A Little Bird Tweets …

There has to be more to this story than meets the eye. Spidey senses tingle, but why remains to be seen. Twitter was allegedly “hacked” and the accounts of politicians, celebrities, philanthropists, and tech moguls, among others, were hijacked in an apparent cryptocurrency scam.

This, from a story that reported on the alleged hack soon after it occurred: [emphasis added to quotes]

A Twitter insider was responsible for a wave of high profile account takeovers on Wednesday, according to leaked screenshots obtained by Motherboard and two sources who took over accounts. …

“We used a rep that literally done all the work for us,” one of the sources told Motherboard. The second source added they paid the Twitter insider. …

The accounts were taken over using an internal tool at Twitter, according to the sources, as well as screenshots of the tool obtained by Motherboard. …

In all, four sources close to or inside the underground hacking community provided Motherboard with screenshots of the user tool. …

Twitter has been deleting some screenshots of the panel and has suspended users who have tweeted them, claiming that the tweets violate its rules. …

The panel is a stark example of the issue of insider data access at tech companies.

The screenshots show details about the target user’s account, such as whether it has been suspended, is permanently suspended, or has protected status. …

The story links to articles reminding readers that in the past other Twitter insiders have abused their access to user accounts, noting that in 2017 one employee deleted President Trump’s account and two former employees were accused by the Dept. of Justice of abusing their access by spying for the Saudi government.

At the link, you’ll see the screenshots referred to in the above quote. Of particular note to some is the image showing the “panel” that gives authorized employees access to user accounts. Presumably this “tool” is used to moderate (approve, boost, censor) chosen user accounts. Buttons on the tool include “Perm Suspended”, “Suspended”, “Bounced”, “Protected”, “Inactive”, “Compromised”, “Trends Blacklist”, “Search Blacklist”, and “ReadOnly.”

Days later comes a story that seems to downplay the seriousness of the crimes:

Hackers involved in the high-profile hijacking of Twitter accounts earlier this week were young pals with no links to state or organized crime, The New York Times reported Friday.

The attack, which Twitter and federal police are investigating, started with a playful message between hackers on the platform Discord, a chat service popular with gamers, according to the Times.

The paper said it had interviewed four people who participated in the hacking, who shared logs and screenshots backing up their accounts of what happened. 

“The interviews indicate that the attack was not the work of a single country like Russia or a sophisticated group of hackers,” the Times reported.

“Instead, it was done by a group of young people – one of whom says he lives at home with his mother …

Twitter said it appeared to be a “coordinated social engineering attack by people who successfully targeted some of our employees with access to internal systems and tools.” …

The young hackers interviewed by the Times said a mysterious user who went by the name “Kirk” initiated the scheme with a message and was the one with access to Twitter accounts. …

The young hackers maintained they stopped serving as middlemen for “Kirk” when high-profile accounts became targets. …

Not to worry! The New York Times–which never met a Russian it liked and which loves to blame “the Russians” for everything–assures us that Twitter was not hacked by Russians. It was just a bunch of mom’s-basement-dwelling knuckleheads. Hmmm.

So far, estimates of the amount of bitcoin “lost” range between $110,000 and $130,000. Whether these amounts can be recovered is in dispute. Some say yes; others say no.

Twitter, however, is the greater loser, in that the company may have lost $1 billion “from its market cap” after the recent alleged hack (more likely an inside job).

While lost bitcoin may not amount to much (according to some), one would think that those who lost a billion dollars in “market cap” would sit up and take notice, demanding that the “playful” young “gamers, the “pals” who pulled off the hack, would be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

So why does it seem as if the victims are remarkably silent about the damage done? Why does the New York Times story appear to downplay the seriousness of the crimes? Don’t Twitter’s stockholders take this loss seriously?

Both quoted stories seem to point to the same “four” people and both mention screenshots that prove that the “pals” did indeed get into the Twitter system tool. Twitter diligently removed the screenshots from anywhere they appeared on their site. Why?

Are the screenshots of the Twitter tool–the panel full of interesting buttons–why the story now seems to be getting downplayed? Is some kind of damage control in play?

Some suspect the screenshots of the Twitter tool are evidence that Twitter hasn’t been upfront with users or Congress or the DOJ with regard to how they moderate and/or censor user accounts. Supposedly, there’s no shadow banning going on. Supposedly, there’s no messing with trending stories to push them down, reduce their visibility. Supposedly, there are no “blacklists.” Why then, are there buttons on the tool that seem to indicate otherwise? Why do the screenshots appear to contradict the sworn testimony of Twitter officials? Hmm.

It sure doesn’t lend credibility to Twitter to learn that they’ve  been hacked again. The situation is remarkably reminiscent of the so-called hacking of the DNC back in 2016.

The Twitter hack, so-called by the media, appears to be a case of an insider selling his password and access to Twitter’s systems. Similarly, the DNC “hack” may also have been an insider breach, not an actual hack by Russian bad actors, as was hyped by the media and the Democrats, who similarly were in damage control mode.

Who is Kirk? Was this only a test run?

Many in the media seem concerned about the potential for a “hack” of social media sites during the closing days or hours of the 2020 election. Hmm. Are they concerned, or are they laying the groundwork for something, sending up the trial balloon, “explaining” in advance?

Remember the infamous passport breach before the 2008 election, where the target was actually Barack Obama’s passport file but Hillary Clinton’s and John McCain’s files were also breached to provide cover? This serious breach of confidential State Dept. records was brushed off by the media, downplayed as merely an instance of overly curious but essentially harmless contract employees browsing through the records of famous people. However, the goal of the breach, according to some media reports, was to whitewash information from Obama’s passport records so that it couldn’t be used to question his constitutional eligibility or his suitability for the presidency.

Did the Twitter hack serve to steal information from or about someone who wasn’t openly named as a victim (for example, President Trump or members of his family) while the bitcoin gambit served as the cover story?

Could hackers steal information to make it appear as if someone else besides themselves was behind the hack? In other words, could it be a political dirty trick designed to dirty up a political opponent? Why, for example, are all the named victims mostly liberal/progressive people?

While someone’s trolling around in everybody’s Twitter accounts, just a member of a merry bunch of basement-dwelling, harmless “pals,” what might a person find that could be very useful indeed between now and November and which could easily be sold to the highest bidder?

Not to worry, though, brothers and sisters. The FBI is on the case. Yeah, you know, those same people who ran the “counterintelligence investigation” into now-President Donald Trump before, during, and after his election.

Trust no one. Dirty tricks abound. False flags proliferate.

They’re testing the waters. Putting out feelers. Spreading disinformation. So it begins.

Nothing is ever as it seems, especially in an election year.


155 responses to “A Little Bird Tweets …

  1. Mark Taylor

  2. DOJ Spokesperson Kerri Kupec. 😀

  3. Love This!! ❤

  4. Susan rice is the pea brain who was on national TV telling all of us that Benghazi was the fault of some kid who made an anti muslim video and put it on YouTube. There is no reason for me to think that anything relevant will ever pass through her lips again.

  5. Susan Rice: 150,000 Dead Americans Is on Trump’s ‘Gross Mishandling of This Pandemic
    ..r u nuts??? …. Ha’ …. Never mind … Shame/shame

  6. On May 15th Trump initiated Operation Warp Speed, to accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics.
    So while the media, Pelosi, Biden and other Democrats falsely vilified the president’s handling of the plague that came from China, and told us to “follow the science,” by proclaiming that the virus can distinguish between anti-lockdown protestors, churchgoers, or hair salon owners who want to safely reopen their businesses, but not for “defund the police” protestors, arsonists, looters, vandals and anarchists who destroy property, topple statues, burn courthouses and churches, terrorize civilians, overrun city streets with autonomous zones, and clash with law enforcement officers, one wonders what any of them would have done differently if they had been commander in chief.

  7. I don’t believe this story for one minute. There is FAR MORE to this than this cover-up narrative:


    “A 17-year-old from Tampa is at the center of a Twitter hack scheme which gave him and two others access to the high-profile account of Bill Gates, Barack Obama and many other celebrities with millions of followers, authorities say.

    Graham Ivan Clark was arrested Friday at his Tampa apartment, according to the Hillsborough State Attorney’s Office. The two others charged Friday are 22-year-old Nima Fazeli of Orlando and 19-year-old Mason Sheppard of the United Kingdom, according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in California. …

    “He’s a 17 year-old kid who apparently just graduated high school,” said State Attorney Andrew Warren of Clark, during a press conference in Tampa on Friday. “But no make no mistake, this was not an ordinary 17-year-old. This was a highly sophisticated attack on a magnitude not seen before.”

    Authorities described Clark as the “mastermind” behind the July 15 hack.

    Clark’s scheme was to steal the identities of prominent people, then post messages in their names directing victims to send Bitcoin to accounts he owned. The state attorney’s office said Friday that he reaped more than $100,000 in Bitcoin in just one day.

    As a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is difficult to track and recover if stolen in a scam. … ”

    So they’re going to expect us to believe that this INTERNATIONAL group of hackers was only after Bitcoin, a relatively small sum, too, all things considered. Where’s the rest of the story about how they allegedly also got into DIRECT MESSAGES and where’s the complete list of victims? This stinks to high heaven and I’ll be you the election is part of the reason for this “hack.” And this cover up. The FBI is totally compromised. I’m sorry but it’s true. Wray has to go. Trump ought to clean house there RIGHT NOW. Check this out: https://www.wnct.com/news/politics/fbi-review-of-surveillance-applications-found-minor-errors/ Oh, yeah. The Inspector General doesn’t know what he’s talking about. These were only “minor” errors in WIRETAP applications for SPYING ON A PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN AND THEN A PRESIDENT? How can any errors be “minor?” Remember, these guys are supposed to sequester ALL the data with regard to all the cases and everything and everybody these false applications impacted. Talk about a whitewash! What about the guy who MADE UP “EVIDENCE?” That was no “minor” mistake, no typo, no date error. (I’ll bet you anything they’re trying to claim a typo or mistaken date on the proof of their collusion as shown by the TIMELINES constructed by TCTH.)




    Only one photo shown and it doesn’t EXPLICITLY say that the photo is of any of the alleged perps. Nima Fazeli is an interesting name and this person is an adult, as opposed to the minor 17-year-old. Who’s the “mastermind?” So why is there a photo, allegedly, presumably, of the 17-year-old minor but NOT of the two adults, seeing as how the UK person is 19? Why does he remind me of Adam Lanza? https://wikiglobals.com/graham-ivan-clark-twitter-hacker-wiki-bio-age/ Oddly enough, OR NOT, if you do a tineye search for the photo, it’s nowhere to be found.

    Graduated this year. School in Orlando. Probably 22. Speaks Persian. What say you?

  8. More reasons WHY they want to sweep the “hack” under the rug and blame a bunch of kids living in Mom’s basement. WHY THE UK person involved in this? Shades of the UK involvement in the Steele debacle. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/07/hackers-reveal-twitters-shadowbanning-tool-manual-not-accidental-explains-extreme-anti-conservative-bias-tech-giant/

    They’re removing tweets and accounts that prove the lie that they don’t shadow ban or manually control accounts. CEOs may have lied under oath. But there is FAR MORE to this than they’re expecting us to believe. The motivation could not have only been to sweep up a hundred thousand in Bitcoin. WHY hack the political bigwigs? WHOSE data were they really after and WHAT data did they actually get? We’re supposed to believe the FBI, which covered for and protected Hillary Clinton in 2016 and which tarred Trump FALSELY with being in bed with Putin, when they say this was only a kid hacker who wanted to make money? That this has NOTHING TO DO with the upcoming election?

  9. As I linked above, the 22-year-old from Orlando speaks “Persian.” His father’s name is Mohammed, and he claims his son is completely innocent (of course). https://www.euronews.com/2020/07/23/twitter-hackers-accessed-messages-of-far-right-leader-geert-wilders#spotim-launcher-widget-1163348

    Consider that anti-islamist Geert Wilders had his personal direct messages hacked by these guys. He’s in the Netherlands. Wilders believes there’s a political motivation here, in that activists around the world had their messages sent to him READ by these hackers. Now all the others mentioned in the mainstream media as victims were liberal/progressive. Why was Wilders alone never mentioned before now, when he outed himself as a victim? As I suspected, conservatives and non-progressives were also hacked and hacked worse, because it’s their messages that were read and Wilders even says messages were SENT from his account, impersonating him. The announcement of the liberal victims is a cover story for the ACTUAL TARGETS. Is it a coincidence that the oldest person, a college graduate, not someone living in Grandma’s basement but someone who IS muslim most likely, having a dad named Mohammed–is it likely he’s only in it for the Bitcoin, a pittance, all things considered? WHO ELSE WAS VICTIMIZED BY THIS “HACK” AND WHEN WILL THE OTHER SHOE DROP?

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