2020: A New Year, A New Decade

We’re going to need 20/20 vision in the year 2020.

No illusions. No delusions.

No hallucinations. No myopia. 

We must keep our eyes fixed clearly on the prize:


“To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.”
–  George Orwell  

“Had the price of looking been blindness, I would have looked.”
–  Ralph Ellison

You can observe a lot by just watching.
–   Yogi Berra  

The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see.
–  Ayn Rand  

In a dark time the eye begins to see.
–   Theodore Roethke 

The obscure we see eventually.   The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer.
–  Edward R. Murrow 

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.”
–  Henri Louis Bergson  

Leaders must invoke an alchemy of great vision.
–   Henry Kissinger  

Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.  -Romans, 5


199 responses to “2020: A New Year, A New Decade

  1. ~ ~ ~~ ~ The Removal Operations ~ ~ ~
    Published January 11, 2020 “Intelligence” Agencies , Clinton , Clinton Foundation , Mueller , Pelosi , russiagate 1 Comment
    ©2020 DrKate

    There is a “silent war” going on right now within our government that we
    see only glimpses of, yearning for some signs of justice while patience occasionally wears thin. Then you remember how big this is, involving the very survival of our nation.

    President Trump IS draining the swamp…the anti-American democrats, deep state, and their media allies do not want this exposed and will do everything to regain power, including starting a war with Iran. All of the “ammunition” they have used so far has failed:

    Russia, Russia, Russia


    ~ Jan …..
    http://theinformedamerican.net/8-just-indicted-with-major-connections-to-hillary-clinton/ and others

  2. Who’s Running the …. >>>>> Democrat Party? >>> ???? Who’s Running the Democrat Party?….WHO ~ WHO ~ WHO?

    RUSH: Breaking news, breaking news. Nancy Pelosi says that she’s not gonna send the articles of impeachment to the House today. Really? What a gigantic surprise that is. Breaking news, breaking news, Nancy Pelosi says she’s going to take steps to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate next week. Really?

  3. Happy (Early) Birthday, El Rushbo!


    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rush_Limbaugh .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUSH

  4. …CRAP …ON THEM ALL!!! PIGS / TRASH …care ZERO for WTP!!!
    GIVE HELP …SPEND … ??? what a RACKET …& a CON! 4 most!


  5. Tech and Diversity of Thought
    Ivanka Trump is no Hunter Biden.

    ~ Frank Natoli •
    One of [Chelsea] Clinton’s most lucrative positions to date pays her hundreds of thousands of dollars for just a handful of meetings. She sits on the boards of two companies, IAC and Expedia, both of which are run by family friend Barry Diller, a billionaire who donated over $400,000 to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign back in 2016, according to the Daily Mail. The former president’s daughter has reportedly been on the board of IAC since 2011 and, in 2018, made $299,957 in combined stock & cash for attending just six meetings. According to SEC filings, Clinton owns more than $6 million in stock in the company.
    Clinton also made $302,880 for attending a couple of Expedia board meetings. While she owns less stock in that company than in IAC, her total Expedia stocks are worth over $400,000, considerably bolstering her net worth. Earning hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for attending a few board meetings isn’t a bad way to make a living.
    [Oh, shut up Frank.]

    ~ Navy 74 Frank Natoli •
    You ever hear Chelsea Clinton speak? Talk about a numb nuts. I still maintain that as she grew older and matured, her face looks more and more like Webb Hubbell. It is so obvious. Can you visualize troll face Webb doing the nasty with the Hillary, the daughter of Satan? No wonder old Bill strayed. I don’t blame him. Those two were a match made in hell.

    ~ Frank Natoli Navy 74 •
    In a just world, the money going to Chelsea Clinton would be judged an influence bribe to Bill and Hillary, the money going to Hunter Biden an influence bribe to the leading Democratic presidential candidate, the hundred million from Netflix going to Barack & Michelle also an influence bribe, &
    everybody should go to prison.
    But this is not a >>>> just world.

  6. YEP ….info from the HEP-STERS? WHAT a F-in ‘ JOKE ….So SAD!

    Michelle and Barack Obama advising ‘friends’ Harry and Meghan on life outside Royal Family

  7. …..NUTMEG! …..that sounds about RIGHT!!! + comments …
    Alex Jones’ InfoWars …….NEWSLETTER
    ‘Showcases worst of cronyism: a brazen display of influence-peddling, among elites of government, big business, and Hollywood…’
    Jamie White | Infowars.com – JANUARY 13, 2020 37 Comments
    Twitter Removes Cringey Video of Prince Harry Pitching Meghan Markle To Disney CEO

    Twitter is apparently removing Embarrassing footage of Prince Harry Asking Disney CEO Bob Iger for a JOB for his wife Meghan Markle.

    The resurfaced video shows Harry pitching the Duchess of Sussex to Iger about a voice over gig while Markle chats up music icons Jay-Z and Beyoncé during the “Lion King” premiere in London last July.

  8. ANAGRAM’ 4 > MEGAN….
    Mag En
    Nag Me
    Nag Em
    An Gem

    We always deceive ourselves twice about the people we love – first to their advantage, then to their disadvantage. -Albert Camus (1913-1960)

    Anagrams for > RACHEL …megan markle
    Arch El
    Char El
    Lac Her

  9. a weak-ENED HUSBAND…. Signs of a Weak Man in a Relationship
    sullied ….cowardly ….& diluted … YEP … SAD 2 WATCH!!!

    • can’t LET GO … YET! …far 2 sick NOT 2 WATCH… i’m like a PIT BULL!

      EXCLUSIVE: Meghan Markle has the ‘full support’ of Mom Doria Ragland after being ‘miserable, having anxiety attacks & struggling after Archie’s birth, as Duchess confides has NO intention of ever returning to the UK to Live’
      Meghan Markle has the ‘full $upport’ of her mother Doria Ragland, as she & Prince Harry quit as senior royals, a friend exclusively told DailyMail.com
      Ragland has been ‘really worried about Meghan… & is relieved that her daughter is putting her >>> Mental Health ??? > & well being FIRST’
      Meghan, 38, admitted to struggling after the birth of the couple’s son Archie
      She said in an interview that aired in October: ‘Not Many people have Asked if I’m OKay. It’s a very real thing to be going through Behind the scenes’
      The friend explained Meghan was ‘Miserable in the UK’ & ‘wasn’t sleeping well & started having anxiety attacks about her future’
      They also said Meghan has NO….. ‘intention’ to return to the UK to live permanently, saying: ‘She doesn’t want to raise Archie there & she doesn’t want to schlep back & forth’
      Prince Harry is set to follow Meghan across the Atlantic later this week with no clue of when he will be returning
      Now across the pond, the Friend said OF >>> Meghan: ‘This was her Plan all along, to eventually Leave the UK & Build her OWN> empire with Harry’


  10. WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Mr. President, >>>>> You Can


    ~ cateonthecoast •
    I agree. He should end all anchor babies too.
    And chain migration.
    In my opinion President Trump may be the best US President ever! God Bless Him!

    Note to democrats—–None of your Bull Schiff is working!
    MAGA—-The Trump Republican Party now includes Working Class Americans-& everyone else! We have a big tent & it’s getting bigger!
    Let the democrats be self loathing & hate our police, military & our churches!

    I would propose an addition to this:
    * Executive Order making it a felony for non-citizens to vote using government documents, punishable by instant deportation after conviction.
    A conviction for a non-citizen attempting to vote in a US election will make that non-citizen permanently ineligible for naturalized US citizenship.

    If an illegal alien votes, that illegal alien forfeits any path to US citizenship.
    I hope President Trump reads Wayne’s list & acts on it! Brilliant ideas!

  11. CHANGES …R being MADE…they also WANT a BETTER LIFE!
    …MO’ reSpect than OUR OWN ….SNOTTY’ … BRAT SNOW-FLAKES!

  12. Cops call for arrest of Rep. Omar after armed Iranian national captured at Mar-a-Lago

    In Palm Beach, FL Friday morning, an Iranian national was arrested about four miles from President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago presidential retreat.

    The man, identified as Masoud Yareioeill Zoleh on his passport, was armed with several knives, a machete and a pickax. Zoleh was arrested at Bradley Park, which is on the east end of the Flagler Memorial Bridge, according to Palm Beach police spokesman Michal Ogrodnick.

    Police responded to a call at around 9:30 a.m. and found Zoleh, who also had $22,000 on him and had a car parked at the Palm Beach International Airport.

    What might be most Troubling about the entire thing is that just days ago, “Squad” member Rep. Ilhan Omar
    called for Iran to go after Trump properties. <<<<>> PUSHING PUSHING!!! “THE GAME”!!! O’…


  13. ~ RealAmerican407 • ……^^^^^
    Dems blame Trump for downing the plane… even Iran doesn’t blame Trump!

    ~ Churchillis1 RealAmerican407 •
    Try the same experiment at the next Democrat convention & see how many stomp all over the American flag.

    Is it possible that the Iranians Love our country more than Democrats do!?!
    ~ Schrödinger’s cat Hadenough •
    Is it just me or has anyone noticed that students at Iran’s Tehran University reFuse to Trample on >>>> US or Israeli flags ???

    If this were the CAMPus at Berkeley, they would be setting either on fire !!!

    MAGA November 3 Landslide

  14. National ….. @thepostemail……. ^^^^^^ TRICKS & more TRICKS?
    Attkisson Files Lawsuit Naming Rosenstein, Other Former Government Agents in Computer Intrusion Case
    “FRAUD, STEALTH, AND SUBTERFUGE” by Sharon Rondeau (Jan. 12, 2020)…

    Nunes Demands ICIG Prove His “Incompetence” on Ukraine Whistleblower Complaint

    Bartiromo: Nunes to “Break News” Sunday Morning

    Director of National Intelligence Media Office Mum on IG Testimony Questions
    “WE RESPECTFULLY DECLINE COMMENT” by Sharon Rondeau (Jan. 9, 2020)…

    House Intel Committee Ranking Member: Intel Community IG Testimony “Very Damaging” to Whistleblower Claims

    Citizen Contacts U.S. Secret Service Re: Trump Death Threats, Obama “Usurpation”

    • But I’ll bet they’d be plenty upset if some shaggy old white homeless guys decided to join them at their dinner table and eat up all their taxpayer-funded food and watch the Super Bowl on their big-screen TV. Count on it that there’s one in that house. What the hell do they need moving services for if not to move a bunch of stuff they’ve moved into somebody else’s house? They’re well-schooled on what they believe they deserve just for existing, I suppose; but they don’t seem to understand that what belongs to other people, what other people EARNED, belongs to those who earned it and not to people who think they should be able to take it just because of the color of their skin.

  15. “Donald Trump has Made us A L L ….. (in the media) StuPid”


    ~ …..Deplorable Me
    The Democrats’ problem is that there is not ONE of them that can tell the others, “Do you have ANY idea how ridiculous you look and sound?” Of course, some of us have tried that here, but it seems these Democrats simply don’t care; being cast out from their crybaby club for not being blinded by hate enough is too steep a penalty to pay for mere sanity, it seems.

    Another flaw that does not serve them well is they cannot imagine that anyone respects the United States for what it is and not what they want to make it. They United States has protected the weak and helped those in need. The United States is a repository of freedom and without it, there would likely be no freedom (or much, much less) anywhere else. The United States represents opportunity. Of course, our own Democrats despises that so much that they want to eradicate it and they cannot conceive that people in other parts of the world that are not defended, are not protected, do not have freedom or opportunity would look with desire upon the United States.

    Yes, Democrats are going to have a hard time explaining these Iranian’s behavior. As per their predictable behavior, though Brooks admits they allow their sore-loser obsession to blind them from facts, they can’t accept responsibility. Trump is to blame because Trump exists. It’s Trump’s fault Democrats cannot accept disappointment. It’s Trump’s fault they can’t act like adults. It’s Trump’s fault that they have to lie about Trump’s behavior just to HAVE something to feed their hatred. Those protesters killed this week? THAT’S Trump’s fault too, because if Trump wasn’t restoring the respect and honor of this country, those Iranians would not be able to perceive the lies their own government was telling them and wouldn’t have been protesting.

    I wonder if we can’t trade a few dozen million of these Democrats for some of the citizens of Hong Kong and Iran? Talk about making America GREAT… imagine trading those who despise this country for some that APPRECIATE it.

    • Incredibly stupid. Beyond belief. There must be a better name for this syndrome than Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s too specific. I think we’ve seen this before in Nazi Germany, in Stalinist Russia, in Togo’s Japan, today in North Korea.

  16. Miri …the truth …I did Tear UP! … YEP …another TOP DOG gets his

    Harrison once said, “You must Follow the Truth of your imagination & the affections of your Heart. Otherwise, you will feel badly.” Brown Dog, more than any other Harrison creation, is a MAN who Lives According to THAT Principle, & a > M A N … who demonstrates its Hard Fought & Hard WON WISDOM <<< ……GO TRUMP 2020 2020 2020 !!!


  17. Harrison lived in both Patagonia, Arizona, and Livingston, Montana.[10] On August 31, 2009, he was featured in an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s television show No Reservations, which took place in and around Livingston.[11][12] He also appeared during season 7 of Bourdain’s CNN series, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, in an episode which first aired on May 15, 2016.

    Harrison died of a heart attack on March 26, 2016.[13]


  18. Stunner: Obama Dems were ‘trying to work with’ Russians to ‘take down’ Trump
    Bruce Ohr’s response said to be ‘shocking’ …… ???? REALLY ???


    ~ TexanForever •
    Unfortunately, Barry Soetoro can never be charged with treason because only citizens can be so-charged. Barry was a Kenyan, born in Kenya, as witnessed by his grandmother & attested to by Kenyan hospital records. I agree he should be hanged, but for other offenses.

    As an admitted Marxist Muslim he waged jihad from within the White House itself, using all the powers of the presidency under the guise of being a legitimate President. (He sealed the records that would disprove his legitimacy.)
    He should be hunted down & brought to justice. And that also goes for his co-conspirator tranny “wife,” Big Mike.
    ~Babsan •
    The Muslim FRAUD was and is the most EVIL and CRIMINAL wannabe human that ever set foot in the Peoples House.Treason and hanging isz in order here

    BARR is simply.not doing his job. ????
    Barry Soetoro will go down in history as the most corrupt individual to ever occupy the Oval Office, and the ONLY occupant who ever committed treason interfering with an election for his successor & the incoming President & his administration. He deserves the ultimate punishment for his treason. History will never forget what the lowlife did to the country. In addition to going down in history, he probably did the same thing to Big Mike and Reggie Love, his “body man”.

  19. Meghan Markle refuses to move back to the States until Trump is gone

    WHAT A SILLY FOOLISH … TWAT! ….Harry is going down for THIS ERROR! … He is a triple earth sign …& IS quite MENTALLY SHAKEY …

    She better get used to Canada life, of course, with that BlackFace progressive prime minister of theirs, because people like Her are among the Reasons why Trump is going to get handily RE-elected come November.

  20. ..soon enough …OLD MEG …will also wither away her doe-eyed ways to
    the WIND … like her Great-Great granny Smith’ …or even like her mother’ ..
    doria rag-land 63 with that diamond still in HER NOSE? never enough..
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Markle …… ha’ soon enough…

    • So the Queen’s ancestor Henry VIII beheaded one of Meghan’s ancestors (a Hussey) for treason. Maybe Queen holds a grudge?

    • He served his purpose (funding) and then she dumped him as soon as somebody (prince) better came along.

        Boo Hoo ….I’m so de- jected …CUS I’m a little BLACK girl!!!

        Questions of RacIS- ‘m e’ … Linger as Harry, Meghan $tep bacK

        Now the couple wants independence, saying the Pressure of life as
        FULL-time royals is unBearable. And a debate is raging: Did Racism
        drive Meghan away?.. NOPE U DOPES! the hand was dealt moons AGO

          • I always like the pre-plastic-surgery pics. What a makeover. The nose! Obviously Daddy probably paid for the “job” before she went off to college, which was the trend. Take it from me; I know the timing. I used to work at a place that specialized in nose jobs. Post HS/pre college was the trend.

            Nice that she has her blouse all unbuttoned for a WAITER. I wonder if Harry has seen these? (NO double entendre intended but maybe that was Freudian. In any case, it also brings up the probability of silicone, too, which is likely.)

  21. ..MAN she is already LOOK-in …LIKE GRANNY! the bitch on the LEFT !

    Boo Hoo ….I’m so de- jected …CUS I’m a little BLACK girl!!!

    Questions of RacIS- ‘m e’ … Linger as Harry, Meghan $tep bacK

    Now the couple wants independence, saying the Pressure of life as
    FULL-time royals is unBearable. And a debate is raging: Did Racism
    drive Meghan away?.. NOPE U DOPES! the hand was dealt moons AGO

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