Biased News for which We the People Pay?!!

This story is mind blowing for any number of reasons.

Earlier this week President Donald Trump told FOX News host Sean Hannity that he may cancel the White House subscriptions to the far left Washington Post and The New York Times.

On Thursday President Trump kept another promise to the American people. Trump canceled subscriptions to the Washington Post and The New York Times across all federal agencies!

Say what? For his entire administration to date those two rags were being delivered “across all federal agencies,” including the White House? Who knew?

Who paid for these subscriptions? We the People? Or were they “gifts” (Trojan horse-style) from the two biased rags formerly known as objective newspapers?

Here’s your answer:

“Not renewing subscriptions across all federal agencies will be a significant cost saving—hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars will be saved,” White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said in an email Thursday. …

It wasn’t immediately known how many subscriptions to the Times and the Post the federal government has. Federal employees are eligible for free digital subscriptions to the Post using their government email addresses.

Officials at the General Services Administration and the White House Office of Management and Budget didn’t immediately provide data about the total number of subscriptions.

For how long have We the People been subsidizing the attacks on our representatives and this President, not to mention ourselves (the “deplorables”), by biased rags?

Whose decision was it ever to use our tax dollars to subsidize these failing businesses otherwise known as leftist propaganda?

Are there other subscriptions for which We the People pay? Are there any subscriptions that provide objective, truly fair and balanced information to our employees? If not, then why not?

Who decided, and how were the decisions made, to use taxpayer money to subside these particular much-hated, unreliable and biased newspapers? Was any effort made to ensure balance? (One would probably be hard pressed to find a print newspaper that is objective, fair, balanced, and not knee-jerk anti-Trump and anti-conservative.)

Hilarious quote here:

Canceling the subscriptions could limit officials’ access to vital information that could assist them in doing their jobs.

OMG. You can’t make this up.

Let employees use their status as federal employees to get free digital subscriptions, if it’s so “vital” for them to read biased propaganda to do their jobs.

That should be the policy in the first place. Why are We the People paying for print subscriptions, when the same commodity is available now for free?

Besides which, it’s so totally green to save all those trees! Lefties should love to learn how many trees live on as a result of President Trump’s new policy.  After all, they’re always complaining that he’s anti-environment. This is a step in the direction of saving the environment that we can all applaud, for our own reasons.

Exactly how many employees read the paper on our time and our dime and how much does that cost We the People? Perhaps the Congressional Budget Office might care to study up on that and report back to the people who pay the bills.

The ready availability of the progressive, poisonous propaganda put out by those two biased rags may explain some of the extreme anti-Trump bias we observe in the federal bureaucracy. Are our employees exposed to information from other political points of view, are do they read only left-biased media?

When did President Trump first learn that our hard-earned money was being used to supply our employees with supposedly “vital” leftist propaganda to inform them in the course of “doing their jobs?”

Why were We the People paying to allow the left to brainwash our employees?

Why were we supplying them this easy method to undermine the President and all he stands for?

It’s obviously long past time for these subscriptions to have been cancelled.

Thank you, President Trump.

Every little bit helps when you’re draining a swamp.



92 responses to “Biased News for which We the People Pay?!!

  1. Cracks in the impeachment wall …… By J.R. Dunn
    Is the solid Democratic front in favor impeachment beginning to crumble?
    It’s probably more correct to say that it never existed at all.
    …. We got 2 clear signs this week that rank-&-file enthusiasm for the Pelosi/Schiff effort to rid the country of the Orange Menace is, shall we say, well controlled.
    New Jersey Democrat Jeff Van Drew stated that he is Likely to Vote Against Pelosi’s resolution to “formalize” the impeachment inquiry when it comes up Thursday, or Friday, or sometime before the end of the Holocene.
    Van Drew told NBC reporter Alex Moe that “I would imagine that I’m not voting for it.”

    To go straight to the point, Van Drew’s district was won by none other than Donald Trump in 2016, and Van Drew knows exactly which side his political toast is buttered on — that is, the one that hits the ground when dropped.

    There are evidently at least a Dozen other Democratic reps in much the Same Situation as Van Drew, though none of these has spoken up yet.

    This is simply further evidence, if any was needed, that the impeachment effort is an empty scam, a massive P.R. stunt, with no substance to speak of behind it. It is a Potemkin campaign jimmied up between Pelosi, Schiff, and the anti-Trump media. The rest of the House Democrats, who can read an electoral map (skills that neither Pelosi nor Schiff ever had to develop, both representing ROTTEN…. Cali districts inhabited by Demunist pod people), are not so much disinterested as TerriFied. They can clearly see where this is headed. …
    (YEP …. in the SHIT-ER ….HOW DARE they SPENT WTP’S …..

    Pelosi, who Can’t make the most straightforward arrangement regarding voting procedure or rally & Discipline her Troops, apparently CanNot. Which means this thing is simply going to get Weirder & Crazier as it goes along.
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    • Her NOT calling it an impeachment vote gave them the cover to go ahead and vote for it, or at least that’s how they hope to spin it. “We didn’t vote to impeach, we voted to inquire whether we ought to think about impeaching.” That’s not going to work.

      Just saw that they voted along party lines but TWO (ONLY TWO) DemoncRATS didn’t vote to give a veil of FAKE legitimacy to the so-called inquiry.

      • imho, they can use the same line about it NOT being an impeachment INVESTIGATION vote to continue to NOT answer the “requests” to appear. Then they HAVE TO TAKE THIS TO COURTS. The only people who can decide constitutionality are the SCOTUS. The Constitution gives the HOUSE the power to impeach and the HOUSE the power to set the rules. The HOUSE has done neither, only the DEMONCRATS have unilaterally decided. That’s not how the Constitution works and Steve Scalise has the words of Hamilton to prove what the “intent” of the Founders was. And that is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what’s happening, where one party with a majority rams through impeachment.

        Now the progressives are counting on a clause in the Constitution that says that if 2/3 of the Senators PRESENT vote to remove Trump, then he’s removed. So I suppose they think that by somehow stopping a certain number of Republicans from being “present” then an impeachment will happen if the remaining ones vote to impeach?


  2. Medical examiner dismisses doubts about Epstein autopsy…. O’ WOW

    ~ clover
    The medical examiner, according to Baden, originally filed the case an “Pending: death undetermined and in need of further review”. She suddenly changed her report without any further examination or explanation. True or not? I don’t know but a 3rd autopsy is in order. There are many more irregularities in this case: Epstein’s cell mate was removed from the cell with out explanation. There were two cameras on Epstein: one in the hallway to see who comes & goes, & 1 directly at his cell. BOTH were inoperable. Imagine that. Additionally, TWO guards fell asleep at the same time while Epstein died. How many coincidences can their be in one case? There are many very powerful people that would want Epstein dead. His victims deserve the truth- ALL of it including the reasons for the systemic failures in the federal facility where Epstein died.

    ~ TMcGee
    “Epstein’s injuries included fractures to the larynx and hyoid bone. He says he hasn’t seen that in a suicide in 50 years of death investigations” –
    there ya go

    “said he hasn’t seen the type of neck bone injuries Epstein suffered in a suicide in 50 years of death investigations.”….. when a forensic pathologist who used to be the state’s medical examiner says that, that means you reopen the case and further the investigation.

    forensic pathologist hired by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother might die soon by homicidal strangulation staged as suicide by hanging.

    His jail-mate was removed the night before.
    Guards were “sleeping” when he allegedly committed suicide.
    Cameras were not working that night, while they worked every day before and after.
    He was taken off suicide watch list.
    How can one know the above “official facts” and still believe that he committed suicide?
    “The medical examiner says Wednesday she stands “firmly” behind her findings.” Translation: “I don’t want to be found hanging of my own apparent suicide as well.”

    • They’re quite a clan. Sad news for them. Such a waste, you’re correct, especially when you consider people whose lives were cut short through no fault of their own and who would love to have another chance to live.

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