It Figures …

… another “mass shooting” and the mainstream media cannot wait to blame “the far right.”

First, condolences to the families of the deceased. Yes, we send our thoughts and prayers to and for the victims and their families.

While we’re appalled by such events, it’s disgusting to see the media wasting no time in blaming “the far right,” to promote their political agenda. One story, front and center on the Yahoo! home page, is entitled:

Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting Suspect Posted About Far-Right Book Moments Before Shooting

Far right? Hardly.

The alleged, now-deceased perpetrator, Santino William Legan, seemingly a 19-year-old Italian/Iranian-American environmentalist, posted on Instagram

a picture with a caption that told followers to read a 19th-century, proto-fascist book. The book … is full of anti-Semitic, sexist and white supremacist ideology.

Recall that fascism derives from Nazism and that Hitler and his followers were socialists. The name Nazi derives from the party of Hitler and his supporters: The National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

Workers’ party? When you hear that phrase, what do you think of?

At best, labor unions. At worst, communism. Neither is far right.

Despite that the left, the far left, progressives, and their toadies in the media want very much to associate Hitler, Nazism, and Fascism with the right in this country, the fact remains that all these ideologies have more in common with communism, socialism, and progressivism than with right-leaning ideologies like conservatism or libertarianism.

Notably, the story featured at Yahoo! does not name the book recommended by the alleged shooter, something pointed out in comments by several individuals, one of whom specifically stated that he’d like the name so that he can determine for himself whether or not the book is truly “far right.”

Of course, today’s mainstream media is not in the business of supplying readers with information so they can make up their own minds. Rather, they prefer to brainwash the masses with their (and the Democrat Party’s) progressive propaganda.

As it turns out, other stories have noted the name of the book: Might is Right. According to Wikipedia, this book is

by pseudonymous author Ragnar Redbeard. First published in 1890, it heavily advocates egoist anarchism, amorality, consequentialism and psychological hedonism. In Might Is Right, Redbeard rejects conventional ideas of human and natural rights and argues that only strength or physical might can establish moral right (à la Callicles or Thrasymachus).

The book also attacks Christianity and Democracy. Friedrich Nietzsche‘s theories of master–slave morality and herd mentality serve as a clear inspiration for Redbeard’s book written contemporaneously. …

The author sums up his work as follows:

“This book is a reasoned negation of the Ten Commandments–the Golden Rule–the Sermon on the Mount–Republican Principles–Christian Principles–and “Principles” in general. It proclaims upon scientific evolutionary grounds, the unlimited absolutism of Might, and asserts that cut-and-dried moral codes are crude and immoral inventions, promotive of vice and vassalage.”

Nietzsche was, of course, a nihilist. As such, the author so admired by the alleged shooter would seem to have more in common with antifa, the far left. 

The author attacked Christianity, democracy, and republicanism. He rejected human rights and natural rights, the very foundation of our Declaration of Independence.

The author also opposed moral codes, including the Ten Commandments, and the  Golden Rule!

He promoted anarchism, amorality, and “consequentialism,” which holds that

the consequences of one’s conduct are the ultimate basis for any judgment about the rightness or wrongness of that conduct. Thus, from a consequentialist standpoint, a morally right act (or omission from acting) is one that will produce a good outcome, or consequence.

Consequentialism is primarily non-prescriptive, meaning the moral worth of an action is determined by its potential consequence, not by whether it follows a set of written edicts or laws. 

Consider what Wikipedia says about antifa, without doubt a far-left movement, which 

is composed of left-wing, autonomous, militant anti-fascist [or so they claim] groups and individuals in the United States. The principal feature of antifa groups is their use of direct action, with conflicts occurring both online and in real life. They engage in varied protest tactics, which include digital activism, property damage, physical violence, and harassment against those whom they identify as fascist, racist, or on the far right.

Activists involved in the movement tend to be anti-capitalists and subscribe to a range of ideologies, typically on the left. They include anarchists, socialists and communists along with some liberals and social democrats.

Antifa activists believe that their cause is right and so, because they’re right, it’s alright to, by any means necessary, including violence, violate the human, constitutional, and civil rights of those with whom they disagree:

The idea of [violent] direct action is central to the antifa movement. Antifa organizer Scott Crow told an interviewer: 

“The idea in Antifa is that we go where they [right-wingers] go. That hate speech is not free speech. That if you are endangering people with what you say and the actions that are behind them, then you do not have the right to do that. And so we go to cause conflict, to shut them down where they are, because we don’t believe that Nazis or fascists of any stripe should have a mouthpiece.”

What a perfect example of consequentialism.

Antifa activists believe (or claim that they believe) that their cause is right and so what others, including law enforcement, would label as illegal or immoral acts (violence, vandalism, doxxing, etc.) are in actuality moral acts because the ends justify their means.

Of course, antifa activists reserve for themselves the right to decide which “free speech” is actually “hate speech.” They also reserve the right to declare people with whom they disagree as beings ineligible for constitutional rights, human rights, or natural rights.

So who is denying the humanity of whom?

Who has more in common with the ideology professed in the book Might is Right?

The far left. 

That’s who.


98 responses to “It Figures …

  1. old peter …. peter
    ~ DaGroad
    Mayor Buttphuq is not a Christian. He is a Marxist pervert with a perverted outlook on most everything.
    ~ formerlyRM
    If Mayor Petey Buttplug is a “christian,” I’m the Archangel Michael.
    Mayor Pete is a very sanctimonious guy. It doesn’t play well.

    Appears that these are the verses of Scripture that Pete twisted to fit his narrative. Proverbs 14:31 ¶ He that oppresseth the poor reproacheth his Maker: but he that honoureth him hath mercy on the poor.
    Proverbs 17:5 ¶ Whoso mocketh the poor reproacheth his Maker: and he that is glad at calamities shall not be unpunished.

    Interesting though, that in Proverbs 19:17 ¶ He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given {or, his deed} will he pay him again.

    Nothing about government minimum wage here….just about old fashion giving to the poor and people who are helping them!!
    ~ SufferingFromFools
    We don’t need to be lectured, nor does he have any moral high ground.
    He reminds me far too much of Obama. EXCEPT ….. that he’s
    MORE like SANDERS & WARREN only younger …a very weird-O’ dick ….
    Never take moral dictation from a man that loves to offer oral dicktation.
    Of course he supports killing babies, HE’S A DEGENERATE! Nothing good can come from someone who chooses sodomy as his lifestyle!
    Lust Glutton Greed Sloth Wrath Envy Pride
    What about those Mayor ButtPlug?

    • By wrapping themselves in this pseudo-religious garb, they’re simultaneously ridiculing and insulting people who actually are evangelicals. Once again, they prove that they THINK CONSERVATIVES ARE STUPID. In this case, because they BELIEVE that by PRETENDING to be Christian or evangelical, real Christians and real evangelicals will FALL FOR IT. What they’re doing is, in their own minds, pointing out what they BELIEVE is hypocrisy and hoping to shame Christians and evangelicals by playing the Christian card. iow, reject Trump AS A RACIST or else YOU’RE A RACIST, TOO, AND A BAD CHRISTIAN, TO BOOT.

      They’re trying to use the tenets of Christianity against Christians but they’re warping it because they don’t understand Christianity. Being Christian doesn’t mean you check your brain at the door. Nor does it mean that you buy into the liberals’ version of what’s “moral,” especially with regard to the stupidity of proclaiming that just because someone is black it means they’re innoculated against criticism.

      Being Christian does not equal being stupid, despite what we know about progressives: Overwhelmingly (actually) atheist or agnostic BECAUSE THEY EQUATE RELIGION WITH SUPERSTITION AND THEN WITH STUPIDITY.

    • So what’s the goal? To paint Barry as “moderate” and thereby imply that Moo is moderate, too? As for their argument that Barry was too into “incrementalism,” it matters not if their goal is to get there fast or incrementally, what matters is their GOAL: SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, GLOBAL FASCISM. Whatever you call it, it means MAKING AMERICA DISAPPEAR. Not making America great again. DESTROYING AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT. SUBMITTING OUR REPUBLIC TO GLOBAL DEMOCRACY-IN-NAME-ONLY.

  2. What if your government told you they were going to put 10,000 high resolution cameras on every road and back road and maybe 100,000 on every freeway?
    Would you be OK with that?
    Probably not I think. HIgh resolution cameras with velocity sensing and all sorts of AI to interpret what they see?
    You would probably say it sounds too much like Big Brother.
    What if you were told these things are necessary in self driving cars?
    You are supposed to say well OK, I want a self driving car.
    I don’t know anybody who says they want one of these things.
    I saw two self driving car prototypes recently in my supermarket car park and I went over and talked to the guys testing them. We had a nice conversation.
    I asked if it would be possible, if I had one of these things, to do anything I wanted to do inside of them without bearing legal responsibility for anything that goes wrong, like reading a book, eating my dinner, going to sleep, having a couple of drinks etc?
    They said “that won’t happen in your lifetime and neither will it happen in our lifetimes”
    So what’s the point?
    None to me.
    I got it when on a geeky tech program I saw a sheriff say these cars will always obey the law unlike the other cars around them.
    Without any enabling legislation these cars will be able to log all the movements of all the cars around them – and store that information in some central place, Obviously I could take a photo of you driving down the street and keep it. I don’t need a law to allow me to do this.
    Think of it like some big tech social media platform on steroids.
    “We already know who you know, now we know everywhere you go and how you drive getting there – when you wobble, when you don’t, who’s with you.”
    It is only a very small step to pass enabling legislation to use this data to prosecute people.
    We are often told, when we express Big Brother concerns that “If you are doing nothing wrong then you have nothing to fear”
    The problem with that sentence is “nothing wrong”
    Nothing wrong can change on a dime or an election.
    An evil government comes into power and suddenly for some of us we
    are doing everything wrong and we can never be out of the gaze of a million moving cameras.
    I didn’t understand why governments seemed to so want self driving cars.
    Now I do.
    This isnot from no “Q” website.
    This is from me.
    It is just an obvious interpretation of the media excitement about self driving (your worst goooogle nightmare) cars.

    • Now we know why the government (and the tech companies?) needed that YUGE storage site out in Utah. BIG BROTHER will be watching you and you (generic you, not you personally) will WELCOME the intrusion.

      They lure you with the “benefits” and encourage you to voluntarily give up your freedom and privacy. There’s NO WAY to opt out. It began, somewhat, when they put the black boxes in cars. Now everybody has a cell phone with GPS that tracks them everywhere. But that “location information” is only given to all those apps to provide you wonderful services, you see.

      Everybody mostly needs a cell phone these days, connected to the Web. If you don’t have one, you can barely do anything unless you’re at home in front of your laptop and even then you’re tracked. Phones come LOADED with all the spying apps. If you don’t activate them, remove them, or refuse to set up accounts with Apple or Google or whoever, then nothing works on your phone.

      Facebook currently follows you everywhere. Note how “handy” it is that you can be signed into FB and your user profile follows you so it’s “easy” to comment, for example.

      I’ve been studying how to use a smartphone without using Google services. You have to be a geek whiz to figure out how to use Android WITHOUT Google services that DO spy on you, seize data from your phone (photos, etc.) and upload it to the cloud. How do you prevent that? Who the hell knows, short of not making a Google account so then very little works on your phone? If you do make the account, you’re not given the option, so far as I can tell, to choose what you want to share and what not to share. To avoid Google, you have to wipe your phone and use open-source sites to reload an Android OS to the phone and then use Amazon or other app stores to get apps that you hope don’t spy on you and that you have to hope don’t contain viruses. Allegedly Google’s app store vets apps and is safer to download from.

      Senator Josh Hawley seems to be just about the only tech-savvy person in Washington who cares about or understands what’s going on. He’s got bills pending but nothing’s happening with them, so far as I can tell. The Dems and the Reps get big money from big tech so they’re not very interested in biting the hands that feed them. Worse, they are so TECH STUPID that it’s next to impossible to get them to comprehend the issues, the danger, the reality of what’s coming (actually what’s already here).

      Congress has been so far behind on regulating tech companies that the genie is out of the bottle. This is the double-edged sword of the free market. I hate to say they shouldn’t “allow” this stuff to happen, that such technology should first win sanction from the government, but for the government to be so hands-off for so long has been a disaster. Something has to be done. The tech companies (probably by progressive design) are REPLACING THE GOVERNMENT.

      I do understand that “self-driving” cars will (legally) require someone to sit there monitoring the actions of the computer and heading off any mistakes the computer makes. This sounds like a sure-fire recipe for BOREDOM and computer error compounded by human error. It’s so much easier to be engaged when you’re in control. Imagine highways full of “drivers” who are more like air traffic controllers who just WATCH and have to WARN but really don’t control the vehicles. Just like the pilots who were supposed to catch the computers that sent planes into the ground or into the sea.

      It’s AS IF all the psychological studies about human attention, diffusion of responsibility, and the like have been in vain because nobody pays any attention to the science or applies it.

      There’s already a case of a self-driving car that ran down a woman on a bike. There was a human being who was supposed to monitor the test, but she was, iirc, texting on her phone instead of doing her job being back seat driver for the computer. I don’t know what ever happened with that case. She should have been prosecuted for at the very least negligent manslaughter, but being a POC, iirc, probably nothing came of it.

  3. Cummings Used Same ……‘Racist’ Language About Baltimore, Trump Shames Him ….lalala

  4. ~ Jane Goodall’s research indicated that her band of chimps would attack, assault & even kill strange chimps trespassing on their territory. DNA?

    • You might say it’s in our DNA. Family loyalty first. Blood loyalty. Clan loyalty. Tribe loyalty. National loyalty. And on it goes. It’s SURVIVAL instinct. There’s not a culture on the face of the earth that doesn’t have a word for “the people” meaning US, and then “the other” meaning NOT US. In most case, the word for the other means the “not people.” This holds true, I hate to tell progressives, even for the noble savages whom they like to believe are different from the evil “whites.” Science (anthropology and linguistics) tells us so, as does history, which proves the truth of it (from the history of war, a fact of human existence for all of our time on this planet).

  5. No person is above criticism, not Sharpton, not Cummings, not Omar, and not Tlaib or Ocasio-Cortez. Those of the aforementioned who dish it out, as they do daily when calling their opponents racists and white supremacists, should be able to take it. To claim that by virtue of calling oneself a “minority” one is above legitimate criticism is to ascribe a certain supremacy and specialness to oneself, which is itself racism. Minority status is being exploited to deny others their legitimate freedom of speech and stifle necessary political debate. This leads to corruption; we all need to be challenged and to be answerable.

    Barack Obama used his Presidency to criticize and malign America, label America a racist society, weaken us around the world, diminish the importance of Christian religious freedom, and extol thugs like Al Sharpton and traitors like Bo Bergdahl. In contrast, President Trump, proud of being an American, is standing up for the dignity of America. He, like so many others, is saying: It’s time to stop the baloney and farce of lionizing self-serving agitators simply because they call themselves civil rights leaders. He will not be cowed by phony cries of “racism” into accepting the unacceptable and bowing to the liberal icons and imposters. And neither should we. It is not in our American makeup to quiver and shake in our boots because someone will call us a name. Thank you, Mr. President, for freeing us from this liberal tyranny and for showing us the way of courage.

  6. *.In spite of (or maybe because of) Obama being half black, race relations in the country became arguably worse than at any time since the 1960s. It seemed like Obama was making everything about race and intentionally pitting segments of American society against each other.

  7. THIS AMERICA .. is WHEN WTP ..Put “OUR HANDS UP” because they
    STILL …can .. as the BAD – BOYS HARM HURT & KILL US .. so sad

    • Walmart employees comfort one another after a shooter opened fire at the Walmart at Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso on Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019.

      Mielke said the hospital has Never Dealt with an incident of this magnitude, but they have trained for IT ….. several times.?????

      David Shimp, chief executive officer of Del Sol Medical Center, said in an emailed statement: “Earlier today, the El Paso Police Department and emergency personnel responded to an active shooting that occurred in East El Paso. Of those involved,
      11 Victims …. ranging from 35 years old to 82 years old,
      were transported and are being treated at Del Sol Medical Center.
      2 patients are in stable condition and 9 are in critical condition.

    • I opine about this on the new post. Would be interested to see how others react.

  8. The GOP is Smart to try to bring up the reminder of this via the rapper case. Harris can Deny she’s a merciless prosecutor as much as $he likes, but like a $corpion, her nature is always going to take over. She’s $uch a Phony.!!!!!

  9. Walmart employees comfort one another after a shooter opened fire at the Walmart at Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso on Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019.

    Mielke said the hospital has Never Dealt with an incident of this magnitude, but they have trained for IT ….. several times.?????

    David Shimp, chief executive officer of Del Sol Medical Center, said in an emailed statement: “Earlier today, the El Paso Police Department and emergency personnel responded to an active shooting that occurred in East El Paso. Of those involved,
    11 Victims …. ranging from 35 years old to 82 years old,
    were transported and are being treated at Del Sol Medical Center.
    2 patients are in stable condition and 9 are in critical condition.

  10. WHY ? REALLY ..LOOK @ “ME” …& say some-thing? WTP …
    say REMOVE the ARM-our a hijab? .. WE get IT! as do the jewish youth
    do it less …so we change .. by choice ? or also fear … Like RED HATS!

    • Feminist? That’s taqiyya. No doubt she believes that after the submission she’ll get special treatment as one of the elite.

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