Insurance Policy 2.0?

A curious story caught my eye this morning, hot on the heels of the release of the FISA abuse report. From this new and quite interesting story:

House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) on Friday subpoenaed Acting DNI Chief Joseph Maguire and accused him of illegally withholding a whistleblower complaint from Congress that could potentially be covering up the president’s misconduct.
[emphasis added to quotes]

Somehow, Schiff knows much about this whistleblower complaint, although the story doesn’t tell us how he knows and the curiously incurious reporter apparently didn’t ask how he knew.

Schiff goes on to make incendiary and speculative allegations, perhaps to further a narrative for the mainstream media:

The Committee can only conclude, based on this remarkable confluence of factors, that the serious misconduct at issue involves the President of the United States and/or other senior White House or Administration officials.

The complaint was allegedly filed last month. Another story provides more detail (if details can be trusted, which isn’t a given, considering the source):

Schiff indicated that he learned the matter involved “potentially privileged communications by persons outside the Intelligence Community,” raising the specter that it is “being withheld to protect the President or other Administration officials.”

How did Schiff learn this? Again, the reporter didn’t ask or at least didn’t bother to report the answer.

Curiously, Schiff’s letter to the acting DNI (Director of National Intelligence) specifically says that the whistleblower was inside the intelligence community (IC) and that the person came forward in order to get the information to Schiff’s committee.

Reading between the lines, it appears that someone outside the intelligence community shared privileged or classified information with someone inside the intelligence community, which caused that person to try to get the information to Schiff’s committee using the whistleblower process.

Apparently, Schiff learned about the existence of the complaint from the IC Inspector General (IC IG), who apparently wrote that the complaint is “credible” and of “urgent concern;” but did the IC IG include all the details that Schiff seems to know? Reportage doesn’t elaborate.

Might there be another explanation for how Schiff conveniently knows so much about the complaint? Might that be in the same way that Democrats seemed to know all about the so-called “Russian dossier” before its existence was leaked to a complicit media?

Is this yet another case of planting “evidence?” Is this “insurance policy” 2.0?

Who might be the whistleblower? Does that person within the intelligence community have an ax to grind?

Who might be the whistleblower’s anonymous source? The mysterious someone who is (now?) outside the intelligence community and who allegedly discussed potentially privileged communications and/or classified information with the anonymous someone within the intelligence community? What sort of ax might that person outside the intelligence community have to grind?

Why does it seem as if Schiff already knows the answers but needs some way, any way, to get all these second-hand, possibly third-hand, allegations to a complicit media?

Who might the person with classified or potentially privileged information be? Perhaps someone who was formerly in the Trump administration? Perhaps formerly in the Obama administration?

Perhaps someone who famously and openly did an about-face in his opinions about the President only last month? Perhaps someone featured in a Washington Post article on August 15, talking about his sudden epiphany? Perhaps someone who was courted and wooed by the media, treated like an old pal, once he “saw the light” about Trump?

Coats and Comey. Both were once privy to privileged and classified information. Would they now no longer be considered part of the intelligence community?

Are the State Department and its employees outside the intelligence community? Something to ponder considering a report out today about how

there was a rush by State Department officials to get classified information into the hands of anti-Trump senators before inauguration day in 2017.

Whatever the case, whoever the insider and outsider are, here we have many of the usual players who were heavily invested and similarly involved in the rollout of the Trump/Russia collusion meme, part of the “insurance policy” that was critical to the resistance to the administration of President Trump.

Now many of the same players are involved in this new mysterious controversy.

This is election season. As noted above, the FISA abuse report was just released, putting pressure on some of these usual suspects, some of whom stand to be discredited and embarrassed, if not worse, by revelations in that report and reports to come. Time is running out for the resistance.

Is it coincidence that Schiff has suddenly learned somehow the details of a mysterious complaint, made by an anonymous person in the intelligence community, concerning privileged and/or classified information that he or she obtained from another anonymous person outside the intelligence community, right now, at this point in time?

Could it be that Schiff knew all about the complaint before it was even made? If so, then how did he know?

Is this just another dirty trick designed to damage the President, once again, by innuendo, using the particulars of the whistleblower law, twisting the law into pretzels, knowing that the content would, by necessity and perhaps by law, have to be kept secret, as well as the identities of the whistleblower and his or her anonymous source? All to keep We the People from learning the truth and discerning the motives of everyone involved?

Schiff can speculate, without any evidence, about what “could be” in the complaint, who it “could be” about, and the dutifully complicit media gleefully report the story as if his speculation has foundation in fact. 

Anybody who’s closely followed how the Trump/Russia collusion narrative began and played out over the past few years has to see the parallels between this new story about a “whistleblower complaint” and early stories about Trump colluding with the Russians.

At the time, many felt that the Trump/Russia collusion narrative was ridiculous, seemingly coming out of left field with no evidence whatsoever to back it up. It was ridiculous as the years-long special counsel investigation finally proved. Yet the narrative served its purpose. The damage to the President’s administration was real and is ongoing. The first suggestion of the Trump/Russia narrative was only a hint of what was to come. Is this new controversy more of the same?

President Trump’s opponents, as we have seen many times over the past few years, are not above using any trick in their dirty book or twisting any law they can in order to try to oust the President by any means necessary.

What’s behind this latest ploy? Who’s behind it and why? Why now?

In my opinion, the entire thing stinks of planted “evidence” and dirty tricks.

What say you?



113 responses to “Insurance Policy 2.0?

  1. THANK U .. “SCOTT” McNealy ..all is GREAT on that TRUMP TRAIN! …a local rag story …. WE LOVE TRUMP!!! or I DO !!!

    ~ Nick says:
    What’s disgusting is the Obama administration’s illegal surveillance of Donald Trump to benefit the corrupt Hillary Clinton. Watergate was nothing compared to this criminal conspiracy. Or how the Democrats and the mass media have demonized President Trump in a way that even Hitler or Stalin never were. Judging by the photos the Post has published though the characterization of the protesters seems to be unfair, they’re just losers.

  2. >> Mr. Schiff > Mr. Schiff < has said that none of the previous directors of national intelligence, a position created in 2004, had ever refused to provide a whistle-blower complaint to Congress.

  3. …”ALL in the FAMILY” ???

    Fitton said investigators must examine Omar’s tax returns for other falsifications.
    Fitton said the apparent sham marriage may have been motivated by student loan fraud as well as making it easier for Elmi to immigrate to the U.S. Elmi had British citizenship when he came from London, married Omar, and enrolled in North Dakota State University with her, Omar has said.

    Despite Omar saying her short-lived husband was long-lost, he can be tied even this year to other members of Omar’s family. Omar’s sister Sahra Noor, who ran a high-profile nonprofit in Minnesota, this year created a new consultancy in Kenya. Elmi, who works in digital media, appears to have created its Instagram account. Code discovered by Steinberg shows that Elmi’s name is in the source code of the website.

  4. HUGE WIN! ~ Federal Judge BLOCKS …..” California LAW ”

    Requiring TRUMP to Disclose Tax Returns Order to Appear on
    ….. 2020 Primary Ballot !!!

    ~ BakersfieldRedneck •
    CA is an open primary state. Meaning the top two finishers in the primary, regardless of party, run against each other in the general election. By keeping Trump off the primary ballot, Republican voter turnout will be very low. That will result in the flipping of more House seats which is the true intention of keeping Trump off the ballot. Trump can’t win in this state but they might be able to steal McCarthy and Devin Nunes’ seats.

    ~ Alistair Wentworth •
    Ha, still not Tired Mr. President. The winning just keeps getting Better.

    ~ Sierra • Imagine for a moment that California Turns RED Again.

  5. GETTING …DUFFUS’ … ha’ ..> BIDEN …RE- MOVED!!! with HELP
    from the BACK … DOOR ..blame TRUMP??? REALLY??? get REAL

  6. a “NEW DAY” new mind-blower BUSTED for JUST WHAT??? dress up day
    I think the sick world of SWITCHING SEXES …is the MOST CON-CERN! ???

    • Excellent juxtaposition, Zenway!

      First, it was blacks who were offended by blackface because of the connection to old time and racist minstrel shows. Ok. Fair enough.

      But please explain, progressives, why that’s now transferred to “brownface”? If it’s just that nobody who’s not of a certain color can wear makeup that makes them another color, why is it that blacks can wear whiteface? Why is it that they can take roles that were played by whites BECAUSE THE STORY WAS ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE AND CAME FROM WHITE CULTURE? Can white girls play Pocahontas? If not, then why not?

      About Trudeau, though: what is it with these liberals? Why are so many of them caught in instances like that? When’s the last time anybody reading this dressed up as a person of another race and wore makeup to darken or whiten their face?


  8. Trump Repeatedly Pressed Ukraine President to Investigate …
    … Biden’$ $on …MILLIONS in his POCKET …4 WHAT????

    • Turns out none of that is true. POTUS said that those in the administration who read the complaint LAUGHED about it because they know how specious it is! The person who ratted to the “whistleblower,” whoever either was, obviously didn’t have all the information and jumped to conclusions because they WANTED THEIR CONCLUSIONS TO BE TRUE.

  9. Trump Repeatedly Pressed Ukraine President to Investigate …
    … Biden’$ $on …MILLIONS in his POCKET …4 WHAT????

    • Just as I suspected, another “insurance policy” and FAKE “collusion” narrative, including the LIE that he was trying to “interfere in the election.” These people are so transparent. They make me SICK and the media still persist in acting AS IF they got him now! The Dept. of State set up Giuliani’s meeting with Ukraine. Ukraine REACHED OUT TO TRUMP about the DemoncRATS and evidence against all of them that Ukraine wanted to get to the Trump administration. The president of Ukraine wanted the phone call. Trump is THE ONLY PERSON AUTHORIZED BY THE CONSTITUTION TO CONDUCT FOREIGN POLICY.

      For someone in the “intelligence community” who allegedly “worked in the White House” to SPY ON THE PRESIDENT AND THEN TRY TO PASS ON CLASSIFIED INFORMATION TO OTHERS is, imho, at least, a CRIME. It’s treason.


      The “whistleblower” according to CNN suddenly wasn’t privy to, didn’t have first hand knowledge, (they say now) of whatever it was Trump said on the phone call. THIS IS A SWITCH, and it’s not believable, because now they know that it would be illegal for that person to HAVE such knowledge (iow was spying on POTUS) OR because whoever told that person about the “privileged” and “classified” information (just as with the Trump/Putin call early on in the administration) BROKE THE LAW by passing the information to ANYONE.

      So is Barr going to find out WHO it was who passed this information to the so-called “whistleblower?”

      It makes perfect sense that the whistleblower can’t use the IC whistleblower law to get illegally obtained and classified information to Congress because he’s not blowing the whistle on anything except HEARSAY and none of it concerns the ODNI, the “intelligence community” or the IG of the IC. You’re protected as a whistleblower when you report on something untoward that you learn in the course of doing YOUR JOB and which involves the AGENCY WHERE YOU WORK. It’s not to pass on gossip to partisans in Congress, by distorting laws, in order to continue to try to “resist” the duly elected president.

      It’s a real shame for the resistance that Trump is POTUS. As such, whether they like it or not, he gets to BE PRESIDENT. We didn’t like it when Obama was running things, was privy to state secrets and all that entails, but we had to grin and bear it because WE at least respect the system and (ineligible though we know he was) he got inaugurated and that was that.

  10. DROP-in’ like DIRTY FLIES …on a COW- PLOP!
    GREAT the super DICK also GONE ….YEP ha’


    Soros and the ‘whistleblower’ non-scandal ??????
    By …. Thomas Lifson
    Oh, boy, hold onto your hats. The latest propaganda campaign to discredit President Trump has Soros roots, according to someone in the know that I trust.
    Victoria Toensing is not given to empty charges (or empty threats).
    The extremely knowledgeable and well connected D.C. super-lawyer took to Twitter yesterday to let us know that the fine hand of Soros is at work, and the she knows what is going on and will enlighten us in due time:

    • Does it surprise anyone? This, as I suspected, is another Trump/Russia FAKE NEWS narrative. Another “insurance policy.”

      Is it any surprise, either, that the dud of a worldwide protest against “global warming” is stage managed by the same cabal, including Barry, with whom the little Nordic “schoolgirl” cum progressive tool met this past week?

      Another SOROS creation!

      So let’s make a guess about the REAL TRUTH behind the “denaturalizations.” Is it that Trump is deliberately going after “people of color” to take away their “citizenship” OR is it that these and many, many more are illegally obtained specious “citizenships” through fraud, false papers, outright lying AND more specifically because the Obama administration LOOKED THE OTHER WAY AND ENCOURAGED FRAUD INSTEAD OF FINDING AND PUNISHING IT, because they wanted the voters?

      Is the REAL SCANDAL that Obama, through his policies, ALLOWED FRAUDULENT CITIZENSHIPS TO BE HANDED OUT WILLY NILLY? Now that’s what I suspect. Let’s see if research proves it.

      About Biden: The new conspiracy theory about this whistleblower B.S. being designed to torpedo Biden from the nomination (a la the anti-Sanders, Hillary-approved dirty tricks in the 2016 primary) makes some sense. Despite his obvious problems with mental acuity, he was still leading the pack until this came up.

      They have trained the lamestream to NEVER go after DemoncRATS. We’ll see if the media do go after Biden now. I see no evidence of it, though. Perhaps it’s a rope a dope.

      They want him taken down. They want his scandal revealed so he is taken down. But THEY don’t want THEIR hands on it. When it comes out, they want to blame TRUMP, because that will make the Biden supporters still support DemoncRATS. If they want Biden, they’re not likely to vote for people who torpedoed his campaign. So DemoncRATS don’t want their fingerprints on it. Makes some sense. As I said, I haven’t seen the lamestream going after this Biden corruption, though.

      It’s true, though, that ANY TIME you do see the media going after a DemoncRAT, it’s because they’ve gotten their marching orders from the Party because the DNC wants the person out.

      There’s an example right now in St. Louis, where one of Soros’s hand-picked non-prosecuting prosecutors is on the verge of being either ousted for incompetency and corruption OR not being reelected. Suddenly, after several years, the local paper, which always defended Soros’s gal, has run a very critical (of the prosecutor) op-ed by a woman who opposed her for the job (and lost) and the paper is also jumping on the band wagon with their own op-eds and anti-prosecutor news articles.

      The writing should be on the wall. The local DemoncRATS are abandoning the non-prosecutor in droves. They’re lining up behind her likely opponent in the next election. THIS is all because ordinarily nobody runs against an incumbent, the Republicans NEVER run candidates in the city’s elections (NEVER!), and they want to make sure their favored candidate gets the nomination. The woman, btw, is white and will be replacing a black woman. My guess is that either they know a Republican MAY decide to run against the non-prosecutor OR a black man who the Party and the media don’t like is planning to run. Time will tell. But it’s a given: IF the media attack any DemoncRAT, it’s only because they want to replace that person with another hand-picked DemoncRAT.

    • what a azz he is & has always BEEN …thanks Jodi ..I DITTO

    • Nunes made a great point, something I thought about, too, yesterday: IF the new standard is that Congress should get transcripts of conversations that a president has with other foreign leaders, then let’s make it fair–we want all the transcripts of every phone call and conversation Barry ever had with ANY foreign leader, but especially, say, with Putin, the head of Ukraine, leaders of the “Five Eyes” countries, etc. How about with the Indonesia leaders? Kenyan leaders? You know, anybody who might shed light on his real background? How about conversations with the head of the Hawaii Dept. of Health?

      Transparency means transparency. We don’t have one set of rules for Republican presidents and another for DemoncRAT presidents. ALL transcripts to be sent to Congress IMMEDIATELY (no waiting 20 to 50 years). NOW! If Trump’s conversations are vetted in real time, then Barry’s can be vetted RIGHT NOW, too.

  12. Ukraine foreign minister Defends Trump’s call with Zelenskiy ….

    “I know what the conversation was about and I think there was no pressure,” Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko told the Hromadske media outlet. “There was talk, conversations are different, leaders have the right to discuss any problems that exist. This conversation was long, friendly, and it touched on many questions, sometimes requiring serious answers.”


  13. The President on Saturday embraced the parallels to the 2016 campaign
    and predicted he would prevail again in 2020.

    Trump said the latest allegations from a government whistleblower are “just as ridiculous as the others,” branding it “the Ukraine Witch Hunt” — a nod to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, which he mocked as a “witch hunt.”

    >>>>>>> “Will fail again!” Trump tweeted.

  14. HAVE the RALLY …On SAT. ? I get the RULES .. ? as the fool says they
    did nothing WRONG? really? Do U Not WANT 2 GET IT? All is fair ..just
    don’t pick & chose the “RULES” U WANT ONLY! PS.. U got it in the daily
    NEWS ….so that part is extra cool enough! .. YES! > GO TRUMP GO !!

    ~ Nonya Damn Biz overboosted ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ •
    My son allowed himself to be brainwashed, so when he told me one evening at the dinner table he was Triggered by my Trump Support I requested him to move his 18 year old azz>>>> out of My house.
    …DAD I don’t have any money and no job. I said THAT is your problem
    now get the FUUUKK out and do not come back until you have your Head Screwed on tight.
    He was out the next day, I moved all his crap to the lawn and had a lock smith change all the locks that was three weeks ago, and he’s still Whining about it.<<<> GREAT PARENTS … STAND UP U R the PARENTS!
    ~ muzzleloader Nonya Damn Biz •
    You did good, dad. My twin boys were raised as conservatives, and glad to say they are cleaving to it. ….. sweet!!! cleave ON!!!

    • That’s one way to get an education to counteract the propaganda that passes for education in the school the son attended. Such a great education, too. Think about it. This spoiled brat expected that he could disrespect his father in his own house and dad would have to suck it up and what? Not mention his support for Trump lest the freeloading son get “triggered?” Typical liberal “logic”. Dad is supposed to cater to son by giving up his own rights to free speech, free association, free thought. The LEAST the kid might do is respect his father’s rights and in his own house! At least he gave the kid the option to come back when his head was right.

    • In THEORY, I actually agree with the school that kids shouldn’t be political at school. The DEVIL is in the details, though. EQUAL ENFORCEMENT is what’s required and it doesn’t happen. People “of color” are allowed to do everything that white cheerleaders are forbidden to do. Obama paraphernalia? Fine. TEACHERS are allowed not only to express political sentiments but also to do it under the guise of TEACHING “social justice.” NOTHING HAPPENS TO ANY OF THEM. Therefore, it’s not a rule unless it applies EQUALLY to all. In this case, I’ll bet you anything that that school allowed pro-Obama stuff on campus, in photos, at games, etc. It’s probably all over bulletin boards in the schools right now. Would be interesting to see if there WAS (maybe still is) a photo of a President Obama but NONE of President Trump. I’d be interested to see how many public schools prior to Jan. 2017 had photos of the president but who took down Obama’s and never put up Trump’s.

  15. LEFT ..>SHIFT! … at it AGAIN & again & AGAIN! … what DICKS …

    Biden ..lied .BUTT’ of course he did … again .. O’ so SILLY that dude IS!

    ~ proreason •
    Either Creepy Joe is overwhelmingly stupid OR overwhelmingly corrupt.
    ~ ^^^ … imho, both …4 sure as the Sun comes UP each day
    ~ CrisBCT proreason •
    Straight out of the AlinskY playbook. Dims and the MSM accuse President Trump of lying >> when it’s Biden who’s >> not telling the truth. !!!
    ~ re: Biden’s claim that he had >>“never” spoken to his son Hunter about his business interests overseas (from the article) REALLY? Y NOT ?
    …~ coming up – Biden WILL …. Deny having a Son,
    ~ Creepy Joe would tell any lie in his >> Quest to become president.
    TRUMP 2020!

    …thank God he’s soon knocked OUT of the RING!!! as he’s NO Cassius CLAY …. BUTT’ may have got HIT in the noggin FAR …2 often ..such a “tomato can” comparing him 2 OUR “Can Crusher” Trump>in his dreams

  16. Amazing!!! >> Rasmussen show 52% Approval for President Trump!
    Corrupt Media >> covers it U P !
    Real Clear Poll average >> Hides it! ….. Spread the Word!

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-seven percent (47%) disapprove. …lots 2 read HERE …

  17. GOT GAS??? cory just got shorter … perfect…
    It looks like it’s another farewell to another Democratic nothingburger.

    But he’s black and he can’t make a go of the upper middle class background he really has. So he pretends to be things he is not. His child-of-the-streets persona, exemplified in his supposed friendship with a drug dealer named
    ….’T-Bone’ story was fake.

    His Spartacus moment made him ridiculous, everyone knows he’s nothing like Spartacus. And the little stunts he pulled around it were completely fake grand standings.

    The vegan candidate’s talk of his testosterone was not just too much information, it kind of stretched the imagination.

    And like Kamala Harris, he was out there yelling ‘lynching’ in the Jussie Smollett case, glomming onto fake news for a fake cause in a bid for real political hay. There are plenty of real causes out there but he preferred the fake one.

    There was also the lingering question of whether the unmarried Booker was a closeted gay, something voters probably wonder about whether it’s any of their beeswax or not. Booker has been accused of sexual harassment by a man, after all, and has come out pretty loudly in favor of transgender rights. …LALALA …. later … MO’ will be revealed …. 4 sure!

  18. >>>>> The Crisis Obama Let Go to Waste !!! ..NOT ON his GAME???
    In a 2008 speech in which Obama attempted to justify Jeremiah Wright’s irrational hatred, he said, “At times, that anger is exploited by politicians, to gin up votes along racial lines, or to make up for a politician’s own failings.” Never before has a poker player so inadvertently revealed his own hand. When Obama spoke those words, he was no doubt doing what he does best: thinking of himself ….!!!

    After Trayvon Martin was shot by Afro-Peruvian (AKA “white Hispanic”) George Zimmerman, Obama intoned, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” This implies that Martin was shot because he was black, and not because he was repeatedly pummeling Zimmerman’s head into the pavement. Even Eric Holder’s investigation concluded otherwise.

  19. YEP …GREASE BALLS 4 Sure! so slimy so small MINDED ..O’ !
    The state of the Democratic Party is unlike anything we’ve seen in most of our lifetimes.
    Whether Democrats support Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s strategy of pushing out information until the people start calling for impeachment, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s strategy of ready, fire, aim, or anywhere in between, it’s all coming down to a series of sales pitches. Representative Adam Schiff has a sales pitch. Representative Jerry Nadler has a different one. …..YIKES? JUST so STUPID & WASTE of OUR TIME

  20. >>> Ukraine ‘Bombshell’ Will Explode in Democratic Faces <<< !!!

    They have far more to lose from the “whistleblower” scandal than does
    the president. …R THEY ALL BRAIN DEAD? just 2 kick Biden down the ROAD? … or do they Want BIDEN & SON …2 GET SCORCHED BAD? 1st name is ROBERT!!! H B

  21. Joke of the DaY: Biden won & croaks HA’ then the VP…
    will rule the DAY? now that ALSO is a NIGHT-MARE !

    Plenty of > ? Candidates, But No Stars !
    They want to pummel Trump but can’t do better than this?

    Joe Biden, 76….
    Bernie Sanders, 78
    Elizabeth Warren, 70 …& the REST of them … FALL-in’ Stars!

    At 73, Trump is no spring chicken, but he Exudes a Vitality Biden lacks.

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