A Timely Reminder

Cleaning clutter, whiling away dreary locked-down hours, I ran across a little book, stored away among the effects of a small but mighty man, a legendary figure in our family, who fled to the U.S. as a political refugee during the early 1920s. His copy of the book, What Every Citizen Should Know, was printed in 1940, at the beginning of WWII, apparently a gift from a friend in the American Legion. I was particularly struck by the following two pages from the book.

[click to enlarge]

Consider the first two “rights and privileges” that belong to every American:

I may think as I please.

I may speak or write as I please, so long as I do not interfere with the rights of others.

Would that the members of today’s “cancel culture” took to heart these rights and privileges, which in 1940 were listed foremost. Would that they especially heeded their duty to “not interfere with the rights of others.”

We all know (or should know) that the First Amendment to the Constitution spells out our inalienable right to free speech, among other rights.

In 1940 the publishers of this book found it as important–if not more important based upon it being listed first–to remind every American that he or she also has the right to think as he or she pleases.

The Founders didn’t even mention freedom of thought; however, it certainly is important to recognize our inalienable right to think as we please these days, when we’re assailed upon all sides by self-appointed thought police. So this little book serves as a timely reminder to all American citizens, some 80 years later.

Progressives have now set themselves up as the arbiters of what we’re “allowed” to think. Progressives have also invented the concept of “microaggression,” in which it becomes a thought crime whenever a member of a supposedly oppressed minority group merely perceives (or imagines) an insult, slight, or prejudiced attitude emanating from a member of a supposedly dominant group, regardless of what the alleged microaggressor actually means, feels, or thinks.

The degree of offense of these microaggresions is naturally conditioned by the perception of the offended.  And it presupposes the clairvoyance of the offended: the accuser has laid claim to the power to know what another person is thinking or implying. [some emphasis added]

According to the theory, the more unconscious the microaggressor is of his or her aggressive, prejudiced attitude–the more he or she denies it–the more likely the person is to be guilty as charged.

So not only do some Americans not have a right to think as they please, others now also have an affirmative right to tell them what they actually think, even if it’s not what they actually think, and then punish them accordingly.

Implicit in our right of free speech is our right to not speak (or not act) as well. Progressive speech police, however, aren’t satisfied with only policing our speech. Now they also assume a right to force us, bully us, or shame us to speak or to do whatever they wish us to speak or to do.

One must say “black lives matter.” One must not say, “all lives matter.” That, my friends, is a microaggression!

Citizens are accosted on public streets and challenged (threatened?) to kneel and then apologize for their supposed “white privilege.” Whites are somehow persuaded (air quotes) to wash the feet of black people, and police officers and other officials are made to (threatened to?) bow or kneel before mobs.

Were these the words and actions of free people, or were citizens in so many ways  forced to speak or act as they otherwise would not have done?

Bullying is bullying is bullying. Now progressives assume the right to bully, yet that concept is nowhere in our laws or the Constitution. In fact, it’s precisely the opposite, but progressives live in Bizarro World, with their own Bizarro laws and Constitution. 

While we’re on the subject of “largely peaceful protesters,” let’s consider the first duty listed on the second page of the book:

It is my duty to obey my country’s laws.

Would that today’s progressives took that to heart, too. Consider this video, played yesterday before the House of Representatives, showing the “largely peaceful protesters” who are universally lauded by the Democrats and the complicit progressive media:

It is my duty to obey my country’s laws.

There are laws against arson, assault, vandalism, trespassing, destruction of private property, violating the rights of others, blocking roads and highways, invading restaurants or malls, attacking police officers, destroying public property, murder.

It’s not “peaceful protest” to engage of any of the aforementioned acts. Peaceful protesters do

not interfere with the rights of others.

How things have changed over the past 80 years since the Greatest Generation fought for freedom and to preserve our hard-won rights. Eighty long years have passed since the Greatest Generation answered the call, recognizing the duty of every American to

defend my country, if need should arise.

Most of the Greatest Generation are no longer with us. What would they say today, if they saw what’s become of the rights they fought so valiantly to preserve?

What would they think about the lawlessness exhibited by the current generation, their disrespect for our country, its culture, our Constitution, and our way of life?

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.

Think as you will! Resist! Speak up! Speak out!

It is my duty to abide by the will of the majority, to stand behind my government, so my nation may be unified in time of crisis. 

2020 is indeed a time of crisis. Let us rise to the occasion, honoring our rights and remembering our duty, unified as one People.

May God bless the United States of America. Long may she stand.

Long may our flag proudly wave.


117 responses to “A Timely Reminder

  1. Beware!!! 😯

    • It’s about come to that.

    • 🇺🇸👪🌷👪🇺🇸
      MAGA TRUMP 2020 👇👍

      • I have a bad feeling about the Nov. election. Based upon results in MO, very strange things are happening, and I do mean voter fraud. There’s NO WAY that Soros-funded Kim Gardner, under investigation in several instances for corruption, who is prosecuting people who defended their home from violence-intent “protesters”, who refuses to prosecute violent rioters who burned down businesses, got “elected” in the Dem. primary yesterday against a prosecutor who is leftist but at least is apparently an upstanding and reputable and qualified lawyer, all politics aside.

        In addition, the one member of the Soros-funded “squad” who did NOT oust Rep. Lacy Clay the last time around miraculously ousted him this time by what we’re supposed to believe is a wide margin, so she’ll be joining her “sister” AOC in Congress soon, unless Clay contests. This, again, after all the riots and burnings and lootings and even the murder of a former police captain in St. Louis. The ONLY explanation I can come up with for this unbelievable outcome is vote fraud.

        I don’t know if Rep. Clay will challenge the results but if he doesn’t then there’s NO HOPE that massive fraud will not happen in the Nov. election. If it’s not he, then nobody will contest. I haven’t heard yet whether he’s conceded, but he shouldn’t.

        Yeah, he’s also a leftist, long-term guy, nepotism, too, as with most DemoncRAT “dynasties,” which just makes the outcome MORE suspect. The district is NOT totally inner city and urban. It extends south through majority-white south St. Louis. It also extends north into suburbs which are not majority black, although the northern part in the city is.

        The media, unlike in the past, haven’t provided timing for the votes coming in (iow, when did certain precincts FINALLY report their results?), which would reveal whether or not “bad actors” were waiting to see how many votes they needed to push her over the top. Clay was winning when I went to bed last night. Suddenly, Bush wins in an upset by a wide margin. Same for Kim Gardner. It’s very suspicious.

        The media also didn’t reveal that Soros gave Gardner over $100,000 very recently until today, the day after the election. They also suddenly started calling Clay’s opponent a BLM activist only AFTER the election was over. She actually ran as if the only people she would represent were blacks. “It’s OUR time,” she said in ads. She also ran as a “single mother” who lived out of her car and didn’t pay taxes, AS IF THOSE ARE PLUSES!

        I suspect massive vote harvesting. IF the media do their jobs, then we’ll learn how many of these upset “winners” were pushed over the top ONLY BY mailed-in or absentee votes. I suspect it will be the latter, by a wide margin.

        But will anybody investigate? Probably not. The Republicans and the DOJ have written off the cities, the urban cores, and left conservatives living there to be held captive in “no go zones,” subject to the progressive version of sharia law.

  2. Why why why …. ???? See a fraud …call it out!
    See …..some…thing’s ……say …some thing!!!!
    Nothing….ever makes you not see what u see..

    • Yep ….so let’s say….. A drink a day ???? Or more?
      The data also reveal that older Democrats occupy their offices for longer terms than their Republican counterparts: Representatives who are 70-plus years old have 22 Democratic members who spent less than 20 years in office and 34 of them who spent between 20 and 39 years in office. For the Republicans, these numbers are 17 with less than 20 and 5 with 20 or more years in office.

      This trend reveals itself in the Senate composition, too: there are 15 Democrats plus two independents (Bernie Sanders and Angus King, who are leftists) — 17 in total versus 11 Republican elders (1.5 to 1).

    • I knew that was Cashill before I even hit the link! OMG. ANOTHER effing “memoir?” How the eff many do we have to put up with? So Moo’s book got out on time? He needs to hire HER (HIS?) ghostwriter. We know darned well that Moo didn’t write any book. We’ve read her master’s thesis, a joke of a thing. Third-grade level, at best (or at least what passed for third-grade level back when I was in third-grade. Nowadays, all bets are off. Some of today’s college grads aren’t as literate as we Catholic school kids were back in the 60s, in third-grade.)

    • I wonder if it’s that much harder for Barry to find a ghostwriter and KEEP IT A SECRET, now that he’s a former president? Before the WH, Barry was “unknown” enough to be able to get away with it. Maybe not today. Maybe not when so many will pay so much for the “story.” I wish somebody would tell the TRUTH about this guy. We the People deserve to know.

    • Sharing Thank you. 👍

  3. Yep …… From …’dirt’…2 dust’….. Stinky old beef ….Hitched a ride…… 4 $$$ life …. We are sick 2 have …fell 4 it all ….24/7 … Time wtp wake up!!!

    ?? ……R Wtp….demented ? Must take a hard look …at that ….also!!!! …. Hurt people ..
    Hurt people ….??? Is it a game or a sick pattern?

    • The lot of them already look embalmed. Have you checked out Pelosi lately? Death warmed over, as my old auntie used to say.

  4. Thank heaven …..

    4 …..little girls ¿??????????¿

    • I’m perfectly willing and able to accept, if everyone else accepts the definitions, that SEX is immutable and determined by DNA/GENES but that “gender” is a social construct consisting of the outward expression of some inner way of being/thinking/acting. iow, gender is, in so many words, an ACT. The thing is, these “intersectionalists” are giving us these definitions and THEN totally confusing and conflating them.

      Sex is what makes a WOMAN or a MAN. Gender does not, according to their definitions. Sex and womanhood are linked and inseparable. Ditto for sex and manhood. Or maybe we should say femaleness and maleness.

      Gender is a learned behavior pattern, in their definition. Therefore, no matter one’s DNA, one can LEARN to ACT as if one is the “gender” that ordinarily corresponds to the cultural spectrum of behavior that usually indicates “feminine” or “masculine”. So one can be MALE, a MAN, but act “feminine.” Fine. I agree with that. I’ve seen it all my life. However, when a male, a man, ACTS feminine, it doesn’t make him a woman or female.

      All of that means that we also have to put aside any INNATE predisposition towards behaviors that most societies classify as feminine or masculine. Do little boys play with dolls? Sure. Do little girls play with trucks? Sure. If a little girl plays with trucks, does she become a boy? NO!

      Only in the extremely RARE instance of a person of male DNA being born totally female BECAUSE SOMETHING WENT WRONG WITH HIS DEVELOPMENT AND HE WAS BORN LOOKING COMPLETELY FEMALE, would I accept that this person might fairly be called a “woman.”

      I’m willing to accept calling someone who’s transgender who went through all the surgery, all the hormone replacement, etc., a “trans woman” but not a “woman”, but I’ll never call a person who remains completely “male” in his genitals, for example, a “woman.” Female IMPERSONATORS are impersonators. They’re NOT females, nor are they women.

    about 11 hours agoupdated about 11 hours ago
    38Comments. ……outkick.com

  6. Nearly every word out of Floyd’s mouth was a desperate lie.

    Here are the takeaways from the footage:

    Floyd’s behavior escalated a routine arrest into a possible abuse of force.
    The George Floyd case is not a race crime. No rational person can watch that footage and conclude the police were motivated by Floyd’s black race.
    It’s going to be virtually impossible to convict former officers Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao of any crime.
    It will be equally difficult to convict Chauvin of murder.
    Professional athletes elected ….

  7. Yep yep yep. I was mad that big George. ….caused
    This whole f-ed …..mess …when the black folks …use …use …the easy way as stepping Stones ….to trash the white …world. ….God made u black for a reason….& This my children …..is not the reason
    2 use & abuse…….wtp. …. Hands out. …. Black radio station …. Knowledged…. with a slick kick …dirt in our face. ….U done …. us wrong ..we want the money $$$ ….the power the awards the jobs the titles…. Man o man.. back off ….stand in line …like wtp do & have …. Earn some of the free ….cheese…
    Nope ….u r not ….. That special …. Really…. Get
    A grip …& That goes for okra … Blasting us once again…. What has she learned …. Compassion? No

    • State health officials on Sunday reported 1,131 new coronavirus cases, pushing the total to 50,205 since the pandemic began.

      There were no additional deaths reported, keeping the total at 832 known deaths.

      • Isn’t that amazing? What POTUS said. More testing just finds more “cases” (and if you’re tested 4 times, you’re counted 4 times) but there are no more deaths, so how do they explain that? In the cases where people left a line after registering, then they bumped results to the WRONG person because instead of going by NAMES and valid identification, they went by the person’s place in line, every positive will be counted and then when the people are tested again or reported again, they’ll be counted again. Count on it. So many people are completely uninformed about the MANY problems with the case counts.

        1. Person tested multiple times; case counted multiple times.
        2. Person has symptoms similar to COVID; person reported in case counts as a case, maybe even as a death. When it’s reversed by testing negative, do they adjust the figures? Maybe, maybe not; but in any case do they publicize the “correction?” Nope.
        3. Known problems with FALSE POSITIVES. According to Canadian experts, as much as 50% FALSE positives.
        4. Tests that aren’t specific enough for COVID-19; “positive” results if a person has had the common cold recently, or pinkeye, or any other infection by a similar virus.

        What has magically happened that reduced the death count, even though “cases” are increasing? No cure found. No medicines found to explain it. No vaccines. Magic?

        Why are there more “cases” but hospitals aren’t overwhelmed, as they supposedly were earlier in the spring? Hmmm? Curious.

        All will magically disappear as soon as the election is over. SURPRISE!!! A vaccine. Even if they’re injecting everyone with WATER.

  8. I thought Trump did a solid job delineating difference between established mail-in vote programs and the ones being poorly thrown together in a matter of weeks. “Even the media will understand distinction,” I thought. A quick look at Twitter shows I was wrong.

    — Mollie (@MZHemingway) August 4, 2020

    • Fat chance. The media conspire to PREVENT people from understanding, to deliberately obfuscate the truth, to hide facts from people, and to further the DemoncRAT/progressive narrative. Uninformed people, of which there are MANY, go by sound bites and touchy-feely emotions, not facts. They don’t look beyond today for repercussions. They’re the kind of people you’d LOVE to play chess with, for big money, because they cannot foresee the logical outcome of their decisions, which, unfortunately, we all will have to live with.

    • Two words: Vote fraud. Ballot harvesting (that’s two more words). https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/08/huge-trump-campaign-fights-nevada-democrat-partys-unconstitutional-unethical-attacks-election-integrity/

      POTUS is on it, but will it work in time? It’s their plan. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. By allowing the Mueller team to do what they’ve done, by allowing the Deep State to do what they’ve done, by allowing Obama and his peeps to get away with all the corruption, they have encouraged and ENSHRINED similar corruption anywhere DemoncRATS have the edge. This is what it’s come to. They let it happen, UNPUNISHED TO THIS DAY, on a NATIONAL scale and so now it’s going to flourish anywhere and everywhere. Corruption. IGNORING laws. Thus, mask mandates that are illegal and unconstitutional. Sheriffs who UNILATERALLY decide to not enforce eviction orders. Judges who think they can LEGISLATE and hold up cases that were dropped by the DOJ. Individual judges who think they can just unilaterally OVERRULE DECISIONS made by the head of the executive branch, by the Commander in Chief, by the ELECTED POTUS.

    • There was a case yesterday of a person who went to vote but was refused the ability to vote because he wouldn’t wear a mask! Ordinarily, you have the DemoncRATS out there screaming about disenfranchisement, but crickets in this instance. They offered him “drive up voting,” which is a new and equally dangerous system because, as the man said, who’s to say what becomes of his ballot once he hands it out of his car to some worker and he doesn’t get to see it go into the ballot box? This guy OUGHT TO SUE on a federal basis because they have NO RIGHT to disenfranchise him based upon an ILLEGAL MANDATE that’s not founded in any ordinance or law or lawful authority. These mask mandates and this hype to cause FEAR of contagion is all designed to depress CONSERVATIVE VOTES and votes that they assume are likely conservative votes–namely the more-conservative ELDERLY people. The man never did get to vote. Again, he ought to sue. He WOULD win. There’s no way he could not win. The mask mandate is illegal and for sure it doesn’t supersede the fundamental right of a person to vote.

      • The explanation about the election coming from “Q” is that the deep state and all concerned, even with using every cheating method available to them, has concluded that the election is lost and Donald Trump will win.
        The new strategy is to delay the election RESULTS by using the chaos that mail in voting can bring. Millions of missing ballots, millions of ballot challenges. Why it might take a year or more to declare a winner.
        In the meantime, Congress will get to appoint an “acting president”.
        Any guesses who might nancy that job?

        • I hope and pray that Q is correct that Trump will win.

          They’re pulling out all the stops now, especially with the bank turning over Trump’s records to that corrupt NY prosecutor, who seems like a BLM activist. Who really believes that this SECRET information will remain secret before the election? It will “leak” or worse, as with the Trump/Russia coup, it will be SPUN as “leaks” (iow, lies or deliberate distortions) to harm the POTUS. As with the Trump/Russia “leaks” NOBODY HAS YET BEEN CAUGHT OR PUNISHED, so WHY WOULDN’T THEY “LEAK” this information? It’s illegal but that doesn’t matter with progressive activists.

          Yes, they’re going to do like the election of 2000 on steroids. The lawyers are all lined up already. EVERY battleground state and precinct will be contested. We will hear the argument again that EVERY ballot has to be counted, no matter whether it’s filled out correctly, whether it’s signed correctly, whether it was sent in on time, whether it was post-marked on time. They’ve telegraphed their plan in that they keep saying that no matter what, Trump’s term ends on Jan. 20, 2021. So it will come down to Congress (is this both houses or just the HOUSE)? So it will also depend upon the results of Congressional races, which the Republicans better be ready to contest as well.

          I read the Trump lawsuit against NV and what they’ve done is so unconstitutional and blatantly illegal, partisan, immoral, and unethical, it’s unbelievable, even for DemoncRATS. Anybody can go into a nursing home, where dementia patients reside, take a ballot, fill it out “for” them, SIGN IT for them, and then take it to be counted. Of course, under the same system, who’s to say that if a patient has the wherewithal to vote for Trump, the “helper” WILL deliver the ballot or will just take every Trump vote and rewrite it, sign it, and deliver it for Biden? There’s no system to ensure validity. As if that’s not enough, they designed the mail-in ballots with prepaid postage that is usually not even post-marked by the post office, so there’s no way to ensure WHEN the ballot was mailed. So they can see what the results are on election day, then they can contest it, drag it out, and then have plenty of time to dummy up as many votes as needed to put Biden over the top. They’ll already KNOW who voted already so they can just look at the rolls, write up the ballots for Biden for anybody who didn’t vote, and voila! 100% participation and a landslide for Biden. It’s illegal and unconstitutional to extend the voting beyond election day, but they WILL do it. It’s transparently a design to steal elections by ballot harvesting and vote fraud but with the courts stacked with “Obama judges” the votes will get counted. Already in NY a judge has ordered votes that weren’t counted because they didn’t get there on time to be counted. It’s over a month and they still haven’t decided a congressional race. As with the last election, where this happened, magically, you just can predict it, all the DemoncRATS will pull out a win. Yes, I believe Nancy has her eyes on the prize.

  9. lol
    BIDEN: “No, I haven’t taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test? C’mon man. That’s like saying you, before you got in this program, if you take a test where you’re taking cocaine or not, what do you think huh? Are you a junkie?” pic.twitter.com/f6UMPJq381

    • Hmm. They ought to apply the same standard to President Trump. They have no problem asking him equivalent questions like “have you stopped beating your wife yet?” He’s the dude who said he’s tested all the time. Didn’t he say that?

  10. A helpful tip!

  11. Wednesday on her new podcast, former first lady Michelle Obama called coronavirus an opportunity to think about “how wealth is distributed” to lower-income essential workers.

    Obama noted the “power” that would enable what “we” could do to allow such actions.

  12. Biden, by refusing to take a cognitive test, proves he needs one
    Butt’ butt’
    In July, President Trump baited a cognitive test trap for Joe Biden. On Tuesday, that trap started to close around the confused and combative Democrat presidential candidate.

  13. Sally Yates throws James Comey under the bus
    By Monica Showalter
    With investigations revealing treasure troves of evidence of deep-state malfeasance in their bid to Get Trump, rats are fleeing a sinking ship. Deep State is now trying to get its stories straight. And in former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates’s Senate testimony this Wednesday, it looks as if James Comey is the designated fall guy. Blame him and the rest get off the hook.

    Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/08/sally_yates_throws_james_comey_under_the_bus.html#ixzz6UO4Sx7qG
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  14. Blacks …that vote …. 4. The B’s ….deserve just

    Where ….dirty mentally ..gone Joe…. Has gone
    Dip the slime… U dear folks don’t have 2vote 4 the users….. Any…..longer ..or do??? U ….

  15. God has 2 be on Trump’s side …..wtp only have
    Person….with his marbles …. No matter how much they try to burn him down …..most of whats said ….. Is the gods truth ….like it or not. …it is the
    Truth ….trump isn’t our daddy ….we are adults ….act like …it …wake up …it’s right in front of
    Your …..nose!!!! …..grow up ….stop with the B’s!!

  16. God has 2 be on Trump’s side …..wtp only have
    Person….with his marbles …. No matter how much they try to burn him down …..most of whats said ….. Is the gods truth ….like it or not. …it is the
    Truth ….trump isn’t our daddy ….we are adults ….act like …it …wake up …it’s right in front of
    Your …..nose!!!! …..grow up ….stop with the B’s!!

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