Insurance Policy 2.0?

A curious story caught my eye this morning, hot on the heels of the release of the FISA abuse report. From this new and quite interesting story:

House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) on Friday subpoenaed Acting DNI Chief Joseph Maguire and accused him of illegally withholding a whistleblower complaint from Congress that could potentially be covering up the president’s misconduct.
[emphasis added to quotes]

Somehow, Schiff knows much about this whistleblower complaint, although the story doesn’t tell us how he knows and the curiously incurious reporter apparently didn’t ask how he knew.

Schiff goes on to make incendiary and speculative allegations, perhaps to further a narrative for the mainstream media:

The Committee can only conclude, based on this remarkable confluence of factors, that the serious misconduct at issue involves the President of the United States and/or other senior White House or Administration officials.

The complaint was allegedly filed last month. Another story provides more detail (if details can be trusted, which isn’t a given, considering the source):

Schiff indicated that he learned the matter involved “potentially privileged communications by persons outside the Intelligence Community,” raising the specter that it is “being withheld to protect the President or other Administration officials.”

How did Schiff learn this? Again, the reporter didn’t ask or at least didn’t bother to report the answer.

Curiously, Schiff’s letter to the acting DNI (Director of National Intelligence) specifically says that the whistleblower was inside the intelligence community (IC) and that the person came forward in order to get the information to Schiff’s committee.

Reading between the lines, it appears that someone outside the intelligence community shared privileged or classified information with someone inside the intelligence community, which caused that person to try to get the information to Schiff’s committee using the whistleblower process.

Apparently, Schiff learned about the existence of the complaint from the IC Inspector General (IC IG), who apparently wrote that the complaint is “credible” and of “urgent concern;” but did the IC IG include all the details that Schiff seems to know? Reportage doesn’t elaborate.

Might there be another explanation for how Schiff conveniently knows so much about the complaint? Might that be in the same way that Democrats seemed to know all about the so-called “Russian dossier” before its existence was leaked to a complicit media?

Is this yet another case of planting “evidence?” Is this “insurance policy” 2.0?

Who might be the whistleblower? Does that person within the intelligence community have an ax to grind?

Who might be the whistleblower’s anonymous source? The mysterious someone who is (now?) outside the intelligence community and who allegedly discussed potentially privileged communications and/or classified information with the anonymous someone within the intelligence community? What sort of ax might that person outside the intelligence community have to grind?

Why does it seem as if Schiff already knows the answers but needs some way, any way, to get all these second-hand, possibly third-hand, allegations to a complicit media?

Who might the person with classified or potentially privileged information be? Perhaps someone who was formerly in the Trump administration? Perhaps formerly in the Obama administration?

Perhaps someone who famously and openly did an about-face in his opinions about the President only last month? Perhaps someone featured in a Washington Post article on August 15, talking about his sudden epiphany? Perhaps someone who was courted and wooed by the media, treated like an old pal, once he “saw the light” about Trump?

Coats and Comey. Both were once privy to privileged and classified information. Would they now no longer be considered part of the intelligence community?

Are the State Department and its employees outside the intelligence community? Something to ponder considering a report out today about how

there was a rush by State Department officials to get classified information into the hands of anti-Trump senators before inauguration day in 2017.

Whatever the case, whoever the insider and outsider are, here we have many of the usual players who were heavily invested and similarly involved in the rollout of the Trump/Russia collusion meme, part of the “insurance policy” that was critical to the resistance to the administration of President Trump.

Now many of the same players are involved in this new mysterious controversy.

This is election season. As noted above, the FISA abuse report was just released, putting pressure on some of these usual suspects, some of whom stand to be discredited and embarrassed, if not worse, by revelations in that report and reports to come. Time is running out for the resistance.

Is it coincidence that Schiff has suddenly learned somehow the details of a mysterious complaint, made by an anonymous person in the intelligence community, concerning privileged and/or classified information that he or she obtained from another anonymous person outside the intelligence community, right now, at this point in time?

Could it be that Schiff knew all about the complaint before it was even made? If so, then how did he know?

Is this just another dirty trick designed to damage the President, once again, by innuendo, using the particulars of the whistleblower law, twisting the law into pretzels, knowing that the content would, by necessity and perhaps by law, have to be kept secret, as well as the identities of the whistleblower and his or her anonymous source? All to keep We the People from learning the truth and discerning the motives of everyone involved?

Schiff can speculate, without any evidence, about what “could be” in the complaint, who it “could be” about, and the dutifully complicit media gleefully report the story as if his speculation has foundation in fact. 

Anybody who’s closely followed how the Trump/Russia collusion narrative began and played out over the past few years has to see the parallels between this new story about a “whistleblower complaint” and early stories about Trump colluding with the Russians.

At the time, many felt that the Trump/Russia collusion narrative was ridiculous, seemingly coming out of left field with no evidence whatsoever to back it up. It was ridiculous as the years-long special counsel investigation finally proved. Yet the narrative served its purpose. The damage to the President’s administration was real and is ongoing. The first suggestion of the Trump/Russia narrative was only a hint of what was to come. Is this new controversy more of the same?

President Trump’s opponents, as we have seen many times over the past few years, are not above using any trick in their dirty book or twisting any law they can in order to try to oust the President by any means necessary.

What’s behind this latest ploy? Who’s behind it and why? Why now?

In my opinion, the entire thing stinks of planted “evidence” and dirty tricks.

What say you?



113 responses to “Insurance Policy 2.0?


    More of what we’re up against with progressives who promote a false narrative, all to achieve their political agenda.

    • 1 Key piece of evidence Used Against Zimmerman was a recorded phone call between Diamond Eugene & attorney Benjamin Crump. Eugene had been Martin’s girlfriend & Last person to speak to Martin the night of his death, other than Zimmerman. Crump was representing the Martin Family. That phone Call >>> .. launched a Media-Fueled Frenzy to Arrest ……
      >>> George Zimmerman, prompted .. that .. USURPER dick O’ no
      Obama to.. Equate ? > Trayvon Martin to a hypothetical Obama “son”, > RACE … hustlers like Al Sharpton << CREEPS

      • And to date they’ve gotten away with it. Laws, procedures, rules, policies do NOT apply to anyone with a race card in their pocket.

  2. Can you say, “Dee Loo Shun All?”

    Jimmy cracked corn and Joe don’t care? Corn POP! Pop goes the weasel. Pop goes somebody’s campaign.

    • ~ snarkybeach says: ….. ^^^^
      the media tried to Drag’ sick & infirm Hillary across the finish line. …ha’

      ~ CountryDoc says:
      Problem is, if something happens & POTUS isn’t reelected, Sleepy Joe, won’t be running the country. It will be Handlers? ..again … BAD NEWS!

  3. Is Dianne Feinstein out to kill off Kamala Harris’s presidential bid?
    …Kamala Harris has always been known for her lean & hungry,.. pushy, grabby, ambition, which includes a willingness to $leep her way to the top
    to get what she want$ … dating from her 20s & then just moved onward & uPward.
    That’s not sitting well with California’s lizardy old-money senior Senator, Dianne Feinstein, who knows that establishment well.
    The Feinstein fundraiser, which will channel and suction big money toward Biden, can’t help but come at a cost to Harris. And Feinstein, right in the middle of the Pacific Heights crowd, is lobbing her cannon ball where the funds are richest & Kamala’s ties are tightest.
    It almost looks like a concerted chess move to checkmate the upstart. And given the evidence of Feinstein’s antipathy toward Harris, one can’t help but think …. it’s all intentional.

  4. SILLY BOY…what a FOOL he has SHOWN > USA! .. Thank U “NO”!!!


  5. Transgender Surgery Is the Lobotomy of the 21st Century

    Teachers and administrators are trying to cope with>>> the increasing permutations of >>> mental illness in Young students.

    YEP & WORSE than THAT with a LoBo can Still function as U WERE

  6. 4-EVER TRASH dare she STOP her Zonked out Cheap Trick side show?

  7. I’m still trying to figure out what Schiff is up to. Any ideas?

  8. A little off topic
    You probably heard that someone attacked a Saudi oil processing plant and there were dramatic pictures of raging fires and claims that it was Iran wot done it.
    Now I am not an ordinance analyst but this picture

    at 22:31 in, maybe taken by satellite or maybe not doesn’t look right to me.
    The fires are out and we can see the damage.
    Somebody has helpfully circled the main targets and said 17 points of impact,
    I am looking at the four very large spherical (I guess) gas liquification
    tanks and I am struck by the fact that each one has a neat circular hole pretty much at the same geometrical position on the sphere. It’s not like you were throwing darts and they landed wherever.
    Who would have thought even cruise missiles would be that accurate.
    On a bunch of other smaller tanks the points of impact are again all the same
    but located on the opposite face of the tanks so some of dem missiles must have turned around in flight – guess it was to confuse the enemy.
    To me it looks like somebody maybe stuck magnetic mines on the tanks and then they all punched neat little holes at about the same time.
    Aw shucks, call me one of them conspiracy theorists.
    In computer engineering talk FF abbreviates for flip-flop, a really necessary component in computers. I am thinking here of flip flops!

    • Prior to social media censorship, we probably could have found many experts in ordnance who would have questioned or at least explained it. It does look strange. What excellent aim! This was done by what are probably military-grade drones, so I’d expect they’d have targeting that’s controlled by software. (But did we read or hear that under Obama there were actually drone operators, hundreds or thousands of miles away, targeting the strikes he made on civilians?) Anyway, I did read that the path of the drones was plotted according to the way the strikes happened and they came from the direction of Iran and not Yemen, unless they deliberately took a circuitous route to foil the investigators. Those nice, neat holes ARE bizarre. So what damage did they actually do? So the fuel in the tanks burned off, out of the holes, like a gas jet, leaving the tanks intact? I’d expect explosions, but certainly I’m no expert on any of that, having not had either chemistry or physics at school. All I know is that Saudi Arabia is wealthy, has its own military, has planes and other stuff we sold them (or maybe even gave them), so they’re welcome, imho, to defend themselves and their oil fields. Why should we spend blood and treasure? I’m glad that Trump has returned some of the oil industry to our country. Obama and the other globalists wanted us to be completely dependent, forever, on other countries for critical resources. Obviously, he had the opposite of “America First” and national security in mind. His goal was to MAKE US dependent on foreign countries, and therefore to give them leverage in order that THEY instead of We the People control our government’s actions.

    • What the hell kind of independent and nonpartisan, unbiased “journalism” is this when the people writing the “bombshell report” are the same people who wrote the book and are hawking the book in order to make money off fake news? Their book says they believe the accusers based on “gut instinct” and no evidence, despite that they tried hard (over 75 interviews) to find ANYBODY to back up the allegations of Ford and Ramirez. No luck. Yet they still report as if the false allegations are true. I would love to see how they would individually react if someone made a similar, unsubstantiated allegation about either of them, alleging something that happened decades ago at a drunken party, and then everybody started calling for them to be fired based only on this second or third hand allegation. On the other hand, they dismiss Stormy Daniels’s similarly unsubstantiated claims because, they say, there’s no substantiation or evidence! Sound like reasonable people to you? They “revisited these facts” and yet the end result is that there are NO FACTS that they found! None. They complain about a “rush to judgement” about THEIR BOOK, but not about the rush to judgement that all the DemoncRAT candidates, among others, made when they said this non-story proves Kavanaugh lied and should be impeached. It’s amazing.

      Today, these same women dismiss the so-called victim because, they claim, she doesn’t “remember” the incident because she was drunk! So dismissive. This is like excusing rape because the “victim” is drunk, right? If she was drunk, then probably so was everybody else at the party. But you see, they’ve gotten around that by the new allegation, saying a guy who wasn’t at the party (so we’re supposed to assume HE wasn’t drunk) just happened to walk past the party at the crucial moment and happened to identify Kavanaugh, see that his pants were down, notice OTHER PEOPLE pushing him towards the unidentified “victim” who doesn’t remember this at all, and putting his privates in her face (or somewhere). ALL THIS WITHIN SECONDS as he passed by the doorway. Did he, hero that he is, intervene? Did he say anything? Has he even yet said anything to anyone? No. He ALLEGEDLY told two DEMONCRAT members of Congress, one of whom is a rabid anti-Trump partisan from way back, who ALLEGEDLY told the FBI, who “refused” to investigate. So what are they supposed to investigate? The guy didn’t identify himself. He didn’t make the allegations openly. Still hasn’t and yet people are coming out of the woodwork to say they believe him. Believe what? He hasn’t said anything yet. There are at least two, if not more, people between the guy and the FBI. Would any of those people care to testify under oath and tell us the circumstances of when and how they were told? Why doesn’t the “victim” herself speak up and/or even remember? Could it be that IF this happened, Kavanaugh, being as drunk as the “victim”, was himself a victim? Could bullies have taken a drunken man, pulled down his pants as a joke, and shoved him towards the woman? How reliable is a snapshot impression one gets, with no context, as he walks past an open doorway? What was Stier himself doing that night? Was he also drinking but at another party? How is it he “remembers” so much detail? That is, if he does, since we only have other people’s word that he allegedly said these things? If the woman “victim” gets a pass for being drunk, then why not Kavanaugh? Why couldn’t he be as big of a victim as the woman? Isn’t it known that guys would play tricks on drunken friends, like putting their hands in a bowl of warm water? This is so ridiculous.

      Kavanaugh SHOULD SUE.


    • Remember: She’s supposedly a lawyer, with a law license, sworn to uphold the LAW and the CONSTITUTION and, one would assume, that includes DUE PROCESS and the presumption of INNOCENCE for all accused. This, if nothing else, disqualifies her from the presidency as well as any future job on any judicial bench.

  10. …really I DON’T …she is just as TRICK’ as the REST of the DEMO’S
    mean what U say & say what .. I’M sure “THEY” need 2 hear today ..ha’

  11. BORDER SECURITYNINE & COUNTING: >>> Another Illegal Alien
    Charged with Child Rape – CHILD RAPE !!! GET IT “R” RAPISTS?
    … Maryland Sanctuary County


    In LESS than >>> 2 months, there have been >>>> 9 Illegal Immigrants
    with SEX crimes in the Maryland sanctuary county. <<<<Law-BREAKER’S < (makers?) Allowing This 2
    PLEASE ….. LET'S GET on the SAME PAGE …it's NOT that HARD!
    Don't ..BE so SMALL .. Be AWARE .. STOP HIDING your AZZES !

    • What an idiot. Or are there too many idiots in the media and the DemoncRAT party who “believe” her lies? Well, why not go for it? It worked for Barry and still works to this day. She can play so many cards–race, religion, sex.

  12. Mrs. O’s book, Becoming, sold Nearly 10 million copies upon its release
    ast fall, making it one of, it not the, most successful memoir in history, Thomas Rabe, head of one of Penguin’s parent companies, told the Wall Street Journal.
    ha’ & most of them were bought by Okra 4 her “girls” … here & africa…

    • His trial has PROVED that the allegations of the sale of body parts (whole heads, included) are TRUE.

      About the abortionist with the 2200+ fetal corpses in his home: Were they trophies? Where are the stories about this macabre incident? Ordinarily, you’d have story after story because such topics produce clicks and revenue. But this one? They’re not touching it with a 10-ft. pole. Was he the Kevorkian of abortionists? Again, were these trophies that he got out and admired on a regular basis? What sort of sicko was this guy? Another question: Are they going to try to find the parents of these deceased children? Did the parents give permission for the bodies to be taken home to this guy’s house OR did they expect the remains to be treated with dignity and properly disposed of? Seriously. Some, probably not many, though, were likely necessary abortions to save the mother’s life or (not excusing it, though) because the child was destined for a short and unhealthy life. So in those cases, would the mothers expect that the baby would be put in a jar and taken to the abortionist’s house like some trophy? Fetus Semetary?

  13. ~ ~ ~

    At one point, Lewandowski said of the Democrats,
    … “I think they hate this president more than they love this country.”


    JUST A F-IN’ RANT …how DARE SHE!! TRASH MOUTH … 4 sure

  14. TELL the TRUTH ..tell the DANG TRUTH .. get your dang “FEELERS”
    in C H E C K .. AMERICA ….GROW UP … BE A REAL ADULT… can U?

    Trump Eulogy for Cokie Roberts: “She Never Treated Me Nicely”
    That’s what you gotta love about President Trump.
    He doesn’t do polite and phony. … YEP ! ….ADULT TRUTH I like IT!
    I used to watch Cokie Roberts when she was on the TV, on ABC’s “This Week” years ago, back in the David Brinkley days, and I never liked her much. I’ve forgotten why, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen her. I think it had something to do with liberal, conventional-wisdom commentary. ??? ha’

    Tuesday, September 17, 2019
    9:50 am MT || Departs Albuquerque, New Mexico
    11:45 am PT || Arrives Palo Alto, California
    12:20 pm PT || Hosts a pair of fundraisers
    1:45 pm PT || Departs Palo Alto
    3:25 pm PT || Arrives Los Angeles
    4:00 pm PT || Spends time at the location where he will remain
    overnight in Los Angeles
    5:50 pm PT || Departs Los Angeles
    6:30 pm PT || Arrives Beverly Hills, California
    7:05 pm PT || Hosts a pair of fundraisers; Beverly Hills
    8:30 pm PT || Departs Beverly Hills
    9:00 pm PT || Arrives at the location where he will remain overnight
    in Los Angeles

  15. So ….just HOW BROWN ….MUST it B ??? REALLY so LONG AGO
    NO ONE SAID NOTHING ….& LAUGHED …new day new RULES???

  16. Kevin Spacey Sex Assault Accuser Dead ??? .. REALLY


  17. ~ To: Revel ….. ha’ …??? ^^^^^
    It may seem suspicious that several of Spacey’s accusers have died, but remember that homosexual men often lead very rough, self-destructive lives. As a result their life expectancies are significantly less than those of married men. Married heterosexual men.
    ~ To: Enlightened1
    Spacey to Bill Clinton: Hey buddy, I need a special favor.
    ….Bill to Spacey: I’m not in the business of doing favors anymore.
    Spacey to Bill: I know what you’ve been doing in the last 20+ years since
    you left the White House.
    …Bill to Spacey: Okay, tell me who and by when.
    To: Enlightened1
    So, he knew the Clinton’s?

  18. Does LGBTQ Cultural Supremacy Enable High-Risk Behavior?

    Brenda Scurlock is quoted: “I told him not to meet up with anybody. I told him it was Dangerous.” Why didn’t Avery listen to the Mother he dearly loved? Because, through no fault of mother or son, his Christian moral heritage has been obliterated and replaced by anti-moral cults that worship Sexuality and >> enable degeneracy>>> and danger. !!! So TRUE!

    ~ Capt9754
    Somehow i cannot bring my self to Feel Sorry for the Tranny or any of
    his / her …… friends……
    You want to be a Fake go ahead, and take your chances…..
    Just for the queers. …OK ..WTP GET IT …YES WE DO DO DO !!!

  19. ha’ GAME …ON …mr O’ watch OUT ..your COVER is WEAK!!!
    President Obama Just Went After Trump in a Rare Direct Attack

    Food Stamp President2 hours ago …..
    Mueller Time is over. It’s time to PAY …>>> the Barr Tab.
    ~ JBNight and day differences between 44 and 45, & a rather exhaustive
    list at that.
    ~ 10-BUCK-2
    Did you know that President Obama is the ONLY President in History that
    did not show a GDP of 3.0% or greater in any of the reporting quarters
    during his 8 years in office.
    ~ Lionel
    Eric Holder was Obama’s wingman to ensure a scandal free administration. Loretta Lynch was the same. The media was orgasmic over Obama & when HE Spied on them they pleaded for more. The military was Obama’s playground where he killed American citizens with drones, where he dismissed generals and replaced them with ideologues. Where he interjected transgenders while depleting our readiness for war. He sat idly by while ISIS created a caliphate in Iraq. Likewise during Benghazi where no attempted rescue pursued except by men who sacrificed their lives disobeying a stand down order. He gave billions to Iran who is the leading supporter of terrorism. He despised Netanyahu and meddled in the Israeli elections. He stabbed Israel in the back by allowing a UN resolution to pass that reset Israel borders to before the six-day war. But he has a Hollywood smile & exudes coolness, so all is forgiven. Trump is the EXACT opposite of Obama, crude instead of refined, nationalist instead of globalist, & exact opposite policies. But even while America & the world benefits under a Trump presidency, they resent him nonetheless. They prefer self destruction over Trump prosperity. Americans are at a crossroad best personified in these two presidents.
    ~ ClearEyes
    Wish we could see Obama & >>> Trump debate each other. …YES!!!

  20. Opinion Israel Election Results: Netanyahu Suffered Defeat Despite the Center-left’s Abysmal Campaign Flop
    Benny Gantz and his cohorts may have miffed a historic opportunity for fundamental change

    ~ Chemi Shalev
    168share on facebook Tweet send via email reddit stumbleupon
    It could have ended far worse. If Netanyahu had won a few more Knesset seats, he would have secured immunity from prosecution, set up the most extreme government in Israeli history and finished his demolition…
    Want to read more articles about Israel……

  21. … KENYA …. BORN ??? ….O’ SURE …WTP fall 4 IT…O’ sure ha’ …???

    ~ Robert Laity …..
    The immutable FACT ….. Remains. Obama was Not born in the U.S.
    to TWO’ …….>> 2 ~ 2 ~ 2 ~2 ~ U.S. Citizen Parents. ..ha’ OR even 1 ???
    He is NOT a>>>> “Natural Born Citizen” of the U.S…..NEVER EVER …!!!

  22. 4 …..MANY ….YES that is SO TRUE …
    John Hopkins Psychiatrist: ‘Gender Confusions Are “Mostly Driven”.. by Psychological and Psychosocial Problems’

    ~ PackRatFan •
    Oh! Oh! Common sense dictates that the doctor speaks the truth but when it plows into the radical left wing narrative wall, look out! It’s refreshing to see some professionals are willing to Risk the blow back on this subject matter.

    ~ Dr BearClayborn •
    FINALLY another psychiatrist is brave enough to tell the truth as I have done so the past 30 years. Transgender, homosexual gender & any other type of retarded alternate gender are serious cases of abnormal cerebral offsets derived from mental retardation levels. For a transgender, it is Not Normal
    but abnormal for a so called transgender to declare themselves an alternate human formation from their natural birth formation. Homosexuals on the other hand incorporate a deliberate abnormal self motivated alternate human function in line with their functional mental retardation & onslaught of depraved human Lust. Today in America we’re dealing with abnormal social functioning mentally retarded groups of individuals; transgender & homosexual. These abnormal cerebral dysfunction individuals [transgender & homosexual] are in official public office [city, county, state, federal] .. & private industry management making abnormal decisions in concert with mandating normal cerebral level humans in America to abide by.
    Dr BearClayborn Political Psychiatrist

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