The Month the Earth Stood Still

We’re supposed to continue the shutdown of the economy and shelter in place for another month.

This is NOT an April Fools’ Day joke, but it sure feels like one.


Everybody is under orders to


Those at particular risk are expected to stay home …


The next 30 days will be the month of


Those who can are ordered to keep working from home:


Fortunately, we’re “allowed” to take a walk and enjoy the glorious spring weather and the equally glorious spring flowers,


so long as we maintain our distance!

We’ll flatten that curve, the “experts” say. (Those would be the same experts who one day say 2 million in the U.S. will die, then the next day say 100,000 to 200,000, then the next day up it to 240,000.)

Just follow the rules! Keep using hand sanitizer

and be patient, if you can.

President Trump has assured us that

This, too, shall pass.

We hope and pray so. But then what, Mr. President? Then what?


35 responses to “The Month the Earth Stood Still

  1. Let us Pray 🙏

  2. I want to highlighting stories from Gateway Pundit

    The first, the absurdity of little rulers seizing power:
    TOO FAR?? Man Arrested for Paddleboarding in Malibu BY HIMSELF — Faces Up to Six Months in Jail!

    Now secondly two of the most reliable “Q” reporters who claim that those two huge hospital ships, moored off of Southern Ca and the Caribbean, are not there as hospital ships, but rather as transport ships, receiving the results of secret extraction operations now being conducted in secret, and taking the captured to Gitmo

    I don’t know, just sayin’ but here’s the 2nd story:
    The Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort docked in in New York City on Monday, March 30, 2020. The ship was expected to bolster a besieged New York City health care system by treating non-coronavirus patients while hospitals treat people with COVID-19.

    But after three days in the harbor only three patients have been transferred to the hospital ship.

    I used to read Drudge. He had this phrase – Developing…

    • It’s frightening but not surprising how “progressive” areas so quickly devolve into total dictatorships. Today, my local paper featured how “snitches” are aiding and abetting the authorities in cracking down on those who don’t maintain “social distance.” There are NO LAWS with regard to this SUGGESTION. The President hasn’t RULED that we must follow his “guidelines” nor has the state done so. However, the liberal DemoncRAT mayor of my city HAS put out rules but even she, WHEN SHE ANNOUNCED THEM, said they weren’t going to go around locking people up or threatening people. She hopes for compliance. And yet the cops are accepting SNITCH reports. We read that some states are using GPS from cell phones to monitor social distancing compliance. Consider that they don’t even use such tactics to monitor KNOWN FELONS! Drug dealers. Suspected terrorists. No, but all tactics are apparently okay and constitutional (NOT!) if they’re used against ordinary citizens.

      So the ships have a total of 3 patients on one and 15 on the other. BIG NEED for those extra hospital beds, right? WTF is going on? That’s what I’d like to know.

      I haven’t read Drudge for months. He’s gone over to the dark side. I read somewhere that his “service” was bought out by, I suppose, members of the resistance. Or something. Certainly an about face for him. MONEY talks. And corrupts. Absolutely.

    • Interesting theory about them taking advantage of this situation to crack down on the cartels, but it does explain the sudden pivot to this topic during the presser yesterday. We can only hope and pray there’s substance to this. We want the border CLOSED and this is doing it. No more Chinese women coming in to give birth to “U.S. citizens.” No more terrorists. No more illegal aliens coming in to steal jobs and social benefits. It makes a lot of sense that the Deep State is in collusion with the cartels. The gun running under Obama. The alleged drugs coming into Arkansas during the Clinton years. CIA involvement with drugs has long been suspected.

  3. They attacked themmselves first to buy time,
    why the US embassy told me there was still yime to get home:

    See recent article, three unmistakable signs of the coming war: Pompeo ordering Americans to return home, Pentagon ordering NORAD staffers into underground bunker, Trump activating one million reservists to active status, focusing on battlefield medicine.

    – China looking to exploit the economic chaos and coming social chaos to unleash new waves of attacks against the USA.

    – Financial attack: Attempting to topple the dollar as the world reserve currency by announcing a new China-backed, gold-backed currency while selling off all US Treasury debt, collapsing America’s ability to sell new debt and forcing the USA to print new money to buy its own debt (hyperinflation currency collapse).

    – Cyber attack: Hitting the power grid in a simultaneous cyber attack, also targeting nuclear facility and others power generation stations that have cyber vulnerability. All vulnerabilities already scanned and documented by China, ready to launch scripted assault wave. Would produce instant “lights out” chaos across America, followed by immediate nationwide panic as the internet and mobile phones go down.

    – Kinetic attack: Possibility of Chicom-led Narco attack through the Southern border, perhaps focusing on Arizona as the weak point to invade, or an attempted stealth “port landing” via California and treasonous Gov. Newsom, who must be arrested and tried for treason along with Sen. Feinstein, a 20-year spy for China. Would be combined with financial and cyber attacks for maximum penetration.

    TIMING: China will wait not just for peak coronavirus deaths, but rather peak chaos which is combination of financial chaos and social chaos. Riots in the major cities, as lockdowns extend, joblessness ramps up, the free money from the Fed runs out, people can’t feed themselves, riots in the streets, calls for a left-wing socialist revolution, cities plunged into chaos, then mass homelessness. A whole new wave of millions of homeless will appear across America before the end of this year.

    – Trump is way ahead of the game, was already waging economic war with China to collapse their domestic economy before the coronavirus, preventing China from having necessary economic power to build a fleet of aircraft carriers that would dominate the world’s oceans and project communism political power to nearly every nation across the globe. Pompeo is also way ahead of the game here and has set things into motion to take out China before China can take out the USA (it’s now a winner-takes-all global war, being waged behind the scenes but soon to explode into public view). Pompeo is a hard ass, but he’s on America’s side as far as we can tell.

    – The recent ordering of Pentagon staffers into deep underground bunkers is in anticipation of a possible first strike suicide attack by China, which is running out of options quickly. China getting hit by new demand-collapse wave following their initial supply-collapse wave, meaning the world’s orders for China-made products has now collapsed, even if China could run its factories, nobody is buying. China ran very high debt-to-GDP ratios before all this.


    Mass deception everywhere, they got some old book about the art of war.
    This is not over, not by a long way.

    • The thing is, because the Chinese lied and because we had no idea this could become pandemic after SARS, MERS, and Ebola, among others, did NOT, by the time they make these (we hope and pray), it will be too late, but at least we will have a stockpile. As it is, it appears that POTUS was again right and they did NOT need all these ventilators, although they’re going to lie about it and fudge the numbers. No doubt EVERY person in ICU on a ventilator now will be coded as a COVID19 case, because they’re allowing the “assumption” of Coronavirus even without confirmed tests! This probably is because Pence promised that the taxpayers will pay for all the treatment and care for all COVID19 patients, so the hospitals have a huge INCENTIVE to inflate the number of victims.

    • I heard that up until the DAY BEFORE Trump banned travel from China, the WHO guy was saying that it’s not transmissible human to human, which is ridiculous because otherwise you’d have to believe all those people in China caught it … HOW? Directly from bats? Anybody with rudimentary high school biology had to know that was a LIE. China lied from the beginning and by the time anybody realized their lies, over 300,000 people had come here from China, infecting the U.S. They KNEW it was contagious AND they are STILL lying about the millions who died in their country as well as the on-going epidemic IN their country. Wuhan may or may not be clear, but other extremely large cities are experiencing outbreaks. I read at Gateway Pundit that as many as 40,000 additional people have come here from China AFTER Trump’s ban, because Americans are exempt and are allowed to come in from China. Which begs this question: How many of the “American citizens” coming in are “citizens” as a result from birth tourism? iow, how many are ONLY citizens of the U.S. because their Chinese mothers flew here to give birth and then promptly returned to China, leaving the babies to grow up as dual citizens who now are allowed to just waltz in carrying whatever disease they have? I read, believe it was Bill O’Reilly but may be mistaken, that 5 MILLION Chinese fled Wuhan during the epidemic. WHERE DID THEY ALL GO? Surely they carried the contagion with them as they dispersed throughout China and the world.

      I read an article yesterday by a woman with 4 daughters. She said that there was a case of Wu-flu in Tempe, AZ, on the 29th of January. She lives in Tempe and that same month she and her 4 daughters had an illness that exactly matches the WU-flu and they tested NEGATIVE for flu. They had signs of pneumonia, high fevers. Thankfully, all survived but it seemed close because some of the kids have asthma and very much trouble breathing plus high fevers. She’s convinced this virus was circulating in the U.S. since NOVEMBER, because she analyzed the past three flu seasons, tracked pneumonia cases, and discovered that beginning in NOVEMBER 2019, the cases were significantly higher than other years during the same period and this rise began in Nov. Nothing explains it but that this would be the pneumonias caused by WU-flu. Read it fast because the original is ALREADY disappeared from that blog site:

  4. WTF? Talk about end times and the MARK OF THE BEAST.

    “James Bullard, CEO of the St. Louis branch of the Federal Reserve, was recently on CBS’s Face The Nation with Margaret Brennan to talk about the state of the economy and what could be done to stem the outbreak of the virus. Toward the end of the interview, Bullard says,

    “You know, I have good news for you, MARGARET, because we have a- there is a solution using available technology today to fix the economic part of this problem. The solution is universal testing. What you want is every single person to get tested every day. And then they would wear a badge like they would at a- after they voted or something like that to show that they’ve been tested. This would immediately sort out who’s been infected and who hasn’t been infected. That would help the health care sector. But it would also help the economy because we could interact with each other with a lot of confidence.” …”


    This guy should immediately be removed from “duty.”

    What would be the expected treatment of anybody who DOESN’T have the “badge” if they’re out in public after this NAZI-like process is instituted? IS HE INSANE?

    • Well first of all, at this moment, this is not possible. But suppose some wuflu sniffer is invented and can give a result in minuttes. Used humanely, this could end the epidemic, such as it is, in three weeks.
      Everybody whi is infected could be transported to California and given hydroxychloroquine until they are cured. Everybody who is not infected could go back to normal. We would have on of those things like on Star Trek.
      I said used HUMANELY
      a word most politicians don’t know.
      Keep in mind the deep state doesn’t want a cure. They want to drag this out to force a vote by mail in November or on the net so thay can put that Biden in as a figure head.
      A shocking rapid cure is the last thing they want.
      Rather than have a fraudulent election, the President, if necessary, should postpone the election until after the Olympics. He could still stay no longer than eight years in total.

      • I heard they will have a serology (antibody) test by the end of this month. It would probably allow people to go out in public and work again, provided they have antibodies, but the “badge” part is what gets me. Today they won’t even identify who is POSITIVE or even say where they worked or lived, because they hide behind HIPAA, even though knowing would allow people to KNOW they’ve been exposed and get tested and/or tell others they know that they’re potentially infected, too. iow, save lives! It’s funny how some civil rights are being ignored completely while others are held to specifically, even though the former are CONSTITUTIONAL rights but the latter, HIPAA, is an invention of Congress that has already been suspended, legally, by Trump’s executive order.

        I agree that they DON’T WANT a cure. Fauci and Rahm Emanuel’s brother are BOTH out there today saying we won’t be able to gather in large groups (no sports, no concerts, etc.) for at least 18 months! If NOTHING before convinced you that Fauci is a Deep State, Clinton-loving sleeze, this should do it. Agreeing with Ezekiel (death panels) Emanuel?

        They accused Trump of probably being invested in chloroquine. I’d already done research and found that Trump was invested in the Gilead company, in a minor way, but he still promoted the RIVAL drug, chloroquine! On the other hand, Obama WAS and probably still is invested in Gilead and others have proven the cozy relationship between that company and the NIH/CDC, etc.

        That company stands to lose millions or billions if something else proves better than their expensive anti-viral.

  5. facebkwallflower

    I find these pics interesting.

    The King Himself – Big Bad Brother from Kenya— Malik Obama (@ObamaMalik) April 7, 2020

    • Certainly interesting. Who is the “big bad brother” and who is the “king?” Is Malik referring to himself? He’s supposedly the older brother. And Malik IS from Kenya. Is he trying to be cute or what? Why now? I couldn’t see that interesting photo of little Barry with his muslim friends. I don’t remember seeing that one before. I clicked it to enlarge but it didn’t work. The thing is, he sure looks more like himself there than he did in ANY of the other photos supposedly of little Barry in Indonesia. Why is that? Wouldn’t it be interesting to know the translation of that muslim script?

      • facebkwallflower

        A wee further down tweet page shows book malik writing with title saying he is big bad brother. Write up for that interesting, too.

      • facebkwallflower

        The two pic faces look the same person but not at the same time.

      • facebkwallflower— Killusion (@Killusion1) April 7, 2020 Top right rally pic Obama does not look like other barryboy pics. The youth one is post age age ten when moved back to HI. AND looks more like adult barry than most we have seen.

      • facebkwallflower

        The youth pic probably not him, though as does not look black.

        • It does LOOK like him, but I was finally able to enlarge it yesterday and I don’t think it’s him. However, seeing as how that kid LOOKS so much like him, it adds to our suppositions, as you point out, that he doesn’t look BLACK, because that kid who looks so much like him isn’t black. We’ve speculated all along that he’s probably not black AT ALL. I do wonder what that says on the wall and who these people really are. Where is that photo from?

          • facebkwallflower

            did you see this photo?

            Back in the day: When possibilities were boundless— Malik Obama (@ObamaMalik) April 8, 2020


              • Look closely at the two “brothers” and see the LACK of resemblance there. He not only doesn’t look like Malik but he also doesn’t look like SAD. The features aren’t like either “parent”. I would swear he’s Indonesian. Look back at the photo of the whole family with SAD and Maya. Now he DOES look like Maya, a bit. And who is Maya’s father? Lolo.

                • He doesn’t look like Auma, either.

                • facebkwallflower

                  SAD is the only one that actually looks like a genuine photo. Not so sure Maya isn’t photoshopped to wear African hairstyle. Why would even she dress African, especially when her mother did not. And who is the little person not showing, except for top of head, between Barry and Michelle. Where in WTPOTUS archives would one find the info and doc of Kenyan parliment (or whatever is called) mentioning Barry as native/citizen/born there? would love to post on Malik’s twitter.

                  • I wondered that, too. Why is Maya wearing that hair style? Only thing I can think is they’re all in Africa. Or they could be in London because I believe those are the two “wives” there on the right. SAD next to Kezia, right? Isn’t that Malik’s mom? I’m forgetting the family tree here. I didn’t even notice that other person. Why would you take a photo and leave the person in the back out? How rude of Barry to eclipse him or her. Who might it be? Lia? Ha, ha. Can’t even guess.

            • I hadn’t seen that one before. Interesting. Funny how they all come out now, after it doesn’t matter. If only Malik would tell what he really knows. I remember him implying that maybe Barry’s really not his brother. Never saw SAD with Malik before.

  6. facebkwallflower

    I find this comment at cth interesting in light of two things 1. China tried to blackmail countries with they accept 5g or no virus supplies and, 2. Newsom getting supplies it seems and other comment on same thread:
    “AndrewJackson says:
    April 10, 2020 at 2:41 pm
    Has anyone looked at California vs New York. Both big population democrat controlled hell holes, yet New York has 28X the death rate adjusted for population and 17X the case rate. How is this possible if California has stronger Asian ties where the virus originated? Unless…. California already had the virus.”

    Liberty Forge says:
    April 10, 2020 at 3:36 pm
    Never let a crisis go to waste.

    While we’re in lock-down, Governor Newsom of California is having 5G installed in all schools since they are closed.

    There is controversy surrounding 5G, and it will be awful if what those opposed to 5G turns out to be correct.

    California will be a test case — to see if 5G is harmful to humans or not. The children will be the guinea pigs.

  7. No way!

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