President Trump on the Iran Situation

The President spoke today about the situation in Iran.

A transcript of the President’s remarks can be read at this link.

Let us pray for the safety of our troops and all Americans who may be in harm’s way.

Pray also for our President and our country.


47 responses to “President Trump on the Iran Situation

  1. I haven’t had time yet to even watch the speech or skim the transcript, but I’m placing my faith in the President that he knows the right thing to do or that God will sustain him on the right path to deal with this never-ending existential threat posed to our country by radical Islam. God bless the USA.

  2. Face saving, but the media will likely spin this as a loss for the President instead of what it really represents. Trump is not the kind of person to worry about saving face and he is the kind of person who keeps his eye on the ball and doesn’t worry about letting his opponent “save face.”

    HOWEVER, the President makes it sound AS IF the advance warning was not from Iraq but from some other system we have.

    Coincidence? Was this REALLY an earthquake? Or was this just another “face saving” way for Iran to submit?

    I hope the President reserves the “stone age” option.

    ~ Beautifully said Mr President 👌🏾
    ~ Thank You, President! God Bless….🙏🏻❤️
    ~ HOORAY for President Donald Trump!!!🇺🇸🙂❤👏👍

    ~ Damn, Trump is a Genius, his 4d chess is real.
    He took out the general & threatened the hell out of Iran.
    Iran had to save face so they shot some Obama funded missiles.
    Now Trump calls for peace & gives the ball on Iran’s court. 👌👌👌

    ~ Playing 4d chess. I bet you all are sad that he killed a terrorist, set a Boundry with Iran, got them to stand down, & NOT get any Americans killed
    in the process. >>> You Lefties R Loosing so BaD-ly its Hysterical.<< drink ALCOHOL”
    …..LIKE >>> ALL the OTHERS DO His TEETH DON’T F A L L …
    DOWN …when He’s SPEAKING ….. U GO TRUMP … F’ the REST …
    YOUR the BEST ….so BE BEST! … YEP … 2020 TRUMP or BUST!

    So Refreshing to have a President that Has the Courage to Eliminate OUR Enemies. >> Not send them a pallet of cash! ❤🇺🇸🇺🇸❤
    & some say …it was monies being held which was there’s ?

    • I think that if POTUS was upset about anything during that speech, it was that all those people died in the plane crash. Seems the Iranians shot down that plane. May all those poor people RIP. (Of course, no doubt, the mainstream will blame Trump for their deaths, because (like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon) they wouldn’t have shot down the plane by mistake had the POTUS not MADE them do it because they never would have been on the lookout for “incoming” had HE not “threatened” them via Twitter. You just know that’s how it will go. It’s the same with crimes here in the USA. POTUS makes people (e.g., Smollett) do it because he antagonizes them, etc.)

      Media is, of course, spinning this recent Iran situation as a loss for POTUS when … HOW can it NOT be a huge win when that terrorist is gone? That alone was worth the entire effort and whatever fallout he gets. He’s looking out for US, and what’s going to benefit the USA, no matter what it means for his own reputation, politics, etc.

      Notice the point made near the end:


  4. i’ll try again …as they ….move some things ….often ???
    ~ Trump 2020! 👍 T R U M P ! ….T R U M P ! …. T R U M P !!!

    ~Look at the comments’… Trump saved millions of lives & he gets
    criticized for
    …. “his BREATHING” … YES I HEAR HIM! GET over IT …it’s NOT the MESSAGE …. GET IT??????
    This man will never get his props when it’s due from his own nation?


    MY TRUMP has 4 AIR & 4 FIRE Signs .. THEY JUST NEED a FAIR
    amount of > OXYGEN ….it’s NOT a HEALTH THING! & he is older YEP!
    & SMARTER ….than MANY …as we WATCH & SEE him in ACTION!

    also he does have an Earth sign of the “BULL”
    as they R known to snort some….ha’ … don’t stand in HIS WAY EITHER!

    DON’T MESS with his DUDE… as HE DOES ..”N O T > drink ALCOHOL”
    DOWN …when He’s SPEAKING ….. U GO TRUMP … F’ the REST …
    YOUR the BEST ….so BE BEST! … YEP … 2020 TRUMP or BUST!

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the “resistance” extends to whoever sets up the mics for him to use and amps up the volume so that it picks up his breathing. Remember how they deliberately made Nixon sweat during the debates he had with JFK? Seems there were similar shenanigans when Obama debated Republicans, but I can’t remember the exact details. They WILL do whatever they can to make POTUS look bad or, in this case, sound bad. I saw a photo of the President and our beautiful and gracious First Lady Melania recently and it was so very obvious that they had darkened the picture to make the photo as unflattering as possible. Melania’s forearm was so dark it seemed that she was sunburned to a charcoal crisp.

  5. Lame Cherry
    ….. Iran was having a bad day until Donald Trump made it Great

  6. The U.S. Sent $400 Million to Iran as Hostages Were Released
    >>>>> Obama Makes Statement On Iran …^^^ ?

    President >> Obama Denies $400 Million Payment to Iran Was a Ransom

    The U.S. Sent Another $1.3 Billion to Iran After Hostages Were Released

    The U.S. Says Its Delay of the $400 Million Iran Payment Was ‘Leverage’ ^^ @ bottom of page?

  7. So what has NOT happened?
    There are no USA deaths
    There are no Canadian deaths
    There are no UK deaths
    No more missiles have been fired
    CNN has not tried to attribute the airliner crash to the Americans.
    The Iranians are not going to handover the black box flight recorders
    World War Three hasn’t started.
    The UK media have switched over to Megxit (A royal family thing)
    I don’t think it will be useful to guess at the explanation about who won this contest and why it did happen.
    I think doing that will undermine the obviously successful strategy that has
    been in play up until this moment.

    • Did THIS cause the situation to change on a dime? The Iranians appear to have shot down that plane.

      Trudeau says it “may well have been unintentional.”

      BUT they will blame it on Trump. Wait and see. If he hadn’t threatened, then they wouldn’t have put their anti-missile defense on alert. That’s how they will think and do think, most likely. Same as here with police. For example, when someone speeding in a stolen car is followed by a police car, and runs a red light, and kills an innocent motorist, they BLAME THE POLICE for chasing the criminals instead of the criminals for breaking multiple laws and fleeing the police. Wait for it. It will be that “had Trump not created this situation, escalated it, killed that terrorist, threatened Iran, made them retaliate, made them fear we would retaliate in return, then the people in the plane would still be alive.”

      • Well, I just started reading the comments at TCTH and yes, it’s already begun:

        • Some people speculate that the Iranians shot down the plane deliberately, planning to blame the USA because they expected Trump to retaliate that day by sending rockets or missiles or bombers against them. HE DIDN’T but they did and so now they can’t blame us for the plane crash. It’s VERY suspicious. It makes no sense. Why would they allow commercial flights during or shortly after sending missiles into Iraq while expecting retaliation? Can’t their defense tell the different between a commercial plane and a military target? Of course, they won’t give the black box to Boeing. Why would they? It would prove what really happened.

        • Once you start with who could have shot down the plane – then it could have been anybody:
          Take your pick; any intelligence service, clowns, kgb, mossad etc
          maybe the Iranians
          If you find remnants of any missile there, that too means nothing
          as any intelligence service would have the appropriate deception hardware.
          If you ask why?
          Then you get an even wider assortment of theories all offered without proof. Maybe someone knew too much, maybe it’s a black flag, maybe etc
          What is likely is truthful answers will not be revealed and I for one have lost all interest in speculation.
          Did MH17 ever get an answer? I don’t think so.
          What about the other Malaysian airliner that disappeared somewhere?
          I don’t think so.
          What about the airliner that departed from NYC quite a while ago and suffered a mysterious “fuel tank explosion”? I don’t think so.

          • New theories floating around say that Iran WANTED Soleimani offed and tipped the U.S. to his wearabouts and plans because his plans included not only attacking U.S. embassies but also effecting a coup in Iraq, killing their president, and TAKING CONTROL OF THEIR GOVERNMENT. iow, he became too big for his britches. The ayatollah was beginning to fear his power as the ayatollah in waiting and maybe the type of guy who would hurry the process along. But think about it: What if he did take over Iraq? He had too big of a following. They also say that the missile sites that shot at the Iraqi bases and also took out the plane were controlled by the paramilitary groups that answered to Soleimani. They weren’t part of the Iranian military. It’s a thought. The Iraqis, it’s said, tipped the U.S. off to Soleimani’s location, had no problem with the action, and now they don’t want us to leave them in the lurch. Wheels within wheels. Snakes can’t trust other snakes. That’s a given. When you’re dealing with people whose very culture honors deceit, backstabbing, betrayal, ruthlessness, then it’s no surprise when they turn on each other. In fact, their very religion was created in order to ATTEMPT to bring unity out of all the infighting tribes in the region. All these centuries later, nothing has changed.

      • Is it possible that the plane was just in the wrong place at the “right” time and crossed paths with a rocket headed into Iraq?

        Some commenters on various sites point out that it’s likely that the commercial air traffic was allowed to continue so they would serve as “human shields” against retaliation. That is entirely plausible and then their own people got mixed up and scared and shot down a civilian plane.

  8. Rally tonight!!! 😀

  9. I found this yesterday and got a kick out of it. It might interest y’all, too. And here I thought WE were the only people who did this!

  10. This lifted my spirits yesterday. Maybe it will touch you, too. I cried. I admit it.

  11. This lifted my spirits today.

  12. Tulsi Gabbard says President Trump’s ‘actions are undermining our national security’ …check OUT HILL …& her crazy …. EYES???

  13. Trump Unbound

    Is Trump up to the challenge? I think he is. Moving agencies out of the Beltway is a brilliant ploy to overcome bureaucratic metasticization and inertia, but it ought to be expanded. There are many government agencies and departments that need to be transferred to Nome and Point Barrow. Trump is the Man for the JOB.

    Beyond even this are things we don’t even know about. Donald Trump is a man of surprises (as Qassem Soleimani learned). I have no doubt that he has moves in mind that nobody yet knows about – or would even be able to guess.

    One thing for sure: Donald Trump’s second term is on line to be as ground-breaking, monumental, and successful as his first.
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  14. ***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Ohio Rally

    Packed Crowd in Toledo

    ‘Here we go for a big 2020 Win!’

    Rips Democrats for outrage over Soleimani’s death

    US President Donald Trump gestures as he arrives to a “Make America Great Again” campaign rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, on August 1, 2019.

    President Donald Trump will hold his first 2020 campaign rally in Toledo, Ohio, on Thursday evening. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern.

  15. Huber Schmoober who 8 the Goober?
    Tasteless – I know.

    John Huber’s Hillary Clinton-Related Investigation Ends with No Criminal Charges and No Interviews!

    Thinking of “Q” the letter “F” comes to mind like they belong together or somethin.

    Fool me once don’t fool me twice.

    • So they say. Is it true, do you think? They’re reporting his investigation is over, but that’s not technically what is said when you drill down in the reports. Whenever the mainstream media jumps out there with a narrative, I take it with a grain of salt. Not that I ever expected much of Huber or any of these investigations into the Clintons. There’s a gentleman’s agreement that they don’t go after former presidents and I’m thinking it includes former First Ladies. She got away with so much already. They let her get away with it. To do anything about it NOW would be admitting that they didn’t do anything about it THEN and admitting that there’s a two-tiered system of government justice. So they’re going to maintain the fallacy that there’s “no evidence” of criminality. They didn’t interview people because TO interview them would bring the evidence to light. I don’t know much about what Q said about all this, but I have read somewhere that this result puts the lie to what Q did say and expect. We shall see, though. Durham’s investigation, if it’s not also smoke and mirrors, may be why this has to be put on hold for a while. Who knows?

      • I did go back and re-read that article and it takes it’s information from the Washington Post so that could be worthless.
        Those Q watchers are quoting some earlier post of his “Why would we tell you the exact plans if it would tip off those under investigation? Huber allegedly a diversion for some other prosecutor. Really??
        Well who knows?
        I guess it’s the impeachment trial this week – or maybe not

        • “Current and former officials said that Huber has largely finished and found nothing worth pursuing — though the assignment has not formally ended and no official notice has been sent to the Justice Department or to lawmakers, these people said. …”

          That’s what stood out to me. We have learned we must pay attention to those little provisos at the end of stories that put the lie to whatever they claimed in the headlines. Is the investigation ended or not? Only according to their anonymous leakers who may not even exist. Maybe it’s wishful thinking. “these people.” Who are “these people?” Is he supposed to produce a report? I don’t think he has prosecutorial authority. Would the people who leak to the WaPo be the type of people that Huber would include in the “know” such that they actually can say what’s the outcome? All we can do is wait, hope, pray. What’s going on with the appointment of that total anti-Trumper to the FISA court investigation is horrible news. I suppose that POTUS really has no authority there, since this is the judicial branch and Congress, which created the FISC. But WTF? That entire system has to be tossed out. What a freaking disaster the entire post-9/11 legislation turned out to be. Can they ever even get rid of this with the DemoncRATS in control of either house?


    Just consider the mendacity of THESE TRAITORS. They want to “get” Trump so badly that they leak what’s likely highly classified information (provided there’s any truth to this) AND they don’t care if they make our military look incompetent in doing so.

    “The U.S. military tried, but failed, to take out another senior Iranian commander on the same day that an American airstrike killed the Revolutionary Guard’s top general, U.S. officials said Friday.

    The officials said a military airstrike by special operations forces targeted Abdul Reza Shahlai, a high-ranking commander in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps but the mission was not successful. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity in order to discuss a classified mission. …”

    WHO are these people and WHEN will the Trump administration get SERIOUS about tracking down, prosecuting, and PUNISHING such leakers?

  17. I fear we may be missing the Big Story.
    What about Meghan Markle and former Prince Harry?
    Ain’t no inpeachnent stories over here!

    I heard some guy called Shepherd Smith is now going to work for msnbc!
    who cares?
    everybody wants to hear about Meghan and Harry, don’t they?

  18. 4 now …they won … so what … soon wtp will see much MO’ DRAMA!!
    I’m soooo SICK of BLACK BLACK BLACK .. kiss my light azz REALLY!!

  19. Live Stream || Trump Defense Team Presents Case at Impeachment Trial

    ~ srdem65 …The President’s legal team gained great Points for being Brief.
    Forcing the Senators to sit silent for 10 hours must create a lot of resentment when the House managers kept repeating the same things hour after hour. Describing the POTUS as a “king, dictator, danger to our national security, etc” had to be hard to swallow as just rhetoric and not extreme vitriol from people who hate him.
    They won’t forget being accused of a cover-up, being threatened by the House managers.
    >> The President <> Not Guilty. !!! … YEP! Let’s ROLL

    The Dems have Poisoned the Impeachment process for Decades with this Lame, Insulting, & MeaningLess attempt to have T. unseated. They might have managed to Smear MrTrump, but like ALL mud-slingers, they R covered with Slime, too.
    There will be NO further attempts to impeach MrTrump, IMO.

    ~ John ….The GOP senators were very offended yesterday when Nadler claimed that Trump said he would have the senators’ heads on a pike if
    they did not Vote for him.
    .. >>> Smart move by having a brief session. …KEEP IT SIMPLE !!! ….the SIDE the BREAD is BUTTERED ON?
    only NOW ..try? 2 save FACE …& go with a WINNER? WTP…will SEE
    & again ….MAY – B ….. “SNOT” …! as WTP SEE the SICK GAMES!!!

    • Many, many, many of them will have to pay the price at the polls IF they don’t vote to acquit Trump. Surely there must still be some HONEST and ETHICAL human beings among the Democrat Party at the LOCAL (meaning the people) level.

      Mind you, though: By having two articles, then some can vote to acquit on one (like obstruction, the weakest) while still convicting on the other. Split the difference and hope for the best from the voters. Yet POTUS will still lose.

    • According to Trump’s lawyers and despite what the media prefer to report (an untruth), Trump did NOT claim executive privilege. His lawyers pointed out, correctly, that the House didn’t have the authority to issue impeachment subpoenas that carry a penalty for disobedience, because under the Constitution only the HOUSE (the FULL House) can give a subcommittee that authority. As a subcommittee overseeing the government, they have only subpoena power in their jobs overseeing LEGISLATION. There was no legislation at issue. Thus, the subpoenas were not valid, ergo–no “obstruction.” Some in the media, after hearing Trump’s lawyer yesterday, were astounded and said that “if true,” then the POTUS is correct and there’s no “obstruction”. The House Managers lied and said Trump didn’t give them any reason why he didn’t comply with subpoenas. Remember, too, they lied calling them subpoenas. They WEREN’T subpoenas, they were LETTERS REQUESTING appearances or documents. They KNEW they weren’t subpoenas but they misled the public and (perhaps) the media by calling them subpoenas. They also misled by saying Trump claimed executive privilege. He didn’t and his lawyers produced the letters they sent proving the legal basis for why they didn’t comply with the REQUESTS, not subpoenas. Today, even after yesterday’s testimony, the media studiously avoid reporting this very valid and accurate point: They issued NO VALID SUBPOENAS to the executive branch. Not AT ALL. They did it on purpose because they hoped to get the Senate to issue valid ones at this later point. Similarly, they didn’t take the refusals to comply with the LETTERS to the courts because they KNEW they would lose and that the courts would say they needed a full House vote to be able to issue enforceable subpoenas and then, if at that point POTUS claimed executive privilege, THAT issue in itself would have to be litigated, as it was during the Clinton impeachment. Note how Bolton says he WILL comply IF the SENATE issues him a subpoena. This is and was a plan all along. They knew they couldn’t get the House vote to issue the subpoenas, so they played fast and loose and bet it all on this unconstitutional, unfair, unethical, and probably illegal process and so far it’s worked.

    • So Diddy thinks black music is dissed by the Grammys. And some (white) woman in the know says the Grammys are rigged. Nominees are named and voted on and then some people decide to unilaterally bump UP a bunch of other people. Let’s guess who the bumpees are. Look at the Grammy results. The proportion of black winners just about matches the proportion of WHITE people in our population. Ms. Lizzy (is that the name?) won THREE Grammys by my count. Three. WHO is she? Did you see who ELSE “of color” won a Grammy? None other than … MOOCH!

  20. President Trump is merely trying to piece together the shattered mess that we made by getting involved with Iran in the first place. President Eisenhower has good intentions.. but 😂

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