In the meantime, they have long “dance routines” by little girls in scanty outfits where the camera angles are explicitly (can’t put this any other way) up the childrens’ crotches and rear ends. They show them licking their fingers lasciviously and fondling their own private areas. It’s ALL THERE and blatant. There’s NO WAY they are NOT using this so-called campaign AGAINST child porn as a Trojan Horse to SHOW child porn. It’s a way to promote it under the guise of “exposing” and condemning it. Everybody knows it’s NOT NECESSARY to show a sin in order to preach against it. You don’t have people fornicating on altars with a priest nearby condemning it. They think we’re stupid. THIS IS WHAT THE FATHER OF LIES does. He thinks it’s funny.

  4. Remember the beginning? ❤

  5. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/09/exclusive-video-15-armed-uspis-agents-new-york-sent-arrest-triple-amputee-war-hero-brian-kolfage-florida-video-photos/

    OUTRAGEOUS. And they criticize POTUS for allegedly dissing disabled vets. Look what they’re doing to this guy like a bunch of Putin’s politicized thugs.

    • Woodward is a tool. He’s such scum. If he allegedly knew POTUS was “lying” about the deadly virus, then why didn’t HE save lives by reporting it THEN instead of waiting until right before the election? Answer: He’s lying. Besides which, how the hell is this supposed to work? It would only work if WE THE PEOPLE hadn’t lived through 2020 along with Woodward and Trump. WE KNOW how often the “experts” changed their points of view 180 degrees, sometimes within the same week! POTUS was told to rely on the experts. Well, we all know how often Fauci, the alleged expert, did 180s on everything from whether the virus is even something to worry about in the U.S., whether masks help, whether people should social distance, whether it’s okay to have sex with strangers though, whether kids get it, whether it’s safe for kids to go to school, whether there will be a vaccine, whether COVID will EVER go away, yadda yadda yadda. Fauci more often than POTUS has reversed himself.

      IF POTUS downplayed it to avoid panic in the streets while quietly taking steps to contain it, then that’s a GOOD THING, isn’t it?

      What would they all be saying had POTUS panicked the country and chaos reigned and looting happened and people raided stores? Oh, wait. That’s the left, comprising the “largely peaceful protesters.” It was okay for them to wreak havoc. But if there were COVID panic in the streets, it would be Trump’s fault. There wasn’t, but now that’s Trump’s “fault”, too.

      One thing for sure in 2020: NO MATTER WHAT POTUS DOES, THE LEFT WILL CRITICIZE IT and BLAME HIM. When Trump says what Fauci says, Trump is wrong but Fauci is right. When Trump says the opposite of what Fauci says (and Trump is RIGHT), according to the left and the media, Trump is wrong and Fauci is still right.

      Somebody needs to tell Woodward that he’s yesterday’s news. His glory days, if he ever had any, are LONG GONE. He and Joe ought to shuffle quietly off to the rest home, preferably in NY with Gov. Cuomo looking out for them.

        • You can tell it’s a LIE because liars always go too far. They don’t understand understatement. Fearing they won’t be believed, wanting very much for their own nefarious reasons to be believed, they prevaricate even more. It’s why they’re called TALL TALES.

          You know it’s a lie when you hear particularly contemptuous, fabulous fabrications like “he didn’t want to get his hair messed up” or “he paid hookers to pee on the bed Obama slept in.”

          See how easy it is to spot the LIES? They cannot hide their TDS. They HAVE TO go overboard and thus give themselves away. There’s not a mother on the face of this earth who couldn’t see through this confabulation, resulting from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    • Have they ever “revealed” who the culprits are? Won’t they have to pay for all this damage? Isn’t it illegal to do things like that when there are watches out or whatever they call it when they ban burning and fireworks on account of fire hazard? What will happen? Well, if the family is white, they’ll have the book thrown at them. If they’re rich, they’ll have the book thrown at them. If they’re “people of color,” NOTHING will happen to them. That’s the new “justice” system. It’s suspicious that not only haven’t they revealed who the people are but it hasn’t leaked out yet, either, so far as I know. Where’s Reddit when you need them?

  6. Law …..&… order ?…. U-bob is another
    Super …dick … Gossip queen’ …dirty yes dirty …. shame …on all of u …. gAY-mary
    Trump …. Another dick! …or it wishesSo!


    • But if JOE says it, it’s great leadership. If Trump says it, it’s lying to the American people and he has “blood on his hands.”

      Joe also said the Chinese ban was xenophobic, unnecessary, and racist. How many lives did POTUS potentially save by keeping infected people out back in Jan.?

      It’s all just so much noise. Like white noise. JUST IGNORE IT. I think probably Trump supporters do. I’ve gotten to the point that now I find myself just laughing out loud at them.

      Did you see the woman who’s claimed to be a black professor for decades. It’s HILARIOUS, especially listening to her try to talk “black”.

  7. Much …news ..as always ..RUSH IT!
    Prayers … 4 RUSH ….& USA

  8. Because Coronavirus lockdown policy bobbed up again in the MSM,
    here is a great data source

    and that compares cases per million population in the UK which locked down hard with Sweden who did not lock down

    you can compare any countries you wish.

    • Thanks. I’ll check it out. Kaleigh McEnany does a good job correctly the false statistics the media try to throw at her. At this point, though, the stats are meaningless. What’s that they say? GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT. When you have them deliberately falsifying actual cause of death in order to count as many deaths as possible, when you have them counting tests as “cases” instead of individuals who are SICK with COVID and not asymptomatic individuals or instances of one person being tested multiple times, when you have 50-90% FALSE POSITIVES, when you have no standardized way of counting any of these categories across the world, then stats are meaningless, they tell us nothing, they have screwed up stats for other diseases (like flu) and other causes of deaths (like even gun violence or car accidents), and they’re comparing apples and oranges. The stats are all lies. They did the same type of lying under Obama, and I didn’t realize it at the time or maybe it was hidden until now. When the swine flu came to the U.S., at one point they actually scrapped all the numbers and ended up ESTIMATING what they now report as the actual numbers, but nobody really knows the extent of the damage that flu epidemic did because they LIED to FAVOR Obama and prevent it damaging his reputation as a leader. It’s all propaganda.

      Somebody somewhere recently said that the U.S. government and everything put out by the U.S. government, being a leftist controlled Deep State bureaucracy of resistance to the President, is exactly like PRAVDA and the Russian government, with the only difference being that the RUSSIAN PEOPLE KNOW THEY’RE BEING LIED TO while Americans still haven’t figured that out. Well, at least half of them haven’t. And it doesn’t matter that Trump is president because the resistance to his presidency is working. He cannot control the entire bureaucracy. Nobody can. Nobody can micromanage to that degree. I understand, from reading and from context, that his decree against the use of Critical Race Theory in the military is a direct result of him reading sites like Gateway Pundit, Conservative Treehouse, and others that have had articles about the outrages found in these diversity programs and anti-white-privilege programs in academia and local governments. Apparently POTUS had no idea that these same programs were used in the military to INDOCTRINATE troops and to DISCRIMINATE AGAINST AND SHAME WHITE TROOPS, all paid for by taxpayer money. It’s outrageous but it’s so insidious and no one person could possibly know everything they’re up to. All he can do is rely upon the people under him. If there’s a weakness in the chain, links and links down the chain from POTUS, then the indoctrination and subversiveness can continue.

  9. you might have to cut and paste that whole long thing into your browser

    • What’s really scary when you see female or black police chiefs, sometimes female and black police chiefs, resigning is that they’re doing so because they’re not RADICAL ENOUGH!

      That black woman resigned to spare the black mayor HER job. She was the sacrificial lamb. It would be such sweet irony if the “peaceful protesters” just went on calling for the mayor to resign, too. I believe that’s what I heard: They’re still calling for her to quit, too.

    • It’s a GREAT POINT that this is a takeover of police forces across the nation to make OBAMA’S NATIONAL SECURITY FORCE, aka, the armed brownshirts who will enforce the revolution at every local level. He’s also working on taking over the military. They’ve got the Deep State and all government bureaucracies seeded with their peeps. They control the media and now social media. They have academia and all the local schools, all the universities. They have all the big city governments. They’re working on taking over all prosecutors’ offices. Now they will have all the police forces. Then they WILL follow Hitler’s plan: Disarm the populace and then incinerate all your political enemies. He’s not the Community Organizer in Chief for nothing.

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