A Timely Reminder

Cleaning clutter, whiling away dreary locked-down hours, I ran across a little book, stored away among the effects of a small but mighty man, a legendary figure in our family, who fled to the U.S. as a political refugee during the early 1920s. His copy of the book, What Every Citizen Should Know, was printed in 1940, at the beginning of WWII, apparently a gift from a friend in the American Legion. I was particularly struck by the following two pages from the book.

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Consider the first two “rights and privileges” that belong to every American:

I may think as I please.

I may speak or write as I please, so long as I do not interfere with the rights of others.

Would that the members of today’s “cancel culture” took to heart these rights and privileges, which in 1940 were listed foremost. Would that they especially heeded their duty to “not interfere with the rights of others.”

We all know (or should know) that the First Amendment to the Constitution spells out our inalienable right to free speech, among other rights.

In 1940 the publishers of this book found it as important–if not more important based upon it being listed first–to remind every American that he or she also has the right to think as he or she pleases.

The Founders didn’t even mention freedom of thought; however, it certainly is important to recognize our inalienable right to think as we please these days, when we’re assailed upon all sides by self-appointed thought police. So this little book serves as a timely reminder to all American citizens, some 80 years later.

Progressives have now set themselves up as the arbiters of what we’re “allowed” to think. Progressives have also invented the concept of “microaggression,” in which it becomes a thought crime whenever a member of a supposedly oppressed minority group merely perceives (or imagines) an insult, slight, or prejudiced attitude emanating from a member of a supposedly dominant group, regardless of what the alleged microaggressor actually means, feels, or thinks.

The degree of offense of these microaggresions is naturally conditioned by the perception of the offended.  And it presupposes the clairvoyance of the offended: the accuser has laid claim to the power to know what another person is thinking or implying. [some emphasis added]

According to the theory, the more unconscious the microaggressor is of his or her aggressive, prejudiced attitude–the more he or she denies it–the more likely the person is to be guilty as charged.

So not only do some Americans not have a right to think as they please, others now also have an affirmative right to tell them what they actually think, even if it’s not what they actually think, and then punish them accordingly.

Implicit in our right of free speech is our right to not speak (or not act) as well. Progressive speech police, however, aren’t satisfied with only policing our speech. Now they also assume a right to force us, bully us, or shame us to speak or to do whatever they wish us to speak or to do.

One must say “black lives matter.” One must not say, “all lives matter.” That, my friends, is a microaggression!

Citizens are accosted on public streets and challenged (threatened?) to kneel and then apologize for their supposed “white privilege.” Whites are somehow persuaded (air quotes) to wash the feet of black people, and police officers and other officials are made to (threatened to?) bow or kneel before mobs.

Were these the words and actions of free people, or were citizens in so many ways  forced to speak or act as they otherwise would not have done?

Bullying is bullying is bullying. Now progressives assume the right to bully, yet that concept is nowhere in our laws or the Constitution. In fact, it’s precisely the opposite, but progressives live in Bizarro World, with their own Bizarro laws and Constitution. 

While we’re on the subject of “largely peaceful protesters,” let’s consider the first duty listed on the second page of the book:

It is my duty to obey my country’s laws.

Would that today’s progressives took that to heart, too. Consider this video, played yesterday before the House of Representatives, showing the “largely peaceful protesters” who are universally lauded by the Democrats and the complicit progressive media:

It is my duty to obey my country’s laws.

There are laws against arson, assault, vandalism, trespassing, destruction of private property, violating the rights of others, blocking roads and highways, invading restaurants or malls, attacking police officers, destroying public property, murder.

It’s not “peaceful protest” to engage of any of the aforementioned acts. Peaceful protesters do

not interfere with the rights of others.

How things have changed over the past 80 years since the Greatest Generation fought for freedom and to preserve our hard-won rights. Eighty long years have passed since the Greatest Generation answered the call, recognizing the duty of every American to

defend my country, if need should arise.

Most of the Greatest Generation are no longer with us. What would they say today, if they saw what’s become of the rights they fought so valiantly to preserve?

What would they think about the lawlessness exhibited by the current generation, their disrespect for our country, its culture, our Constitution, and our way of life?

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.

Think as you will! Resist! Speak up! Speak out!

It is my duty to abide by the will of the majority, to stand behind my government, so my nation may be unified in time of crisis. 

2020 is indeed a time of crisis. Let us rise to the occasion, honoring our rights and remembering our duty, unified as one People.

May God bless the United States of America. Long may she stand.

Long may our flag proudly wave.


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  1. OMG! I almost forgot the fourth duty listed: VOTE!!!! For the sake of our nation’s future, to preserve our rights, our laws, and our Constitution, for the love of God and Country:


  2. In person! 😀

    • But hey! Not to worry. Mail in ballots will be just fine. Right? POTUS is pulling their tails today suggesting the election be postponed. Too funny.

  3. sorry

    • No problem! I intend to vote in person. Every time. I somehow expect, though, that the liberals in power will try to close polling stations because of “the virus.”

  4. VIP » Ohio Board of Pharmacy bans hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 treatment statewide https://t.co/nomIF6Yx8Q

    — Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) July 30, 2020

    • How can they even do that? Supposedly it’s because the FDA removed approval for it to be used in an emergency situation for COVID, but that doesn’t mean they can take away the ordinary right of physicians to prescribe off label, as they’ve always done. It’s the RESISTANCE in the FDA that’s leading this and people are dying because of it.

  5. Imagine if Coke could have Pepsi banned.

  6. No thanks! :facepalm:

    • Very sad. May flights of angels sing him to his rest. He was a great man. The sort of man who should lie in state at the Capitol and have 3 or 5 funerals, with the last one being televised and all networks preempting usual daytime coverage. Do you think we’ll see that?

  7. So yesterday Jim Jordan played that video that began with a montage of the mainstream media calling the criminal rioters largely “peaceful protesters.” ON CUE, last night, they SUDDENLY substituted, across the board, print and TV media, “late-night demonstrations,” “late-night demonstrators,” or “late-night activity.” Protesters have become “demonstrators,” including RIOTERS and CRIMINALS, as pointed out by this official: https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1288746623774814208

    Search for “late night demonstrators” and see how often it now turns up in news stories. They get the WORD from the progressive campaigns and suddenly they submit and obey their masters. I noticed it immediately in today’s paper and then turned up the above tweet, where the official called the reporter out. She seems to be saying that if she called it like it is (criminal, rioting) that would be taking sides!

  8. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/byron-yorks-daily-memo-the-revolution-devours-itself-in-portland

    This is hilarious. They eat their own. That “Wall of Moms” was the usual tactic of placing sympathetic people and/or white “allies” in the front of the line, thinking that they won’t be confronted by cops and will serve as human shields for the criminals lobbing bottles of ice, rocks, and mortars at the police. But suddenly the white allies don’t want black people bossing them around anymore. Because they don’t want to submit to black leadership, they’re now called “anti-black.”

  9. The irony speaks for itself:

    • Cheryl Glenn, a Democrat who represented parts of Baltimore as a state delegate, told U.S. District Judge Catherine Blake that she is “profoundly remorseful” and hopes other public officials can learn from her mistakes.

      “I truly do believe in the rule of law,” she said.

  10. Still not letting it go. Today’s installment of the Althea Chronicles:


    Actually, maybe there will be a resolution of the case soon, given that they just charged the two WOMEN who beat up the DEMOCRAT legislator that same night (iirc) in Madison.

    But this one seems to be a willing believer: https://religionnews.com/2020/06/29/althea-bernstein-attack-black-jewish-intersectionality/

    Doesn’t even qualify the event. Not ALLEGEDLY. Just imaginary white men GUILTY AS CHARGED! Even though there’s no mention of the FACT that a local police AND FBI investigation, over a month in the making, so far has reported NOTHING. With cameras everywhere, with people everywhere in that city, in that area, for “peaceful protests,” NOBODY is reported as a witness, no video, what do the nurses say? Why did she not let the cops get her medical records? The person who wrote that article just accepts her word at face value and doesn’t even wonder why there’s no “justice” for Althea. And I notice: No comments allowed.

    Intersectionality! Divided and subdivided and subdivided until there’s nothing left but atoms. Anti-Unity.

    • https://davidblaska.com/2020/07/29/who-will-be-next-to-flip-on-satya/

      Politics very much involved in the goings-on in Madison. They’re trying to recall the mayor. Now, in that atmosphere, where she’s blaming POTUS for the effort (and why not? He’s to blame for everything else.), would the powers that be want this to be revealed as what it is at this point in time?

      From the same Madison-local blogger:


      I was watching some TV show the other day and a person was being schooled by a professional in how to credibly lie. She was advised to NOT give too many details because too many explicit little details signals: A well-concocted lie.

      I hope this comment is not the truth:

      “This is hardly news but a friend told me yesterday they heard via police connections that the Althea Bernstein investigation has concluded that what was claimed to happen was not what happened. I was told that they don’t plan to announce that. it’s worth considering that her need for a cover story (to her family, to the hospital) about however she actually got her burns (which I don’t think the police know) may have been a more key motivation for her than the desire to perpetrate a hoax. She’s just a teen and I wonder what is the just balance between guarding her from media backlash and community backlash since she should not have her future destroyed, vs setting the record straight. …”

      It’s likely that it’s true that what she says happened did NOT happen, but it’s also true, in that case, that she committed a crime by making a false police report and that there ARE other victims in this case that were harmed by her lies, chief among them are race relations. She should be MADE to confess the truth and APOLOGIZE in order to get off easy, not just have the entire thing covered over. If 4 imaginary black men had been accused by a white woman of setting her on fire, do you think the BLM people, the Al Sharptons, the DemoncRATS would allow it to be swept under the rug to let the teen off the hook, so HER life isn’t ruined? No siree. They would set out TO DESTROY her life because it would signal that she’s a RACIST and MUST BE punished FOREVER for that “hate crime.” It’s as much of a hate crime to create a hoax as it is to call someone a racist name, etc.

      So they don’t “know” where she got the burns. Did they give her the third degree? (No pun intended.) If she’s an unrepentant liar, exhibited by the presumed fact that she won’t tell the cops the truth but they KNOW what she did tell them is a lie, then why should there be mercy? Yes, give her community service for MAKING A FALSE POLICE REPORT. That’s lying to an official. Roger Stone was sentenced to PRISON for lying, and Gen. Flynn is still being tortured for allegedly “lying” to the FBI.

      The TRUTH has to be revealed, especially if the FBI and cops KNOW it’s a lie. For the sake of justice it must come out, whether or not she gets community service or some other slap on the wrist. It’s a good lesson for her.

  11. White coats …was 600 . .. now 1000 doctors… have
    …… Signed ????? … Why …. Because they
    Followed ….. .the science. …… It works …. If you want it wtp should let our doctors help us !!!!

    Twitter Blocks Dr. Samadi for Hydroxychloroquine Comments
    Twitter Blocks Dr. Samadi for Hydroxychloroquine CommentsTwitter in San Francisco. (AP)
    Join in the Discussion!

    When Dr. David Samadi, M.D., lead medical contributor for Newsmax TV, logged onto his Twitter account on Wednesday, he noticed something was different. He couldn’t tweet out any messages.

    Then he checked his email. In his inbox, an email from Twitter telling him his account “has been locked for violating the Twitter Rules.”

    Samadi, a nationally renowned physician and surgeon dubbed one of New York City’s “top doctors” by New York Magazine, was placed on 24-hour Twitter timeout for breaking the social media platform’s policy on “spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19.”

    This, for offering his professional opinion that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) treatment can be effective against COVID-19.

    In one of the tweets flagged by Twitter, Samadi wrote, “Hydroxychloroquine works and has worked.”

    Over the past several weeks, he said, he has tweeted about the coronavirus treatment HCQ – which has drawn opposition on the left, in part because of President Donald Trump’s support for it — because Samadi has seen studies showing the anti-malaria drug can work if it used early on in a patient’s coronavirus diagnosis. Several tweets about the medication appear to have landed Samadi in Twitter jail.

    “If this medication can help one person, then I am all for it,” he said.

    In a third flagged tweet, he ripped the media for not embracing the notion that hydroxychloroquine is an effective COVID-19 treatment. “Hydroxychloroquine works. This should be worldwide breaking news met with celebration!” he wrote.

    “It’s major censorship,” he told Newsmax. “I have been in the media for 12 or 13 years and this is the first time I have been shut down.”

    In another tweet, he called out The New York Times for calling the drug “unproven” even though “we’ve now gotten proof that hydroxychloroquine works.”

    He also posted: “Why do you think the most important world leaders would be taking medicine if it didn’t work?”

    GOP political consultant Anthony Angelini called Twitter’s move to lock Samadi’s account “extremely dangerous.”

    “Why are they so afraid of this news getting out?” he asked. “What do they have to fear?”

    Kris Ruby, CEO of Ruby Media Group, which specializes in health care public relations for doctors and social media marketing for doctors, said she believes that Twitter has “a long history of censoring conservative content.”

    Samadi currently serves as the director of men’s health and urologic oncology at St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, New York. He has in excess of 250,000 Twitter followers, doing medical commentaries on Fox News and other media outlets.

    He said he can’t tweet or send any of his followers a message while his account is locked. His account is still active and Twitter users can still read his existing tweets.

    As a surgeon who deals with life and death daily, he said he is always fighting for his patients’ lives.

    After seeing reports that using HCQ with azithromycin can help patients avoid being placed on a ventilator, he said he began supporting the use of the drug as a treatment.

    He said patients should be given the option of being treated with the medication; government should stay out of the discussion.

    “This medication has been around for decades,” he said. “It is a safe medication.”

    Touted by Trump early on in the coronavirus outbreak as a “game changer” in fighting COVID-19, the antimalaria drug has been labeled by some experts as non-effective and even dangerous. The Food and Drug Administration pulled its emergency-use authorization for hydroxychloroquine on June 15 after several studies showed it could increase the risk for cardiovascular complications.

    But many reports knocking the drug have
    …….Read Newsmax: Herman Cain Dies From Coronavirus at 74

  12. Facebook mounted perhaps the most dubious defense of the lot. Rep. James Sensenbrenner asked Mark Zuckerberg about the video of doctors promoting the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine that had been taken down by Facebook as well as other platforms:

    SENSENBRENNER: “It was reported that Donald Trump Jr, got taken down (from Twitter) for a period of time, because he put something up of the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine. There still is a debate on whether it is effective. Wouldn’t that be up to somebody else to say, okay, what somebody posted on this really isn’t true?”

    ZUCKERBERG: We do not want to become the arbiters of — of truth. I think that that would be a bad position for us to be in and not — not what we should be doing. But on specific claims, if someone is gonna go out and say that hydroxychloroquine is proven to cure COVID, when in fact it has not been proven to cure COVID and that that statement could lead people to take a drug that in some cases some of the data suggests that it might be harmful to people, we think that we should take that down. That could cause imminent risk of harm.

    Sort of a sorry, not sorry explanation: we don’t want to be the arbiter of truth…except when we think we have to be the arbiter of truth.

    Just Not Sorry! (the backstory). This is the behind the scenes ..
    @Michelle’ mirror …..

    • https://www.stltoday.com/news/state-and-regional/missouri/fox-news-contributor-wins-judgment-against-kim-gardner/article_77bb40ac-a70d-5cbc-a395-7d5734983122.html

      That’s one of Soros’s pet prosecutors. She is in so much ethical trouble it’s not even funny. John Solomon, who we see a lot on FOX, has gotten a judgement against her for not following FOIA laws and MO Sunshine laws. She’s hiding emails and other communications concerning her political activities and apparently using her office for such like. She’s also the one prosecuting the McCloskeys (homeowners who had to defend their mansion with guns) and recently is in trouble for tampering with the evidence (Mrs. McCloskey’s gun, which she ordered disassembled and reassembled to basically fix it and make it work, so she could claim it was a lethal weapon used against “peaceful protesters” who now the police admit had weapons of their own and made threatening comments on videos). In the Gov. Greitens case, she invented out of whole cloth a photo that was never in evidence and seemed from evidence to never have been taken and then used laws against sexting (transmitting porn shots via a computer) to get the governor to resign.

    • Yea. Chesa BOUDIN. One of Soros’s pals and one of Barry’s pals. Child of terrorists.

  13. Yes …. Let’s….. Still cleaning out the garage …

    Hold them ….till we fold um’ …. Cheaters only know ….1 …way 2 win…. Cheat lie steal..
    What’s up with bidens….leg? … Such dead beef!


  14. Every informed Muslim listening to Joe Biden understood that he was encouraging them to wage jihad against non-believing Americans. We can be fairly certain that Biden had no idea what he was actually saying, but just as certain that Muslims listening now know he can be made to say whatever they would like to hear. This is incredibly dangerous.

    On a final note, then, we need to ask how this segment found its way into Biden’s speech. Which advisor, which speechwriter made sure that hadith came out of Joe Biden’s mouth? Well, how about senior Biden advisor Farooq Mitha, whom we now know is a Muslim Brotherhood operative, who sits on the Board of Emgage USA, a key member of the USCMO? Matthew Edwards wrote a good summary ……..

    • Like Barry, sending subliminal messages; however, in Barry’s case it was intentional. I don’t believe Biden even knows what he’s READING that others have written for him, much less what it all means. His “minder” and wife is always near at hand.

  15. https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/07/pelosi_endorses_omar.html
    Really ??? Really? Your hubby$$$ must be so proud of u right……now
    Just great ….. Keep screwing us …. Wtp ….USA .

    U just can’t …..stop your selves ….sick sad spent
    A pack ……. of sneaky fools …. Puke on u all

    • That’s all anybody needs to hear about Pelosi. She takes the oath of office. She claims to be a devout Catholic. Yet somehow she can endorse an apparent bigamist who apparently conspired to commit immigration fraud. Does anybody even know who she REALLY is?

  16. So the NY Times apparently sanctions the potentially ILLEGAL recording of the POTUS and a U.S. senator by a person who was “in the room.” This is what it’s come to. Imagine if someone secretly recorded Obama’s conversations that they “overheard” while in a restaurant. It’s ILLEGAL to record people in DC without the consent of AT LEAST ONE PERSON WHO IS PARTY TO THE CONVERSATION. Trump was speaking to Imhofe. Which of them agreed to the person “in the room” recording the conversation (both sides because Imhofe had it on speaker) without telling the PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. he was being recorded and then GIVING (or selling?) the tape to the media? I’m guessing neither. I’m guessing then, that the tape should be seized and the NY Times should cooperate with the FBI in identifying who was stalking and recording people who have conversations with the President. Is this NOT a national security risk? Do they think this is funny? IF it happens to Biden or Obama, will they think it’s funny? Imagine if Gateway Pundit, for example, had someone following Obama or his sycophants and then secretly recorded his/their conversations. I’m really sick of this double standard. Instead of focusing on the CRIME and the OUTRAGE, they’re focused on the content, so long as they can use it to fuel their narrative. https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/trump-inhofe-recorded-call-robert-e-lee-cancel-culture-bullshit-024450751.html http://www.dmlp.org/legal-guide/district-columbia-recording-law

    • President Trump should file a civil lawsuit and demand that the authorities investigate, find out who made the recording, and assess damages. It’s a CRIME, especially, imho, to record the PRESIDENT, no matter who the president is. I would say the same if it were Obama. This stuff HAS TO STOP.

  17. Cry the Beloved Country
    But after a good cry, wipe the tears and take back our culture and values while we still can – Dov Fischer


  18. the Donald does it again!

  19. Graph shows kids way more at risk from flu and pneumonia. Very very revealing.

  20. Rasmussen: Donald Trump
    Approval Rating Bounces Back …butt’ of course!
    to 50 Percent ……. Yes ….wtp can see the
    white house ….

    After hearin’ …. He go on & on with bull-crap
    From Barry the con -dude ….@ john Lewis’s
    Funeral ……what a waste …. What a grifter
    What a small minded …. Piece of c ra p ….
    Float-in on crap …. 24 / 7 …silly child …. Sick!
    So did he …..ha’ …. Drop the mic when finished?
    Show & tell USA ….. More trash u bummer….


  21. Thousands of New York’s primary ballots not counted because of technicalities
    By Sarah Downey, The Center Square
    July 31, 2020 – 6:00 PM
    Share on Facebook Share

    • But wait! I’m so confused. All over the news (and who could ever question their accuracy?) journalistic, mind-reading truth experts are telling us that Trump is trying very hard to discredit the upcoming election because he knows he’s down in the polls (this is in NEWS articles) AND that he says, WITHOUT EVIDENCE, that mail-in voting cannot be trusted.

      Therefore, it can’t possibly be true that all these ballots weren’t counted, can it?

      It can’t be true that ballots and ballot applications went missing all over the country, can it?

      It can’t be true that individuals got multiple applications and multiple ballots that we’re supposed to believe won’t ALL be processed, allowing people to vote multiple times, can it?

  22. Will he distinguish between “largely peaceful protesters” and “late-night demonstrations?” Does he want them to use goggles now, too, to make it even harder for facial recognition (not to mention grandmothers) to identify the criminals, rioters, and thugs?

  23. Yes …..times were tough …. As wtp lived it …..
    As …. a Non – birth certificated dude ….thinks he’s the be ….all end all …. Preacher o f ….ink on paper
    Talks his talk …. Puffed up on lies he has lived as..
    Wtp …. Knows …. Can’t hold a candle 2 the real freedom fighters …. Sad-sad malarkey pusher …
    As the bleachers clap …like trained monkeys …. Very hurtful 2 the all knowing 2 preach in that church .. That embraced so many God fearing souls….. My clap ….was hand over mouth. .. as it makes me ill…to praise ….. The un-praise worthy!

    • It’s not every guy who has the guts to and can get away with making a guy’s funeral, even if it’s the 4th or 5th one, into a campaign speech for a lamebrained erstwhile political ally.

    • Speaking of monkeys, I wonder whatever became of Barry’s little monkey amulet. Hanuman, wasn’t it? Is he still wearing “the ring?”

  24. More more more “royal”. …… “Dick…heads”!!!
    Dime a dozen………!

  25. https://www.rev.com/blog/transcripts/americas-frontline-doctors-scotus-press-conference-transcript

    Get down ….Dr Stella Immanuel I believe she’s
    Got a fire …in her …belly ….. A cure a life-saver?

    • I think it’s interesting how they go after this doctor despite the fact that she’s African and black. They ridicule her religious beliefs (which many would call pagan) despite the FACT that it’s progressives like them who seem to believe that black people CANNOT be criticized and that their culture and beliefs are NOT to be criticized. As usual, the double standard. Of course, they’re not hypocritical in that they equally criticize Christian beliefs, but I’m focusing on culture here. They call her CULTURAL beliefs “conspiracy theories” and ridicule her for her alleged belief in demons. Well, you’d be pretty stupid to NOT believe in demons. In any case, it doesn’t MATTER who the messenger is or what the messenger believes. What matters is whether what she’s saying about the science, the cure, is true or not true. Everything else is noise just to try to discredit what she’s saying. WHENEVER anyone personally attacks an individual instead of their argument, that’s an indication that it’s likely the argument is CREDIBLE, otherwise, if it’s not credible, they’d attack the argument.

  26. So all over the news is the alleged “fact” that suddenly the “protests” in Portland are peaceful again, now that (not true) the feds have left (they haven’t). In any case, it’s yet another LIE by the mainstream media, planted (written for them) by the DemoncRATS. How peaceful is putting a pig head on a post and lighting it on fire, shooting rockets at the courthouse, or burning a stack of Bibles? https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1289093614165831680?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

  27. 😆

    • https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/woman-shoved-to-ground-leg-broken-over-mask-dispute-in-hackensack-staples-police/2544541/

      Reverse things and it would be a hate crime. Elder abuse, racial hatred. The “defenders” of the attacker claim she’s justified because the elderly white lady, who is immune compromised having had a liver transplant, should just have kept her mouth shut, AS IF THAT JUSTIFIES VIOLENTLY THROWING THE WOMAN TO THE FLOOR, BREAKING HER LEG. What if the woman has complications? It happens. Older people die from falls. We should pray for her recovery but it’s outrageous that ANY human being would justify such an attack. Sticks and stones, right? Words did end up breaking that lady’s leg, but I wonder what the perp said to her? Notice how all the other people just stood around, apparently in fear of the aggressor, not helping the lady on the floor AT ALL? What sort of people are these?

  28. Awwww! 😀

  29. Dr zzzzzzzz ????? Really? No money will ‘drop’
    in ….his ….pot of gold? Political ….bs …as wtp
    drop …..dead?…..what a bunch of grifters & cons!!!


    • Queen of the F-bomb: a VP Susan Rice sure would embody an interesting idea of Joe Biden’s ‘return to normalcy’
      By Monica Showalter
      Part of Joe Biden’s appeal to voters, at least based on his campaign video ads, is that he will restore ‘civility’ and ‘normalcy’ to White House operations, and end ‘divisiveness’ that has plagued America. That’s his pitch.

      So now we have him mumbling to himself, hiding in his basement, and under intense pressure by the Obama faction of the Democratic Party to name Susan Rice as his vice presidential candidate.

      The idea of that buccolic ad scenario, all unity and harmony and ‘normalcy’ is undermined by this latest revelation about her, noted by Fox News, citing a column by lefty…,.. @ americanthinker

      • Big story in my paper today about how “sexist” everybody is with regard to talking about the potential VP pick. Irony of ironies, they don’t mention AT ALL the fact that Biden making a TOKEN pick of a “woman of color” is about as sexist and racist as you can get. Supposedly, it’s sexist to CRITICIZE these women whatsoever when, in actuality, if they want to run with the big dogs … Like blacks, now PROGRESSIVE women are above reproach. IF you dare to comment on them at all, do so at your peril. Any hint of criticism is SEXIST! If they can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!

  30. I want to say a little bit more about the Wuhan Virus data.
    Over the weekend, Australia made the mainstream news headlines because the government declared a “state of disaster” in Melbourne, Victoria and everybody is locked down, no travel more than 2 miles, curfew all during the night hours, etc.
    So what’s happened here, you might well ask.
    I think that if someone, exact identity unknown, launched this bio-weapon with evil intent, then it is pretty obvious to even the casual observer that the rogue agents might not just do that once and then retire, but may in fact do this over and over again until they are stopped with great force.

    So now let’s take a close look at the cases in Australia:


    Reminds me of that now disgraced hocky stick temperature chart the global warming alarmists tried to pass off a few years ago.

    Now as an engineer in electronics I have the daily necessity to view lots of waveforms and signals. Most natural oscillations are in the shape of so-called sine waves which is the gentlest form of change that a signal may take.


    So this site:
    has a wealth of corona virus data on all countries and presented in all possible ways,
    so the next time some useless politician makes a claim, you can use this site to check it out. ( they state that all their data is free for use)
    You pick the topic you are interested in, and then add the countries to the charts whom you want to compare.
    It’s pretty easy unless you are a politician.

    My conclusion, the explosion in Australia is either because every one in
    Australia got together and started kissing, or because Australia was re-seeded with virus in a particular set of places.

    Why would someone want to do that? Because they think they are on a roll and will not stop until they are removed from the free world.

    • …dave m … One day wtp may know ….read below
      I skip thru the foul as nothing can stop me from
      …reading …the meat’.. of the message below…or many mind jolting messages lamecherry toots!


      • Some of that IS pretty gross. One thing this pandemic has done is make me even more hyper-aware of the poor hygiene so many of our fellows exhibit. Babies with poopy diapers being sat on tables in restaurants, people not wearing gloves when they make a sandwich for you, dirty toilet seats in public johns? YUK! I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready to eat in a restaurant again. I’ll cook my own food, thank you very much. And now, as if the pandemic isn’t enough, we have to worry about whether our “server” at a fast-food place is in BLM and has a thing against anybody who just might LOOK LIKE a Trump supporter. Spit in your coffee? No thanks. I’ll make my own coffee, too.

    • I hope that’s not true but many people have speculated that round one was just a test. What’s next? That’s what’s scary. Thanks for the links. I’ll save them for sure.

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