The End? Or Next Up: Impeachment 3.0?

We’re told that the impeachment trial will end this week with an acquittal on Wednesday, after the President gives the State of the Union address Tuesday evening. But will this truly be the end? Not bloody likely.

Not according to Democrats.

Democratic-led committees in the House will keep seeking a wide range of evidence and testimony as they look into Trump’s administration, his policies and his businesses and finances. They also plan to keep a focus on his conduct in dealing with Ukraine.

Knowing the dastardly Democrats, could we expect anything less?

The Democrats have already torpedoed a great many time-honored tenets of American jurisprudence and constitutional rights, so why not destroy yet another?

No due process for President Trump.

No discovery. (Where are all transcripts from every deposition in the so-called impeachment inquiry?)

No ability to confront witnesses. (Where’s the so-called whistleblower?)

No cross-examination of witnesses.

Illegal spying on Trump’s campaign.

Use of “fruit from the poisonous tree” in the impeachment trial, the fruit being “evidence” gathered via illegitimate “subpoenas,” during an illegitimate and unconstitutional process.

Biased jurors with blatant conflicts of interest. (Multiple senators currently running for Trump’s office, yet allowed to vote to remove their political opponent from the ballot.)

Biased prosecutors with blatant conflicts of interest. (Adam Schiff, whose staff reportedly advised the so-called whistleblower and who lied about it, when asked.)

What’s next, you may ask? Let’s torpedo double jeopardy, too. Let’s have another bite at that same apple. Ukraine?

Oh, why the hell not? It’s only Trump. He doesn’t deserve fundamental constitutional rights, much less human rights, according to those who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Let’s waste many more millions of the taxpayers’ money, too, while we’re at it.

(Isn’t it curious that John Kerry is suddenly talking about running for president? Is this to hopefully innoculate himself, like Biden, from investigation? Can we take Senator Graham at his word that he intends to investigate corruption in Ukraine during the Obama administration, including Kerry’s involvment?)

Where will this all end? One Republican has already thrown down the gauntlet:

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst warned Sunday that Republicans could immediately push to impeach Joe Biden over his work in Ukraine as vice president if he wins the White House. 

“I think this door of impeachable whatever has been opened,” Ernst said in an interview with Bloomberg News. “Joe Biden should be very careful what he’s asking for because, you know, we can have a situation where if it should ever be President Biden, that immediately, people, right the day after he would be elected would be saying, ‘Well, we’re going to impeach him.’”

And so it goes, which is why President Trump’s lawyer rightly warned,

Danger, danger, danger!

We shall see Wednesday how many Democrats (and Republicans) are serious about protecting the Constitution and our Republic or whether this will become the “new normal,” such that if any party (the “demon of faction“) should ever control a majority of the House and a supermajority of the Senate, then

nevermore will a president of the opposite party be suffered to remain in office, no matter the will of the People.

The Democrats have signaled that they will not stop. They will continue to attack President Trump by any means necessary, by any lie necessary, by any collusion with foreigners and complicit media necessary, by any fake news necessary, until they get absolute power, by any means necessary.

It’s not President Trump: It’s you they hate. You the deplorables. You who stand  in the way of their power by exercising your constitutional rights, including the right to vote.

If these dastardly people gain the power, then not one of their political opponents will be safe from the “Trump treatment,” including “enemies” they perceive on the Supreme Court.

Should Democrats gain control of the Senate, they will try to impeach Justice Kavanaugh and they will block every conservative nominee to the Supreme Court, even if it means the Supreme Court operates with years-long vacancies.   

We stand on the edge of a precipice.

Vote wisely in November.

Remember this: So far, Democrats, no matter what they ran on, have voted in lockstep against President Trump and for this unconstitutional, un-American, unethical, immoral, and despicable impeachment hoax. In lockstep.

Can We the People trust any Democrat to not do the same in the future, in the House, in the Senate, no matter what they promise during their campaign?

Vote wisely.

Our entire system of government, our very Republic, hangs in the balance.


193 responses to “The End? Or Next Up: Impeachment 3.0?

  1. >>>>> >>>> Pelosi Is Down but Not Out
    In every sense of the word, Trump Absolutely killed it last Tuesday at the SOTU. Sitting behind President Trump, watching him Master the room, the Grimace of Pelosi’s face Betrayed the culmination of a dawning revelation that Unsettled her, and it was this: Trump is Really, Really GOOD at this. Optics. Stagecraft. Working the crowd. On a stage, he’s UN-Touch-Able.

    All her political Prowess at crunching poll numbers, strong-arming legislation, & setting media narratives felt impotent. For the First Time, Pelosi comprehended not only the potential of Trump’s Ingenuity, but also the Fact that she had been Decisively Outmaneuvered by it. For the First Time,

    Pelosi realized Trump was not the incompetent harlequin her sycophants Snottily assured her he was, but rather a skilled operator with an instinct for reading the mood of a crowd &, indeed, of a nation. But the owl of Minerva spreads its wings at dusk, & for Pelosi, her revelation may have came too late.
    So there she sat, the empress with NO Clothes, JUST PLAIN NASTY 2 SEE

    having been de-robed by her own thankless impeachment-crazed minions & now Exposed on National Television.

    Know your enemy, & do NOT underestimate them. Pelosi is a Monster. She would cut her mother’s throat for a Snicker’s bar, & she has no plans of
    going quietly into the night. We turn our back to her AT OUR>>> peril.
    THE ..BITCH is HOT… in a GET U BACK WAY 1 “DAY” but who/CARES?
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  2. He & his Wife’s practice of Channeling Money to Family & Friends through campaign Organizations & Nonprofits came under Scrutiny during his 2016 presidential run. Sanders’s House campaign organizations alone paid his Wife & Stepdaughter More than $155,000 between 2002 & 2004, the Washington Free Beacon reported. ….O’ …. ha’ feel the “BURN” FREE STUFF …..BERNIE ….I SEE WHAT U MEAN …. WTP “GET IT” ….ha’

    • He’s like a white version of Barry. NLP and all. Sounds good. Says nothing but platitudes. He and Barry have proclivities of many kinds in common, as well as a “red” background. Beware.

    • Barry had his purported race/skin color to innoculate him from actual examination by the media. Buttigieg has his gay card to play. Both represent progressive ideals, so both get a pass on any vetting.

  3. The Snake!! 😀

    The Great Liberal Freakout Has Begun
    nudist >>> Biden is Fading Fast, & Democrats are losing their minds.

    Joe Biden at a South Carolina rally, January 20, 2020
    (Crush Rush/🔊 Listen to this article
    Joe Biden could finish as low as 5th place in tonight’s New Hampshire primary results. Certainly, if we can trust the most recent poll, the former vice president will do no better than 3rd, behind Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Even a 3rd-place finish in New Hampshire for Biden would be an improvement over his dismal showing in the Iowa caucus, in which he placed 4th behind Sanders, Buttigieg, and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. But as badly as Warren’s campaign has floundered, it’s Unlikely Biden could beat her in her own backyard. What most troubles the dreams of establishment Democrats is the worst-case scenario for Biden in New Hampshire, namely that Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who finished 5th in Iowa, can gain enough momentum to claim 4th place tonight.

    The Evangelical Divide
    The evangelical rank & file know full well who’s on their side. …..more…

  5. dud- dem’s VOTE once again .. WHAT can GO WRONG? ” let me count

  6. ^^^^ then WE STILL have the “FOXX” & the RACIST HOAX-STER’ YEP!
    THROW the BOOK @ HIM .. LOOK WHAT he TRY’s 2 GET away WITH!!!
    Jussie Smollett is ‘Indicted by special Prosecutor in Chicago’ – nearly a Year after having charges dropped over ‘Hoax’ Attack ….& WORSE!!!!!!!
    Fox 32 reports special prosecutor Dan Webb has leveled an indictment against Smollett
    It is unclear what he is charged of but he is due in court on February 24
    Smollett was arrested last February and charged with 16 felonies
    He faced 50 Years in Prison until State’s Attorney Kim Foxx Dropped the charges ..>BLACK cuts LOOSE another BLACK? far 2 often! I SEE IT!>>> InVestigation into What TRULY >>> Happened

    Brothers Abel (left) & Ola Osundairo told police $mollett PAID $$$$$
    them to Stage the attack

    At the time, it seemed he had been walking home in the middle of the night after returning home late on a delayed flight when he was Approached.

    He told police afterwards his attackers identified him from the show he was on, Empire, & called him both the N-word & ‘f****t’.

    He said they Beat him, poured bleach on him then put a Noo$e around his Neck. …..REALLY ….DUMB …U FOOL DICK HEAD CRAZY.. or Not???

    • So a GRAND JURY of Chicagoans actually saw through the lies and hate. I hope this ends up with Foxx and Kamala being outed for their role in this hate hoax.



    • *******************************************************
      ▀▀█▀▀░█▀▀▀▄░█░U░█░█▀▀▄▀▀█░█▀▀▀█░.█.█ ░░█░░░█▄▄▄▀░█░S░█░█░░█░░█░█▄▄▄█░ █.█
      ░░█░░░█░░░█░█▄▄▄█░█░░█░░█░█░ ▄.▄
      ********* OUR GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER **********

      • Those are two geniuses, Rush and Victor.

        Hanson talks about the war on the combustion engine. Have you noticed the War on Beef? We’re being nudged, as per Sunstein and Barry. It doesn’t end. It will NEVER end. They intend to rule our lives, just like Mini Mike BANNED Big Gulps. More of the same ilk.

        As for the War on Beef, here are the two manifestations I noticed just this week: (1) Joaquin Phoenix’s sad, curious, disturbing victory speech at the Oscars in which he decried the poor cow, artificially inseminated and then her child torn from her teats, with the baby’s milk being taken away for our coffee. YIKES! (2) Every, literally every, magazine to which I subscribe SUDDENLY and SIMULTANEOUSLY features nearly identical recipes for VEGAN, MEATLESS, and nasty-looking dishes. EVERY ONE. Almost as if there’s a conspiracy. (Which there is. A YUGE one.)

        Just as with social media all, in lockstep, censoring ideas that don’t fit the progressive narrative. Yes, mags are owned by big conglomerates. That’s part of the problem. Somebody somewhere decides to turn magazines that people CHOSE to buy because they LIKED the butter-rich, beef-loving recipes (Southern Living, e.g.) into PROGRESSIVE PROPAGANDA. Too bad, suckers. You subscribed for a year or two or three. Now you’re going to suffer as the progressives lecture you for years on being green, being vegan, being SUPERIOR to meat-eating scum and you’re not getting any beef or butter recipes anymore because YOU’RE DESTROYING THE ENVIRONMENT WITH COW FARTS.

        The news is leftist propaganda. The movies are leftist propaganda. The TV programs are leftist propaganda. The magazines you used to love are now leftist propaganda. PBS, which you also pay for, is leftist propaganda. Social media ends up leftist propaganda because they suppress anything that’s not. Schools are leftist propaganda. Libraries? Leftist propaganda. Sports? Leftist propaganda. The list goes on and on.

        O, Brave New World. Big Brother isn’t the government, he’s the left and those who support Big Brother are actively participating in their own destruction. The end of their autonomy. The end of their freedom. Welcome to 1984.

      • And Buttigieg’s professed agenda is every bit as bogus as Barry’s was. Buttigieg wrote his award-winning high school essay about Bernie Sanders and in praise of socialism. His father was a professor and professed, MARX-LOVING commie. (Dad himself wrote in praise of Marx.) The apple never falls far from the tree. Barry’s mother was the equivalent of Buttigieg’s father. What are the odds that the two of them just happened to rise up to run for the presidency? Born and BRED to do so. There is Buttigieg, mayor of a small town, but in HS was photographed with Caroline Kennedy. What are the odds this “nobody” …

  8. Judge Jeanine Fillets Willard (Mitt) Romney!

    Judge Jeanine Pirro is an unvarnished supporter of President Trump.
    The transcript is all that counts; everything before or after is irrelevant & immaterial
    Romney used Bolton as an excuse to convict when he didn’t even know
    how Bolton would testify
    The House managers did not prove a prima facie case against the President
    The facts proved there was no pressure, no demands, no Ukrainian investigations, the foreign aid was actually delivered before required, & the President had an obligation under an international treaty to ask for help investigating corruption, yet Romney used thee non-evidence of Bolton as the reason to convict (that’s crazy)
    The reason for Romney’s vote was personal – a visceral hatred for the President
    I couldn’t have said it better! ……. The end.

    • Would that we had an honest media. Did we ever or were we as deluded then as so many are now? WHY is there no one to challenge their narratives (other than us, whom nobody pays attention to)? Everything, literally everything, this president does is subject to the DemoncRATs’ and the left’s inquisition as for his motivation for doing it. NEVER in the history of this country has a president had to EXPLAIN in depth his “motives” for doing anything and, OMG, there better not be a political aspect to it. NO, only Trump is forbidden to make any move motivated by politics, when EVERYTHING the DemoncRATS do is informed by POLITICS. Why the impeachment? Politics. Why the resistance? Politics. Why the special counsel? Politics. Why did Obama spy on Trump? Politics. That’s all they do; it’s all that MOTIVATES them: Politics and why is that? THEIR NEVER ENDING QUEST FOR POWER.

      We have judges throwing out totally rational decisions, backed up extensively by reams of evidence that an action is OBVIOUSLY in the public interest/national security interest. And WHY do they throw it out, unsupported by ANY law or the Constitution? Because IN THEIR OPINION, IN THEIR SUPPOSITION, President Trump had the wrong motive. Read: he’s secretly a racist. His actions, all of them, are “microaggressions” and like all whites he suffers from the inability to recognize that, being white, he IS RACIST. There’s no way any white cannot be racist. Whites are born with the original sin of racism.

      If you follow this “logic,” then it follows that no white can EVER be president because any white president’s MOTIVES will ALWAYS be suspect.

      Mind you, the Constitution say NOTHING about motive, nor do any laws.

      WHERE is any mainstream media reporter with the guts to ask the DemoncRATS to explain the basis for their belief that President Trump MUST ANSWER TO THEM FOR THE SUBCONSCIOUS OR UNCONSCIOUS OR SECRET “MOTIVE” FOR EVERY ACTION HE TAKES AS PRESIDENT?

      When there’s ever (God forbid) a DemoncRAT POTUS or even an acceptable-to-the-media Republican POTUS, will that person’s be challenged, by the media, by the DemoncRATS, by the courts, to EXPLAIN THE MOTIVE FOR EVERY ACTION HE OR SHE TAKES?

      This is now the precedent. EVERYTHING a POTUS does has to be micromanaged by Congress and all potential hidden motivations must be brought to light and if it’s decided that the motives are wrong (in the left’s opinion), then THAT PERSON CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO ACT AS PRESIDENT, even if We the People elected him.

      But continuing with their logic, it follows that NO POTUS elected by a majority of the population, which happens to be majority WHITE, could or should be POTUS, because ALL WHITES ARE RACIST. Ergo, any white president is racist and cannot be suffered to be president.

      iow, and we’ve already seen this posited, WHITES SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE.



    Somehow these students, who REALLY need educating, have the notion that culture=skin color, that white people have no culture, that multiculturalism means everybody but people/cultures with people who have white(er) skin, and that they have the right to DISCRIMINATE against fellow students, lecture them, and KICK THEM OUT/SHAME THEM OUT of public rooms supported by ALL taxpayers’ dollars in a university that BY LAW cannot discriminate.

    This person needs to be sent to sensitivity training and be given remedial education in manners, common courtesy, and how not to be a RACIST, most especially if she happens to work at that center, which allegedly is open to ALL STUDENTS, which of course by law it must be.

    They have four of these centers. One is for “interfaith” students. One for the oh, so, politically correct Latinx students (which laughably wouldn’t include Spanish students or, even more laughably, Italian students). One for, of course, LGBTQ students. And this one that’s supposed to be “multicultural.”

    There really, really should be repercussions for this student similar to what happens to students who have been punished for microaggressions or for speech that “offends” (fill in the blank with whatever minority group is the privileged group of the week). Kids have been expelled for less racist speech and actions than this. But, of course, nothing will happen to this young woman, probably not even a well-deserved lecture. Where are the administrators to care about or care for the offense given to those students against whom this young person’s racism was directed?

    What “culture” do whites belong to? What culture do American born and bred blacks belong to, for that matter? Aren’t we all of the AMERICAN culture? Why aren’t whites “people of color?” Last time I checked, white is a color.

    What special skill makes this uneducated person the arbiter of who is or is not “multicultural” enough or “person of color” enough? Many people may look “white” (myself, e.g.) but have ancestors who would be considered “of color” by this uneducated person.

    Does SHE get to identify FOR those people who look white to her, instead of they get to identify for themselves?

    Or is it only people “of color” who get to “self-identify” while those who APPEAR to be “white” to “people of color” must allow “people of color” to categorize them?

  10. a METAL of FREE-DOM’ of THOUGHT! .. Dying 2 have Some FUN?
    Dust off OUR shoulders like barry did O’ so OFTEN .. SO WHAT …it’s
    just words..get over yourself..thinking of all the GREAT times with RUSH

    Rush Limbaugh: ‘Mr. Man’ TrumP Will ‘Have FuN’ With ‘Gay Guy’ Buttigieg Kissing His Husband .. ha’
    O’ yes he will ..Butt’ he wishes.. only ..BUTT’ no win Please… 2 un-ripe!

    Software developer Pieter Hintjens outlines his rules for talking to someone who is dying, as he faces up to his own diagnosis of terminal cancer
    ….. and >>>>

  11. Pete Buttigieg’s father was a Marxist professor who lauded the Communist Manifesto ……O’ !!!

  12. “Q” said there will be RESIGNATIONS
    today there is this one:
    Barclays boss Jes Staley said he “deeply regrets” his connection with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

    His comments come after Barclays revealed that UK regulators are investigating the chief executive’s links with the disgraced financier.

    Mr Staley admitted he maintained contact with Epstein, who died in New York prison cell last year, for seven years after his conviction.

    Barclays said Mr Staley has the “full confidence” of the board.

    “It has been very well known I had a professional relationship with Jeffrey Epstein,” Mr Staley told reporters on Thursday. “It goes back to 2000 when I was asked to run the JP Morgan private bank and he was already a client when I joined the private bank.

    “The relationship was maintained during my time at JP Morgan but as I left JP Morgan the relationship tapered off quite significantly. Obviously I thought I knew him well and I didn’t. For sure, with hindsight with what we know now, I deeply regret having any relationship with Jeffrey.”

    Epstein died in his prison last August after being charged with sex trafficking underage girls. It came more than a decade after his conviction for soliciting prostitution from a minor, for which he was registered as a sex offender.

    “Q” says Bigger than you know

  13. show OFF? in WTP’s FACES? that’s what U’ THINK is NEEDed? NOPE!


  15. The mayor also does not appear to have seen any combat. Sailors who do receive what’s called the Navy Combat Action Ribbon. The mayor received no such ribbon, according to his records.
    TRUTH ..or DARE? WhEAR else 2 MEET the real HUNKS!? busy-busy?

  16. Emissions Accomplished — Trump Wins on Fracking …WINNING!!!
    another …..Victory ..4 WTP …. YEP YEP YEP!
    After 3 years of apocalyptic wailing and gnashing of environmentalist teeth over President Trump ….

    Fracking doesn’t cause earthquakes but it does save lives by reducing emissions & it also saves jobs, families $ their dreams Trump’s energy policies have produced a true green new deal — the green of dollars flowing into family bank accounts & retirement plans.

  17. No Matter What: Nothing’s Gonna Change My World-View

    “There are facts, and there are beliefs, and there are things you want so badly to believe that they become as facts to you.”

    And here I thought the science was settled; now this: Scientists say solar system affects Earth’s carbon cycle.

    • Read these:

      “Earth is bracing for a solar minimum: a dormant period in which the Sun radiates less energy or heat at our planet than usual. Scientists have warned that as a result of the Sun’s inactivity, Earth is likely to witness a ‘mini ice age’ that could bring extreme winters and chilly cold storms over the next 30 years. According to NASA, the Sun will reach its lowest activity in over 200 years in 2020. As it further goes into its natural hibernation phase, Earth will experience extremely cold spells which will trigger food shortages across the planet. The average temperatures could drop as much as one degree Celsius in a period lasting about 12 months. That might not sound a lot but a whole degree fall would have a significant impact on global average temperatures.

      Solar minimums are part of the Sun’s natural life cycle and occur once every 11 years. However, 2020’s minimum is going to be a special case. That’s because it marks the start of a rare event known as a Grand Solar Minimum, in which energy emitted from the Sun plummets down even more than usual. These only occur once every 400 years or so. …”

  18. HILLARY >PALIN’ ???… really? … dried UP BEEF???

    Mike Bloomberg ‘is considering picking Hillary Clinton as his running mate
    in the 2020 Democratic race to help take on Trump’

  19. Mohammed Nuru Investigation: Mayor London Breed had a romantic relationship with ousted Public Works director

    Mayor London Breed today acknowledged a past intimate personal relationship with Mohammed Nuru, the ousted former head of San Francisco Public Works — & also revealed that she received Money from him Last Year for Car Repairs 4 $5,600 that she Did N O T Record on city forms. She wrote this in a Medium post published today.

    As Bay City News reports, the 57-year-old city employee submitted his resignation to City Administrator Naomi Kelly — but there’s so far no mention about whether he will still be Eligible for a city Pension, ??? WHY ???
    which was a ? that was raised by Several Supervisors as the Scandal first made headlines 2 weeks ago.

    ~ Houdini •
    What do you BET that Nuru gets away scot-free, like Willie Brown & Ed “Easy Money” Lee did? How is it possible that no one in City Hall was unaware of all the corruption going on?n Does Mayor have an alibi for this, like she had an alibi for her >>> murdering brother?

    Mayor London Breed’s Plea for Mercy for her Brother, who is serving a 44-year prison sentence in the Death of his girlfriend, was spurned Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown.

    Breed’s BROther, Napoleon Brown, has spent 18 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter & armed robbery. Breed, a defense witness at his trial, asked the governor in October to commute her brother’s sentence & release him, saying his punishment had been Excessive??? O’ … & he had turned his life around in Prison. … Really & be-4? not 2.. > smart…

  20. Transparency and Accountability ……London Breed <<<< ha' !!!

    I write this in the Spirit of Transparency, because in the Wake of a Scandal
    at City Hall, I think San Franciscans are entitled to hear directly from their Mayor.
    View at

  21. TransparenCy …& .. AccountabiliTy….$$$ MONEY MONEY MONEY

    Mayor BREED Admits Relationship With Nuru??? …LONDON IT HAS NOTHING 2 DO with …> DATING HIM ZERO …what a Joke!

    As Well As a $5600 ‘Gift’ From Him …as LONDON BREED MAKES
    $300.000 ….A YEAR??? …. so What WAS REALLY GOING DOWN…
    do & did the SAME ….SING after GETTING CAUGHT …Hope they
    FIND a PAPER Trail of CA$H …. YEP CHEATER$ smile in your FACE$
    So Nuru would take her to Dinners & BEFORE they WALKED the FILTHY
    STREET …HE would do HIS JOB … ha’ & HAVE the CLEAN- UP CREW
    that was REPORTED TODAY ! ….. REALLY NURU ??? JUST 4 MY
    OLD FLAME? …. as “LOOK” I’m DOing MY JOB GIRL!!! DID WTP
    PAY ….4 all your WINE-& DINE TIMES??? Time will TELL??? or not!

  22. 2 BIG ….4 her BRITCHES?
    San Francisco’s mayor admits to affair and accepting gifts from the city’s disgraced homelessness chief who is at the center of FBI corruption probe for accepting kickbacks
    Mayor London Breed, 45, admitted on Friday to briefly dating Mohammed Nuru, San Francisco’s former Director of Public Works, around 20 years ago
    She also admitted to accepting a ‘gift’ to the value of $5,600 from Nuru last year when he paid to repair her car
    She denies any knowledge of Nuru’s alleged corrupt schemes
    Shock revelations have led to calls for Breed’s resignation
    Nuru, 58, was arrested and charged with public corruption by the FBI in January
    He is accused of attempting to bribe an airport commissioner to win a bid for a restaurant contract at San Francisco International Airport
    Nick Bovis, 56, a well-known local restaurant boss is also charged
    Breed received a donation from Bovis in 2018 towards her mayoral campaign … & raised by grand-ma…

    • What is wrong with these people? Cheaters in every sense of the word? Have you seen how Ilhan’s hubby (the one who’s not her brother) caught her and her boyfriend in their PJs? What kind of name is London Breed? Well, it’s apt, since she did with Mohammed.

    • Speaking of perversion, did you see the disgusting photos of Mifsud at The Gateway Pundit? What is wrong with these people? Are they all sleazy? Words fail. And I can’t help but ask, what is wrong with those young women? Yikes!

    • What I said long ago. Sad to say, some of the most misogynistic and homophobic people reside in the “black community.” And you know what? In my opinion, they have a right to their opinion. No matter how erroneous their opinions may be. So long as they don’t infringe upon MY rights, I don’t care what their attitude or opinion is. It’s funny. Conservatives would likely vote for a gay person IF he or she was competent to do the job because, but for the possibility of blackmail (which can happen with anybody, no matter their “gender), what does sexuality have to do with it (other than setting a bad example for kids but, you know, why would a president have to address what he or she does in the bedroom)? Blacks voted for Barry by overwhelming majority (90+%), so we know that superficial characteristics like skin color (even if questionably sourced) MATTER to them more than the ability to do the jop. So why wouldn’t being gay matter? Now we see, btw, why it was important to hide Barry’s proclivities. This is just the percentage that admit they’d vote against him. There are probably plenty who know they ought to say they would but wouldn’t when they get in the booth.

    STAY STRONG …..RUSH …. BLESS your SOUL …24/7

    Liberal singer Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders Praises Trump
    for honoring RUSH Limbaugh
    (DAILY MAIL) — Liberal rock star Chrissie Hynde has shocked her fans by praising Donald Trump for honoring conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh, saying her father ‘would have been so delighted’.

    Hynde, the lead singer of The Pretenders, wrote an open letter to President Trump on Twitter Monday in which she says her late father Melville would have ‘Enjoyed’ HIS …. Presidency.


    Lame Cherry
    Thank you President Donald Trump

    • Did you see that Moo is out there today hyping her circa 80s prom dress, apropos of nothing at all, but she uses the excuse of getting out the vote so she can get herself in the news again? Today Melania was given an award as woman of the year by some Palm Beach university, but instead Yahoo! is focusing on … The FORMER First Lady. Have you EVER seen Mrs. Bush’s prom pictures?

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