Method to the “Madness”

With the usual anonymous spies in the administration of President Donald Trump supplying the fodder, the mainstream media wasted no time in ridiculing the President of the United States for allegedly suggesting that our country ought to buy Greenland from Denmark.

Excerpts from a New York Times editorial provide a taste of the typical disdain exhibited towards the President:

I want to buy Greenland, said President Trump. No way, said the Danes and Greenlanders, who share control over the giant frozen island and its rich mineral treasures. Then I’m not going to visit your queen, shot back the self-proclaimed master of the real estate deal, who can’t stand being rebuffed. “Is this some sort of joke?” tweeted Helle Thorning-Schmidt, a former Danish prime minister, speaking for everyone.

That’s the gist of it, one of the more astounding plays by a president who finds new ways to amaze, alienate and infuriate almost daily. …

When first reported in The Wall Street Journal last Friday, the idea drew howls of hilarity. But when Mr. Trump made clear he was serious, amusement turned to astonishment and, in Denmark and Greenland, to indignation. Mr. Trump’s claim that “Denmark essentially owns it” overlooked the fact that Greenland effectively runs its own affairs while Denmark, its sovereign owner, takes care of defense and foreign policy. …

It’s too tiresome to try to point out all the lies, distortions, false assertions, and outright false quotes in the editorial as well as in the fake news articles to which it points.

Try to parse the last quoted sentence, which scoffs at the President for saying Denmark “owns” Greenland but then goes on to admit that Denmark is Greenland’s “sovereign owner.”  Huh?

Instead of fairly and accurately reporting facts about the issue, the mainstream progressive media waste all of their readers’ time and money building a false image that President Trump is ignorant, incompetent, befuddled, perhaps demented, naive, egotistical, narcissistic, and little more than a real estate con artist. But we know different.

Articles that do try to explain why Trump might want to “buy Greenland,” in typical progressive fashion, suggest racism (against Greenland’s Inuit majority), neo-slavery (again, to “buy” the island’s residents), neocolonialism (white supremacy, you see), greed (to steal the territory’s mineral resources), a narcissistic desire to go down in history like Andrew Johnson (who bought Alaska) or Thomas Jefferson (who bought the Louisiana Territory), among other nefarious ulterior motives. Anything but the real, legitimate reasons why the idea makes sense, as it did to Democrat President Harry Truman.

Some articles, a few, do bother to mention that Greenland contains a strategically important U.S. military base and that Greenland, a relatively “autonomous constituent country of the Kingdom of Denmark,” is currently, rather alarmingly, being courted by (and/or bought up piecemeal by) China.

In addition, new sea lanes opening in the region can be used by China as well as by Russia (a country the media love to hate) to threaten the safety of our nation and that of our allies.

Mind you, there’s a reason why the progressive mainstream media–who nearly to a person oppose President Trump and avidly long for his removal from office–don’t want to report why it’s perfectly reasonable for a U.S. president to brainstorm about purchasing land in Greenland (or even the entire island) from Denmark.

To the progressive mainstream media, showing President Trump thinking strategically, putting the welfare of the United States at the top of his list of priorities, and ensuring the safety and security of our country’s citizens, would conflict with the narrative they want to tell and the false image they want to project about the President.

President Trump must be seen as an incompetent, naive, demented old white man who’s completely out of his element as he play-acts at being President of the United States.

To list and explain the many valid reasons why it would be a good move for our country to buy Greenland undermines the “resistance” to President Trump.

Heaven forbid! Trump might get reelected! All hands on deck to defeat him.

President Trump no doubt has an “all of the above” attitude regarding reasons why he wants more than a foothold in Greenland and why that would be a good thing for our country, going forward.

President Trump is thinking towards the future. Thinking about what’s best for this country–his #1 priority.

There are indeed new sea lanes from which enemies could attack us via armed submarines or interfere with international trade.

Greenland is located between the U.S. and Russia. The purchase of Alaska proves the importance of having a buffer between us and nations that are not our allies.

The relatively “autonomous” people of Greenland are majority Inuit, who currently want independence from Denmark but who are also economically dependent upon that country, especially when it comes to funding their government and social services. Some Greenlanders are open to “investment” from China, because they see it as a means by which they can afford a total break with Denmark.

Greenland has already withdrawn from the European “community.” If they should become totally independent of Denmark, will majority-white Europe be their allies or will they align themselves with countries that are not in NATO?

Obviously, should an independent Greenland align itself with either China or Russia, that’s very bad for the U.S.A.

Besides its strategic location, Greenland has many important natural resources, including rare minerals, gold, and coal. Would it be better for Russia, China, or the U.S. to be their new “patron”, if they should gain independence?

Because Denmark currently “owns” Greenland, that country has a say in anything the U.S. does at our Thule Air Base in Greenland. What becomes of that base if Greenland becomes independent of both Denmark and NATO?

Denmark is one of the many countries that has not paid its “fair share” towards NATO for a long time. While committed since 2006 to paying 2% of GDP towards NATO (and thus their own defense), Denmark paid a measly 1.2% ($3.31 billion) in 2015, which freed up money from their own defense, money they then spent on the social welfare state that is so admired by progressives in our own country.

In effect, U.S. taxpayers subsidize socialism in Denmark while our brave troops defend that nation from their enemies, including (perhaps especially) Russia.

Denmark owes NATO, and by extension the U.S., billions of dollars in “back taxes” so to speak. By comparison, the U.S. funded 70% of NATO outlays, using 3.6% of its GDP, in 2017 alone!

Do you ever wonder how it is that so many European countries can afford such beautiful infrastructure, such generous welfare benefits? Imagine how beautiful our own cities, roads, and bridges would be if we similarly stiffed NATO by reducing our contribution to just 1.2% of GDP.

Our 2017 contribution of 3.6% of GDP came to 685,957 million dollars! Imagine what all those millions would buy here in this country, money that instead goes to defend Europe, including Denmark, while they refuse to pony up for their own defense.

NATO countries not paying their fair share has been a particular thorn in President Trump’s side, as should have been, but sadly wasn’t, a thorn in the side of every president since 2006, when NATO countries committed to paying 2% of GDP towards their own defense.

Helge Pedersen, a Copenhagen-based chief economist at Nordea Bank AB, estimates that meeting the 2 percent mark again would require about 15 billion kroner in extra defense spending. That’s how much Denmark spends each year on supporting its universities, or five years of child support for its families.

After the Cold War, Denmark raised its participation in military operations abroad, with Danish soldiers and pilots fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Libya and Syria. But military spending is still a fraction of the cost of its welfare state—less than one-twenty-fifth, according to the Finance Ministry’s 2017 budget draft—and certainly less popular.PM Lars Lokke Rasmussen has pledged to add 800 million kroner in security spending starting next year. Finding the money isn’t easy. Defense Minister Peter Christensen has said the government is struggling to gain support for its economic policy amid competing demands for tax cuts and more welfare from its parliamentary allies.

In any case, Denmark’s “budget deficit is already close to the EU’s budget limits,” Pedersen said. “There’s really no way we can increase defense spending without cutting costs elsewhere.”

Cry me a river.

We have our own deficit and debt, but we still pay almost twice our “fair share” to fund NATO.

President Trump may have planned on telling Denmark,

Let’s make a deal. Greenland in return for the money you owe NATO.

Having canceled his state visit to Denmark, we won’t know exactly what the President planned to say to their rude, smart-ass prime minister or to Denmark’s royal family.

That’s thanks to the spies in the administration–those always anonymous treacherous people who can’t wait to hightail it to the progressive mainstream media to undercut and undermine President Trump (not to mention our country).

The media and their anonymous spies, in their eagerness to work against the President, end up working against the welfare of We the People and the national security of their own country (provided, that is, they actually feel towards the U.S. as if it is their own country).



137 responses to “Method to the “Madness”

  1. Finally, a new post. So much happening in the world today. I had to laugh out loud at this headline:

    “Cindy McCain Trashes Trump Admin Policies – Says Her Late Husband Would be a “Voice of Reason” in Politics Today.”

    “Voice of reason” used to describe John McCain? HA!

  2. WHOA!

    “During a live broadcast on Fox Business the CEO of Overstock Inc, Patrick Byrne, explained the earlier announcement of why he was resigning as CEO from the company he created. …

    ♦Byrne now says in 2015 and 2016 the FBI operation was part of a network of political surveillance being conducted by the FBI on presidential candidates.

    ♦Byrne names FBI Agent Peter Strzok as the person giving the instructions.

    ♦Byrne names: Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump as the four candidates under FBI surveillance, and/or inside an operation consisting of political espionage.

    ♦Byrne claims he was offered a $1 billion bribe to keep his mouth shut.

    ♦Byrne claims there are additional witnesses.

    ♦Byrne states he went to the DOJ in April 2019 (3rd – 10th), after Bill Barr was Attorney General, because he was informed that Barr was trustworthy and going to support. Byrne told the DOJ everything that was happening. …”

    HILLARY was the target of FBI surveillance? WTH? Do you believe it? So this means what? OBAMA and BRENNAN were spying on Hillary, too? For what reason? LEVERAGE for the future, given they expected her to win?

    • And so I’m thinking: wheels within wheels. WHO BENEFITS? The Deep State? Blame it on Barry (who doubtless IS mainly to blame)? I’m just thinking about Clinton being looped in there with Cruz, Rubio, and Trump. WHY?

  3. facebkwallflower

    Can any of you lead me to post discussed and discused and theorized, with pic examples, Barry being older than he claims? What is old topic to us is new to so many now and they are interested in researching. What better place to direct them than WTPOTUS’s archives?

    • Uh, there wouldn’t have been an “open bid” in Trump’s case, either, had there not been SPIES in his administration, those anonymous sources, AND willing “journalists” who put their desire to undermine this president BEFORE what’s best for the national security of our nation. Once upon a time (like when Barry was POTUS), the media would basically ask his permission to print ANYTHING similar. Could it be there were NO anonymous sources in Barry’s administration OR did they just ignore them because the media was 100% pro-Barry and would NEVER print anything that made HIM look like the incompetent he was?

      Oh, so according to NPR the situation with Russia was more dangerous then, under Truman, than now–when the Ruskies have NUCLEAR-ARMED stealth missiles they can lob across the ocean (and Greenland) towards us. We are very interested in having MISSILE DEFENSE stations to defend ourselves AS WELL AS Europe. Truman dropped the bomb; at the time, he didn’t have to fear one coming at us from Russia.

      The other (CNN) story says Greenland is worth at least a billion. Hmm. Maybe they could use the billion dollar BRIBE MONEY that somebody was planning to pay that guy for keeping his trap shut about Barry’s peeps spying on Trump. I’m thinking that money either was secreted away from the money sent surreptitiously to Iran OR it was going to be in the form of gummint contracts. Or something.

      In any case, a billion would be quite a bargain. And it’s far less than Denmark owes in NATO arrears. Trump ought to send them AND all the other scofflaw nations a BILL. After all, there’s a reason why we must pay DOUBLE to support NATO–because they don’t pay for their own defense!

      These people make me sick. Yeah, Trump is only looking for a “legacy.” RIGHT. There’s NO STRATEGIC reason, no NATIONAL SECURITY reason, nor any FINANCIAL REASON (like they owe us a shitload of $) that justifies the idea. Nope. He just wants a legacy. And they suggest it wouldn’t pay off monetarily for years, AS IF there’s no strategic military reason why we need to keep Russia AND China from getting a foothold in Greenland, which is basically on our doorstep. The Inuit have far more in common with the Chinese than they do with Denmark, who (like most “aboriginal peoples”) see European whites as nothing more than hateful colonialists. Even the people of Russia are MORE SIMILAR to the Inuit than are European whites such as in Denmark. The Inuit of Greenland see them as invaders.

      After having spent the past two years setting up Russia as our main enemy, now the media totally ignore the issue of Russia and their nuclear-armed missiles. Amazing.

  4. ruth ….. always ruth ….
    ~ srdem65 says: ….HEY RUTHIE’ …….
    To avoid a whole bunch of trouble, the lady should resign before January 2020. .YEP ..that …sound WHITE 2 me also.. LET-GO RUTH ..LET GO!
    Election year, and all that. y’know

    • Saw this on the news tonight. While I certainly don’t wish her ill, it doesn’t sound as promising as the media want us to believe. They treat each thing with radiation. That’s about the best they can do. It’s to prolong her life. They keep saying there’s no evidence of any more disease, but they said that after the lung surgery. And now? Was this NOT THERE back then or just not detectable yet?

  5. MO’ blk trash – 2 cool 4 school – dick of the day! really sick .. thanks kim?

    • Wow. Unbelievable. Should have let the guy rot. No good deed goes unpunished. btw, why doesn’t that story come up? Are they blocking it so people don’t see what a jerk this guy is?

    • That was an excellent observation on Rush’s part. Wish I’d thought of it. It’s rather obvious, isn’t it? Barry, who claims the seas are going to inundate the land, for some reason buys a house worth millions that’s only yards of flat land away from the beach? Seems he doesn’t really believe in global warming and rising seas, unless he plans to scam an insurance company. Here’s an interesting thought: Given that insurance companies figure out things like potential earthquake risk and jack up premiums accordingly, are they similarly socking it to people like Barry and Moo to insure that beachfront property? IF NOT, then why not? Could it be insurance companies have to deal with FACTS and aren’t on board with this B.S.? I wonder how we could go about learning if insurance rates have skyrocketed on beachfront properties since all this global warming hype.

  6. just how mad MAD? …a dime a dozen.4 sure

    • I’m all for harassing the heck out of the likes of her, but that said–it didn’t look exactly like assault to me and Loomer didn’t seem at all upset, although it’s not kosher (can I use that term in a sentence about Tlaib?), anyway, never kosher to grab somebody else’s property, like their phone. What gets me is how openly they run away from constituents. What’s the problem with answering questions from ANYBODY who wants to ask one? Omar (?) just rushed her off because she recognized Loomer. Are not conservatives deserving of representation, too?

    • Birds of a feather.

    • You know, there’s a reason why Greenland is called Greenland. It was GREEN when the Vikings lived there. They lived there because it was SUITABLE for farming, building churches and towns, and LIVING. From their base there, they were able to move on to what’s now Canada and the U.S. The REASON it was green is NOT global warming but the “medieval warm period” when global temps were far higher even than today and higher than is expected by “global warming.” Of course, the disingenuous and lying Al Gore and noted Climate “Scientists” created the lying “hockey stick” map to magically disappear (and flatten) that WARM PERIOD as well as a COLD PERIOD in the mid-20th century, when there was an over-400%-point rise in CO2, all in order to create the illusion that We the People (for the most part) are single-handedly “changing” the climate and so OWE REPARATIONS to the rest of the world and are REQUIRED to accept MILLIONS of “climate refugees.”

      Good news, though, the creator of the hockey stick FAKE NEWS graph recently LOST A CASE in Canadian court and was made to PAY THE LEGAL FEES of the defendant. He lost because, guess why? HE REFUSED A COURT ORDER TO TURN OVER HIS DATA TO SEE WHETHER OR NOT HE IS THE LIAR, VERSUS THE PERSON HE SUED FOR DEFAMING HIM. Now why would a noted “scientist” refuse to do what EVERY SCIENTIST is required to do, and that is to SHOW HIS WORK so it can be critiqued scientifically, examined for accuracy, and replicated? Could it be because it was a greater risk (reputation versus ACTUAL CRIMINAL DAMAGES)? IF someone creates a false document, deliberately, and it’s used by the U.N. and governments worldwide to institute “global warming regimes” and it’s all based on a deliberate political LIE, then what kind of damages might be due to people and businesses and nations HARMED by this lie? It would be in the BILLIONS of dollars. Would it not?

      Now the man who won the case ought to turn around and sue MANN for defamation.

      And until he turns over the DATA, every agency and government, especially the U.N., should STOP citing his “evidence.” How can something BE evidence without withstanding scrutiny and fact checking and replication?

      It’s exactly like Barry’s fake birth certificates, neither of which have EVER been shown in any court of law.

      • Speaking of Greenland, my local paper had another editorial ridiculing the POTUS and openly accusing him of racism with regard to Greenland in the exact opposite way from how others accused him of racism. The liberals NEVER let facts get in the way of their memes.

        First, Trump is accused of wanting to once again “own” people “of color,” in this case the Inuit MAJORITY in Greenland. But then again, why let inconvenient facts get in the way when you want to make a false “white supremacy” claim against Trump?

        My paper said he wants Greenland, part of DENMARK, in order to absorb into the U.S. population more “white” people! (Far be it for “journalists” to look up demographics on Wikipedia before creating fake news.) 88% of the population was Inuit in 2010. That means 51,000 Inuit (non-white people), approximately.

        Ironically, even if they were white, what difference do 56,000-58,000 more “whites” make when that many non-whites illegally cross our border almost every month? Again, don’t let facts get in the way. So here’s a case of Trump wanting to ADD 50,000+ more non-whites to our population but he won’t get any credit for that!

        Don’t you love, too, how they talk about the sovereign “nation” of Greenland? The entire population being little more than one SMALL TOWN in the USA?

        Not only did the medieval warm period (long before airplanes and SUVs) cause Greenland to be green with melting glaciers, but also in the mid-1800s there was the Little Ice Age that resulted in glaciers that CURRENTLY exist there and which the progressives are so sad to see melt!

        Even Wikipedia has to admit, based on scientific fact (ice cores), that “analysis of the layering and chemical composition of the cores has provided a revolutionary new record of climate change in the Northern Hemisphere going back about 100,000 years and illustrated that the world’s weather and temperature have often shifted rapidly from one seemingly stable state to another, with worldwide consequences. …” Not surprisingly, the article that’s cited is not viewable, so we can’t analyze for ourselves and point out how “man-caused” global warming is a MYTH, because there have been very cold periods during modern, post-industrial times, and very HOT periods that lasted hundreds of years in pre-modern, pre-industrial times.

  7. O’ Y NOT!!! they could use a LITTLE SHINE! .. & she was NEW 2 the JOB!

    PUT the FOOT DOWN ….HARD!!! I GET IT ….they PLAY hard BALL???

  9. This one I particularly love (and hate):

    Progressives try to create artificial intelligence algorithms to find and censor “hate speech” but run into a “problem”: The algorithms catch MORE NON-WHITES than whites, which would seem to prove a lack of bias and MLK’s dream of treating people equally, despite their skin color. BUT no. The progressives are stumped about how to RIG the algorithm to catch WHITES and NOT CATCH non-whites who, of course, can’t BE racist and so can’t commit “hate crimes” because whites can’t be the victims of hate crimes, because, you know, privilege.

    Maybe they ought to consult Facebook, Twitter, and Google about how THEY manage to only censor conservatives but ALLOW hate speech, threats, organizing of riots, etc., by progressives on THEIR “platforms.”

    What to do, what to do? We simply CANNOT imagine how to create a system that has two sets of rules, policies, and laws–one for evil whites and another for everybody else. NO “person of color” should possibly have to follow the same rules and laws that apply to ONLY whites. After all, whites are now the outcasts, the untouchables, the deplorables and non-whites are now the “elites.”


    This is in regards to the new progressive effort, to replace the Trump/Russia fake news, that seeks to redefine our history and CLAIM falsely (and without evidence, btw, actually against all evidence) that the “real” founding of our country happened when the first “slave ship” apparently landed on these shores. From that event, they want to create the false narrative that this country, from that day onward, was built by slave labor. Obviously, this is false because (1) a tiny majority of people owned slaves, but they INCLUDED NATIVE AMERICANS AND BLACKS, (2) the vast majority of people who fought and DIED to free the slaves were white and were NOT slave holders, and (3) most of the people of this country, past and present, do NOT descend either from slaves or slave holders. Anyway, here’s a sample from the article:

    “Rigor in reporting and restraint in judgment once made the Gray Lady noble. Now she is dead, her homicide an inside job.

    The transcript, leaked to Slate, reveals a confederacy of ignorance and bigotry involving hundreds of people. The ringleader is executive editor Dean Baquet, who fires the fatal shot into the credibility of his paper.

    By giving reporters and editors license to try to stop Donald Trump from becoming president, then letting them peddle the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax, Baquet helped unleash the ­hatred that is tearing America apart. Never before has a single media institution played such a destructive role in the nation’s life.

    But Baquet is not finished. The 75-minute meeting shows he is now determined to ­destroy the president by painting him as a racist. …”

    To paint Trump as a racist, they don’t care if they completely rewrite history, a la Orwell, or further destroy race relations and actually PROMOTE HATRED against people SOLELY because they share a skin color with SOME people who owned slaves hundreds of years ago.

    OUR ECONOMY is NOT based upon slave labor. The economy of the USA would have thrived with or without slaves BECAUSE most of the country did NOT own slaves and most of the people who came to this shore succeeded by their own labor–as miners, railroad builders, store keepers, lawyers, doctors, wheelwrights, wagon builders, fur traders, farmers, ranchers, you name it. Yes, SOME PEOPLE (to borrow a phrase from Ilhan) DID get rich from owning slaves. SOME FEW PEOPLE, already wealthy individuals, increased their wealth. FIND THEIR DESCENDANTS AND SEE IF ANY OF THAT WEALTH REMAINS. If by any stretch it does and IF you can prove it existed from the time of slavery, was directly passed down to these people, and did not GROW as a result of the efforts of the inheritors, then have at it. See if the courts will allow you to sue an estate that’s been closed for hundreds of years.

    btw, HOW do you blame a country for slavery when the country did not even exist when the first slaves arrived and were sold after having been kidnapped from their own countries by OTHER PEOPLE OF COLOR (Arabs and African tribes) and, in some cases, sold to OTHER PEOPLE OF COLOR? (Of course, some liberals have a convenient “excuse” for the Arabs and Africans–the “white” (Latino?) King of Portugal MADE THEM do it. Typical soft bigotry. ONLY WHITES are responsible. People of color cannot be blamed; they have no agency. They are ruled by whites; made to do every evil thing they do.)

    It’s of note that the leader of this project at the NY Times CLAIMS to be a NOLA Creole when, as his brother reports, he’s actually of Haitian descent.

    • From this link:

      “The New York Times is doing this because Bob Mueller didn’t take out Donald Trump. Now the Times thinks it can leverage racial tensions and divisions in the United States to do it.

      Americans, particularly white Americans, need to learn more about slavery in the United States. But doing so on the premise that the United States itself is flawed and illegitimate is not the way to do it. Sadly, that’s what so much of the Times’ coverage amounts to. …”

      The entire piece is worth reading to show the mendacity of this “Creole” guy at the Times.

  11. WE …R …FAMILY? ..Si-BLiNG$! … what a $urprise? …again at the hip!

  12. Why Michelle Obama Won’t Run in 2020 ….?
    Trump would beat her badly… I PRAY NIGHTLY ..that is all

  13. It Was A Dark & Stormy Night …… YEP!!!

  14. jump off a cliff or better yet ,,,GET BE-HIND them BARS HILLARY ! ….

  15. nice “ACT”Joe .. I get IT! act Mo’ stupid U get less Questions asked

    Biden: Obama Clean, Articulate, Bright African-American
    Joe Biden is set to launch his second run for the presidency today but it will likely be overshadowed by some candid comments made in an interview with Jason Horowitz of the New York Observer.

    Most noteworthy is what he says about Barack Obama: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

    Not surprisingly, Matt Drudge is all over it:
    Drudge Clean Obama
    I’m already getting e-mails from GOP operatives touting this, too.

  16. O’ ….maR

    ~ EricNV •
    Isn’t adultery, when committed by a woman, an offense punishable by death according to the Koran?
    They are supposed to be buried up to their necks in sand and stoned to death.
    ~ NationalCapitalist paramore309 •
    If she believes Sharia is supreme over the Constitution, then deliver Sharia justice to Minnesota’s little jihadi queen we must.
    I agree. So it is written, so it shall be done.
    Who are we to stand in the way of her traditions?!?
    It would be discriminatory and racist for us to deny her her fate.
    I think we should cut her some slack and realize there is a perfectly valid explanation. She probably thought he was her brother. I hear that happens a lot with those people.

  17. W ~ R ~ 1 …. YES WTP KNOW THAT 4 SURE!

  18. Shit Shit & MO’ SHIT 24/7 send them PAC-IN’ ..FAST! no if & or BUTT’S
    & this is HOW IT WORKS with… “HANDS TIED” .. slime masters did IT!

  19. Hats off 2 ya’ …U go BOYS .. U were a SANE GROUP …Butt’ no-longer

  20. HANKER Down … FOLKS!!! HERE > “HE” … BLOWS!

    YEP …. the Black Folks named > Dorian < ….gets FRONT & CENTER
    D Hector 26 dancer
    D Gregory 48 tv/actor
    D missick 43 tv/actor
    D harewood 69 tv/actor
    & …'Dorian' Gray …as wtp …know that 1 from long ago as colorless?
    O' …miss LEE …strikes again …. in 2013' ….does SHE EVER…stop?


    ~ chuck f2

    ~Mosin Nagant1
    I was walking down the street of a small Florida town the other day when I came up on this car with a bumper sticker..”I Miss Chicago” so I slit the tires and broke all the glass and left a note “hope this helps”.

    ~ Elaborate Voicemail Hoax
    Are these the same rifles Barry Hussein Obama and Eric Holder sent fast and furiously to Mexico? It’s entirely possible.

  22. POLITICS 1/5/2019′ .. YEP …That BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL ..
    Trump Calls Those Who Don’t Support His Wall ‘Criminals’
    “Everyone” else Wants it “Very Badly,” the president tweeted. YEP! ….WTP …LOVE IT! YES WALLS R US!

  23. J Combs was widely known in the niche sport of jet-car racing & was attempting to break the Women’s Land Speed Record of 512 mph set in 1976 by Kitty O’Neil when she died. Combs wrote on Instagram on Sunday:
    “People say I’m crazy. I say thank you.”


    WTP ..all SAY ..THANK YOU! .. U just Don’t CARE 2 GET IT! NOPE!
    as 4 me-self .. I’d rather be US than > U BUNCH of DIRT FLEAS! …. Yes she did something with her Life! … Bless you …

  24. a JERK OFF LAUGH a Minute .. BOOKER is such a kiss-azz & worse!!!
    Smackdown: Charles Payne exposes Cory Booker’s snowflake snake-oil

    In his quest to come up with ever new reasons to end the Second Amendment for our own good, Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker made a wild and sweeping claim:

    Payne knows the deal about little kids and fireworks, because he was one of those little kids, and not that long ago, either. He’s got actual street cred. Now he’s exposing Booker for a guy selling baloney, trying to get us to believe that urban kids are shivering wimps, same as Booker is.

    Well played, Mr. Payne.

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