Dealing with Coronavirus

While the media and Democrats continue to gaslight President Trump, We the People should simply use our common sense to deal with any potential COVID-19 outbreak (or influenza outbreak, for that matter).

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provide just such common sense advice, all very similar to what we learned at our mothers’ knees:

[emphasis added]

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.
  • Follow CDC’s recommendations for using a facemask.
    • CDC does not recommend that people who are well wear a facemask to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including COVID-19.
    • Facemasks should be used by people who show symptoms of COVID-19 to help prevent the spread of the disease to  others. The use of facemasks is also crucial for health workers and people who are taking care of someone in close settings (at home or in a health care facility).
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. (If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Always wash hands with soap and water if hands are visibly dirty.)

All of the above is just what President Trump advised, too: Common sense.

Let’s repeat these points for emphasis:

Stay home when you are sick!  And while at home, wear that face mask to protect family members, but don’t think that wearing a mask in public while sick is good enough.

Don’t be selfish. Just stay home! 

Cover your cough or sneeze and throw away the tissue. Obviously, don’t go walking around in contaminated clothes after sneezing or coughing into your elbow! 

Wash your hands (and/or elbow) or use sanitizer after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.

Disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Any disinfectant wipe will do, or spray with Lysol or other disinfectant spray. Read the labels and look for products that kill coronaviruses.

Let’s add these points:

  • Keep your kids and other family members at home when they are sick. Sick kids are walking epidemics all by themselves, because the world is their handkerchief, and they touch everything after sneezing, coughing, or wiping (or picking) their noses. (Gross, but true.)
  • Eat healthy and take your vitamins.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Exercise.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Don’t panic. Stress will make you more susceptible.

Compare and contrast this potential pandemic with the last incidents, especially the potentially most deadly outbreak, which happened under Barack Obama’s watch. 

When the extremely deadly Ebola virus (let’s call it Obamavirus) threatened our country, did the media attack then-President Obama about his lack of preparedness?

They easily could have found room for criticism. For example, the Obama administration didn’t start screening travelers entering this country until after the first U.S. death had occurred and after U.S. citizens had already been put at risk of contracting the extremely deadly Ebola virus within the Dallas community. Fortunately, two nurses who had already contracted the disease from the first case survived.

Did the Republicans try to weaponize the Ebola crisis to gain political points against Democrats?

Did the media deliberately panic the markets, hoping for an economic recession that could be used politically in the  next election? (The market has already dropped more because of this far less deadly virus than it did for Ebola.)

Did the media call Obama racist for any steps he took, such as travel restrictions designed to keep the disease out of our country?

Surely the very efficient, god-like genius known as Obama left behind all the programs and plans necessary for President Trump to use to deal with this much less deadly virus, COVID-19 (mortality rate of  about 2% or less) as compared to Obamavirus (aka Ebola; mortality rate between 25-90%, with an average of 50%).

Am I right? NOT!

Let’s look at other coronavirus outbreaks:

Compared to COVID-19, MERS (a coronavirus) has a mortality rate of about 35%. 

SARS (another coronavirus) has a mortality rate of more than 10%.

Regarding this new virus, so many in China weren’t even tested because they had mild cases and recovered quickly or were infected but had no symptoms at all. Thus, the true mortality rate of COVID-19 may be even less than the <2% reported.

Why all the panic about this particular virus, if not to politically weaponize the issue against President Trump, because the Democrats and the media know that people recognize that our strong economy (ever since Obama) is a direct result of President Trump’s policies?

They also know the Democrat nominee will be, almost by definition, lame. Therefore, they must attack the President’s economy, by any means necessary.

More common sense and information from the administration:

President Trump didn’t create this crisis, but he’s on it.  In the meantime, the Democrats and their co-conspirators in the media won’t “let a good crisis go to waste.”

They care far more about gaining power than they do about American lives or treasure (in the form of all the savings/investments that Americans lose when the stock market is deliberately panicked). They’re all, to coin a phrase, deplorable.

Once again, as ever, pray for our Republic and our President.

And wash your hands!


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  1. I can’t tell you how many times, over the years, I got sick because people I worked with, packed like sardines in cubicles in a room with poor ventilation, persisted in coming to work SICK, and all because they wanted to “save” their sick days for days when they weren’t sick, so they could enjoy them when they called in sick when they weren’t sick.

    Or because they wanted to look like indispensable heroes to the bosses. You know the type, I’m sure.

    They ended up costing the company far more in lost time and productivity simply because, while they were at work, they sickened others and caused THEM to miss work.

    As for kids, I’m sorry. They ARE walking pandemics. Ask any pre-school teacher or daycare worker. Everybody I ever knew who worked with little kids was sick several times every year, catching whatever (whooping cough, flu, colds, mumps, measles) from their little charges.

    Kids are like one big walking germ and it’s because they don’t practice hygiene like one would HOPE adults do, but I see plenty of adults out there who think nothing of coughing and sneezing all over the place, without covering their noses and mouths.

    I was fascinated to learn that face masks are recommended for people WHO ARE ALREADY SICK. It’s to keep them from coughing and sneezing and broadcasting droplets all over the place. A mask is not going to keep YOU from getting the virus if it’s airborne in your vicinity. And that only makes sense. If you can SEE through the holes in the masks, and you can, then the infinitesimally small viruses can get inhaled right through those same holes. Besides which, the masks aren’t glued down all around the sides of your nose and mouth, so germs can enter that way, too. And the masks don’t keep anything out of your eyes!

    The virus doesn’t live for LONG on surfaces, but it lives for a certain time and that may be long enough for you to pick it up from the surface and transfer it to your eyes, nose, or mouth. So DON’T touch your face, rub your eyes, or wipe your mouth with dirty hands.

    What I’ve done for years, and it’s worked pretty well: I have sanitizer in my car. Whenever I go into a store and then get back into my car, I use sanitizer before I even touch the steering wheel. If I go into another store, same thing. When I get home, I wash my hands and my face.

    Other than that, when there’s a flu epidemic, I stay home as much as I can and especially avoid crowded public places.

  2. I love this guy’s (gal’s?) roundups:

    And agree, obviously, with these sentiments:

    “A lot of the cartoonists seem to be focused on the coronavirus. And the Dems seem determined to panic the voters and crash the stock market to defeat Trump. To hell with the safety and well-being of the public if they can play their vile politics.”

    EXACTLY. But we’re “conspiracy theorists” to think so, to see the OBVIOUS.

    Wow. Look at the first story:

    “Almost half of all blacks and Hispanics who attend Harvard were admitted because of illegal racial preferences in admissions according to a brief just filed by the Department of Justice. …”

    I suppose that’s a CONSPIRACY THEORY, too. We’ve gone from outlawing discrimination to ensuring discrimination. Now we have students who want to ensure segregation.


    This one is for Dave M. Looks like it was made in a lab. That said, it could be a good thing. I read somewhere, while researching this post, that fabricated viruses tend to flare up in a population and then fizzle out, never to be seen again. Natural viruses end up circulating in the population, sometimes seasonally. In addition, viruses tend to mutate into less lethal forms over time, which is also a good thing!

  4. There has been a Classified briefing of the Senate (CDC and DHS)

    This is the premise (as speculated by Mike Adams):
    The USA is being attacked by a bio-weapon and the attack is in progress.
    I recommend this website for better than mainstream news
    It also has a valuable stats checker page from which you can sorta work out your survival chances (which so far looks like about 95%) if you get it.

    Evolution suggests (Miri) that a virus grows less lethal over time because if the virus is too lethal then all that it infects dies rapidly and so does the virus so less lethal forms survive longer.

    But this only applies to a one time viral release. Like saying the radioactivity from a nuclear bomb will go away.
    yes – but not if they keep dropping.

    Mike’s article (above) is his imaginary speculation of why the briefing would have to be classified – so read it as that. But he raises the question I raised a day or two ago: “what about a Tactical Response?”.

    Dr. Dave Janda, on his WTF show said that DNA analysis of the Wuhan version of the corona virus showed that it contained a protein for binding and penetrating the cell wall of a human lung cell at a particular receptor. I could go back and get the chemical biological name of this reception site but it is a long tongue-twister but there are three salient points about this site:
    1) It is five times more common in Asian races than Western races.
    2) It is more common in males than in females
    3) Smoking multiplies the number of these cells. so older people have more

    We could guess that this virus has been designed to selectively attack Asian males who are older.

    I will say nothing about motive. Neither would Sgt Joe Kenda.
    To discern motive you have to catch the criminals and then you can figure out their motive.

    You could guess: misguided save the world de-population?
    start a war? but who knows? So this is unprovable for now. For Now.

    • We could get really speculative and remember how the Chinese select for males and suddenly they have a surplus OF males because they’ve been exporting female children while ensuring only one child (male) per family. With the rest of the world criticizing them for their backwardness and sexism, they’ve recently allowed more kids per family, so one way to balance the population without openly being sexist might be to find a way to eliminate the surplus male population, with the eldest most targeted. While we’re speculating about potential motives.

      In my wild theory about the possibility that the CIA was involved, the fly in the ointment was why put it in China if the goal was to damage Trump. One thought was that it would deflect “tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists” but maybe the progressives in the Deep State are equally concerned with the sexism and male preference in China, so maybe this is a twofer for them? Tongue in cheek speculation. Then again, the depopulation argument has heft, when you consider that the progressives who totally believe in the conspiracy theory of global warming with famine and despair to come, would of course focus, perhaps, on the populations that are most out of control (China, India, with Africa to come). Is it in Africa yet? Supposedly in Iran but who can believe anything coming out of there? They could as likely be taking advantage of a crisis and blaming the virus on the deaths of leaders whom they wanted to get rid of anyway.

    • Somebody either at Gateway Pundit or Conservative Treehouse reminded readers that the CDC had people crying at their desks when they learned Trump was elected. We’ve had Rosenstein’s sister going rogue while POTUS is out of the country, speaking out of turn to the complicit media who dutifully hyped the virus and set off the panic and the meme to make it seem as if Trump’s clueless. NOT TRUE, as TCTH post proves, documenting the detailed steps POTUS has taken from the very beginning. Now we have this sketchy case of the first “community acquired” (allegedly) confirmed infection in CA, conveniently near the place where the evacuees were brought in. Can we believe CDC?

      My supposition today is that Trump did not bite at this most recent attempted set up. You JUST KNOW that they wanted him to come back and fire the women who spoke out of turn. There MUST BE protocols in place for who’s allowed to speak to the media during a potential crisis and I doubt it’s the likes of Rosenstein’s sister. So she’s not fired but I’ll bet you she’s now muzzled or else. Clever to put Pence in charge. Not to say they won’t attack him as easily as they do Trump.

      In fact, they began today with a story about how Pence “failed” in Indiana with another “health crisis,” although what he failed at was jumping on board their free needles for addicts during an HIV outbreak, conflating apples and oranges.

      Is a virus nobody can really help picking up the equivalent of a virus that people INJECT THEMSELVES WITH BY USING DIRTY NEEDLES AND SHARING WITH OTHERS WHO MAY HAVE HIV? Uh, no comparison.

      Then there’s the OPINION that giving addicts needles will help stop the “epidemic.” Activists, of course, will consider it “failure” when the only failure Pence exhibited was failure to glom onto their radical methods and policies. Of course, the left always think that if you don’t agree with them, then you’re deranged, evil, racist, bigoted, or obviously incompetent. But I digress.

      Remembering WHERE the first alleged community acquired case is, Sacramento area, and WHERE the evacuees were brought (Sacramento area, Solano County, specifically), then pay attention to this NEW WHISTLEBLOWER!

      “According to a whistleblower report obtained by the Washington Post [ANONYMOUSLY obtained? ILLEGALLY leaked?] employees with the Department of Health and Human Services were tasked to receive Americans evacuated from Wuhan without proper training or protective gear. Afterwards, the workers, who did not show symptoms of infection, were allowed to go home without being tested for the virus; at least one of the HHS staffers left California on a commercial flight.

      The official — who filed their complaint to the Office of the Special Counsel [Aren’t they supposed to whistleblow to their superiors?] and claims that they [Is this a trans-woman?] were improperly reassigned after expressing their concern — describes two instances in which HHS staff were “improperly deployed” at military bases in California where returning Americans were quarantined. While Centers for Disease Control and Prevention personnel were in “full gown, gloves and hazmat attire,” [was it necessary?] the HHS workers were not trained in wearing such personal protective equipment for their face-to-face interactions with the quarantined patients. The complaint also states that senior HHS officials dismissed the staffers’ health concerns, claiming they were hurting staff “morale,” that they were “accused of not being team players,” and that they had their “mental and emotional stability questioned.”

      The report states that around 14 workers for the Administration for Children and Families were sent to the March Air Force base in Riverside County, and another 13 ACF workers were sent to Travis Air Force in Solano County — where the first patient to be infected with coronavirus from an “unknown origin” tested positive this week. …”

      Remember: CDC opposed Trump repatriating these people. HE DEFIED THEM, just like he DEFIED the State Dept. and NSC staffers like Vindman on Ukraine! How DARE HE? Read the Chris Hayes twitter feed of the “timeline” in the article. You think this isn’t orchestrated?

      Note that the DemoncRATS out of the blue questioned Azar:

      “The whistleblower is also seeking assistance from the office of Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D-Calif.), a member of the House Ways and Means committee and vice chair of the House Oversight Committee, according to a Gomez spokesman. During a hearing Thursday, Gomez asked Azar whether any employees from ACF could have been sent to help with the repatriation of Americans from Wuhan without any training in emergency response. Azar replied that some ACF employees were involved. …”

      Ah, yes. They don’t make that mistake again. They announce that the whistleblower is “seeking assistance” from (only?) a DemoncRAT and that’s how Gomez knew to grill Azar! Unlike the whistleblower who colluded with Schiff against the POTUS, the announcement was made because they knew people would notice and wonder, after the fact, how Gomez KNEW ABOUT the complaint before anybody else did. So more DemoncRATS colluding with anonymous “whistleblowers” who write voluminous (24-page) complaints. Does hers, I wonder, sound as if it was written by a LAWYER, like Schiff’s whistleblower’s did?

      It rolls out right on schedule:
      1. Rosenstein’s sister announces 2/25 that “community spread” is inevitable (while POTUS is in India).
      2. CDC suddenly announces, right before Trump presser to stop the panic (2/26), that there’s a potential community-acquired case in CA. The media make sure to say that Trump didn’t mention this case in his presser, even though (they claim) he had been briefed about it.
      3. Whistleblower files complaint 2/26/20, and of course, somehow the DemoncRATS on the committee are tipped off and grill Azar (2/27), who may have been blindsided and didn’t even know about the complaint yet. Who knows? Were they hoping to catch him in a perjury trap?
      4. CDC confirms the case at the same time complicit media report about the new whistleblower (2/27), who accuses the Trump administration of putting people at risk by not preparing them adequately and not making them wear protective gear.

      (Keep in mind that Obama didn’t even screen travelers until after someone came into TX WITH DEADLY EBOLA and DIED, after he’d already infected two nurses with DEADLY EBOLA.)

      The woman in question was reassigned on 2/19, a week BEFORE her whistleblower complaint, so she can’t complain about retaliation a week before she even makes the complaint! When exactly did she begin contacting Gomez?

      Note that they say this first case is not among someone who traveled to China or was in contact with someone DIAGNOSED with the disease. They’re implying it was probably one of the workers who was near the Wuhan evacuees but none of those evacuees were known to be infected (and do we even know if any of them are)?

      Just more cases of resistance progressives being insubordinate, unaccepting of the authority of the POTUS, and thinking they know better and so they will undermine him by any means necessary, even if it costs people’s lives. Such evil SOBs.

      It doesn’t matter what the truth is. Demoncrats must have hearings! INVESTIGATE!! IMPEACH HIM!!!


        “Although team members had gloves at times and at other times masks, they lacked full protective gear and received no training on how to protect themselves in a viral hot zone, according to a description provided by the congressional office. They had no respirators. While helping the evacuees, team members noticed that workers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were in full gear to protect them from getting sick. …

        Gomez said as far as he knows none of the workers from the agency has become infected with the virus. …”

        WaPo link.

  5. What about a strategic WMD response?

    First time today. I am feeling parallels with 9-11

    when I saw the destruction in NYC I wanted a military response.
    The “perpetrators” know this. I will talk about who are the perpetrators in a bit.
    After many years and a deathbed confession, I watched the collapse of Building 7. Building 7 was not greviously injured In the Twin Towers attack
    but many hours later it collapsed like a pancake. I had seen that style of collapse on many other news shows about other demolitions and it was a controlled demolition. I have no doubt about that. A controlled demolition requires the placement and accurate firing timing of explosives set throughout the supporting structure of the intended demolition target.
    Once I saw that I knew the whole 9-11 story was BS. You wouldn’t put explosives and wiring throughout Building 7 “just in case” so the fact that it was there signals the foreknowledge of the main event.

    Now we have an initial story that some chinese people ate yucky bat soup or live snakes and yes that is pretty yucky but
    let me guess for a minute that the “perpetrators” knew that science would destroy that initial story. I don’t think they were hoping to get away with that lie.
    After a few weeks the lie would become exposed and most of the world would realize that no accident of food consumption caused this plague.
    But then what? Somebody must have done it.

    At this point we are supposed to want the “perpetrators” to experience the full fury of our WMD arsenal. I agree with that. Bring this to a stop, right now!

    I infer, just because the initial outbreak was in China, that we are supposed to decide that China is the aggressor and so we could attack them. The resulting nuclear war will destroy most of the northern hemisphere and the perpetrators may want that. Their “masters” may want that.

    I doubt China is the aggressor. This now has all the feelings of a setup.

    So who is Blofield?
    I don’t know.
    The fact that I don’t know does not mean that there are not any others that do know.
    In the James Bond movies, Blofields act in their perceived safety that they cannot be found nor attacked.
    So when I wrote that five or ten hydrogen warheads would sort this out I was not picking targets – I will leave that to the professionals.
    The feeling of being anonymous will be removed by the first hydrogen fusion reaction that occurs within a mile of you. At that point, I rather suspect your underlings will “head for the hills”. We may not need to fire the other nine warheads of which I spoke.

    • Considering how the DemoncRATS and the media are using this virus thing against Trump, and keeping in mind all the powerful global interests impacted by Trump’s presidency, it would not surprise me in the least to learn that our CIA is somehow involved in this “pandemic.” As TCTH says, trillions are at stake. People, btw, shady, evil characters, are making money by short selling while the market is deliberately tanked. It’s no coincidence.

  6. Wow. Just wow. Imagine going to a school that FORCES you to let some person who gives you the creeps put his or her hands on your body for however long the music plays. THIS is insane. This is going on in today’s society, in the #MeToo era, that little girls are FORCED to dance with boys that make them “uncomfortable?” It’s ALL about the boy’s feelings and NOT about the girl’s, when she’s the one having her bodily autonomy invaded. How freaking creepy. No, means no. Right? Apparently not. This little girl was taught the lesson that boys’ feelings (as usual) take precedence over her own and that the authorities will BACK THAT UP by forcing her to let him touch her whether she wants him to or not. She doesn’t NEED a good reason to say no. She can just say no and it’s beyond belief that ANY teacher or principal in this day and age will dispute her right to say no. WTF? Can we at least be consistent here? (This looks like a public school. The principal, who told the girl she had to dance, is male. He told the mother he’s not changing the rule and if they don’t like it, HER DAUGHTER can sit out the dances entirely! So she has to give up her basic human rights in order to participate in school dances and SHE becomes the victim, the pariah, the outcast, just for standing up for her own body. Amazing.)


    “A federal appeals court Friday blocked President Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy, ruling it went beyond the boundaries of federal law — and eliminating the most important tool Homeland Security used to stem last year’s border surge. …”

    This AS two cases of COVID-19 are confirmed IN MEXICO. These guys caught it in mid-Feb. when they were in Italy. For how long were they infecting fellow Mexicans? Given how POROUS the southern border is, then what’s to contain the epidemic in Mexico when the likes of Warren (who wants to divert all border money to the CDC) and these judges get to circumvent POTUS’s plans?

    In addition, it was just reported that this policy of Trump’s is the single-most important rule that was putting an end to birth tourism, where pregnant women illegally enter the U.S. to have kids and also, it’s helping, that he’s stopping travel from CHINA, which is one of the main abusers of “birthright citizenship.”

    What Trump should do is declare an emergency and completely close the entire border.

  8. …….CHECK these A L L ….. OUT!!! …..
    President Trump Keep America Great Rally –
    North Charleston, SC – 7:00pm Livestream…

    ~Eric says:
    The Trump Campaign is Brilliantly using these Rallies to make state-specific campaign Ads… they just released 3 new ones for Colorado, Arizona, & Nevada. All three are Superb. ….BUTT’ of COURSE!!! GO TRUMP GO!

  9. ONE state was voted down 4 a MINUTE! since they PROTESTED
    ….where they WOULD have been >>> able to
    SHOOT UP …with a nurse watching over ….SO they don’t?DIE?
    Can’t recall BUT WTP NEED to STOP THIS NOW …nip in the BUD
    or it will GET OUT OF CONTROL … PLEASE help FIND that STATE? …

    ??? this is ONE? …It was on the news Today! 2/28/2020

  10. this might be IT STOP this from SPREADING everywhere .PLEASE!
    PUT YOUR NEEDLES ..DOWN & GET a F’IN JOBS like the rest of US

  11. There’s a very Good reason the Media R sSilent about the Milwaukee mass shooting ….YEP YEP YEP …. so >>>> JUST HOW BLACK is HE??? O’

    On Wednesday, an angry ex-employee got a gun, put a silencer on it, went to the MillersCoors facility where he had once worked, & shot 5 people to death before shooting himself. One would expect to have a barrage of news stories about America’s gun violence problem & the need to ban guns. The reason for the media’s silence became apparent when the media identified the shooter: 51-year-old Anthony Ferrill was BLACK. This meant that the Media Couldn’t use its White supremacist narrative to JUSTify Grabbing Guns. ….

    • SO MANY stories they downplay or just ignore. The story about the woman stabbed and beaten by a 15-year-old Somali refugee in St. Louis hasn’t even been reported in St. Louis except by Gateway Pundit. It’s disgraceful, but they know that if more people knew the story, more would be upset about all these “refugees” being planted in their neighborhoods and then let off the hook for VIOLENT crimes, because of a Soros-paid-for “NON-prosecutor.” The story allegedly is that the teen was let go because he was IQ 49, so too dumb (what else can I say?) to participate in his defense. Do any “children” participate in their own defense or do they have parents or guardians who are supposed to speak for them? In any case, I wonder how they got the IQ results so fast, and on a Somali, too, considering language and cultural differences. It’s said the average IQ in Somali (no surprise, considering Ilhan) is in the mid to upper 60s, so 49 is probably “normal” for a Somali “child.” So they let him go and he promptly violates a restraining order the victim wisely got and now he was arrested again but who knows to what end? When people are considered mentally ill and not responsible for their crimes, they’re locked up in a mental facility. Why wasn’t this kid? In any case, my point is that they just suppress the news about what happens for political reasons. So people don’t oppose refugees, immigration, or closing borders. Apparently white lives DON’T matter in St. Louis.

    • About that guy in Wisconsin: The story I read today in the paper was very careful to say NOTHING about his race. In fact, the entire story, you would have thought, was about victims because all the story did was talk about and quote people who knew the SHOOTER and who said what a wonderful, nice, upstanding guy he is and that no motive is known. WTF? I read another story online the other day that specifically quoted co-workers who said he was ALWAYS complaining that he was a victim of “racism” and that whites at work were out to get him and he specifically targeted one guy.


    ” The median age of the patients was 59 years, with higher morbidity and mortality among the elderly and among those with coexisting conditions (similar to the situation with influenza); 56% of the patients were male. Of note, there were no cases in children younger than 15 years of age. Either children are less likely to become infected, which would have important epidemiologic implications, or their symptoms were so mild that their infection escaped detection, which has implications for the size of the denominator of total community infections.
    On the basis of a case definition requiring a diagnosis of pneumonia, the currently reported case fatality rate is approximately 2%.4 In another article in the Journal, Guan et al.5 report mortality of 1.4% among 1099 patients with laboratory-confirmed Covid-19; these patients had a wide spectrum of disease severity. If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.2 …”


    Karma. It’s interesting that Rosenstein’s sister sounds lately as if she’s out there defending the Trump administration. However, after all, it’s HER BUTT, too.

    It’s also interesting that this DemoncRAT governor was dissing the President for supposed incompetence whilst he himself didn’t declare a state health emergency until after someone died.

  14. Two articles about basically the same subject:

    Excellent questions. Since we know from Mueller himself, under oath (?), that they interviewed Misfud and that he LIED to the authorities at least 3 times, then (1) where’s the 302 (record of the interview) and (2) why isn’t Mifsud, like the many Russians, Gen. Flynn, Papadopoulos, Manafort, etc., not charged with perjury and obstruction? Even if they don’t know where he is and even if they’ll never be able to try him if he never returns to the U.S., the same holds true for those Russians, so where’s the indictment? Are they afraid he’ll answer the indictment and put on a defense in which he TELLS ALL?

  15. A far-seeing genius: Donald Trump.

    Make AMERICA great again. No to globalism if it makes us DEPENDENT upon countries like China, especially like China. And CLOSE THE BORDERS to anybody we don’t want to accept and agree to accept.

    Bannon believes that the DemoncRATS will go for Hillary or (Yikes!) maybe even Moo IF it looks as if Bernie will be the one and he’s behind POTUS in polls. You just know, the way they rig polls, that Bernie WILL BE behind in the polls, just as Hillary was ahead in the polls and Biden WAS ahead in the polls. The polls will say whatever they want them to say at whatever point in time it’s necessary for them to say it.

    • *******************************************************
      ▀▀█▀▀░█▀▀▀▄░█░U░█░█▀▀▄▀▀█░█▀▀▀█░.█.█ ░░█░░░█▄▄▄▀░█░S░█░█░░█░░█░█▄▄▄█░ █.█
      ░░█░░░█░░░█░█▄▄▄█░█░░█░░█░█░ ▄.▄
      ********* OUR GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER **********

  16. Sources of deadly new viruses:

    HIV: Chimps in Africa. Came from people eating “bush meat.”

    SARS: Civet cats in China, who got it from bats. Came from people eating the cats.

    MERS: Camels in Saudi Arabia, who got it from bats. Apparently people in close contact with the camels (who spit and blow snot on people) caught it.

    EBOLA: Bats, monkeys, apes in Africa, which are reservoirs for the virus. Humans get it from eating “bush meat.”

    ZIKA: Rhesus monkeys in Uganda, Africa. Transmitted to humans by mosquitoes.

    And of course, there’s swine flu and bird flu and other viruses which are passed on to humans who live in close contact with these creatures. Most of the recent bad flu epidemics began in China, SE Asian, etc.

  17. More proof of Trump’s prescience. THIS is why we have to STOP being dependent upon China and bring companies and manufacturing back to the USA. I’m betting you that every one of the DemoncRAT candidates are AGAINST bringing businesses back to the USA and FOR globalism, even now. In addition, they’re STILL against closing the borders.

  18. Considering the incubation period could be as long as 14-30 days, then is it a surprise that people could have gotten into our country during the past month (from the time this crisis began) who came here, already carrying the bug, from a country that’s NOT China (which was subject to the early travel ban)? This person could have caught the bug in that other country from someone who was connected to China. Then the person came here, either legally OR ILLEGALLY? Was the Canadian border controlled? NO. Was the southern border controlled? NO. Are there a LOT of Asians in the Pacific NW, including the Canadian side? YES. Were people traveling back and forth between China and Canada and China and Mexico since Trump banned travel to the U.S. from China? I believe so. Could they then have crossed the border into our country? I believe so. What would have stopped them? Certainly not the progressives in WA state or OR or CA or …

    Only now are there travel restrictions on Italy and Iran.

    The man who died in WA was in a hospital, sent there FROM a nursing home, which is the nursing home which now has other cases. You have to wonder why a man in his 50s was in a nursing home. Something like 27 people in the home and 25 health care workers in that home have been tested. HOW did it get into the nursing home? Sounds like somebody came to work sick. The numbers changed, probably, since this story:

    • Coronavirus: When All Else Fails, Try Reason
      By Clarice Feldman … > yep ME-2 … C F …I sit I wait I watch ..I TRUST ..
      I’m phlegmatic by nature. It gives me an edge Up when mass hysteria seems to take up so much space in the news & the pronouncements of Democratic leaders. Looking at the best information available to me, I find it beyond question that the President has taken the right steps to deal with this variant flu; that few people in this country will perish from it; that while there may be some economic consequences of the supply disruption from China, the fact that we’ve been decoupling ourselves from China under this administration means they are likely to be smaller & more short-lived than the market manipulators would have us believe.

      Maybe we should be bothered that we are running out of things to worry about. Nah. The Democrats and media are creative in finding new & more original ways to manufacture angst.


    You will not have Butt to kick around anymore.

    Is the deal for him to be BIDEN’S VP?

    • Well here is a question.
      What country with a long and extensive border with China and North Korea doesn’t have any coronavirus cases?
      that would be Russia.
      Could that mean anything?
      100,000 cases in China and two in Russia. They must have been very well prepared.

    • no that would be hillary (for a month or two)

  20. Chicago Mayor Defends ‘Sanctuary City’ Policy After ICE Says Man Accused Of Raping Toddler Was Previously Deported …. so REAL!!!

    Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, speaks during the U.S Conference of Mayors’ 88th Winter Meeting at the Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, January 23, 2020.

    Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is on the defensive this weekend after Immigrations & Customs Enforcement announced that a convicted felon, now facing charges of sexually Assaulting a Toddler in a downtown Chicago McDonalds bathroom, was supposed to have been turned Over to ICE & Deported — & had >>>>>> Been Deported BE-fore.

  21. >> Bye-bye handshakes: How coronavirus is changing global habits

    …. (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake “Your Booty” ….. YEP!

  22. Medical professor praises Trump for coronavirus response: ‘I’ve Never
    seen one handled …>>>Better’

    Jewish Doctor: I choose Maimonides over Obama
    DID President Obama realize just how offensive it was to pitch his health reforms as “a core ethical and moral obligation”?
    I don’t take guidance on how to practice medicine from presidential decree, but from the Oath of Maimonides. ….O’!!!

    • Siegel said, and this is about OBAMA as POTUS, not our beloved Trump:

      “I was trained to never give up hope in curing a patient until hope is truly lost. [ALL LIVES MATTER.] That’s the moral imperative in my practice of medicine — and it requires no government oversight.

      I’m hardly alone among physicians in being guided by these egalitarian principles. We’re taught in medical school and residency to treat all patients the same, regardless of income, VIP status, sex or skin color.

      My obese patients get the same level of care as thin ones; the old, the same as the young. I distinguish only in terms of conditions or medical risks, not in terms of demographic entitlements.

      My precepts run contrary to the idea of meeting with a 65-year-old to discuss specific ways I may withdraw care, as detailed in the House bill that the president [OBAMA] has praised. …”

  23. As PURE as the Driven SNOW … YEP! …ha’ just a MEAR CHILD!
    ‘Driven snow’ is snow that has blown into drifts and is untrodden and clean.

    Donald Trump’s now the youngest man running for president of the United States. ….. more ….

  24. Biden: ‘All Men And Women Created By… The Thing’ <<< ???

    Former Vice President Joe Biden told a group of voters Monday that all men and women are created by “the thing.” It’s one of Biden’s many gaffes as he speaks to voters on the campaign trail ahead of super Tuesday.

    In the video posted to Twitter, Biden says, “We hold these truths to be self evident. All men and women created by the, you know, you know, the thing.”
    VOTE 4 JOE???
    over my dead body

    If you say something will happen over your dead body, you mean that you will do everything you can to prevent it:
    "Joe says he's going to buy a motorbike." "Over my dead body!"

  25. Quid Pro Joe Butchers Declaration of Independence: ‘We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident; All Men and Women Created by the, Go, You Know, You Know, The THING’… yes OLD JOE is drivin’ in the STALLED LANE ..4 Sure

    So >> GOD >> Sent Us a SalesMan …YES GOD IS GOOD

    The coronavirus will pass. The stock markets will rise. The current state of fear will subside. But Bernie Sanders and the communist virus are now front and center, and President Trump has one hell of a story to tell the American people. It’s a powerful story. It will be a powerful punch. And they’ll still never see it coming. Just watch.

    • Why did he pause? Because he couldn’t say the word God and/or because he disagrees that all our rights are given to us by God?


    High School Gender Neutral bathroom CLOSED after S E X-ual ASS-ault
    The Right Scoop • …..please read >>> 73 COMMENTS

  27. Israeli Coronavirus Vaccine weeks away?, The Galilee Research Institute, Could be ready within a few weeks and available in 90 days

    “We’re taking this incredibly serious here in the United States,” Secretary Azar said. “We are doing the most aggressive containment efforts in modern history to prevent further spread in the United States. We’re going to continue taking those measures.””…White House

    Every Election year has a disease
    SARS ———2004
    Coincidences? NEVER
    Strange how 60,000 people can die in USA just from FLU but if ANYONE dies of new disease it’s END OF THE WORLD

    The # Coronavirus was a deliberate biological terror attack by the globalist cabal which they are using as the pretext to make massive simultaneous stock sell-offs, to crash the economy in the run-up to the 2020 election to
    hurt Trump. Simple as that. …^^^ is that true???

    & Some ….stopped Drinking Corona BEER! … NEEDs a BRAIN!!!

    • You better believe it’s no coincidence. There ARE NO coincidences where there are globalist progressives. They have crashed the economy. They blamed the market drop on Trump. When it had an uptick, they didn’t credit Trump reassuring people. No, they attributed it to the possibility of an interest rate drop. They drop rates, and guess what? The market sheds half of what it gained yesterday. They raised rates earlier, after Trump shamed them into it. They didn’t want to raise them, so they created an excuse to drop them again. (Or do I have that back-asswards? I’m not big on stock market issues, but I do know what the Fed did earlier was done reluctantly and the POTUS has been at odds with them, so I’m sure what they did is the exact opposite of what he wants.)

      The word of the week is “correction.” It wasn’t any correction. It was a direct result of FEAR created by the hyping of this virus.

      Here, let’s go there. Given that the community outbreak was PREDICTED by Rosenstein’s sister within ONE DAY before the reporting of the outbreak and given that the deaths so far have only been where the biggest “community outbreak” is and given that both places where these community outbreaks occurred are so similar to every place we have seen “mass shootings” (false flags in KNOWN PROGRESSIVE MAJORITY AREAS–WA, OR, CA, ETC.), then can we even believe that there IS an outbreak or that people died?

      What are their names? What are their demographics? Who are they? Where are stories about their families? Are lawsuits being considered against the nursing home and the state that’s supposed to regulate such places? Follow the money. We’ve said this before with mass shootings–you would expect lots of lawsuits and early on. Where are they?

      At first, the WA authorities didn’t even know what sex “patient zero” was! Why could that be? Because the narrative hadn’t been established yet? Because people didn’t have their stories straight? How can they brief the POTUS, based upon phone calls with WA authorities, and somehow they’re told the patient is a woman and not a man? Was it really a XE? Could it be a FF? Like Vegas, like SH, like elsewhere. I’m just asking. How can it be such a COINCIDENCE that like mass shootings, the places where these things happen are always liberal/progressive bastions?

  28. Lots of things 2 do …. … a fun new place 2 Play!

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