What Next from the ICIG?

Michael Atkinson, Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, works for us, for all of us: liberal, conservative, moderate, Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green Party, Libertarian, apolitical, indifferent. Supposedly:

In accordance with Title 50 U.S.C.A. Section 3033, the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community (ICIG) conducts independent and objective audits, investigations, inspections, and reviews to promote economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and integration across the Intelligence Community.

The ICIG does so with integrity, professionalism, and independence. We conduct our mission free of external influence and provide objective assessments, findings, and conclusions, regardless of political or personal consequence.

[emphasis added to quotes]

Presumably the ICIG took an oath of office in which he swore to uphold the laws and the Constitution of the United States.

From the ICIG whistleblower webpage:

… It is the duty of all persons in service of the United States, as well as all other the inhabitants thereof, to give the earliest information to Congress or other proper authority of any misconduct, frauds or misdemeanors committed by any officers or persons in the service of these states, which comes to their knowledge.

Keep that last part of the paragraph in mind, we’ll come back to it. From another page on the ICIG website:

A Whistleblower is any individual who provides the right information to the right people. …

The “Right People” are those known as “authorized recipient(s)”. Authorized recipients include: 1) a government supervisor in the employee`s chain of command, up to and including the head of the employing agency; 2) the IG of the employing agency or IC Element; 3) the Director of National Intelligence (DNI); 4) the ICIG; 5) an employee designated by any of the above officials for the purpose of receiving such disclosures. Authorized recipients are those individuals who can correct the wrongdoing that is reported to them. Inherent in that concept is that anyone without a clearance, or who is not in government, would not be an authorized recipient.

Let’s stop here for a moment. Consider that the CIA employee who recently blew the whistle on President Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president first reported his complaint to a lawyer at the CIA, then to an aide to Democrats on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI; Adam Schiff), then presumably (upon the advice of Schiff’s aide) to a personal attorney, then finally to ICIG Atkinson, via what process it is not yet exactly clear.

According to the ICIG website, it doesn’t seem as if a congressional staffer is an “authorized recipient.” Nor would be a personal lawyer, depending upon what he’s told, or possibly even a CIA lawyer, unless that lawyer was officially designated to receive such disclosures.

We already know that the whistleblower did not follow the rules, which puts his protections as a whistleblower at risk.

Additionally, according to the plain language on the ICIG’s website, this whistleblower complaint was never valid as an ICIG whistleblower complaint simply because neither Atkinson, nor the acting DNI, nor any member of Congress, in any way, shape, or form could ever be considered as individuals who could “correct the wrongdoing” that President Trump allegedly committed.  

That, in fact, is exactly what the acting DNI told Atkinson when he declined to pass the complaint on to Congress.

Despite that this was never a complaint that should have been considered by the ICIG, Atkinson nevertheless (allegedly) investigated the complaint, reportedly questioning the whistleblower’s anonymous sources, and passed the complaint on to acting DNI Maguire as “credible” and “urgent.”

Now we have learned from Atkinson’s testimony behind closed doors during the Nancy Pelosi Star Chamber Incredible Impeachment Inquiry that Atkinson did not know  when he determined that the complaint was credible and urgent that the whistleblower first had taken his complaint to all of these other people, including only Democrats on the HPSCI, before the complaint was ever made to the ICIG.

The whistleblower form required  the whistleblower to disclose in detail (names and dates) any and all previous disclosures made of his allegations, reportedly under penalty of perjury:

The bottom of the form requires the complainant to swear to the truth of everything asserted or the person could face prosecution for a false statement, a felony that could earn one five years in prison.

The Federalist confirmed with an official that the box about notifying Congress was left empty.

It is not clear exactly when the contact with the aide was made or whether there were potentially other contacts. But the contact with the aide, who told the whistleblower to go the ICIG obviously preceded filling out the form for the ICIG, hence the problem.

Atkinson sent two letters to the HPSCI, which can be read here. The first letter was sent on September 9, 2019. The second letter, sent on September 17, states that the acting DNI had not given the ICIG authorization to inform the HPSCI even basic information about the subject of the complaint. So we are to believe that as of Sept. 17, Schiff should have had no idea what this complaint was about.

Oddly enough, though, on Sept. 9, the very day Atkinson sent the first letter, Schiff and company announced in a press release:

Three House Committees Launch Wide-Ranging Investigation into Trump-Giuliani Ukraine Scheme 

Engel, Schiff, and Cummings Demand Records about Efforts to Pressure Ukraine’s Government to Assist Trump’s Reelection Campaign

Further down in the press release was this nugget:

According to the Ukrainian government, in a July 25, 2019 call with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President Trump apparently focused on these investigations, telling President Zelenskyy that he is “convinced the new Ukrainian government will be able to quickly improve [the] image of Ukraine, [and] complete [the] investigation of corruption cases, which inhibited the interaction between Ukraine and the USA.”  

We all know now that Schiff did already know the content of the so-called whistleblower complaint, but didn’t Atkinson think it curious that Schiff made this announcement on the very day that he first advised Schiff of the whistleblower complaint but not the content of the complaint?

Representative Nunes didn’t know what Schiff knew. Apparently, if we’re to believe Atkinson, he didn’t know either.

It’s curious, isn’t it, that the press release says that the Ukrainian government is the source of the information about President Trump’s phone call with their president? It’s also curious, isn’t it, that one of Schiff’s “staffers” traveled to Ukraine the last week of August. While there, did the staffer interfere in President Trump’s foreign relations with Ukraine? Was the staffer obstructing investigations being carried out by Attorney General Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham?

How exactly did three Democrats on House committees learn the content of the President’s call with the Ukrainian president from the “Ukrainian government?” Or did they?

In any case, ICIG Atkinson knows now that the whistleblower was not forthcoming when he filed his complaint. He knows the whistleblower deliberately neglected to properly fill out the form, omitting his contacts with HPSCI staff and possibly Democrat members of the committee, as well. Dates and names were required, under penalty of perjury.

Knowing that the whistleblower was less than honest on the complaint form, does Atkinson still consider the complaint “credible?” Does it occur to him that, at best, he was duped by partisans?

How could a seasoned investigator not know or suspect that he was being used by partisans?

What now, Mr. Atkinson?

Are you going to reopen the investigation into this entire whistleblower fiasco, given the consequences that are now playing out to the detriment of our country?

Are you going to blow the whistle on the entire Democrat-devised scheme?

Are you going to declare that the whistleblower, having lied by omission on the form, has no right to immunity or anonymity, especially considering the repercussions that have ensued, to the detriment of all?

Are you going to take steps to see that the whistleblower is disciplined for not following the correct procedure, investigated for possibly passing on classified and privileged information outside the rules of the intelligence community to unauthorized persons, and investigated for potential perjury?

Let’s repeat part of that paragraph from the ICIG website:

… It is the duty of all persons in service of the United States … to give the earliest information to … proper authority of any misconduct, frauds or misdemeanors committed by any officers or persons in the service of these states, which comes to their knowledge.

To whom has ICIG Atkinson reported the now obvious misconduct/fraud of the so-called whistleblower?

Will there be an investigation into the origins of the scheme to misuse the whistleblower statute to initiate Nancy Pelosi’s Star Chamber Incredible Impeachment Inquiry?

What is the full extent of the role that ICIG Atkinson played in this entire process? Will that be investigated by acting DNI Maguire?

Will the whistleblower be punished for failing to tell the ICIG the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

We the People deserve to know the truth when 6 committee heads are trying to negate the votes of 63,000,000 citizens.


152 responses to “What Next from the ICIG?

  1. BALTIMORE (AP) — Maryland Rep. Elijah E. Cummings
    a powerful congressman leading Trump probe, .. Has DIED



    interesting …. LIKE BIDEN???
    Cummings underwent surgery to repair his Aortic valve in May 2017 and
    was absent from Capitol Hill for two months. In July 2017, he developed a surgery-related infection but returned to work.[45] Cummings was later hospitalized for a knee infection.[46]

  2. & HOW DO U …Like Your “TOAST” ….. BURNT BADLY ?

    Biden’s Toast — & the B I G – Bucks Dem D-onor$ ……. Know IT
    ….by Thomas Lifson


    Keep in mind that the media and fellow Democrats are still refusing to acknowledge the ethical issues of a druggie son raking in millions of dollars from corrupt-looking foreign sources while his dad is point man for U.S. policy on their nations. But the donor class doesn’t need Anderson Cooper to tell it that this sort of arrangement will not pass muster in November next year. They don’t want to waste their money on a candidate who won’t be able to deliver favors for them from the Oval Office. The stink of death around his campaign is unmistakable now.

  3. 2 0 ~ UN – Asked Questions AT the Democrats’ Debate …JOKE-JOKE!


    These are only SOME of the Issues that are actually being raised by the base of the Democratic Party, & it is easy to see why the DNC has chosen a COMP-liant Media to Make Sure these issues NEVER EVER ….. get raised in a Forum >>> that all Americans are likely to view. <<< ha' O' SURE!

    • I actually read a “fact check” of the DemoncRAT debate in a rabid progressive rag called a newspaper. Believe it or not, they actually told the truth about a lot of things, even to the point of admitting that global warming is “NOT” an “existential” threat to humans. WTF? Do they think that NOW we’re going to come back to save their dying companies if they at least PRETEND to be fair? It won’t last, so don’t believe it.

  4. Freeze Tag ? Red Rover – Sly Fox – Simon Says “MOTHER MAY I” ? ha’
    Duck Duck Goose – Red Light Green Light? DIRT is ALL U HAVE NANCY
    SILLY SILLY SILLY ….FOOL ….RUN ….RUN … RUN away faster …

    • Hardly. This is just another example of the FAKE NEWS and how their memes work. The TRUTH is that she was the one having the meltdown. Who’s the person who lost her cool and stood up and stuck her finger in the PRESIDENT’S face? (Remember when a Republican woman did that to BARRY? OMG. Such disrespect of the president and the office. How things change. How media MEMES change. Was what awful is now wonderful and admirable.) Like everything else, their meme is a big fail. People will see what they WANT to see and side with whom they WANT to side. Half with Trump. Half with Pelosi. Nothing changes except the memes and the hypocritical judgments.

  5. YEP … DEVIL’s $TEW!!! …. with Sour Dough? …

    CNN boss: We’ve sold ourselves to the devil … & MANY MORE HAVE DONE the SAME …SHAME if U think U R an AMERICAN ….F-U’ ALL!!!

    Undercover journalist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas on Thursday released a third round of secretly recorded video clips documenting CNN’s political bias, this time feature a death wish for President Trump and an admission that the network has sold itself to the devil.


    • This is good but I do wish there were a lot more. That poor guy lost his career for THIS? Give him kudos for the wire. Give them raspberries for letting him go. But this really reveals nothing more than what we already knew. It’s CONFIRMATION that they’re being run from the top by a Trump-hater who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about unbiased “news.” But sadly it’s a private company and on cable. The only thing they MIGHT be able to get him on is campaign finance law violations. Is this not one big YUGE in-kind donation to the DemoncRAT party?

  6. trader in CHIEF? HEY, JOE how GOOD does Barry SMELL NOW????

    But here we are, with foreigner Trudeau getting that coveted Obama endorsement. Pretty insulting to wretched old Joe, who’s still waiting for his.

    • Those lefties sure stick together. I guess ole black-face needed the imprimatur of another “black” face to help him out after his faux pas.

    • I have already considered that when she makes her big show of “praying for the President’s safety” that she’s sending a dog whistle to him and/or perhaps to his wife and family, to encourage them to persuade him to get out while he still can. Then we have Tom Arnold alluding to how “they” came for and took out another POTUS (as the conspiracy theory goes, wasn’t it the CIA?) WTF did Biden mean about the 17th? We know he gets all mixed up. He called Syria IRAQ in the last debate, so …

  7. PERFECT June 10 -12.. 2020 ‘ ha’ ..I DIG IT!!! GOT IT!!! SHOW IT!!!

    Trump National Doral Gold Course & Resort
    ….. (Photo credit: Andreas Sandberg)

    But it’s not Just Trump who would be “giving up” something, it is THE People of the United States. You See, hosting the leaders of the other 6 largest advanced economies of the world at a property personally owned by Trump inevitably impresses them with his personal capabilities, guts, & strength. They know perfectly well that he didn’t acquire this site by political power, the way, for instance President Putin acquired his wealth. They know that his is a man who acquired huge impressive wealth the old-fashioned way: he earned it. And he earned it in a field that is highly competitive & risky, real estate development.
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook


  8. President Trump is DO-ing an Excellent job for O U R Country!
    Jobs, jobs, job,
    Tax cuts
    Building the wall
    Cutting regulations
    Getting our soldiers out of endless wars
    Prison reform
    Booming economy
    Cleaning out the swamp & MO’ & Mo’ LOTS MORE!!!

  9. Schiff Caught >>>> tampering with another witness …
    ….by Monica Showalter

    Adam Schiff is A T >>>> it Again, Tampering with Witnesses.

    Lap -Dog SHIFTY DICK headed FOOL
    : a dog that is S M A L L minded’ enough to be held in a person’s Lap
    : a Weak person who is >>> Controlled by Some- 1 >>>> else

    Yesterday, he got caught Trying to shove words into a witness’s Mouth, to make him say things he Didn’t want to say. I wrote about that here.<

    Today, he's doing something just as Bad, getting together with other witnesses & working out a pre-coordinated story for the coming show trial.

    • I’m not sure it’s tampering or that they’re “witnesses.” This whole thing is scripted and the “witnesses” are simply actors who got the parts. WHEN, if ever, will Barr BUST THIS WHOLE SCHEME WIDE OPEN? We’re waiting, Atty. Gen. Barr.

      When I read a news story that said it’s was “almost as if” Taylor was trying to build a paper trail to the “conditionality,” then I knew that’s exactly what he was doing, the media and Schiff et al KNEW it, that he was deliberately planning it (in the same way that Mifsud (or was it Downer) deliberately put his phone in Papadopoulos’s face to record him; wait, it was Halper), and that’s EXACTLY WHY Sonderland (is that the name?) told him to CALL HIM instead of texting that explosive kind of B.S.

      This, as with the Russia collusion thing, was a SCHEME, a DEEP STATE STING, using “assets” to create an illusion of “collusion” in order to throw this president out of office. It’s nothing other than Russia Collusion 2.0, Ukrainian redux. Instead of Mifsud and Downer and Halper, we have Deep State (Dept. of State), Obama-appointees or holdovers playing the role of honey pot, asset, operative, SPY. There’s nothing there but their job was to CREATE AN ILLUSION that there is something there. That’s why the strained but very explicit line, “Are we now saying that security assistance and WH meetings are CONDITIONED on investigations?” That text was on 9/1/19, so AFTER the meeting with Schiff’s colluder minions.

      He was probably under orders (from Schiff et al) to SPELL IT OUT CLEARLY TO GET SONDERLAND ON THE RECORD and to make it APPEAR AS IF that was what’s going on. However, like Papadopoulos, Sonderland did NOT bite and immediately put the LIE to what Taylor was alluding to. Read the texts and you can see how DUPLICITOUS this guy is/was. https://apps.npr.org/documents/document.html?id=6453863-Ukraine-Texts-100319

      Also NOTE: These are selected texts taken out of context.

      • From the Breitbart story:

        “Itinerary for a trip to Ukraine in August organized by the Atlantic Council think tank reveals that a staffer on Rep. Adam Schiff’s House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence held a meeting during the trip with acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor, now a key witness for Democrats pursuing impeachment.

        The Atlantic Council is funded by and works in partnership with Burisma, the natural gas company at the center of allegations regarding Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

        Taylor has been called by House Democrats to appear next week to provide a deposition as part of the investigation being led by Schiff into President Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

        Taylor himself has evidenced a close relationship with the Burisma-funded Atlantic Council, writing analysis pieces published on the Council’s website and serving as a featured speaker for the organization’s events. He also served for nine years as senior advisor to the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council, which has co-hosted scores of events with the Atlantic Council.

        As Breitbart News reported, Thomas Eager, a staffer on Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee, took a trip to Ukraine in August billed as a bipartisan “Ukraine Study Trip” in which ten Congressional staffers participated.

        Eager is also currently a fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Congressional Fellowship, a bipartisan program that says it “educates congressional staff on current events in the Eurasia region.” The pre-planned Ukraine trip was part of the fellowship program.

        Burisma in January 2017 signed a “cooperative agreement” with the Council to specifically sponsor the organization’s Eurasia Center, the same center that sponsored Eager’s Ukraine trip.

        A closer look at the itinerary for the August 24 to August 31 trip shows that the delegation’s first meeting upon arrival in Ukraine was with Taylor. …”

        And about a week later, on Sept. 1, Taylor tried to gaslight Sonderland and trick him into saying or alluding to the false allegation that POTUS was doing a quid pro quo of foreign or WH meeting in return for “dirt” on Biden. Keep in mind that Schiff et al knew about the so-called whistleblower and the content of his false allegations BEFORE he made the complaint in early August.

        This is NO coincidence. As we’ve said many times before, in the Obama cabal, there ARE NO COINCIDENCES.

        Here are MORE CRIMES, including one of the biggest: WE THE PEOPLE PAID FOR THIS COUP ON OUR PRESIDENT!

        This trip was put forth as a legitimate act of Congress, their oversight, to go over there but the purpose was to COLLUDE with people ON FOREIGN SOIL to make up this false narrative to try to impeach our president and WE PAID FOR THE TRIP, THEIR FOOD, THEIR LODGING, THE WHOLE SHEBANG.

        So is THIS not a double whammy? Illegal in-kind donations to the DemoncRATS in the 2020 election paid for illegally by monies taken under false pretenses from We the People! Misuse of public funds out the wazoo in order to affect/interfere with the 2020 election for political gain by impeaching the PRESIDENT they CANNOT beat at the polls! Talk about abuse of power and abuse of taxpayer dollars!

  10. ….. yep lava flows hot ….. yikes ….sad times sad..free rides

    IMAGE 1 OF 20 ….
    Migrants walk down Highway 200 en route to Huixtla near Tapachula, Chiapas state, Mexico, Saturday Oct. 12, 2019. Migrants from Africa, Cuba, Haiti, and other Central American countries set off early morning by foot from Tapachula to the southern border of the United States. ……. YIKES!!!

    • Just look at them. They’re NOT Mexicans OR Central Americans. HOW do so many “poor” Africans get plane flights from Africa to Brazil? How can they afford to then travel up through all the countries from Brazil to the Mexico/U.S. border? THIS is the sort of thing the CIA needs to be investigating. Who is behind this INVASION of our country? Who’s funding it? Who’s paying for it? The thousands of dollars used to fly to Brazil or anywhere south of our border could EASILY be used instead to settle in another African country IF the reason for “migrating” is persecution requiring asylum. Anything else is just CRIMINAL. They’re fraudsters. They’re liars. They’re being used as tools, USED AS TOOLS, to disrupt, invade, and destroy OUR COUNTRY. This is WAR and our “intelligence community” ought to be working on protecting OUR COUNTRY, as should the Dept. of State and the PENTAGON. What are they doing?

    • If I had the time, I’d do a timeline of this whole Schiff caper. We need somebody to put together the timeline with the texts from the State Dept. to/from Giuliani, etc. Then we’ll see who the collaborators and traitors (yes, I do believe it’s treason) are.

  11. … liked her till ….she TRASHED “MY” Trump …. shame shame…

    Gabbard Threatened to BOY-cott last Tuesday’s presidential debate over
    the article, since the Times co-sponsored the event with CNN. She did not mention Clinton.
    But on Friday, Gabbard let loose: … never BOY-cott WHY DO THAT?

    now RIPS …OLD HILL’ .. go girl go .. BRING “HER” DOWN some MO’

    • Sadly, we cannot believe anything the CIA says, can we? I have my doubts that the “journalist” who’s not a journalist is even dead. Maybe he’s on that island with Loretta Fuddy. That entire story is fishy.

  12. letteRs’ just LETTERS PUT TOGETHER .. 2 Suck-In > the MESSAGE!
    https://www.thedailybeast.com/turkish-president-recep-tayyip-erdogan-i-cannot-forget-trumps-letter ……… More Will Be Revealed …. dig?

  13. … Tayyip Erdoğan ….^^^^^^
    Turkey’s Erdogan ‘threw Trump’s Syria letter in bin’ ….ha’
    still in the same room with U ….BIGBOSS!

  14. John Adams: “May none BUT Honest & Wise men EVER Rule under this roof.”

    “I Pray to heaven to bestow the best of blessings on this house & on ALL
    that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none But honest & wise men Ever rule under this roof.”

    — John Adams, Second President of the United States, Letter to Abigail, November 2, 1800, on moving into the White House

    so MUCH4 that THOUGHT .. don’t hold your BREATH FOLKS! may-B J A

  15. yellow Canary’s ? …..1 by 1 ….. + comments …

    Tulsi Gabbard: Canary in the Democratic Coal Mine
    The imminent demise of her presidential campaign portends disaster for her party.


  16. LOVE this MAN! ….YES I DO … GO TRUMP GO!

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