Institutional Racism

This is exactly what institutional racism looks like.

The City of Seattle held a racially segregated employee training session aimed at White staffers and instructing them on “undoing your own whiteness” in order to be held accountable by people of color, according to documents obtained by a public records request.

The person who requested documents and information about this allegedly voluntary “training” for only white people (those who “identify” as whites) released some records to the public. (One wonders what happened to employees who opted out, even though others might identify them as white. )

Last month, the city of Seattle held a training session for white employees called “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness.”

So I did a public records request to find out exactly what this means.

I acquired the following documents through a public records request. The first document explains “Internalized Racial Superiority” and how white people complicity reinforce[s] racist systems. The second document, “Interrupting whiteness” explains how to interrupt one’s whiteness and eventually become a “white accomplice.” The third document, “Assimilation into Whiteness” explains that anyone of Jewish, Armenian, Arab, and Irish descent is now defined as white.

Here are some takeaways from the “training,” which some (I’m one) might call racist, racial propaganda as well as government-sanctioned psychological abuse and bullying based solely upon race and skin color:

** “Racism is not our fault but we [whites] are responsible.”

In other words, all whites bear guilt by association due to sharing “white” skin color with some racists. No escape. No defense allowed. Nothing in the released documents addresses anti-white racism or who’s “responsible” for it.

** “Overcoming whiteness” means “countering responses from within you … by having practices that remind you of your humanity.”

Implication being that those with “white” skin have to mindfully work to develop feelings of “humanity,” because the inborn original sin of racism always will manifest itself by knee-jerk racist responses that come “from within.”

** “Whites” are told to find groups of other “white people who are practicing antiracist accomplicehood, so you can talk through your struggles in the work of undoing your own whiteness.”

It’s a struggle; it’s hard work to undo “whiteness.” Whites need to understand that whiteness itself is an evil that must be overcome (undone). You have it; it’s like a disease; you must rid yourself of it. People of other colors should be proud of their ancestry, ethnicity, culture, cultural behaviors and values, the accomplishments of their people, but if you’re white, you should exhibit only shame, never pride, and you must suppress your speech, beliefs, and values because they are wrong in some other people’s opinion. You don’t merit concern about your fundamental human rights, such as free speech, free thoughts or, especially, your own feelings. You must recognize this and submit yourself to reeducation, for the good of other people–those “of color” who, by implication, are more important than you.

** Whites are warned not to even listen to other whites who may disagree with these tenets of “antiracist accomplicehood.” You (whites) must beware of other whites who might try to “absolve you from any form of racism.”

There is no absolution for you. Don’t think for yourself and don’t ask other whites their opinion, especially if they disagree with the notion of “undoing whiteness.” Hear no evil. Read no evil. Do not think, because even your thinking is racist. Accept your training. Submit absolutely.

** To be good “accomplices” (interesting choice of words), whites must forego, among other basic human, legal, and constitutional rights, “comfort,” “any expectations or presumptions of emotional safety,” and even “physical safety.”

What do we take from this instruction? For example, if accosted in public while trying to enjoy dinner in a restaurant or trying to drive down a public street, are whites expected to passively submit to any bullying they may receive from anti-white activists, among other racists?

Should whites expect and submit to threats to their physical safety, as well? The training seems designed to teach whites that whether harassed, bullied, discriminated against, threatened or even physically attacked because of their race, they should not complain because this might put their abusers at risk. We’ve heard this meme before: Don’t call the manager (Karen). Above all, don’t call the police. If you do, it’s a sign of your racism.

As for emotional safety, don’t even think about complaining about gaslighting or psychological abuse. Again, if you do, that proves that you are racist.

“Safe spaces” are only for “people of color.” You need to learn that you deserve no safe space, emotionally or physically, nor do your children. You are to accept your treatment because you’re white, and you’d better not complain about it. Accept your place on the new racial totem pole. You are now the untouchable, the deplorable. Get used to it.

** The training also instructs whites that they must give up “control … over the land,” “relationships with some other white people,” “social status,” “the certainty of your job,” and “jobs and promotions when we [whites] are not qualified, including racial equity jobs.”

Are whites being taught that they must give up the notion of personal property, conditioned to accept seizure of their property (land) for redistribution? What else could this mean?

Whites must also give up “social status.” Does this mean they should accept without question or complaint that they will henceforth be consigned to dhimmitude? Disappeared from the social sphere as they are disappearing from TV ads, because their very presence is “triggering” non-white people?

Is training whites to uncomplainingly give up “jobs and promotions” intended to ensure that when whites are discriminated against, especially with regard to “racial equity jobs” (which of course must be filled based upon skin color), they won’t resort to the EEOC, the courts, the law, or the Constitution, which forbid government discrimination based upon skin color?

Is this training simply government-sponsored intimidation of white employees, designed to bully them into believing that standing upon their constitutional rights is itself racist and that, even though they would most likely win in court, they should not even take the case to court or else … racist!

In other words, don’t stand  upon your constitutional or legal rights, give them up willingly and unquestioningly. 

The city of Seattle wouldn’t reveal who ran this training program (who wrote it, who taught it) or pertinent details concerning how taxpayer dollars were spent upon such seemingly racially discriminatory, deliberately divisive “training.”

Was this program put out for bid? If not, why not? To ensure that the public was kept unaware and had no opportunity for input until it was a fait accompli?

The city also wouldn’t provide video of the event. Why not? What are they afraid of? Public opinion?

Shouldn’t the requester expect to have public information law applied equally? Or does the city believe that the requester should not expect transparency because, after all, to reveal details may cause harm to people of color, potentially coming from (always racist) white people who may object to this at least arguably hateful racist propaganda, aimed at them, being disseminated by their own government, under the guise of employee training, all paid for by their tax dollars?

There is more about the program here.

In my opinion: This is dangerous and divisive. It’s un-American. It’s unconstitutional. It’s illegal. It’s bullying. It’s psychologically harmful. It’s racial intimidation.

It’s also coming soon to a school near you, to be exacted upon white children, unless it’s stopped by parents speaking up and speaking out.

Be warned: This kind of “training” will become the norm in our country under Democrat rule, if Joe Biden ends up anywhere near the Oval Office.


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