Independence Day Weekend 2020

Now is the time for us to declare independence once again. To resist tyranny once again. This is the day we must rededicate ourselves to that for which this nation has stood for over 200 years.

We pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, 

And to the Republic for which it stands,

One Nation,

Under God,


With liberty and justice for all.

We the People who still love our Republic, who want her to live and thrive–no matter our race, religion, ethnicity, creed, ancestry, sex, gender, politics–must declare with one resounding voice our independence from the anti-American haters that mob our streets.

Don’t let them tear down our monuments, wipe out our history, enshrine inequality in a racial caste system, lie.

For some, the anti-COVID-19 mask

is not something worn to prevent disease; it’s a symbolic gag. A method of control. A means of humiliation. Meant to induce fear and anxiety, to distance people from each other. Designed to program citizens to practice submission. To accustom them to dhimmitude.

Whether or not you choose to wear a mask, do not let it become a gag. Speak out loudly. Do not fear the mob. You have Constitutional rights, too.

Stand your ground.

Be this woman, who bravely defended the statue of Theodore Roosevelt:

What they’re doing is trying to erase history. … Teddy Roosevelt is one of our greatest presidents ever. …

This is not about race anymore, it never really was, this is about taking apart the fabric of America.This is all about the fabric of America. They want us to read their narrative; freedom of speech so long as we say what they want us to say. Any kind of freedom at all is all about their narrative, the radical Left’s narrative.

We can’t allow that anymore. … This is America. We stand with all races, all colors, all creeds. People came to this country to seek those freedom, and now, from the inside out, they wanna take them away. It’s not gonna work. We won’t allow it.

She’s 100% right. If you think otherwise, if you still believe this is about racism, George Floyd, or policing policies, then why do the “largely peaceful protesters” set fire to a statue of an elk?

Are elk racist, too? They seem “of color” to me.

If these “largely peaceful protesters” aspire only to a seat at the table from which to lobby for changed police policies, then why do they paint these words on New York buildings?

Defund the police doesn’t mean defund the police?

Death to America doesn’t mean death to America?

They don’t want America destroyed?

Don’t be confused: The end of America is exactly what these Marxist radicals want.


Do not ever bow or kneel to them, because … what comes next?

This is our country; We the People being anyone who still honors our values. These are our values:

Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness.

Freedom. Property. Equal opportunity (not outcome).

Respect. Love. Honesty.

Say NO to mob rule. Our country’s future depends upon it.

If we don’t speak out now, then our future will be a nightmare combination of North Korea, Red China, Nazi Germany, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

It’s time for We the People, the so far largely silent majority, to find our voices.

Speak out.

What’s to fear? Gaslighting?

Get back your Mojo, America!

As Tucker Carlson warned, “there will be profound consequences” if the Democrats win absolute power in November’s election.

President Trump has warned us what it will be like in America under Joe Biden’s radical rule.

It’s not only that we won’t be safe in our homes, it’s that these things will most likely happen if Democrats end up with the presidency as well as control of both houses of Congress:

  • The Supreme Court will be packed with as many liberals as necessary to allow the Democrats to ram through their radical plans, unconstitutional or not. “Constitutionality” will be found in the “penumbra” of the document. Justices will be added until the “liberals” outnumber “conservatives” to a sufficient degree. Separation of powers will no longer exist. There will be one and only one power: The Democrat Party.
  • The District of Columbia will be made a state, even though it’s explicitly forbidden by the Constitution. (See above.) If their people agree, then Puerto Rico will probably also be made a state, giving the Democrats four more senators.
  • The “nuclear option” will be played in the Senate, getting rid of the filibuster and making cloture a simple majority. There will be no minority rights in the Senate, just as there are basically none now in the House. Anyone who did not vote Democrat will be totally disenfranchised, will have no representation in Congress, because Democrats will, as they do now, vote in lockstep. The Mob will see to it that they do so via threats and intimidation.
  • Reparations will be paid to “descendants of slaves,” and probably other “blacks,”  too, because otherwise it wouldn’t be “fair.” (Where will the money come from? Maybe your 401K. Maybe your bank account. It has to come from somewhere so why not make all “whites” pay?) One figure bandied about is $350,000 per black person.
  • Free speech as we know it will disappear. All communications will be censored based upon removing “hate speech,” to be determined by Democrats. Social media will be censored. Blogs will disappear. There will be no free press, no alternate press. All media will parrot DNC propaganda, just as most mainstream media do now. All private communications will be electronically spied upon, just as the Trump campaign was spied upon before the 2016 election. Hate “thought” will be next. “Microaggressions,” as determined by the perception of the “victim”, will become crimes.
  • All illegal aliens will become voting citizens. Ditto for all felons.
  • The borders will be open to all, illegal aliens as well as “refugees,” but especially to climate and economic refugees, creating millions more voters for Democrats, ensuring that conservatives will never have a voice again. No representation. No ability to win at the ballot box. End of the country. Third world nation.
  • Suburban America will be destroyed by enforced zoning changes; single-family zoning will disappear. Multi-unit and low-income housing will be mandated, destroying the very reason families moved to suburbs in the first place. How dare they enjoy the American Dream?
  • Every radical idea that pops into the head of the Squad (e.g., the Green New Deal) will become reality. Joe Biden, if elected, will no more be president than I will. If his affirmative action “black female” vice president doesn’t immediately succeed to the presidency, then Joe will simply remain as a puppet of the radical left. It will be the third Obama administration, but even more radical because the gloves will be off. The socialist left will be eager to ensure that they never again lose complete control of the U.S. government, by any means necessary.
  • Agenda 2030 will come closer to reality. Rural living will be history, as will be visiting our national parks. They will become human-free “reserves.” Your wealth will be redistributed not only to your fellow Americans but also to the “poor” of the entire globe. America’s national sovereignty will be a thing of the past.
  • No person will be allowed to be pro-life, promote a pro-life agenda, speak out against abortion, or even imply that abortion is in any way murder. Doing so will be a crime.
  • Religion will be suppressed, cast out of the public square, forced underground, as during the worst times in the history of Christianity.
  • Radical anti-climate-change proposals, no matter how onerous or expensive, will pass.
  • There will never, ever be voter ID at the polls. All comers will be allowed to vote, citizen or not, maybe even more than once because those in power won’t be interested in ensuring one person/one vote. As with other totalitarian regimes, officials will be “re-elected” with more than 100% of the vote. They’ll probably do away with the secret ballot to ensure conformity. Why the hell not?
  • A racial spoils system will develop and be sanctioned, perhaps along the lines of the caste system in India. Whites will be at the bottom of the heap. Equality under the law, no matter one’s race, is not the goal. The goals are revenge, retribution, reparations, and redistribution.
  • Death taxes will ensure that the wealth of the “wealthy” gets redistributed to anyone but their heirs, if not already lost through confiscatory taxes on the “rich.”
  • Class warfare will be the rule. The American Dream, upward mobility, will die.

These are only a few of the probabilities pulled off the top of my head. Suffice it to say that should the Democrats, as they currently exist as a party, gain total control of our government, the United States of America will cease to be as she was for 244 years. Our Constitutional Republic will be dead. Over. Fini. Kaput.

Wake up, Patriots. Before it’s too late. Don’t be Sheeple.

Vote wisely in November.

Enjoy your Fourth of July holiday.

Pray for our country and her president.


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  1. Trump

  2. Zero enslavement
    Blame yo’ – self
    Smells of victim’hood’…
    Grow up…
    It’s 2020 !

  3. the very big deal of the week
    (X22 report – don’t worry not utube)
    go to 18 minutes and thirty seconds in

    • Hope she stays safe and I’m not talking about COVID.

    • Sure they top Trump on fund raising. It comes from all those big donations for BLM. How can this NOT be illegal? Is Barr looking into this? We still do have an agency that oversees campaign finance, don’t we? My only gripe with Q is that I’m very literal and cryptic doesn’t do it for me.

  4. “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. The only way they can inherit the freedom we have known is if we fight for it, protect it, defend it, and then hand it on to them . . . [to] do the same.”
    President Ronald Reagan’s warning

  5. FLOTUS ❤

  6. EWSTX JettieG • 27 minutes ago

    That dress is designed by Alexander McQueen. Big discussion today amongst the Q people about the meaning of that dress. He designed it before he supposedly killed himself a la red tie on the door knob. The squiggles all over it are graphics from designs he did for a movie on drug use, etc.

    • She was rocking that dress. It occurred to me that MAYBE I could have worn that dress when I was 17 as opposed to 50, like our beautiful and gracious and gorgeous First Lady. Has there EVER been a First Lady as lovely? Not even Jackie O. This one is one in a million! And her smile–it lights up the world. I am just in awe of her. It’s a shame that she’s been treated so badly by the media. Remember how Moo was literally shoved down our throats (still is, actually, and now Malia, too)? They fawned over Moo and told us how gorgeous she is, against all evidence of our own eyes. btw, THOSE above are a REAL WOMAN’S arms.

  7. Cadged from comments at some other blog I was reading. Or maybe it was a news site. I don’t remember. Anyway, THIS is what I meant when I mentioned South Africa and Zimbabwe in my post.

    “A Warning For America – From South Africa

    January, 2005
    By Gemma Meyer (Gemma Meyer is the pseudonym of a South African journalist. She and her husband, a former conservative member of parliament, still reside in South Africa.)

    People used to say that South Africa was 20 years behind the rest of the Western world. Television, for example, came late to South Africa (but so did pornography and the gay rights movement).

    Today, however, South Africa may be the grim model of the future Western world, for events in America reveal trends chillingly similar to those that destroyed our country.

    America’s structures are Western. Your Congress, your lobbying groups, your free speech, and the way ordinary Americans either get involved or ignore politics are peculiarly Western, not the way most of the world operates. But the fact that only about a third of Americans deem it important to vote is horrifying in light of how close you are to losing your Western character.

    Writing letters to the press, manning stands at county fairs, hosting fund-raising dinners, attending rallies, setting up conferences, writing your Congressman – that is what you know, and what you are comfortable with. Those are the political methods you’ve created for yourselves to keep your country on track and to ensure political accountability.

    But woe to you if – or more likely, when – the rules change. White Americans may soon find themselves unable or unwilling to stand up to challenge the new political methods that will be the inevitable result of the ethnic metamorphosis now taking place in America. Unable to cope with the new rules of the game – violence, mob riots, intimidation through accusations of racism, demands for proportionality based on racial numbers, and all the other social and political weapons used by the have-nots to bludgeon treasure and power from the haves – Americans, like others before them, will no doubt cave in. They will compromise away their independence and ultimately their way of life.

    That is exactly what happened in South Africa. I know, because I was there and I saw it happen.”

  8. The mob returned last night to the home of those PRIVATE CITIZENS, those lawyers, in order to intimidate them again. The police blocked off the public street leading to their private street to ALLOW the mob to proceed to the home of those PRIVATE CITIZENS, in order to help them to harass and intimidate them. Believe it or not, a candidate for office went WITH the mob, in order to help intimidate and harass them. They were shouting a stupid poem along the lines of “hate, hate, hate, see you got a new gate.” All designed to harass and intimidate these people and accuse them of being racist haters, which is not true. All they did was to have the gall to stand up to this mob and protect their PRIVATE PROPERTY.

    This is all by design. The purpose of it is to TEACH private citizens that they WILL BE TARGETED, TOO, unless they go along, allow themselves to be BULLIED, threatened, harassed. The mayor and the police SUPPORTED THE MOB instead of the citizens. They knew the mob was coming. They were told the “protest” was organized and it would be a “bloodbath.” In panic, they called police who would not help them. Of course not! The police helped the MOB to harass them! They tried to hire private security but nobody would help them and they advised them to abandon their home! They called Tucker Carlson to ask him for help. Carlson publicized their predicament on his show and called out the Republican governor who similarly wasn’t helping these TAXPAYING CITIZENS who pay for PROTECTION FROM POLICE!

    Somebody apparently came to their aid (private militia people? I don’t know.) but they did have armed guards at their home yesterday evening when the mob showed up. SUDDENLY, the chief of police showed up and was talking to the homeowners. If I had to guess, he was probably warning them that THEY’D be arrested if anybody defended their property and any of the peaceful protesters were harmed. At best, he was there to beg them to allow the “protesters” to have their tantrum. So they had to sit there and be insulted and yelled at and intimidated by this group of spoiled brat BULLIES.

    The mob HAD TO go back there to show who’s boss. How DARE those citizens stand up for their rights. They HAD TO BE MADE AN EXAMPLE OF.

    Their point in targeting these innocent HOMEOWNERS AND PRIVATE CITIZENS was to show everybody else that you WILL take this treatment, you will be intimidated, you will bend the knee, you will submit OR ELSE. Don’t bother to call police. They won’t come to YOUR aid because they’re on the side of the mob, no matter who pays their salary.

    JUST LIKE IN SOUTH AFRICA. Whites are targeted. Their PROPERTY is targeted. These people were and are targeted BECAUSE THEY’RE WEALTHY, HAVE PROPERTY, AND ARE WHITE.

    Make no mistake: The goal is to take your property and redistribute it. As with what happened in South Africa and still happens today. One of the thugs even gloated to the homeowners, the first time around, that their home would belong to the MOB once all is over. That’s the goal.

    • Since when is it legitimate First Amendment expression to “protest” private citizens? It’s NOT protest. These people have privacy rights. They have property rights. They have the constitutional right to be secure in their persons and property. The constitution says you have a right to petition THE GOVERNMENT for redress of grievances” (not private citizens) and to “peacefully assemble.” It’s not peaceful to march in a mob to a private home and scream at people and call them racist, ridicule them, harass them. It’s not a legitimate “protest” any more than it would be if, say, a black person moved into a neighborhood and others led a mob to their house to scream and shout and disrupt their lives. Would the police block the street to allow them to intimidate their neighbors? There’s NO DIFFERENCE. These are hate crimes that now the police and mayor are complicit in!

      This is happening now, today. White people are being victimized by mobs simply for being white, rich, and standing up to trespassers. You’re being conditioned to believe this is okay.

      Mayors and police are HELPING the mobs, just as in the old South when the sheriffs would help out racist mobs who intimidated black people. Is this some kind of sick tit for tat? On what theory of justice is it to HELP mobs to access private people’s homes to scream at them and disrupt their lives? Cost them money, too? These people had to hire security, board up their home, and now must live in fear so they probably need bodyguards for the foreseeable future.

      And the Mayor and the POLICE chief HELPED the mob?!!

      These lawyers, if they know their stuff, ought to immediately file charges and file for a restraining order, at the very least, against not only the mob (they’re organized and have a name), any individuals they can identify, and that candidate for office (Cori Bush, iirc), but also the city of St. Louis.

      This was an ORGANIZED scheme to deprive them of their constitutional rights to privacy and to be secure in their homes and possessions. If you think about it, when the cops began to HELP the mob, then the GOVERNMENT joined the conspiracy to deprive these citizens of their rights.

      It seems incumbent upon these lawyers to fight this fight for the sake of all the other citizens who can be similarly intimidated and may have their civil rights infringed by the mobs, which are now aided and abetted by the city government.

      The cops also shut down Interstate 64 to allow the mob to “protest” on the highway for 30 minutes. Interstate highways! That’s FEDERAL. Should be policed by STATE troopers.

      In another city, allegedly the police did a similar thing, blocked entrance ramps, allowed “protesters” onto the highway. Somebody, probably accidentally, got onto the highway and ran over two women “protesters” who were ON THE HIGHWAY. They’re investigating the DRIVER because in the dark, at one in the morning, he hit these people who were WALKING ON THE HIGHWAY.

      If this doesn’t teach them that besides the fact that these mobs are violating the rights of other citizens by blocking their movements on highways, it’s also DANGEROUS to the driving public AND to the people who are stupidly WALKING ON THE HIGHWAY. WTF?!! This should have been stopped immediately and hard the very first time anybody took a “protest” onto an interstate HIGHWAY.

  9. I love it!! ❤

    • Fabulous.

    • It occurred to me today that so many Christians and Christian-led companies are supporting BLM, openly, and BLM, the organization, in its mission statement, affirms dismantling the western notion of the “nuclear family” and actively, very actively, supports LGBTQ+, especially transgenderism and pro-homosexuality. THIS is consistent with evangelical Christians and Baptists?

      Consider the university in Abilene that just expelled a young white female student for stating the obvious: that society only seems concerned when a white person kills a black person but is ho hum about it when a black person kills another black or a white person.

      Does this Baptist university affirmatively support destroying the nuclear family in favor of collectivist raising of children, without a father and mother? Does this Baptist university affirmatively support homosexuality and transgenderism? Does it support destroying “cisgenderism,” as said in the BLM mission statement? The college president said he supports “black lives matter,” so this must be news to his followers. Or it should be. All the money that stupid sheeple donated to BLM is going to THIS destruction of our society and its values, not to mention directly to the Democrat Party and its agenda. Is that what virtue-signaling do-gooders thought they were supporting when they sent money to BLM? No, most probably thought they were supporting “anti-racism.” HA, more fool they.

      In his mind, apparently, speaking the OBVIOUS is now hateful, RACIST, and non-Christian and so this young lady had to go. The university president made a virtue-signaling video condemning the young lady, seemingly REGRETTING that he couldn’t call her out by name and shame her (apparently policy and likely their lawyers said so), but even so he claimed that it’s “Christian” to exhibit love and yet … where was his LOVE, understanding, concern for the well being of this young lady?

      Isn’t he supposed to be a teacher, a mentor, a leader? Wouldn’t it be the CHRISTIAN thing to do (as with Christ and Mary Magdalene) to TEACH the girl the so-called error of her ways, mentor her in why in his opinion she was wrong, FORGIVE HER (because “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”), and show at least a modicum of concern for HER PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTRESS that’s ensuing because of the mob pile-on, not to mention her academic future? Or is she, as a white person, undeserving of any concern for HER physical and psychological well-being, being, as we’ve been told by liberals, a CHILD whose mind is not yet fully formed?

      Instead, like a good DHIMMI, he caved to the mob. He deserted this young lady. UNLIKE CHRIST, he CAST HER OUT. Shunned her. And then openly held her up for ridicule and public aspersion. THIS is Christian behavior? Not in the Catholic world in which I was raised.

      • Why, in addition to the lecture and expulsion of the white young lady, didn’t he give another lecture to the inflexible mob, the unforgiving mob, the hateful mob calling figuratively for her head on a platter? Doesn’t he need to address the ERRORS OF THEIR WAYS? Their arrogance? Their hatefulness? Their spite?

        Instead, he surrendered to the mob.

  10. RealVinnieJames
    Looks like Kanye West and President Trump have just moved their queen across the chess board. Kanye just announced a run for the 2020 Presidency. Kanye just split the Democrat vote into little pieces with this announcement. Whatever was left of Biden’s chances just vanished. -VJ

    • I wondered about that. I do know that Kanye has supposedly supported Trump somewhat in the past. I had the same thought: Stalking horse. Too funny.

  11. Misguided white lives matter. It’s very sad she lost her life. Ready for more “conspiracy theories?” Except this appears to be coming from the left for a change. Apparently blaming Steve Bannon and POTUS. Now if it is CIA, it’s amusing to blame Trump for what the Deep State, which hates him, does.

    It’s beyond curious to me that somehow the federal government and STATE governments are allowing “protesters” to shut down federal and state highways. Only city streets fall under the purview of local officials. Was this highway truly shut down by police to facilitate “protests” for almost two weeks? I know for sure that Interstate 64 was ALLOWED to be shut down by police in St. Louis the other night, but upon what authority? Now that someone has died, they FINALLY are going to keep protesters in Seattle off the highway.

    Does it take a rocket scientist to figure out this was inevitable?

    • Consider the symbolism of the victims’ names. SUMMER Taylor and Diaz LOVE. Put them together and you have the Seattle mayor’s “summer of love.” Curious.

  12. Some of what he says here is true. Some not so much.


    Good article.

    “On June 27, 2020 WSP Chief John R. Batiste released a press statement explaining why the WSP had been closing down the freeway every day for the better part of 19 days to accommodate unlawful protestors who wanted to occupy it. Commuters were mad and demanded an answer.

    Batiste said that it is not only the duty of the WSP to “keep people driving on the freeway safe but also those who peacefully use the freeway for making public statements.” Chief Batiste, 7/27/20 …”

  14. RIP Charlie Daniels

  15. So True!!

    • I would LOVE to see people take him up on that challenge. He’s so spot on. The most racist people are those who have their heads up their progressives butts. Do these “allies” really believe that the black people with whom they ally RESPECT them? Hardly. Who respects a groveling dog? Saruman didn’t respect Wormtongue, did he?


    This has all the hallmarks of POTUS knowing something. Another shoe that shall drop?

    Remember when POTUS doubled down on using Kung Flu and then the video produced by the Obama administration, showing the need to fight the “Kung Flu”, complete with Asian stereotypes of kick fighters, came out?

    I do SO HOPE that there’s more to this investigation that will be revealed.

    btw, did you notice Kaepernick saying that the 4th of July is a racist celebration of white supremacy? And here he’s been claiming all along that he’s only asking for racial equity and dissing the Flag has NOTHING to do with hating America and all she stands for.

    Even after his exhibition of total hatred, Disney is giving him a contract.


    I am waiting to see whether pro-life activists will get equal treatment and will be allowed to paint a LASTING slogan on city streets (as these BLM statements are SANCTIONED by these liberal cities). The Constitution is not suspended just because liberals agree with one message versus another.


    It ought to be as acceptable as “black lives matter,” because who is AGAINST life except murderers?

    How about this one, to honor the police officer martyred recently?


    Who can argue about that one? Who doesn’t love their family?

    Cities CANNOT pick and choose; it’s viewpoint discrimination and it’s against the law.

    If these people are vandals and subject to arrest, then so are those tearing down monuments and spray-painting buildings all over the country.

    If cities allow “black lives matter” murals on city streets to stay as long as the cities and the “protesters” want, then they MUST give equal treatment to any other message that any other activist group wants to paint on the street. And conversely, if it’s a peaceful protest to paint the street then it’s a peaceful protest to unpaint the street or paint over a message you’re protesting. It’s funny. They think they have a right to tear down what others revere but others don’t have a right to tear down what they don’t revere.

    WHY don’t conservatives push this point? I know that Judicial Watch asked the DC mayor to be allowed to put their slogan on a street. Something like “all equal under the law.” How is it that, so far as I know, she hasn’t given them equal treatment or permission yet? Upon what basis can she refuse? She CANNOT.

    Anti-abortion, pro-life people need to get with it and demand equal treatment in these cities. Ditto for the police and those who support them.

    I have to hand it to Post & Email for asking permission to shut down Seattle highways for a conservative protest against BLM thuggery. Way to go, except they’ve been ignored. They need to sue for violation of their civil rights.

    These liberal mayors can’t put the cat back in the bag, the genie back in the bottle. They’ve set themselves up now and they have no standing to DENY conservatives the same lenient treatment they’ve given to radical leftists.

    • The comments are priceless. The irony of people who deface public streets, buildings, and monuments calling the police, that they want to DEFUND and whom they hate, in order to get them to arrest and punish people who deface THEIR ‘monuments’ (aka mural). What hypocrisy! Why don’t they just call a social worker?

      They are FIGHTING to eliminate law and order. To make chaos and anarchy the rule and yet now they’re screaming for law and order and punishment–but only for “crimes” against them, not against anybody else. It’s racism, they claim, to paint over THEIR art. What is it when they call white women Karens? When they deliberately harass and intimidate white people so they can video them, put it on the Internet, doxx them, and then have their lives destroyed? When they post racist screeds claiming that being white is a defect? On and on and on.

  18. 😆

    • How true is that, especially after all these weeks of confinement with nothing else to do but EAT and not exercise? Oy. I’ve gained 10 pounds! Hey, I just noticed that Kermit looks suspiciously like Pepe so maybe it’s a hate crime to run a photo of him? Just sayin’. 🙂

  19. Back to school.

  20. So here’s what I say Me:
    President Trump, while he has emergency powers, should just say,
    in light of new rumors about China discovering Bubonic Plague in their country and reports of sky rocketing Wuhan virus infections,
    “If we cannot have a safe election safely, determined by how many states refuse to allow normal voting, then we will have a safe election safely at some point in the future when the US is once again declared Open.
    He leaves it to the governors to choose.
    I can see nought wrong with that!

    • Ha, ha. Would love to see him try it or even suggest it because if nothing else it will make all the liberals’ heads explode.

    • That’s the first thing I thought of when I read the SCOTUS decision. Interestingly enough, even the “liberal” justices used phrases like the “will of the people” of the state in question, to indicate that the elector cannot substitute his own judgement for that of the state’s voters. I found several similar phrases like that–speaking to the votes of the PEOPLE of the state–echoed in the other liberal justices’ opinions. Then I read a news article that seemed to say (or believe) that this didn’t mean that the unconstitutional end-run the DemoncRAT “interstate compact” is trying to pull is roadblocked by this decision. Imo, it is. Not only is this “compact” illegal without approval of the U.S. Congress but it doubtless violates many state constitutions, as well. How can any legislature pass a bill to disenfranchise its own citizens? This would also, it seems, violate the federal voting rights act. Of what use is enfranchisement of people of any color if a legislature can pass an unconstitutional bill telling the state’s electors to vote the way OTHER STATES’ residents voted, even if that state’s own people voted otherwise? There’s no way any SCOTUS ought to approve such a compact and its effect, but that doesn’t mean that a DemoncRAT-packed court won’t approve it, if it serves to provide DemoncRATS with the absolute power they crave.


    But supposedly what they want is equality. Am I wrong or did I imagine this: Isn’t using QUOTAS illegal? Didn’t SCOTUS already rule on that?

    “After just over a month in his new job as head of the newly formed NBC-Universal News Group, combining NBC News, MSNBC, CNBC, and all streaming operations, Cesar Conde is making news himself. In a video and memo to the approximately 3,000 employees he supervises, Conde announced a goal of 50% of employees being female and 50% “people of color,” an expression commonly taken to mean non-Caucasians.

    Since Caucasians account for more than 76% of the United States population according to the Census Bureau, this amounts to a vow of racial discrimination. …”

    I’ve already griped about the disproportionate number of black people shown in TV ads. NOW, since this BLM movement, the disparity is even wider. It’s more like 76% of actors in TV ads are black versus maybe 16% being white and a VANISHINGLY tiny number of Asians and Hispanics. WTF? Are these people trying to sell products or not? WHOM do they expect MOST of their customers would be? The majority of the population or the minorities? Do they not consider that by trying to MAKE WHITE PEOPLE SIMPLY DISAPPEAR, white people might get upset and boycott their products? I’m just saying.

    WHY ALIENATE on purpose the largest group of your potential customers? Do the stockholders of these corporations not even care that the leaders seem to be trying to make as LITTLE money as possible versus as much as possible?

    It’s entirely achievable to show PEOPLE on TV ads, getting along, being AMERICANS who are UNITED and happy and a “family” of human beings known as AMERICANS without deliberately DIVIDING US into smaller and smaller “intersectional” groups, pitted against one another.

    I’m SO SICK of this thinly disguised racism, this anti-white racism, this desire to turn everybody, every group, against each other but especially against white people. First they came for “white men”. Remember? Under Obama, those evil middle-aged, middle-class, blue-collar WHITE MEN were his enemy–those who voted against him. Now they’re coming for the “Karens”–the middle-aged, white women whom EVERYBODY is now supposed to locate, aggravate, intimidate, then bully, videotape, and shame on the Internet, with the hopes that they can be punished simply for being. Best case, they get to have the woman fired. Destroyed. This is the America Biden wants.


    Have you heard of this guy’s case? As usual, as with every incident, the perps, the vandals, the BLM looters (“peaceful protesters”) are the real aggressors but the VICTIMS are the ones being arrested and prosecuted by SOROS-funded puppets.

    Yesterday they charged that woman in NY whose dog was off leash and who was threatened by a man in Central Park. (Yes, he did threaten her and he did admit it in print on social media, even though he carefully edited out that part of the video he shot to shame her on the Internet, despite having AGREED already that he WOULD NOT put the video on the Web.) They charged her with making a false police report; the supposed “falsehood” was that the man threatened her. But any objective woman reading HIS ACCOUNT of what he said would indeed have felt threatened by him and would have certainly believed he meant the dog harm. Isn’t the controlling factor the PERCEPTION OF THE VICTIM? That’s the rule with so-called microaggressions.

  23. A 91% Reelection Chance

  24. Trump’s personal attorney Jay Sekulow took a more optimistic tone than the president in his response to the Supreme Court rulings on the president’s financial information.
    “We are pleased that in the decisions issued today, the Supreme Court has temporarily blocked both Congress and New York prosecutors from obtaining the President’s financial records. We will now proceed to raise additional Constitutional and legal issues in the lower courts,” Sekulow said in a statement.

    News…….illegals…. 240++++++…????
    Sullivan……lawless.azz..emmet what???
    De.blast… Really

    Stand together….America…
    Standup now.

    ‘a l l ‘ …..b l m …. All all all get it??????

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