Honoring True Martyrs and Patriots

As mobs gather across our country to “honor” George Floyd, let’s take more than a moment to remember the brave, proud, patriotic, glorious young men who stormed the beaches of Normandy 76 years ago today, so that we all might remain free.

Part of truly honoring them is honoring that for what they risked, and sometimes sacrificed, their very lives.

Our freedom. Our Republic, the United States of America.

These are the men, Americans of all colors, who deserve our honor and devoted, never-ending respect and praise.

Remember them. Remember what they did. Recognize true virtue. True sacrifice. True devotion. True selflessness.

Remember that when our country called, they answered.


Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

God bless our veterans, our troops, our police officers, our first responders, our President.

May God continue to bless the United States of America.

Pray for our Republic as we remember those who fought and, for a time, vanquished an ideology that would have subjugated the entire world. Unfortunately, that warped ideology lives on under other names.


47 responses to “Honoring True Martyrs and Patriots

  1. RIP to a very special veteran who was on those beaches after having been drafted into the service of his country at the tender age of 21, one of the elder of his comrades. We remember. Let us hope your service was not in vain.

  2. https://rabblerouserruminations.wordpress.com/2020/06/06/so-over-most-people-weekend-open-thread/

    Read but then scroll to see the baby platypus. Unbelievably cute.

    More: https://whatiamscreaming.wordpress.com/2020/06/06/americans-speak-up-stand-up-for-your-country/

    “Americans are silent because they are afraid. Afraid of social and employment repercussions for having a divergent opinion from the mob. Some who disagree with the mob even end up joining the mob because they are afraid to lose their place in society. How many zombies out there are faking it?

    “I’m afraid to say anything,” one American said to me. “I don’t want to lose my job,” said another. “I have some different opinions than the narrative being forced on society right now. If spoken, I will instantly be called [racist],” said a third. “It’s designed to shut down the conversation and intimidate. And it is working,” this man concluded. And so on and so forth, these Americans are keeping their opinions to themselves, terrified of social justice warriors looting their lives if they dare dissent. “What’s the point? No one is interested in listening or having a discussion. You either 100% agree, or you are a monster,” a woman exclaimed.

    These publicly-silent American men and women are all employed and afraid. And they’re not wrong to fear repercussion for thought disparity. Many people have already lost their jobs when there was even a hint of disagreement with the Black victimization social narrative. The social stigma applies to dissenters of all creeds and colors. More than anyone, conservative Black friends fear the wrath of their communities when they disagree with any part of the protests or narrative. Discussions in U.S. society have come to a tragic halt because of the cancel culture that swallowed us whole: Americans have stopped speaking and started kneeling.”

    Kneeling like the Jews in the photo above. (They were forced to kneel to scrub streets, but there’s not much difference. In muslim countries, Taliban “police” enforced servitude among women. Not much difference. In muslim countries, you SUBMIT or suffer dhimmi status.) It’s no coincidence that BLM is associated with political islam.’

    If you value your freedom, if you value the idea of ALL created equal, then please do read that whole post and click on the many important links to news we don’t see many other places. These people do NOT want equality or freedom. They want POWER, for you to SUBMIT, for you to LOSE YOUR FREEDOM, and for you to espouse THEIR IDEOLOGY or else. At the present time, “else” consists of social shaming and losing your job; it’s only a matter of time until it’s submit or die. Who will come to your door to take you to the gulag or gas chamber? The “allies”.

    DO NOT take comfort in the notion of a silent majority (although it is HUGE, if not bigger than in 2016). These people have learned from 2016 and they intend to STEAL THE ELECTION BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, including “mail in voting” but they’ll settle for voter intimidation, if they must.

  3. Have you heard about this one? It’s insane.

    “Tea Katai, the wife of the 29-year-old Serbian midfielder, issued several racist and profanity-laced Instagram posts calling for violence against protesters.

    In one of the most egregious posts, Tea Katai posted a picture of a looter holding a shoe box with the caption “Black Nikes Matter.”

    The posts have since been deleted.

    In a statement, Wednesday night, the Galaxy said they were going to meet with Katai Thursday to determine his future with the team. …

    Katai also posted an apology on his Instagram page in which he called his wife’s comments “unacceptable” and added that her “views are not ones I share and are not tolerated in my family.” …”

    What will he do if she persists in her thought crimes and in exercising HER right to free speech? MEN: CONTROL YOUR WIVES. Women better wake up and wake up soon. This is coming to our country: MEN held responsible for what women say and do. What would be the predictable result: RETURN WOMEN TO SECOND-CLASS STATUS, RETURN THEM TO THE KITCHEN, FORCE THEM TO VEIL THEMSELVES IN PUBLIC (sound familiar? Like wearing masks?)

    So HIS future is at risk because of his WIFE’S exercise of free speech?

    This becomes ridiculous. Do sports teams now require contracts with players to include whatever their family members say?

    In your honest opinion, does it seem most “egregious” in the wake of videos of looting across the country of FOOT LOCKER STORES to make a joke like “Black Nikes Matter”?

    I seem to remember a time when journalists and other progressives stood by and praised Charlie Hebdo for their satire. Now they’ve become supportive of the terrorists. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie_Hebdo

    • Have to share this comment on the above story:

      June 5, 2020 at 5:33 am
      at least his wife has balls.”

      PITHY! Kudos to Mike.

    • Please note what he says:

      If that’s NOT frightening to every red-blooded American WOMAN, then I don’t know what is. HE thinks it’s HIS “responsibility” to make sure his wife “learns, understands, listens, and supports” the “black community?” Not only do the progressives and these neo-Nazis of all stripes believe that whites have a DUTY to re-educate themselves, to apologize for being white, to SHUT UP and listen, to accept their new second-class status, and to accept the burden of their in-born original sin (being born racists), but now FEMALES are to submit to the will of their husbands and it’s the DUTY of the MALES to see to their education. OR ELSE.

      Where are the feminists now? How do they keep their heads from exploding from cognitive dissonance? The center cannot and will not hold. It’s no surprise that men from muslim countries, from eastern European countries, or even from this country from “communities” that continue to subjugate and diminish females (and you know who I’m talking about) agree with this notion–that the husband is responsible for what his wife thinks and says and does–but WTF? WTF? I’m seriously asking, WTF? WAKE UP WOMEN. Wake the eff up.

  4. And here’s another man FORCED TO APOLOGIZE for defending and HONORING the flag of our country, the flag of HIS FATHERS, because they served their country HONORABLY. He can’t say that, though. He cannot be allowed to honor the sacrifices made by his ancestors. He MUST apologize or else. https://twitter.com/ByronYork/status/1268522182294089736?s=20

  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/mayor-lori-lightfoot-denounces-vigilantism-in-chicago-after-white-men-patrol-neighborhood-streets-with-bats/ar-BB152S4r?li=BBnbfcL

    “Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the city will not tolerate vigilantism after groups of mostly white men patrolled the streets of the Bridgeport neighborhood on Wednesday night in response to a nearby city protest.

    Multiple streets were blocked in the Bridgeport neighborhood Wednesday night as nearby protests dispersed. Near West Pershing Road, water gushed from an open fire hydrant as small groups gathered on corners. Some of the men held bats. One wore a shirt that said “All Lives Matter,” one sipped a beer and another waved at an officer as he drove by. Additional groups of people, some armed with bats, lined West 31st Street.

    Asked about the situation in Bridgeport, a diversifying neighborhood that served as an Irish American power base for the Daley political family, Lightfoot said, “It is absolutely not appropriate for people to take up arms, bats, pipes, whatever in patrolling neighborhoods.”

    You literally cannot make this stuff up. Consider the head-exploding hypocrisy. It’s appropriate, though, to take up arms, bats, pipes, bricks, frozen water bottles to attack and loot? It’s inappropriate to defend your neighborhood after the mayor makes sure the cops and national guard STAND DOWN?

  6. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/06/07/nolte-dr-fauci-either-liar-fraud/

    Yep. He is a liar, fraud, AND a sociopath. No doubt about it now. Like his beloved Hillary and Barry.

    There is a Twitter link with a picture of a sign that says this is America and inside that poster is the picture of George Floyd
    The Twitter link occurs a week before that man died.
    This is complicated stuff from “Q” about how Twitter works and validation testing
    Listen to the story
    The info starts at 24:38 into the X22 video

    This video is on Steemit, not on youtube

    • I asked a question in a previous thread. You might remember it.
      At the time I had no supporting evidence.
      Just a feeling.
      There was a song by a band called “Boston”
      I was interested in it because it was the earliest example of a complex rock song entirely recorded by one musician, his mixing desk, and a multi-track
      The song was such a hit that they had to frantically find musicians to assemble a real band.
      The song was titled “More than a feeling”.

      • Didn’t Todd Rundgren do that, too? I mean, sing with himself and play all the instruments, etc.? Is that what you mean about the Boston song?

        I tried to find your earlier comment but no luck. I wasn’t able to play the X22 video.

        • I asked “was this a false flag killing”
          I had a feeling it was all too convenient.

          • I get it now and I remember your comment. I had read a couple articles where people speculated that he was “sacrificed” for some cause. At TCTH, they implied that the fact that the two knew each other, that Floyd was cooperative until they were putting him in that cop’s car, and the fact that the cop worked for that sketchy “club” that is suspected to be somehow connected with the counterfeiting, could explain a “need” to get rid of him. iow, the cop had his own reasons unconnected to any potential use by the race baiters of the video. I thought it entirely possible that this was a Smollet-like incident and since nobody saw anybody give him CPR, that maybe nobody died at all. But now I hear that it’s an open casket, so it’s probable that he did die. However, after reading the autopsy for myself, I’m convinced it was “natural causes” aided and abetted by his use of speedballs (multiple drugs in high levels in his blood) but also helped along by the circumstances of being excited over his arrest (which he probably didn’t expect). The guy couldn’t even walk across the street on his own. It looked like a drug buy going down right before the cops rolled up, he dropped a packet of drugs on the sidewalk when they sat him down, and then there’s the toxicology results. It’s a slam dunk that in the end these cops will not be convicted. Of course, a kangaroo court is ensured, unless there’s a change of venue but even then how can these guys get a fair trial given all the publicity and the THREATS to people who disagree, much less who vote to acquit? It will end up in federal court. It was certainly convenient that the cop seemed to be performing for the camera. WHO was the cameraman, btw? How is it that he or she was right there, at the right time? WHERE is the rest of the video? Why record only the pre-arrest, the beginning of the arrest, and then the part at the car? Or did the person deliberately edit out or even erase what happened in between? I still haven’t seen any video of what happened while he was inside the car or what made them put him down on the ground. Whenever James O’Keefe scores with a video, the first thing the media and progressives say is that his video is “heavily edited,” so should be discounted. I NEVER hear this about progressive You Tube videos that incite all this unrest, on purpose, with the media helping. Where’s the full video? “More than a feeling.” I get it!

          • btw, Gateway Pundit reports that national guard troops that were deployed in NYC have now tested positive for COVID and THEY must stay quarantined in NY for 2 weeks! In the meantime, DeBlasio is rousting Hasidic Jewish kids from playgrounds at the same time he condoned, allowed, and did not interdict the mob protests/riots AT ALL. THIS is equal justice? Where is Barr, btw? He promised that he would see to it that these local rules WOULD be equally applied. So he’s letting DeBlasio and others violate the rights of people to freedom of religion and freedom of assembly but allowing him to NOT apply the same rules to protesters (so LONG as they protest on the “right” side and aren’t conservatives protesting DeBlasio’s illegal, unconstitutional rules).

    • Ok. I used another browser and I’m watching the video. btw, it’s not a big deal to go “off topic.” Everything here is now an open thread. Thanks for the links. I didn’t know much about Midway, either. My hubby knows more because he watches all the old war movies. 🙂

      • I hope we DO get our country back. It is very likely that this all is to try to deflect from the exposing of the Deep State, Obama, Clinton, et al. It’s interesting that TCTH believes their ploy is fizzling. I think it’s so, too, because not so much hype over all the Floyd events. Candace Owens did a FAB JOB of exposing that that guy was NO hero, for which she’s taken a lot of flak, but in usual liberal media form, by attacking her (and they couldn’t help themselves) they ended up getting even MORE VIEWERS for her video that tells the truth. There are MANY black people who have awakened to the way they’ve been manipulated and are being manipulated. None of this will wipe out the FACT that Joe told the truth as he sees it when he said if you don’t vote for him, then you’re not black. In his eyes, HE’S more black than is Candace Owens. I just wish to hell they’d hurry up with the indictments and with exposing this seditious coup.

        btw, in case you were interested, NBC is going to cover the Floyd funeral tomorrow LIVE, in LIVING COLOR. (No pun intended except maybe that was a little Freudian. One wonders if the Fly Girls will be there. J-Lo and all. 🙂 ) WTF? They are treating this guy not only as a hero but as if he’s having a state funeral, as if he were equivalent to a president or VP. It’s INSANE. Making Candace Owens’s point perfectly. I hope they’re ready for some of the lowest ratings EVER.

    • If nothing else, the fact that the Obama Foundation created the image of that poster sort of implicates them in orchestrating the “peaceful protests.” Talk about interfering in an election! This whole thing is one huge “in kind” donation to the Biden campaign. Protesters AND reporters are making sure to say it’s important to vote and you know who they expect everybody who’s “woke” to vote for. On my local news tonight, they did a pretend “fact check”. Pretend because they expect us to believe that a viewer wrote in and ASKED them to look into whether it’s true or not that people are being paid to protest. So they go out and find ONE “satirical” website that says it’s a hoax, says it’s fake, supposedly offering to pay $99 per “rioter” and $129 per “peaceful protester.” The whole point of the website AND the fake “fact check” was to gas light people into believing that it’s just another right-wing conspiracy theory. We know that it’s NOT and that Soros or his many organizations he funds have paid for these protesters for YEARS. So the NBC station is complicit in “proving” that it’s not true that protesters are paid when all they did was prove that a LEFTIST, satirical, FAKE website is a hoax, not that nobody is paying protesters, but that’s the impression they wanted to leave. They’re ALL evil and complicit in evil.

      On a dime, literally on a dime, as the protests fizzle, they’re BACK to hyping COVID and tonight they showed the beginning of the “second wave” that’s come as a result, they want us to believe, of the economy opening and people going to Lake of the Ozarks and people celebrating Memorial Day. NOT that the protests have caused this, although we know what’s more likely true. That is, IF there even IS a second wave. They have had to cancel their protest curfews and so now they want to reimpose the COVID curfews and lockdowns. IF people have caught the virus and DIED as a result, then EVERY liberal politician that would not allow police to crack down on these ILLEGAL GATHERINGS has BLOOD ON HIS OR HER HANDS. They were ready to call POTUS a killer because he was opening the economy, so there’s no way that they can’t, by the same standard, realize that the progressive mayors and governors who looked the other way on these huge mobs are complicit and responsible for any illnesses and deaths that result from their UNEQUAL TREATMENT OF CITIZENS BASED UPON THEIR POLITICAL VIEWS. Conservatives must be locked down. Anti-lockdown protests MUST be tamped down and people must be arrested. BLM protesters and even rioters? OKAY by them.

      • https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/06/08/quick-retreat-the-biden-clyburn-campaign-and-key-democrats-now-reverse-position-and-oppose-defunding-of-police/

        That’s another thing. POTUS tweets about the ridiculousness of defunding police and disbanding police forces. It’s true and everybody knows it and everybody hails the president. ON A DIME, the media start explaining that defunding the police doesn’t really mean defunding them. HA! Good try. (This is like: it all depends upon what the meaning of is, is. We KNOW what defund means and it doesn’t mean cutting budgets of excess spending.)

        But they want us to think it means cutting excess waste in the budget and giving the money instead (that would have bought tear gas, e.g.) to community outreach (read: Black activists and community organizers and organizations. iow, illegally siphon money taxpayers voted to be spent on POLICE SERVICES to DEMONCRAT, BLACK (not white) activist groups). I’m all for cutting waste; I’m not for siphoning money off for racists. I’m for giving the money back to the people who were taxed unfairly and whose money was being spent wastefully.

        We know that they really meant disBANDING police forces. That’s what they’re saying in Minneapolis and that’s what they mean because in their place they want SHARIA POLICE (in the huge Somali muslim community) and BLACK PANTHER police among the blacks. I’m SURE that non-muslims and non-blacks will be treated equitably by those “police forces”, aren’t you?

        The media and the DemoncRATS know this was a huge mistake and that EVERYBODY wants and needs the police, so know they’re backpedaling as fast as they can, hoping people WON’T notice that this is EXACTLY what the DemoncRAT left WANTS: NO POLICE. They want RACIAL DISCRIMINATION enshrined in policing. NO WHITES need apply because by now we all know that whites are all biased, racist, born that way, and can’t be reformed. Ergo: No whites can EVER be cops. They believe this is “fair.” Necessary. “Justice.”

        I’ll tell you this: The taxpayers where I live had passed NUMEROUS bills recently, big property tax increases, specifically to fund the police. As with whenever they see a pot of money somewhere, the progressives immediately try to steal it away. They want to steal the property tax money that the taxpayers voted on themselves FOR BETTER POLICING IN THEIR NEIGHBORHOODS and use it for things like “early childhood education” in the black community and for “low-income housing” in the black community AS IF it’s okay to have an earmarked pot of money and just steal it away for some other purpose that, in effect, is actually racist. Not to mention that it’s sneaky, shady, and illegal. That pot of money would not exist but for the promise that it was earmarked for THE POLICE. Most of the property taxes where I live come from the predominantly white neighborhoods, where property values (and property taxes) are high and growing higher by the year. However, the ONLY property tax increases passed lately have been when earmarked for the police. THAT’S WHY they want to steal the money, because we will not vote taxes on ourselves, on our property that only we will pay but will not benefit OUR neighborhoods at all. It would be unconstitutional to use money earmarked for police by law, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try to do it.

        It doesn’t work that way. If we vote money, for example, for schools, the cops don’t get to step in and just take it away. But this is like with everything progressives want. They KNOW the PEOPLE don’t want what they want and won’t vote for it, so they just figure out a way to STEAL it, money or votes, it’s all the same to them.

      • Do you remember the Las Vegas mass shooting? Close to 1000 people were hit by machine gun fire in Las Vegas. The victims were at a country music festival near several of the giant Las Vegas hotels. The story was that some old crazy git stockpiled his room with many AK47s then let loose on the people at the park. I think 100 died. It was, I am pretty sure, the biggest mass shooting ever in America.
        In six days, the story changed, OVERNIGHT, to some hollywood producer named Harvey Weinstein and he had been putting women on the casting couch.
        This would have been known about for many many years and not a peep. It was the way hollywood did business.
        But a switch was thrown. I talked about it before, I won’t repeat it now.
        On Saturday no news organization was talking about Las Vegas, they were all talking about Weinstein
        It appears the same switch was thrown between Friday night and Sunday morning as all the Antifa protests disappeared from the news.
        I noticed ii but I didn’t get it at first.
        It is if as somebody decided this particular overthrow the President attempt had failed and just shut it off..

        • Yep. I remember. It’s back to COVID now. Amazingly, today I read an article that actually tried to blame the spike in cases on the WHITE protesters, saying that black people are aware of the virus because they’re disproportionately impacted by it. Presumably, they stayed home more often or social distanced or wore masks, or something. So the spikes are caused by (1) Trump opening the economy, (2) white kids drinking beers at lakes or going to beaches over Memorial Day, (3) people defying the lockdowns and going to church, and (4) WHITE young people in crowded protests. I knew this would be their meme, that Trump, church-goers, and partiers were to blame, but the new twist to blame the WHITE protesters is amazing. Just when you think they can’t get any crazier, they outdo themselves. I also read an article that said WHITE protesters were the ones “instigating” all the looting. Sure. And the black looters looking for free TVs and Nikes had NO CHOICE but to obey their masters. Is that it?

          I sure would love to know exactly what the truth is behind that Las Vegas shooting. NOTHING we were told is true. That much I know is true! I saw that police chief on the news recently, apparently addressing the issue of the protests in Vegas. I didn’t pay attention to him. He’s useless in that he either was complicit in the cover up of the incident there or is just totally incompetent. Maybe bought off like so many seem to be. You know, Obama had that HUGE database that Maxine told us he was accumulating. Probably still has access to all the dirt that he was able to abuse the NSA to dig up. We KNOW, actually, that they were exporting raw intel from the NSA database to “outside contractors.” Allegedly, all the data was deleted. Right. If you believe that, I have an island in NYC to sell you. Cheap, too!

          So they’re likely to have something on just about anybody who stands in their way. If not on the actual person, then on somebody they know and care for. Who doesn’t have a black sheep in the family that could be used to make sure YOU tow the line?

          The media is so shameless. I can’t even believe how they can go off on COVID again with straight faces. FAUCI showed up suddenly again, talking about how concerned he is about a spike in cases. He was “concerned” when he saw the protests. BUT NOTE: He waited until AFTER they were all over to speak out. If he REALLY cared about lives, then wouldn’t he have said something the very first time he saw a mob “protest” on TV? Or the next day? Or the next day? Whatever. He has ZERO credibility.

          So yesterday a WHO representative actually, accidentally told the truth that all their research (tracing contacts, etc.) seems to show that asymptomatic people with COVID RARELY, if ever, have infected other people! OMG. The left went nuts. Pressure was put on the WHO to tow the line (because they NEED the shutdowns and the pain to continue), so today the WHO backtracks and says, well, we don’t know for sure whether or not they can pass on the virus. Gee, we’re back to it’s “anecdotal” that there’s NO spread (actually, it’s anecdotal that there IS ANY spread from asymptomatic people, but I digress). In addition, there aren’t enough legitimate research studies published YET to show, so better safe then sorry. Better to destroy the world economy just in case! What about those wonderful hydroxychloroquine studies (one from the prestigious Lancet) that had to be retracted because, oh. Guess what? NO DATA. Couldn’t produce it. But where did I get the crazy notion that published research studies were REPLICATED and/or PEER REVIEWED, meaning that somebody besides the (cheating) authors made SURE that it was a legitimately done study, following all the research protocols that EVERYBODY learns in freshman college classes? You know, like Scientific Method 101.

          It was predicted at Conservative Treehouse that when Obama gave his little speech on race, then that was the turning point. The signal to stop the violence. And it appears they were correct. Because Barry and Soros control the instigators (including antifa), then it’s no surprise they can call off the dogs when the time is right. They wanted to have the relatively peaceful 4 (or 5?) days of Floyd’s extended funeral. Have you EVER seen the like? A traveling circus of a funeral. I think Candace Owens helped put the kibosh on that whole scene. They also didn’t count on the uproar over this stupid demand to defund and/or abolish police forces. Polls showed them that none of this is going over with the People.

          I was amazed, for example, that that picture of Pelosi and the rest of the DemoncRATS kneeling in the Capitol with their little Kente cloth stoles around their necks was NOT plastered all over my local paper. It was NOT. In fact, it wasn’t in the paper AT ALL and it still hasn’t been in the paper. Now you know that was a “photo op” INTENDED to go out all over the airwaves. But it was nowhere to be seen because suddenly somebody realized that the OPTICS were all wrong. ALL WRONG. Not just for white people but for people of most every other color in this country. They’re taking the side of BLM? The radical, islamist-inspired and islamist-connected group that’s calling for such RADICAL craziness as disbanding police depts.? I did a Tineye search for that image and turned up SIX, only SIX examples of it on the Web. MSNBC and CNN. The UK online paper. Daily Mail, I think. They pulled it. Put out the order not to put it in the papers.

          My local NBC affiliate, on their evening news, for two nights in a row have had a photo of Floyd with his date of birth and date of death and some sort of heading at the top about remembering him. While they showed the photo, they played the typical funereal type music they play when talking about the death of an important person like a president or prime minister or maybe like with Princess Di. They’re putting this guy on the same level as presidents and other world leaders! However, the police captain who was murdered by looters was buried today and he did NOT get a similar treatment. So we know that when they say “black lives matter” they do NOT mean “black police lives matter.” Apparently when black men or women become police officers, they lose their “black” identity. Drummed out of the race. What the hell is becoming of our country, our world? This is insanity.

          I saw a chilling video yesterday.

  8. WOOT!!! 😀

    • Can’t wait to see the liberal heads explode. This is probably why Fauci’s back today, whining about the protests maybe causing a spike. He knows that the first thing people will say when he inevitably complains about Trump’s rallies will be, “well, where were you complaining about the protests?” Problem is, he’s about a week too late on his predictions and concerns.

  9. The lies upon which the domestic terror group Black Lives Matter was built.


    • It’s getting really scary out there in Seattle. They’re attacking street preachers, restraining them just like the police did Floyd, but they apparently think it’s fine for them to do it but not police. Of course, the preacher is white so …

      Horowitz always does great work.

  10. Sad!
    Terrorists occupying city streets and a police station is just freedom of expression, but Bundy’s cowboys occupying a remote forestry shack was a dangerous rebellion.
    9:25 AM · Jun 11, 2020·Twitter for iPad

    • How true. Remember that? Ruby Ridge, too. Not to mention the Branch Davidians. They were occupying their own land but still got burned alive by Reno and Clinton. Kind of puts the lie to the claim that only blacks are killed by police, but in these cases it was the feds killing white CHILDREN and nobody was whining about making war on our own American people.

      You know, talk about the lies by BLM. A story JUST TODAY falsely stated the Michael Brown was stopped by police for jaywalking. Everybody with half a brain and even a little honesty knows that he stole from a store and assaulted the clerk in the process. THAT’S why he got stopped. The jaywalking was incidental. Besides which, I don’t call walking IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET jaywalking. Jaywalking is crossing the street outside a cross walk. Brown and his pal weren’t crossing the street. Like the “peaceful protestors,” he was walking down the center of the street, probably as part of the usual behavior of simply aggravating motorists for the sake of doing so.

  11. Does anyone know if antifa has been designated as a terrorist organization?
    I tried searching that question using duckduckgo and found that the DHS and the FBI did this designation but that was several years ago!
    Can’t find any actual current news.

    • Trump said they would be but who knows? The DHS and FBI under Obama were investigating the nearly non-existent “white supremacy” movement. They’re a big part of the resistance to Trump. It’s not likely they’re going to go along with investigating their compatriots in antifa and BLM. The enemies of their enemy are their friends.

  12. Apparently the Mayor of Seattle said the occupation by Antifa of six blocks of Seattle is not an occupation it is just a block party like The Summer of Love.
    No, it is not.
    I went to San Francisco several times during that era, 1967 -1969.
    There were no armed people. There were only a bunch of people trying to be as happy as they could be and trying to make new friends happy too.
    The Summer of Love only died when “revolutionaries” showed up in about 1970 to try to say we’re not getting anywhere we need to use force.
    The whole thing died then.
    You, Mayor, are not part of the Summer of Love, you are part of the destruction.
    and while you are here,
    check out Amazing Polly on this subject:

    if that link doesn’t work go to
    and look at the video titled
    Could these protests turned riots and the virus lockdowns be part of an organized attempt at a revolution or insurrection? It looks like we’re experiencing 4th Generation warfare with our enemies exploiting the gray zon

    • But then she turned around today and said they will send in the police to take back the area, as SOON AS IT’S SAFE! Consider the irony.

    • Good point. Walls are good. Sometimes they’re very good. Who doesn’t have walls to their house? If you don’t have walls, then do you have a home? Not for long.

  13. Kevin Hasset

  14. I see that Biden is going into phase 2.
    Is this the grand plan of the Dim’s?
    The first black VP then POTUS??


      Keisha Lance Bottoms, mayor of Atlanta. From mayor to the Oval Office. Biden is nothing but a placeholder. He WILL resign as soon as possible. Whoever is the VP WILL become the POTUS. This is the plan. These women would NOT be elected in a fair election but they’re going to rope a dope and HOPE that those racist white people will be stupid enough to vote for Biden and NOT realize that he’s not going to be president for long. After Obama, many will think long and hard before electing another black president. And as I said, I don’t know how much I believe what Bottoms said when she sounded SO REASONABLE. I did figure they were positioning her for the VP job, so it’s NO SURPRISE to see her there. Warren, as much as I can’t stand her, is more deserving of the job after having actually run for the presidential nomination. For how long has this women Bottoms even been in political office? Running a city is experience enough to run the entire country? Is she even old enough to be POTUS? Oh, well. Who care about QUALIFICATIONS when it comes to black presidents? We know what qualifications Barry did NOT have.


      I wrote: “My prediction: This mayor of Atlanta is being positioned to be the “reasonable” black female VP who WILL, mark my words, end up as the POTUS. They KNOW that after Obama, many people will think twice before voting for another black person, so this is how they will sneak a black person in through the back door. Biden as a place holder who WILL resign or get sick and have to be relieved of duty, with this BLACK WOMAN becoming POTUS. Doesn’t matter which black woman but I’m thinking all the others are seen as too radical (Harris, e.g.) so this Atlanta mayor is being hyped big time so people will accept HER as a “moderate” when who knows what she really is? I know nothing about her but I recognize a plot when I see one, after all this time watching these people snakes operate. …”

      So does she really mean the moderate words she speaks or is she acting like all the other DemoncRATS who LIE about their intentions until they gain power? A wolf in sheep’s clothing? Well, today there’s an incident in Atlanta that may put the kibosh on the plan because it seems she can’t help herself. Called immediately for the officer to be fired, even though the perp resisted arrest and stole the cop’s stun gun. And on cue, the WHITE FEMALE CHIEF OF POLICE HAD TO RESIGN. No white people will EVER again be allowed to be chiefs of police. They’re all born racists and disqualified simply because of the color of their skin. The two women in Biden’s stable of VP candidates are there as tokens. They haven’t a white snowball’s chance in hell of being the VP nominee. Not with this BLM crap going on. All other demands are being met, so why not that a BLACK female be the choice? I wonder how all the black men feel about being automatically excluded by Biden on account of their sex? DISCRIMINATION ALL AROUND. Since Hispanics represent twice the proportion of the black population in the overall population, then why isn’t a Hispanic female being considered? Susan Rice? I say, “Go ahead; make my day, Joe.” I triple-dog dare you to choose Rice!

      • See the puff pieces everywhere. What a leader!! Articulate, too. Just like Barry. OMG. We’re in love. Don’t trust it at all. It’s a set up. Nobody who votes for Biden is actually voting for this woman to be the POTUS, but that’s what will happen. HOWEVER, reality happens. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/after-rayshard-brooks-police-death-atlanta-police-chief-steps-down-police-clash-with-protesters/ar-BB15ronL

        “”During the arrest, the male subject resisted and a struggle ensued,” the Bureau of Investigation said. “The officer deployed a Taser. Witnesses report that during the struggle the male subject grabbed and was in possession of the Taser. It has also been reported that the male subject was shot by an officer in the struggle over the Taser.”

        One officer was treated for an injury and discharged after the confrontation. Brooks died in the hospital after surgery.

        Police Chief Erika Shields is immediately stepping down after the shooting, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced in a news conference Saturday afternoon. She also called for the termination of the police officer who shot Brooks and for another officer to be placed on administrative duty. …”

        So much for reasonableness, for respect for DUE PROCESS, for the rights of the officers involved, for waiting for the TRUTH to come out before judging and meting out punishment, so much for NOT siding immediately with the mob and BLM. WHY did the chief of police have to resign? Because she’s WHITE? I mean, really. It’s racism.

        “Bottoms said Shields would continue in a different role “to be determined” in the police department.”

        Really. Really. Throw her a crumb! For what reason did she have to be demoted immediately from the chief’s position? WHO will replace her? Let’s guess.

        Caving to the mob. Resign so there’s “healing”. Read PEACE. Resign, white woman, or else the rioting will happen and continue until the mob gets its way. 13% of the population will be the NEW RULERS forever more. A tiny “elite” of “special” people who have MORE RIGHTS than anyone else.

        Today, in this country, black mobs are stopping white motorists and DEMANDING they say “black lives matter” or ELSE they get threatened, called epithets (that “Karen” slur, which is racist, sexist and ageist), have their cars vandalized or worse. A white Christian preacher is mobbed and beaten in the CHAZ. It’s not enough for whites to just not speak. NOW they must be FORCED to speak the words the mob wants them to speak.

        And the police and people like Bottoms do NOTHING to protect the motoring public or the civil rights of the white women being accosted and called names (HATE CRIMES) or the white men being beaten (preachers and truck drivers, too).

        “Wendy’s surveillance video published by the Bureau of Investigations Saturday afternoon appears to show officers arriving in a vehicle to the drive-thru parking lot. The vehicle can be seen pulling up to another car, but the officers and Brooks cannot be seen in the video.

        About half an hour later, Brooks can be seen running away from two officers, who chase after him. As Brooks runs away, he turns back toward one officer and points the Taser, and that officer fires his weapon. Brooks falls to the ground and appears to remain motionless. …”

        Not only did he resist arrest but he also took the Taser, ran away, and then pointed the Taser at the police officer. Are police supposed to just stand and be attacked and not even defend themselves?

        But this reasonable, leader of a mayor immediately expected the resignation of the WHITE police chief and wants the officer FIRED without any investigation being completed. GUILTY until proven innocent.

        THIS IS THE WOMAN WHO SHOULD BE ONE STEP AWAY FROM THE PRESIDENCY, WHO DOESN’T EVEN UNDERSTAND DUE PROCESS AND SHE’S A LAWYER? Doesn’t understand innocent until proven guilty? Doesn’t understand the CONSTITUTION or the concept of equal rights under the law and you don’t give in to mobs (aka, lynching)?

        btw, is there no police union in Atlanta looking out for the rights of the cops?

        Is Sheilds (police chief) falling on her sword to protect the VP prospects of Bottoms? The “Georgia NAACP called for Shields and Bottoms to be held “accountable for the continued threat on innocent Black lives in their community.”” Whoops. Now that’s a problem for her ambitions.

      • Note how the people decrying the incident skip right over the person’s complicity in his own death:

        “Stacey Abrams, a former Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Georgia, condemned the shooting on Twitter Saturday morning.

        “The killing of #RayshardBrooks in Atlanta last night demands we severely restrict the use of deadly force. Yes, investigations must be called for – but so too should accountability,” Abrams wrote. “Sleeping in a drive-thru must not end in death.”

        Bernice King, the daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr., said on Twitter that Brooks’ death “reflects that low to no value was placed on his life.”

        “Bottom line: #RayshardBrooks should be alive,” she wrote. “Rayshard’s life shouldn’t have even been endangered by a call to police because he was sleeping in his car in a drive thru. I’m learning more and talking with community.” …”

        So he’s sleeping in his car and then he’s dead. In between, he didn’t resist arrest, steal the cop’s Taser, run, and then try to assault the cop with the Taser. IF you don’t do anything to cause cops to interact with you OR if you at least just cooperate with them and don’t resist arrest, you will not become not alive.

      • And in case you’re wondering, is it any surprise that the interim chief will be a black man? https://thegrio.com/2020/06/13/interim-atlanta-police-chief-rodney-bryant/ Nope. White woman OUT. Black man IN. I KNEW IT.

        In St. Louis County, MO, there’s a white female police chief. Worked her way through the ranks, as did Shields, apparently. She’s only been chief for weeks. Certain segments of the population have NEVER accepted her appointment. When the job was still up for grabs, the black politicians and powers that be ALL wanted the one black man in the pool, a guy with fewer qualifications and time on the job and years of service BUT he had the one qualification they wanted (skin color) and maybe another they wanted (the right genitals). Now, with BLM activity (read riots), they are trying hard to make this woman resign, too. Mark my words, they will keep at it until they manage to get rid of her and replace her with the black man they wanted all along. They’re trying to dig up dirt and smear her. It’s obvious. It’s a plot. She’s white and so CANNOT be chief of police. As I said elsewhere, henceforth NO WHITES need apply for police chief jobs. ALL disqualified because ALL are racist because they have white skin.

  15. Black female VP then POTUS??

  16. Dennis
    Picture this, if you will

    As a Black man, I walk up to a White liberal and tell him to buy me dinner. He gets all sappy and does it for “reparations”

    I walk up to a White Conservative — same deal. He laughs then tells me buy my own damn lunch.

    Who do you think we respect more?
    11:59 PM · Jun 12, 2020·Twitter Web App

    • Exactly. Did you see the article at Gateway Pundit where a cop who knelt down at the command of the “peaceful protesters” has now apologized and said he’s humiliated that he caved to the mob? Light at the end of the tunnel.

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