Revisiting the Passport Breach

It’s reported that an Inforwars reporter by the name of Millie Weaver has been arrested, allegedly because an Ohio grand jury referred her and her significant other on a burglary charge, about which the reporter herself seems to know nothing.

What’s of interest to this blog is that the reporter was on the verge of releasing a documentary about the Deep State “Shadow Government.”

The Gateway Pundit wrote about her arrest and included in the story a link to her video expose. It’s anyone’s guess how long this link will remain active. (8/17/20, video removed for “hate speech.” Try this link.)

The video is about the preservation of our Privacy, Liberty, and Freedom.  The information contained needs to be made common knowledge before the election.  Big Tech immediately censored the report.

Weaver’s expose focuses upon shadow government actors who allegedly may have “twinned” the NSA database of communications, including communications of members of Congress and of every U.S. citizen (i.e., copied and stored all of the data via a “bridge”; see the video beginning at about 13 minutes). By law, such data is routinely destroyed by the government after 72 hours; however,  if illegally copied elsewhere, data would continue to exist to be mined by anyone with access to the “twinned” database.

If true, the possibility explains much of what we’ve seen happen in our country and government since Obama came upon the scene, so many happenings that heretofore seemed illogical, unconstitutional, and inexplicable, all become understandable if one presumes that private information of key government officials–such as members of Congress and Supreme Court and other justices–is potentially in the hands of people who want power and who, in order to obtain it, must somehow fundamentally transform the United States of America.

Of particular interest, perhaps, to this blog’s readers is a conversation that begins about 14 minutes into the video. A whistleblower identified as “Tore” contends that she once worked for government contractors (The Analysis Corporation, Global Strategies Group, Stanley Inc./Canadian Global Information) that are associated with former president Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan.

Tore claims to have been instructed by her employer to “pull” data from State Dept. computers and servers, implying that the data was passport information that was later reported to have been “hacked” by contract employees in early 2008, when Obama was running for president.

Tore claims that she removed information from the server and computers. Weaver goes on to clarify that Tore’s contention is that the information was at that point “missing” from the State Dept. system. Tore agrees and then states that someone else later replaced that information with other information.

So I removed the factual, actual information and then someone goes behind–that’s like “super switch.” … I didn’t see that until … in retrospect …

Tore goes on to explain that it was commonplace for her to copy data from a server or computers but not to completely remove it.

For those who closely followed the narrative about the “breach” of Obama’s passport files prior to his election, Tore’s allegation will serve to confirm what was already suspected.

One of the few mainstream media reporters who drilled down into this story was told how and why the “breach” happened:

During a State Department briefing on March 21, 2008, McCormack confirmed that the contractor had accessed the passport files of presidential candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and John McCain, and that the inspector general had launched an investigation.

Sources who tracked the investigation tell Newsmax that the main target of the breach was the Obama passport file, and that the contractor accessed the file in order to “cauterize” the records of potentially embarrassing information.

“They looked at the McCain and Clinton files as well to create confusion,” one knowledgeable source told Newsmax. “But this was basically an attempt to cauterize the Obama file.”

At the time of the breach, Brennan was working as an unpaid adviser to the Obama campaign.

Brennan later was awarded several high-profile and powerful positions in the Obama administration.

This link provides a comprehensive overview of what we reported at the time about the alleged breach of Obama’s passport files. As noted above, the other candidates’ files were perused to provide cover for the actual target of the switcheroo–Obama.

What was in Obama’s file that would need to be “cauterized” (in other words removed and replaced) before the election?

Passport files contain documents verifying a person’s citizenship(s) and identity, date and place of birth, current name and all aliases ever used, social security number, naturalization certificates, photographs, parents’ citizenship and birth information, passport applications with supporting documents, passport photos, biometric information, occupation, employer, address, marital status, data on spouse(s), and other information, such as travel history and passports used.

Obviously, key among such documentary proof of identity would be a copy of one’s birth certificate. This page of our 2012 article explains the importance of Obama’s passport file to his potential ineligibility for the presidency. Note that contract employees did indeed have access to the files such that they would be capable of deleting, changing, or inserting documents into files. If documents were removed and replaced, then there can be no evidence anyone can use to disprove what Obama has (variously) claimed about his background, birthplace, citizenship, or parentage.

In August 2008, months after the passport breach, digital photos of what was purported to be Obama’s original long-form birth certificate appeared on a partisan blog. Suspiciously, metadata indicated that the photos had actually been taken only days before the final breach of Obama’s passport files.

Whether or not allegations in Weaver’s documentary prove true, it behooves us to review what went on before and after the 2008 election, especially in light of what has happened since the 2016 election, with Deep State resistance to the presidency of Donald Trump in the form of bogus allegations of collusion with Russians, a multi-million-dollar special counsel investigation based upon an “insurance policy” cooked up by now-fired FBI and DOJ employees, and the corrupt (and thankfully failed) impeachment of President Trump.

Now Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has selected Kamala Harris as the Democrat Party’s vice presidential nominee. Like Obama, Harris is yet another person whose constitutional eligibility is in question.

While the complicit media and the progressive left want the world to believe that questioning Harris’s constitutional eligibility is racist, this is exactly what they contended in 2008 when people equally rightfully questioned Obama’s eligibility.

Senator John McCain and Senator Ted Cruz also had their eligibility questioned, but nobody in the mainstream media or on the left claimed racist (or sexist) motives.

If one is eligible, then why fall back on accusations of racism or sexism (or both) instead of proving eligibility or asking a court to decide the question once and for all?

Both Harris and Obama are as “white” as they are “black,” so what’s race got to do with it, any more than race was an issue when people vetted McCain or Cruz?

If there was no “there there” in 2008, why was it necessary to allegedly “cauterize” Obama’s passport files?

Unlike Obama, based upon what Harris has shared about her history, then neither of her parents was a citizen at the time of her birth. Has she ever submitted proof of her birth in CA in the form of a birth certificate? If not, then how can the Democrat Party vouch for her eligibility?

If neither parent was a U.S. citizen at the time of Harris’s birth and if she was indeed born in CA, then she’s at best and arguably a native citizen, an “anchor baby”, certainly not a “natural born citizen,” which is a status that requires “blood” descent, in other words, inherited citizenship.

We the People are right to question the eligibility of anyone who expects to govern our Republic. In fact, it’s our duty.

Every candidate, no matter race, color, national origin, religion, or sex, must be subjected to full and complete vetting. It’s wrong, it’s insulting, it’s bigoted for anyone to suggest that certain people, based upon their skin color, ancestry, political party, sex, religion, etc., are simply exempt from vetting and don’t have to answer our questions.

Candidates for the highest offices in the land are always and ever nothing more than our servants. Public servants, subject to the will of We the People.

Don’t play their game. When you vote in November, remember who is it who insults you by assuming that you’re a racist or a sexist simply because you want answers.

Remember, also, who it is who insults you and your intelligence by calling valid questions a “conspiracy theory.”


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  3. Sad!
    Dan Wootton
    Extraordinary! Meghan now actively campaigning against Donald Trump.
    Completely inappropriate and a massive diplomatic embarrassment for the Queen and British Royal Family, whose entire success and longevity is based on staying out of party politics.
    Quote Tweet
    The Sun
    · Aug 21
    Meghan Markle warns ‘we all know what’s at stake this year’ in the US election

    • But she’s not “royal” anymore, if she ever was. Nobody ever accused that woman of having class. If only we, like Mexico, had a law against FOREIGNERS interfering in our politics. And yes, she is a foreigner, having had to give up her U.S. citizenship to join the British aristocracy. Or did they make an exception for her on account of, you know, “person of half-color?” Curiously, comments at the link say she’s a Canadian! Just another global citizen. I’m surprised Joe didn’t pick her for his VP.

    • How’s her friend Althea doing? Any comment there, Megan? You’re the one who glommed onto her sad cause. Aren’t you concerned that those 4 white frat boys in Hawaiian shirts are getting away with it? Gee, it’s interesting that we haven’t heard any gripe from you about the ineptness of the Madison authorities in letting these haters go free.

  4. Yep……
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    • No doubt it’s true. They have mobilized EVERY facet of the federal bureaucracy to join the resistance, to slow walk EVERYTHING that may benefit Trump if successfully completed and also to slow walk anything he wants them to do. It’s OBVIOUS in everything the government has done or not done over the past few years. imho, the biggest mistake Trump made was in not replacing the heads of every dept. with people who were on board with his agenda and who would ENFORCE it down to the lowest position in the bureaucracy. It can be done. It should be done. Otherwise, there’s no draining of any swamp. The biggest problem is that he had traitors within his own circle who were recommending these people, these “Trump nominees”, deliberately because they were part of the resistance. It’s obvious in every area. He was being sabotaged from within and from without.

    • Text of the 14th Amendment: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. …”

      Diagram the sentence. It can be taken apart into two sentences which read:

      “All persons born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”
      “All persons naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

      NOW, if by the term “citizens” the drafters of the amendment meant “natural born citizen,” then NATURALIZED citizens like Arnold Schwarzenegger would become “natural born” citizens, too, so OBVIOUSLY when they wrote “citizen” they meant ONLY regular, ordinary citizens who may or MAY NOT be “natural born” citizens.

      In writing the 14th Amendment to cover the children of former slaves, it was already KNOWN that their parents, although born in the U.S., were NOT considered “citizens.” So their children could not, by any definition, be “natural born citizens” but the amendment was unequivocally bestowing CITIZENSHIP on the children of former slaves (and on the former slaves themselves). These people, either former slaves or descendants of slaves, could give rise to “natural born citizens” once they, having become citizens by virtue of the 14th Amendment, then had children, naturally born citizens, born here to their two (newly made) citizen parents.

      The amendment was talking about people who had been born here and were slaves who were freed. It was aimed AT freed slaves who prior to the amendment that was passed in 1866, right after the Civil War, were BORN in this country and were now being made citizens. In effect, it was NATURALIZING them. But it was NOT making anybody (born or naturalized) a NATURAL BORN citizen.

      That’s the way I read it and history seems to back me up. Their focus was NOT on making citizens who could become president. It was a special amendment designed to make slaves and their children CITIZENS.

      As for the “subject to the jurisdiction” phrase, obviously the freed slaves were subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. as they had been all their lives. Someone born an anchor baby, to parents who were citizens of foreign countries and who were living here only until they finished an education, imho that person is NOT “subject to the jurisdiction” of the U.S. because that person holds multiple citizenships.

      UPON WHAT PASSPORT DID KAMALA HARRIS TRAVEL TO JAMAICA AND INDIA? When she went to school in Canada, was she registered as a Canadian, a Jamaican, an Indian, or an American citizen? Did she attend public schools there? Can foreign citizens do so? When she went to Howard University, did she register as a foreign student or what? What citizenship did she put on her application?

    • Another question: If they’re SO SURE that you’re a natural born citizen even if you’re born overseas to a citizen, then why was it so important to insist he was born in Hawaii? Is this written by the Tom Arnold who was married to Roseanne?

    • That is sad. RIP. The media were so shameful about the Trump loss. And then today they put the icing on the cake by touting the SECRET recordings the turncoat niece made of her own 83-year-old aunt. I’ll bet aunt is mortified. I wonder if she’ll ever speak to her niece again? Depending upon where the recordings were done, the aunt may be able to sue her niece for some royalties from the book. Wouldn’t THAT be special? btw, what family isn’t divided by politics these days? Imagine the media transcribing and then PUBLISHING secret recordings made of Obama’s family members. Or maybe Moo’s. Can you imagine it? I can’t. They don’t even report what Malik says about Barry and he says it openly and publicly! Different strokes, for sure.

    • They made the case that Joe is decent? Joe, who repeated the absolute LIE that Trump said white supremacists are “good people?” That “decent” Joe? The one who feels up little girls? That “decent” Joe? The one who plagiarizes, even up to the present time? That “decent” Joe? The one who says he was a “coal miner” when he’s a child of privilege who never set foot in a coal mine, who was only a child in Scranton while his dad was a car salesman (not a coal miner)? That “decent” Joe?

      So Joe says it’s about “character” and yet what exactly IS his “character?”

    • As for Noonan: She is just SO precious. So in love with the words she writes and the eloquent empathetic, oh, so sincere person she believes she is. What a freaking phony. Alas. It must be said. Alas. We all know it’s true.



      It HAS TO BE deliberate. No person researching her to write a column about her life can SKIP right over life in Canada FOR YEARS. Formative YEARS in Canada. It must be on the lists of “do NOTS” that the media got from the Biden campaign. HAS TO BE, and Noonan FALLS IN LINE.

  5. Kamala Harris achieved complete adequacy. I can’t remember anything she said without referring to notes, so she gets no quotes. She’s a natural performer of politics and good at acting out warmth and joy, ………
    But she did something that they’re all doing more and more, which involves a husky catch in the voice as if they’re so sincere, so moved by what they’re saying, that their …………… throats constrict for a moment

    Mr. Obama did it.!!!!!!!!!
    Michelle Obama did it a lot. !!!!!!!
    Panelists will soon do it on cable news. Please everyone, ……… stop.

    As for Mr. Biden, all his political life

  6. WATCH: Rapper ICE Cube Blasts DNC: ‘What’s In It For The Black Community?’ ‘Make Them Earn That Vote’
    “What I didn’t hear is, what’s in it for us?”

    By Paul Bois
    Aug 22, 2020

  7. Sad!

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    Win …..big trump. …show them all !!!!!

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