Finally, the Horowitz Report

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s long-awaited report about FISA abuses perpetrated by the Obama Deep State is due tomorrow.

It remains to be seen whether this report will be a (relative) whitewash or whether it will be the harbinger of swamp draining to come.

Keep in mind that the report is limited in scope and written by an official whose reach is similarly limited. Horowitz can examine/investigate only what is in his purview. He does not have subpoena power, vastly limiting what he’s able to discover. He has no prosecutorial power, as the President himself pointed out.

This analysis provides some insight: [emphasis added to quotes]

Inspector Generals are like the human resource arm of a corporation. … Inspector Generals exist to help their agency deal with problems and messes. Sure, they may be forced to admit wrongdoing on the part of the agency and its employees, but they will always downplay it. If there’s a conceivable way to say that the department didn’t violate the policy or law, they will do that. And they will characterize the bad behavior that they must concede as limited to rogue employees and not representative of the larger agency. …

People expecting a thorough look at the widespread surveillance on the Trump campaign likely will be disappointed for several reasons.

First off, the IG said he was looking only into the surveillance of “a certain U.S. person,” presumably Carter Page. But Page is just one of the campaign affiliates who was surveilled. Horowitz said that “if circumstances warrant,” he’ll “consider including other issues that may arise,” but it’s unclear how many were looped into his sluggish probe.

Horowitz is also constrained by the fact that he is only allowed to speak with people who work at the Department of Justice at the time of his questioning. If they’ve retired or been fired, he can’t force them to cooperate with his probe. If they work at a different agency or department, he can’t compel cooperation.

The best thing the Inspector General report will have is factual information. … Regardless of whether Horowitz joins Trump’s critics in defending all the actions of the agency he serves, the facts will enable people to make their own decisions.

On Wednesday, Horowitz will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to explain (defend?) his report. The devil will be in the details.

The report is said to be hundreds of pages long. Most people will probably read only the executive summary, if that.

Far too many will rely only upon the corrupt, anti-Trump mainstream media’s spin, which will probably have been coordinated with, if not written by, President Trump’s (other) political enemies.

If Horowitz places priority on salvaging the DOJ’s reputation, then the most damning facts will likely be buried deep among the many pages of the report and will be skimmed over, if mentioned at all, in the executive summary.

As for the President, he’s more eagerly awaiting the results of U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation:

“I do think the big report to wait for is the Durham report,” Trump said. “That’s the one that people are really waiting for. And he’s highly respected, and he’s worked very hard and he’s worked long hours, I can tell you, and gone all over the world. So we’ll see.”

We the People have been waiting for justice for far too long. Let us hope and pray that these two men, Horowitz and Durham, do not let us down.

We’ve been waiting a long time for the swamp that is Washington DC to be well and truly drained. Is this finally the beginning?

Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.

Pray for our President and our Republic. 


135 responses to “Finally, the Horowitz Report

  1. Here’s an article that explains more about Horowitz and the positioning behind his report:

    Note the focus on “intent” and how it’s used as a double standard to apply “justice” in a discriminatory fashion. Hillary is “innocent” because she had no “intent” to violate the law, even though the law doesn’t specify intent as necessary. HOWEVER, in this current impeachment, the DemoncRATS say that it doesn’t MATTER if POTUS committed a crime because THEY have determined that he had the “intent” to commit a crime, so he’s guilty nevertheless, based upon their mind reading capability!

    Then there’s this:

    It’s very disappointing. If this is how the Senate handles impeachment, should it get that far, then the upshot will be that

    President Trump will NEVER have his day in court;

    POTUS will NEVER get his side out there;

    POTUS will NEVER be acquitted;

    all the DemoncRATS will be free to go on the road to campaign;

    it will remove the “impeachment” issue from the campaigns (which so far has been a big winner for POTUS);

    DemoncRATS (and RINOs) in the Senate won’t have to vote to remove and pay the price back at home in the 2020 election;

    the DemoncRATS will continue to state that POTUS is guilty nevertheless and was given a pass by Republicans;

    POTUS will still go down in history as having been “impeached,” even though not convicted or even tried;

    the Bidens may NEVER be investigated thoroughly and charged if indicated;

    the Deep State and Schiff’s collusion in this Ukraine debacle will NEVER be revealed, letting all the colluders off the hook;

    the so-called whistleblower will get off FREE and will probably continue to work in the government, as will Vindman and his former cronies who now work for Schiff; and

    (speculation) whatever phone records Schiff holds concerning Lindsey Graham’s contacts will remain secret (for the time being).

    Why else did Schiff include the fact that he has Nunes’s phone records, while Nunes KNOWS that Schiff also has the records of anybody who spoke to Giuliani or Parnas (and who knows who else)? 3500 (iirc) lines of metadata were handed to the Republicans. Does he have more that he didn’t hand over? Whose phone calls were these? Did it stop with Giuliani and Parnas? Schiff likely got the records from a combination of the SDNY and ATT/Verizon, who just handed them over. Who else was being investigated by SDNY? Epstein?

    What else explains Graham’s sudden lack of desire to see that justice is served to ALL of these seditious criminals?

    IF this is how it ends, then what’s to stop Schiff from beginning anew with a new charge? You know they always have an insurance policy and a backup plan.

    IF this is how it ends, then what’s to stop them from doing this again, to any other POTUS they don’t like?

    • There’s speculation at the Gateway Pundit link, in comments, that maybe Graham doesn’t want Schiff’s phone records because they would trace back to Graham himself. ALWAYS a possibility. All talk; no action. Snake?

    • Tell me: What’d I say?

      “Neal Katyal, an acting solicitor general under Barack Obama, argued Thursday that if the Senate acquits President Donald Trump after the House of Representatives impeaches the president, the next Congress could simply convict Trump again on the same charges.

      “If the Senate doesn’t vote to convict Trump, or tries to monkey [with] his trial, he could, of course, be retried in the new Senate should he win reelection,” the liberal attorney argued on Twitter. “Double jeopardy protections do not apply.”

      The next congressional election coincides with the 2020 presidential election, so in Katyal’s hypothetical, the Senate would remove Trump despite a previous acquittal and the president returning to office with the mandate of reelection. …”

      Like the Terminator, they will never STOP. They can’t “be reasoned with.” They don’t “feel pity, or remorse, or fear,” and they “absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you [deplorables] are [all] dead.”


        SICK SLIME EACH ONE of THEM … PUKE on them all!


    “Bill Barr on Friday indicted eight individuals for illegally funneling foreign money to Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton and several Democratic senators. …”


    • Read how the fake news media LIES and MISLEADS, counting on We the People to NOT READ thoroughly and read between the lines:

      “Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, and the folks at HuffPost have a terminal case. On Wednesday, the site published an article titled, “Trump campaign liaison charged with funneling illegal campaign contributions.” They seemed to have really gotten Trump this time. Until – spoiler alert – you read the story and find out the millions funneled were to – wait for it – Hillary Clinton.

      This post was shared by a liberal friend of mine on social media. It was posted as yet another example of how Trump allegedly associates with horrible people. And if you looked at the share with that title, of course you’d think Trump was singularly associated with a bad actor.

      It even looks that way through the first two paragraphs, loaded with references to the Robert Mueller probe, Steve Bannon, and Jared Kushner. It takes until the third paragraph that you get a hint of what the man, businessman and lobbyist George Nader, was charged for: illegally funneling money to candidates, including Hillary Clinton.

      Then it takes until the eighth paragraph to see that the specific charge was helping to obscure the origin of over $3.5 million in funds that businessman Andy Khawaja donated. HuffPost reports in that paragraph, “Khawaja contributed more than $4 million to Clinton’s presidential campaign and other Democrats, AP reported. After Trump won the presidency, Khawaja donated $1 million to his inaugural committee.” …”

      Guilt by association but only for some associates. This is the same thing Schiff did with Nunes: Only publicized Nunes’s few calls with Giuliani when, no doubt, others, including maybe even Schiff, had phone conversations with both Giuliani AND, especially, with Parnas. In fact, it occurs to me that those two guys could BOTH be plants a la Mifsud and Halper.

      They can guilt POTUS with literally anybody because he’s so well known, in his long career met almost all “movers and shakers,” celebrities, and people in the NY, DC, and east coast society. Such liars and hypocrites.

    Buttigieg worked at McKinsey, a global consultancy firm with annual revenues of over $10 billion, from 2007 to 2010, but what exactly he did while there is not really known. Being a management consultant isn’t always the most exciting stuff, but given the secretive and sometimes ethically questionable nature of McKinsey’s work — just last week, ProPublica and the New York Times published a report detailing the company’s work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement on detaining and deporting immigrants — many people are pressing Buttigieg for details on what exactly he did when he worked there.


  5. O’ God -O’ God – REALLY BUTT’-BOY .. think U can pull a RABBIT from

  6. So Horowitz found 17 (!!!) problems (lies, misstatements, misleading statements, deliberate omissions, doctored documents to reverse their meaning) and this is ONLY on the FISA applications.

    On the MAIN issue that Horowitz investigated, he found 17 problems, some of them CRIMINAL. One can only imagine what he DIDN’T find, given that he could only interview (INTERVIEW!) people who still work for the government in the DOJ and given that he has no subpoena power or enforcement power, other than to point out problems and recommend (I suppose) ways to prevent this from happening in the future. He’s NOT Durham, who can use a grand jury, issue subpoenas, get testimony under oath and under penalty of perjury, etc.

    All Horowitz looked at was the FISA applications and apparently the “predicate” for opening the initial investigation into the Trump campaign and, also apparently, four people associated with it at certain times (Manafort, Flynn, Papadopoulos, and Page). And this all depends upon a person BELIEVING that the investigation began only in July 2016, when anybody who’s been following this KNOWS it was started before then.

    According to TCTH, Horowitz narrowed down the predicate ONLY to the so-called information from a friendly foreign source (Alexander Downer) who told our intel community that Papadopolous said that he had information (before it was public) indicating Russia had emails that they were going to release in coordination with Wikileaks and Trump associates to harm Clinton’s campaign. (All untrue, btw.) It sounds as if Horowitz is letting Downer off the hook. So it boils down to Halper and his potential flunky/fellow colluder Mifsud (who has disappeared).

    I haven’t read the report and don’t know if I ever will, but one thing that should be trumpeted and which is outrageous on its face:

    “Wow… page 341. IG says FBI used an Aug. 2016 ‘defensive briefing’ with the Trump campaign as an “opportunity to gather potentially relevant investigative information” about Michael Flynn.

    They used defensive briefings for their investigation into the Trump campaign …”

    As suspected, they gave full and true “defensive” briefings to Hillary but NOT to Trump and that was deliberate.

    Contrary to ordinary procedure, they treated Trump as a criminal from the get go, not as an American candidate, a U.S. citizen, someone who should be PRESUMED INNOCENT. No, they used his so-called defensive briefing NOT to warn him that some of his campaign workers and volunteers might be under siege from foreign powers who are trying to use them to harm the U.S. (THAT’S what a defensive briefing is for. It’s COMMON COURTESY to a fellow American. It’s WHAT THEY DID FOR CLINTON.) They treated Trump as a person under investigation from the beginning and, more outrageous and contemptible, he and all his associates were treated as guilty until proven innocent (which could never happen in their view) and so they DID NOT TREAT HIM AS A LEGITIMATE CANDIDATE OR LATER AS THE ACTUAL PRESIDENT OF THE USA. In addition, they deliberately and outright LIED to the President of the United States by assuring him that he was NOT under investigation.

  7. Click to access 120919-examination.pdf

    That’s the report.

    Horowitz says he found no documents or other evidence that proves bias in the investigation, which is farcical on its face, considering the text messages we’ve seen. However, do remember that it’s been reported that anything related to those hundreds of thousands paid to Halper under specious contracts is supposedly non-existent or lost.

    There’s interesting stuff about the spies on the campaign beginning on page 313. The media and DemoncRATS tout that there weren’t any spies placed IN the campaign, but they did discuss doing it but decided otherwise because of how it might incur “appearances issues” if it came out. Whoever the SPY was, the person was actually ASKED to join the campaign by the unwitting victims of FBI spying. I’m sure enterprising people who know more than I do and know how to find sources can easily figure out who this spy was. I’m only skimming and may have read it wrong, but seems this particular spy was supposed to focus on Papadopoulos but all on his or her own, asked whether Page should be surveilled, too. The FBI “consensually monitored” conversations with Page, Papadopoulos, and a “high-level” person in the campaign who wasn’t a target. I guess this means the guy or gal WORE A WIRE; iow, they wiretapped the campaign. Whether or not the person “joined” the campaign, it sure sounds AS IF THEY WERE SPYING ON THE CAMPAIGN. What else do you call inserting wired spies into discussions with members OF the campaign? I wonder if the high-level person was VP Pence. Just speculating. Also interesting, this spy had previously worked for/with the FBI but was dropped for being “AGGRESSIVE” with his or her handling agents!

    as mooochie goes about sing the PRAISE of the G O O D >FAMILY ha’

    • So they want to create the doctrines of “voting prior restraint” and “impeachment in advance for crimes potentially committed in an upcoming election or second term?” Right. That’s constitutional.

      Where is it in the Constitution or in any law that they can impeach someone just so he’s not elected again, where he might commit “another crime,” when he hasn’t been and CAN’T BE convicted of the crime they already allege, but can’t prove, that he committed and might commit again? Sheesh.

      These people are insane. Already one of them has said if Trump is reelected they will impeach him again.

  9. O’ WE MUST Impeach’ as TRUMP will EXPOSE EACH 1 OF US ..YEP!

    Adam Schiff: Congress Must Impeach Trump to S T O P >> Him in 2020

    House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) on Tuesday indicated that Democrats must impeach President Trump quickly in order to stop him from prevailing in the 2020 presidential election.

    Democrats on Tuesday unveiled two articles of impeachment against the president: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Notably, neither allege a high crime or misdemeanor. Noticeably absent was the Democrats’ longheld appeal to bribery, extortion, or treason.

  10. Senate Republicans May Expedite Trial By Calling No Witnesses


    • Yes, don’t call witnesses and Trump will NEVER get exonerated and the guilty will never be found out and the TRUTH of this fiasco will never be revealed. Trump will not be able to put on a defense. Schiff and the “whistleblower” will skate. And McConnell will exact his pound of flesh, as TCTH speculates, by making Trump capitulate on China, so those cashing in can continue to do so.

    • I’d like to know HOW THE HELL it can be constitutional for them to NOT call as witnesses any witness the accused wishes to depose? So if some senators (Romney, e.g.) won’t call for the non-whistleblower whistleblower to be called, or Hunter Biden, then Trump doesn’t get the rights every sleazy, low, scum criminal in this country gets? His defense can’t call ANY witness it wants? Outrageous.

    • “Senate impeachment rules require a majority vote to call witnesses, …”

      Well, yeah. So just CHANGE THE RULES LIKE PELOSI DID IN THE HOUSE, RAILROADING THE RULES AND THE PRESIDENT IN THE PROCESS. Senate makes its own rules. They have the majority. They can change them, just like Pelosi did. DO IT.


  11. …..

    One of the greatest powers of the Media is their power to Ignore.<<<<!!!

    Barack Obama's birth certificate was really the bogus document. The authentic documents were the immigration documents at the U.S. State Department and with the Kenyan government. In addition to a birth certificate, was Dr. Corsi deported from Kenya for asking about Obama family immigration documents? Could one or more of Hillary's lost emails attest to the destruction of the Obama immigration record at the State Department?

    In 2011, Donald Trump began making noise about running for president. A president would be able to use the power of his office to unseal "sealed" presidential records. At the Obama White House, Trump had to be stopped.

    In 2011, Obama had motive, but he just couldn't leave well enough alone. He wanted to punish the man who was effectively delegitimizing his presidency. National Security Agency director John Brennan, a career intelligence officer, knew of ways to destroy a person and his reputation; the intelligence agencies had ways to generate the most perfect documents for their undercover agents as well as to frame a target. Brennan had the connections within the international intelligence community; local talent at the agency could not be trusted with such an explosive task. There were old spies overseas who were looking for high-paying work. To frame an American billionaire who dared question the bona fides of the president was a winning lottery ticket. When the FBI became involved and investigated the apparently treasonous Trump, they were immunized, and they could claim that they were just "doing their jobs."

  12. TAR & FEATHER them …or JUST TAR THEM should B enough!!!
    F’ THEM ALL…24/7 PEACH my AZZ! SUCKERS… FOOLS with OUR $$$


    Donald Trump Ridicules Nancy Pelosi’s ….
    ‘Impeachment Light’ at Campaign Rally

    Pollak: ‘Abuse of Power’ a Shaky Ground for Impeachmen

    Michael Bloomberg Offering Field Staffers $6,000 Per Month
    Billionaire Michael Bloomberg (D) is offering to pay campaign field staffers $6,000 per month, a job application for the position shows. ???? WHAT?

  14. Lol, wonder if that’s real. Wonder if he was lying then, a la Warren, or lying recently? …..Both times? …….
    IMO, “Barack ‘Barry Soetoro’ Hussain Obama, Jr.”, is a made-up, composite, entity, a “man who never was”.
    …. Which explains the fake birth certificate. It was never intended to cover up being “born in Kenya”, but rather that no such person ever existed!

  15. & THAT DiD NoT HAPPEN! < Nope the DOPES let it SLIDE?.. ha'

    • OMG. Are we supposed to believe this BS? So the most brilliant POTUS in the history of this country was so clueless that he didn’t even know, nor did his AG, what his underlings were up to when they SPIED ON HIS POLITICAL OPPONENT, USING THE FBI AND CIA? Right. How COULD that guy make that allegation with a straight face? Remember, too, Obama appointed Horowitz. So supposedly it went no higher than Yates, who is now officially thrown under the bus to protect Lynch and Barry? Well, she is whiter than white, so why not?

      Oh, but wait! They were patriots. They did it all for “national security,” not to get Trump. Right.

      Horowitz parses that he didn’t see any “evidence” or get any testimonial evidence that political bias was involved. Well, he didn’t look far enough and maybe several reasons why no documents were found includes that they were disappeared or NEVER KEPT IN THE FIRST PLACE:

      “In 2016, Halper was an integral part of the FBI’s investigation into short-term Trump campaign volunteer, Carter Page and George Papadopolous. Halper first made contact with Page at his seminar in July 2016. Page, who was already on the FBI’s radar, was accused at the time of being sympathetic to Russia. Halper stayed in contact with Page until September 2017.

      During that time, the FBI sought and obtained a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) to spy on Page and used Halper to collect information on him, according to sources. It is further alleged that Halper may have secretly recorded his conversations with Page and Papadopolous. Some congressional officials believe that if recordings exist they were kept from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, and would be exculpatory evidence that would’ve exonerated Page from the FISA warrant and allegations that Papadopolous was attempting to seek any help from the Russians with regard to Hillary Clinton’s emails. …

      Moreover, this news site has learned that the Pentagon has finally sent Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley’s committee the information it requested in July, regarding Halper’s contracts and the Office of Net Assessment. Grassley sent the request in a letter to Department of Defense Acting Secretary Mark Esper, after a Pentagon Inspector General investigation discovered that the office failed to conduct appropriate oversight of the contracts. Grassley urged Esper for the information.

      According to the DoD Inspector General’s report the Office of Net Assessment (ONA) Contracting Officer’s Representatives (CORs) “did not maintain documentation of the work performed by Professor Halper or any communication that ONA personnel had with Professor Halper; therefore, ONA CORs could not provide sufficient documentation that Professor Halper conducted all of his work in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We determined that while the ONA CORs established a file to maintain documents, they did not maintain sufficient documentation to comply with all the FAR requirements related to having a complete COR.” …”

      Can’t find “evidence” that was never kept (or was destroyed). Doesn’t mean Halper wasn’t paid for his role in SPYING ON THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN. How freaking CONVENIENT.


  16. ~ Guy Smith Rocks IT ….PERFECT ….some-thin’ 4 some-thin’
    Trump: “More Jobs”
    0bama: “No Jobs”
    Bill Clinton: “BJs”

  17. Tulsi Gabbard says she won’t participate in December debate if she qualifies
    W H A T ~ E V E R ? …. why NOT? ….cat get her tongue ? …..???????

  18. O’ …..ha’
    The National Security Archive has been funded by George SoRoS (the Open Society Institute), the Rockefellers, & foundations associated with the New York Times, the Washington Post, & Barbra Streisand. ….O’ ha’ ^^^^^^^

  19. House Judiciary Committee Debates Articles of Impeachment – 7:00pm ET Livestream…All U DEVIL CHILDREN ….sad sick souls WHAT a WASTE
    Tonight the House Judiciary Committee is urgently rushing to debate articles of impeachment against President Trump. The hearing begins at 7:00pm ET.

    ♦Article One is “Abuse of power” – and structured on a false premise that President Trump “exercised the powers of his public office to obtain an improper personal benefit, while ignoring or injuring the national interest.”

    ♦Article Two is “Obstruction of Congress” – and structured on a ridiculous premise that President Trump “engaged in unprecedented, categorical, and indiscriminate defiance of the impeachment inquiry”, by challenging congressional subpoenas and seeking relief from the judicial branch.

  20. GO NANCY ……GO … U old F O O L !!!

  21. Holder closes with his statement that Barr is ‘unfit’. His case is totally based on policy differences and his claimed understanding of the nature of the job, which is odd considering Holder once called himself Obama’s “wingman” when he served as his attorney general and called Obama “my boy”: “I’m still the President’s wing-man, so I’m there with my boy.” YOUR BOY? REALLY

  22. ~ Heather …..

    If this writer has 100% proof of soros being behind this then he needs to pony up and take this to Barr and now is the time — strike while the iron is still hot! Get soros once and for all and throw his evil ass in gitmo and his kids too, dissolove all of his so called companies and pay us with the sales.

  23. Nolte: Joe Biden Pledges >>>>> to Obstruct U.S. Senate

    Angry ……” NASTY NAKED AZZ ” …>> Joe BLOW HOT AIR > Biden

    Democrats are about to impeach President Trump for something Joe Biden is bragging about doing — obstructing congress.

    One of the two articles of impeachment the U.S. House intends to pass is based on the invented crime of “Obstruction of Congress.”

    Breitbart News has already explained the importance of Biden’s testimony:

    The refusal comes as Senate Republicans have signaled it would be inappropriate for the impeachment proceedings, let alone a trial, to progress without the former vice president or his youngest SON, Hunter, providing testimony. At the forefront of this push have been Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) & Ron Johnson (R-WI), who have opened investigations into Hunter Biden’s work overseas & if he benefited from connections to the Obama-era White House.

    Graham and others are looking, in particular, into the younger Biden’s ties to Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company at the center of the impeachment inquiry.

    “I believe that Hunter Biden’s association on [Burisma’s] board doesn’t pass the smell test,” Graham said last month when arguing the Bidens should testify. “If a Republican was in the same boat they would be eaten alive by the media.”

    Biden is not Only Running for President, he is the current Democrat front runner. What’s more, Biden supports impeaching Trump — & yet here he is, stridently, Arrogantly, & openly doing the exact same thing Trump is being impeached for — “obstructing congress.” ???????? !

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