Saul Alinsky Says: Fight Back

In a letter to the editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, a reader argued that U.S. Representative Ann Wagner’s votes align 95% of the time with President Donald Trump’s policies, despite that women have accused him of alleged “sexual assault.”

The headline placed above this letter by the notoriously progressive leftist newspaper editors sums up the letter thusly:

You can’t vote for Trump and be against sexual abuse

Sí, se puede

Yes, we can. Yes, we have. Yes, we will.

Just for fun, let’s accept their premise and then, using the tactics of Saul Alinsky, beloved mentor of radical leftists everywhere, let’s

make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.

Rule: If anyone has been accused of sexual abuse or sexual assault, that person cannot be supported by anyone who opposes sexual abuse or assault. Okay.

Has Joe Biden been accused of sexual abuse or assault? Yes, he has.

Tara Reade, one of eight women to accuse Biden of inappropriate touching, said this week that the presidential candidate assaulted her nearly 30 years ago.

Other than those eight grown women, there’s also a video compilation of occasions during which Biden allegedly (you be the judge) inappropriately touched minor girls.

Therefore, by leftist standards:

You can’t vote for Biden and be against sexual abuse

There’s someone else in the news lately whom radical progressive leftists support as next to a hero, most particularly members of antifa, Black Lives Matter (BLM), Democrats, as well as the mainstream media: Jacob Blake.

Blake is the man shot and wounded by a police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Blake is paralyzed as a result of the shooting. Because of this incident, protests and rioting have taken place in Kenosha and other cities across the country. Businesses were burned to the ground. Looting, shooting, and other violence ensued.

As one might expect, Democrat officials in Wisconsin immediately took Blake’s side against the police, jumping to conclusions and forgetting, once again,   sacred American legal concepts like innocent until proved guilty and due process, not to mention the importance of keeping your trap shut so as not to obstruct justice by putting your thumb on the scale while an investigation takes place or dirtying any potential jury pool in your biased rush to judgement.

Media stories so far have not fully described what happened before the shooting, why police were on scene or, especially, expounded upon the fact that Blake had been accused of domestic violence and felony sexual assault. You may read the graphic, horrendous details at this link.

Radical progressive leftists and many Democrats (including Joe Biden, oddly enough) have instructed us that women are to always be believed. There’s even a “movement” to that effect: #MeToo.

The evidence is incontrovertible that Blake has been “credibly” accused of sexual assault (although his father would rather talk about Brussels sprouts).

As a result of the alleged sexual assault, there was a restraining order against Blake, which he was in the process of violating when police were called to the location, prior to the shooting.

Without doubt, BLM supports Blake. They “protest” on his behalf, no questions asked. It’s time for people to realize that

You can’t support BLM and be against sexual abuse

Democrats, progressives, liberals, radicals, BLM, Joe Biden, all need to be held to the same standard by which they measure President Trump.

Fight back!


114 responses to “Saul Alinsky Says: Fight Back


    Be cuz …. idiots Allow these sick….sick
    Fools Do this??? …as we sit & watch???
    Is everybody ….. Brain dead???

  2. Ha??? .. just whitey?…
    Is that all…there is??? Fool me twice???

    • You’d think she’d want to give everything she has received through birth and white privilege to those less fortunate. Virtue signaler.

  3. STUFF!
    What’s it all mean?
    Graig at says about a day or two ago that big big news is about to drop. He gives some specifics that I will not go into and his website promptly vanishes. if you try to go there you arrive here:
    nowhere to go from there, pretty much a dead end.

    • if you try to go there now ou get

      Warning! Domain mapping upgrade for this domain not found. Please log in and go to the Domains Upgrades page of your blog to use this domain.

  4. STUFF!
    Now let’s look at Dave Hodges.
    He had spotted a large amount of heavy air traffic landing at an almost unused giant airstrip near a tiny town out in the deserts of Utah
    Dave being the excitable (but sometimes right) guy he is comes to the conclusion that the “elite” are bugging out en masses ahead of something big about to happen like an asteroid collision or nuclear war etc.
    He doesn’t think maybe they’re fleeing coming arrests.


      The Elite Are Relocating to Their Emergency Underground Facilities
      Submitted by Dave Hodges on Monday, September 7, 2020 – 10:00.

      There is something clearly inbound toward our country, and very possibly our planet! Whatever is coming has the elite’s attention and they are scrambling for cover. However, it is just not the traditional elite that are impacted, the CSS has learned and has collaborated the reports that key officials from the Continuity of Government have gone underground as well. The heads of Northcom and Southcom are secluded as well.

      • Supposedly there’s an asteroid coming before the election.


          you probably should read this.

          By now, most readers are familiar with the fact that a corridor running south of I-70 through Richfield to Camp Williams, the backup site for NSA headquarters located in Pinebluff, are actively receiving large numbers of people.

          The story is filled with communities that are small but with very large runways receiving high volume jet and helicopter traffic and this activity now appears to be mostly complete. The CSS has had it confirmed that we are under Continuity of Government.

          The President of the New California movement, Paul Preston, called me late last night to talk about the fires. Both Northern California and Oregon are on fire, literally! Paul said the New California people were in the information loop from the administration because they are technically involved.

          I want to make it clear that Paul Preston did not explicity state the following statements made by myslef, but it is plain to see that anyone who has eyes to see that if a regime change impacting Newsom, New California personnel could undertake the task of taking over state government, on a provisional basis, in order to fill the leadership void. Paul did allude that arrests are coming and Newsom and others, like California Attorney General, Javier Bacera, are all in big trouble. Hence, my conclusion is completely logical.

          In the course of last night’s conversation with Paul Preston, I began telling the Utah Continuity of Government story, and which I switched to the Kingman story, he interrupted me and completed both scenarios with the same up-to-date information which matched my accounts 100% with no variation. In fact, Paul did mention, like I have previously claimed, that space-based weapons are being used to start the majority, if not all of the fires. I am interviewing Paul Preston at within the next hour this morning on this topic.


          Do I know this is true? No, how could I possibly know that? But the MSM claiming these fires are due to global warming? I know that is not true.
          Maybe the temperatures in California are hot – let’s even say 100 deg F
          The kindling temperature at which paper or wood will start to burn is over 400 F. (There was a famous sci-fi book, Farenheit 451, Ray Bradbury) so 100 F is not even close. Other stories, dry lightning, celebrations of new baby births, well if you believe that…..

          Something’s happening here, What it is isn’t exactly clear etc

  5. STUFF!
    Finally let’s look at Mike Adams, I mention him from time to time.
    He posted a lot of great news about the Las Vegas mass shooting.

    So, What’s it all mean?

    • Well, there goes their “war game” about CA, WA, and OR seceding if Trump wins. That’s rebellion. That means Trump wins even more. btw, who the hell cares? It would be a blessing if they seceded and then had to live under their socialist states that welcome all illegal aliens, except they’d no longer be able to make taxpayers across the country support their benefits for illegal aliens. They’d have to go it on their own. (btw, the bases and ports don’t belong to the states, so we’d keep them.) Boy, would I agree with cracking down on the social media (not to mention the regular media) who are all acting as an arm of the DemoncRAT propaganda machine, not to mention saving them millions in campaign money because it’s FREE advertising for THEM, as Trump is prevented from running ads. This is why, also, places like Yahoo! “temporarily” don’t allow comments on articles. They can publish their LYING stories about Trump and nobody can refute them or link to stories that PROVE they’re wrong or give context. They don’t want people to easily be able to “fact check” THEIR LIES. They know most people are too busy or not motivated to do that much work to learn the whole truth. We can only rely on people’s innate common sense. Because Trump was elected in 2016, I do have faith that at least half the people are smart enough to know that the DemoncRATS are FULL OF IT. However, I just heard on NBC TV news that polls of likely voters have Biden ahead of Trump. This is such B.S. and we go back to the age-old explanation: They MUST make the polls close in order to create a plausible narrative explaining why Biden “won” when they STOLE THE ELECTION. Rigged votes. Stolen votes. Illegal alien votes. Forged votes. Created votes. It’s all going to be there. And suddenly I realize WHY they want to have stadiums as polling places. That consent decree that was voided by a judge to allow Republican poll watchers, which have been forbidden for decades as residue from civil rights lawsuits, explains some of it. As I understand stories about poll watching, the laws say that poll watchers have to LIVE in the district where they’re watching the polls. Now somehow, and this is what I can’t understand either, voters will be able to vote at a stadium where they probably don’t live, but poll watchers won’t be able to watch them because, face it, few people live in districts around major league stadiums. Do they? It’s also why they’re hyping for mail-in vote drop boxes, so they don’t go through the U.S. mail (making fraud a FEDERAL crime). Many states are resisting drop boxes because the DemoncRATS want a LOT of them and they can’t provide security for the boxes to ensure no tampering. Any votes/boxes collected at stadiums are the same way. THEY will be in charge of and in possession of the boxes. Then they can unstuff and restuff them however they want. They steam open the envelopes that contain the voters’ signatures and the notaries’ signatures and just replace the ballot inside and reseal it. Voila! It looks like a legal vote but there’s no way for the voter to ensure their vote was counted or that it was even recorded for the person they voted for. As if that’s not enough, the DemoncRATS are also hyping for prepaid postage on envelopes. You know, to enfranchise more “poor” voters who can’t afford a stamp or (and they seriously say this) to help young people who aren’t familiar with how mail works! They might not know what a stamp is. Seriously. But the FACT is that what they want to do is make it possible for there to be NO POSTMARK on the ballots. Prepaid mail is seldom postmarked, which means nobody will know when the ballot was mailed back and then they can hype to “count every vote,” stretching it out weeks if not months. What the goal is: get the votes from the polls. Count the absentee ballots. Count the mail-in ballots. See the results. Figure out how many votes they need to make Biden “win.” Look at the rolls to see who didn’t vote and then MAKE UP THE “MAIL-IN VOTES” for Biden, mail them with the prepaid postage that won’t be postmarked, and then say that it was the Post Office’s fault they didn’t arrive in time, then go to court to get an Obama judge to rule these bogus votes must be counted. No pun intended but COUNT on it.

    • btw, did you see that they got an Obama judge to order the census to be stretched out until the end of October? They extended the deadline from July to the end of October, and then they did so well they moved the deadline to the end of Sept. to make it easier to meet the LEGAL DEADLINE for turning in the counts at the end of DECEMBER. Like Chinese water torture, one drop at a time. They get a judge to rule that they MUST put the deadline back to the end of Oct., even though Trump’s administration arbitrarily chose Oct. 31 on their own to deal with the pandemic and then as arbitrarily moved it back a month because they were nearly completed. Keep in mind, the usual deadline was the end of JULY.

      So a judge orders them to go back to using the end of Oct. on the pretext that they’ll “undercount” minorities. Why would that be, anyway? What’s so special about minorities versus everybody else who managed to mail in their forms or talk to a census taker in person?

      The census bureau told the judge if they have to go to the end of Oct., then it will be hard to meet the LEGAL DEADLINE of Dec. 31. The judge didn’t care. Of course, that’s the entire purpose of getting a judge, once again, to micromanage and overrule EVERY DECISION Trump’s administration makes. They WANT them to miss the deadline. They plan to STEAL the election. With Biden Harris in the Oval Office, then they will RIG UP THE CENSUS RESULTS HOWEVER THEY WANT TO COUNT ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS FOR APPORTIONMENT AND TO POLITICIZE THE CENSUS FOR THEIR OWN POWER, LIKE THEY DO WITH EVERYTHING ELSE.


      Text of the amendment there.

      “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

      Just that sentence shows that progressive states have violated the amendment by ordering police to NOT protect private property and also by ordering businesses to close WITHOUT COMPENSATING THE PEOPLE AND BUSINESSES. They’ve deprived business owners who lost buildings and businesses to looters as a result of their “stand down” orders of their property and also they’ve denied conservatives the equal protection of the laws when they arrest and prosecute them but not the leftist rioters and looters. Double standard all the way.

  6. Nikki says.
    Nikki Haley
    Sep 3
    What do Biden’s education policies have in common? They are exactly what teachers unions want. The unions fear any competition which could make them look bad or force larger reforms to the traditional schooling model.

    • What the hell DO the teacher’s unions want? Seems to me they’re not teaching and aren’t interested in doing so. In my city, there’s online learning and then in-school learning, but the in-school learning is online! Go figure. It seems as if the teachers have LESS to do because of online learning, presuming they’re not leading the online learning but it’s some kind of packaged curriculum (I may be wrong there), but the teachers who don’t want to go to class are still on the PAYROLL. In the meantime, taxpayers are paying their salaries and benefits and THEN also paying for computers and internet access (maybe for canned curricula, too) for the kids who “must” do online schooling (even in the schools)! In my city, there was a supposed rumor that computers distributed for free to school kids were being pawned by the parents (or whoever’s raising the kids) and that teachers/administrators were running around looking for the computers at pawn shops because there’s also, supposedly, a shortage of laptops for online learning. Of course, local media went nuts trying to “fact check” and disprove the “rumor,” although turns out there was some truth to it. They “report” that “some” mobile devices “weren’t turned in,” at the end of the last semester and some WERE found in pawn shops. Of course, being progressive “reporters,” they fail to say how many “some” consists of. They also don’t, being progressive “reporters,” tell the readers how much money the disappeared devices COST taxpayers. That would be “racist” because they already say that just reporting that devices are ending up in pawn shops is a RACIST “rumor,” so reporting how much the disappeared devices cost us would probably also be “racist,” in their opinion.

    • Yep. And then we can add in all the “climate refugees” the DemoncRATS and the UN want to send us and voila! Fundamental transformation of the USA.

  7. A total trickster. …. yes U R ..
    Biden. …Hates …. Drags Bo about … Like a rag ….doll …. Talks with such “feelers”
    Joe …. Never went 2 war … Nor hot pants Harris ….. Nor …ha. … Barry O bummer!!!

    • New Ad!
      Brett R. Smith
      Sep 5
      This new ad from the Trump Campaign is a brawler. Its pure hardcore smash-mouth politics. Bush, Romney or McCain would never have the stones to roll out an ad like this but thankfully it’s not their party anymore – it’s Trump’s party. #MAGA

    • I could give the POTUS a tiny bit of advice not to call Biden “stupid” when clearly he’s demented. Now that actually doesn’t sound any better, does it? My point is, though, that people will feel sorry for Biden, will relate to their own family members suffering similarly from dementia, and won’t like the sound of them being called “stupid” instead of victims of a horrible, mind-robbing disease. POTUS needs his writers to find a better way to get it across that Biden is a victim of a disease that’s robbing him of what used to be a good mind (whatever you think of his politics). Even Joe’s penchant for inappropriate feeling up of women and girls could be a symptom of the mind-robbing disease, which can eat away at the part of your brain that INHIBITS such behavior. Joe acts it out. The internal monitor is GONE. Personality change is an early symptom. I wonder when exactly Joe’s touchy-feely stuff began, where he lost his inhibitions? Some dementias take decades to become full blown. What needs to happen is they must be forced to ADMIT his problem, so people realize the FACT that a vote for Biden is a vote for President Kamala Harris.

  8. Tell ….a. ….White boy that? Kam?
    Biden ….picking …a “black” ….is not MLK…
    Said …. That is just dead ….wrong yep!

  9. Out to pasture ….Joe ….it’s 2 late ….it has nothing ….2 do with your
    Childhood ….stutter …. You are failing 😥 …. We all know your not up
    2 it …… Just stop the show&tell ….
    Sad ….2 watch …. Them drag you out …. Have some self-respect ….!!!

    • For sure he needs a very involved, very thorough physical with blood and other panels. To be kind, we could pray that it’s something easily ameliorated such as B12 deficiency. There are many relatively minor problems that can LOOK LIKE dementia. Of course, his wife’s a doctor, but not an MD, as most people probably believe. He needs medical intervention. He may already have it, but maybe they can’t really help except to, as some suggest, prescribe uppers. Whatever it is, they’re not going to tell us until after Nov., IF THEN.

      Here’s a prediction: He’ll test positive for COVID, although asymptomatic, but WILL have to quarantine so will HAVE TO miss the debates. After all, we can’t risk the health of the current Commander in Chief. Wait for it.

    • I’d be sort of scared to do that with my own picture. Yikes! It’s an interesting question, though, whether the face could identify early onset. For sure, he has early onset of something. I’d make an uneducated but educated-by-experience guess that it’s Lewy Body Dementia.

    Massive Amounts of Military Have Been Deployed to Kingman to Guard the Underground Continuity of Government Tunnel System-Has Continuity of Government Been Declared?
    Submitted by Dave Hodges on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 – 16:03.
    army in kingman

    The unusual activity south of 1-70 In Utah continues with large amounts of planes entering into small town airports that are on the tunnel system. The impacted area seems to run between Richfield to Camp Williams which is a mirror site for the NSA’s main site in Bluffdale.

    There is a clearly a Continuity of Government (COG) exercise underway. The original question centered around the notion that this was only a drill. As this article progresses, it will become apparent that this is a live activity. So, what is the emergency? It boils down to one of two variables: (1) war in the Middle East involving Greece and Turkey and this has real implication in NATO and with Russia so this could turn nuclear very easily; and, (2) An inbound asteroid(s) is coming this way and it is a weaponized attack and a future article will cover this in detail .And yes, the technology exists. There is the distinct likelihood that both threats are in play.

    If there was any doubt as to what was happening in Utah was not related to COG, that myth has been put to death. Approximately a 1,000 troops have visited Kingman over the past 3 days in two different locations including a Walmart parking lot and a McDonalds. Over 20 private busses have been involved. Why private busses, you might ask, are they not much more expensive? The answer is an emphatic yes! However, the use of private busses accomplishes one major objective for the military planners as the use of private vehicles keeps this off the books, or at least provides one more layer of protection from unwanted Freedom of Information Acts.

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