An Impeachment Carol

You better watch out

You better not cry

Better not pout

I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town

He’s making a list
And checking it twice;

Gonna find out Who’s naughty and nice
Santa Claus is coming to town

He sees you when you’re sleeping

He knows when you’re awake

He knows if you’ve been bad or good

So be good for goodness sake!


Stop the coup!


Bear with me.

It’s Christmas prep time. In the meantime,

Pray for our president, his family, our Republic, and We the People.


85 responses to “An Impeachment Carol

  1. Hunter Biden allegedly linked to multiple criminal probes

    hunter ….hunted’ …. >>>HUNTER …BIDEN seek & U will FIND?

    Hunter Biden’s new wife expecting his ….5 TH child …WOW!

    Matt Gaetz drags Hunter Biden’s COKE’ use into impeachment hearings
    Hunter becomes the hunted: Joe Biden’s son to face legal grilling in paternity case
    Hunter Biden is the subject of multiple criminal investigations related to “fraud, money laundering and a counterfeiting scheme,” it’s claimed in court documents filed Monday in his Arkansas paternity case.

  2. Eric Holder and Wapo >>>> threaten U.S. Attorney John Durham
    for looking into
    spygate ….. ??? REALLY HOLDER ….? REALLY …ha’

  3. Deplorable • ….^^^^^ lalala …^^^^^
    Democrats are not used to being investigated….

    beefrank •
    Hussein O will be exposed as the western ‘Idi Amin’.

    Signor Ugarte •
    At what point does it become treason?

  4. ~ AnthonySoprano … ^^^
    Hunter is being rather non-cooperative in providing his financials for the last 5 years (when he was “working” for Burisma) …

    how much you wanna bet he never declared ALL that money from Burisma on his Income TAX? That’s why he can’t own up to it in court … he’ll have trouble with the IRS!!

    ~ To: AnthonySoprano
    Hunter Biden likely was a Bag-Man for various Dems, who were on the take , with money siphoned off Ukraine aid from the Obama administration and laundered through the >>> Soros banking system in Ukraine, with pay offs to corrupt Ukrainian officials.

    Hunter Biden does not act like a reliable advisor to Burisma, he acts like a racketeering bagman. Much of the organization was set up by Ciaramela
    ( whistleblower ) aided by >>> Obama State Dept. officials, Ambassador Yovanovich,the CIA, and the Obama OBM.

    God speed AG Barr, Deputy AG Durham and Rudy Giuliani in rolling up this network of treasonous crooks.

  5. MERRY ….MERRY CHRISTMAS ….. ORLY! 2 U & YOURS! …..WTP’s friend …4 YEARS!!!
    Same SHOUT 2 U LAME CHERRY…. U keep me peak-in’ often…


    bitterlyclinging •
    Tis also a magic wand Christmas.

    Buraq Obama told America “Those jobs are gone and they’re not coming back” That was because George Soros and Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein were whispering those words in Buraq Obama’s ear while they were simultaneously slipping campaign donations in Obama’s pockets.
    How did the three amigos make out? Well George was worth a paltry 11 billion when he bankrolled Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008. George was worth 23 billion when Baracky Obammunist involuntarily ceded official control of the US Government to Donald J Trump on January 20, 2017. The only visible gauge of how well Lloyd made out would be the rise in Goldman Sachs share price from January 20, 2009 to January 20, 2017. The Obammunist didnt do so bad either, retiring from office with a 130 million dollar net worth. Book deals and cattle futures trading, we’re guessing.

    But lookee here. Turns out that America is now selling rice to China.
    Rice to China? Yeah, rice to China.

    http://directorblue.blogspo… &


  7. just looove how they remove ^^ & won’t let my EXPOSED NEWS in…
    nasty as it’s gone on ….4 years …. I keep ROLLING! F’ …who ever !!!


  8. …A …S . E . X SPY ??? REALLY double dipping …duty? WOW!
    View at

    • Entirely possible. I read somewhere speculation that he was a spy in the sense that his job was to create stuff that could be used by powerful others (his employers?) to blackmail powerful people. Makes sense to me, although if you’re immune to that kind of perversion (like Pence, e.g.), then you’re not going to get caught. Notice they always try to link him to Trump and not Clinton, although we know who was susceptible and who wasn’t. Trump isn’t stupid, is he?

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