What Next from the ICIG?

Michael Atkinson, Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, works for us, for all of us: liberal, conservative, moderate, Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green Party, Libertarian, apolitical, indifferent. Supposedly:

In accordance with Title 50 U.S.C.A. Section 3033, the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community (ICIG) conducts independent and objective audits, investigations, inspections, and reviews to promote economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and integration across the Intelligence Community.

The ICIG does so with integrity, professionalism, and independence. We conduct our mission free of external influence and provide objective assessments, findings, and conclusions, regardless of political or personal consequence.

[emphasis added to quotes]

Presumably the ICIG took an oath of office in which he swore to uphold the laws and the Constitution of the United States.

From the ICIG whistleblower webpage:

… It is the duty of all persons in service of the United States, as well as all other the inhabitants thereof, to give the earliest information to Congress or other proper authority of any misconduct, frauds or misdemeanors committed by any officers or persons in the service of these states, which comes to their knowledge.

Keep that last part of the paragraph in mind, we’ll come back to it. From another page on the ICIG website:

A Whistleblower is any individual who provides the right information to the right people. …

The “Right People” are those known as “authorized recipient(s)”. Authorized recipients include: 1) a government supervisor in the employee`s chain of command, up to and including the head of the employing agency; 2) the IG of the employing agency or IC Element; 3) the Director of National Intelligence (DNI); 4) the ICIG; 5) an employee designated by any of the above officials for the purpose of receiving such disclosures. Authorized recipients are those individuals who can correct the wrongdoing that is reported to them. Inherent in that concept is that anyone without a clearance, or who is not in government, would not be an authorized recipient.

Let’s stop here for a moment. Consider that the CIA employee who recently blew the whistle on President Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president first reported his complaint to a lawyer at the CIA, then to an aide to Democrats on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI; Adam Schiff), then presumably (upon the advice of Schiff’s aide) to a personal attorney, then finally to ICIG Atkinson, via what process it is not yet exactly clear.

According to the ICIG website, it doesn’t seem as if a congressional staffer is an “authorized recipient.” Nor would be a personal lawyer, depending upon what he’s told, or possibly even a CIA lawyer, unless that lawyer was officially designated to receive such disclosures.

We already know that the whistleblower did not follow the rules, which puts his protections as a whistleblower at risk.

Additionally, according to the plain language on the ICIG’s website, this whistleblower complaint was never valid as an ICIG whistleblower complaint simply because neither Atkinson, nor the acting DNI, nor any member of Congress, in any way, shape, or form could ever be considered as individuals who could “correct the wrongdoing” that President Trump allegedly committed.  

That, in fact, is exactly what the acting DNI told Atkinson when he declined to pass the complaint on to Congress.

Despite that this was never a complaint that should have been considered by the ICIG, Atkinson nevertheless (allegedly) investigated the complaint, reportedly questioning the whistleblower’s anonymous sources, and passed the complaint on to acting DNI Maguire as “credible” and “urgent.”

Now we have learned from Atkinson’s testimony behind closed doors during the Nancy Pelosi Star Chamber Incredible Impeachment Inquiry that Atkinson did not know  when he determined that the complaint was credible and urgent that the whistleblower first had taken his complaint to all of these other people, including only Democrats on the HPSCI, before the complaint was ever made to the ICIG.

The whistleblower form required  the whistleblower to disclose in detail (names and dates) any and all previous disclosures made of his allegations, reportedly under penalty of perjury:

The bottom of the form requires the complainant to swear to the truth of everything asserted or the person could face prosecution for a false statement, a felony that could earn one five years in prison.

The Federalist confirmed with an official that the box about notifying Congress was left empty.

It is not clear exactly when the contact with the aide was made or whether there were potentially other contacts. But the contact with the aide, who told the whistleblower to go the ICIG obviously preceded filling out the form for the ICIG, hence the problem.

Atkinson sent two letters to the HPSCI, which can be read here. The first letter was sent on September 9, 2019. The second letter, sent on September 17, states that the acting DNI had not given the ICIG authorization to inform the HPSCI even basic information about the subject of the complaint. So we are to believe that as of Sept. 17, Schiff should have had no idea what this complaint was about.

Oddly enough, though, on Sept. 9, the very day Atkinson sent the first letter, Schiff and company announced in a press release:

Three House Committees Launch Wide-Ranging Investigation into Trump-Giuliani Ukraine Scheme 

Engel, Schiff, and Cummings Demand Records about Efforts to Pressure Ukraine’s Government to Assist Trump’s Reelection Campaign

Further down in the press release was this nugget:

According to the Ukrainian government, in a July 25, 2019 call with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President Trump apparently focused on these investigations, telling President Zelenskyy that he is “convinced the new Ukrainian government will be able to quickly improve [the] image of Ukraine, [and] complete [the] investigation of corruption cases, which inhibited the interaction between Ukraine and the USA.”  

We all know now that Schiff did already know the content of the so-called whistleblower complaint, but didn’t Atkinson think it curious that Schiff made this announcement on the very day that he first advised Schiff of the whistleblower complaint but not the content of the complaint?

Representative Nunes didn’t know what Schiff knew. Apparently, if we’re to believe Atkinson, he didn’t know either.

It’s curious, isn’t it, that the press release says that the Ukrainian government is the source of the information about President Trump’s phone call with their president? It’s also curious, isn’t it, that one of Schiff’s “staffers” traveled to Ukraine the last week of August. While there, did the staffer interfere in President Trump’s foreign relations with Ukraine? Was the staffer obstructing investigations being carried out by Attorney General Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham?

How exactly did three Democrats on House committees learn the content of the President’s call with the Ukrainian president from the “Ukrainian government?” Or did they?

In any case, ICIG Atkinson knows now that the whistleblower was not forthcoming when he filed his complaint. He knows the whistleblower deliberately neglected to properly fill out the form, omitting his contacts with HPSCI staff and possibly Democrat members of the committee, as well. Dates and names were required, under penalty of perjury.

Knowing that the whistleblower was less than honest on the complaint form, does Atkinson still consider the complaint “credible?” Does it occur to him that, at best, he was duped by partisans?

How could a seasoned investigator not know or suspect that he was being used by partisans?

What now, Mr. Atkinson?

Are you going to reopen the investigation into this entire whistleblower fiasco, given the consequences that are now playing out to the detriment of our country?

Are you going to blow the whistle on the entire Democrat-devised scheme?

Are you going to declare that the whistleblower, having lied by omission on the form, has no right to immunity or anonymity, especially considering the repercussions that have ensued, to the detriment of all?

Are you going to take steps to see that the whistleblower is disciplined for not following the correct procedure, investigated for possibly passing on classified and privileged information outside the rules of the intelligence community to unauthorized persons, and investigated for potential perjury?

Let’s repeat part of that paragraph from the ICIG website:

… It is the duty of all persons in service of the United States … to give the earliest information to … proper authority of any misconduct, frauds or misdemeanors committed by any officers or persons in the service of these states, which comes to their knowledge.

To whom has ICIG Atkinson reported the now obvious misconduct/fraud of the so-called whistleblower?

Will there be an investigation into the origins of the scheme to misuse the whistleblower statute to initiate Nancy Pelosi’s Star Chamber Incredible Impeachment Inquiry?

What is the full extent of the role that ICIG Atkinson played in this entire process? Will that be investigated by acting DNI Maguire?

Will the whistleblower be punished for failing to tell the ICIG the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

We the People deserve to know the truth when 6 committee heads are trying to negate the votes of 63,000,000 citizens.


152 responses to “What Next from the ICIG?

  1. https://www.politico.com/news/2019/10/08/white-house-formally-tells-democrats-it-wont-cooperate-with-impeachment-probe-000279

    They’re DELIBERATELY trying to avoid judicial review but they’ve opened themselves up to it with this ploy. IF the Obama judge rules they get GRAND JURY information from the Muleller investigation and SINCE they opened the door to letting the judge determine whether or not their “inquiry” is legitimate (she’s basing her potential decision on her “deference” to them to make their own rules on impeachment), then because this is a LEGAL CASE in a court of law, then Trump’s people will be able to APPEAL all the way to SCOTUS. It’s on its face UNCONSTITUTIONAL to deny the President due process and all his other God-given rights.

  2. OK OK OK …..dig THIS …..

    SORRY DEMOCRATS, IT’S OVER!… John Solomon DROPS BOMB: Info Omitted from Whistleblower Report – Ukraine was Re-Opening Probe into Hunter Biden’s Company in February


    Well, that kinda puts a wrench into things, now doesn’t it?
    Put Schiff in jail.

  3. Clapper on 2016 Election Scandal: We Did ‘What We Were Told To Do by The President,’ Obama …….O’ REALLY NOW!

    • Ha. He accidentally spills the beans. Leave it to Clapper. The gift that keeps on giving. Remember that meeting, way back when, when clueless Clapper was dumbfounded by a question about, iirc, a terror attack in London? He was DNI (wasn’t he?) and HE HADN’T A CLUE about a terror attack on our ally. Brennan, who really ran all, had to cover for him. They kept Clapper as a figurehead. Like Obama. He was just there, probably to take the fall if necessary. Useful idiot.

  4. Money makes the world go Round
    Show me a man that don’t need money
    Money makes the world go around
    And I’ll show you a world
    Standing Still, oh ….ha’ $$$$$$$
    MONEY makes the world go round
    Yes it does, talking ‘Bout the LOOT
    Money makes the world go round …..

    Joe Biden BUSTED (again): Ukraine MP says Former Veep got $900k
    from same Corrupt Gas firm that employed his SON

    • What I want to know and what I have yet to see anybody ask yet is:

      DID BIDEN REGISTER AS AN AGENT FOR A FOREIGN COUNTRY? DID HE? It seems to me he should have done if he’s lobbying for a Ukrainian company that’s apparently at least semi-state run, as I understand it, but I could be wrong. In any case, it’s not an AMERICAN company so how can Biden lobby for it? Is this like with Manafort and Podesta? Manafort goes to jail; Podesta gets off. What’s the diff? One at least was a Trump supporter and the other supports Clinton. That’s the diff. Laws are ONLY for the Republicans and conservatives to follow TO THE LETTER or else. Like poor Scooter Libby.

  5. YEP ! …… such a CON …caught with “PANTS-DOWN” …ha’
    so NOW show US them FAMILY JEWELS JOE-JOE! the NUDE swimmer

    • No more disconcerting than it is for the President to be accused of everything, every dirty, sneaking, lying trick that the likes of Clapper, Clinton, Comey, Brennan, Rosenstein, Mueller, et al, ACTUALLY HAVE DONE THEMSELVES OVER THE PAST YEARS. They ALWAYS accuse others of what they do. That’s how you know what it is they do–watch what they accuse POTUS of doing and that’s what they do and have done.

  6. Andrew Johnson …..1868′ ….. ha’ … just yesterday?

    • Since when do laws or the Constitution mean anything to DemoncRATS? They’ve been breaking and ignoring laws and the Constitution for AT LEAST the last 10 years that we’ve been here together. They’ve only gotten worse and they continue to get away with it in this totally unfair, unbalanced, double system of laws–one for DemoncRATS and the other for everybody else. WHY? That’s the question.

    …….Border Patrol FINDS >>>>> enough………

    >>>> Fentanyl to K I L L ….. <<<<
    ‘more than 5 Million People’ hidden in a single car, feds say… REALLY?

    “This seizure represents a great victory for San Diego Sector,” Chief Patrol Agent Douglas Harrison said. “We are proud to say that this potentially dangerous combination of drugs will not reach local communities throughout the country. We stand with our law enforcement partners to combat the ongoing opioid crisis.”


  8. NEVER’.. a good time 2 leave ~ Always’ .. a good time 2 STAY ???

    fighting has GONE on 4 – EVER’ .. this is the OVER-DUE plan
    WTP …R not every- 1’s … MOTHER …. WE R NOT!!! NOPE!

    Mattis warns ‘ISIS will resurge’ if US doesn’t Keep pressure on! ???
    YES it WILL …. YES it will ….
    MEN LOVE WAR’s? LOTS of $Money gets spread about! in Pockets
    of all that is used on the land & in the air 2 fight fight fight … YEP!


    • I’m completely with Trump on this one. For hundreds of years these tribes have been at war. The Kurds don’t have a country. They live in parts of other countries. They WANT a country, but currently don’t have one. I especially agree with POTUS on the issue of our guys being over there twiddling their thumbs instead of fighting ALL OUT, winning, and then coming home. For decades they’ve been sitting ducks, getting shot and blown up with IEDs, losing limbs, coming home maimed and costing so much in blood and treasure. It makes NO SENSE. For what are they losing limbs and lives? As Trump said in his speech, they TRAIN these guys, supposed allies, and then one day they turn their guns on OUR TROOPS and slaughter them. You know why? TAQIYYA. We’ve been talking about it forever. It’s like the old tale about the snake (or sometimes it’s a scorpion) tricking somebody into carrying him across a river, promising not to bite or sting, then doing it and explaining that it’s HIS NATURE to trick and lie, BETRAY and MURDER. It’s what they do. They’re NOT like us and never will be, no matter how hard we try to fool ourselves into believing otherwise.

  9. ..Timeline … FACTS … History .. hard on the BRAINS of WTP! YIKES

    Kurdish History Timeline – infoplease.com
    The Kurds have lived in a mountainous, roughly 74,000-square-mile region known as Kurdistan for the past two millennia. Throughout their history they have remained under the thumb of various conquerors and nations. Since the early 20th century, the region has been divided between Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Iraq, all of which have repressed, often brutally, their Kurdish minority.

    Who are the Kurds? – BBC News
    In response to uprisings in the 1920s and 1930s, many Kurds were resettled, Kurdish names and costumes were banned, the use of the Kurdish language was restricted, and even the existence of a …
    Washingtonpost.com: Terrorism Report
    Background: The Kurds. The Kurds have been subjugated by neighboring peoples for most of their history. In modern times, Kurds have tried to set up independent states in Iran, Iraq and Turkey, but …

    • The POTUS did what any sensible person would do. This would be a lose, lose, lose for him no matter what. What was he supposed to do, attack Turkey, our supposed ally (by TREATY, no doubt) to prevent their attack on our other ally, the Kurds? If he left the 50 special forces there to be in the crossfire, as human shields, and they died or were maimed, then he’d lose also (as would the troops and their families and all of America). If he pulls out, he gets criticized by the media, as he would have been in the other choices. Lose, lose, lose.

      So what’s a common sense, USA-first POTUS supposed to do? What’s best for OUR country and OUR people and OUR troops. WTF are our guys being placed there for, between two “allies”, as HUMAN SHIELDS in the first place? THAT was Obama, who, like Erdogan, was/is pro-Muslim Brotherhood (aka pro-ISLAMIST state, pro-recreated-caliphate).

      This shows up the duplicity of our other so-called allies–Europe. They also KNEW what Turkey planned and promised to do. What exactly did Merkel and Macron and the others do to prevent Erdogan from invading Syria? NOTHING. Only NOW are they blaming TRUMP, not Turkey, for the sudden “humanitarian” crisis and their FEAR (reasonable fear) that THEIR OWN RADICALIZED TERRORIST MUSLIM ISIS FIGHTERS will return to their home countries in Europe (where they were allowed to be and welcomed with open arms, all in kumbaya, PC manner) once they escape from Syria. They ALSO expected us to not only keep, house, secure these home-grown European muslim radicals but also to pay the full freight of peacekeeping between the Kurds, Syria, and Turkey.

      Now Russia is entering on the side of Syria and the Kurds. So which side do the media and progressives want the USA military to choose? Are we to fight with Kurds and Syria and RUSSIA, against a (wholly wrong, expansionist, islamist) NATO ally, or are we to sacrifice lives and limbs and treasure fighting alongside NATO ally Turkey in a cause that furthers the goals of ISIS, Obama, and other pro-muslim-caliphate radicals?

      The media want to blame the POTUS and they CANNOT tell the truth of the situation because then everybody who learns the truth will be TOTALLY ON TRUMP’S SIDE, which is the RIGHT SIDE.

      Our troops have no business being in the crossfire in the Middle East, being peacekeepers (aka human shields), just so that Europe, all of them, can CONTINUE to thrive, have basically no defense budget so they can build their own beautiful infrastructure, while We the People protect and defend them at our own expense to free up THEIR riches for their own socialist goals, while our country falls into infrastructure ruin and debt.

      Our roads and bridges and cities need investment. Our people need and deserve social benefits before do muslim “immigrants” in Europe, among other Europeans.

      We can’t spend all our money protecting Europe and why should we? We saved their butts from Hitler over half a century ago. It’s about time they stood on their own feet and spent their own treasure on their own defense. What’s it to us, in the long run, if the caliphate grows and includes Europe?

      Should anybody attack US, here in our country, with all our money spent on our OWN defense instead of Europe’s, we will be ready and more than a match for any of them. If France, Germany, UK, et al, want to be part of the caliphate, want to be allies with mendacious Turkey, then that’s their choice and if they don’t, it’s THEIR choice to fight for their OWN freedom.

      Why are we allies with islamist Turkey and NOT with another country that recognizes and fights against the threat of islamism? And that country is RUSSIA. Doesn’t it make more sense to ally with Russia than with muslim, islamist Turkey? Russians are at least culturally similar to us. Western, so to speak. Turkey is not. Not under this current guy. WHY is he invading Syria, anyway?

  10. they say shifty- Can get away with all & everything since he is drilling
    people left & right … FREEDOM from any & all Restraints …just get rid
    of TRUMP … & the squad will PROTECT & ignore every-THING ELSE

    Rep. Matt Gaetz Accuses Schiff of “Collusion”
    https://www.thepostemail.com/2019/10/14/rep-matt-gaetz-accuses-schiff-of-collusion/ ….

    ~ OPOVV As I said, I may be wrong but I don’t think so. I think a lot of people, Democrats & RINO’s alike – Mitt Romney comes to mind, have it
    so bad that they can’t tell the truth from fiction, & it is said that when a
    person is incapable of accepting reality, in Professor Zorkophsky’s words,
    .. they’re N U T S !!! ..YES they R .. & SICKING 2 …go ‘SIC’ em’ USA!

    Ohio debate: 10 things to watch from the dozen 2020 Democrats on stage

    • I couldn’t even watch ONE thing. Tuned out as probably did everybody else in the country. I wonder what sort of ratings that snooze fest had. Oh. Ha, ha.

      They billed this as the big “impeachment debate” but it got the lowest ratings so far of all the many demoncRAT debates!


      “The fourth face-off between presidential hopefuls brings in the smallest audience for the 2020 cycle to date. …

      Tuesday’s debate averaged 8.34 million TV viewers, below CNN’s last debate coverage on July 30-31 and the smallest audience of the four Democratic debates thus far. Live streams of the coverage on digital properties for CNN and co-sponsor The New York Times averaged an additional 449,000. …”

      Then you have to keep in mind that they will and probably do everything they can to inflate those numbers. Almost half as many viewers as a Trump debate:

      “The record viewership for a primary-season debate remains with Fox News, which drew 24 million people for the a Republican debate in August 2015. …”

      AWWWW. Such LOSERS.

    • Yeah. AS IF they all care when they flap their big gums what effect it has on the fans or the investors. Typical progressive. Do as I say, not as I do. Whatever they accuse you of doing is what they are doing, but in their case, it’s just fine. All good. A-OK. Different strokes for different folks.

  12. HOW do you SPELL CORRUPTION????????

  13. ~ typistjan ….. October 13, 2019 at 10:59 am
    I love this and our Pres.
    Donald Trump Surprises Little League Champions with ….
    …. Ride Home on Air Force One …

    I WANT …I WANT …. 2 GO 2 …. !

  14. …..TALL PAUL …P …P >>> P Jr. ????….???? …up 2 their EARS… in …

    Turns out Biden’s family not the only one to benefit from Ukrainian fossil fuels

    But this is not the rationale for her haste to convene the investigation. It appears that the D.C. swamp benefits another powerful family. The Biden family has gotten special treatment from Ukrainian oil interests, & the Pelosi family has a similar advantage. PAUL Pelosi, Jr. was a board member of Viscoil and an executive at its related company NRGLab, which was involved in energy business in Ukraine. Perhaps the use of the Intelligence Committee has given the Democrats the opportunity to limit Republican questioning and maintain secrecy over the responses from subpoenaed witnesses. This would prevent any official record implicating Pelosi’s SON.

    .. This also Explains PELOSI’s reluctance to take a Vote authorizing the investigation, since the minority party would gain some rights.

    our national security. This also helps Explain the Constant discussion in Public about Biden’s Son Hunter, in addition to the political Advantage he might gain.

    NO Wonder the establishment (including many Republicans) wants “2”…..impeach Trump. Family security always “trumps” national security
    in the D.C. swamp.


    • Yep, yep, yep. They’re ALL in on the looting of foreign countries, using American power. How ELSE do these people go into Congress and/or government “middle class” but come out millionaires?

  15. https://alchetron.com/Paul-Pelosi-Jr. ^^..copy & paste 2 SEE the GANG
    ha’ …. not let WTP >…^^^^ SEE them???

  16. Paul-Pelosi-Jr. ^^..copy & paste 2 SEE the GANG
    ha’ …. JUST WHY ??? not let WTP >…^^^^ SEE them?

  17. I ~ LOVE TRUMP ~ LEAD ON ~

  18. …4 th Debate …. er’s …..ha what a JOKE they ALL ARE!!!

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