Institutional Racism

This is exactly what institutional racism looks like.

The City of Seattle held a racially segregated employee training session aimed at White staffers and instructing them on “undoing your own whiteness” in order to be held accountable by people of color, according to documents obtained by a public records request.

The person who requested documents and information about this allegedly voluntary “training” for only white people (those who “identify” as whites) released some records to the public. (One wonders what happened to employees who opted out, even though others might identify them as white. )

Last month, the city of Seattle held a training session for white employees called “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness.”

So I did a public records request to find out exactly what this means.

I acquired the following documents through a public records request. The first document explains “Internalized Racial Superiority” and how white people complicity reinforce[s] racist systems. The second document, “Interrupting whiteness” explains how to interrupt one’s whiteness and eventually become a “white accomplice.” The third document, “Assimilation into Whiteness” explains that anyone of Jewish, Armenian, Arab, and Irish descent is now defined as white.

Here are some takeaways from the “training,” which some (I’m one) might call racist, racial propaganda as well as government-sanctioned psychological abuse and bullying based solely upon race and skin color:

** “Racism is not our fault but we [whites] are responsible.”

In other words, all whites bear guilt by association due to sharing “white” skin color with some racists. No escape. No defense allowed. Nothing in the released documents addresses anti-white racism or who’s “responsible” for it.

** “Overcoming whiteness” means “countering responses from within you … by having practices that remind you of your humanity.”

Implication being that those with “white” skin have to mindfully work to develop feelings of “humanity,” because the inborn original sin of racism always will manifest itself by knee-jerk racist responses that come “from within.”

** “Whites” are told to find groups of other “white people who are practicing antiracist accomplicehood, so you can talk through your struggles in the work of undoing your own whiteness.”

It’s a struggle; it’s hard work to undo “whiteness.” Whites need to understand that whiteness itself is an evil that must be overcome (undone). You have it; it’s like a disease; you must rid yourself of it. People of other colors should be proud of their ancestry, ethnicity, culture, cultural behaviors and values, the accomplishments of their people, but if you’re white, you should exhibit only shame, never pride, and you must suppress your speech, beliefs, and values because they are wrong in some other people’s opinion. You don’t merit concern about your fundamental human rights, such as free speech, free thoughts or, especially, your own feelings. You must recognize this and submit yourself to reeducation, for the good of other people–those “of color” who, by implication, are more important than you.

** Whites are warned not to even listen to other whites who may disagree with these tenets of “antiracist accomplicehood.” You (whites) must beware of other whites who might try to “absolve you from any form of racism.”

There is no absolution for you. Don’t think for yourself and don’t ask other whites their opinion, especially if they disagree with the notion of “undoing whiteness.” Hear no evil. Read no evil. Do not think, because even your thinking is racist. Accept your training. Submit absolutely.

** To be good “accomplices” (interesting choice of words), whites must forego, among other basic human, legal, and constitutional rights, “comfort,” “any expectations or presumptions of emotional safety,” and even “physical safety.”

What do we take from this instruction? For example, if accosted in public while trying to enjoy dinner in a restaurant or trying to drive down a public street, are whites expected to passively submit to any bullying they may receive from anti-white activists, among other racists?

Should whites expect and submit to threats to their physical safety, as well? The training seems designed to teach whites that whether harassed, bullied, discriminated against, threatened or even physically attacked because of their race, they should not complain because this might put their abusers at risk. We’ve heard this meme before: Don’t call the manager (Karen). Above all, don’t call the police. If you do, it’s a sign of your racism.

As for emotional safety, don’t even think about complaining about gaslighting or psychological abuse. Again, if you do, that proves that you are racist.

“Safe spaces” are only for “people of color.” You need to learn that you deserve no safe space, emotionally or physically, nor do your children. You are to accept your treatment because you’re white, and you’d better not complain about it. Accept your place on the new racial totem pole. You are now the untouchable, the deplorable. Get used to it.

** The training also instructs whites that they must give up “control … over the land,” “relationships with some other white people,” “social status,” “the certainty of your job,” and “jobs and promotions when we [whites] are not qualified, including racial equity jobs.”

Are whites being taught that they must give up the notion of personal property, conditioned to accept seizure of their property (land) for redistribution? What else could this mean?

Whites must also give up “social status.” Does this mean they should accept without question or complaint that they will henceforth be consigned to dhimmitude? Disappeared from the social sphere as they are disappearing from TV ads, because their very presence is “triggering” non-white people?

Is training whites to uncomplainingly give up “jobs and promotions” intended to ensure that when whites are discriminated against, especially with regard to “racial equity jobs” (which of course must be filled based upon skin color), they won’t resort to the EEOC, the courts, the law, or the Constitution, which forbid government discrimination based upon skin color?

Is this training simply government-sponsored intimidation of white employees, designed to bully them into believing that standing upon their constitutional rights is itself racist and that, even though they would most likely win in court, they should not even take the case to court or else … racist!

In other words, don’t stand  upon your constitutional or legal rights, give them up willingly and unquestioningly. 

The city of Seattle wouldn’t reveal who ran this training program (who wrote it, who taught it) or pertinent details concerning how taxpayer dollars were spent upon such seemingly racially discriminatory, deliberately divisive “training.”

Was this program put out for bid? If not, why not? To ensure that the public was kept unaware and had no opportunity for input until it was a fait accompli?

The city also wouldn’t provide video of the event. Why not? What are they afraid of? Public opinion?

Shouldn’t the requester expect to have public information law applied equally? Or does the city believe that the requester should not expect transparency because, after all, to reveal details may cause harm to people of color, potentially coming from (always racist) white people who may object to this at least arguably hateful racist propaganda, aimed at them, being disseminated by their own government, under the guise of employee training, all paid for by their tax dollars?

There is more about the program here.

In my opinion: This is dangerous and divisive. It’s un-American. It’s unconstitutional. It’s illegal. It’s bullying. It’s psychologically harmful. It’s racial intimidation.

It’s also coming soon to a school near you, to be exacted upon white children, unless it’s stopped by parents speaking up and speaking out.

Be warned: This kind of “training” will become the norm in our country under Democrat rule, if Joe Biden ends up anywhere near the Oval Office.


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    No gatherings in New York EXCEPT Black Lives Matter events. A case in point of institutional racism. In addition, De Blasio helped BLM activists paint their slogan on the street in front of the President’s property. One wonders WHEN, as I’ve said before, this mayor will allow pro-life activists to paint a NY street with THEIR slogan: CHOOSE LIFE. It’s unconstitutional and illegal for this mayor or any other mayor to refuse one group while acceding to another. VIEWPOINT DISCRIMINATION BY GOVERNMENT IS AGAINST THE LAW.

  2. Racism … Whites are responsible???

    The Blacks from Africa took their own Black People from the Jungles of Africa and sold them into Slavery for money

    Blacks from Africa are the only ones responsible for Slavery

    America is the place where Slavery ended!

    • Sadly, racism (tribalism, iow) is part of the human condition. We ALL have to work against the inborn tendency to prefer our “own”–those who share our DNA. Our family. Our tribe. Our nation. It’s NATURAL. We have intelligence to help us overcome instinctual tendencies. We are ALL subject to similar feelings. Racism is NOT specific ONLY to people who are defined as “white.”

  3. Smells like absolution. I totally agree with his sentiment that we MUST come together as one people and GET OVER THIS NOW.


    We should not let a small group of racists OF ANY COLOR to destroy our country–the country that we ALL built together and that we love.


    “The state of Illinois counts ANYONE who has the coronavirus at time of death regardless of how they died as a coronavirus death.

    Anyone. …”

    But it’s not only Illinois. You have to read the parsing carefully when the mainstream media report deaths. They always say “deaths associated with COVID” or “virus-related deaths” or a person who died “with COVID.” NOTICE they don’t say deaths CAUSED BY COVID.

    See what she says, paraphrasing: If you were in hospice and were given only a few weeks to live, and if you then became COVID positive but die of the underlying illness, you’re still counted as a COVID death! Even if you obviously died from something else (like gunshot, execution, car accident?), you’re counted as a COVID death if you are COVID positive. This is NUTS. No wonder the U.S. “leads the world” in COVID deaths. WE DON’T.

    But hey. The states and the hospitals get more federal money IF they inflate the numbers so … they inflate the numbers! Added bonus, they can smear and blame the President.

  5. About that young lady who claimed 4 white men set her on fire:

    This gets even more interesting when you remember that Megyn Markle inserted herself very publicly into the case and so has a vested interest in it NOT turning out to be anything other than what this young lady claimed. Now check this out:

    “Meghan Markle will join Michelle Obama at a gender equality summit later this month.

    According to Vanity Fair, Girl Up, a leadership initiative empowering young women and encouraging gender equality and social change, announced on Twitter the duchess would be speaking at the three-day digital event. …”

    Enter Moo, stage left, and there’s yet another vested interest in this NOT being exposed for what it just may be, what it appears on its face (no pun intended) to be.

    “Gender equality.” We all know why that’s a subject dear to Moo’s heart.

    This investigation will probably just die away. She doesn’t claim to remember the exact intersection, so she’s left wiggle room to explain why there may not be surveillance tape. There can’t be evidence of a negative. There can’t be evidence of something that maybe didn’t happen anywhere, much less near that intersection. There can’t be witnesses, either.

    Now last I heard the cops were trying to get “permission” to access her medical records. If she won’t willingly turn them over, what are the odds that liberal Madison WI will allow a subpoena for them?

    Remember this, too, keeping in mind that the guy in the video isn’t alone in thinking these look like rug burns. The woman is quoted multiple times saying that the hospital staff “had to scrub her skin” away to get the liquid off–liquid that would have/should have already burned off and which by then she’d left on her face for hours.

    Be that as it may, is the narrative that nurses SCRUBBED her skin repeated to explain why the skin actually looks exactly like that–that it was abraded somehow, not burned? Did nurses really do this or did someone else?

    I see no third-degree burns. She hasn’t been seen herself for weeks. She’s incommunicado, other than speaking to the “princess” over the phone. Why is that? Why is there no progress on the case and why no curious reporters and why no updates?

    Yes, the truth may be painful in several ways, but the TRUTH must come out, in the interest of JUSTICE.

  6. And now something to give you nightmares even beyond the thought of Moo as VP:


    Even more so than if Moo were VP, with Jarrett as VP, it WOULD TRULY BE THE 3RD OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.

    This writer must be OUT OF HER EVER-LOVING MIND.

    • WARNING! DANGER, WILL ROBINSON! (Or should I say MOO Robinson? Surely she (?) CANNOT possibly truly love ValJar as much as she pretends.)

      As telegraphed above by the SUPPOSEDLY CONSERVATIVE voice at the WaPo, Biden HANGING OUT, fund raising, with Valerie Jarrett, allegedly one of the candidates for VP. AND he has that other Barry sycophant Anita Dunn on his campaign.

      Of course, he’s quoting Mao. That’s who ValJar AND Dunn admire and emulate. Biden is a joke. Pray for our country. Thomas Sowell fears that if Biden “wins,” the entire country may be lost forever. Now, I’m used to us saying things like that but when Sowell says it, it gets pretty freaking scary to think about.

  7. It’s an upside down country, all that matters is racism. Forget cancer.
    Not important


    That’s an article by the guy who got the goods on this “training.” It has more information. He calls it “cult programming,” which perfectly describes what it is. These people have gone so far off their nut. It’s reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials or the craziness that infected that community where they accused so many child care workers of child molestation. Remember?

    Yeah, it’s like that. Sad thing is that when these hysterics strike, people are harmed, sometimes even killed. Lives are ruined. That’s for sure.

    I didn’t touch on this in my post but it’s important. The author wrote:

    “Once the diversity trainers have established this basic conceptual framework, they encourage white employees to “practice self-talk that affirms [their] complicity in racism” and work on “undoing [their] own whiteness.” As part of this process, white employees must abandon their “white normative behavior” and learn to let go of their “comfort,” “physical safety,” “social status,” and “relationships with some other white people.” As writer James Lindsay has pointed out, this is not the language of human resources; it is the language of cult programming—persuading members they are defective in some predefined manner, exploiting their emotional vulnerabilities, and isolating them from previous relationships. …”

    It’s exactly the behavior that domestic violence ABUSERS use. Gaslighting, too. In fact, a man abusing his wife psychologically is the plot of a movie that gave gaslighting its name. These people KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING and they do it deliberately. They’ve managed to usurp SYSTEMS within institutions and bullied the leaders of the systems to in turn bully employees into agreeing to this SYSTEMATIC PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE in the guise of improving race relations. If they truly wanted to institute equality, then EVERY employee would take part in the training and EVERY form of racism and “racial superiority” would be examined. What are these BLM activists if not BLACK supremacists? Read the BREATHE Act, which they wrote. See what they want. Read this training manifesto. White people MUST give up their equal right to compete for jobs that supposedly manage diversity in institutions. No! Whites need not apply, despite the fact that a specific skin color doesn’t qualify or disqualify anyone from doing a job. What is it about a person’s color that magically makes them able to manage diversity in an organization? NOTHING. But since affirmative action has run into the buzz saw of the Constitution and the Civil Rights Acts, some people have been working overtime trying to figure out how to RATIONALIZE the reason why WHITES need not apply and specific jobs MUST BE set aside (quotas) for “people of color.” The tendency, however, is not being narrowly construed. It’s morphing day by day into: White people, because they have the original sin of racism in their DNA and cannot expunge it without a LOT of “work,” cannot be trusted to hold jobs such as police officers, judges, government leaders, etc. It’s definitely coming as an argument. White=racist=disqualified from any job where they have control over or make decisions about “people of color.” Black people MUST be allowed to have black teachers, black DOCTORS, black nurses, black police forces (“sovereignty” they call it), etc. But it’s not to be a “separate but equal” system. No. Not separate at all. They’re in charge of their own people and they’re ALSO in charge of, have power over, whites as a necessity because whites are by definition inferior and must have superior folks rule them. Does this sound extreme? It IS extreme but it’s in their literature AND it’s already coming to pass in the rhetoric if you pay attention.


    I didn’t realize so many other people wrote about this same topic. This is from Sarah Palin’s site.


    This will be interesting. We already have Judicial Watch challenging the DC mayor to let them paint THEIR “mural” (slogan) on the city streets, so now there’s a women’s group (presumably Trump supporters because they’re for “America first) who expect/DEMAND that DeBlasio let them paint THEIR “mural” on a NY city street and they’ve suggested the street in front of DEBLASIO’S home! Gotta love it. I suspect that they’ve changed the name of this slogan painting to “mural” because there’s some provision in city law to allow “murals” (even though not murals, not ARTWORK) to be painted on public property if a person gets a permit or permission of the mayor. He will likely try to claim that BLM is art but political slogans are not, by claiming as others do that BLM is “human rights” and not politics.


    Turning the Hagia Sophia into a MOSQUE from a museum. It should be RETURNED to the Eastern Orthodox CHRISTIAN community from whom it was STOLEN and made back into a Christian church. The church had already been desecrated and “cleansed” of Christian iconography before it became a museum, but now Christians will probably not even be allowed into the place where their ancestors worshipped, if it becomes a mosque. Women, especially, will be EXCLUDED as they are in so many muslim countries.


    Even if POTUS pardons or commutes, they’re still going to probably go after Stone for something else. And with Flynn, that rogue judge is going to keep after him, charge him with perjury and/or contempt of court, no matter what DOJ decides. I’m not sure that even if POTUS pardons Flynn or Stone TODAY, the left won’t come up with something NEW to charge them with that won’t be covered under the pardon. It will have to be carefully worded.


    This goes way back in our early research on Obama’s connections to terrorists. Tucker Carlson had a video out, and was on his show, that illustrated Susan Rosenberg’s connections with BLM. She was in prison, then got out, and now works for BLM. Any doubt about Barry’s connections? This is his “army” of community organizers as promised/predicted by someone years ago, whose name escapes me.

    I can’t remember what all we learned about Rosenberg when we were researching Barry’s connections to all these terrorists, including Ayers.

  14. RSBN
    Flag of United States
    Tomorrow’s Trump rally in New Hampshire has been cancelled due to Tropical Storm Fay…we were already en route
    Neutral face

    Campaign says it will be rescheduled. When it happens, we’ll be there.
    12:15 PM · Jul 10, 2020·Twitter Web App


    Suddenly an update that’s not much of an update on the strange case of the mixed race Jewish woman who was allegedly set on fire by 4 white men. A tiny excerpt (19 seconds?) of a 3 minute and 36 second audiotape of the alleged 911 call she allegedly made to the cops after the incident (but it was really many hours later. She first went to her brother’s house, according to news stories. Then she went home. Then her mom told her to go to the hospital. Then she allegedly went there and was treated and then she finally called the cops in the evening (attack about 1:30 a.m.). Did she call cops because nurses told her they would if she didn’t?

    Compare what’s said on this tape to what the story morphed into. She says she was driving on a street “in Middleton”. She was in her car and she heard “a group of PEOPLE yell the n-word” and she turned her head and “they” threw lighter fluid on her and then a MATCH or a lighter. So at first she didn’t say WHITE MEN. In the 911 call she said a “match or a lighter,” but she told reporters it was a lighter. Either one should have been found in her car.

    This news article says the call was 3:36 minutes BUT they only play about 19 seconds. They say the rest of the call is “redacted” because it contains her personal information!

    This from the story, “Bernstein recounted that she had been crossing State Street in her car on the way to University Avenue, but that she had trouble remembering exactly the cross streets.”

    Again, makes it harder for the cops to get surveillance video, right?

    One has to wonder what the complicit media also know from the tape that they’re not revealing. Why not play the whole tape but bleep the personal information? This story specifically says she went to the UW Hospital’s ER.

    It’s curious this comes out now after several people, including black YouTubers, have posted videos or blog stories questioning WHY this isn’t being solved and has dropped off the radar.

    I saw a comment somewhere where a person said that somebody from the MPD had leaked that it is already known to have been a hoax. Are they going to admit it now that it’s been so publicly hyped, especially with “Prince Andrew” and Megyn Markle involving themselves in the inimitable liberal way?

    IF it’s a hoax, then it’s equally a false police report and more obviously a false police report than the case of the white woman in Central Park. If this mixed race woman is NOT charged for making a false police report, if she made this up, and if a white woman IS charged for making a false police report, which is questionable because nobody can read her mind and nobody knows for sure whether or not she was threatened or felt she was threatened, then this is NOT equal treatment under the law.

    Both should be charged or neither should be charged. A person’s skin color should not determine whether she gets a pass on lying to cops and wasting their time and the taxpayers’ money. Similarly, you don’t get a pass just because some foreign “princess” sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong.


      Funny the above two stories, although posted earlier, just show up on searches today. Anyway …

      This is a pet peeve of mine, when I suspect people are lying for whatever reason but their lies are NOT harmless. It’s NOT harmless and it’s in fact VERY HARMFUL for people to make up lies like I suspect this is.

      In this girl’s case, if it’s a hoax, then I would surely cut her slack if it turns out there’s a parent/child angle to this, like “I wasn’t supposed to be at or near those “protests” and somehow my face was injured but I didn’t want to admit the truth because … I wasn’t supposed to be there.” (Of course, it could be worse and she may have been somehow involved in another lighter fluid incident.)

      Now, yeah. She’s 18 so an adult but seems she lives with Mom and probably is supposed to listen to Mom, especially if still financially dependent upon Mom. Maybe Mom’s car was damaged, too. We haven’t heard anything about the car.

      Why go to her brother’s house first, at 1:30 in the morning, before going home, having just been set on fire?

      If she tells the truth (and it’s nothing criminal), then people will cut her slack, her being a kid and probably not intending (maybe) to cause racial division. But who knows? If we hear she lawyers up instead of just having a publicity spokesperson, we’ll know something’s up. The FBI is supposedly involved.

      The cops MUST get to the bottom of it and tell the TRUTH, and let it all shake out AS IT SHOULD. If she publicly fesses up, then no charges are necessary. Maybe Megyn will advocate for her. Lucky girl, to have a princess and prince in her corner. We’ll see if they stand by her if/when the whole story is revealed.

      But I suspect that if nothing proves otherwise, they’ll just let this drop. Fade away with “white men” still accused with no exoneration. I mean, who cares if white people are again collectively accused of racist acts? Who cares about them, anyway? They’re not worth anything. Their lives don’t matter.

      IF there hadn’t been that video showing the “noose” in Bubba’s garage last year, if some other suspicious person hadn’t watched all 2 hours of it looking for and finding the “noose,” then NASCAR would STILL be saying it was a noose and evil, racist, white NASCAR insiders were attacking Bubba.

      Here’s another.

      • This story has a longer audio but gives really not much more information on the audio:

        The most interesting part is that, yes, she waited from 1 or so in the morning until nearly 6 p.m. to make the report AND she started by saying, “I’m SUPPOSED TO” make a police report, so AS I SUSPECTED and she admits: people at the ER, at the hospital, TOLD HER to make the police report “today,” so she finally did (but many hours later).

        It’s also interesting that she has any “donations” to Go Fund Me on her behalf go to ACTUAL charities, not to her personally, and she emphasizes forgiving her alleged assailants. Just my impression, but she doesn’t sound like I would sound if this happened to me. Not to mention, her “memory” is very spotty. She sounds listless and unconcerned. It makes no sense whatsoever.

        When a traumatic thing happens, people usually have precise, specific memories (flashbulb memories) that don’t fade away. The story also mentio,ns that the guy who was her spokesperson (from the Boys and Girls Club), the guy who was the intermediary with Prince Harry and faux Princess Megyn, suddenly is NO LONGER HER SPOKESPERSON. Why is that? He was enjoying the publicity and the glory and suddenly, she has a new spokesperson, who hasn’t called the media back. Seems the local media is beginning to demand answers. They had to use FOIA to get the audio of the 911 call. Why is that? (None of the articles seem to allow comments. I would LOVE to know what the locals think of this story.)

        As for that hate crime hoax where the guy put the notes on his own car, the cops originally just said they were closing the case with no further action. It took the media to pursue the RECORDS in order to learn that video showed that only he could have been the one to put the notes on his car. Inexplicably, in a complete digression from what is happening to the the white woman in NY, they’re not pursuing the hoaxer for making a false police report or wasting police time on useless effort investigating a hoax OR causing racial animosity in the college community because, they claim, there was no actual threat (which has NOTHING to do with making a false police report) and, ridiculously, they cite free speech rights, as if it’s free speech to put fake hate notes on your car and turn it into a huge FAKE false flag to cause hatred against WHITE PEOPLE and the non-black college community.

        • Watch this video…trump ….it’s below @davem



          Still beating the dead horse but I’m waiting for justice for the potentially falsely accused non-persons. Imagine what it would look like if you scrubbed your face real hard with a washcloth.

          • Gleaned from comments at that link, which sparked these questions in my mind: Did she have a cell phone with her? If not, who believes that? If so, then where’s that phone and did the cops take it for forensic examination, especially given that she can’t remember, she says, exactly where this took place? Does the GPS route from her phone, if possible, indicate everywhere she was that evening and the routes she took? Since the FBI are also investigating, have they subpoenaed her phone records like they did Smollett’s? What photos might be on her phone? Every other kid in this country has a phone at the ready to video just about anything and everything. IF she was at the protest, one might expect photos on the phone. Where was she, if not at the protest, such that she was either driving to her brother’s or driving home that night? She went to her brother’s, because she also says she called her mother after the incident. One might assume from her brother’s? At least the local media do seem curious about the lack of progress on this incendiary accusation. Let’s hope they don’t let it ride.

    so this guy publishes a story called Q names names – a long list of very famous and powerful pipple associated with that ecksteen guy.
    Hasn’t posted anything since/
    It’s been a week. Suspicious. Hope he hasn’t been to Arkansas.

    • Yep ……above go and click top video
      Trump …. Yep do see… It

    • Yep ……above go and click top video
      Trump …. Yep do see… It

    • Interesting. That Dead Pool may be getting shallower as bodies pile up. I saw somebody, and this is in poor taste but I’ll report it anyway–somebody said they were getting ahead of things and so were selling t-shirts that say, “Who killed Ghislaine?” She’s been given paper clothes to wear, they say, so she won’t be a suicide risk. Did Jeff hang himself with his clothes? Do they seriously believe we’re this stupid? Let’s hope she spills all the beans and that they’re TRUTHFUL beans and not somebody “composing” in order to get off.


    So I found where we talked about Susan Rosenberg at that post. I haven’t refreshed my memory by reading it yet.

  18. well, I dom’t know if I’m getting a ballot this year but this cat did
    and no Daddy-o I am not using ancient beatnik language

    • To top it off the cat’s DEAD! Cats get ballots. Dogs get ballots. Dead people get ballots. Now dead cats get ballots. Can’t make this stuff up. And yet the media say, “Don’t worry about mail-in ballots. There’s no ‘evidence’ of fraud. There’s nothing to worry about. Nothing to see here. Just vote early and often!”

  19. MORE fake hate:

    If the majority of the population (white people) are ALL racist, then it wouldn’t be “necessary” to INVENT fake hate crimes, would it?


    More harassment of the VICTIMS of a crime, in order to intimidate other homeowners who may subscribe to the notion that if white and/or if wealthy, they have a right to defend their lives and property. The SOROS-funded prosecutor is making it clear to all white people in St. Louis that they have NO RIGHT to stand up to the “largely peaceful protest” MOBS, even when they’re breaking and entering on their property, threatening their property, lives, and pets.

    • There is at least one decent conservative senator in the U.S. and Sen. Hawley stood up to both the NBA and the SOROS prosecutor recently. He challenged the NBA on allowing LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE statements on the backs of uniforms but NOT anything supporting, say, the troops, the police, or Hong Kong demonstrators. It’s NOT “First Amendment rights” if SOME people are censored while others are encouraged. Besides which, nobody wants to see POLITICS on sports programs. As for what is happening to the couple who defended their home?

      “”The idea that you wouldn’t prosecute actual violent criminals who are shooting cops, who are burning buildings in St. Louis — those people don’t even get charged,” Hawley said Thursday. “Yet you are going to investigate and maybe prosecute this couple? That’s really an abuse of power.””

      So now the prosecutor has searched their home for “guns” and supposedly got only the one–the rifle. She probably wants to ensure they’re UNARMED when the “largely peaceful protesters” return to make good their threats. After all, you wouldn’t want trespassing rioters to get hurt.

  21. Gardner, who was elected in 2016 on a platform of reforming the criminal justice system, was reportedly backed by liberal billionaire George Soros. Y


    Since being elected, Gardner has butted

    Who is Kimberly Gardner, St. Louis prosecutor investigating gun …
    Jun 30, 2020 … St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner has said that her office is investigating the confrontation between a gun-toting couple who stood in …

    Anonymous View

  23. Tucker!

  24. Exactly!!!

  25. Cuban-American UFC star Jorge Masvidal speaks out against communism, socialism when asked who he’s voting for……….


      The entire story from the pregnant woman’s perspective. One notable thing I’ve noticed is that uniformly, every news article I’ve read about this incident says she argued with a woman and her daughter. It was a woman and 2 daughters. They SURROUNDED her. Nobody mentions that. Ordinarily, if a group, a family, gets into an argument with strangers, the group stays close together. In this instance, the black women FLANKED her and her husband. They surrounded her, in particular, and wouldn’t let her move or leave to get in her car. One woman was still behind their car when they were trying to back out (I would have driven forward over the sidewalk). It wasn’t as “innocent” as the media make it sound, obviously. What else is obvious, at least to me, is that this is similar to the DemoncRAT dirty tricks where they pull stunts at Republican events and then film things out of context, omitting what THEY DID to set up the confrontation. These are, at best, wannabe Internet stars who wanted to film the ultimate “Karen” video and get their 15 minutes of fame. I hope this woman gets a good lawyer. btw, the lawyer that the McCloskeys in MO have is at one of THE preeminent criminal defense firms in the state. They’re NOT messing around with Kim. She’s going to have her clock cleaned. Supposedly the new lawyer wants to meet with her soon. I’ll bet he’ll show her what’s in store for herself and her BLM pals if they dare to take these people to a jury trial and they ought to DEMAND one, if they’re charged. DISCOVERY will be delightful! Get the organizers of this BLM entity on the witness stand, under oath. See if it was premeditated, as McCloskey said the other day. I can’t wait.

  26. Cult Programming in Seattle
    The city is training white municipal employees to overcome their “internalized racial superiority.”
    Christopher F. Rufo
    City …?…
    Last month, the City of Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights sent an email inviting “white City employees” to attend a training session on “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness,” a program designed to help …

    Sorry 4 all my mess-ups…. Tiny cell phone
    Seattle goes full Mao

  28. Zenway,It is great to see you back. ❤

    • U don’t even know how much u all were missed…
      I see you kept the “light on” …. Butt’ of course!

      • We missed you more! 🙂 We truly did, Zenway. So happy to have you back. Yes, we tried to keep the light on, but it wasn’t easy sometimes and still isn’t. Just the old Jimmie Carter-style malaise. Remember? I’m old enough to. Don’t know about anybody else. These days, I feel older than anybody around. Older than the hills. Let’s hope for light at the end of the tunnel.

  29. Emmet…Hired another grifter con man which wtp paid 4 ??? .. what a bunch of fools ….we have allowed to play … Big shots!!!!! Fire them all and stop voting them in …. Built on sand…. Just dirt!

    • See, this is a sign how much you were missed. I totally forgot to check in on LC.

    • I hope what LC says comes to pass. Something’s gotta give in that case. This judge is ridiculous and totally unworthy of the position, imho. What is interesting is that Sydney Powell always held him in high esteem, praised him over past cases, especially where he nailed those corrupt people who went after Ted Stevens (to, in effect, steal his senate seat via dirty tricks. It worked, too.) Suddenly, he is like a pod person, replaced with another personality altogether, at least going by how he behaves in the Flynn case. So what can we take from it? I never, ever, ever forget the explanatory value of that huge database that Maxine Waters bragged about, which she said Barry was collecting from the beginning of his time in power. Yes, that would explain a LOT, if the data, for example, came from the NSA spy craft. It would explain Roberts, too. Many RINO politicians who inexplicably side with the DemoncRATS. What do they have on Mitt, one wonders. What did they have on McCain? It’s all in the database. That vast treasure trove of data. It was far beyond anything the Clintons conceived. I mean, all they had was 900+ FBI files.


    So as they …”kick-start” …. Shit4brains….. 4
    A ….bit… Like a parott he might Sing ….but then.. but then… But then ….what???…zero!!!!?
    But plant .. Naked Joe… near the pool….but keep an eye on his naked azz…. Just the the he likes it!!!!

    • Leave it to James! I love that guy.

      While it could be from some medication he takes, the more ominous possibility is that he’s simply lost it. It’s a shame but, as James says, where’s his wife? What the HELL is wrong with his entire family and with the DemoncRAT party? In MO, they actually let a dead man remain on the ballot and he WON the race. They made a deal and his WIDOW ended up (illegally, in some views) being handed the job. I wonder if Jill’s bought in because something similar is in the works?


    Rowan Olsen, 19, of Portland, is charged with disorderly conduct, creating a hazard on federal property, and failing to obey a lawful order; Shant Singh Ahuja, 28, of Oceanside, California, is charged with destruction of federal property; and Andrew Steven Faulkner, 24, of Beaverton, Oregon; Gretchen Margaret Blank, 29, of Seattle, Washington; Christopher Fellini, 31, of Portland; Cody Porter, 28, of Portland; and Taimane Jame Teo, 24, of Eugene, Oregon, are charged with assaulting federal officers.

    The Hatfield Federal Courthouse has been a repeated target of vandalism, sustaining extensive damage. U.S. Marshals Service deputies and officers from the Federal Protective Service, Homeland Security Investigations, and U.S. Customs and borders

  32. And now for something completely different even more INSANE.

  33. True or Hype?

    • I’m sure there’s a great deal of hype, especially when it comes to U.S. data. As with all such data, they go back, sometimes weeks and months, to correct data as more facts come in. For example, they count “probable” cases as new cases and they count them on the day they’re reported, even if the test results later come back negative (in which case they’re deleted from the counts, retroactively) and even if the case is assigned to weeks prior, when symptoms first showed up (in which case they retroactively update the correct date’s data). If an entity is way behind in data reporting, then the tests are reported en masse and the media report it as if there’s an increase in cases, no matter when the cases were actually found or reported. They are also counting as a COVID death anybody who died with a positive test result, even if asymptomatic and even if it was NOT the cause of death or even A cause of death. For example, somebody who died of terminal cancer or getting hit by a car or shot to death. If that person has a positive COVID test result, they count it as a COVID death. SURELY other countries do NOT do this, because other countries don’t have a Deep State, a bureaucratic “resistance,” a complicit media, or an on-going plot to effect a coup on the current president. I have a graph I’ll post in a minute, as soon as I upload it.

        • The graph shows deaths and cases after they’re adjusted back to the correct dates of occurrence, etc. I’m not exactly sure how it all works but a person I know who understands statistics and how it works in epidemiology vouches for the accuracy of this method. It shows what people suspect, that the curve is WAY “flattened.” More than flattened. We’re at the end of the bell curve.


      How is THIS POSSIBLE? In Florida, where the DemoncRATS hope to stymie the President’s convention and where they hope to steal votes and the state in the election and where they cannot help attacking the Republican governor, somehow, MAGICALLY, the labs doing the FL testing are having 100% (!!!!!) positive test results. NO NEGATIVES at all. This is like how Putin and other tyrants like in China and N. Korea end up with 100% of the votes in their elections! So that explains some of the HYPE.


    Yes, this is now a CULT. Look how CRAZED these people have become:
    “The Oxford Dictionary defines the phrase “low-hanging fruit” as “a thing or person that can be won, obtained, or persuaded with little effort.”

    But a college professor says no, it’s racist.

    “For African-Americans, if you say ‘low-hanging fruit,’ we think lynching,” said Mae Hicks-Jones, an adjunct faculty member of Elgin Community College in Illinois, College Fix reports.

    Hicks-Jones made the comments during an online discussion hosted Thursday by the college’s Multicultural and Global Initiatives Committee, or MAGIC, that was titled, “Black Lives Matter: Being ‘Not Racist’ is NOT enough!” …”

    Somehow this woman can speak for ALL “African-Americans” and somehow she’s such a mind-reader that she just KNOWS that ALL such people absolutely think “lynching” when they hear that phrase. HOW absolutely moronic is this? Not to mention narcissitic, egotistical, and racist?

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