Method to the “Madness”

With the usual anonymous spies in the administration of President Donald Trump supplying the fodder, the mainstream media wasted no time in ridiculing the President of the United States for allegedly suggesting that our country ought to buy Greenland from Denmark.

Excerpts from a New York Times editorial provide a taste of the typical disdain exhibited towards the President:

I want to buy Greenland, said President Trump. No way, said the Danes and Greenlanders, who share control over the giant frozen island and its rich mineral treasures. Then I’m not going to visit your queen, shot back the self-proclaimed master of the real estate deal, who can’t stand being rebuffed. “Is this some sort of joke?” tweeted Helle Thorning-Schmidt, a former Danish prime minister, speaking for everyone.

That’s the gist of it, one of the more astounding plays by a president who finds new ways to amaze, alienate and infuriate almost daily. …

When first reported in The Wall Street Journal last Friday, the idea drew howls of hilarity. But when Mr. Trump made clear he was serious, amusement turned to astonishment and, in Denmark and Greenland, to indignation. Mr. Trump’s claim that “Denmark essentially owns it” overlooked the fact that Greenland effectively runs its own affairs while Denmark, its sovereign owner, takes care of defense and foreign policy. …

It’s too tiresome to try to point out all the lies, distortions, false assertions, and outright false quotes in the editorial as well as in the fake news articles to which it points.

Try to parse the last quoted sentence, which scoffs at the President for saying Denmark “owns” Greenland but then goes on to admit that Denmark is Greenland’s “sovereign owner.”  Huh?

Instead of fairly and accurately reporting facts about the issue, the mainstream progressive media waste all of their readers’ time and money building a false image that President Trump is ignorant, incompetent, befuddled, perhaps demented, naive, egotistical, narcissistic, and little more than a real estate con artist. But we know different.

Articles that do try to explain why Trump might want to “buy Greenland,” in typical progressive fashion, suggest racism (against Greenland’s Inuit majority), neo-slavery (again, to “buy” the island’s residents), neocolonialism (white supremacy, you see), greed (to steal the territory’s mineral resources), a narcissistic desire to go down in history like Andrew Johnson (who bought Alaska) or Thomas Jefferson (who bought the Louisiana Territory), among other nefarious ulterior motives. Anything but the real, legitimate reasons why the idea makes sense, as it did to Democrat President Harry Truman.

Some articles, a few, do bother to mention that Greenland contains a strategically important U.S. military base and that Greenland, a relatively “autonomous constituent country of the Kingdom of Denmark,” is currently, rather alarmingly, being courted by (and/or bought up piecemeal by) China.

In addition, new sea lanes opening in the region can be used by China as well as by Russia (a country the media love to hate) to threaten the safety of our nation and that of our allies.

Mind you, there’s a reason why the progressive mainstream media–who nearly to a person oppose President Trump and avidly long for his removal from office–don’t want to report why it’s perfectly reasonable for a U.S. president to brainstorm about purchasing land in Greenland (or even the entire island) from Denmark.

To the progressive mainstream media, showing President Trump thinking strategically, putting the welfare of the United States at the top of his list of priorities, and ensuring the safety and security of our country’s citizens, would conflict with the narrative they want to tell and the false image they want to project about the President.

President Trump must be seen as an incompetent, naive, demented old white man who’s completely out of his element as he play-acts at being President of the United States.

To list and explain the many valid reasons why it would be a good move for our country to buy Greenland undermines the “resistance” to President Trump.

Heaven forbid! Trump might get reelected! All hands on deck to defeat him.

President Trump no doubt has an “all of the above” attitude regarding reasons why he wants more than a foothold in Greenland and why that would be a good thing for our country, going forward.

President Trump is thinking towards the future. Thinking about what’s best for this country–his #1 priority.

There are indeed new sea lanes from which enemies could attack us via armed submarines or interfere with international trade.

Greenland is located between the U.S. and Russia. The purchase of Alaska proves the importance of having a buffer between us and nations that are not our allies.

The relatively “autonomous” people of Greenland are majority Inuit, who currently want independence from Denmark but who are also economically dependent upon that country, especially when it comes to funding their government and social services. Some Greenlanders are open to “investment” from China, because they see it as a means by which they can afford a total break with Denmark.

Greenland has already withdrawn from the European “community.” If they should become totally independent of Denmark, will majority-white Europe be their allies or will they align themselves with countries that are not in NATO?

Obviously, should an independent Greenland align itself with either China or Russia, that’s very bad for the U.S.A.

Besides its strategic location, Greenland has many important natural resources, including rare minerals, gold, and coal. Would it be better for Russia, China, or the U.S. to be their new “patron”, if they should gain independence?

Because Denmark currently “owns” Greenland, that country has a say in anything the U.S. does at our Thule Air Base in Greenland. What becomes of that base if Greenland becomes independent of both Denmark and NATO?

Denmark is one of the many countries that has not paid its “fair share” towards NATO for a long time. While committed since 2006 to paying 2% of GDP towards NATO (and thus their own defense), Denmark paid a measly 1.2% ($3.31 billion) in 2015, which freed up money from their own defense, money they then spent on the social welfare state that is so admired by progressives in our own country.

In effect, U.S. taxpayers subsidize socialism in Denmark while our brave troops defend that nation from their enemies, including (perhaps especially) Russia.

Denmark owes NATO, and by extension the U.S., billions of dollars in “back taxes” so to speak. By comparison, the U.S. funded 70% of NATO outlays, using 3.6% of its GDP, in 2017 alone!

Do you ever wonder how it is that so many European countries can afford such beautiful infrastructure, such generous welfare benefits? Imagine how beautiful our own cities, roads, and bridges would be if we similarly stiffed NATO by reducing our contribution to just 1.2% of GDP.

Our 2017 contribution of 3.6% of GDP came to 685,957 million dollars! Imagine what all those millions would buy here in this country, money that instead goes to defend Europe, including Denmark, while they refuse to pony up for their own defense.

NATO countries not paying their fair share has been a particular thorn in President Trump’s side, as should have been, but sadly wasn’t, a thorn in the side of every president since 2006, when NATO countries committed to paying 2% of GDP towards their own defense.

Helge Pedersen, a Copenhagen-based chief economist at Nordea Bank AB, estimates that meeting the 2 percent mark again would require about 15 billion kroner in extra defense spending. That’s how much Denmark spends each year on supporting its universities, or five years of child support for its families.

After the Cold War, Denmark raised its participation in military operations abroad, with Danish soldiers and pilots fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Libya and Syria. But military spending is still a fraction of the cost of its welfare state—less than one-twenty-fifth, according to the Finance Ministry’s 2017 budget draft—and certainly less popular.PM Lars Lokke Rasmussen has pledged to add 800 million kroner in security spending starting next year. Finding the money isn’t easy. Defense Minister Peter Christensen has said the government is struggling to gain support for its economic policy amid competing demands for tax cuts and more welfare from its parliamentary allies.

In any case, Denmark’s “budget deficit is already close to the EU’s budget limits,” Pedersen said. “There’s really no way we can increase defense spending without cutting costs elsewhere.”

Cry me a river.

We have our own deficit and debt, but we still pay almost twice our “fair share” to fund NATO.

President Trump may have planned on telling Denmark,

Let’s make a deal. Greenland in return for the money you owe NATO.

Having canceled his state visit to Denmark, we won’t know exactly what the President planned to say to their rude, smart-ass prime minister or to Denmark’s royal family.

That’s thanks to the spies in the administration–those always anonymous treacherous people who can’t wait to hightail it to the progressive mainstream media to undercut and undermine President Trump (not to mention our country).

The media and their anonymous spies, in their eagerness to work against the President, end up working against the welfare of We the People and the national security of their own country (provided, that is, they actually feel towards the U.S. as if it is their own country).



137 responses to “Method to the “Madness”

  1. The most dramatic instance of that is Biden’s continued insistence on Lying about the circumstances surrounding the horrifying deaths of his wife and daughter in a terrible car accident. It is not the case, as Biden has said on many occasions, that they were killed by a Drunk driver, an irresponsible trucker who “Drank his lunch,” as Biden put it. That is a Pure Fabrication, and a slander on the man who was behind the wheel of that truck and who was haunted by the episode until the end of his days.>> DIED with JOE’s LIE <
    Imagine yourself in the position of that man’s Family, whose natural sympathy for Biden’s loss must be complicated by outrage at his persistent Lying about the relevant events.

    Why would Biden L I E about the death of his wife and daughter? Why would he L I E about the already-heroic efforts of American soldiers? In both cases, to make the story more Dramatic, to give himself a bigger and more impressive narrative arc. That he would subordinate other people — real people, living and dead — to his own political ambition in such a callous and demeaning way counsels strongly against entrusting him with any more political power than that which he already has wielded.

    Biden Lies about matters great and small. He Lies about his trip to Afghanistan. He lies About the Death of his Wife and daughter. He is wildly Dishonest about his role in the Iraq War and the 1994 crime bill, landmark moments in his legislative career that later became political liabilities.

    & he RAN AROUND NAKED at his POOL so the Female Security had
    2 WATCH …that DICK .. PARADE his DICK around !!! ..real SICK -man

    • It happens over and over again now, because progressives, liberals, “people of color” have given themselves permission to NOT BE FAIR or HUMANE to people with whom they don’t agree–and that, for the most part, means white people, conservatives, deplorables. Antifa has told them that violence is okay against “fascists” while they get to define fascists. So conveniently that means MAGA hat wearers, Trump supporters, conservatives, Republicans. If violence, in their opinion, is okay then what’s a little injustice in the jury room? Soon cities like this will be no go zones for conservatives, deplorables, Republicans, Trump supporters BECAUSE the juries are full of progressives. You will get NO JUSTICE there because progressives are NOT INTELLECTUALLY HONEST. IF you’re not one of them, or if you’re not of their preferred color scheme, then they feel no need to be fair. They feel no need to be ethical. In fact, many of them don’t have any concept of morality, ethics, fairness. They’ve been brain-washed to believe they’re RIGHT, you’re wrong and so you have NO RIGHTS. Just as over 90% of blacks voted for Obama JUST BECAUSE HE SAID HE WAS BLACK, they WILL not be fair to people who support Trump, who they BELIEVE is a racist. All across this nation, juries, despite having mega-amounts of evidence, are acquitting “people of color” because, they’ve been told, it’s “social justice” to excuse people of color for what the “system” has “made them do.” That is, if the progressive prosecutors-turned-public-defenders indict them in the first place. Mostly, they’re just letting them go or giving them plea bargains that mean no jail time, a slap on the wrist, and very quick expunging of the “conviction.” That way they aren’t down as “felons” so they get to VOTE DEMONCRAT.

  2. …cool ….did not See DICK’ …on that LIST!!!… was so worried…

      • 🙂 I read something about that in comments on some site the other day. The person said it’s the PERFECT thing to say to progressives because it leaves them necessarily speechless. They can’t say, “no, it’s not okay,” because that would be racist. They don’t want to AGREE with you that it’s okay to be white, though. So they’re the ones finally shutting the eff up.

    • The key word in all of this is “considering” as in he’s “considering” this HARPA proposal. I think this is FAKE NEWS designed to get everybody in an uproar to create a false impression that Trump can’t be trusted and that he’s in on the 1984-like Big Brother surveillance system that is designed to steal your life, your privacy, and your means of protecting yourself from a tyrannical government. iow, they’re creating a conspiracy theory to scare us.

      Considering (sarcasm intended) that they are all not to be trusted, that we know the media HATE the POTUS, and the weasley, sneaky way they all operate (wheels within wheels and false flags galore), I would NOT believe this story. It’s designed to diminish Trump’s support.

      It’s a YUGE RED FLAG when we see mainstream media going after the POTUS for the stuff THEY DO and which THEY PROMOTE. They accuse him of what THEY DO. They know what WE object to, so how better to undermine him than to plant false stories they can paint as not false? Someone “proposes” something no matter how lame and he “considers” it just by virtue of being in the place where someone (deliberately?) proposes it. It’s planted news.

      WHO told the media and WHY would THEY run stories about it AS IF THEY THEMSELVES BELIEVE IT’S A BAD IDEA when it conforms to everything they want and desire?

      Note the usual “citing two (ANONYMOUS) people familiar with the matter.” Here’s the source story, the infamous WaPo:

      Now they’re complete Trump fans, aren’t they? Oh, “sources” (ANONYMOUS, again) told them Trump was receptive to the idea. He’s receptive to all ideas, that’s what being open-minded means. That doesn’t mean he’s on board with it or that suddenly he throws constitutional rights out the window in the name of gun control, which he’s apparently not on board with.

      We know how they deliberately twist his words and actions. Note that the meeting where this was first discussed was two years ago! Nothing happened and suddenly they “re-approached” the POTUS to re-discuss it, I suppose. (NOT TO SET HIM UP FOR A NARRATIVE THEY COULD USE TO DIVIDE HIM FROM HIS SUPPORTERS a la the infamous “Trump Tower” set-up, huh?)

      We the People are being set up by the news media and too many people “bit” at that one, imho.

      All that said, LC is perfectly correct about things running in the background while you go about your daily life, oblivious perhaps to what’s being recorded. Here are a few examples I encountered recently:

      An Alexa set up in a hotel room, activated, listening like Dr. Frazier Crane, WITHOUT ANY ADVANCE NOTICE from the hotel management. It took a while to NOTICE the thing and then to figure out whether or not it was on and then to figure out how to disconnect it and deactivate it so it (or others) wouldn’t helpfully be listening in and even RECORDING and sending to the “cloud” everything going on in my room! Beware.

      I remember stories about people who found cameras in their hotel rooms. Cameras behind mirrors that recorded what was going on in the room, and the bed, actually. Remember those? This is as bad, if not worse, because it’s right there (if you notice it), in your face, and pretending to be helpful.

      Second example, you know about those great surveillance cameras people are putting on their doorbells or on the front of their houses? Gee, they come with AUDIO, too. Where’s the audio going? To the cloud, to the company supplying the surveillance, or to the homeowner. It came to my attention via a news story that people walking past a home were being recorded (video and audio) and then homeowners put the data ONLINE on social media for ridicule or criticism or for people to call them names based upon their appearance or (worse) their WORDS that they think are private but apparently are not.

      What’s the range of the mics? Who knows? How do you protect yourself from being recorded while conversing as you walk past one of these things? You can’t unless you speak at a whisper and then maybe the mics are still picking you up.

      I started to wonder, what happens if/when someone says something that a neighbor finds “offensive?” If the recording is placed online, publicly, and then if the person loses a job or a scholarship or gets suspended from school, etc., does that person have any right to SUE for invasion of privacy?

      You see how the laws are falling behind technology? YOUR right to privacy is being violated by neighbors who record you just because you walk past their home on public streets! It’s not a given, but it’s a possibility and it’s already happened to other people who learned that they were being doxxed, so to speak, on social media for what they believed was a private conversation.

      Then there are the cops and border patrol agents who spoke freely (their constitutional RIGHT) and ANONYMOUSLY on various social media venues that were PURPORTED to be “private” but which some (progressive, no doubt) a-hole copied out and sent to media or their bosses, demanding retribution. Somehow the citizens (be they cops or border patrol, they still have rights)–somehow they were tracked down, DOXXED by the media, had THEIR privacy violated, and then got put on lists, under investigation, if not FIRED. So much for privacy.

      The danger in all this, of course, is in the implementation. The proponents of this HARPA say it’s “voluntary” and will protect everyone’s privacy. Yeah. That’s what they said about the NSA and look what happened. Remember the opposition to the Patriot Act? This is the slippery slope.

      IF it can be abused, it WILL be abused, most especially by power-hungry progressives. That’s the lesson the Founding Fathers wanted us to take to heart when they created balance of powers.

      Lame Cherry’s scenario is plausible and scary but it probably could happen today (and maybe has already) without HARPA. The NSA listens in to everything. HOW are they catching these people now (these white nationalists or white supremacists) who THEY SAY are threatening domestic terrorism? Here’s LC’s scenario, entirely plausible. Our future IF CONGRESS DOESN’T GET ON THE BALL AND EDUCATE THEMSELVES ABOUT THIS DANGEROUS STUFF AND PROTECT OUR RIGHTS:

      “What though I desire to explain to all of you “innocents” is what happens when your Amazon is running in the background and you are talking about things you like, and your spouse has on the news, and it is some Frontline special on PBS, which is showing a documentary on terrorism and some Farsi ranter is screaming “Death to America” and Alexa has your voice, in a conversation with a terrorist on television, and the AI has no idea of any of this, as there is not any way to know.

      What is known is that from that moment on the system is activated not to monitor, but to respond to you. It begins monitoring, data mining and you have a bad day and you start ranting “I hate the President” and you have on “Burning down the House” to let off steam, and next thing you know, HARPA has a federal judge reviewing your case, and the next thing is the police knock on your door with a warrant to confiscate your firearms, and people in white coats appear to take you in for observation……and you of course panic, try to phone your attorney, but are tasered and when you wake up, you have a straight jacket on, and your family is hearing on FOX News how a crazy person in you, has been threatening the President, talking about burning down things and you of course have those guns, which meant you were going to do violence. …”

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