Why Does Joe Need Nannies?

If Joe Biden is “elected,” will Jill Biden be Nanny in Chief? Or will that job fall to another woman while Jill acts as First Nanny?

Because Jill hovers over her husband so protectively, many wonder why this might be so. In an op-ed  recently wrote: [emphasis added to quotes]

During Bill Clinton’s first presidential run in 1992, he assured the country that we’d be electing Hillary Clinton as ‘co-president’ and that Americans would get “two for the price of one.”

It sure looks like we’re seeing that scenario play out again with another Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, albeit for different reasons. …

[I]t seems as though Jill Biden is being positioned as the literal caretaker of a caretaker president who won’t be in any position to do any of the things his wife just mentioned in her promo, and for the very same reason why she made it: Because hubby isn’t mentally fit enough to be our leader.

Now that Kamala Harris is on the scene, Jill fades into the background; but not to worry!

Like Jill once was, Kamala is now ever-present, even as she and Joe avoid taking impromptu questions from the media. Kamala is Nanny Number Two (aka, Nanny in Chief, designated to have official duties as acting POTUS, should Biden/Harris “win.” First Nanny (Jill) will be a ceremonial, domestic position.)

The reason that Kamala was picked as Joe’s vice-presidential candidate can’t be reiterated often enough. According to CNN, Joe picked Kamala because he thinks she

will be ready to step in if and when Biden decides to step aside.

If mainstream media like CNN do this sort of speculating, then it’s likely already a given that Joe will, at some point, perhaps sooner rather than later, “step aside.”

In 2016, Bernie Sanders, although preferred by a large portion of the Democrat Party, was shuffled aside in favor of Hillary Clinton.

In 2020, a huge portion of the Democrat Party soundly rejected Kamala Harris as their presidential nominee. Nevertheless, Democrats now face the probability that Kamala may end up a step away from the presidency.

In that unthinkable case, then when Biden steps aside, Kamala will officially become president, despite that her own party already soundly rejected her for the position.

In the meantime, Kamala will be Joe’s second nanny and, if Biden/Harris somehow “win” the election, Kamala will become the woman behind the curtain, acting POTUS, until Joe decides to “step aside.”

Make no mistake:

A vote for Joe Biden for president is actually a vote for Kamala Harris for president.


Joe said so himself, on video:

But for me it has to be demonstrated that whomever I pick is two things, one, is capable of immediately being president because I’m an old guy.

So because he’s an “old guy,” Joe (or somebody) chose Kamala as second nanny, POTUS in waiting. 

I’m not the only one who believes this:

Enter Senator Kamala Harris who could very well preside over this Brave New World. She definitely sees the future and it is her. Joe Biden is Paul von Hindenburg in 1932 Germany.  An old guy who is malleable. Kamala is the ticket, so to speak.

Again, do you think most voters have any clue?  Do you think The New York Times and Washington Post will tell them?

C’mon, man. WAKE UP!

Jill and Kamala aren’t the only women of a certain age who are ready, willing, and able to come to Joe’s rescue. There are at least a couple of other nannies hoping to ease Joe’s burdens until he’s ready to “step aside.”

There’s Susan Rice, would-be Nanny Number Three.

Former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice hinted at a possible Joe Biden administration role while touting the former vice president’s choice of Kamala Harris as his running mate and saying she is committed [to] helping him govern “in any way he’d like.”

Wow. Isn’t that special? Sue will help Joe “govern” this nation. He needs her help, you know, after he’s spent half a century in government. Such ageism!

Switch sexes and imagine a female running for the presidency. Then imagine a male vice presidential candidate being touted on CNN as a person who’ll be “ready to step in if and when [the female] decides to step aside.”

Now imagine a male from a previous administration offering his services to help that female “govern.”

We have three female nannies so far, but there’s a fourth. Yes, indeed. Who other than the former Democrat presidential candidate from 2016? Hillary also is ready to “help” Joe govern.

Twice failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton didn’t rule out serving in a Biden Administration.

I’m ready to help in any way I can,” Hillary Clinton said.

Nanny Number Four.

Why do all these women talk as if Joe’s not up to the challenge? Why do they seemingly believe he needs help, their help, to do the job, should he end up in the Oval Office?

Do they know something we don’t? Or are they just ageist, sexist, or maybe even racist?

If they know that Joe’s not up to the job–that he’ll need their help to govern– then why don’t they share what they know with the American People who are, after all, the deciders?

Isn’t what these women say an indication that they, like so many others, suspect that Joe’s not capable?

If they do believe he’s capable, then why do they so openly talk about “helping” him?

Why does Joe need nannies?


112 responses to “Why Does Joe Need Nannies?

  1. Just ….check it out …. Please..ok?

  2. As the smoke clears following Donald Trump’s re-election, revealing the shattered ruins of the Democrats’ hopes and dreams of implementing their own Lil’ Venezuela in the Land of the Free, all the smart blue check Twitter people will be rubbing their heads – sissy drinks make for the worst hangovers – and explaining, “Well, of course Biden lost.

    • From his lips to God’s Precious Ears. We need Donald Trump and then we need another savior in 4 years. Our country is at a crossroads. I can’t see light at the end of the road without the Lord’s guidance. Pray for our country.

    • Even as Pelosi says they shouldn’t have debates because it “legitimizes” the President. Ironic, when you consider HER president, Obama, was never legitimate. OF COURSE, they’ll pull something because they KNOW Biden CAN’T debate anybody, much less Trump. I have always thought Biden would either drop out before the debates, suddenly have some emergency that stops him going to the debates, and/or they’re going to try to sub in camel-face.

      Wouldn’t it be GREAT to find out what all is in Joe’s system?

  3. The old DemoncRAT rule: They always accuse you of doing what it is THEY DO. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/08/watch-rep-dan-crenshaw-voices-concern-hillary-urging-biden-not-concede-election-video/

    Hilllary says she “heard” about 40 Republican lawyers challenging absentee ballots in the Michigan primary. AS IF THIS WASN’T INVENTED BY GORE IN 2000!!!! Why should they NOT challenge potentially fraudulent ballots, btw? Now they want Republicans to just SURRENDER, SUBMIT, to the possibility of fraud. Probability, actually. Would THEY give up their right to challenge anything in court? Hardly, considering they challenge EVERYTHING President Trump does.

  4. Hot ….of … the press …. Roll it Trump
    Make the world. ..shake rattle & roll

  5. Another view!

    • It was SO COOL. imho, they should always do fireworks shows like this: Shock and Awe. 5 mins. versus a half hour. I prefer the AWE.

    • Would be too little, too late. By now people will realize it’s all posturing and it’s too effing late. They should have spoken up the first time. They should have reined in the DemoncRAT mayors and governors long ago, even way back during the Ferguson riots. They’ve enabled it because for some reason they thought it would HELP them.

  6. POTUS campaign rally in NH tonight. RSBN stream starts 3:30 eastern.

    • From what we saw in Wisconsin, they appear to be a bunch of black AND white THUGs, criminals, sex abusers, child molesters, etc. Almost what QAnon says about the left. Did you notice that they rescued 39 children from child traffickers yesterday? Well, the media seem to not have noticed. You’d expect that to be YUGE news. I wonder were the kids children of illegal aliens? Why are they keeping it quiet? Because maybe it plays into what they call a CONSPIRACY THEORY promoted by QAnon–i.e, there’s a huge cabal of pedophiles and child traffickers on the left? Who are the perps? I haven’t seen anything yet.

  7. Yes….. Trump must have 4 more years
    They will look …. Bigger better wilder
    Much …. Work 2 do …. & Trump will…
    What a night of nights …. Powerful
    Perfect ….. Beautiful …. USA … Yes usa

  8. Barber -shop ..

    Back- door …azz backwards
    …now look …. Barber shop ….. Joe!!!!!!!
    Biden … Sugar covered….sad days ahead … Joey … all your news media…. & Radio mouth-pieces…… Are melting …down…..
    Back track …eating the B’s they spout …day after day …. So fun watching ….eating crow
    …o so …..perfect 2 watch &hear!!!


    • More!
      Trumpster coming by train, boat, foot, covered wagonsBiden NO bump 25 million more views than Biden$76 million $6 million more than BidenMajority of all callers inc Dems & Indep calling into c-span supporting PDT; Dems have enough of violence & socialism of Dems insantiy— S (@angel717171) August 29, 2020

      • But see, Biden gets free advertising for people to be “engaged” in the election and vote for “change” courtesy of Barack Obama and the NBA. So Biden gets all these free ads and doesn’t need campaign donations. https://raiderswire.usatoday.com/2020/08/28/report-nba-announces-arenas-to-be-used-as-voting-locations-raiders-hope-to-do-same/

        The next thing will be to use the massive amount of resources of the TEAMS (not the rich players) to BUS PEOPLE TO THE ARENAS TO VOTE. It’s implicit, as they say. WAIT FOR IT. Oh, you see. Read the fine print. The arenas are to be used for voting and especially for “communities vulnerable to COVID.” So it will be RACIALLY determined, too. We’ve already been told that the communities “of color” are at higher risk for COVID so that will give them the justification to ONLY work to get out the “communities of color” vote and to especially ignore WHITE voters. NO HELP FOR THEM! They also want to use the arenas to register (black) voters and to COUNT votes!

        Once having made these specially targeted, racist events and places, then they must advertise them for free, too!

  9. Lies …she lied ….boy o boy does she lie
    Yep ..a brain dead nuddie & pants/on/Fire

  10. Lies …she lied ….boy o boy does she lie
    Yep ..a brain dead nuddie & pants/on/Fire

    • She’s the female Obama. No wonder he’s working so hard to get her in the Oval Office. Make no mistake. He’s not working to get Joe there. Biden WILL drop away and Barry will have his third term.

  11. Dig …..just before ….Joe blows out of
    his cozy basement …. Set 2 appear on
    Labor Day ?… He just might ..be able 2 say
    He’s got Covid-19 …a great way 2 stall
    Then …we should test what’s left left …
    pelosi …. Would be 0′ ….. so happy

    • Sleazy b-word. If the likes of these people don’t like you, then it’s likely a badge of honor. If Donald has nothing to do with them, this is probably the explanation. With “family” like that, who needs enemies?

    • I’ll bet Eric and Ivanka won’t be visiting Auntie any time soon. Yikes! What a witch. Calls her nephew a “moron?” Approves of someone calling her niece a “c*nt?”

    • Which explains why Obama “met” with LeBron James to instruct him about the DEMANDS the players need to present to the NBA and other sports organizations, one of the main ones being to order them to place ADS within the games to focus on community engagement, social justice, and of course the need to VOTE. This is just a HUGE get-out-the-black-vote campaign, organized by Community Organizer in Chief Obama, under the guise of promoting “human rights” so that they can spend TONS of money on FREE advertising for the DNC. When you have ads on NBA games, disproportionately watched by black people, and you say “VOTE” and for what? “Change.” Then you know that it’s a huge FREE campaign ad for Biden. Who else would represent a “change” from the current administration? They EVADE campaign finance laws. They get “in kind” donations from all the massively rich sports teams and they don’t have to report it or anything. It all looks as if it’s NOT a “VOTE DEMONCRAT” campaign. Every BLM speech, every BLM supporter, says “vote.” Now we’re supposed to believe this is NOT political? OBVIOUSLY it’s a political campaign run by Obama. Of course, the mainstream media doesn’t publicize Barry’s actions in supporting this corruption of sports. He’s a third-world guy and he uses third-world tactics. Who can we blame for the POLITICIZATION of literally EVERYTHING in our culture? Media, Hollywood, TV, now sports? OBAMA. It’s what tyrants do. Like in Commie countries. EVERYTHING is “the STATE.” And there’s ONE PARTY only. The DemoncRAT Party is to be THE government party–the NORMALIZED way to think and vote. The “right” way to think and vote OR ELSE. GULAG.

      • https://www.teaparty.org/lebron-james-and-nba-players-met-with-obama-before-threatening-league-with-boycott-unless-they-promote-leftist-politics-and-civic-engagement-452244/

        Oh, and also, they want to use stadiums for voting centers. Now how can that happen, given that state and federal laws and election boards run elections, not Obama or the NBA?

        • Does this even make sense? People are impacted by COVID, so WHY would they not just vote absentee or by mail (ACTUALLY MAILING THE BALLOT, AT THE RISK OF MAIL FRAUD IF FRAUDULENT)? If they fear COVID, then why go IN PERSON to a location far from home (probably via BUS hired by the DemoncRATS) to vote IN PERSON in a crowded arena? They’ll bus in the black voters, using disproportionate COVID impact to justify only busing in black voters. They’ll IGNORE areas with white voters. It makes NO SENSE. Every election board assigns a voting location to every registered, legal voter. The location is CLOSE TO the person’s house, so close they can walk, probably. There’s no reason to take an additional risk by driving or busing or taking public transportation to a downtown ARENA to vote, when you can just go to your LOCAL election location in your precinct. Since when can the NBA overturn state, local, and federal election LAWS AND RULES AND POLICIES?

          We KNOW that the DemoncRATS do NOT want people to MAIL mail-in votes. They want to get those ballots from “drop boxes” or via vote harvesting and then either not deliver them when they think they may be for Trump or just take out the ballot and replace it with one for Biden. Check this out; it explains some ways in which the vote fraud is effected: https://nypost.com/2020/08/29/political-insider-explains-voter-fraud-with-mail-in-ballots/

          Ballot harvesters have been caught in the past. They get slaps on the wrist, if that. To use the U.S. mail fraudulently is MAIL FRAUD, which is prosecuted. That’s why they don’t want to use the mail when they cheat.

  12. YES. And we’ve been saying it for months. The only question (fear) is who will they stand up there to replace him? Moo? Surely not camel face. What a slap at their own voters that would be.

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