Forecast: Strong Probability of Mendacity

How many votes does Pelosi need to impeach President Trump?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Democratic caucus members in a closed-door meeting on Tuesday that the body will vote on sending the articles of impeachment against President Trump to the Senate on Wednesday.

Wait! What?

So if they don’t get enough votes to send the articles to the Senate, then what? Is this yet more mendacity? Another stalling tactic? An attempted un-impeachment? (We can only hope.)

From that same story:

Pelosi also said that the House would take up a resolution to appoint impeachment managers who would present the House’s case against the president during a Senate trial, Rep. Carolyn Maloney confirmed to the Post. …

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, speaking to reporters after the caucus meeting, said impeachment managers who will present the House’s case against Trump in the Senate will be named “between this moment we are in now and the articles being debated on the floor.

They’re going to debate the articles again?

Pelosi has said that Trump has already been impeached and will forever have that mark against his name.

So what’s left to debate about the articles?

Does she believe that if the resolution to send the articles fails, then the President remains impeached even if there’s never a Senate trial?

When the articles finally, if ever, get to the Senate, then more games begin and more mendacity will become evident. Count on it.

Delaying the articles of impeachment sets up a situation where individual witnesses could be called by the vote of a simple majority. That puts pressure on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to keep defections below four as names get teed up by Democrats.

Shall we name the potentially mendacious ones? Senators Collins, Romney, Murkowski.

If Chief Justice Roberts is the tie-breaker, can he be counted upon, all things considered? (Roberts appointed Judge Boasberg (the first Democrat) to replace Judge Collyer, and the rest is Deep State history.)

If, by simple majority, witnesses can be called, then by the same simple majority, witnesses can be rejected. Right?

In other words, if Trump wants to call Biden or Schiff or the so-called whistleblower, count on the selfsame mendacious ones to block that and also to be joined by other mendacious ones who would prefer to protect their former (and even current) colleagues.

On the other hand, the mendacious ones will surely wish to hear from witnesses, such as John Bolton, whom the Democrats want to call.

The House could have subpoenaed Bolton during their inquiry, but deliberately chose not to, so their steamroller wouldn’t be stalled by litigation when President Trump claimed executive privilege. Their mendacious route avoided giving the President his day in court on that issue, too.

Mind you, Romney has already said he wants to hear from Bolton (certainly a prime candidate for a mendacity label himself).

How many of these Republicans have said they want to hear from Schiff, Biden, or the so-called whistleblower? Crickets …

The President was denied due process in the House and was possibly duped by deliberately poor advice into not contesting that unfair process while it was happening. (My personal suspicion and fear.)

A “fair” trial in the Senate should follow what a fair trial for any other defendant would look like:

  • the defense gets to call any witness he wants;
  • cross-examine each one fully under oath and penalty of perjury; and
  • obtain discovery from any source that he or his lawyers believe will shed light upon his innocence.

Do you have any faith that’s what will happen?

Pray for our President, his family, and our country. 

Buckle your seat belts; it will be a bumpy ride because of a strong probability of



112 responses to “Forecast: Strong Probability of Mendacity

  1. Bernie Campaigner Kyle Jurek Arrested Days Before Project Veritas Exposé

    ~ Nebokenezzer •
    If Bernie had a son….. Yes, Bernie had a son an illegitimate one out of wedlock before
    he married his second wife & was somewhat involved … ha’

    • OLD >>> Bernie Sanders’s refusal to Fire violent ……
      ….. pro-gulag coMMunist on Staff >>> speaks volumes YEP ^^

      Bernie Sanders has spent years convincing voters that his Soviet honeymoon, his support for the Nicaraguan Sandinistas, his admiration
      for Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez were all a misunderstanding

      This is scary stuff, calling for your vote based on a cute grumpy grandpa personality fronting for the sick horrors of socialism. Once IN, there are NO OUTS; just ask a Venezuelan. The Democrats are apparently looking for a means of rigging Sanders out, but given that socialist Sanders becomes a “Democrat” only at election time, they never should have let him in to start with. Now he’s the frontrunner, and he’s showing what he’s made of. O’Keefe says Jurek still has his job, and Iowa moves apace. The only thing left is to expose him, and for that, O’Keefe has done a tremendous public service.

  2. ….WHAT TRASH …they ALL ARE! …ALL of THEM!!! & I PRAY 4 the
    DAY …. each gets 2 choke on WHAT they HAVE TRIED 2 DO 2 OUR

    PENS > After Signing Articles of Impeachment YEP $3,000 WORTH!
    & WTP ….the TAX payers PAY 4 THIS? …. REALLY really SICK!

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) received Swift Criticism for handing out special pens after she signed & sent the two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the Senate.

    CNN’s Dana Bash noted that it’s Normal for politicians to hand out pens after ceremonial events — such as when the president signs legislation — but said it was “Unusual” to see House Democrats Smiling & Receiving pens at SUCH >>>> an Event.

    “It was unusual to see that kind of ceremony and making, you know handing out the pens, smiling for a picture in this kind of situation, where the House Speaker has bent over backwards to say publicly & privately, ‘This is Somber. This is NOT …. a time for Celebration.’” > OR IS IT PELOSI?

  3. JOHN ….>>> DICK HEAD! ..tricks once again … u AZZ!

    It’s a convenient “mistake” that is too easy to correct for the record. But unfortunately, a lot more people heard him assign evidence to the President than saw his Tweet.
    It’s a coMMon Tactic by those who are trying to Spread Lies. We see it in mainstream Media all the Time when newspapers print devastating accusations only to retract them a few days later at the bottom of page 8.
    Or, as has been the common tactic recently, they issue a correction on Twitter & all is well.

  4. 4 US ..whom care 2 PRAY … Pray & Praying 4 OUR President Trump!

    Heavenly Merciful Father, please O Lord, protect your people from evil violent spirits; turn the evil they plan for your people back onto them.; let them fall into the pits they have dug for us Amen .. < SOUNDS RIGHT!

    May his evil enemies trying to destroy OUR Republic Be themselves destroyed. ….YEP!!! FRY them in a HOT-POT of P'…

  5. yep ! …it takes what it TAKES …as her wake UP-call was harm 2 her-self!
    Democratic Ann Kirkpatrick seeks treatment for alcohol dependence after suffering a Serious fall last week that left her with cracked ribs and spinal fractures. ..& AS WTP KNOW PRESIDENT TRUMP DOES NOT DRINK!

  6. Impeachment Moves >>> Forward to ???? Nowhere

    Meanwhile, a debate showcases the Democrats’ detachment from LIFE
    on the ground in America. …….. By Peggy Noonan

    Impeachment is moving forward and going nowhere. There is new information but it doesn’t really tell those who’ve paid attention anything
    they didn’t know. Putative administration operative Lev Parnas said on “The Rachel Maddow Show” Wednesday that the president knew everything about efforts to lean on Ukraine. But this was clear in testimony throughout the impeachment hearings. His own ambassador to the European Union said it! The ambassador to Ukraine knew she was being schemed against, lost her job ….. YEP!!! LET’S ROLL this DOWN the MUCKY HILL!!! F’ THEM ALL!

  7. GO TRUMP >>> Promises kept. …LOVE IT …. YEP!

    Our President TRUMP >>> is a great HERO to America.

    Everyone in the Media was Wrong Trump was RIGHT.
    Tariffs work. tax cuts work. WTP WORK …. GO TRUMP GO!

    “USMCA and US-China Trade Deal is Over $2 Trillion in Bi-Lateral Trade – 10 Percent of Our Economy!” – Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Cheers Trump’s Historic Trade Deals

    US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross joined Lou Dobbs to discuss the historic & unprecedented trade agreements signed into law & passed through the US Senate — The US-China Trade Deal & the USMCA to replace NAFTA.
    Ross told Lou Dobbs on the massive value of these two trade agreements for the American people.

    • lol true. 😀

      • foxyladi14 … THAT ^^^ JUST MADE MY DAY …THANKS foxy!
        come back more often …we STILL have a little’… room 4 U !
        I LOVE “MY” TRUMP .. I’m SICK ..over all this SHIT goin’ ON!

        • Made my day, too! That sums it up SO PERFECTLY. It’s a concise campaign ad all by itself. Perfect, right down to reminding people how Barry dissed the office and our history and the presidency from the very first day he set foot in the Oval Office. NEVER FORGET.

          Trump’s respectful and right at work. Hard at work. What’s Barry doing? Being disrespectful.

          Remember how Reagan would never remove his suit coat out of respect for the WH, the Oval Office, our country, our institutions? What else needs to be said? Barry sends his “message” perfectly well all by himself.

          People must REMEMBER and vote accordingly.

  8. Well, It’s a Lollapalooza of an espionage nuclear thriller.
    A few caveats:
    The author of this story, which is claimed to be factual, has a tendency to write doom laden stuff. I will put the link at the end.
    some of the things mentioned have happened and are verifiable from even mainstream sources:
    These include:
    1) Confrontation between American and Russian subs last year
    2) Mega damage to China Lake Naval Station a few days later
    3) The announcement of the official Space Force, the fifth branch of the US military.
    4) The China Trade Deal
    5) The emergency sequestering of the legislatures of Kansas and Nebraska
    6) The sudden and ridiculous interest in comparatively minor criminality in the Ukraine.and the attempt to cover it up at any cost.

    Now here’s the link

  9. Trump impeachment defense team will include Clinton prosecutor Ken Starr and Jeffrey Epstein lawyer Alan Dershowitz
    such a waste of OUR time & MONEY …SET TRUMP FREE U JERKS!!!

  10. Wife-beater’s delight: Chesa Boudin to let hoodlums off as LONG ……
    > as they have a KID ???….. nearby ….NUTS NUTS NUTS!

    “I grew up Visiting my parents behind bars,” Boudin said in a statement announcing the Policy. “I know the kind of trauma the sudden loss of a parent can have on a child & the kind of resources that are needed to make that child whole again. This is about taking responsibility, protecting the sanctity of the family, & ensuring innocent children are not condemned to repeat the mistakes of their parents.” ??? NOT GOING 2 WORK …wish/wish
    just check out HOW “MANY DRINKERS & ADDICTS” Use the PROGRAM
    as a FUN HAVEN ….nothing MORE! ….dream on …. Homie’

    boudin’ that was .. HOW MANY YEARS AGO? ..U R now 39… yrs OLD
    fast forward 2 ….2020….U R A JOKE .. so Sad they voted your azz IN!

    Now everyone gets OFF. Drug-dealers, porno-purveyors, perverts, & wife-beaters are going to have a field day, but only so long as they have a Kid nearby when they do it. It can’t be a kid who lives someplace else, according to the derivative law passed by the far-left fanatics in Sacramento, which makes this sort of thing an “option.”

    The new policy was also met with concern from some in the district attorney’s office. A source high up in office, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, is “Terrified for current & future victims, particularly women & children in abusive homes.” …YEP YEP & WORSE!!
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  11. The Dems Move the Cantina into the Senate
    Was it just me or did the march of the ‘peachment remind anyone else
    of the bar scene in Star Wars?

    Hakeem Jeffries, Sylvia Garcia, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Val Demings,
    Zoe Lofgren & Jason Crow: just as diverse, nearly as weird as the original Cantina patrons. ……… >> Image result for star wars bar scene <<

    Four men – 1 Muslim, 2 Jews, 1 white guy who could pass as a Native American if need be; Three women – 1 black, 1 Hispanic, 1 suburban white mom. How Democrat of them: much more representative of the Dems victim group patronage than their Presidential debate panel earlier this week.

  12. YEP ….$150.00 a POP…. SICK BUNCH just GO AWAY ..please!
    The gold part of the pens looks like Rifle Ammo.
    My thoughts & obviously what Nanzi Wanted. Silver more appropriate,
    BUTT’ she had to have Gold. What else does it say on der besides her sig?
    $3,000 bucks! WOW ~ WOW!!! so Easy to spend OUR money…
    Looks like they came in fancy boxes.

  13. sounds about right ….. changes R good!
    Michelle Obama’s school lunch program faces new cuts on former
    first lady’s??? <(really) birthday!!!

  14. Senator Biden Paid Men More Than Women, Now Blames Pay Gap on White Men
    Former VP: ‘All white guys are just basically, they don’t give a damn about women’ ….ha’ KISS-AZZZ? BUTT’ Ya sure LOVE 2 GRAB THEM JOE!

  15. N A N C Y .. had LOST all HER MARBLES & they rolled in the GUTTER!
    PELOSI then passed them out like Party Favors. This woman has NO Class, NO Grace. She is a blight on her district, the House of Representatives & OUR … Country. Her Inscribed pens certainly belie her pretense that the moment was “Prayerful” & “Historic.” It is all a Cheap, Contemptible exercise in Futility. Her legacy will be forever Tainted by her mendacious participation in the >>> Worst political >>> Scandal in American History. !!!!! SHAME NP

    Pelosi: Pretense, posturing, perfidy, & pens <<<< SICK BITCH!

    Has there ever been a more Disingenuous person in Politics than Nancy Pelosi? Of course, there have been many Phony, hypocritical politicians over the course of American history, but there are Few who have quite Risen to the Appalling BEhavior of Speaker Pelosi (or Adam Schiff). Even as she Visibly Declines Mentally — she can barely Utter a Coherent sentence — her party continues to PRE-tend she is not only relevant, but lucid, a master strategist… SNEAKY & SHIFTY' as SHIFF … a UNDERHANDED SNAKE!

  16. ….^^^^^

    The final nail in the coffin of Peloisi’s reputation to date is her using a platter full of pens imprinted with her signature with which she signed the two stupid articles of impeachment.

    • EXCELLENT point! This morning I read an editorial (don’t ask me why) by a typical liberal pundit who decried the fact that the DemoncRAT lineup is full of OLD PEOPLE. Not his words. Can’t remember the exact phrasing but the point was too many geezers, in his opinion. Doesn’t that show AGEISM? I mean, it was totally acceptable for him to write it and for the paper to publish it, but imagine if the article was by somebody complaining, say, about how the 2016 Republican lineup was too non-white, or even too young (sans Trump). Here’s a link:

      You gotta wonder if liberals ever suffer cognitive dissonance. Imagine if a pundit wrote decrying any lineup that was too black or too Hispanic or too female. On this MLK holiday weekend, some kind of gall to slice and dice according to the very characteristics that the Constitution forbids government from using to discriminate. Whatever happened to judging people (AND CANDIDATES) by the “content of their character” instead of the color of their skin, or their religion, age, sex, etc.? Such hypocrites.

  17. …So …the> … “ORAnGE …MaN” …is ? BAD! 2 the BONER?
    O’ ….so many DICKS … in this WORLD!!!
    ….@ >>> ~Robin H CoolBrew • 8 hours ago
    go to the bottom of page 1 …0r page 2 lots 2 see …YEP!
    2 video’s & O’ so MUCH MORE! REALLY EXPOSED “HIS” self
    HOW LOW CAN ….1 GO 2 SHOW USA the spoiled GOODS ???

  18. Yep the SICK DICKS R STILL at IT!!! WILL they EVER S T O P ???

  19. what a bunch of CONS’…. every where WTP TURN … stuff IT U JOKER!

    • I particularly liked this part: “The judges said that should that road be taken, other pronouns could be demanded, including “em, eir, pers, vis, verself, xem, syr, hir and hirself.” “We decline to enlist the federal judiciary in this quixotic undertaking,” the judges ruled.”

  20. …..IN VALID! ….YEP …that’s the TRUTH!
    Trump Legal Team: Impeachment Articles ‘Constitutionally Invalid’

    Jay Sekulow, left, and Pat Cipollone, right, both lawyers long known to back conservative causes, will be part of Trump’s legal team as he tries to avoid
    a conviction in a Senate trial.

    The letter was authored & filed by Trump’s attorneys Jay Sekulow and Pat Cipollone in response to the Senate summons for the impeachment trial.

    ~ Sue Anne, Dallas Trump Train aka Honey Badger •
    The Democrat Socialist Party is using our tax dollars in an illegal attempt
    to overturn the government we elected and to rig the 2020 election. The Democrat Socialist’s non-stop Witch Hunt has Obstructed Trump’s ability to govern for Three stinking years. I demand a three year POTUS mulligan.

  21. YES YES YES ……TRUMP!!! …. LOVE the TRUMP!!!
    What Do Democrats Fear … in Donald Trump? Greatness
    What Do….. Democrats Fear in Donald Trump? Greatness
    What Do Democrats Fear in Donald Trump? ….. Greatness

    • It’s good news every day for everyday Americans. Housing, employment, wages, etc. WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE? Do people really want to go back to how this country was under Barry? It’s amazing all that Trump has accomplished while being browbeaten and pummeled by the “resistance.” I hope that if (God forbid) we ever get a DemoncRAT POTUS the Republicans do to him or her what the DemoncRATS have done to Trump. It’s the new reality. NEVER-ENDING IMPEACHMENTS to overturn elections.

    • She watched it happen in real time! What an amazing story. Will there be JUSTICE for Sharyl? One thing I know, she’s not giving up in her pursuit of justice.

    • One of the most alarming aspects of this story is that they PLANTED classified information on her computer. Does anybody believe ANYTHING that the DemoncRATS will “discover” or introduce as “evidence” in the upcoming impeachment? For example, technology has certainly moved on from the time that Dan Rather got sent FORGED DOCUMENTS allegedly criticizing GWB when he was in the National Guard. What proof is there that anything Parnas will hand over is LEGITIMATE? Is he just another plant? If they can plant classified documents (so the planters had to be people with ACCESS to classified documents!) surreptitiously on Sharyl’s computer, then they can put anything they like to try to incriminate the POTUS or a family member on one of their computers.

  22. Another blast from the past. I love to go back and hear from our president before he even ran for office and to see how many things he was right about. We have the right man !

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