Happy Easter 2020

But Mary stood at the sepulchre without, weeping. Now as she was weeping, she stooped down, and looked into the sepulchre.  And she saw two angels in white, sitting, one at the head, and one at the feet, where the body of Jesus had been laid. They say to her: Woman, why weepest thou? She saith to them: Because they have taken away my Lord; and I know not where they have laid him. When she had thus said, she turned herself back, and saw Jesus standing; and she knew not that it was Jesus.  Jesus saith to her: Woman, why weepest thou? whom seekest thou? She, thinking it was the gardener, saith to him: Sir, if thou hast taken him hence, tell me where thou hast laid him, and I will take him away.

Jesus saith to her: Mary. She turning, saith to him: Rabboni (which is to say, Master).  Jesus saith to her: Do not touch me, for I am not yet ascended to my Father. But go to my brethren, and say to them: I ascend to my Father and to your Father, to my God and your God. Mary Magdalen cometh, and telleth the disciples: I have seen the Lord, and these things he said to me.

He is risen. We are redeemed.

Let not your heart be troubled; neither let it be afraid.

Happy Easter, everyone.





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  1. He is risen
    Happy Easter Everyone!!! ❤

  2. I can’t say anything after that!

  3. Miri said this first
    Why has it taken so long? for someone else to say it?
    I think we cannot fathom such a godless enemy

    We need to because they actually did it

    Sorry to mix metaphors and cultural traditions. Yes, Kabuki is Japanese in origin but the Kabuki dance now playing out between Beijing and Washington is an apt description of the political posturing each side is performing. Apart from the complaints from both Chinese leaders and U.S. politicians in which each side blames the other for the outbreak and spread of Corona, there is a curious mix of posturing and actions that are sending mixed messages and clouding the simple, horrible truth–the global spread of Corona 19 was a deliberate, conscious act by the Chinese Communist government to weaken the West, especially the United States. But there is another part of the story that has received little attention from the media and most pundits–the US Government, with DOJ leading the charge, is going after some very intriguing Chinese intelligence operatives.

    More about that later, let’s focus first on the growing body of evidence that the launch of Corona from Wuhan was not the result of eating rotten bats or an accident at the level 4 bio lab in Wuhan. Instead of recruiting fanatics to wear suicide bomb belts, the Chinese Government appears to had chosen to infect its on citizens and send them out to major population centers in the West. It was a conscious plan to infect and weaken the West.

    With the benefit of hindsight, it is clear that China chafed under the Western world’s support for student protestors in Hong Kong and Donald Trump’s aggressive campaign to punish China for unfair trade practices. It is no mere coincidence that the emergence of the virus in Wuhan barely spread into other parts of China. Beijing and Shanghai dwarf New York City in terms of populating size and concentration, yet the Chinese urban behemoths escaped unscathed. Not so New York and other major western countries, such as Italy, the Uk and Spain–all have experienced major disruptions and pain as a result of the virus bomb set off in those nations.

    I am sure President Trump knows this.

    • It’s kind of funny, this mixing of metaphors. I’ve noticed a similar thing lately on television. It seems, imho, that stations like PBS are sorely lacking in Chinese programs or Chinese-focused programs, so in their bid to re-educate the naturally bigoted American citizen, they’re putting on as many TV shows as they can find that feature Asians of any stripe. This is NO COINCIDENCE, imho. It’s just like how nearly EVERY TV ad these days features blacks in a vastly disproportionate way. You would think, if you dropped down here from outer space, that this country is comprised of MAJORITY black citizens instead of majority white ones. So it’s no coincidence that suddenly Asian faces are everywhere on PBS and that’s because they buy into the total and insulting B.S. that Americans (including Trump) are racist for noting the obvious: The virus is FROM CHINA and comes directly as a result of Chinese culture, if you BELIEVE the story being told, which I don’t. Well, yes, it’s true that the wet markets are a proven breeding ground for animal to human transference of deadly viruses. This is the THIRD plague that comes directly from that cultural practice. Of course, wet markets don’t HAVE TO BE unhygienic, but that’s besides the point. Since the Chinese haven’t shut them down, even for the sake of their own people, then they must be serving another purpose, which in this case may be to cover for the truth, that the virus escaped somehow from the lab where it was being studied for, at best, medical research and, at worst, as a biological weapon. In any case, substituting Japanese faces or Korean faces for Chinese faces just shows you another way that progressives are the ones who truly ARE bigots. All Asians look alike to them. And it also shows their insufferable better-than-thou attitude in which they think it’s their purpose in life to teach their inferiors how to be more superior, like they are (or like they think they are).

      I totally believe the premise of that article. When I heard that 5,000,000 people fled Wuhan when the outbreak began and also heard that MOST of them did NOT disperse throughout China but went to other countries, I figured this was a plan.

      It’s horrible to contemplate but I can’t help but think about the natural selection survival strategy of some species, notably insects, who produce massive amounts of offspring in the “hope” (pardon my anthropomorphism) that at least some/enough will survive to ensure survival of the species. In other words, MANY are “expendable” so long as a certain amount survive. If in the process they manage to wipe out competing species, all the better for their species.

      We’re also supposed to believe that with MILLIONS fleeing Wuhan and dispersing throughout the world, NO OTHER HUMONGOUS CHINESE CITY EXPERIENCED AN OUTBREAK AND SIMILARLY “MASSIVE” AMOUNTS OF DEATHS. This defies common sense, unless, of course, the virus was designed to somehow disproportionately affect non-Chinese people.

      They’re lying or worse. I suspect that millions died in China, but their government isn’t going to, for many reasons, admit as much. It’s ironic that in this country, I truly suspect, the opposite is happening: Numbers of deaths are being INFLATED for a variety of reasons. To effectuate radical change in society. To condition people for the stealing of their civil liberties under the guise of making them safer. To cover for their own incompetency. To use the crisis to get Trump out of office. There are probably many more reasons.

      I hope President Trump knows all this and yet he allows Deep State Fauci to go on national TV and undermine public confidence in their leaders, namely Trump but also many others. And all this during a time of national emergency. Fauci should be forbidden, for national security reasons, to open his mouth publicly again. If he’s not just an loony old man who is inarticulate (enough) or nutty or narcissistic or all three, then he’s complicit in the DemoncRAT schemes, just like Atkinson and Vindaman and others. I suspect the latter, but the former could very well also play a part here.

  4. https://www.oann.com/global-leaders-call-for-shutdown-of-wet-markets/

    So global leaders call for shutting the wet markets. Where have they been all this time? Why did they let the other two plagues go by without shutting these markets down? You know what’s completely discouraging? Some Congresspersons (including Senators) on a bipartisan basis wrote a letter asking for this same thing to happen. LESS THAN 100 of the more than 500 U.S. representatives signed this letter.

  5. What could go wrong with vote by mail? Why, everything: https://www.oann.com/usps-investigates-wis-absentee-ballot-reports/

    “The United States Postal Service is investigating reports of undelivered absentee vote-by-mail ballots in Wisconsin. The probe came after a number of claims that absentee ballots were either delivered after the primary or never came at all.

    The Wisconsin primaries were held last Tuesday despite large controversy around the decision to move forward on in-person voting amid social distancing guidelines and escalating person-to-person infection rates amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    Requests for the absentee ballots were especially high this year. Election officials said this posed a challenge to the state’s voting system.

    “I try to keep all of this in perspective, which is to say Wisconsin is not a state presently set up to administer a by mail absentee voting election,” said Neil Albrecht, executive director of the Milwaukee Election Commission …”

  6. What could go wrong? https://www.oann.com/apple-google-to-create-contact-tracing-technology-to-fight-coronavirus-spread/

    “Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google said on Friday that they will work together to create contact tracing technology that aims to slow the spread of the coronavirus by allowing users to opt into logging other phones they have been near.

    The rare collaboration between the two Silicon Valley companies, whose operating systems power 99% of the world’s smartphones, could accelerate usage of apps that aim to get potentially infected individuals into testing or quarantine more quickly and reliably than existing systems in much of the world. Such tracing will play a vital role in managing the virus once lockdown orders end, health experts say. …”

    It’s “voluntary” until it’s not. Who wants to be a “potentially infected individual” forced into testing and quarantine? Oh, wait. Trust them. They couldn’t possibly have nefarious purposes in mind, could they?

    • “She added that the companies could have more safeguards such as specifying that contract tracing features would not be used beyond the current pandemic. …”

      HA, HA! They “could have” more safeguards. We’ve seen from the past how many safeguards these people have. And we’re supposed to TRUST their employees like we trusted them during the past election and like some trusted the Obama administration with FISA data? Not bloody likely.

  7. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/04/trump-not-firing-fauci-white-house-statement/

    The MISTAKE which cannot now be rectified is ever letting this guy have the notoriety he currently has. Keep your enemies closer. OUTSIDE the administration, the “buffoon” will do more harm than he currently does. But make no mistake, he’s doing a LOT of harm. Pence’s job is and should be to rein him in immediately. He is undermining the populace’s faith in its leaders during a time of national crisis. If the president were still Obama, I would feel the same way. It’s like what Crozier did. There are things you DON’T do and this is one of them. Fauci is acting like a DemoncRAT political operative. NOT like a loyal member of the administration. IF he feels so strongly about the situation, then the honorable thing would be to RESIGN, not go on biased media and corruptly and not-so-surreptitiously undermine your bosses and the programs designed to keep Americans safe. THIS IS EXACTLY why the media, early on, made the false claim that Trump was muzzling the experts and that he should listen to them. They all KNEW that the “experts” were part of the resistance designed to undermine Trump and help ensure he’s not re-elected.

  8. President Trump has re-tweeted a tweet saying Fauci should be fired.
    Nothing Trump does is by accident.
    President Trump knows China has committed the opening act of WMD war against the US.
    If he has not yet ordered nuclear retaliation, I don’t think that means he will not do this very thing.
    He knows that a non response will embolden China to launch other more deadly attacks on us.Their military generals have said that they will.
    I will support the President and I am just so glad that this decision does not fall on me – I might fail.
    President Trump will not fail.

    • Trump claims he’s not going to fire Fauci and that he likes him. As I said, it’s too late now because Fauci’s the media darling and will definitely do MORE damage if he’s out of the administration. Fauci PRETENDS that he misspoke, when he knows perfectly well that he’s giving them the sound bites they want and that he wants, too. TCTH speculates that he’s compiling a “dossier” that he will use after this all passes. He’s a SNAKE, but like I said–too late now because he’s worked his way into the forefront and it’s like with Comey. If Trump DID fire him or “muzzle” him now, it would be a bigger narrative and they’d be off on the “loyalty” thing again and they’d probably try to have an impeachment inquiry of that, too. But Pence needs to shut him up and shut him down. There MUST BE a way to do it. Trump knows what Fauci’s up to. I read a story today that cited (of course) an anonymous inside source that said that Trump is angry about Fauci’s “misspoken words” but is stuck with him now, which is basically what I said weeks ago. Trump is too trusting, imho. He’s like Will Rogers. He never met a man he didn’t like. Like Reagan and Obama, he should have cleaned house as soon as he took office. Replaced all the heads of all these agencies with his own people. Perfectly within his power to do. Fauci, iirc, is part of the NIH. Guess what I heard on Lou Dobbs? That the NIH funded the lab in Wuhan to the tune of about 3.5 million dollars to study coronaviruses in horseshoe bats–EXACTLY the source of this pandemic. And Fauci, inexplicably, claimed in 2017 (height of the anger at Hill’s loss and the resistance to Trump) that Trump WILL FACE a pandemic during his term of office. Now how did he know that? And knowing it, what did HE DO, as head of NIAID to PREPARE the president and the stockpiles and the plans for this pandemic he knew was coming? Would it not be HIS responsibility? Did he shirk it on purpose so this is worse for Trump and especially for those who sicken and die, but so very useful to the DemoncRATS and globalists who hate Trump?

  9. https://www.weaselzippers.us/447073-chris-cuomo-unloads-on-cnn-trafficking-in-things-that-i-think-are-ridiculous/

    “CNN host Chris Cuomo apparently went off on CNN during his SiriusXM show on Monday, saying that he does not like what he does professionally and that he thinks CNN is “trafficking in things that I think are ridiculous.”

    “I don’t want to spend my time doing things that I don’t think are valuable enough to me personally,” Cuomo said, according to the New York Post. “I don’t value indulging the rationality, hyper-partisanship.”

    The Post reported that Cuomo’s battle with the coronavirus has made him rethink his values and what matters to him as a person. …”

    Maybe he expects to be attorney general or WH press secretary for his brother. You know, like the Kennedys, that other dynasty. Who even believes he really has it?

  10. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/04/fauci-not-concerned-trump-firing-dont-think-going-happen/

    Oh, but how I wish it WOULD happen just so we can see them all go apesh**.

  11. Fauchi, Gnocchi Fibbonacci. Seriously I don’t care. Who will say all this confusion is what happens in World War. We should have seen it coming? Like Pearl Harbor?
    It need to be said – so people can understand
    “We have been attacked with a sophisticated bio-weapon that just
    did a little damage to China and a whole lot of damage to the US”
    Without this information people cannot understand the sudden destruction of their life.
    In England where I work, they have about 90,000 confirmed cases and about 14000 deaths. In Germany they have about 150,000 cases and 3000 deaths.
    And not one new yakker has said why is this?
    Go over to Germany and ask what they are doing?
    I don’t listen to news much anymore.
    And no mention nowhere about chloroquine. Why not?
    I have bought a hundred tablets from a Swedish pharmacy.
    Hope I don’t need to take them but I would rather take them at home then go into an NHS hospital where no treatment at all is offered.
    (If you tried to take the tablets with you into hospital they would take them away from you)
    By the way, Ivermectin too. Vetrinary flea and tick med but also widely given in Africa to stop “river blindness” Tests show that in vitro, it kills all corona virus particles in under three days. Over 500 million doses given to people.
    Apparently remains in the blood for a long time.
    How can we pierce this veil of silence?
    I pierced it a little here.

    • Wow. That seems like a really high death rate for the UK. There MUST BE something going on with the NHS.

      There are so many different theories about these mortality rates. Some say that they put people on ventilators too early or unnecessarily and THAT is causing deaths, which may be true in that the human lungs aren’t designed for it.

      Over here, there’s an incentive for hospitals to attribute the cases and the ventilator use to the Chinese virus. The hospitals get MORE MONEY from the government, which has said it will pay the full price of treatment for COVID19 patients. Therefore, they want to ascribe as many cases as possible to the virus, in order to get that ensured stream of money versus the lower price they may get from private insurance or Medicaid/Medicare, which DO look into utilization and appropriate prescribed care and also control costs.

      Then there’s the obvious fact that nobody knows how many people had it and never got sick or very sick or got tested. With Swine flu, and no doubt because Obama was POTUS then and they did NOT want a high death count, they trashed all the stats, started over, and simply ESTIMATED the number. They don’t WANT to have the denominator for this because it probably will prove that the mortality rate is not what has been and is being reported. I read today that 99% of the dead in Italy had a preexisting condition. Also that NYC added about 4000 deaths to their count, making it 10,000 dead, even though there’s no test and they’re only assuming the person died from COVID19. This is insane, but again: Not only the hospitals but also the states stand to collect BIG TIME when the death count is high.

      What is behind this desire to NOT use the hydroxychloroquine? It could be Trump Derangement Syndrome in that they will say white if he says black. However, it’s also true that the life-long bureaucrats who are the experts Trump is SUPPOSED to rely on and listen to are in bed with BIG PHARMA and BIG RESEARCH (NIH actually funded partially the Wuhan lab). They stand to make money IF their preferred NEW drugs are used or their NEW vaccines are used. All goes by the wayside if somebody finds out that an old, cheap malaria drug works or (now) and old, cheap depression drug works or plasma therapy works, which we already know DOES WORK because they’ve used it for over a hundred years despite that suddenly the media calls it “experimental.”

      I haven’t heard of the flea and tick medicine. Is this like the stuff they put behind a dog’s neck, just a tiny touch, and that goes in their bloodstream to kill fleas and ticks for months? Yikes! I wouldn’t want to use it myself, but I didn’t know humans use it to prevent river blindness. I’ll have to read up on that. I suppose where river blindness and other such plagues are endemic, the cure may not be worse than the disease. You take your chances.

      I’m glad you have the meds. Is it possible to buy from Swedish pharmacies without prescriptions? There’s a medicine I once took that I would like to have a stock of because no doctor now will prescribe it for me, because for some reason they prefer the usual drugs, even if they’re expensive or have more side effects. This drug is NOT as effective (something like 85% versus 95%), but it’s worth trying when needed simply because it has basically no side effects and goes right through the body, sort of the way Splenda does. But in so doing, it CAN cure something very easily without causing side effects or even potential resistance by the bug being targeted. Simple measures sometimes are the best. But it seems that the AMA, the government, and “medical science” are too often in league with the people who make tons of money off using expensive drugs or drugs produced by big companies that make huge profits. I’d consider buying the drug if I could get it online without a prescription.

      If I lived closer to either border, I could probably go to Mexico or Canada to buy it in a drug store. I know that in Mexico (at least this was true a few years ago), you could actually buy penicillin SHOTS to give to yourself or someone else. I saw it done! I wouldn’t have done it but the people who did do it, did it all the time. Yeah, there’s good reason to not willy nilly contribute to antibiotic resistance but sometimes it sure would be handy to not have to hassle and argue with doctors.

      I’m convinced that there is certainly a global conspiracy to reshape society, to condition people to lose their civil liberties under the guise of “safety”, to redistribute wealth (of the West), to redistribute people, too, and to destroy the government of the USA and other similar nations because the New World Order is anathema to individual freedom, such as is (or at least was) valued in the U.S. and other nations of the West.

      Whether or not the virus was deliberately released (it well could have been), nevertheless the progressive globalists were lying in wait for this one, for the excuse to do what they have done. They’re not about to let a “cure” or even something that easily mitigates the disease to be discovered and rolled out BEFORE their takeover is complete.

      THIS IS WHY they want mail-in voting, too. It’s the ONLY WAY to ensure that progressives like Pelosi and Obama can steal the entire U.S. government away from We the People. At least, they THINK they will be able to do so. Whether We the People will allow it to happen is another story.

      Look how ridiculous this chart is: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries

      Mortality in CHINA: 2 per million!
      Mortality in U.S.: 86 per million
      Mortality in U.K.: 190 per million
      Mortality in Germany: 43 per million
      Mortality in Russia: 1 per million!

      Is this a function of how much governments simply LIE or is it a function of poor statistics? Or what? Genetics?

      • “Q” is suggesting that Boris Johnson got chloroquine by some back channel and he did recover amazingly quickly, I don’t.
        Pharmacies thay will sell you drugs without a prescription are probably just run by bad people and I wouldn’t trust them with my credit card info.

        Some though have doctors attached and you pay for an online consultation in addition to the drug. They won’t sell you just anything and if you get turned down once in a while then that’s probably a good sign.

        As far as I know, Ivermectin is in spot-on for dogs but I cannot be assured that there aren’t other thins in there as well.
        I saw he story here first:
        Daily Mail is legiit in the UK

        • I’m pretty sure I read that Trump sent help to Johnson when he first went into the hospital. My impression was that he was sending hydroxychloroquine, but I could be mistaken. Would Johnson NEED a back channel to get it? Most likely he did get some kind of experimental help. He, of course, attributed it to the devoted nursing he got.

          Thanks for the info about online pharmacies. Did you use an online consultation to get your malaria drug? 🙂

          Oh, that’s a scabies drug. It may have side effects, too, but my gosh! If you’re dying, why not try ANYTHING, especially a drug that’s already widely used. What gets me is how the lying media have no problem in their Trump derangement scaring the hell out of all the people who currently take hydroxychloroquine, making them fear that at any moment their heart’s going to stop. ESPECIALLY because it’s the azithromycin that causes the irregular heart beat, and not the hydroxychloroquine and THEY KNOW IT. They deliberately obfuscate it in order to make Trump look wrong and make people NOT use the “Trump cure.”

  12. The President now has total control over everything and I mean everything
    Wartime powers
    A reporter has a holy carp moment and aks VP Pence to confirm?
    Pence does.

    at about 15 minutes in

    • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Emergencies_Act

      Not only that, the Constitution gives the power to control interstate commerce to the President alone. In addition, there’s a law forbidding compacts between states that are not approved by the Congress and their own respective legislatures. Under the Constitution, certain compacts are completely forbidden, such as those being formed now in “regions” of the northeast and west coast, to SUBVERT Trump’s plans to reopen the economy.

      Someone pointed out that these regions control most of the ports, which is WHY, I’m sure, that Trump said yesterday that mark his words, they WOULD comply with what he wants. I took that as a threat (a rightful one) to use the military to force them TO COMPLY for the good of the country.

      The media and progressives are going nuts and claiming Trump thinks he’s king (e.g., Cuomo). However, when any Democrat president invoked these same powers, you heard crickets. These people don’t even think that Trump is allowed to or should exercise the regular powers of a president at all, because they don’t recognize him AS president and have spent the past 3 1/2 years trying to subvert his presidency. Iow, they don’t respect or recognize the WILL OF THE PEOPLE from whom this government receives and exercises ANY power. They’re all corrupt.

  13. Maj Gen Paul Vallley appears on one of the Q shows and answers just about every question you might ask today
    Highly recpmmended
    He confirms “Q” is real.

  14. was what I meant

    • I listened to most of this but missed where he talked about Q. Do you know about where in the video this is?

      • The question is asked at 23:50,
        The careful answer is that a group of military intelligence is the character known as “Q”

        • Thanks! I missed it somehow.

          • Oh, wait! I did hear it. I remember thinking I love it if it’s true that POTUS has done an end run about the Deep State and uses military intelligence. imho, he ought to disband the CIA and the rest of the so-called “intelligence community” and JUST GO WITH military intelligence. I guess I misunderstood what the host said when he asked the general, but I did hear his answer. Hope so much this is all true.

  15. https://truepundit.com/exclusive-robert-f-kennedy-jr-drops-new-bombshell-bill-gates-coronavirus-vaccine-will-pay-out-billions-in-profits-to-dr-faucis-agency/


    Isn’t Robert Kennedy Jr. the global warming griper who famously was ribbed by, iirc, Sean Hannity for flying around in a private jet? Who ever thought I’d be linking stuff he wrote and said? In any case, there’s interesting information in these links about Fauci and Bill Gates and their monetary interests and conflicts of interests with regard to vaccines, which may explain perfectly WHY the left are NOT interested in finding cheap, effective palliatives for coronavirus infections. That said, check out THIS about the head vaccine researcher in FAUCI’S lab:



    Supposedly, she’s under investigation for ethical issues for her tweets. This is OUTRAGEOUS. What sort of people does Fauci hire and for what reason? The woman talks about “merit” and yet her tweets exhibit basic grammatical errors. And she has a PhD?

  16. Dr.Shiva!

  17. Info

    • I have been wondering since I heard about this whether Fauci’s name is on the grant or the approval or involved in the process of awarding it. So much sketchy about all this. (Trump “understands” it was years ago and that sure sounds like excuses provided to him from Fauci. It doesn’t matter because they are allegedly STILL supporting this lab.) The business about outsourcing the research to China to get around a domestic ban sounds so totally like something the Obama administration (and people like Fauci) would do. No wonder he was able to predict two years later that Trump WILL face a pandemic featuring a novel virus. Hmmm. No wonder he was so lionized by the media, who have to help him deal with this crisis and cover it up, in the same way they have helped cover up other scandals, like Deep State spying on Trump, the IRS shenanigans, Benghazi, etc.

      So yesterday I read somewhere that a woman who’s working to “fact check” the misleading information on social media (Facebook) about the coronavirus actually is totally BIASED in that SHE HERSELF worked for that Wuhan lab! You literally cannot make this stuff up! https://amgreatness.com/2020/04/17/facebook-coronavirus-fact-checker-worked-with-wuhan-virus-lab/


      • The “best” part (NOT!) of all this is IF it turns out that we were complicit in funding this “research” that ended up killing hundreds of thousands across the globe then it’s plausible that We the People will now be on the hook to recompense people across the world who suffered because of this plague created by our tax dollars and unscrupulous (at best) “scientists” who colluded with the Red Chinese. ALL a result of the rapprochement Obama had with the commies and the progressives’ love all all things commie.

    • Check out how it was a moratorium on research designed to GIVE “novel functions” to such viruses! https://www.the-scientist.com/the-nutshell/moratorium-on-gain-of-function-research-36564 https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2014/10/us-halts-funding-new-risky-virus-studies-calls-voluntary-moratorium

      Since Fauci made his prediction while funding this banned research in China, then you almost have to go another step and asked if there was some sort of, heaven forbid, and dare I use the word, COLLUSION with the Red Chinese government and perhaps to even, you know, interfere in the election in favor of DemoncRATS. BOTH stand to gain if Trump is defeated and we KNOW that Bidens, Clintons, Obamas, and other DemoncRATS (like Feinstein) are connected to and palsy walsy with RED CHINESE. OMG. This is getting scarier than ever. Bad enough to think it was accidental. Worse to think possibly done as a sort of “warfare”. WORST to think possibly done in collusion with U.S. citizens, perhaps even Deep State actors and U.S. politicians on the “other side of the aisle.”

      The moratorium was lifted at the end of 2017. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/u-s-lifts-moratorium-on-funding-controversial-high-risk-virus-research/

      ““I am not persuaded that the work is of greater potential benefit than potential harm,” said molecular biologist Richard Ebright of Rutgers University, who has argued that U.S. labs working with dangerous pathogens regularly suffer serious biosafety lapses. Experiments to create enhanced viruses, he and others argue, could lead to the pathogens’ accidental release, most likely by a lab worker becoming infected unknowingly and then walking out the door.
      “A human is better at spreading viruses than an aerosol” that might breach a lab’s physical containment, said epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, who has calculated that the risk of a lab-acquired infection sparking a pandemic is greater than recognized. “The engineering is not what I’m worried about. Accident after accident has been the result of human mistakes.” …”


    • Did you hear about how Mooch is going to have a weekly show, for a month, reading books to children on PBS. WTF? What the hell is wrong with our beautiful, literate, intelligent, charming, gracious and graceful CURRENT FIRST LADY? I’m so sick of this media bias, especially coming from a network that we’re FORCED TO SUPPORT with our tax dollars. The DemoncRATS just gave something like 75 million MORE to PBS in the “coronavirus relief bill.”

      As for Barry, it would be particularly ironic for a person who defines incompetence to criticize our very special genius President for “incompetency.” I can’t wait to hear how POTUS will destroy him, although you’re not going to see Barry take him on in person. He’s too chicken to do that. He’s the kind of “fighter” who throws rocks at someone from a safe distance when the person’s back is turned and when he knows he can get away before he’s caught. POTUS knows too much, I’m sure, about Barry’s failures with regard to Benghazi and other scandals, not to mention his criminal weaponizing of the government, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, etc. I DARE HIM to have the gall to criticize Trump. Double dog dare him. I wonder if POTUS has found the passport files with the “embarrassing information” yet.

      • did you hear joe biden say he wants mooch to be VP?

        • I did. How predictable and yet scary. She has her little TV program on PBS, reading to children. Of course, like Hillary, she said she’d never run for the presidency; but she didn’t say vice-presidency, did she? And this way, since everybody knows that Joe will NEVER serve as POTUS (unless for a few weeks to make it appear on the up and up), she gets her cake and can eat it, too. We can only hope and pray people are intelligent enough to say, “NEVER AGAIN!” Because no matter if it’s Joe or Mooch, Barry will be running the show, just as he’s been running the shadow government for the past 4 years. ALL THIS is community organized by Barry, have no doubt about it.

    • Imagine Barry criticizing Trump over the pandemic and then Trump pointing out Fauci’s connection to the virus research funded by US in an end run around bans on such research here (and for good reason)!

  18. I think Fauci needs ti be arrested.
    After a decent interval, like tomorrow.
    It looks like he caused this epidemic.

    Glad to see some states opening up.
    Is there a Supreme Court challenge coming?
    I hope so because I don’t think the Constitutiom says in times of emergency the government can strip away all rights.

    • I would hope somebody at some point makes a SCOTUS challenge, but it seems that when challenged, they capitulate, because they KNOW they don’t have any legal authority to do most of this stuff. It’s debatable if even Trump has the authority because the so-called emergency powers are from a law, which doesn’t supersede the Constitution. The President has been circumspect and hasn’t violated his oath. He gives “guidelines” and makes clear that it’s up to states (under the Constitution) to make rules to deal with public health emergencies. The only time I’ve seen him assert power is when it looked as if states would defy his orders to reopen businesses, should he ever make any. He DOES have the Constitutional power to regulate interstate commerce and that extends even to within states commerce because that affects interstate commerce. All this has already been through the Supreme Court. He only threatened to use his power SHOULD the governors not do as expected or if they tried to do the unconstitutional and unexpected. He has the power. For example, if Cuomo should try to keep ports closed. Trump can use the military and his Constitutional authority to open them. I would suppose that with regard to states, it depends upon each state constitution whether or not a governor has “emergency powers” that would suspend constitutional rights–STATE constitutional rights. But NO governor and NO state constitution can supersede our rights under the U.S. Constitution.

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