Happy Halloween!!!

1377170_10202027387947762_1931609609_n - Copy

Round about the caldron go;
In the poison’d entrails throw.—
Toad, that under cold stone,
Days and nights has thirty-one;
Swelter’d venom sleeping got,
Boil thou first i’ the charmed pot!
Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

Trick or Treat!


131 responses to “Happy Halloween!!!

    • Apparently he, like Vindman, considers himself on a par with the PRESIDENT! Will submit answers in writing. Yeah, and NO CROSS-EXAMINATION ALLOWED, HUH? What a lot of nerve these people have, as they accuse POTUS of abusing power. They have NO POWER and yet they FALSELY, totally falsely, believe that THEY decide foreign policy and if Trump tries to run it otherwise, then HE’S the one “subverting foreign policy!”

  1. https://spectator.org/three-major-assaults-on-the-constitution-since-1973-and-this-one-is-the-worst/

    They think we’re the UK, but we fought the Revolutionary War because we specifically did NOT want to be the UK!


    Yeah, well … IF ONLY. This documents his potential crimes since Trump came on the scene, but where were all these people when Brennan was doing so much that is exactly similar during the Obama regime? He has MUCH to answer for.

  2. ROCK-ing …it TRUMP!
    Nats Star Ryan Zimmerman’s Message To Trump At The WH Had The Crowd Chanting ‘USA’

    Nationals catcher Kurt Suzuki wears MAGA hat to White House celebration

  4. $LICK ..NO-MO’ … MAKE them PAY the HUGE BILL they rung UP!
    THEY PLAYED with OUR HEAD$ … NOW PAY from your $AVING$!!!


  6. SPECIAL FAVORS .. MUCH? … what a JOKE they PLAYED …&


  7. Rand Paul Teaches Republicans How to Defend Trump !!! … YEP!

    Last night Trump had a rally in Kentucky, and Rand Paul, the senator from Kentucky, showed up, and I want you to hear it because this is how you do it. This is how easy it is. I can’t tell you the number of people, “Rush, Rush,” emails, “Rush, did you see Rand Paul last night? Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Rush, oh, my God.” It’s so rare that somebody defends Trump that everybody that saw it wanted to make sure I saw it.

  8. CIA staff complained about Obama White House’s political correctness, new book claims

    A new book claims that top CIA employees have compared President Trump favorably to his predecessor, indicating that former President Barack Obama’s administration micromanaged intelligence matters & was too concerned with political correctness. The revelation comes in commentator Doug Wead’s new book “Inside Trump’s White House: The Real Story of His Presidency,” which is set for release on Nov. 26. Wead cites an unnamed White House source who claims CIA officials leveled complaints against the Obama administration during a meeting with then-CIA director Mike Pompeo. […] According to Wead’s source, Trump decentralized control & gave more freedom to agencies. …

    Andy McCarthy: No crime in transcripts
    ‘It seems to me like a really botched situation’


    • I’m still patting myself on the back for having grokked the import of this “whistleblower” B.S. from the first time Schiff whined about it. Gosh, you can smell their PLOTS from a mile off. Maybe you can even smell these Deep State plots from Deep Space.

    • How will the wall-to-wall saturation coverage of the “public phase” of the bogus impeachment inquiry fly in flyover country? Think about it. People who watch TV during the day, maybe even the evening, too, depending on how long they plan to “inquire,” will have their usual daily routines totally screwed up by Shifty Schiff, whose ugly puss and self-important, narcissistic, whiny voice will be all over the TV screens.

      Do you remember the Nixon hearings? I do. To this day I remember how there was literally NOTHING ELSE TO WATCH ON TV during the day because every network covered the impeachment. Never ending, BORING, wall-to-wall drivel. Supercilious DemoncRATS virtue signaling and “nailing” those evil Republican stooges. Oy vey.

      Truly, though, I think Trump’s poll numbers can only go up when the People see HOW he’s being persecuted and lied about, as the DemoncRATS destroy everyday people’s daily routines by FORCING THEMSELVES ONTO TV SCREENS ALL DAY LONG.

      “Hey, you! You’re gonna watch whether you like it or not.”

      It’s this B.S. DemoncRAT propaganda or NOTHING. That’s going to further endear them to the People, don’t you think? They think we’re stupid and this will just be another example to everyone how they think we’re stupid.

  10. CONSPIRACY THEORYJeffrey Epstein cover up, Amy Robach’s hot mic rants get zero coverage on CNN, other leftist outlets

  11. Brennan Obama motivation for Trump removal: Treason, Brennan employee breached Obama passport data, Trump began questioning Obama in 2011
    .. November 4, 2019 | 11 Comments

    “Instead of doing so, the government has continued to defy its
    constitutional, ethical & legal obligations to this Court and to the defense, & to hide evidence that it knows exonerates Mr. Flynn. As is the essence of the problem here, instead of protecting its citizens, the “government” is protecting its own criminal conduct & operatives.”…Attorney Sidney Powell October 23, 2019

    “And according to NBC News, Durham has set his sights on former CIA Director John Brennan & former national intelligence director James Clapper.”…Zero Hedge

    “Following the breach, State Department managers met with Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Joseph Biden, whose committee has oversight over the Foreign Service & the passport office. Biden will be sworn in as Obama’s vice president on Jan. 20.”…NewsMax January 12, 2009

    • Wow. Great catch by CW. I totally missed the implications of the paragraph about Biden! That’s why it pays to go back and read these old articles and posts, especially the one about passportgate.

      OMG. Imagine a plea bargain where JB gives up BO to get a reduced sentence. iow, will we FINALLY learn who the hell he really is? Be still my heart! We know the penalty for treason. Now to be treason, I believe you have to conspire with FOREIGN ENEMIES to overthrow (take over) the U.S. government or work against it. That could fit, depending upon … the BC. Right? What’s the penalty for treason? Death? How long would certain traitors have left of a natural life and how much would the remaining years be worth to him/her? Enough to make giving up the TRUTH about Barry worth it, provided he/she is allowed to live out the remaining years? You know, the dead poll awaits.

      Geraldo asks, “Why can’t he produce a birth certificate?” Well, several reasons come to mind. He doesn’t have one or the one he has tells the TRUTH about his ineligibility.

      I’m reading a book in which a fictional character, who works for the DHS, gets a birth certificate for a totally foreign and foreign-born child, using provisions of the Patriot Act, using the excuse of “national security” for making the child a “natural born citizen,” at least on paper. Plausible? You betcha. I think we even discussed it at the time that these people, who make a career out of twisting laws and reading into them whatever the hell they want to see in the laws, may actually say that for “national security” reasons, once BHO was “elected,” then to avoid uprising and strife, they had to forge a “legal” BC for him.

      I have NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that these people who believe that laws actually are whatever they BELIEVE laws SHOULD SAY, instead of what they do say, and also believe that they, and they alone, know what’s best for the country and therefore SHOULD RULE and make all decisions (just like they now believe U.S. foreign policy exists independently of POTUS), would in a NY minute create for Barry a “real” birth certificate and use their lying, fake news, minions in the mainstream media to promote the LIE.

      Remember, since 9/11 they have passed laws making it LEGAL to propagandize and run false flags against the U.S. populace (using the pretense of national security). We’ve seen how they distorted the laws about FISA and misused the NSA database, using the pretense of a “counterintelligence investigation” to preserve national security. We’ve seen how they IGNORED laws about public records and handling of classified information. What’s a little faked birth certificate? After all, in their opinion, which is all that matters to them, not the letter of the law, foreign born people OUGHT TO BE ABLE TO BE PRESIDENT, no matter what that old outdated Constitution says. Therefore, it’s only just and right to fake it until the Constitution catches up with progressive thought.

      • Didn’t people at the time speculate that Biden had something on Barry (he knew the truth about who he was) and that’s the only reason he was VP? Maybe he learned the truth in conjunction with his meeting with the people who investigated the breach. That could also explain why he was allowed to let this Burisma scandal go on. That’s a lot of power to wield, if you know the truth.

    • On that same subject, did you see the hilarious conundrum for the judges in CA? They have to decide whether the new CA law that requires Trump to produce tax returns to be on the ballot in 2020 is constitutional and should go into effect. The only problem for these judges is that they’ve actually thought this through and came up with this problem: What if somebody wants candidates to produce birth certificates next? Now that’s hilarious, considering that it WOULD BE constitutional to require that, based upon the age and citizenship status REQUIRED by the Constitution. However, there’s nothing in the Constitution requiring candidates to give up their tax records. In fact, iirc, the income tax itself is unconstitutional! That’s why they call it, laughably, “voluntary.” Let me guess that DemoncRATS or their ancestors were behind that one. It’s the typical way they lie, distort, and parse to evade. The judges also asked whether candidates could be required to give up elementary school report cards. Ha! Now that one would help us, too, because then we’d see where Barry REALLY went to kindergarten and third grade and what his name was at the time.

  12. Yep ….what a DRAG ….. …really!
    Nancy Pelosi’s Party: Billionaires and Drag Queens
    The life-long pol espouses a combination of economic neoliberalism
    & progressive radicalism.

  13. facebkwallflower

    Hmm. Seems strange Trump offering to send our military into Mexico to fight Cartel. But, ah, he is always ten zillion steps ahead of us. So, ad I ponder the “why?”, the answer may be in a pic in this article of a victim with family. https://www.breitbart.com/border/2019/11/05/narco-terror-10-u-s-women-children-murdered-by-cartel-gunmen-near-new-mexico-border/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR3aS7ciXdo_Xl88ZeMxwDKvu4eOYBNcWISRBA0bjIUQ0rjbqa783grxZPE

    • Did you see the story where the whistleblower, right as he allegedly blew the whistle, had a publisher go back and delete his biography from something that had been online for months? Further indication that this guy is the so-called fake whistleblower and knew all along what he was doing. Google archive helpfully also deleted previous versions of the article so people couldn’t see his biography.

    • This seems like typical mainstream media distraction and misdirection. The prize takeaway from this article is the FACT that Obama micromanaged the CIA, yet instead they will focus on a mistake concerning the meaning of an acronym. It’s what they do in order to distract from the GIST of the story about Obama versus Trump. IF/SINCE Barry micromanaged CIA, then nobody’s going to easily be able to claim he was unaware of what his Deep State minions were doing when they illegally spied on private citizens, including the current POTUS.

    • So can anybody explain to us what the “principals committee” really was and what it was they really discussed? Was this the “small group” that planned the “insurance policy,” perhaps?

  14. DEMOCRATS > Deafening > Silence: Democratic candidates completely
    … IgnoreD …NEVER DO THEY SHUT UP! .. WHY NOW chicken CRAP?
    Mexican Cartel …. Murders of 9 Americans ….
    HEY DEMO’s >>> WERE those >> “GUNS” <>> from OBAMA?

    2 one or more of their Policies. But there R certain Taboos, especially 4 Democrats, in which the BEST Option is to Ignore any-thing Happened at all. The infuriating story of American Women & Children “G U N -ned down” &
    BURN-ed to DEATH by a Mexi-CAN drug Cartel is such a taboo. <<>>Didn’t ABORT 2 or 3 of THEM BABIES? >> WHAT?

    • So true. Few photos. Back page coverage, if any. Doesn’t fit their narrative, so it didn’t happen. MUST BE downplayed. Did you see the comparison where someone pointed out that the mainstream media called the ISIS leader who’s now room temperature a religious leader and yet they are calling these murdered Americans religious FUNDAMENTALISTS, as if they deserve to be murdered?

      • iow, white lives DON’T matter (especially if taken by perps “of color”). And for sure Mormon white lives don’t matter. And for sure Christian white lives don’t matter. Even if tiny innocent babies, but then again, we know how progressive candidates feel about babies, pre-born or born. After all, they don’t know for sure if the living babies were really “wanted” by their mothers, so maybe, in the case that perhaps the moms didn’t really want them, they weren’t really human beings. I mean, being married to fundamentalist, orthodox Mormon men, then maybe their “choice” wasn’t to give birth so the offspring can’t be seen as living babies with rights to life. Right?

  15. Whistleblower attorney on record saying … “We will get RID of Trump”

    One of the attorneys for the SO-Called whistle-blower is on record back in >>>>> 2017 saying >>>> “we will get rid of HIM”, referring to Trump: !!!!!!


  16. .. WTP …. NEED 2 L O O K … > this SNAKE’ in the > EYES!
    The Beltway’s ‘Whistleblower’ Furor Obsesses Over 1 Name
    The Beltway’s ‘Whistleblower’ Furor Obsesses Over One Name
    The Beltway’s ‘Whistleblower’ Furor Obsesses Over 1 Name
    The Beltway’s ‘Whistleblower’ Furor Obsesses Over One Name



    • The word corruption isn’t strong enough to describe what’s going on here. We need a new word. This would describe not only the DemoncRATS but also their minions in the media. WHERE are any REAL journalists? As challenged recently, they know the name, why don’t they go knock on his door and ASK HIM if he’s the whistleblower? You know if the person being falsely accused were Obama or Clinton, the media would not only be at the door but would also be leading the doxxing campaign, helpfully supplying address and phone number to the public so they, too, could pile on.


      The only reason they don’t want his name known and CONFIRMED is because once the public knows the truth about him, the entire coup unravels and the public will finally turn on these corrupt scheming seditious a-holes.

  17. ~ George Davey •
    a wealth tax is not a good idea. One problem is every time everybody pays their wealth tax they will cash it out of the market & it will cause a downturn
    in the market. So basically they would have to cash out on a daily basis which means the markets would be continually bleeding out money. That money would have to be replaced by somebody that’s not being taxed so
    the feds would probably have to stop in & print money to pay the tax void & just end up causing inflation. perhaps the worst thing about a wealth tax is everybody with wealth is going to just leave the United States.

    https://www.mediaite.com/election-2020/bill-gates-goes-after-warren-on-wealth-tax-wont-commit-to-backing-her-over-trump-voting-for-whoevers-more-professional/ ..long / interesting 2 hear him & see Warren & Gates

    • It’s amazing how “conservative” and “Republican” progressives can become when THEY’RE the ones whose hard-earned money is being extracted from their wallets.

  18. BAD 2 THE BONE – should he wish upon a STAR – 2 TAKE it BACK ?
    E C? ..R — U — the DUDE that DID this 2 our PRESIDENT TRUMP ?


    • And a group of hateful employees protested the beautiful and graceful and caring FLOTUS. Such hateful people. They ought to be fired. Imagine them coming into your room and saying, “Hello, I’ll be your nurse today.” If THIS is the level of their IQ, then do you want them deciding your care?

    • What is it with their focus on talking points like this? Oh, the eighteen and a half minutes. Oh, the sixteen words. Now it’s three words. Who believes this wasn’t scripted and stage managed by Shifty Schiff all along? One of his prize “witnesses,” however, is now going to take some heat. (And here she thought she was being threatened before. How does perjury sound? Remember, currently Roger Stone and Lt. Gen. Flynn are being prosecuted for that exact crime.)


      “The former US ambassador to Ukraine used her personal email account to message a Democratic staffer over a ‘delicate issue’ a month before the whistleblower complaint was made public, according to Fox News.

      Marie Yovanovitch testified under oath she had not replied to Democratic congressional staffer Laura Carey.

      Three-time ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, who was abruptly recalled from Kiev in May, gave a closed-door deposition on October 11 to three congressional committees investigating whether there were grounds to impeach Trump.

      She is a key witness in House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry which began on September 24 after a whistleblower’s allegations that Trump pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate unsubstantiated corruption charges against Democratic political rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

      Carey’s emails and Yovanovitch’s reported replies will raise questions of who knew about the whistleblower complaint before it was made public and which Democrats were warned of its contents. It will also lead to question on whether Yovanovitch committed perjury.

      Yovanovitch is said to have replied to Carey regarding the ‘time-sensitive’ issue two days after the whistleblower filed their complaint over Trump’s infamous call with the Ukrainian president.

      That despite telling Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin: ‘I alerted the State Department, because I’m still an employee, and so, matters are generally handled through the State Department.’ …”

      iow, she LIED to Congress while under oath. The EXACT SAME CHARGE for which Roger Stone is currently being prosecuted. But hey! He supports POTUS and is not a DemoncRAT so …

    • As for Kent’s interpretation of what he believed was going on, a story I read today provides background and an perfect explanation about why POTUS wanted to withhold that WH meeting until the Ukraine president announced publicly that he intended to investigate CORRUPTION in Ukraine, including during the 2016 election. It truly was tit for tat but with perfect reasoning. Ukraine wanted a PUBLIC perk in the form of being hosted at the WH by the POTUS. iow, he wanted Trump’s endorsement of his presidency. POTUS isn’t about to give someone a PUBLIC endorsement that way without that person proving he’s WORTHY of the endorsement. To endorse that guy is to say he’s A-OK in the U.S.’s book. That’s not something you’re about to do when you still don’t know whether or not Ukraine was behind interference in our elections IN FAVOR OF HILLARY CLINTON. And since it appears they were, no wonder Zelenski needed to kiss up to POTUS. Zelenski wanted a very public endorsement by POTUS, so why wouldn’t POTUS expect him to prove to the world he is serious about rooting out such notorious and damaging to the U.S. CORRUPTION from 2016? This is our national security at stake, for sure! We cannot have tinpot places like Ukraine taking sides and interfering in our elections.

  19. Check out Diamond & Silk …. Rockin’ it … GO BLACK FOLKS! GO!
    WTP ….know a good DEAL when WE SEE IT! …VOTE TRUMP 2020!
    Vice President Mike Pence also spoke at the event.
    “Black voices for Trump know that President Donald Trump has delivered for African Americans in every Community in every State in this Nation,” Pence said.
    He spoke at length about the importance of African American contributions
    to the character of the United States.
    “As President Trump said just last month, African-Americans built this nation & we Celebrate that proud heritage,” he said.

  20. ~ Pins 3XALADY • edited < …WHY???
    "….only 5 staffers dedicated to Melania Trump vs. 44 staffers who served Michelle Obama.." ….. ~ Served Big MoO'ch?
    ~ CoolBrew Pins •
    Makes one wonder how many of these 44 are still ‘serving’ the Big Mooch?
    ~ Tiger184 Pins • • edited << Differences.
    It does take a lot more people to play Hide/Disguise-the-Sausage every day.

    go down till U see the TRADERS …kiss/kiss … hug/hug …pelosi & eric c

    https://twitter.com/DeloveF … ERIC …ERIC R U LISTENING?

    • Unbelievable. No wonder they don’t want his identity CONFIRMED, even though everybody knows who it is. Just freaking unbelievable.

  22. Kanye’s SHOUT OUT … SPEAKS the TRUTH …most times’….. ha’
    as he want’s a run for president some day soon…? really?

    ~ GilmerGal •
    Seriously, if anyone wants to vote Democrat, especially Blacks that believe in that party, I strongly urge you to watch “Hillary’s America.” Not just about her, but about the Democratic PARTY from it’s Inception. It has ALWAYS been the Foot over Black People. Disgusting. Amazon Prime documentary….. O’!!!


  23. >>> GOP Adds Hunter Biden, Whistleblower to Witness List <<<

    The House committees probing Trump's Ukraine dealings released transcripts of the depositions of Vindman & Hill:
    Vindman transcript.
    Hill transcript.
    Previously released transcripts:
    State Department official George Kent.
    Amb. William Taylor, who is scheduled to testify at an open hearing next Wednesday.
    Gordon Sondland, U.S. ambassador to the European Union.
    Kurt Volker, former U.S. envoy to Ukraine.
    Michael McKinley, former adviser to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
    Marie Yovanovitch, former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, also scheduled to testify at an open hearing next week.


    • However, I read that they’re NOT complete transcripts. They’ve been edited.

    • Ivanka is a not very useful idiot. She tells the media that the whistleblower’s identity is not important? Does she have A CLUE? This is a total scam, a set up, a COUP. And she thinks it’s not very relevant or important to know who’s behind it, his motivations, all his scheming and with whom? None of that will come to light without identification and then VETTING in the extreme. Then cross-examination UNDER OATH of him and everybody he claims as his sources and everybody with whom he consulted prior to filing his bogus complaint, on which he LIED, btw.

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