Counting crows. Or, I should say, corvids.

Is it 18 or 19? I’ve counted multiple times and still can’t decide whether there are 19 or only 18. Just in case, I’ll give you another:

A blue jay isn’t a crow, but blue jays, like crows, are corvids.

Corvidae is a cosmopolitan family of oscine passerine birds that contains the crows, ravens, rooks, jackdaws, jays, magpies, treepies, choughs, and nutcrackers. In common English, they are known as the crow family, or, more technically, corvids. Over 120 species are described.

Blue jays, included. I’ve been reading up on corvids, mostly because we spent weeks of this on-going lockdown watching blue jays build a nest and raise their young in a bush outside our front window. We were fascinated and amazed by their perseverance, devotion, and cleverness. They weathered spring storms and foiled a determined squirrel that tried hard, but failed, to raid the nest of its eggs. Corvids are particularly known for their intelligence.

Corvids are incredibly clever overall, with the largest brain-to-body-size ratios of any birds, but those in the genus Corvus tend to be especially brainy. …

Humans have long recognized the craftiness of crows and ravens, as seen in centuries of folklore casting the birds as thieves, tricksters, problem solvers,wise advisors to gods, or even deities themselves. … 

In Aesop’s Fable “The Crow and the Pitcher,” a thirsty crow encounters a pitcher with a little water in it, but is initially thwarted by the low water level and the bottle’s narrow neck. Then the crow starts dropping pebbles into the pitcher, however, eventually raising the water level high enough for it to drink.

Not only has research verified that crows can do this, but it shows they can pass the water-displacement test at a level similar to human children between the ages of 5 and 7. …
They can also plan their tool use, according to one study in the journal Current Biology, which found crows could solve a metatool problem when each step was out of sight of the others, planning ahead three behaviors into the future.

You may not want to play chess with a corvid!

Our blue jays also seemed quite canny. I became convinced that they chose the location of their nest because of, not in spite ofproximity to our front window and door. Other birds, squirrels, raccoons, and possums are wary of us humans. The aforementioned creatures abound in our neighborhood and all pose threats to eggs and newly hatched baby birds. Few ever come very close to the bush where the blue jays built their nest, right outside our front door. In that way, I’m convinced, we provided an extra layer of protection for the baby birds.

The jays seemed to have decided early on that my spouse and I weren’t a threat. When we first noticed them building the nest, we feared we’d have to go in and out the back door until the babies fledged or else get dive-bombed, but not so. The parents apparently learned to recognize us. They went about their business even when we stood right there on the porch, watching them fly up, bringing worms and other delicacies to feed their babies. However, when other humans–a neighbor, the mailman–approached, they set up an almighty ruckus.

Stay away!!!

This story has a happy ending: Both babies fledged successfully. We still see them flying around the neighborhood, in the company of their parents, a gang of four.

Blue jays form life-long, monogamous relationships. Both parents participate in raising the young, with the male even feeding his mate while she sits on the eggs. Then the entire family hangs out together throughout the  ensuing summer.

Crows are another particularly interesting member of the corvid family. Ever hear of a crow funeral?

There’s an unusual but known behavior among crows, that they gather around the bodies of their dead. A crow dead on the street or in a field will be surrounded by a few to a dozen or more crows, all seeming to contemplate their fallen comrade. The notion of crow funerals has been documented but not necessarily understood, so University of Washington biologists Kaeli Swift and John Marzluff decided to create experiments to find out what exactly is happening. …

The conclusion? The sight of a dead crow leaves a lasting impression on living crows.

Swift and Marzluff suggest that the reason crows pay such close attention is because it’s a learning opportunity for survival, a chance to know which individual humans, animals or situation are dangerous. Gathering together may be a way to share this information with the group, protecting the remaining members of the flock.

Here’s another favorite corvid of ours, the black-billed magpie:

We learned to love them on trips out west. Unfortunately, they don’t live in our neck of the woods, but we’re ever hopeful that some morning we’ll wake to find one in our yard. Other southwestern birds (and animals like armadillos) have made it here, so why not magpies? We have put out the welcome mat for Heckle and Jeckle.

Magpies also hold “funerals” for their dead:

Magpies feel grief and even hold funeral-type gatherings for their fallen friends and lay grass “wreaths” beside their bodies, an animal behaviour expert has claimed. …

Dr Bekoff, of the University of Colorado, said these rituals prove that magpies, usually seen as an aggressive predator, also have a compassionate side. …

Dr Bekoff said he studied four magpies alongside a magpie corpse and recorded their behaviour.

“One approached the corpse, gently pecked at it, just as an elephant would nose the carcase of another elephant, and stepped back. Another magpie did the same thing, ” he said. …

“Next, one of the magpies flew off, brought back some grass and laid it by the corpse. Another magpie did the same. Then all four stood vigil for a few seconds and one by one flew off.”

After publishing an account of the funeral he received emails from people who had seen the same ritual in magpies, ravens and crows.

“We can’t know what they were actually thinking or feeling, but reading their action there’s no reason not to believe these birds were saying a magpie farewell to their friend,” he wrote in the journal Emotion, Space and Society.

Those who see emotions in animals have been accused of anthropomorphism – the attribution of human characteristics to animals.

However, Dr Bekoff said emotions evolved in humans and animals because they improve the chances of survival.

“It’s bad biology to argue against the existence of animal emotions,” he said.

Well said. I agree 100%.

Watching and researching corvids took our minds off Covid for at least a little while this spring and summer. For that we are ever grateful to our clever oscine, passerine friends. (oscine=songbird; passerine=perching bird)

Happy weekend to all of our non-avian friends. As usual, an open thread.


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    President Trump said something very interesting yesterday.
    Go to 29 minutes, 40 seconds into this x22 report (near the end)
    “We have one chance – no other President will do what I am doing”

    • This is the biggest political crime and scandal in American history. Hopefully, for the good of our Country, it is coming soon! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 7, 2020

    • Very cryptic. I wonder what that’s all about. I hope he’s safe and that his family are all safe, too. Did you have a reaction to Moo’s announcement of her sleeplessness and depression? What I thought is: Payback is a b-word. WE were depressed for 8 years so right back atcha, Moo!

  2. Thanks for a great, Informative post! ❤

  3. Sweet! 😀

  4. New Ad. 😀


    What are they up to running Biden when they know he’s a joke and incompetent and senile? First of all, and I’ve said it before, he’s CRUCIAL to another “insurance policy” predicated along the lines of the last one. You CAN’T investigate a candidate and you CAN’T indict one, because that’s election interference. He’s there for insurance against exposure of all the corruption that went on during his vice-presidency, including what Barry did, what Hillary did as SoS, what Susan Rice did (lie), what Holder did, what Lynch did, what Comey did, what Hunter Biden and Joe did, etc. The Deep State lawyers from Mueller’s team are already claiming it’s illegal, unethical, to expose Durham’s evidence within 90 days of the election. It’s the argument they used to cover up Hillary’s email crimes, which was only the tip of the iceberg with regard to her crimes. He’s there so they can make the argument that his activities in Ukraine cannot be investigated; otherwise, Trump’s “politicizing” the DOJ, FBI, etc., which, you notice, is EXACTLY what Joe and Barry did and Hillary, too. But the old rule always applies: Whatever they accuse you of doing is a tell that proves that it’s exactly what THEY are doing.

    Secondly, they think they’re going to backdoor into the presidency whomever they have chosen as his VP. And they have to backdoor this person because the American People, they know, are NOT YET CRAZY ENOUGH to elect whoever it is as president. All the same, that person WILL be the POTUS, in due time.

    I’m sure the deal is already made. Joe will leave the presidency and his VP will be POTUS. Watch for it to be someone VERY complicit in the Obama administration, Moo, Val-Jar, Susan Rice, if necessary. Someone they can CONTROL and will be assured will be on the team, with the program, because it will be another someone who herself is COMPROMISED and so easy to CONTROL to ensure Barry’s third and, they hope, fourth terms running this country.


    Everyone needs to understand this and it’s one potential bright light in the COVID catastrophe that home-schooling and online curricula just may give children an escape from progressive indoctrination:

    “Welcome to the world of American higher education in the year 2020, where up is down, left is right, good is bad, and right is wrong. William F. Buckley Jr.’s 1951 book, “God and Man at Yale,” famously painted a portrait of an elitist, parochial academe at war with America itself. Buckley could not have possibly imagined just how bad the situation would be a full seven decades later. U.S. taxpayers are on the hook — via subsidized student loans, over $1 trillion in student loan debt, calamitously spiked tuition, exacerbated administrator-to-faculty ratios, the hiring of ever-more diversitycrats and the intellectual poisoning of each new generation — for the very rope to hang ourselves. …”

    They are using OUR MONEY, our hard-earned money that’s forcefully extracted from our wallets, to destroy our Republic.

      • Scamdemic explained.

        • He so right about the manipulations. A story in today’s paper talked about a woman who tested positive back in May. She’s been tested EVERY WEEK since then, because she can’t go back to work until she tests negative. That means anywhere from 10 to 15 “cases” that’s really just ONE WOMAN, because for some reason she never tests negative.

          So then you have to wonder whether the woman really is positive or if there’s some odd thing about HER in particular, some difference of her own body chemistry or immune system, that will make her ALWAYS test positive. In which case, the poor woman will NEVER get to go back to work! I mean, think about it. What if she’s just one of those false positives who has no symptoms because she’s a false positive and something ELSE is making her test “positive” when she’s always and ever negative? This woman will be shut out of work UNTIL somebody figures out what’s going on, if anyone ever does. Will they just consider her a perpetual COVID “Typhoid Mary”?

          Of course, the incurious reporter never thought to ask about that because the gist of the story, the trajectory of the narrative, was to make everybody be and stay fearful. Just as Fauci constantly pours cold water on ANY new development that gives people HOPE. Now he’s saying that EVEN IF there’s a vaccine, it won’t eliminate the virus–EVER!

          That link I provided about the Swedish doctor basically says that it’s no worse than FLU. We don’t shut down the entire world for FLU. There are far worse diseases than flu for which we have never shut down anything.

          The story I read started off by talking about the horrific after affects some guy still has after recovering. He can’t walk without rehab. He has heart damage, etc. Yadda, yadda, yadda. The thing is, though, the very first paragraph says he “likely” had COVID-19 back in March. LIKELY!! They have no evidence that he had it and they cite no evidence.

          All they talk about is how he has to use an inhaler and can’t do marathons, but without PROOF that he had COVID, how can they write a whole scary story about what COVID has done to him? They can’t, but they did.

          They constantly say that the POTUS said something “without evidence,” and yet that’s exactly what they do. This guy could have had a stroke. He could have suddenly developed allergies, asthma, bronchitis, heart problems, idiopathic symptoms with no precise known or knowable cause, lupus, MS, who knows? Maybe something not yet diagnosed. Heaven knows that the doctors and hospitals haven’t been diagnosing people when they shut everything down. It’s all “ANECDOTAL”, the very word they use to dismiss “conspiracy theories.”

          There’s something huge going on here to keep this HOAX going. It’s like with fake hate crimes. They can’t find real ones so they just make them up. How the HELL can you write a story about the horrors of COVID after affects and find only someone who isn’t a CONFIRMED victim of the disease? Surely he’d test POSITIVE, wouldn’t he? At least have antibodies or T-cells that activate when exposed to COVID?

          I don’t and CANNOT in all good conscience believe anything they tell us about this disease. As it is, I go with what I know and here’s what I know: NOT ONE person who either had it or even knows someone who had it. And I’m living in the midst of a “hot spot.” In addition, NOBODY I know across the country or the world knows anybody who had it or knows someone who did.

          Oh, I know people who’ve been told they’ve been exposed, courtesy of the so-called contact tracers or having been somewhere where SUPPOSEDLY somebody supposedly tested positive. But nobody themselves have had symptoms or tested positive. Mind you, way back early in the year, I had an odd illness, as did my spouse. I think I’ve mentioned it before. Turns out, this virus WAS circulating in the U.S. for months before they recognized it, since LAST YEAR, as early as Oct., iirc, but certainly by Dec. I’ve never been tested and I have no intention of being tested.

          There are so many ways a person will “test positive” without having had this virus. If you ask me, the only definitive way to diagnose it is to put that sucker under an electron microscope and SEE the virus itself, taken from someone’s body fluids. Then I’ll believe it.

          I’ll tell you about false positives and body chemistry, which varies. Years ago, I went through a flurry of expensive lab tests, saw multiple doctors, got the bejeebers scared out of me because some “dip stick” test was positive. It turns out, when they looked, actually looked with a microscope, there was NOTHING THERE. It was a false positive that happens EVERY TIME I get this “quick test.” I have to constantly argue with doctors to tell them, NO! The test is a false positive. I don’t have anything. The very same thing could be happening with these fast, non-specific COVID “tests.”

          So I read another story that tells us that children with allergies and asthma actually may be more immune to COVID than other kids. Similarly, people who had the pneumonia vaccine recently may be 28% less susceptible to COVID. WHY? Immune system variability.

          It would be interesting to see if the older people who died in the nursing homes in Italy or NY were disproportionately NOT vaccinated for pneumonia.

          Anyway, bottom line: Don’t believe any of them. Use precautions that can’t hurt and might help. Pray. Stay safe. Your life is in YOUR OWN HANDS.

  7. WOOT

  8. If you look at any of the daily case reports for the wuhan virus,
    for example:

    use it display Spain – daily cases,
    you will see a chart with tremendous rate of positive increase,
    in my engineering discipline, we would call that a “step function”
    I suggest we ask people to stop using the phrase “second wave” and instead use the phrase SECOND ATTACK
    I believe that is what we are seeing.

    • I agree. For any number of reasons, we simply cannot believe the media or the government. They will lie for benign (in their opinion) as well as nefarious and evil reasons. We have Fauci openly admitting that HE, on his own initiative, LIED about the usefulness of masks to prevent infection. He knew they were effective (as common sense would dictate) but he lied in order to PRIORITIZE the lives of some over others. Of course, we all have agency and we all have common sense, and so many of us just acted on our own initiative (and paranoia) to protect ourselves. It always comes down to our own agency. It’s up to us to protect ourselves. Thus, the 2nd Amendment. It was a test run.

    • Dave, I tried to use that but couldn’t. The link wouldn’t work at first. It said I had to sign in. Then I noticed the link had a space, so I thought by editing your link it would work, so I put the two halves back together and something comes up, but it says “not fully configured.” If I try to do anything, then it goes to a sign in page. It’s either my old computer or it’s that I don’t have an account with ESRI. Boy, that takes me back. Years ago I did GIS mapping on a consulting job.

      • I think it’s my computer or my browser. If we get another COVID check, I’ll have to buy a new computer!

          • second link works better

          • Thanks. It’s not your fault. I know it’s my old computer, which has an old browser. Nobody makes a browser that will support my operating system anymore. Graphics and videos are the first to go. I can switch to another browser and sometimes that works but now that browser isn’t being updated for my operating system. So I’m told I can wipe it all and download Linux but I haven’t gotten to that point yet. Don’t have the energy, it seems, to figure out how to even begin to go about doing it.

            I have another computer with a slightly newer operating system that I could try to fire up, but so far I’ve been too lazy to set aside the time to do it. Somebody gave it to me as is and I’d have to wipe it of stuff I don’t want, download some cleaning and anti-viral software, and make the startup less onerous, if possible. It seems like a daunting thing to begin, so I just keep stumbling along with my old computer, which was spanking new when this blog began.

          • I can see the second link on the other browser. I love this line, “The number of confirmed cases is lower than the number of actual cases; the main reason for that is limited testing.” Hmm. Where’s the line about them stating this “without evidence?” I mean, this is obviously conjecture, right? It’s common sense, but still. Just give us the numbers and let us make conjectures! Everywhere I put the cursor, a window pops up saying, “methodology change.” Of what use is their graph then, if there are so many tweaks to the numbers? Is this scientific?

            Right off the bat you can see problems or maybe it’s good news. Number of cases going up but look at how low the number of deaths. Same holds true for the “hot spot” where I live. The “cases” are way up but the death count is not much higher than before.

            It’s the proverbial apples and oranges, even when comparing within the same country! Methodology change my rear end. I suspect POTUS is correct in that the only reason we have so many “cases” is that we’re doing so many more tests. This is exactly WHY the DemoncRATS were screaming for “testing, testing, testing.” Using their methodology changes, they could CREATE/FABRICATE a “second wave.”

            Do notice that EVERY SINGLE TIME there’s light at the end of the tunnel, they invent some new FEAR of the virus. Kids don’t get it or don’t get very sick? Well, but they can spread it to others. So many cases asymptomatic? Well, but there are long-term after effects so even if you’re not real sick, you might be damaged in some way that will show up later. Even if most people don’t get very sick, if you do get it, you might be paralyzed for life! Just as COVID is doing whatever it’s doing but most people (according to polls) want schools open, now they’re beginning to hype ANOTHER plague that DOES affect children. That seasonal paralytic disease that’s rare but does affect kids, something like polio but they claim they don’t know what causes it or why some kids get it. ANYTHING to keep schools closed, to keep society locked down, to distance all of us from each other so that their censorship of the news and social media will have a greater effect. If you can’t communicate online, they want to make sure you also don’t get straight talk from people at work or school. UNTIL the election is over, if it’s ever over, this will continue.

  9. Utterly sick and they blame Q for the “conspiracy theory.”
    Click this link to see the video; I don’t like having the image on the blog. The video is about the Poppy troll doll but also notes interesting things like BLM gestures and symbolism within the movie. Evil disguised as cuteness.

    About that image that appears when I link the video within the comment, instead of making you click it. It was a doll found in a shop in Russia. A cute female doll with anatomically correct but MALE genitals.

    This is all so sick and it goes along with the takeover of Disney by the LGBTQ activists. They’re grooming kids not only for pedophilia but also for “gender questioning.”

    • Figures, doesn’t it? But she has an explanation. Hillary loved those Puerto Rican terrorists. Barry never met one he didn’t like. Iran, Iraq, Libya, wherever the MB were, he was on board. It’s like AG Barr said, why can’t they even say that it’s wrong to firebomb a federal building? Actually, they did say it when it was McVey. Many other people said it was wrong, btw, for Reno to firebomb little children, but that’s another story.

    • Aunt Jemima!! That’s hilarious. IF ONLY. I would be willing to bet that Aunt Jemima, whichever one you want to pick, would be more in line with today’s conservatives and thus more worthy than ANY of the token “black females” he’s considering.

    • I think that’s a PERFECT trolling comment. Biden’s the one who made his racist and sexist token qualifications known. He’s following them to a tee, too. He’s NOT going to select a male (sexist) or a non-black person (racist). The SCOTUS made it clear long ago that such tokenism is RACISM. But that doesn’t stop today’s progressives who are DEMANDING that a certain percentage of ALL employed groups be proportionate to their representation in the population.

      Mind you, though, wherever “minorities” are disproportionately represented, nobody’s DEMANDING that some be let go, gone by attrition, whatever and REPLACED BY WHITES until THEY’RE proportionately represented.

      iow, where’s the DEMAND that the NBA have X% of whites, X% of Asians, X% of “Latinos”? How about 50% biological females for that matter? Then it won’t matter if the sexes aren’t equally able to compete because of body differences. We’ll just DEMAND that half of ALL sports teams, no matter what the skill is, have WOMEN in half the positions, whether they’re strong enough or able enough. Just sacrifice excellence for proportionality, diversity, and representation. If half the LA Rams are female, it won’t matter in the long run because half the Chicago Bears will be female, too.

  10. There were some interesting pictures on Before It’s News last night, mostly gone now.
    Reportedly a few cameras caught the start of the Bay Root thing and show a perfectly spherical white hot fireball a few hundred feet across before being hidden by the resulting whitish shock wave.
    I don’t trust Before It’s News, a lot of stuff there is of poor quality but it did get me thinking about the official explanation – Ammonium Nitrate. By itself, that chemical is an Oxidizer. For a reaction to occur it needs something to oxidize and a warehouse of just ammonium nitrate could be toxic but probably not capable of producing what we saw. For example, rocket fuel. A common type is liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. Liquid Oxygen is the oxidizer and liquid hydrogen is the reductant (the thing that gets oxidized)
    The byproduct of the reaction is a lot of heat and water. Liquid Oxygen on it’s own isn’t going to do anything.
    Who knows?
    Just sayin’
    I really don’t like Before It’s News – I tend to go there rarely.
    They also claimed an article by Amazing Polly – The corona virus was planned for years! I have the Amazing Polly website bookmarked and no such article is on her website. If you try to read their article it is very vile and I dropped it quickly and Amazing Polly had no presence in it.

    I remember President Trump said a few hours after the thing happened “It looked like maybe some kind of a bomb”.
    EVERYBODY excoriated him – that’s what they do,
    so what else is new?
    Still can’t trust most of what you hear.

    • Gateway Pundit had an article about how the red clouds that grew up in the midst of the white cloud indicated military munitions, not fertilizer. Early on, I saw a video of the explosions and they were truly shocking, especially that second one. I wasn’t expecting it and I actually cried out when that second blast went off–the one that made the mushroom cloud.

      Now they’re apparently trying to cover it with a narrative about a fireworks depot exploding first and setting off the fertilizer that was inexplicably “stored” there for years after being “seized.” Who in their right minds would store that there? This is the stuff that gets stolen from farmers to make meth out of it, so it’s something that would probably be in demand somewhere, by someone. Why would they STORE it for almost a decade? And in the middle of a busy port?

      Now it makes more sense that terrorists may have been storing it to make McVey-type weapons to use against Israel. Or that it was a weapons depot. It also might make sense that Israel bombed it in retaliation for the plot against Israel that was foiled.

      The Israelis don’t mess around, which is why they’re still around. Even if they catch the plot and prevent the attack, it doesn’t mean they won’t retaliate for the attack that was going to happen but was foiled.

      A terrible thing. I do feel for the people who live under these regimes like Hezbollah, who plot terror against their neighbors and as a result the population gets caught in the crossfire. Over 100 dead. Most probably innocent civilians.

      They always tend to blame the population, for example WWII-era Germans or Stalin-era Russians, for what’s done by their “leaders.” As we see with BLM and the DemoncRATS, should they ever get power, we for the most part will have no control. Hell, we have none now, nor does, apparently, our duly elected president. They’re managing to sabotage his administration. Have done so for almost 4 years. Imagine what they’ll be like if they “win” the election.

      Thanks for your perspective, Dave.

      Know what you mean about Before It’s News. Take it all with a grain of salt.


    I thought this was interesting when you put it alongside the claims about that McCloskey couple in St. Louis. Supposedly, the powers that be don’t believe that the “peaceful protesters” were armed, that they intended to disrupt the private neighborhood they marched out of their way to trespass through, that they actually trespassed, or that they threatened the homeowners. These BLM groups are all connected, via Barry’s community organizing and Soros’s funding. They TRAIN in tactics. They have people with walkie-talkies who lead the events. They’re carefully planned. In this case in Portland, they deliberately ranged into quiet residential neighborhoods to DELIBERATELY disturb the peace of the residents. They openly THREATENED the residents with burning down their homes. This is exactly what was said to the McCloskeys, that they’d come back, that they know who they are and where they live, even that they knew they have their own business and that it will be ruined. That means they researched the McCloskeys and hoped for the confrontation, which they got. Putting aside that video and audio support that they trespassed not only on the private street but also ON the McCloskey private lawn (there are shots within videos showing at least one guy with his feet firmly on their lawn) and that they threatened them (and also police, whom they said they were going to kill), there is video also of when they got to the Mayor’s house. In that video, someone had an assault rifle, so was armed, and MANY of them were on her lawn, on her porch, on her steps, so they definitely trespassed. How the media can PRETEND that these people are not deliberately breaking laws and deliberately singling out people to disturb their peace and their homes, is beyond me. It’s so dishonest, it’s appalling.


    Compare the wounds on Althea Bernstein’s face and neck to the wounds on the neck of a police officer who was wounded by a “mortar attack” (basically commercial-grade fireworks). They look very similar to me, so is it possible her injuries were from being too close to fireworks used against cops in Madison and she made up the story about four white frat boys burning her? I’m just asking. There are multiple stories saying a leak from the cops in Madison says that she made up the story and the mayor and other progressives are covering it up.


    You can’t make this stuff up:

    “A group of one hundred prominent liberal Black men signed on to a public letter released Monday that demands presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden choose a Black woman as his vice presidential running mate. The letter scorched Biden over his support for anti-crime bills that led to increased incarceration rates for Black people, warning Biden he will lose the election if he fails to choose a Black woman and calling Biden a “devil.” …”

    This is not racist? They object, in addition, to the women even being VETTED, something which happens to every potential candidate and, in a way, is for the person’s own protection, lest some “dirt” get dug up later and destroy the person’s candidacy. So just as you CANNOT criticize Barry, you also cannot VET or even criticize any of these black women candidates. Otherwise: RACIST!!!

    (Of course, they almost have to make that demand because NONE OF THEM can withstand vetting. They all have dirt from consorting with terrorists and dictators, to making racist statements, to supporting radical activists and tactics, to sleeping their way to the top, etc.)

    100 white conservative male DemoncRATS (if any exist) ought to write their own letter exposing the RACISM and SEXISM inherent in this litmus test for VP.

    They’re so invested because they KNOW that the “devil” isn’t going to be POTUS even if he wins. To tell the truth, I would rather have Jill than ANY of these radical black “women.”

  14. Thanks Nancy!! 😆

  15. It began the day Trump won in 2016, “and from that point forward, there’s been the resistance,” Barr told Levin. “They were trying to impeach him from Day One. They have done everything they can..and I think it’s because of the desire for power that the left wants.”

  16. lol Over 100k votes and Trump up to 85%.

    • We’ve been having some bizarre weather. Contrary to “global warming,” our weather is far cooler, far wetter, and more like monsoon season that mid-August. We had 70-80 mph winds the other day, many inches of rain, and now flash floods blocking intersections and making roads into rivers. It’s something else! And the lightning and thunder; it’s like the end of the world. Had to take shelter from the “derecho” the other night. You stay safe, too, Foxy. We’re doing okay. Haven’t had to get out the rowboat yet. 🙂

    • If it’s a trap, it’s not going to work anymore than Hillary whining about sexism worked. I read somewhere that next to Hillary, Kamala is about the most hated woman in politics. People don’t like her. She got what? 2% support among DemoncRATS in the race for the nomination? She’s very UNLIKABLE, unlike Hillary, who Obama said was likable enough. 🙂 Women won’t relate to her. To tell the truth, the first time I saw her I thought she was a trans. I still wonder, but then we have the testimony of Willie, so I’ll take it that he knows of what he speaks. Brown, I mean, not Clinton although anything’s possible. She’s snippy. She’s snide. She’s not tough, she’s a smart-ass. Nobody likes a smart-ass. Men won’t like her. I don’t think Blacks will, either, given that she’s NOT a “real” African-AMERICAN, as they define the term. She’s NOT from a long line of American Black ancestors. She’s INDIAN, predominantly because her Jamaican side is mixed up African and WHITE, making her (under former definitions) mostly WHITE. (Indians ARE Caucasians. Or they were until people began to figure it’s a disadvantage in today’s world to be White.) In addition, even Indian-Americans don’t like her that much. Why? Because until now, she’s identified as Black and only Black and they’re not forgetting that. The very first time I heard ANYBODY on the mainstream media call her “Asian-American” was after Biden picked her. Before that, she was BLACK. She’s arguably a Jamaican citizen, she’s arguably ineligible to take over as POTUS when Biden decides to step aside (as she’s already telegraphed is expected), and she’s likely a Canadian citizen, too. She’s an ANCHOR BABY and so is NOT eligible to be POTUS. We’ve seen this movie before and anybody who points that FACT out will be, once again, RACIST! She’s also, like Barry, a child of privilege. No history living a typical Black life in the USA. Who IDENTIFIES with HER? Very few.

    • imho, she’s done far worse in other areas, unless, as some suspect, she was paid off by donations from people connected to one, in particular, pricey elite school said to be involved in the potential scandal. Also imho, these “victims’ groups” are about as credible as BLM and antifa and also have a similar agenda. Especially an agenda and it’s not relying on TRUTH, more on narrative.

      “Harris failed to prosecute even one case of priest sexual abuse, though during that same period at least 50 major cities had brought charges against priests.”

      That’s really kind a a dumb thing to say. So there’s a QUOTA on charges against priests that must, like with hiring of “people of color”, exactly match some kind of proportion as seen elsewhere in the country? Is ACTUAL, REAL, CREDIBLE sexual abuse by priest SO WIDESPREAD that it ought to be prosecuted in EVERY big city? How about abuse by ministers, Boy Scout leaders, etc.?

      I know I’m biased, but I find the entire situation hard to swallow–that “repressed memories” suddenly reappear and people suddenly expect criminal trials, in many cases decades after the alleged abuse when witnesses are nonexistent, dead, lost in society, etc.

      IF these horrors actually happened, then why did the victims wait so long to speak up? Yeah, I know. Trauma. Shame. Yadda, yadda, yadda. But given that we’re supposed to believe this was rampant, then you’d expect at least SOME people calling the cops, suing, etc. Parents in every case were THAT clueless? Parents were so hands off that they never knew where their kids were, what was happening, never suspected and never asked?

      I realize some cases did happen but not the number we’re expected to believe. I’ve given my opinion before that the Church made a huge mistake in deciding to take the “Christian route” when paying settlements to accusers, even when they did not in any way believe the priest was guilty. They thought paying would help the “victims” heal from their BELIEF in the trauma, even if the trauma was self-imposed (i.e. imaginary).

      Alleged victims believed in their repressed memories and also the Church thought paying off was cheaper and less messy with regard to public relations than fighting in court. In addition, the Church was being SHAMED everywhere in the media that they dare not “disbelieve” the accusers (as with the #metoo movement) and so they backed down.

      The media told them that it was shameful to even try to fight false accusations and, as with police officers everywhere, the priests were GUILTY until proved innocent, but they weren’t allowed to have their day in court to ever be proved innocent. They were simply assumed guilty and punished as guilty, with the Church paying off, opening the flood gates for more accusations.

      Even now, lists are being published of ACCUSED priests with no evidence whatsoever being brought forward, no investigations, no police reports, just open doxxing of priests (but no naming of the alleged victims), shaming them in the media, destroying their reputations. And so there’s also no ability of the priests to confront witnesses against them. No due process. Just public shaming.

      The churches were shamed into publishing these lists of accused, with no way for most of the accused to have a day in court because many by now are dead, so their reputations will forevermore be smeared and their families have no recourse.

      But again, the priests themselves were bullied and shamed into not even defending themselves. Priests don’t have the money to fight lawsuits and if the Church capitulates on their behalf and pays a settlement, there’s no much to do about it.

      How many of these victims actually called the police, made a report, and were prepared to fight in court to see their abuser found guilty?

  17. Peace!! 😀
    Profile photo, opens profile page on Twitter in a new tab
    TRUMP BROKERS HISTORIC PEACE AGREEMENT: Israel and the United Arab Emirates reached a historic peace deal on Thursday that will lead to a full normalization of diplomatic relations between the two Middle Eastern nations in an agreement that President Trump brokered.
    11:01 AM · Aug 13, 2020
    2.7K people are Tweeting about this

  18. Did you know that yesterday the S&P surpassed the high that it had reached in February BEFORE the “pandemic?”

    PANIC IN BIDEN LAND! However, quite laughably, an article I read today tried to attribute the boom to HARRIS being chosen as VP. You cannot make this stuff up.

    Even in the middle of a pandemic, MAGA-nomics is breaking all records.

    Watch for the media and the left to double down on the return of COVID and the need to lockdown again, to prevent the economy from booming again, before the election.

  19. As promised, NOT letting it go:

    “Seven weeks after a biracial woman told police she had been sprayed with lighter fluid by a group of white men and then set on fire, police and the woman’s family say the investigation into the incident continues.

    But little information about the June 24 incident has been released as the Madison police and the FBI continue to investigate. Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain said Wednesday that he regularly checks with the lead detective on the case, along with the department’s Violent Crimes Unit, and said it is still an active investigation.

    “There is nothing new to release at this time,” DeSpain said. …”

    And that’s probably how it will remain. They have things they OUGHT TO release but nothing new TO RELEASE; iow, they’re not allowed TO RELEASE what they have and what they’ll only release when forced to, kicking and screaming all the way.

    btw, speaking of hoaxes, WHEN will we see the phone records from the Smollet affair, now that camel-face is in the news again and so it’s VERY PERTINENT now to know the truth about WHAT she had to do with that entire phony narrative that was astroturfed by powers that be, including HER? Remember her role in the fake hate crime?


      ” Couldn’t the police just tell us whether there is continual camera footage for all the intersections crossing State Street and whether there’s an image of her car when it crossed State Street? Shouldn’t that be easy? She’s clear that it happened crossing State Street. In Madison, crossing State Street is very obvious. You know when you’re there, and she said that’s where it happened. Shouldn’t the police at least be able to tell us that something or nothing happened as the car crossed State Street (or alternatively that there is no footage of the car crossing State Street)? This story was such a big deal at the time, and it stirred people up about racial hatred. It’s important to get the truth out so we can feel relieved or wary, depending on the evidence. …”

      That’s a blog and so allows comments, unlike most news media now, which seem to all be deliberately preventing comments so as to prevent conservatives from getting out the other side of any story. Heaven forbid you be allowed to give the news they deliberately try to keep from the population at large! Yahoo! doesn’t allow comments. Ya think it has anything to do with the election and keeping YOU from commenting on their biased-toward-Biden/Harris articles, in huge in-kind donations to their campaign? Similarly, suddenly, Twitter (which I don’t use) is allowing people to easily censor who can reply to their tweets. I don’t know if this means on their own feed or whether it’s some kind of blanket thing that will allow them, for example, to trash POTUS on his own feed but keep YOU and anyone else, maybe even Trump, from responding to their tweets. Courts have already ruled that Trump, as a politician, cannot censor his own twitter feed!


    Just when you think people can’t sink any lower:

    “Some leftists reacted to the murder of a 5-year-old boy in North Carolina by an African-American male by celebrating the brutal killing, with one asserting it was justified payback for the boy’s “white privilege.”

    Yes, really. …”

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