Fifty Years Ago, an American Walked on the Moon


Fifty years ago tomorrow, the United States of America landed men on the Moon.

Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin, both American, landed the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle on July 20, 1969, at 20:17 UTC.


One Squad, Under God, Indivisible,

With Liberty And Justice For All!


59 responses to “Fifty Years Ago, an American Walked on the Moon

  1. I remember this. Do you? Hard to believe now that it was real. Imagine going to the Moon in circa-1969 technology. Yikes.

  2. I referred to this on the previous post:

    Amazingly enough, an NPR writer is OPPOSED to this policy. Rightfully so, but it’s a surprise coming from NPR, although they may remember where they get some funding:

  3. I heard on the mainstream news this morning that that Jeffery Epstein guy has been taken to a hospital after being found “semi conscious” on the floor of his cell with marks on his neck.
    Who could have foreseen that happening??!!??
    You’d have thought, given all that he knows and the danger that he is in,
    they would put him a secure and isolated part of the prison.
    Wouldn’t ya??

    • Yeah, yeah, yeah. I saw that, too, and the first thing I thought was: another for the dead pool. The last I heard, though, is that he’s not in a terrible way and that some think it was a ploy to get released to a better environment. Suicide, though? Hmmm. If he was attacked, then it’s interesting to think about WHY. How is it that he wasn’t being protected, all things considered, given the publicity and the fact (that everybody hears) that child molesters aren’t safe in the prison population? Was this a WARNING and an exhibition that unless, you know, he keeps his trap shut and refuses to cooperate, the next time will be worse? This whole thing stinks but it’s highly unlikely (as with Vince Foster) that we’ll ever hear the whole story. The Clintonistas are embedded everywhere within our government and the systems. Who knows that better, at this moment, than the POTUS? Look what they’ve done to him, even though it’s falling apart now, seemingly. Still, they’ve won quite a bit just by destroying his reputation, his momentum, and so far a lot of his presidency.

    • THIS guy: Being questioned. Supposedly got along with Epstein. INVOLVED in drug rings. Hmmm. Arkansas mafia also alleged to be. Then again, given the proclivities of the man, I’m thinking of what caused David Carradine’s death. You never know but this seems to be a huge failure on the part of the prison. Don’t they have video that will show what happened? If not, then why not? Cops have to wear body cams but prisoners like Epstein, all things considered, aren’t under surveillance, for his own protection and everybody else’s?

  4. I doubt he is safe if he is in a hospital.
    Things happen in hospital
    Drug mistakes, heart attacks etc.
    If his neck was compressed, they might want to an endoscopy to look for
    any internal damage.
    You can ask Joan Rivers about endoscopys.
    Oh wait – no you can’t.

  5. now ^^^^ that is funny dave ….. BUTT’ DIG on THIS ONE!
    the GIFT’s that keep on Coming …& it ain’t even “CHRISTMAS” yet!

    This isn’t the first time Midler has been called out for a tweet about race.
    Last October, she apologized after sharing a John Lennon & Yoko Ono
    quote which included a racist slur. ….. rock-on

    • It’s just further evidence of the soft bigotry of the progressives. The DemoncRAT party was the party of slavery and the party AGAINST civil rights laws. They to this day treat African Americans AS IF THEY’RE BRAINLESS ZOMBIES WHO MUST BE CARED FOR AND LOOKED OUT FOR BECAUSE THEY’RE AKIN TO CHILDREN. That’s evident in attitudes that crop up among progressives, as Midler’s tweet. Look at her view of black conservatives. They MUST BE paid off and so are corrupt, or stupid and so can’t think for themselves.

  6. 2 MUCH FUN …. @

    THE RIGHT PRESCRIPTION & MORE…bottom of page … ha’
    Robert Mueller Just Killed Impeachment
    Mueller: An Unmitigated Disaster
    Mueller’s Third Groundhog Day
    Robert Mueller: The Guest Who Won’t Leave
    Attorney General Barr’s Remarkable CBS News Interview
    Mueller’s Statement and the Law of Unintended Consequences

    • Fake news about fake candidates. Talk about ASTROTURFING. The SQUAD is actually the ASTROTURFED SQUAD. Bought and paid for. Right out of central casting. btw, does anybody EVER ask: Where’s the diversity? Did the SQUAD DISCRIMINATE along race and sex lines? There aren’t ANY white newbie progressive representatives or white female progressive reps? Enquiring minds just want to know. These people CLAIM they’re all American and represent everyone, just as they remind Trump he should do. And yet, where’s the DIVERSITY on THEIR squad? Hypocrites. Well, gee. Here’s the answer to my question:

      Answer: Plenty of white female freshman representatives, so WHY is the SQUAD so racist?

  7. NYC’s Anti-Cop Anarchy: What Say You, Dante de Blasio?
    Dante de Blasio is the son of Democratic New York Mayor Bill de Blasio,
    who has abandoned his crime-wracked city (but not his Public Office, tax-subsidized $alary or Perks) for a quixotic presidential bid to become America’s social justice warrior-in-chief. Calculated to promote his race card-playing dad’s campaign, Dante stoked anti-cop hysteria a few weeks ago with a widely disseminated USA Today op-ed. Dante’s Screed came just days after de Blasio declared at the first Democratic debate:

    “I’m Different from all of the other candidates in this Race in that
    I’m raising a BLACK ??? son in America.” BIG F-in’ DEAL DUDE
    De Blasio reminds audiences that Dante is Black as O’ften as former GOP presidential candidate John Kasich reminded every unfortunate person within earshot that his dad was a mailman. A Google news search for “De Blasio Black son” yields nearly 85,000 hits. We get it. … We get it…. We get it. <<< hot-shot-son…really
    Jul 12, 2019 … With Mayor Bill de Blasio trailing badly, his son is heading to Iowa and beyond. … Dante de Blasio, a recent Yale graduate, is joining his father's … de Blasio 2020 campaign headquarters at The Yard, a shared working space …

  8. BUTT’ ….. once again …..
    So much for the urgency of the Green New Deal that Peter Buttigieg is backing. Let Other people take the Bus, Peter is Chartering Private Jets like
    no other Democrat running for president.
    Pete Buttigieg has spent roughly $300,000 on Private jet travel this year,
    He led the field of Democratic candidates in fundraising during the second quarter, raking in $24.8 million .

    One thing that you almost Never hear or read in the MSM is that the reason Buttigieg’s fundraising is so robust that lots of homosexuals see his candidacy as a Turning Point. As the first Openly gay presidential contender, Buttigieg is breaking down a Barrier to Acceptance. Vanity Fair is one of the few publications to Acknowledge this,!!! perhaps because it believes its readership is sympathetic to the cause.???

    But voters in unfashionable neighborhoods without closets full of designer duds might not be as happy with the notion that gay money is PUSH-ing a homosexual candidate.


    Just for fun. Remember? Home = Huwai. He said so, after all: (Note that Huwai was an older name. It’s now Maluku Tenggara, but no matter when the name changed, he could still parse to be “correct” when he slyly said he was born in “Huwai.” He did not say Ha-va-ee, while we know he prides himself on correct, ethnic pronunciations. Curious still about all that.)

    Home, sweet home:

    Barry speaks Indonesian here. Note the muslim phrase he closes with.

    A resemblance between Barry and the political candidate is notable.

    And then there’s his Indonesian doppelganger:

    And even another president!

    Nostalgia for the old country:

      • No one still knows who this guy is. I love how he claps for himself, as he takes the stage. What B.S.! Nauseating to watch. I’d never seen this before and only now, after so many years, can I barely stand to watch it. What an ACTOR. AS IF he believed ANY of that B.S.

        The DemoncRAT motto: Say anything, so long as the people BUY IT. You don’t have to mean it. It just has to sound good.

        How to fool as many of the people as you can, all of the time.

        I’m guessing HE didn’t write ANY of this stuff. Whoever “chose” him wrote the speeches.

        So in hindsight, can we say the Squad is totally opposed to what Obama claimed to stand for? “There’s not a black America and a white America …”

        There’s not? Tell that to Rep. Pressley, who thinks anybody with skin that’s more pale than Barry’s MUST SPEAK with a “brown voice” or a “black voice.” What voice does Barry speak with, Ms. Pressley?

        Note right before the 4 min. mark how he lapses into the black preacher accent. PHONY.

        So many people of all colors, but especially white people, BOUGHT HIS LIES. More fool them.

  10. lower & lower …tell IT like IT is … good bad ugly .. yep yep yep

  11. WILL WE ..? BUTT’ MAY-B ..’NEVER’ .. as they >>> PLANNED IT OUT!!!

  12. the biggest JOKE E V E R …..EVER!!!!


    • ~ Garrett Florent ….^^^^^ comments … yep …WE SEE U!!! ALL of U!!!

      Omg I laughed so hard at this video.
      The best part is they are all on tape, the Trump parts are basically him reiterating it. Their words, Not His.. Maybe the media should ask them
      about those statements, but they never do and they don’t talk to any conservative outlets so we can only take at face value.
      Too much Truth & too many facts. The perpetually-offended snowflakes
      ….. R not going to like this.

      It’s interesting. I tried to share this on Twitter and it keeps failing. It’s clear that social media has become a platform for the left, but unfortunately, the news media and social media platforms have made it so glaringly obvious. Democrats, …good luck in 2020

      Tucker Carlson referred to them as the Four Morons of the Apocalypse. Nailed it.
      It’ll be an easy win for Trump if they’re the opposition.

      • Doing an EXCELLENT job proving WHO are the REAL racists. POTUS says and acts in congruence: He represents all people, no matter their skin color. He gives nobody special treatment (like exemption from criticism or disagreement with their words or actions) because of their skin color. He is color blind, when it comes to dealing with people AS PEOPLE. We’re all one people. We’re all human beings. We’re all the SAME “race.” On the other hand, ALL OF THESE WOMEN are RACISTS and their words prove it. Omar (or whatever her real name is) has said white men are responsible for most of the violence. Not true and obviously racist, because why would you lie about it? Pressley, amazingly enough, actually openly avows the belief that ALL black and brown people are mind-numbed robots who must speak as SHE DICTATES they must speak (on account of their skin color) OR ELSE they’re not, apparently, black or brown (enough?). That’s the epitome of racism and racist stereotyping. She’s a BLACK SEPARATIST. Or maybe a BLACK SUPREMACIST. It’s a tribe, iow, that SHE gets to throw people out of, depending upon their ideology and speech. Far from the color-blind America that our Constitution lays out (all are equal, endowed with rights by God) and MLK pursued.

  14. the DEMOCRATIC ….WASTE …..POOL .. of FOoLISH SUCKERS ha’!!!

    California’s Gavin Newsom torched as red-Hot Hypocrite for calling
    ……. >>>> Trump’s wall wasteful <<<<< REALLY U JERK!!!!!

    California's leftist governor, Gavin Newsom, got it in the teeth on Twitter after he tried to decry President Trump's border wall as, of all things, government waste.


    Swamp Monsters in folklore, legends, and mythology
    The Will-o’-the-wisp appears in swamps, and in some areas there are legends of it being an evil spirit.
    The Bunyip are a creature from Aboriginal mythology that lurk in swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds, and waterholes.
    The Grootslang are huge elephant-like creature with a serpent’s tail which according to legend live in caves, swamps, freshwater in South Africa.
    The Lernaean Hydra in Greek and Roman mythology, was the creature Heracles killed in the swamp near Lake Lerna.
    The Honey Island Swamp monster in Louisiana.
    Mokele-mbembe, a legendary water-dwelling creature of Congo River
    basin folklore that resembles a Brontosaurus.
    The skunk ape is a horrible smelling large ape creature said to live in swamps.
    The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp
    In Beowulf, Grendel lived in a marsh near King Hrothgar’s mead-hall,
    as did Grendel’s mother.

  16. Interesting:
    “Q” is starting to mention Loretta Fuddy.
    and Just Informed Talk is reporting that Q news because that is what he does
    From about 10 minutes

    Now he has a little information but the subject is new to him and
    I am sure he would like a link to Butterdezillions blog
    I don’t have and I won’t have a twitter account but if any of y’all do,
    please send him a link (@Justinformu)
    Butterdezillions blog is referenced on the WTOTUS site, I seem to remember that if you put three links in a post it gets sucked into moderation.
    I am sure he deeply dive into that information.

    • Butter’s latest on the topic, so far as I can tell:

      I don’t “tweet,” so can’t inform any tweeter about the link. I’ll watch the video.

    • Interesting speculation about Nunes and “Corn.”

    • Also interesting is Barry’s op-ed or whatever it is that tries to make solidarity with African-Americans against, you know, RACISTS (subtext, like what he thinks of his successor). All things considered: He’s NOT an African-American in actuality or even in fantasy. He may be 100% Indonesian (from Huwai, close to where SAD was stationed–Lomboc). Otherwise, IF SAD and BHO Sr. are truly his parents, nevertheless he’s STILL not African-American. Father = AFRICAN citizen, Kenyan, not even an immigrant, nor a citizen, nor ever naturalized here. Mother = “white”. Does not add up to African-American, which are technically people who descend from American slaves who were African in ancestry. People whose families were here for generations. So he may truly be, as he once said, a “desi” OR he’s a mulatto who’s NOT African-American but is the product of a white American mother (or so we’re told) and a Kenyan citizen who was here only for college, for a very few years.

      …I don’t think she is DEAD …NOPE WTP aren’t DOPES!!! like ^^^

      • I don’t think she’s deceased, either. We’ve been down that road before. Akin to witness protection, I’d say. Convenient. Lucky for her she’s Subud else she’d probably truly have been Fosterized.

  17. Information about the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooter:

    He has the Italian and Iranian flags on his social media. His name is Santino William Legan; he “railed” against “mestizos” and “white twats” and appears to be an environmentalist. He promoted a social Darwinism book.

    • With the left, every move is suspect and there’s an ulterior motive for it. So antenna go up when the leftist media, in lockstep, invent a “policy” that they’re not going to name, dox, or publicize (iow, give FACTS) about shooters. Their professed motive is so the person (who most of the time is dead and so won’t give a rat’s patoot) doesn’t get the publicity he seeks. I cry B.S. on that one. It’s entirely possible it’s to stymie citizen investigators of these events, which for some reason ALWAYS take place in DemoncRAT controlled areas in progressive states where there already are plenty of gun laws that were not followed by the perp.

      Did you know they actually had metal detection check points for admission to the festival and yet, somehow, this guy was allowed to bypass security and climb (or cut) a fence. (All the better to ENSURE that there’s no armed citizen to stop the attack and thus prove the value of the Second Amendment that allows self-defence.)

      Again, various versions of the “truth.” Did he climb or did he cut?

      There’s the requisite “hero,” this time a 10-year-old who pulled a 3-year-old to safety. We’re also supposed to believe he was climbing the fence with an assault rifle but a woman who saw him yelled at him, said he’s not supposed to be doing that, then he shot her in the leg and her husband three times (hero saves their toddler, at this point), and THEN the shooter walks up to them and asks them if they’re all right! Right. Sounds plausible. (But the same informants, in another story, say he didn’t speak at all.)

      IF this is true, then the guy was totally out of reality and then you have to ask WHY that is. MKULTRA? Bourne-like programming? Psychoactive drugs? Brainwashing? Suicide by “serving” the greater good by false flag participation? (We’ll never learn if he was on any drugs, btw.) A violent video game addict?

      Remember the mosque shooting with the allegedly shooter-shot video? I recently saw a program on TV that featured a scene from one of the violent video games. It became instantly OBVIOUS that the mosque shooting video was actually a modified (via CGI) version of that EXACT game. iow, it is totally CGI-created and NOT reality. Was anybody actually shot? Again, we’ll never know, but I seriously doubt it.

      FALSE FLAGS ARE REAL. Whether this latest one is or not, there’s something or someone behind these incidents and it’s NOT the NRA. There already are multiple gun laws the shooter violated, not to mention laws against murder. There was security, but of course the progressives who want to seize all guns and stop all gun sales will say this proves that you can’t secure anyplace because shooters will get through and so the ONLY recourse is to seize ALL guns, you know, so the “children” are safe.

      Their goal and their only goal is to disarm the entire population. Nothing less will do because the Second Amendment is the ONLY THING standing between us and the IMPOSITION BY FORCE OF GLOBAL PROGRESSIVE GOVERNMENT.

    • The new post is about just this topic. The book is NOT a “white supremacist” book–it’s a pro-ANARCHY book. It’s a NIHILIST book. This guy posted online about “white twats.” Does that sound like he is a white supremacist? He hated whites, or at least some of them. Liberals would call him a person of color because of his Iranian background. Of course, Middle Easterners are NOT people “of color.” They’re what progressives call Caucasians, BUT they want to include as many people as minorities as possible and these days, anyway, who wants to be “white?”

  18. ~ honkycracker •
    The first black president turned out to be a total scumbag. I knew it from the beginning. He is Guilty of Treason as is HRC. Barr better convict both of them.
    ~ roberted honkycracker •
    That Barry was/is a total fraud was easy to identify from the Beginning,.. but the Race card worked to protect him & is still being used. Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals proved to be very effective for the defenders of the fraud Obama. If Hillary, the planned & promised in 2008 after Obama cover had been elected there would have been no chance of recovery.
    The Deep State/Swamp panicked when the “birther” Donald Trump was elected President & their panic is Still on display…….. …YEP YEP YEP ….. 4 SURE!!!!

  19. ….GO KATHY …

  20. she’S a drama queen -nut case as she expressed in yesterdays news
    paper ..
    Her mother said… that she had sacrificed “4 her” which MW PUSHED
    back..WHO ASKED U 2 ? I remember that from years ago.. WEIRD!

  21. O’ …..BETTE ….big mouth ….

    The painful episode led to Bette’s Nervous Breakdown,<<<<<< propelled
    her for a period into therapy &, even though she had earned an Oscar nomination for 1979’s The Rose, left her unemployable. “Nobody wanted to hire me. They thought I was untouchable,” she says. “I went into therapy to get the guts to go back to work.” When she resumed her career, it was for a director she admired, Paul (An Unmarried Woman) Mazursky.

    A former Miss Michigan pageant winner, who was stripped of her title last week after several offensive tweets surfaced, has joined Trump’s reelection campaign efforts. The official Team Trump twitter account welcomed Kathy Zhu on board Thursday, calling her a “patriot who has continued to stand for American values despite being stripped of her crown.”

    “I am so excited to now be part of the #WomenforTrump Coalition Advisory Board!” Zhu tweeted along with the announcement. “Let’s get Trump re-elected for 2020.”

    She’s young. She’s beautiful. She’s smart and academically accomplished. And she’s been treated like dirt, solely for the “crime” of liking President Trump. She’s also quite famous now, in a way that all the other beauty queens can only envy.

    Think she’ll draw some votes for Trump?
    Let’s take a look at how many votes she might just draw for Trump, solely based on that de-crowning.

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