Labor Day Open Thread 2019

(Wouldn’t it be nice to be there?)

Wherever you are, have a wonderful holiday.

Eat, drink, and be merry. Enjoy your day off with friends and family. Or take a special solo day to unwind. Curl up with a good book or binge watch a marathon on TV. You deserve it! 

Try to forget what’s going on in the news (and especially in the fake news).

Let not your heart be troubled.

Whatever you do, enjoy the last days of summer.

And drive carefully!!


66 responses to “Labor Day Open Thread 2019

  1. Finally a new post! Happy holiday. Sorry I’ve been AWOL.

    Been sick, but better now.

  2. Tour d’ Force
    Ella Fitzgerald
    Blue Skies

    Thank you God, Thank you Ella

    • Very nice. Thanks! She had such a great voice, especially when she was young. (Although for some reason, I really like Willie Nelson’s version of this.)

  3. If listening to music on your pc seems a bit lifeless,
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    • Thanks, Dave. I like anything that’s free. Music on my PC sounds awful, so anything that might help is worth a try. When I find some time to mess with it, I will. My hubby will probably be more excited to see how this works.

  4. 15 min in

    • Now that would be the mother of all false flags, wouldn’t it? It certainly is odd how they lied about Trump and nuking hurricanes. I’m surprised after all the destruction of the mostly black Bahamas that they aren’t criticizing him for NOT nuking the storm, turning it away, so maybe it would hit wealthy and mostly white Florida instead. Where’s their criticism of the Queen? Who is helping the Bahamas? It’s a commonwealth of the UK. The Bahamians are saying that the U.S. were the first rescuers seen, even before THEIR OWN troops!

      Remember how Bush was excoriated over Katrina, when it hit that “chocolate city” of NOLA? “Heck of a job, Brownie.” Well, the Bahamas are 90% black and doesn’t the Queen care about black people and chocolate cities? WTH? Where’s the Royal Navy et al? And why aren’t the media blaming the Queen? (They probably will begin to attack Johnson, as soon as they realize they can blame him for a hurricane that happened only weeks after he took office.)

      Back to the theory in the video: I started at 15 mins. so am not sure what the premise is that would suggest a plan to melt-down PSL. It’s interesting to consider a weaponized hurricane destroying Chinese assets under the cover of an “act of God,” though. It’s pretty sci-fi, if you ask me. Trump doesn’t seem like the kind of person to engage in this kind of subterfuge. He strikes me as a more straightforward, “honest” guy in the sense that he’s sly and clever but not into that sort of sneaky stuff. This whole hullabaloo over whether it would have struck Alabama is so ridiculous. Early on, they DID project it to cross Florida and affect the southeastern-most part of Alabama. Can’t the media use Google time limited search to see the TRUTH of that?

      I don’t trust MOST of what the media tell us. Unless we’re there or unless we have our own private weather drones, can we even know for sure there WAS any hurricane? Saying that with tongue in cheek but the media is so full of FAKE NEWS and propaganda, all designed to CONDITION us one way or the other, that NOTHING you see on TV or read in the mainstream news can be trusted to be true.

      Now back to the Bahamas: Do We the People have to brace ourselves for more incoming “climate refugees” of color or will the UK come and get their own? As with Katrina, will thousands just desert their hurricane-stricken homes and flee to one of the U.S. cities (hopefully, for the DemoncRATS, into a “red state” or a “red city”)? In time, will they all them become good DemoncRAT voters?

  5. Sure, it is just speculation based on several coincidental things.
    These guys (and women) who have been reporting and interpreting “Q” postings have been a little bit on their own since the anonymous bulletin board favored by “Q” was taken down.
    (8 Chan) seemed to be the target of the El Paso shootings in that
    s “manifesto” supposedly written by the shooter found it’s way to 8 chan (after it was first posted on Instagram, I think, and them somebody reposted it to 8 chan.

    That was good enough for the media who howled that 8 chan must be taken off the net and a couple of critical support companies ceased their technical support for 8 chan by no longer blocking mega dds attacks on that site.

    Rumor is it wil be back soon though if you asked me the question as to why “Q” couldn’t post somewhere else, I wouldn’t have an answer.

    There’s a movie “atomic twister” about a tornado taking out a nuclear plant.
    You might catch it if it comes around.

    Looked up who own the Bahamas,
    Think they have been independent for a while but are in the group of nations called The Commonwealth.
    This is from wikipedia
    Bahamians achieved self-government in 1964, with Sir Roland Symonette, of the United Bahamian Party, as the first Premier. The Bahamas achieved full independence as a Commonwealth realm within the Commonwealth of Nations on 10 July 1973. Sir Lynden O. Pindling, leader of the Progressive Liberal Party, became the first black Premier of the colony in 1967, and in 1968 the title was changed to Prime Minister. Sir Milo Butler was appointed the first Governor-General of the Bahamas (the official representative of Queen Elizabeth II) shortly after independence. Pindling was prime minister until 1992, during which the Bahamas benefited from tourism and foreign investment. He was succeeded by Hubert Ingraham, leader of the Free National Movement, who was prime minister until 2002.

    • It would be interesting to see what they all would have said of Trump had a week ago he tweeted about the threat Dorian was for Canada. No doubt, he would have been universally ridiculed. And yet, today, there are stories in the news about how it’s raking Canada. Who would have thought? It’s not as if meteorology is an exact science. There WAS a map (if not more than one) showing Alabama in the zone, just as much as Orlando and other places that WEREN’T struck. What’s the difference between POTUS (who’s NOT a meteorologist and who relies on their predictions) eventually being incorrect and THEM (who ARE supposed experts) being totally wrong?

    • I read somewhere about how the head of 8 Chan testified to Congress. He seemed totally reasonable and totally INNOCENT. They got punished for something they did NOT do. The “manifesto” was not first published by them and was NOT used by the shooter to get his words out. I hope his testimony does some good. Whether or not you believe in what’s on that site, the FACT remains that we have a First Amendment and they’re acting like ALL social media ought to do. Unlike Facebook and others, they don’t play act at being a “public forum” exempt from libel and slander laws while at the same time acting as “publishers” who OUGHT TO THEN BE HELD LEGALLY LIABLE FOR WHAT’S ON THEIR SITES.

      I tried to make heads or tails of what being a member of the Commonwealth means, but it’s tough. Is it analogous to being a state in the Republic of the U.S.? They’re self-governing, but so is California. If the Queen is still their sovereign, which I believe she is, then she at least (and other member states like Canada and Australia) should step up to help their fellow members of the Commonwealth.

      So the media can’t blame Trump for the hurricane but they’re going to blame him now for turning away black “refugees” from the storm. Whatever happens, they WILL find something to unfairly blame the POTUS for.

  6. hey Miri,
    I just want to clear up one little thing
    The article that speculated about the path of Hurricane Dorian was not suggesting it was a false flag but rather it was a sophisticated and daring attack by a foreign power with enough technology to pull off steering a hurricane and simultaneously detonating an underwater nuke.

    The speculation is that we stopped it by turning the hurricane abruptly north.

    Since there is no evidence that would stand up in any court, I will not suggest which country might have mounted this attack
    but, as they say, you can have three guesses and the first two don’t count.

    • Thanks. I sort of gathered that but didn’t have the time to watch the whole video. I used the term “false flag” to mean it could have been done by someone other than who one expects. In this case, an enemy versus an “act of God.”

      Do you think anyone has that sort of technology yet or will ever have?

      I admit to not having paid attention to this system before it was bearing down on the Bahamas. It’s quite curious how they’ve made such a big deal out of the POTUS mentioning that it might hit Alabama. For goodness sake–the Weather Channel was telling us for over a week that it would hit Florida. People were evacuated on the assumption that mainland Florida would take a direct hit. Is this focus on what POTUS said about Alabama just to take the heat off those who were WRONG about Florida?

      How much did the evacuation of so many homes COST not only individuals but the taxpayers of the state and the entire country?

      I didn’t see ONE map of the European model for the storm’s path. Did you? In my experience, the European models tend to be more accurate.

      It’s not suspicious at all, is it, that now the POTUS is being accused of politicizing “science” when the people who seemed to have politicized it and continue to politicize it today are the BIRMINGHAM branch of the weather service (Who runs that office? Who appointed the head(s) of that office? What are the demographics, with regard to political leanings of the people in that office?) and now a “scientist” at NOAA who appears to have been appointed acting whatever he is right BEFORE Trump took office, when Obama was still president.

      THEY, the resistance to Trump, seem to be the ones politicizing this issue. It’s what they do: accuse their enemies of exactly what they do themselves.

      Where’s the criticism of NOAA for being so wrong for so long about the predicted path?

      If this was a directed attack on us, then I do hope that somehow we DID turn the storm.

      If you want an example of media bias, you won’t see better than this total lack of criticism about the response of the UK government or the EU government to the devastation in the Bahamas versus the overblown criticism of our president (and other Republican presidents) after other hurricanes that hit our territories, but especially after Katrina and Puerto Rico.

      Are they running story after story after story about how the Queen doesn’t care about “black” people? I haven’t seen a one. Are they running stories praising our POTUS for the help he’s sent to help in the Bahamas?

      How about this headline:

      “The damage caused by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas looks like the aftermath of an atomic bomb, a top U.S. aid official has said. …”

      WTF? Are we supposed to believe that this “nuclear bomb” narrative is an accident or are these guys holdovers from Obama or stealth snotty “resistance” people who love poking fun at the POTUS?

      We don’t need more “refugees.” Already the DemoncRATS in FL are criticizing Trump for expecting the Bahamians to have visas. If the cities in the Bahamas are not devastated, then why aren’t these islanders being taken to safe places IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY? Failing that, why aren’t they being flown to other UK territories and not our country? Who will ensure that they go home? Are we going to be responsible for their care here (housing, food, clothing, health care)? IF so, then will the UK (or the UN) reimburse us?

  7. DICED ~ SLICED & …ha’ DIVIDED’ … 4 SOME! > BUTT’ ha’ not 4 WTP

    ~ John DeNoble …. check out the comments … 243+ …TRUTH & LIES
    We can trace the development of media complicity in covering up and lying about Black racial violence back to the Tawana Brawley fiasco over 30 years ago. For those under 35 the incident revolved around allegations that some white males had raped and brutalized the young Tawana during a racially motivated attack. It was the first time the public got to see first hand the race hustling antics of Al Sharpton. Along with activist attorney Alton Maddox he launched a smear campaign against District Attorney’s office and accused Officer Harry Crist Jr. and prosecutor Steven Pagones of participating in the attack. After they destroyed the lives of these public servants (Crist committed suicide) and the accusations were found to be a total hoax Sharpton went on to solidify his street creds as the country’s foremost racial pimp. Not once has he apologized. Soon after this came the Rodney King incident. Again the news media was complicit in presenting a fraudulent picture of the event by failing to show the full video and stroked racial tensions that resulted in some of the worst riots in L.A. history. With the racial tensions of this still fresh and festering enter the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Mindful of this the O.J. defense team used it to turn the trial’s focus away from the facts and make it a referendum on the so called racism endemic in the LA police department and prosecution. Not surprisingly the jury of nine blacks, two whites and one Hispanic acquitted him. Some years later, while being interviewed, one of the female black jury members admitted that the jury did little examination of the evidence but had decided early on that they would use it as a means of getting even for Rodney King. Ever since these incidents the Black community has allowed their racist hatred of Whites to excuse the violence in their communities and foster resentment and feelings of victimization. And as usual the Leftist media is happy to spread the lies and hoaxes of Al Sharpton and the rest of the race hustlers.

    ~ cagey
    pardon me ….lalala …. if I Don’t act surprised.
    ~ nagirroh
    As soon as the liberal media heard the name Zimmerman they assumed
    he was a Jewish white man, therefore he was guilty of murder.

    • I hope he has a sequel about the Michael Brown hoax.

      These people all learned from that master hoaxer: “Reverend” Al.

      • The Trayvon Hoax That Divided America Is About to Be Exposed View
        13 hours ago … The film trailer and website will be live on Thursday, Sept 12. “The Trayvon Hoax,” book and documentary, will be released and available on …

        ~ Strelnikov …..
        Too little, too late. Does anyone really think they care about the truth ? It was a useful story at a useful time and nothing more. Their Party needs as many Horst Wessel martyrs as they can muster.

        ~ While America still reels from the wake that was Obama; the “great hope” of unification, it knows now the damage he caused.
        When he had the chance to do something great, he failed miserably and made things worse by politicking, to the Democratic-media driven base, every chance he had.
        Pandering to the blacks when they played his tune, and to the whites
        when they threw money at him.

        ~ andreaofla
        The point was to pander to blacks, get out the vote, polarize America to divide and conquer for the socialist agenda, get blacks solidly in the Dem court, generate hatred of whites everywhere, develop further the victim mentality, glorify thugs like Trayvon etc. It was political poison of the highest order. Wasn’t his daddy a Crip with the tattoo “Crippin all the time”. Now we know what we are dealing with.

  8. …..^^^^^^^ ….. LIES STINK …. as they LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE & LIE!!!
    If I were Trayvon Martin’s parents or his family’s attorneys, I would be very nervous right now. If I were Florida state attorneys who prosecuted the case, I would be more nervous still. And if I were the media who covered this case — are you listening Matt Gutman and Lisa Bloom? — I would prepare to be mortified. The coverage of this case was a disgrace from day one.

  9. An illegals racket so big migrants can now leave Yelp ratings?
    …… Check out Michelle Malkin’s new book

    The except doesn’t mention it, but it’s likely that Malkin, an ace investigative reporter if there ever was one, will have lots of information about how much public and billionaire funding is going into making alien smuggling the big business that it is.

    It sounds ground-breaking. I’m certainly going to get my hands on it.

    • This is so true. It’s become a YUGE industry. Makes mega-bucks for all the liberal, progressive groups that promote open borders, and that INCLUDES the liberation theology asshats in the Catholic Church who virtue signal how compassionate they are AS THEY HARM U.S. CITIZENS by their “compassion.”

    • You know, before all this progressive interference in EVERYTHING, but especially in race-related issues like illegal immigration and reparations and social justice and criminal justice “reform”, Americans were beginning to be the color-blind society, open and welcoming to all as fellow Americans, as MLK desired.

      Post-Obama, with AOC, Tlaib, and the others in ascendancy (a special shout-out to that idiot “Beto”), they’re doing an EXCELLENT job of CREATING RACISM AND BIGOTRY where there formerly was none. It’s SO BLATANT. So out there that they’re out to DESTROY our unique AMERICAN culture. Now everybody is divided and sub-divided and being an “American” is not enough. NOW they want to SUPPLANT our culture with “superior” cultures. Like what? Guatemalan? It’s enough to make me puke.

      News flash: “It’s okay to be white.”


    • It’s about time that conservatives and Republicans FIGHT BACK using the same tactics as the left. We have as much right to the courts as liberals and progressives do. In fact, these people should venue shop for a conservative, Republican-appointed judge in the same way that progressives look to CA or DC for all their bench legislating. I just read a story this morning about a black-owned entertainment channel that’s suing cable companies because they’re also getting shut out from being carried by cable companies. (Not that it sounds as if the guy has a leg to stand on, with regard to his “racism” argument.)

      I’m still puzzling over the Walmart decision and that of other stores that are “suggesting” to customers to not openly carry weapons. How often have you ever seen ANYBODY in a store openly carrying a gun in the open? Now they’ll all be concealing them, including thugs who are illegally carrying them in any configuration. How will this prevent anything?

      As for Walmart, why are they focused on ammo?

      imho, it’s a head fake.

      ASKING customers to not bring guns in openly is not the same as a ban, and yet this will be a talking point for the gun-control crowd. They’re already doing a victory dance AS IF the stores capitulated.

      Why not outright BAN the guns on their private property? Other places, like malls, do. Has it anything to do with responsibility to enforce their own ban? If they don’t, if they have one (which they don’t seem to have at the moment), will people attacked on their properties then be able to sue them?

    • Didn’t some judge just rule that the terrorist watch list is unconstitutional because it doesn’t consider due process?

  10. & U …R a >>> b*tch …. witch & worse get over IT WE LOVE TRUMP!
    NOT the USURPER TRASH-in’ BARRY O’ no … ( + Comments rock!

    ~ WushuKnight19 •
    I didn’t know a “decent man” would require going to war with 7 different countries. Creating the worst economic growth in presidential US history. Dishonoring and damaging the spirit of our law enforcers, get rid of the DNA test program at the border with encouraged child trafficking. Creating a god awful heatlh care plan. Lied about the corrupted water in Flint Michigan. Spied on reporters, and being the mastermind of the greatest conspiracy theories in US history. Oh, and creating gender neutral restrooms which lead to little girls being sexually assaulted.
    * And ran guns to drug cartels to try to create an environment in which he could steal citizens fire arms
    * Unforgotten the illegal gun running and arms smuggling out of Libya which got our very own killed unnecessarily under the watch of Hillary.
    * And blaming the deaths on a YouTube video. <<< FOOL we WERE FORCED 2> WATCH> DESTROY US ..SICK!

  11. BIZARRE Bill Gates Worked With Jeffrey Epstein to Funnel $2 Million to
    MIT Research lab >> tried to cover UP … the CON- nection. …O’ ha’

    The late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein worked with Bill Gates to funnel $2 million dollars to MIT for unspecified projects, donations that the research lab tried to cover up.

    “Epstein appeared to serve as an intermediary between the lab and other wealthy donors, soliciting millions of dollars in donations from individuals and organizations, including the technologist and philanthropist Bill Gates and the investor Leon Black,” reports the New Yorker.

    The work all took place after Epstein was known to be a pedophile following his conviction for soliciting a minor.
    MIT then tried to cover-up the connection.
    “This is a $2M gift from Bill Gates directed by Jeffrey Epstein,” wrote MIT Media Lab Director Joi Ito in an October 2014 email.

  12. $oro$ Fuel$ DARK Money Judicial Group That Fight$ … Kavanaugh,
    …..Trump Nominations
    Demand Justice took in $2.6M from Soros nonprofit in 2018 <<< !!! O' !

    Unleashes his wrath on those who challenge his will. His evil soul knows
    no boundary as ..WTP ..sit & watch the DEVIL's dance B 4 our EYES
    O' SO many EVIL SOULS … SO MANY… …just scary … it makes
    Our USA President Donald J TRUMP …a real BREATH of FRESH AIR!!!

  13. funny vs STUPID! …. just out of this world… NUTS R… them!

    History .. YEP ..sounds about right DEMOCRAPS on ALL of USA daily!
    In the Bizarro world of “Htrae”, society is ruled by the Bizarro Code which states “Us do opposite of all Earthly things!
    Us hate beauty! … Us love ugliness! Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World!” In one episode, for example, a salesman is doing a brisk trade selling Bizarro bonds: “Guaranteed to lose money for you”. Later, the mayor appoints Bizarro No. 1 to investigate a crime, “Because you are stupider than the entire Bizarro police force put together”. This is intended and taken as a great compliment. ,,,,??? really right B 4 our very eyes… daily

    • Whatever happened to common sense and common sense words? What exactly is wrong with the word “retarded?” It’s an apt description for someone who IS in fact mentally retarded (and I don’t mean the president).

      Is “developmentally disabled” or “mentally disabled” somehow better or more descriptive? If so, then why is that?

      Progressives like Harris find any number of offensive words with which to describe the president, though. How about the most recent from John Legend’s wife: “pu*sy-a*sed b*tch.” Is that somehow better than mentally retarded? Isn’t “pu*sy-as*ed b*tch” SEXIST if not anti-LGBTQ+? Think about it. Imagine it. It sure sounds sexist to me, at the least, and it doesn’t matter to me if it comes from a woman or not. That makes her doubly wrong. What do you call a woman who uses words designed to denigrate her own sex? Someone with Stockholm Syndrome?

      Harris is such a phony. There’s absolutely NO DOUBT she understood and LAUGHED AT the man’s comments. Anybody who cares can watch the video and see that for themselves. So she’s a LIAR, too. What gets me is that they’re not upset about her seeming to agree with the disrespect towards the PRESIDENT but she’s supposed to be upset about the guy using the term “retarded,” a perfectly good word.


    This means the van had 6000 to 7000 pounds of gasoline in it. WTH kind of “van” was that? Oh, a 15-seater. Is this plausible?

    Are they trying to scare POTUS? Keep him out of the chocolate city?

  15. $$$$$ YEP! ……
    Racist White Liberals and Profiteering Black Bigots
    September 9, 2019Political, Christian and Conservative Issues Skin Color

    White liberals are bigoted racists. They are arrogant, self-absorbed and too dumb to blow their own nose, but these pollutants fancy themselves the saviors of the “nigras” as Jimmy Carter called black Americans when boasting about how good “his mah-ma” treated them.

    • My heart truly goes out to the people of the UK who also thought they had a say in their own government. We are ALL in this together, all fighting the same enemy: the GLOBAL “ELITE”.

      • break out THE Champagne! …. LOTS of IT!
        … O’ so ^^^^ …. Fabuloso! … ditto 2 that ^^^^ so very FUNNY !
        …. just another DAY in … “TRUMP’S WORLD” ….
        GRATEFUL I’m alive … & WATCHING every MOVE he MAKEs!
        shit-head debates R about 2 …crap on TV… SOON … sad sad sad
        ….I’m so past …waiting 4 the OBAMA? & Moochie’ shoe’s 2 DROP!
        ALL is good …. God BLESS all AMERICAN’S …. yes all of them …
        soften their ROCK hard HEARTS 2 SEE what they DO 2 all of US
        I pray mostly 4 the sick in MIND BODY & SOUL … make them WELL

  16. Carl Gallups: “Some of Us” Know Who Obama Is
    Carl Gallups: “Some of Us” ..Know Who Obama Is
    Carl Gallups: “Some of Us” … Know Who Obama Is
    Carl Gallups: “Some of Us” ……..Know Who Obama Is
    …….. by Sharon Rondeau

    MAKE MY’ DAY! ….rock & read …it’s new & FRESH BAIT …

    • Was looking for the Front Page article referenced and found this instead: Now I remember why I always loved Chapelle. Glad he’s “back.”

      • Here’s the one P&E was talking about:

        Interesting because he talks about Moo’s book in which she introduces discrepancies we didn’t talk about:

        “Michelle does not note that, in all his writings from 1958 to 1964, the Kenyan Barack Obama mentions nothing about an American wife and Hawaiian-born son. …”

        Just read the list of people who say they NEVER KNEW Barry at Columbia and yet they ALL were there when he supposedly was. Some of them are even lamestream media reporters and include Stephanopoulos!

        • A couple more related links:

          Cannot tell you how GLAD I am that I never was subjected to this lovely Netflix production, yet another FANTASY about Barry. The funny thing is that in her (?) book Moo talks about how Barry just ate up books and more books and philosophy books, just was a regular literate bookworm and genius. But how the hell would she know? She wasn’t there, either! This was before he ever met her. So how can she write about what he was like at Columbia when they hadn’t even met? I would guess that everything she says, he told her! More fake news (fake biography, I mean).

          Check it out: Did you even know this? “And because Columbia was all-male when Obama and I were there, it added to the weirdness of the place …” How the hell is it that this isn’t mentioned everywhere and only now? Barry went to a SEGREGATED COLLEGE? COLUMBIA DIDN’T ALLOW WOMEN?

          Welch: Were you the exact same class?

          “Root: Class of ’83 political science, pre-law Columbia University. You don’t get more exact than that. Never met him in my life, don’t know anyone who ever met him. At the class reunion, our 20th reunion five years ago, 20th reunion, who was asked to be the speaker of the class? Me. No one ever heard of Barack! Who was he, and five years ago, nobody even knew who he was.

          Other guy: Did he even show up to the reunion?

          Root: I don’t know! I didn’t know him. I don’t think anybody knew him. But I know that the guy who writes the class notes, who’s kind of the, as we say in New York, the macha who knows everybody, has yet to find a person, a human who ever met him. Is that not strange? It’s very strange. …”

  17. ~ Robert Christopher Laity …^^^^^^

    Fact IS there WERE objections to the electoral vote for Obama. Video
    of the proceeding show undoubtedly that, at the Moment VP Cheney
    was supposed to,by L A W , Ask for those Objections, ????????
    Pelosi started >>>clapping loudly >>>Disrupting Cheney. SO Cheney
    Never DID ask the Required Question. It was reported Later that there
    Were Indeed, >>>>> Objections.!!! & STILL R ….YEP !!!

  18. CLEAN-in the HOUSE ! …YEP …. if you MUST …go at IT! old DUST!
    …WHO wants YESTERDAY’s PAPERS ??? NO-1

  19. Yep …married longer than… some that marry 4 TIMES!!!
    … MOVE-in’ >> FORWARD … SARAH … YEP she is still OUR GIRL!

    Bristol Palin’s ex-husband Dakota Meyer posted a mysterious message, minutes after the news of Sarah Palin’s divorce became public.
    Meyer posted a photo of a tattooed man holding a crossbow. The photo
    is accompanied by text that reads,
    “A man should understand he doesn’t protect his woman because she is weak. He Protects her because she is IMPORTANT.”

  20. yep ….$$$ money TALK$ …may just need a LOAN some-day …
    players play ….it’s gone on 4 E V E R !!! same as Trump & Jeffy!

    Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Sergey Brin, & Marissa Mayer reportedly attended
    an elite private dinner with Jeffrey Epstein just 2 years after he served a prison sentence for soliciting SEX from a 14-year-old girl (AMZN, GOOGL, TSLA, MSFT)

  21. HILL …HILLARY ….HILL of BEANS!!!! CLINTON CRAP on USA’s er’s ..

    Deep State FBI Given Hard Evidence of Hillary Clinton-Linked $66 Billion Libya Scheme — Launched Junk Investigation Against Trump-Russia Hoax Instead

  22. I pray hard for my friend cherry as I know this is a death cry …can &
    will any-1 reach out & help? i know it’s not a con but if U can will U help
    things…. get done, 2 build that Chimney on a house with a Leaky Roof &
    it won’t stop Raining, & can’t afford anything… SO CAN U ? will U …
    help a person at deaths door? matter the color sex or need can U?
    I would love to help but now is the time the smaller wtp need a hand UP
    if u can ..i pray 4 u & cherry collide 4 the good … I see the need… Z…

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