Witnesses at the Impeachment Trial

Provided that the Democrats don’t simply cut their losses and pull the plug on this impeachment clown show, it’s likely they’ll continue their demands for “new” witnesses. They’re touting polls that supposedly show majority support among the public for witnesses, although the polls don’t indicate whose witnesses–the President’s or Democrat House Managers’ witnesses. Are we talking Hunter Biden and the so-called sham whistleblower? We’d all like to hear from them.

However this issue plays out (if there are at least four mendacious so-called Republicans who vote with the lock-step, weaselly Democrats), then I would hope that all Senators would honor the Constitution and the foundations of our system of justice. In other words, ensure due process for the President, something he hasn’t received to date.

Due process would mean, at the very least, that President Trump should be allowed to confront and cross-examine every, and I mean every, witness against him.

That would require recalling to the stand, under oath, every person from whom the Democrats gathered testimony or evidence, whether documentary or in person, and allowing a public and thorough cross-examination and testing of their credibility. 

Due process would also require that all previous testimonies (transcripts) and depositions be provided to the President’s lawyers so that these witnesses, like all witnesses in civil and criminal trials, would be subject to impeachment for any false or prior inconsistent statements. And then the President should be able to call any and every witness he wants to refute their testimony and give context.

Most certainly, due process would include the testimony of the inspector general of the intelligence community, Michael Atkinson, who was involved in the initiation of this entire sham persecution of the President, and whose deposition remains unavailable to both the public and the President and his lawyers.

The President’s lawyers have not yet been able to confront any of the witnesses, much less cross-examine them.

The President has not even been given the name of the person who initiated this action against him. That’s hardly giving him the right to confront witnesses against him.

Note that the Democrats and the media insist on the necessity ofnew witnesses, signaling that they have no intention of allowing the President’s lawyers to recall or cross-examine or impeach their hand-picked previous witnesses, most of whom gave only unchallenged hearsay “evidence.”

This scheme in no way meets the requirements of the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, or our system of government from its inception. Indeed, the right to confront witnesses goes all the way back to Roman law.

Oh, yes. We know. The Sixth Amendment concerns criminal trials, but who among us dare argue that the President of the United States does not have the same rights as an accused criminal or that Congress should be constitutionally able to overturn the will of We the People and throw out 63,000,000+ votes on a political whim, all to interfere in our right to vote next November for the person We the People want as president, after stomping on the due process and constitutional rights of the man We the People already elected to the presidency?

Any member of Congress who makes such an argument should be tossed from office for not living up to his or her own oath of office and for spitting on our Constitution.

The idea of a public trial is to ensure that government prosecutorial actions are exposed to public view, so as to discourage abuses of prosecutorial power. The old English Star Chamber, whose proceedings were held in secret and which was a model for prosecutorial abuse, comes to mind. So does Germany’s People’s Court under the Hitler regime.

The President deserves due process and the ability to confront all witnesses against him, to cross-examine and impeach their credibility.

This long-overdue confrontation must be done publicly, not in secret as we saw happen during the Adam Schiff Star Chamber in the House.

We the People deserve answers. Now.

Release all the transcripts.

Give the President’s lawyers the right to cross-examine the old witnesses, before even considering calling new witnesses.

If the Senate actually believes that they should overturn our votes and spit in our faces by impeaching our President using a completely and transparently unfair and unconstitutional process, then they do so at their own peril, because Trump supporters will abandon the Republican Party (and in some cases the Democrat Party) if they railroad our President out of office.

One would hope that even people who don’t support the President would be equally outraged over this travesty of so-called justice.

Some time this coming week the Senate will decide whether to allow witnesses.

They had better choose fairness, justice, due process, the Constitution, and the American Way.



142 responses to “Witnesses at the Impeachment Trial

  1. https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2020/01/wheres-waldo-whistleblower.php

    Yesterday, President Trump’s lawyer said of the so-called whistleblower:

    “The whistleblower who we haven’t heard that much about who started all of this. The whistleblower we know from the letter that the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community sent that he thought that the whistleblower had political bias. We don’t know exactly what the political bias was because the Inspector General testified in the House committees in an executive session, and that transcript is still secret. It wasn’t transmitted up to the House Judiciary Committee. We haven’t seen it. We don’t know what’s in it. We don’t know what he was asked and what he revealed about the whistleblower. Now you would think that before going forward with an impeachment proceeding against the President of the United States that you would want to find out something about the complainant that had started all of it because motivations, bias, reasons for wanting to bring this complaint could be relevant, but there wasn’t any inquiry into that.

    Recent reports, public reports, suggest that potentially the whistleblower was an Intelligence Community staffer who worked with then Vice President Biden on Ukraine matters, which if true would suggest an even greater reason for wanting to know about potential bias or motive for the whistleblower. At first when things started, it seemed like everyone agreed that we should hear from the whistleblower including Manager Schiff. I think we have what he said. …”

    He goes on to relate why examining the whistleblower and also Schiff’s connection to him is critical to DUE PROCESS.

  2. This article directly explains the problem with the so-called subpoenas. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/01/25/opening-argument-patrick-philbin-explains-an-unconstitutional-origin-to-the-house-impeachment-and-why-it-matters/

    “So called.” It’s interesting that we have to continually use that phrase because nothing is what it is called by the media and the Democrats. So-called whistleblower. He’s not. So-called subpoenas. They’re not. So-called collusion. It’s not (a crime). So-called obstruction of Congress. It wasn’t. It’s not. There’s actually (arguably) no such thing.

  3. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/01/gop-senator-hawley-drafts-motions-to-subpoena-adam-schiff-the-whistleblower-and-the-bidens-to-testify/

    Calling their bluff. Let’s see them have the guts to vote AGAINST calling Schiff, the so-called whistleblower, and Hunter Biden.

  4. So what is with this release of a new corona virus timed to spread with the huge travel of the Chinese population for Chinese New Year?
    So that’s a question.
    According to reports in whatever you call the News media, 56 million people are in strict lockdown in some parts of China. So far about 56 people have died so people setting odds would say a million to one.
    I am not being clever or flippant.
    I suspect there is a “model” here for announcing the fear of something really bad coming to the US and the necessity of a lockdown of LA or New York or take your pick.
    My wife asked me last night, if 56 million Chinese are in complete lockdown, how will they get food? Will they die from starvation rather than from a virus?
    I said “yes” that seems probable.
    Just for one moment, ask what would be the point of causing this by an intentional engineered viral release?
    In China, not much. An authoritarian government will not be dislodged by this tragedy.
    In the USA, ten thousand deaths in New York will cause, in a free country, social chaos and possibly economic collapse.
    I am guessing this bio-weapon is pointed at Trump and not the population at large. Agenda 2030, the killing of 95% of the world asked for by the UN(!) is not likely to occur because of this virus.
    While all of this is happening, “Q” in his last post points to the Wikipedia site and their explanation of “State Funeral”
    Justinformedtalk finds a filing of an application for conducting a State Funeral on behalf of Jimmy Carter – but hey, he’s not dead.

    The impeachment trial is failing big time.
    Are we seeing multiple distractions?
    Lastly that guy who finds doom in every weekend, that would be Dave Hodges says several US military bases will be sealed and sequestered from the 3rd of Feb.
    I don’t think he can explain why.

    • They have found quite a few other stories to cover besides the Trump defense: Kobe’s death, coronavirus, and now the “leaked” B.S. about what some anonymous person says Bolton said in his “draft” of his book that just happens to be hitting the market now. Perfect timing for him to cash in, isn’t it?

      I haven’t heard anything about Chinese being locked down, but SARS was similarly hyped for whatever reason.

  5. That’s funny
    My last post just disappered
    It didn’t go into moderation,
    It just vanished
    Is it because it contained the word “coronavirus”?
    How Very Suspicious!

  6. so it WEARS a …> CROWN …JUST LIKE “MY” TRUMP! …ha’

  7. WTP know EVERY-THING yes… WE DO!!! > EVERYT H I N G ! YEP!

    Kobe Bryant’s helicopter pilot was given ‘special clearance to fly at or below 2,500 feet in dangerous weather conditions’ – relying only on his EyeSight ?Rather than instruments before the crash ????? NUTS NUTS NUTS!
    The helicopter carrying Bryant & his daughter, Gianna, left Santa Ana
    in Orange County shortly after 9am
    Conditions were not suitable for flying, according to Los Angeles police
    who grounded their own choppers
    Pilot was flying under visual flight rules (VFR), meaning he was relying on
    …. > his >>>Ability to SEE terrain below him…. was NOT SO GREAT???
    Around 9.20am, the helicopter Circled for about 15 Minutes east of
    Interstate-5, near Glendale, data shows
    Air traffic controllers held up the chopper for other aircraft for 11 minutes, before clearing it through Burbank
    The pilot, who was named as Ara Zobayan, could’ve contacted ATC & requested to switch to instrument flight rules (IFR), which would have allowed him to navigate through the clouds
    But when pilots fly under IFR, it can be time-consuming, especially in Southern California’s busy airspace

    It’s …hard to keep it hovering ….waiting 4 a BREAK! … snooze U LOSE!
    SAD SAD SAD …..all fall DOWN! …Did NOT have to HAPPEN …. NOPE!

    • Ran out of gas? Made to circle for what reason? Who’s this Zobayan? Oh, he’s also a flight instructor. Sound familiar? Leave it to the UK media to tell the whole story and any inconvenient truths. The MeToo movement hits the black hero wall. Women are being excoriated for reminding people of this story: https://www.thedailybeast.com/kobe-bryants-disturbing-rape-case-the-dna-evidence-the-accusers-story-and-the-half-confession

      I remember that well. The white concierge (19 years old) at the hotel where he stayed. Asked her to give her a private tour of the hotel. She had bruises and blood and so did he have her blood on him. She says non-consensual but was attacked by his lawyers, the media, basketball fans, blacks who said it was just another case of a white woman accusing black men of “violence,” etc., and she couldn’t testify out of fear and emotional inability, so they dropped the charges. He gave her a settlement and a letter saying he could see as how she might have believed it wasn’t consensual. Mind you. He was MARRIED at the time to a wife he started dating when she was still in high school, btw. To make up with the wife, he gave her a $4 million 8-carat purple diamond ring. Then about 8 years later, after multiple other basketball wives snitched to her of his many extramarital affairs, she filed for divorce but apparently for some reason changed her mind. I’m not saying this to cast aspersions on the dead, but let’s get real. Any time a conservative dies, they make sure to put any negative story about the person in his or her obituary. Nobody says, oh, he’s dead, lay off. That doesn’t happen, except when the deceased is of a “protected” group or is a progressive or Democrat. MLK. JFK. Saints and angels. It’s disgusting to attack women of the MeToo movement now because it’s not a white male. Does the MeToo movement give black men a pass? I’d like to know the hierarchy. And how does someone who cheats end up being a saintly hero? I’m just wondering.

      Other people are incensed that the media act as if the other 7 people who died aren’t as important as the Bryants. They were simply nobodies. I agree. It’s disgusting. But you have to remember that they’re using this story and the corona virus story as excuses to NOT cover Trump’s impeachment defense, especially Bondi’s presentation about the Bidens.

  9. LET’S ……R O L L!!!!
    EXCLUSIVE: Pelosi Jr. Oil Company Employed Russians To Influence Politicians
    Employee From Moscow ‘Cultivated network of prominent contacts
    ….. including politicians’

    Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi Jr. was a board member of the energy company Viscoil Holdings and an executive at its related company NRGLab, which did energy business in Ukraine. House speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared with her son Paul in a promotional video which was released by NRGLab in 2013 on the same day the company promoted its new deal in Ukraine.

    Pelosi Jr. let SLIP that HE was working in Ukraine with a group called the “World Sports Alliance.”

    “Today we’re here to talk about soccer,” Paul Pelosi Jr. said in his television interview in Ukraine. “We recently got an endorsement from the World Sports Alliance and we’ve spoken with the Ukraine government about collaboration for soccer for young people. Ukraine has a great history in soccer and we hope to share in that tradition going forward.”

    The World Sports Alliance is a front group run by Paul Pelosi Jr.’s good friend Asa Saint Clair, who served as president of the Alliance. Asa Saint Clair now faces 20 years in prison for allegedly running a fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme through the World Sports Alliance. Records reveal that Pelosi Jr. and Asa Saint Clair were directly working with one another during the period of Saint Clair’s alleged criminality.


    • He knew what he was doing. It’s no coincidence that about the time he sent his manuscript for review, which he KNEW would leak in this atmosphere, he was telling the media he’d testify IF subpoenaed by the Senate. This was planned all along. Of WHAT USE is his version unless there’s somebody else to confirm what he says when the POTUS disagrees and so does Barr and Mulvaney? Or is that going to be Fiona? They will then choose to believe the colluding two and not the President and his staff. Did Bolton ALSO, like Fruman allegedly did, set his phone on record and illegally record the President? Nothing would surprise me from these SNAKES.

      Again, too. We MUST watch out for the Deep FAKES. What’s to stop them from introducing a faked audio, leaking it right before the Senate vote, and then letting it be debunked after the President is already removed by Senate vote by people who are too STUPID to not be duped?

      These Senators are the stupidest people on earth when it comes to technology; maybe they’re pretending but they do a good job of it. They don’t pay attention. They’re probably too tech illiterate.

      So now Romney, Collins and others are just ACCEPTING lies from the media, THE MEDIA INTERPRETATION OF WHAT SOME ANONYMOUS OTHER PERSON INTERPRETED TO BE WHAT BOLTON ALLEGEDLY WROTE. And from that they’re going to vote for witnesses. And the totally unreliable Lindsey Graham says not to worry. He’s sure he’ll have 51 votes to call the whistleblower and Biden and Hunter and Chalupa.

      Head fake to go with deep fakes and fake news. Wait for it. It will be Bolton and no other witnesses. Bolton will lie. They will CHOOSE to believe him over the President and his entire administration, even though it really doesn’t matter if POTUS did what the media say Bolton wrote! It’s not a crime. It’s not an abuse of power.


      The biggest “crime” Trump committed is NOT GETTING RID OF ALL THESE SNAKES BACK ON INAUGURATION DAY. And for sure ALL OF THEM should be GONE from our government at this moment. Why are they still working in our government?

      And if all the above is not crazy enough, now Gateway Pundit reports that Feinstein says she may vote to acquit! (There’s a reason she stepped aside in the impeachment inquiry, leaving the field to, iirc, Nadler.)

  10. Trump Is Right. Adam Schiff Has Not Paid For Damaging The Country
    >>>>> With Years Of Lies !!!!!!!!!
    Schiff was not telling the Truth when he kept dripping out lies to compliant reporters. Because he helped them accomplish their political goals against their nemesis Trump, however, they have not held him accountable.

    When President Trump tweeted on Sunday that Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., was a “CORRUPT POLITICIAN” who “has not paid the price, yet, for what he has done to our Country!” the media and Democrats loudly protested, as they do, that this was a threat.

    “Schiff ‘has NOT paid the price’ for impeachment, Trump says in what appears to be veiled threat,” said a Washington Post headline. “Schiff, Calling Trump ‘Wrathful and Vindictive,’ Sees Tweet as a Threat” The New York Times headlined. “Trump makes ‘threat’ against Rep. Adam Schiff,” was the New York Daily News headline. “Adam Schiff: Trump Saying I Should Pay a Price Is ‘Intended to Be’ a Threat,” headlined The Daily Beast. “Trump tweet was ‘threat’ against Adam Schiff, Democrats say,” went the story in USA Today.

    What a ludicrous spin that Democrats and the media pushed in lockstep. When Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Republicans would “pay a price” for not acquiescing to her demands regarding a Senate impeachment trial, none of these reporters or outlets claimed she was threatening them.


    • It’s awful to hear things like this. The voice of the now-dead. Sad. So sad. As with EVERY story these days, details differ from one story to another. I heard that this helicopter seated only 5 passengers. Was it overloaded? Who knows? They’re trying already to blame the pilot, but a story I read today said that often celebrities pressure pilots to fly even when they shouldn’t because they have to get where they’re going. He and his daughter were going to a basketball game where she would play and he would coach. The authorities grounded their own helicopters on account of fog. I heard that elsewhere and it’s in the story you linked. I also heard that the pilot said he was trying to ascend to get out of a cloud bank. The controllers told him something like that wouldn’t do it and the pilot turned in another direction and then lost altitude and crashed. Somewhere it was written that the pilot didn’t use instruments even though he could have. Why not? And why couldn’t he have turned them on when he started to encounter visibility problems? I had also heard that Bryant owned the helicopter but now that story says not, but that he used the service so often that the helicopter was painted to suit him (Mambo, etc.).

  11. Make you laugh?!!!

  12. ….. >>>Hillary Feels an UrGe <<<, REALLY U LOSER??? get LOST!

    RUSH: (laughing) Look at this, folks! Look! New York Post headline:
    “Hillary Clinton Admits She Feels an Urge to Run Against Trump Again.
    ” Mrs. Clinton, are you sure it just isn’t diarrhea? Maybe constipation?

    She admits she feels an urge to run against Trump again, because she thinks that she can Win this Time. It’s what I mean. These people are Deluded, folks. They are so absent common Sense, it’s RE-markable.

    YEP ..just like HUBBY..BILL..the URGE 2 merge…with any- female!!!

    • ROCKS IT ….. ALL the WAY ….LISTEN UP USA …. the TRUTH
      I S … a GREAT THING! ….. GO PAM GO !!! >>> FILL USA IN !!!


    • She destroyed the case but the media made sure to cut away and NOT let the American people SEE her presentation. It wasn’t even discussed in my local paper’s coverage of the trial. It has been obvious from the beginning.

      If they want to prove that Trump had no call to ask for this investigation, then they have to PROVE there’s no there there to investigate.

      Consider the irony: They claim Biden can’t be investigated because he’s a candidate and yet they’ve spent the past 4-5 years investigating Trump, as a candidate as well as a president. All Trump did was ask the Ukrainians to look into what the Bidens were up to over in their country and to cooperate with the AG on this investigation. OBAMA SPIED ON THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN AND THEY HAD AN INSURANCE POLICY TO CONTINUE THE SPYING INTO HIS ADMINISTRATION!

  13. YIKES .. R U NUTS ? …O’ …yeah …the BLACK VOTE …. SAD SAD SAD
    https://americatalks.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/michelle-obama-11-30-16-10.jpg ……such a BEAUTY?????

  14. The Biden Scam <<>>REALLY…Ha’

    Gee, I Wonder why all the mainstream media outlets….Blocked OUT…
    T H I S ??? >>>> presentation
    by former FL AG >>>> PAM BONDI? …?? WHY WHY WHY??

    The presentation by the President’s legal team is simply superb.

  15. ROCKS IT ….. ALL the WAY ….LISTEN UP USA …. the TRUTH
    I S … a GREAT THING! ….. GO PAM GO !!! >>> FILL USA IN !!!


  16. ~ PAM BONDI ~ S U P E R B ~ 4 SURE! … HIT NAIL on HEAD!


  17. $ in THE DEEP DEEP POCKET$ ..CHEAT & $MILE in OUR FACE$ 24/7

    • Pretty damned good odds when you consider the uni-party CORRUPTION and the FACT that most of these people go to DC as middle class but come out millionaires!

  18. very …Interesting …. the stress on my nerves… …pray it’s SO!!!
    so this should make WTP happy … a ? reprive??? read on …
    Obama Prefers a Republican President

    After 8 years in the White House, Barack and Michelle Obama emerged as charismatic leaders, greatly respected by a significant number of Democrats and many foreign nations. At some point in time, the couple decided that they have fairly broad support & popularity, which could be converted into Michelle Obama’s presidency. However, Michelle could not run for president immediately after Barack, according to early agreements with Hillary & the Democratic elite. Besides, it would not look very good in the eyes of voters. She had to Skip a term but somehow keep soldiers in the trenches.

    Thirdly, Obama hoped that Trump would be a weak president who would be easy to overthrow in 4 years. To the disappointment of the Obama couple, Trump turned out to be a Great President. The success of the country under his leadership is impressive, & it will be almost impossible to defeat him in the 2020 elections. …. ( ha’ …> so >>> mooch on ….. dude )

    • Oh, so they’re BOTH “leaders” now? Both of them? (I think neither, but that’s another issue.)

      Who’s more “charismatic” than our CURRENT First Lady, whom the media IGNORE?

      I’ve always KNOWN that Barry in no way wanted to be followed by Hillary. Both of the O’s hate Hillary. (Who doesn’t, when you think about it?) However, Barry is at heart misogynistic. There’s NO WAY, I’m sure, that he would EVER want Moo to become president, to achieve the same status and same level he did. Sad to say, too, she would be more popular among the types of people who voted for him (especially white liberals) than he was and he knows it, so just another poison pill in the theory of Moo for POTUS.

      IF she should end up on the ballot as VP, then you won’t see as many people turning out to avidly defeat her as you would see if she headed the ticket. She’s going to be a back door candidate, if a candidate at all.

      Can you believe absentee voting for the primary has already begun in some locations?

  19. The Bolton LeaK — So What? …. >> SO WHAT ??? >>> SO W H A T ???
    This whole Pelosi Stillborn Impeachment is turning into a bigger Circus every day.

  20. ***Live Updates*** Trump Impeachment Trial: Schiff Show Resumes

    Pencil Neck Argues: impeachment protects the next election!

    Senators Ask Questions

    President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial continues on Wednesday as Senators will get to ask written questions.

  21. Trump Surging in Polls Since Dems Started Impeachment ….

    Trump is elected. They’ve lost all three branches. They can’t explain Trump’s Supreme Court nominees. They can’t stop Trump’s legislation. “Oh, my God! What are…?” You think that they’re gonna shape up and fly right, realize the mistakes they’ve made and not make them again? That’s not who they are. The AOC wing… If what you suggest happens, the AOC wing, the first thing they’re gonna do is fire Pelosi. Get her out of town. Not just the speakership. AOC is gonna take over the House, and it’s gonna be the biggest march to the extreme, uber-left that you’ve ever seen.

    Yeah, get ready for that ’cause that’s probably in the cards. LOVE IT!


    • We can only hope and pray that they lose all three branches and it stays that way for at least a couple decades, until they ADMIT defeat and change their ways. What a coincidence that the media didn’t cover that MASSIVE crowd Trump attracted in NJ last night. THAT’S how we do it. THAT’S how we get the message across. SHOW UP. STAND UP. BE SEEN. OUR PRESIDENT.

  22. Bolton is just the latest fired official to T U R N – ON >> President Trump
    Comey, Scaramucci, Tillerson … ………

  23. Democrat’s Latest STAR * Just Got> >> EJecTed From the Senate
    & .>>> You’ll Never Guess Why … as ..W T P LOVE LOVE IT!!!


  24. TOM …U R A >>>>> FOOL ….
    Tommy’ Steyer >>> Claims President Trump Has “Tortured Children,”

    But He Supports Killing Babies in Abortion

    Tom Steyer, the billion-Aire Democrat presidential candidate, is attempting
    to assert the moral high ground against President Donald Trump.

    Steyer made the Ridiculous claim in a new television interview that
    President Trump has tortured children — ??? NUTS -heads LOOSE again

    even though Steyer is on Recording supporting Abortions UP TO Birth
    that Destroy the Lives of little Babies. <<< BABY KILLER TOM THUMB

    "Tom Thumb" is a character of English folklore. The History of Tom Thumb
    was published in 1621, & was the first fairy tale printed in English.
    is NO Bigger (mentally) than his father's Thumb, YEP still real SMALL!!!
    & his adventures include being Swallowed by a cow, Tangling with giants,
    & becoming a favorite of King Arthur. The earliest allusions to Tom occur in various 16th-century works such as Reginald Scot's Discovery of Witchcraft (1584), where Tom is cited as one
    of the supernatural folk employed by servant maids to Frighten Children


  25. yep ? ha’ ..then a BIG NOPE! he tossed DIRT Over that IDEA FAST
    sneaky-clever got it all ready most of the TIME…except when they don’t

    • What’d I say about how if Biden gets the nomination, the actual POTUS will be whoever is his VP? This is the plot. They know the VP wouldn’t get the votes but maybe Biden will and then he WILL step aside. It’s the plan. Hillary also says she’d love to run again. BOTH of those “women” claimed they’d NEVER run for president. Maybe if Moo runs for VP then she (?) can technically say she (?) wasn’t lying.

  26. YEP …MO’ $$$$$ in OUR POCKETS!!! so caned
    PUKE ..that’s what I see ..BLACK can’ TALK .. soo

    ~ James Scott …..Awww — back when they were still pretending

  27. Longest-ever YEP! Longest-Ever <<<>
    Tijuana …. & >>> San Diego, officials say ….

    ~ It wouldn’t make any sense to use a tunnel for smuggling people who could offer information if apprehended, even if they were blindfolded. Another problem would be ventilation. A dozen people walking eight-tenths of a mile through such a confined space would displace most of the air, making it hard for the guy in back to breathe. It could be used to shuttle a high-value individual, like Pablo Escobar, across the border, but the cartels wouldn’t want to use it for undocumented laborers.

    Each year about 3,000 drug mules are apprehended at points of entry along the US-Mexican border. The median load size for cocaine is 22 kg; marijuana 42 kg; meth 8 kg. The compensation per trip averages $1,000-2,000, depending on weight and type of drug. Reduce the weight to 8 kg (the weight of a second jug of water) & the rewards are reduced proportionately, while the cost/benefit of capture skyrockets. It’s unlikely mules would attempt to carry significant weights across the desert by foot, especially as part of a caravan that plans to surrender. There are undoubtedly a few lone-wolves, but most smuggling requires some sort of vehicle simply to handle the weight.

    ~ This tunnel is called the Pelosi Pass! ….ha’

    ~ A wall frees up border patrol to do other things LIKE FIND TUNNELS. In addition, the new wall has sensors to detect digging. IF you have a physical barrier preventing scores of people from rushing the border then border patrol has much more time to do other things. The wall is a no brainer, it should’ve been done years ago.

  28. ORLY ..what’s 4 dinner… MAN’ we all have know each other 4 EVER!
    http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/ ….much NEWS! …..

  29. Congresswoman: Schiff’s Staffers “HelPed Write” Whistleblower Complaint

    A “COVER-UP?” <<<>> whistleblower related in his August 12, 2019 complaint.

  30. yes I wish I wish …WTP’s could purge ALL WTP know ABOUT IT
    EXPOSED … 24/7 ….HOW ….SICK 2 WATCH this day after DAY!
    “SOME PEOPLE” ..can experience sexual excitement from wearing
    UNDERWEAR on their HEADS …..
    while others Get their >>> EXciteMent when JUST obServing IT… SUCH EMBARRASSMENT ..
    I think the DEMO-DICK-HEADS really don’t have much BRAINS …EITHER W A Y !!! YEP …MY thought 4 the DAY ..plus add a few FEATHER’s 2 IT!

    They KNOW we KNOW they KNOW …IT’s a … GAME they LIKE a LOT!

  31. facebkwallflower

    Senators running/have run for president 2020 and voting to remove their opponent, the current president is, ya think, election interference? How about Congresspersons that ran a campaign for 2020 and voted to impeach? How is it NOT?

    • For sure it’s election interference. Honest people would recuse themselves from the vote. They are SUCH hypocrites. Hillary interfered in the election. This impeachment is one HUGE interference in the election. Hillary and Obama colluded with foreigners to interfere in the election. Biden directly and on video bragged about using his office to trade federal monies in return for an act by a foreign government that directly protected his own son from potential prosecution under our laws and probably Ukraine’s laws, too. That was the quid pro quo.

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