Cooling Off Period

Let’s take a moment to cool off from insane news. As I suspect do most other Americans, I feel frozen in place, shell shocked, anxious–experiencing dread, even terror, contemplating our nation’s future. I can’t write about any of it mindfully, coherently.

Before I can “pick a target,” a new one appears, overwhelming all motivation. This is, of course, by the design of the mendacious foes of the USA. Let’s take a moment to cool off, regroup, and pray hard for our Republic.

God bless you all and God bless the United States of America. 

Open thread.


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  1. This is scary. Leave it to Tucker to tell us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but:

  2. Cheer up! ❤

    • We need to see his approval skyrocket. I don’t see how it can be that it’s NOT skyrocketing. Do people truly want to see their country, their way of life, totally annihilated? That’s what WILL happen if the DemoncRATS get power, especially absolute power. It will be MOB rule. They WILL stack the SCOTUS. They WILL ram through all the radical B.S. the progressives want. It’s no coincidence that Pelosi PREDICTED this unrest across the country. It wasn’t a prediction; it was a plan and she knew about it in advance. Insurance policy #3 (or is it 4)?

      • Just when you think you’re exaggerating about what they’ll do next, they do it and one up you. Let’s not forget that in South Africa they took all the property of “whites” and gave it to blacks. How many “whites” died? It CAN happen again and it CAN happen here.

        • Miri,

          The time to be afraid is if Hillary gets back in. Not now.
          The Alinsky strategy is to throw one attack after another at the government they wish to topple so fast that there is no chance to respond to anything.
          NOTHING the media prints is even worthy of being toilet paper. Trump said what? Poll numbers show?? China has found a new virus??
          All of their output is lies. Turn off the TV, I no longer watch “news”
          throw away your smartphone, have a barbecue and drink some cold beers with your friends.
          I saw news rom France – they tried to roll out some smartphone app tht tracked you eveywhere it was totally rejected by all.
          Remember, the deep state wants to start a war. A nuclear war with China will do just fine. If not that then maybe a racially based civil war here.
          Y am oretty sure the best response is to do nothing unless the laws of self defense come into play.
          There is the danger that AG Barr is deep state and playing Trump for a fool,
          but I don’t know if anyone plays Trump for a fool.
          The time be frightened is at the end of January is a different President maybe Hillary, maybe Michael is actually sworn in.

          • I believe that if they “win” it will be as bad or worse than Hillary BECAUSE it WILL BE Obama’s third and fourth (and who knows how many after that) terms. It’s a miracle that we survived 8 years of Obama. It was a second miracle that Trump won. Can we dare to hope and pray for a third miracle? They’re dragging out the Trump/Russia meme again!

            Thanks for the pep talk, though. I do need to step back and just “cool off” as I said above and pray and hope and trust in God and His goodness to prevail.

            Good for the French. I do think that Trump is playing it wise. Have you noticed this SUDDEN trend in the media? Trump and others start to point out that it’s DEMOCRAT-RUN cities where all this chaos and hands-off mayhem is happening, SANCTIONED by the mayors and governors. Trump and Barr announce 500+ investigations and impending FEDERAL charges with up to 10 years in PRISON, so ON A DIME, the complicit MEDIA begin to publish editorials against the “protests” that suddenly they’re calling wrong and dangerous and the “wrong” way to get change. Some of them even ADMIT it’s because it “gives Trump an issue to run on” and because people don’t like “chaos.” So they’re going to, once again, PRETEND THIS IS NOT WHAT THEY ARE ABOUT AND TRY TO FOOL THE PEOPLE AGAIN. Make people believe that they DON’T agree with and want what these radicals want. LIES is all they can spout. In addition, SUDDENLY a DEMOCRAT politician in Oklahoma is cracking down and proclaiming that OK is “not Seattle.” In my city, SUDDENLY, WEEKS LATER, the police are publishing photos of the looters and thieves and violent “largely peaceful protesters” who assaulted police and other innocents and destroyed property. They’re SUDDENLY posting rewards for information leading to ARRESTS of these criminals. (Of course, once arrested, they’ll be quietly and promptly let go again or, if anything, get a slap on the wrist.) Trump wins by “nudging” them to do their jobs or else. Everybody with a brain, one hopes, will see that they ONLY acted because he made them and that without Trump it would continue to be chaos and destruction of our country.

            If it’s Hillary or Michael or even creepy, sleepy Joe with a radical VP, then I WILL truly be scared, especially if they have stolen the entire Congress, too. IF they get absolute power, it’s ALL OVER. Even the SCOTUS won’t be able to stop them because they have a plan for that, too: Packing the court. Impeaching Kavanaugh and as many others as required. And like all the other “allies,” if Roberts thinks he’s immune, he’s nuts.

            • Hey Petal, thanks for that.
              Northern England folk use “Petal” as an affectionate term of endearment.
              The northerners have a ferocious reputation of not being able to be messed with and this guy says it to the max but he is not unique.
              He is representative of most of England north of London.

              Most of England has an uncanny knack to avoid BS.
              Buffoon Boris only won because Labor (who are not like the USA democrats) couldn’t run a sensible candidate.

              But meanwhile we stopped the lockdown once we realized it was BS.
              It’s BS over there too.
              Scotland had their first day of zero deaths from coronavirus yesterday.
              You can’t mess with them either.

              See You Jimmy!
              words you don’t want to hear.

              • Well, thank you. I haven’t heard of Petal, before.

                I do wonder about the UK and am always glad to hear explanations of the various regions and “types”–information that maybe I could use to figure things out when dealing with people from across The Pond. I have a pen pal who lives in the Midlands, near Birmingham. I tippy-toe around, trying to figure out where she might stand on various topics. I usually avoid religion and politics, but sometimes I slip. I’ve noticed that she seems to avoid these topics adamantly, and so much so that I wonder if there might be repercussions if she doesn’t. Are emails censored? Are people at risk if they write something in an email that isn’t “PC”? Might they be afraid that email might be censored or they might get caught up in “hate speech” accusations? She seems almost afraid to commit to any stand on such issues, so I try to guess where she might stand on things like these BLM “protests” that for the life of me I can’t understand HOW they translate to the UK.

                Aren’t most of the blacks in the UK recent immigrants? How many are descendants of slaves? Do the people of Indian descent glom onto BLM, too, given that they were called “blacks” and “coloureds” or do the African blacks reject them? Do you hear the same old “white privilege/systemic racism” argument for the UK system?

                I wonder, can whites in Africa gripe and protest about the institutional racism and black privilege in their governments?

                I loved that guy in the video because he reminds me of one of my late uncles. Looks like him. Clever and plain spoken, too. That side of my family was partially from the UK, but that particular line wasn’t from the north but from London and the southern coast. That line of the family has been here since 1630, so I doubt that much of the local London/southern England identity would still exist in family culture, if there is such a thing. I’m just an all-American mutt because my ancestors are SO mixed up. NONE of them was particular or biased when choosing mates, including myself. Most seem to have chosen mates as different (racially, ethnically, even religiously) as possible. Or maybe it was just instinctual, in order to get that hybrid privilege in the DNA.

                “See you Jimmy?” That’s bad? I’ll have to remember that one, too, Petal. Can I call a man Petal?

                I won’t call you a Karen or a Ken. I might call you a Hen-er-eee. Or is it an En-er-eee, or a Sam? 🙂

                • Yes, you can call a man or a woman “Petal”.
                  That song Henry the 8th I am was probably more popular in the states.
                  See you Jimmy is bad. If you don’t want a fight, run away.
                  Now you asked a serious question:
                  “Aren’t most of the blacks in the UK recent immigrants? How many are descendants of slaves? Do the people of Indian descent glom onto BLM, too, given that they were called “blacks” and “coloureds” or do the African blacks reject them? Do you hear the same old “white privilege/systemic racism” argument for the UK system?”

                  I am not competent as a historian.
                  What I know is that after World War II, England sent out a call to all it’s colonies in the Caribbean for people to please come to England and help rebuild the country as lit ost a lot of men in the war.
                  The project was dubbed “Operation Windrush” because the steamship that made many trips bringing immigrants ashore was the HMS Windrush.
                  Citizenship was given to all who came.

                  There was a scandal recently when the government decided to crackdown on people here without papers and most of those Windrush people who came didn’t have proof that they came.
                  It has now been resolved and the government has issued an apology
                  to all who were wrongly threatened with deportation.
                  People of Indian descent, who have been here for much longer do not glom onto the protests in the US.

                  There has been a little bit of that argument that you mention but it is very subdued.
                  Remember, almost all of England, outside of London, do not do BS
                  and they know BS when they see it. Same with the many genders thing.

                  There’s a joke about an English protest chant:
                  What do you want?
                  A reasonable and considered investigation into our complaint!
                  When do you want it?
                  After due process has been completed!

                  OK, It’s a joke, but it is not far from the truth.

                  • Oh yeah,
                    you asked about your friend,
                    I have no reason to know why she might be afraid.
                    Mail here is not censored, but of course if you use google it is recorded.

                    Freedom of speech.
                    We have almost freedom of speech. If we say anything that could be construed as inciting violence against someone,
                    then we might be prosecuted if our post rises to a high enough level to be visible.

                    “Has China used a bio-weapon against us?” is probably ok
                    but saying “Let’s go to war with China” is probably not ok.

                    You would be right to say you cannot almost have freedom of speech but we are where we are and hopefully the system will change gradually in time.

                    If you are trying to chill, I might try to write something charting the history of “Q”.

                    • Maybe my friend is just afraid to commit. I myself dance around topics, just give little hints, because I don’t want to offend her. I know little enough about our cultural differences. You’d think having common roots in Anglo-Saxon culture, our American culture would be much more similar to the UK culture, but not so.

                      I do pick up on an “attitude” concerning Americans, based on watching British TV shows. It amuses me mightily when they have a British actor playing an American and making a mush of what they perceive to be an “American accent.” Many times the “bad guy” in the show ends up being the American.

                      I did have the impression that the libel, slander, hate speech laws were far stricter there than here. For the time being, anyway. I wondered if the Five Eyes on all communication is even more intrusive than it is here.

                      My friend is Anglican and I was raised Catholic, so that’s a tippy-toe gulf I try to avoid, too. Actually, for all I know, she’s a fallen-away Anglican or maybe even an atheist, as so many people are these days.

                      You’re welcome to write a history of Q. That would be great. I know so little about Q. It’s interesting that suddenly the mainstream media is making a more concerted effort to debunk Q. Methinks they protest too much.

                      I do connect a lot of this current unrest with Barr getting closer to the mark. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

                    • Dave, I had to (it’s tradition) put up a Fourth of July post, but if you’re interested in writing a post about Q, I can run that after the holiday. It’s up to you. Don’t feel any pressure. Oddly enough, there was an article in the paper today ABOUT Q. I think this is it: I just searched and it seems to be a Media Matters agenda to EXPOSE and shame candidates that are “linked” to Q as conspiracy theorists. They MUST BE WORRIED as they were worried about the Tea Party. Smearing as usual. Using the media to do their dirty work. These people are scum.

                  • Thanks for the info. About running when somebody says “See you Jimmy” reminds me of a story a friend who visited London told me once. He’s of English and Irish descent. Proud of both. Foolishly, he bragged about being Irish in a pub somewhere in the heart of London. He got chased out. Literally CHASED out of the pub and the area. How’s a silly American to know?

                    Interesting history about Caribbeans imported to England after the war. I’d never heard that before. I would have thought people who came from the colonies already had UK citizenship, but papers do get lost or some who never were actual citizens of those colonies might have jumped on board, too. When I spoke of recent immigrants, I was thinking more about people who have come as “refugees” from Africa within the past few decades. We sure have plenty enough of them now, whereas before there were barely any blacks here in the U.S. who weren’t descended from people who were here for generations or else maybe came from the Caribbean. Actual African immigrants, I believe, were relatively rare. Now, not so much.

                    Guess I was wondering whether there’s any sizable proportion of the black UK population who are descendants of slaves. There was slavery in the UK before it was banned, wasn’t there? Surely, though, not as many as there were slaves over here.

                    I never thought of Indians (from India) as black and was shocked when I first heard them called blacks. So over there people who are of Indian descent don’t identify with this BLM movement?

                    Your joke about the protest chant is fascinating. It makes me want to move over there to enjoy some civil discourse for a change. Of course, we used to have that attitude here about considered investigation and due process. Sadly, it’s sort of disappeared and I don’t know how it happened so fast.

                    • Miri asked:
                      Guess I was wondering whether there’s any sizable proportion of the black UK population who are descendants of slaves. There was slavery in the UK before it was banned, wasn’t there? Surely, though, not as many as there were slaves over here.

                      To the best of my knowledge that is not so.
                      There were three continents involved in the 18th century slave trade.
                      The USA bought the slaved workers. The UK companies, primarily in the north of England ran the shipping that collected the slaves from Africa and transported them to the USA. I don’t believe there was any substantial number of enslaved workers here. There is modern day slavery here, these are mostly poor east europeans that have been duped by gangsters.

                      Finally, what everyone forgets, is that the Englsh ships did not send armies into Africa to capture people to be sold into slavery. That was done, in my best information, by African tribes themselves, to make money.
                      You know, one tribe conquers another etc. This needs more checking into but I am pretty sure ENGLAND NEVER HAD THE NUMBER OF MEN IT WOULD TAKE TO CAPTURE A NATION AND SHIP THEM TO THE us.

                      So yes, we have had some recent illegal immigration, more from the 57 countries of islam then from Africa, but a little bit of both. The number was not large but EU demands that we open our borders to everyone was one of the drivers behind the Brexit movement which has now been succesfully enacted.

                      hope that helps

                    • That answers my question. Thanks. I knew the UK was involved in the trade but didn’t know whether there were a lot of slaves there in the country. If not, then there wouldn’t be a population there that could claim something like reparations as we have here. We do have a lot of people who descend from black slaves, unfortunately for their ancestors. It would be truly interesting to learn exactly how many there are–actual descendants of slaves, I mean. Louis Gates, pal of Barry, has that PBS program about DNA and finding one’s roots. Many of his “black” guests (the show seems to focus disproportionately on blacks) find they’re also white and/or that their black ancestors weren’t even slaves. They seem SO disappointed when they learn this because being a “victim” provides such a “hero status symbol.” But they’re not victims, even if their ancestors were (or in this case, weren’t). People scream for reparations, but it seems to me it’s as unfair to make descendants of people whose ancestors never owned slaves as it would be to pay reparations to somebody who is NOT a descendant of slaves but just happens to sort of share skin color with slaves. I say “sort of” because black slaves, from Africa, were truly very black and American “blacks” usually aren’t, because of being mixed race, mostly. I do know there’s a lot of white slavery and for hundreds of years there was also a thriving slave trade between northern Europe and the Middle East, where whites (mostly women and children) were captured and sold off to muslims to be slaves. What about reparations for descendants of indentured servants, paid for by the descendants of the ancestors to whom the people were bound? It COULD go on and on. Indentured slavery was also “sanctioned” while it lasted here. Also “sanctioned” by the government was all the discrimination that took place against immigrants from central and eastern Europe, from Ireland, from Italy. And people who were Catholic or Jews. Can’t all those people’s descendants claim systemic oppression and demand reparations? If there are any monuments to the business owners who discriminated thusly, can we tear them down, please?

                      You’re right that African blacks, sometimes on an “institutional” basis (tribal or by some dynastic government), captured and sold off other black people, mostly to muslim traders who sold them, in turn, to the Europeans who then transported them to the Americas to be sold again.

                      The UK is seriously fortunate that it was able to wake up and EXIT the EU in time to prevent even more damage to the country and its culture.

                      Given the relatively small population of “blacks”, I’m still befuddled about how BLM can thrive over there. One wonders if there are chapters in Nigeria. (Just kidding, but only just.)

    • This is probably the article he cites in the video. Thanks for sharing it. It helps to hear a voice of reason, crying in the wilderness.

    • It IS! The argument he makes about how they try to trap us with our own beliefs, reminded me of this:

      This was in regards to that Oregon health dept. that exempted blacks from wearing masks based on their fear of being racially profiled. This is the part of their retraction that got me (they still whined on and on about “racist” comments they got from people complaining about racial discrimination):

      “We would encourage you to think less about the possibility of your rights being violated and think instead of the heightened feelings of risk that people of color in your neighborhoods daily endure. …”

      They think THEY have us on hypocrisy? Because some blacks might FEAR their rights are being cancelled then they get special treatment? Are they told to consider how whites feel when they hear this kind of claptrap?

      First of all, this county is 90% white. Is this guy saying all their white residents are racist?

      What about the RACIAL PROFILING he’s doing to them? What about this public official, who’s SWORN to uphold the Constitution (equal protection under the law, etc.), who is arguing (shaming) white people to GIVE UP THEIR RIGHTS in order to spare people of color “feelings of risk?”

      What about the feelings of risk that white people might get when they see “people of color” (KNOWN to be more susceptible to coronavirus) NOT wearing masks, and so putting everybody else’s lives in danger just because they ALLEGEDLY fear racial profiling?

      In addition, THEY’RE condoning and accepting the racial profiling being done by “people of color” against “whites” by allowing them to CLAIM a “fear” that’s probably nonexistent and so get special treatment and a dispensation to RISK OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES.


    My comments about this:

    1. How do injuries move from one side of a face to another? First image posted online showed the injuries on her right side, but the story said she was hit with “lighter fluid” thrown through the open driver’s window, and she was driving. Suddenly, the injuries appear in later photos on her left side. How hard or easy is it to reverse images from a digital camera?

    2. Is it possible a teen would tell her mom a tall tale instead of the truth, when coming home late at night with injuries on her face, when there were riots going on that very night, in the very location where she was driving alone, that involved firebombing? I’m just askin’.

    3. The story said she had second and third degree burns on her face, from lighter fluid. No burnt hair visible. No burnt brows visible. As someone who has had second AND third degree burns, what she has looks more like the type of abrasions you get from a rug burn but no more than first degree burns. Not second nor third degree burns. Second degree means blisters and swelliing. Third degree means skin burned down several layers with open, oozing wounds, possibly requiring skin grafts. She said her face was bleeding. From where? I see no open wounds at all.

    4. She’s very flip about what happened. Read the story. Have you ever had a third degree burn? It’s PAINFUL. Not something you joke about, and the pain doesn’t go away for a long time. Have you ever had a STEAM burn? It looks like that. Not saying that explains it, but there have been lots of fireworks being utilized in these “largely peaceful protests.” Could be chemical burns, too. What from, I can’t say, but possibly can guess. Something being thrown or used by “largely peaceful protestors?” Maybe she was there as a bystander and wasn’t supposed to be there, so mom heard another version of what happened and it snowballed from there and she ended up having to go to the hospital. Why didn’t the hospital personnel call the police? Did she tell them the story as we read it in the news? Isn’t this evidence of a crime and especially what’s called a “hate crime?” Why wouldn’t they call cops instead of waiting for her to?

    • This begins to get even more interesting but also there are signs that the liberal powers that be in Wisconsin may never tell the whole truth about this, just as it was like pulling teeth to learn the truth about the Smollett affair and just as it was such a namby-pamby response by the GA FBI after the Bubba affair, when they hemmed and hawed and CONTINUED to falsely call a garage door pull a “noose,” just to give the media and Sharpton something to hang on to: Well, it was STILL a “noose;” the FBI said so.

      Now that Megyn Markle has weighed in, who shall tell the whole TRUTH about what went on? Do you think that it will end up with a cover up or with a never-closed “investigation,” so that they don’t have to make the “Prince” and his non-princess look like PC fools?

      (One half-black to another? What the HELL does she have to do with anything? Did they give her back her citizenship?)

      Read between the lines on this one. I’ll highlight what stands out to me.

      “Madison police and the FBI have launched a hate crime investigation after an 18-year-old biracial woman was set on fire.

      The assault took place early Wednesday morning when the woman was driving and stopped at a red light and “heard someone yell out a racial epithet,” according to a police incident report.

      The woman is not named in the report, but a family spokesperson identified her as Althea Bernstein, a college student and a volunteer EMT.

      “She looked and saw four men, all white. She says one used a spray bottle to deploy a liquid on her face and neck, and then threw a flaming lighter at her, causing the liquid to ignite,” read the report, which was filed over the phone.

      (Under a photo: In this undated photo provided by the family of Althea Bernstein shows the burns on Bernstein’s face and neck after four white men sprayed her with lighter fluid and threw a lighter at her [no allegedly], setting her on fire as she was driving in downtown Madison, Wis., during protests that she was not a part of early Wednesday, June 24, 2020. Bernstein, who is studying to become an paramedic, drove away and patted out the flames. She visited an emergency room later that night, where she said health care workers had to scrub her skin off. She said she will eventually need plastic surgery. Authorities as investigating the incident as a hate crime. (Photo courtesy of family of Althea Bernstein via AP))

      Bernstein then “patted out the flames, and eventually drove home,” the report said. “Her mother encouraged her to go to a hospital.” …

      Police are working on obtaining permission to access Bernstein’s hospital records, according to Madison police spokesperson Joel DeSpain. Investigators are also looking at surveillance images to see if the incident was captured on camera.

      “Our department believes victims, and we take their statement and then thoroughly investigate what they said happened to them,” DeSpain told CNN Friday. …”

      1. She didn’t go to the police station but gave her report OVER THE PHONE. How and when did the MEDIA find out?
      2. In this story, she “heard” a racial epithet; this story doesn’t say it was directed AT HER. Why the subtle change?
      3. Why do the cops have to WORK to get PERMISSION to access her hospital records? SUBPOENA THEM. It’s of national and even global importance now, given the interest of the UK “royals”, that they get to the bottom of this. It’s not just a matter of justice for a potential hate crime. IF it’s not true, IF it didn’t happen just as she reported, then IT’S A CRIME of another sort altogether. Not only a hate crime but an attempt to gin up racial animosity. Some stories claim there are Go Fund Me’s set up but in at least one she claimed to want forgiveness for the perps and NO MONEY. Could this unusual attitude be because people have been in trouble for collecting money based upon fraudulent tales?
      4. Why do the stories make it a point to say that she wasn’t at the protests? Who said this? Did she say this on her own when making her over the phone police report?
      5. A person who IS an EMT or even just “studying to become an EMT” (which is it, btw?) OUGHT TO KNOW a first, second, AND third degree burn and the importance of treating it soon. But she didn’t go to the hospital immediately, her mother had to “encourage” her to go, and even then she hadn’t yet cleaned off the “lighter fluid” because, she says, the people at the hospital had to do it! How long was it between the time it got on her skin and it was eventually cleaned off?
      6. She “eventually” went home because, as this story omits, she FIRST drove to her brother’s home. WHY? For how long was she there? And why didn’t HE insist she go to the hospital AND make a police report ASAP?
      7. Again, why didn’t the people at the hospital make the report? Is there even any evidence that she went to any hospital? Why didn’t she go in person to the police station? If this happened to me, you’d better believe I’d go there to have it properly documented. This happened shortly after 1 a.m. last Wed. morning. She didn’t make the police report until almost 6 that evening! Many hours in between. Why the wait? Why over the phone?
      8. WHY are the photos supplied by the family? Didn’t the hospital take photos, given she reported this as a crime? Or is what she told the nurses different?
      9. She is very light skinned. With her in the dark, in a car, who would be able to determine her race such that, being white, anti-black racists, they would attack her immediately, during the short period she was stopped at a light?
      10. What is her social media history OR was it scrubbed during the time she went home and finally, hours later, made the police report?

      Look at the photo at this link:
      Does this look like she will need plastic surgery?

      Is the FBI joining the case because somebody (rightfully?) fears they would be dragging their feet or not do a thorough investigation, all things considered?

      Equal justice means equal for everyone. If it’s true it happened as she says, then they should spare no expense tracking down and punishing these people because they harm not only this woman but the entire country, especially given today’s climate. Such people need to be off the street. Immediately. On the other hand, if this didn’t happen at all like she claims, then the truth, the whole truth, needs to come out.

      • Here’s another reason why people become skeptical. This story says she couldn’t speak to local media because she was IN THE HOSPITAL recovering from her burns. We have seen the photos taken at her house. Nobody is allowed to be kept IN THE HOSPITAL, especially during a pandemic, for minor burns like that that are not in any way life threatening (unless later on she should get an infection, but that doesn’t seem likely). She wasted no time getting on GMA. Why is the “family spokesperson” an official from a boys and girls club, anyway? Another discrepancy! The news print articles say the men were ON FOOT. This TV reporter says they “drove up to her.” If they were in a car, it’s even more unlikely that she’d have such a detailed description of the men, their races, their CLOTHING! How does someone get sprayed in the face with lighter fluid, lit on fire, and then peel out but somehow have the presence of mind to get such a detailed description? It makes no sense.

        The reason this bugs me so much is this is causing such division in our country. Such animosity between all groups of people. Why is she called a “black woman,” anyway? She’s as white as she is black. She’s Jewish! Why not anti-Semitic? The media hype this and cause SO MUCH hatred. They’re the first to CLAIM that POTUS is causing division with his words and yet they don’t even wait for ANY investigation before they slam an entire race. Well, they openly claim that it is TRUTH that all white people are racist, so why not? It ALWAYS comes back to and down to the progressive media. The FAKE NEWS MEDIA. They ARE the enemies of the American People. All of us, no matter what color, creed, religion, ethnicity, etc.

    • This may be connected. They have found and arrested a suspect in the firebombing of the public building only blocks away from where this alleged attack took place:

      It’s interesting that she has basically gone underground and won’t be seen.

  4. CheeseBurgers anyone!!! 🍔 🍔 🍔 … Cocktails at 4 … 🍸🍸🍸 … Oh look at that it’s 5 gotta catch up!!!

  5. Hindsight is always 20/20. (unknown)
    “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” – Steve Jobs

    • Surely he’s innocent. I wonder: Is his sister deceased or does he get a dispensation from the former rule that only a deceased person gets a school named after him or her? On a similar note, believe it or not, I read recently about a preschool named after … you almost guessed it. Not Barry but MOOCH! Yes, the Michelle Obama Early Childhood Academic Center. Of course it couldn’t be called something simple like the Michelle Obama Preschool. She needs a wordy, high-faluting-sounding name.

    • Didn’t another couple folks end up on the Clinton Dead Pool list recently? Steve Bing and … Oh, wait. I’m thinking of that George Nader guy, Clinton pal. He “just” went to prison for 10 years for child sex crimes, iirc. I must have been thinking about that other sex pervert’s eventual fate.


    Already a soccer team in OK (of all places) is ditching the National Anthem and playing Woody Guthrie’s commie-inspired “This Land Is Your Land” instead. Nobody gets to vote, huh? It’s their way or the highway. Then I see the women’s professional softball team gripe and scream and holler that someone posted an image of them (gasp!) respecting the flag while the National Anthem played and POTUS retweeted it with applause for their respect for the flag, so en masse the women came out and APOLOGIZED to black people and BLM, AS IF THEIR RESPECTING THE FLAG OF OUR FATHERS IS AN INSULT TO BLACK PEOPLE, SOME OF WHOM GAVE THEIR LIVES OR HAD FATHERS OR OTHER ANCESTORS WHO SIMILARLY GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR OUR NATION.

    These people are a disgrace in so many ways. First of all, they’re IGNORANT. It’s embarrassing how stupid they are. Second: why do they believe they must apologize for respecting the flag? It’s insulting to the rest of America that they believe they must do so. Do they NOT care about all the other millions of citizens they INSULT by apologizing? It’s as if they’re saying that black citizens aren’t even citizens of the USA, represented equally by our common flag. Is that what they’re saying? The Flag is not the flag of Black Americans, too?

  7. Your Choice!! 😀

  8. I believe that God is in control and I trust His plan! ❤️🇺🇲❤️

    • Thanks, Majorie. I like your blog. I was fascinated by how some sources translate this (as found on your blog):

      “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

      17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

      18 Wherefore comfort one another with these words.”

  9. Madam Speaker! :eyeroll:

    PELOSI: “And I’m very proud, before the Judiciary Committee — that before he testified he said to me, ‘Madam Speaker, do you think that I can tell George’s daughter that his name will be always remembered because you’ll name the bill for him. And I said, ‘Well I’ll recommend that to the Judiciary Committee and to the — to the Congressional Black Caucus who have shaped the bill, but I only will do that if you tell me that this legislation is worthy of George Kirby’s name. And he said it is.”

  10. 😆

  11. This is a test post. Been on runaround with wrdprs identity/ies. Original facebkwallflower had disappeared. Replaced with firefly breeze. Byebye to that also. Now fbwallflower. For today at least. Oh, and gravatar won’t work.

  12. Yep…
    Dr. Manning …
    When negros…..were…. Most successful.

    Truth when he shouts out Obama lack of blessing the negros …did nothing 4 … 8 long painful years

  13. Celebrating or spreading the Cooties???
    LIVE: Aerial footage shows massive crowds rallying to celebrate #Pride
    in Chicago

    • I vote for cooties.

      Mark Dice responding: So coronavirus only infects straight people?

      Love that one! Only infects straight and white people who aren’t “allies.”

  14. I agree!

  15. I received what I think is an interesting voter suppression email from the state of Californya where I used to live.
    It said I had until July 4 (not many days) to complete a FVAP form
    which now has to be done every year.
    They used to send me mail ballots so I took a look at this new FVAP
    I failed when I could no longer provide an uptodate driving license number.
    Mine expired in the late 80’s.
    Now to be fair, do I care?
    Yes and no. No because the state of Californya will never elect a Replublican anyways. Last election they didn’t even have any replublicans up for the Senate!
    Yes because it is crap.
    More on to be fair – I am not coming back to live in the state of Calyfornya in my lifetime. If I ever do come back I would choose Arizona or the east coast of Florida.
    I obtained my UK citizenship a few years ago but I am mindful of the tag line of the Canada Free Press:
    “Without America there is no free world”
    I understand that – so I always vote.
    I’ll just have to wait to see if they send me a voting ballot.

    • WOW Dave, Let us know what happens.

    • There are so many mail-in ballot applications floating around that it will be a miracle if there’s NOT massive vote fraud in the elections. In a way, it’s fortunate that there are primaries first, because the extent of the fraud will become apparent before the national election, especially in these primaries where progressives and the “intersectional” people fight amongst themselves for the nomination. It’s amusing, in a way, if it weren’t so sad. Now I see articles about how it’s the DUTY of Hispanics to support BLM and become “allies.” Hispanics float back and forth between being “white” and being “people of color,” and it all depends upon what narrative they want to push. They’re “white” when the blacks want some kind of perk all to themselves. They’re “people of color” when they want “allies” or to inflate the number of “minorities,” especially to promote the narrative that soon (30 years) “whites” will be a minority. So does that mean then that whites will need special treatment and affirmative action? I read today an article about how Asians better get on the stick. Better start being “allies” to the blacks. Or else what, I wonder? Everybody is supposed to get on the hate whitey bandwagon. Are we back in Nazi Germany yet?

  16. Yes!!! 😀
    Brandon Straka
    #WalkAway will be what saves America from BLM &the violent insanity we’ve been seeing for weeks.
    Over 45K new #WalkAway members in 3 weeks!
    25K member requests pending!
    We have THOUSANDS of new testimonials awaiting approval.
    See for yourself:

    • Wow. That’s great news. Wish it were even more. I really do think that so many people are lying in polls, not answering polls (I know I won’t), not showing their colors at all. Bravo to those brave enough to do so. I’m sorry to say that I value my windows (car and house), so I don’t ever fly any political sentiments. Silent majority, I hope. It’s been so successful, their naming and shaming and intimidating that I will go on the record right now to tell you what I expect them to hype for next:


      They will demand that everybody stand up and publicly vote, named and shamed. FORCED to vote the “right way” or else, in the same way that people like Saddam Hussein used to magically get 100% of the vote.

      I read today that in Nazi Germany one of Hitler’s early issues was to … DEFUND THE POLICE to clear the way for rule by his Brownshirts. BLM will be the new “police”.

    • I do wish more people were exposed to the Trump we see in interviews like this. His very special genius-ness shines through. It’s the Donald without the Schtick, but I do understand why he goes into circus barker mode–to get the attention and notice that the media would otherwise not give him. In interviews like this, you can see what an intelligent, thoughtful, far-seeing person he is, which is how he got where he is in this life. He’s been blessed. We’re blessed. Let’s just hope we keep this guy who’s the right man at the right time to save our country.

      Have you downloaded that Trump app and texted to that number to stay in touch with him, after all the bans on social media? Just wondering if it’s worthwhile or is it just an RNC thing?

      I saw Scott Johnson, that writer’s colleague, on FOX last night and he reminded me of Clarence from It’s a Wonderful Life.

      • In case anybody wondered. I really didn’t but needed to confirm. Is Minneapolis full of freaks?

        I will NEVER cease being offended, as a woman, by articles calling men “she.” This man is NOT a she. I don’t care what pronouns he wants to use. He’s a man. It’s obvious. Used to be they’d tell you that a person is a “transgender woman.” Not anymore. Now we’re supposed to just accept men as “women.” It’s insulting and negates the “lived experience” of females throughout history. Today I read that a bookstore in St. Louis is banning all books by J.K. Rowling for saying the same thing.

  17. How refreshing to have someone discussing our President’s virtues rather than his flaws.

    Someday the world will recognize this President’s courage and strength.

  18. Interesting

  19. WOW!!

  20. Message from Gen. Flynn.

    • Everyone needs to take heed. People seem to be speaking out more. Tucker Carlson is on fire lately. He’s SO RIGHT. We all are EQUAL UNDER THE LAW. There IS NO SPECIAL STATUS FOR ANYONE BASED UPON RACE, COLOR, CREED, ETHNICITY. That’s the truth and the law and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but you wouldn’t know it from the behavior or demands of these mobs.

  21. lol

    • Ha, ha. Good one! It’s her “identity,” after all. If a man can identify as a women, then I suppose Rachel can identify as Ain’t Jemima!


    A wise person once said that a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged.

    Oddly enough, as an aside, this isn’t true with the liberal mayor of St. Louis. Her husband was murdered in front of her eyes, in front of their home (where I believe she still lives), during a CARJACKING, and yet she bows to the BLM and their demands.

    In any case, another white liberal female mayor has suddenly seen the light, after the MOB showed up at HER HOUSE. You can occupy blocks of a city, terrorize any residents who unfortunately live there, kill and rape people, destroy businesses (directly or indirectly, by keeping customers away), but don’t you DARE go to the mayor’s neighborhood.

    LOOK HOW FAST she got action from the police and the FBI, when it was HER HOME and her neighborhood that was threatened. So NOW, finally, she cleans up the CHAZ/CHOP commie/nazi/socialist occupation.

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