Happy Valentine’s Day 2020


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Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

We love our First Lady,

And her hubby, too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!


100 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day 2020

  1. Getting a head’s start on the day. Wishing you and yours the happiest and best Valentine’s Day.

  2. ❤️ Happy Valentines’ Day to you Miri. ❤️

  3. Deep State Prosecutors Set-up Barr & Trump

  4. TruDat!!!

  5. same ole same ole!! 😡

  6. This makes me SO ANGRY that I could spit. ERASING FEMALES:

    “A biologically male marathon runner who identifies as a transgender woman is set to compete in the USA Olympic trials later in February. …

    Youngren is the latest biologically male athlete to achieve success in female athletics while identifying as a transgender woman. …

    June Eastwood, a biologically male runner at the University of Montana who identifies as transgender, was named the Big Sky Conference’s female athlete of the week in October 2019. Eastwood previously competed on the university’s men’s cross country team.

    Franklin Pierce University runner CeCe Telfer won an NCAA DII women’s track championship in May 2019. Like Eastwood, Telfer previously competed on the men’s team before switching genders.

    Two biologically male runners have dominated girls’ high school track in Connecticut, leading three of their female competitors to file a lawsuit against the athletic conference.

    Former U.S. Olympic athlete Rebecca Dussault told the Daily Caller News Foundation in September 2019 that allowing biological males into female sports will have disastrous effects on female athletes. …”

    To say the least. This is ERASING FEMALES. Just ERASING us. Advantage ALWAYS to the Y Chromosome-privileged. SEX is NOT “gender.” SEX IS SEX. Females are females, the female SEX. Males are the male SEX. IF you are biologically MALE, you are the MALE SEX. Your identified “gender” has nothing to do with it. You shouldn’t get to compete as the FEMALE SEX when you’re the MALE SEX.

    I suppose the DemoncRATS are trying to get the ERA passed in order to benefit these FAKE FEMALES.


      Apparently she (quotes left off) has already sent two of her woman opponents to the hospital with “life changing injuries”
      You can find the athlete wit a search easily enough.

      • Trump had a meeting about the Olympics today. I wonder if he stood up for REAL women or if the subject just didn’t come up? It should have come up. IF they want to compete, there should be a third category (or as many categories as they imagine there are genders).

  7. https://redstateofminddaily.com/5-times-barack-obama-protected-his-allies-from-justice-and-democrats-didnt-care/

    FWIW. As usual, different strokes for different “folks.” Republicans held to every letter of every law and even to standards that AREN’T laws, but just imaginary rules invented by DemoncRATS. Barry and his ilk?

  8. SOn of a JUDGE! ….ha’ Matthew BERMAN JACKSON

    & … >the MUTHER!!!
    Amy Berman Jackson (born July 22, 1954,
    is a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for
    the District of Columbia.

    …..Personal life
    JUDGE Jackson is married to Darryl W. Jackson, who worked in Export Enforcement as Assistant Secretary of Commerce for George W. Bush
    …. in 2005[29] after leaving the Arnold & Porter firm.[3][30]
    …. They have a Son, Matt Jackson

  9. …. Hope Hicks Returning to the White House ….Hope has been with
    TRUMP since DAY 1 …. Welcome BACK….

    Video || Lady With a Bag Takes Over Bloomberg Rally
    Looks like this woman seized the stage during the warmup for Michael Bloomberg.

  10. ~ Just Free Roger Stone ~ ~ ~ Innocent after Framed Guilty ~

    & FLYNN 2 while your @ IT!!! .. WTP HAVE BEEN WATCHING U > ALL!

    • And yet, in his interview where he criticized POTUS for tweets that make his job “impossible,” Bill Barr, upon whom we counted, said he was happy that Stone was charged and prosecuted and convicted for these crimes. He also implied that in his opinion Stone is a repulsive human being (my paraphrase; I forget how he put it). THIS IS NOT ENCOURAGING, imho. He claimed Stone deserved what he got on account of what he did, which is EXACTLY WHAT MCCABE DID, ACCORDING TO HOROWITZ, AND YET HE’S NOT BEING PROSECUTED BY BARR. And Barr also claims that politics should never be involved, which implicitly is another reason he thought Stone should be charged. SO WHY NOT MCCABE? He’s going to let McCabe SKATE? Why? Politics? Tweets? OR did McCabe make a deal? Who is Barr protecting and WHY?

  11. a Mysterious Omen Could the child actually be the Antichrist? The Devil’s own son? ….if LOOKS could kill… ??? interesting … ponder ON
    ‘A serious-minded kid:’ Pete Buttigieg aimed high early

    • I don’t believe any of this stuff. It’s like the narratives we hear about all the DemoncRAT potential presidents. They’re like Zelig or Forrest Gump. Just so happen to be there in the middle of historic stuff with historic people (but always progressive idols). Bill Clinton, Barry, Buttigieg. Narrative building. BOGUS background stories. Oh, they were just destined to be president. I’m sick of this B.S. IF they were destined, it’s because they were chosen, groomed, and presented as Manchurian candidates.

    • Doesn’t this all sound like the B.S. we heard about Barry? Even the use of the word “improbable.” In Butt’s case, they’re his hobbies that are “improbable.” In Barry’s case, it was his alleged parents’ romance that was “improbable.” Butt even has borrowed the “funny name” mean. The most intelligent kid in class. Right. I’ll bet. Gayness is another commonality, but that’s now owned up to in Barry’s case, although Larry Sinclair and Rahmbo can probably affirm it for anybody who cares. All of this crap about Butt is to deflect from the commie stuff, the truths, that will come out eventually but will also be roundly ignored by the media, just like “Reverend” Wright, etc. I notice they talk about his professor father, butt neglect to tell us about his idol–Gramsci. How nice that they mention he speaks 7 languages. Of course, he had to exceed Melania’s total, and notice they NEVER mention her ability to speak so many languages fluently or in conjunction with how intelligent that makes her. Let’s put her IQ against Butt’s. Wanna bet who’d win?

    • Perhaps he should change his name to Thorn: https://horror.fandom.com/wiki/Damien_Thorn

  12. True!!!! 😡

    • I LOVE that! Thanks. Happy Presidents Day Weekend to you, too! I decided to do the Valentine post this year. I used to do Abe and George separately. This is my valentine to our current and wonderful POTUS. IF ONLY he could get that swamp drained.

  13. GOOSE BUMPS …..USA USA ….all the WAY!!! .. WTP LOVE this 2 …

    Loud >> Chants of “U.S.A. U.S.A.!” could be heard as OUR President’s
    …..>>> flew overhead.


  14. …ha’ .. went back ^^^ & I did Not do the photo slide Show!.. did U?

    • 139 arrests and how many prosecutions and how many convictions? This is your Soros-funded “social justice reform” at work. Yet all it takes is a few texts and mistakenly agreeing to testify and Roger Stone, no prior record, is recommended to get 9 years in the slammer. Did you see that the jury forewoman was a DemoncRAT candidate, a Hillary and Obama lover, and tweeted prior to and during the trial about Trump, Stone, and the bogus Mueller investigation? TWO SYSTEMS OF “JUSTICE.”

  15. Meeting the Boss. 😀

  16. https://www.dailywire.com/news/doj-investigating-if-obama-admin-hid-manipulated-info-on-russian-meddling-report-says

    “The Times reported that the investigation is looking at multiple communications between different intelligence agencies that involve several different incidents that happened.

    Buried deep in the report, the Times revealed that officials had fought over access to emails that the Russian government had previously hacked, which included emails from former President Barack Obama. …

    Federalist co-founder Sean Davis commented on the revelation that Obama’s emails had been hacked and covered up by executive privilege by writing: “Multiple foreign governments hacked Barack Obama’s email while he was president, which could explain why James Comey was so eager to make the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email scheme go away.”

    Durham has reportedly interviewed numerous FBI officials and agents as well as CIA analysts, although he has reportedly not yet interviewed top figures like former FBI Director James Comey, former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, or Brennan. …”

    “covered up by executive privilege?!!!!”

    Wouldn’t that be EVIDENCE of “obstruction of justice?”

    A president interfering in an on-going investigation of a criminal nature that just coincidentally ended up letting a political ally of his off the hook?

  17. And about the economy!

  18. A real President!

    One of the first things Prez #Trump did after taking office in 2017 was to prioritize efforts to protect our supply chains. #China’s #coronavirus epidemic shows how important that initiative was. #ProximityManufacturing #COVID19 https://t.co/HhG6w0FF35

    — Gordon G. Chang (@GordonGChang) February 17, 2020

  19. Stephen Miller … & Katie Waldman MARRY ….OK!

    POLITICS ? cry me a RIVER! ..TEARS of CONTROL’ …seen IT know IT
    Outrage Over Family Separation? …ha’ did NOT BOTHERED ME’ 1 BIT!
    OK what about Aborted BABIES? NO LIFE …
    What about getting females
    PREG. ..then CUTTING OUT.. DADDY’s LEAVE …” 4 EVER “???
    on radio Mark Thompson …TODAY … GROW UP DUDE! BOO HOO!
    @ >> https://www.kgoradio.com/markthompson/ U can HEAR IT
    IT’S >> gone on 4 YEARS! >> LET’s TALK about >>T H A T ..

    JudGe Refuses to deLay sentencing >> of Trump ally Roger Stone ?
    By ASHRAF KHALIL …. 35 minutes ago …REALLY ?
    people MURDER … etc. & they set THEM FREE? >> GO TRUMP!

  20. https://www.trevorloudon.com/ ….yep …much

    TRUMP’s Shout OUT’s GET the REAL NEWS> FACTS OUT unrehearsed RAW & FORCEFUL Full THROTTLE … like a Roller Coaster RIDE
    Expose yourself to your Deepest Fear; after that, fear has No Power, &
    the fear of freedom shrinks & vanishes…… U are FREE ….. FREE!!!


    ~1 thought on “Meet The Group Behind Letter Demanding AG Barr Resign”
    R.S. Helms says: Could it be, that in the Process of Verifying their “whistle-blowing” they are EXposing themselves as not properly performing their jobs? or their “their Oath of Office” or requirements of their security clearance? Well, duh when the whistle blowing exposes their part of a conspiracy such as the Democrat/Globalist Coup Cabal against the President, constitutional government, & sovereignty of the United States, which should demand ….. long jail terms. ???


  22. cordin to WAPO, AG Barr is saying he will quit because Trump won’t stop tweeting.
    This snip is from CTH:
    Ever since he assumed office the Attorney General has been praising the likes of Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller and Christopher Wray. Given the nature of what is widely available in review, that level of logical disconnect is not representative of an individual who possesses reasonable judgement in the quest for deliberate justice…. just sayin’.

    So until Bill Barr actually man’s-up and does something with the authority he has requested, the image of Bondo Barr attempting to cover-up the rot and wrongdoing while surrounded by visible and overwhelming corruption; and pontificating about “constitutional norms”; is a more apt descriptive.

    President Trump has been victimized by the same institutions AG Bill Barr is now in charge of. So forgive me if I don’t impart sympathy upon a person who is in charge of those institutions, whining about background noise, and seemingly incapable of addressing the abuse unless all of the planets are aligned to provide him the quiet atmosphere he requires while thumbing through the final chapters of his indulgent memoirs over a glass of chardonnay.

    Whole article is at

    I know the Q people keep saying it’s all happening
    and I know Barr seems to keep doin nuthin
    so I think I agree with this CTH writer.
    If Barr did quit, could the President temporarily take over the reins? Legal question. Anybody know the answer?

    • It’s hard to read this one. I don’t know what’s going on. There could be so many explanations. It’s possible that Trump, with his tweet today about how there MUST BE justice, was telegraphing that he’s royally pissed, pardon my French, about McCabe getting off, while Stone is being persecuted out of all proportion. HOW did Barr allow himself to be made such a fool of, if that’s what happened when he was double crossed by those lawyers who “resigned” but most of whom still work for the government? He should have FIRED THEM after they misled him, deliberately, and went against what HE, their boss, expected them to do (and especially because they deliberately made a fool of him in public).

      POTUS is correct about his (Trump’s) position as the chief law enforcement authority in the country. Barr reports to POTUS. Barr is a political appointee. Political appointees are, by definition, political. In addition, Barr REPORTS TO HIS BOSS, which is TRUMP. The buck stops with Trump.

      I’m sensing that POTUS has made it clear to Barr that things aren’t moving fast enough, the correct heads aren’t rolling properly, as required by JUSTICE, and that things had better change to let We the People see some justice, especially before November.

      Barr could very well be running out the clock. Maybe the appointment of these guys to look into the whole Russia/Ukraine thing is good. On the other hand, it could be more rope a dope, like the years-long Mueller special counsel prevented ANYTHING from coming out. Now that THAT’S over and done with, where’s the information that was hidden on the excuse of an “ongoing investigation?” They can and do keep these investigations going as long as they can, to have the excuse NOT to release the TRUTH to the People. Today it was pointed out by Tom Fitton that they’ve waited in vain 11 years for the 302 from Obama’s interview with the FBI over the Blagojevich allegation of Blago trying to “sell” Barry’s Senate seat.

      If Barr quits, then POTUS should appoint Ratcliffe or Jim Jordan or, worst case, Trey Gowdy (but Gowdy talks a good game and does what?). The RINOs and GOPe would probably try to prevent him from getting someone who will really drain the swamp. A recess appointment would work, perhaps, but they don’t recess, DELIBERATELY.

      Rosenstein was “acting” so maybe Trump can appoint an “acting” attorney general.

      Whitaker was acting attorney general after Rosenstein. This comes from the enemy blog: https://www.lawfareblog.com/matthew-whitakers-appointment-acting-attorney-general-three-lingering-questions

      This guy would be in line, if they went by expectations and not what he did with Whitaker: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeffrey_A._Rosen

      • Barr could very well be running out the clock

        I think that is what he is doing. They all have had enough time
        and the excuses – well, like Lame Cherry, I just don’t believe you anymore.
        CTH once put up a list of all the documents the President could have declassified by now and that list was long.

        Actions and not words please.

        So today one of the “Q” reporters mentioned the Barr threat to resign and noting it was in wapo said it shows how “panicked” evreyone in the DS is – something bi is about to happen. Uh like hey guy, you been saying that for the last year.

        You might remember that I predicted based just on my own instinct,
        that the President would be acquitted and no evidence or witness testimony would surface and that is what did happen. Can I open a blog now?

        According to CTH today, the President has made an immediate appointment to the ODNI office of somebody everyone hates. Good! Maybe a little progress.

        • Dave Hodges, Common Sense show
          chimes in on Barr out the door
          says Trey Gowdy next
          who knows,
          but I think Barr has done next to nothing
          and all the q talkers
          are talking utter nonsense
          They said he was deep state many said
          but q talkers said he had reformed
          good luck with that I say

          • So far, the only good thing I see that he’s done was post haste put an END to that farce of the Mueller investigation. I wouldn’t put much hope in Gowdy. Today he weighed in on the Stone conviction and sentence and he was kowtowing to the decision of the jury, AS IF the entire trial, jury pool and judge, were not tainted.

          • That guy touches upon the issue of the exemption social media has under the law and how it should be eliminated. Well, Barr talked about doing just that yesterday, or at least very recently because I saw video of Barr yesterday addressing that topic. Either social media has to censor EVERYTHING and take their lumps (i.e. lawsuits) when they allow libel and slander and untruth on their pages OR they have to stand back and allow FREE SPEECH without censorship, as things were in the beginning and as they were supposed to continue to allow UNDER the statutes that made them exempt as “platforms” and not endorsers of the speech.

  23. Don Jr.

    • I guess our brilliant POTUS found that “magic wand” that eluded Barry. What a defeatist he is and was. Just because HE didn’t have a clue, he assumed (being the most intelligent person in the world) that NOBODY ELSE (LIKE TRUMP) DID HAVE A CLUE AND COULD ACCOMPLISH WHAT INEXPERIENCED AND NOT SO SMART BARRY COULD NOT. They’re all of a kind: Bloomberg and his “farming is easy” and he could teach anybody to do it but you need “more gray matter” to do the kinds of jops (remember Barry’s pronunciation?) we have in the 21st century. That’s an ingenious video. I love it.

  24. facebkwallflower

    FWIW A lady I know is worried about her federal marshall son. He was called to Washington and is transporting, for Homeland Security, mobile home/trailers to Texas to military quarantine base for Corunovirus. The units are filled with computers and equipment. Why he told his old momma, we cannot figure out. unless he thinks she does not know anybody to tell.

    • Maybe that’s where they’re going to put the people they took off the cruise ship?

      • facebkwallflower

        i think there were people evacuated from China and are ready to be released as two weeks are up. And now maybe cruise ship?

        • Yep. There was one released just today (or maybe it will be tomorrow), in an place not far from where I live. I don’t think she was on the cruise ship, but had traveled and was supposed to be like under house arrest, honor system, at her house for 2 weeks. Who knows how many people like that were allowed back in the country? They now say there are dozens of confirmed cases in the U.S. but that most (not all) were on those ships and so they know the source of their infection and all were being followed and known to be at risk. WHY did they allow ANYBODY to come into the country who was even suspected of having that virus? They could easily have quarantined them somewhere else for the required 2 weeks. btw, how do they know it will show up in 2 weeks? I still haven’t seen definitive facts about whether or not it spreads via coughing (breathing it in from the air) or whether you have to pick it up on your hands and transfer it to your nose, eyes, mouth. THAT makes a HUGE difference.

          I was shopping last week and saw two obviously Chinese people walking around wearing face masks. This was very scary because I wondered if they were known at-risk people who were violating honor-system quarantine or whether they were just people who foolishly thought they might catch something from Americans. I just steered very clear of them, but still I wonder why they were walking around in the middle of the U.S. (They looked very out of place and I could tell they WEREN’T Americans because of how they behaved and spoke Chinese to each other. People act differently when they’re not at home and are in a strange country, strange place, strange culture.) I still wonder who they were and what they were doing walking around a crowded shopping mall wearing masks. It was alarming. I mean, if you’re sick, you stay home, don’t you? Were the masks to protect US from them or them from us?

          • facebkwallflower

            face masks supposedly only are good for twenty minutes or so.

            Why and how would travelers be in a mall without guide or native? Weird. And, yes, alarming.

            • Seems to me to be really safe, you’d have to wear a HEPA-level helmet with respirator attached to it. iow, your whole head is covered. Wear gloves, too. I didn’t know they only work for 20 minutes. It seems obvious they probably don’t work much at all, given that they’re not sealed around your nose and mouth. And then viruses are very, very minute. If you can see through the weave, then viruses can get through it. The Asians always seem to be paranoid and walking around with those masks on. But to what end? To protect themselves or you? If they have something, they shouldn’t be out in public. If they don’t have anything, then why do they think they’re at risk (here in the U.S.) and why do they think those paper masks will help? I suppose they might be marginally better than having nothing over your mouth and nose, but what about your eyes? Viruses get in there, too. In fact, pink eye is caused by a corona virus, so …

  25. https://theberkshireedge.com/book-review-becoming/

    A trip into our past for a moment. Check out this photo:

    Remember all the comments and posts about the pasted on heads for Barry? Well, there’s another bad photoshop if I ever saw one. The question is, WHY was it necessary to change his head? Or was it the body that was photoshopped in?

  26. If Barry’s done anything for us at all, it’s to make us more aware, to make our “spidey senses” more acute, such that we notice sociopathic behavior, such as smiling at one’s own cleverness and snarkiness, as one tries to lie and pull what he thinks is a fast one on people he, in his egoism (and egotism), believes are too dumb to know what he’s up to. See how he begins to smile before he speaks about his interpretation of scripture? Well, I suppose he didn’t “find” the part in scripture, either, where homosexual acts were condemned. Or the part about hypocrisy and looking at the log in your own eye (or wherever it may be) before criticizing the speck in another’s eye. This guy reminds me SO MUCH of Barry in 2007.

  27. https://thefederalist.com/2020/01/15/27-problems-with-medias-latest-failed-attack-on-attorney-general-william-barr/

    Excellent read, but a little long. It’s OBVIOUS that not only didn’t these so-called reporters read the reports or the evidence, but they also deliberately CHOSE NOT TO because they had NO INTENTION of ever reporting the TRUTH, anyway. Instead, they prefer to simply LIE about what the reports say.

  28. You might want to read this and then again you might not:

    Information taken from a dry scientific magazine interested in virology

    CONFIRMED: CoVid-19 coronavirus found to contain unique “gain-of-function” property “for efficient spreading in the human population” … exact quote from science paper just published in Antiviral Research

    We now have bombshell, smoking gun evidence that the CoVid-19 “Wuhan” coronavirus was specifically engineered as an offensive biological warfare weapon, designed to target to exterminate human beings.

    A new study published in the peer-reviewed journal Antiviral Research (Vol. 16, April 2020) is entitled, “The spike glycoprotein of the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV contains a furin-like cleavage site absent in CoV of the same clade.”

    It reveals that the CoVid-19 coronavirus contains unique features that allow it to function as a more efficient weapon system for human-to-human transmission, which helps explain why the virus has been impossible to contain (even under “quarantine” conditions, which have universally failed in China, Japan, Korea and elsewhere).

    As the science authors of the paper explain in the full text, “This furin-like cleavage site… may provide a gain-of-function to the 2019-nCoV for efficient spreading in the human population.” (Emphasis added)
    from that linked website:
    Further, the science paper finds that there is no known viral ancestry to the CoVid-19 coronavirus, meaning it did not evolve from nature. It was engineered, and the science paper authors also state that the virus contains elements from MERS, stating, “Before the emergence of the 2019-nCoV, this important feature was not observed in the lineage b of betacoronaviruses.”

    The abstract and full PDF (paid) of the study are available through this link at ScienceDirect.com:


    Paid means that you would have to pay for permission to read the scientific report directly although you can read the brief abstract.
    I did that once but found my own knowledge not sufficient to understand what I had just purchased so I don’t advise it.

    The Natural News article then goes on to link to Alex Jones and I am not reporting any of that.
    It does seem, however, that the evidence supporting the supposition that this new virus is a man-made de-population weapon remains true and ever more relevant.

    • Best case, it was an “in development” virus that isn’t as virulent (no pun intended) as the eventual product was supposed to become, but this one got out of the lab by accident while they were experimenting (researching) how to weaponize that particular bug.

    • And can you believe that obviously biased judge, who needs a refresher course in the law and how to at least ACT nonpartisan (instead of opening her mouth and removing all doubt about her bias against POTUS), still has Stone under a gag order? WTF? She alone can suspend his constitutional right to FREE SPEECH? It’s bad enough that somehow, they got away with that gestapo-like “arrest” and have treated him all along as a political prisoner in a gulag.

  29. Ilhan Omar DID marry her brother & said she would ‘do what she had to do to get him “papers” to keep him in U.S.’, reveals Somali community leader
    Ilhan Omar told friends years ago that the man who went on to become her second husband was in fact her BRO-ther, DailyMail.com can confirm
    Abdihakim Osman is the first person to go on record to speak of how Omar said she wanted to get her brother papers so he could Stay in the United States ….CHEAT??? LIE ??? STEAL??? BUSTED … WE SEE U !!!
    It has long been rumored that Omar & Ahmed Elmi are SIB-lings, but because of a lack of paperwork in war-torn Somalia, Proof has Never been UN-… Covered ….REALLY …???

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