Tale of Two Comedians

Do you remember Wanda Sykes, the alleged comedian, who during a performance in 2016 called then-President-elect Trump “racist, sexist” and “homophobic?” When audience members booed her “jokes” about the future President, she attacked them saying,

F— you, motherf——, f— y’all. F— you, you, you and you. The evidence is there.

Nice. For emphasis, she also gave the audience the middle finger.

In the same 2016 allegedly comedic performance, Sykes also said of Trump:

I couldn’t believe that we elected an orangutan to front the country.

A short piece about Sykes appeared recently in The Week, a news magazine. The article talks about Sykes’s two marriages, first to a man and next to a woman. Her white wife (Sykes is black) gave birth to twins about six months after their marriage. Neither the news magazine nor Wikipedia reports who the father is; nevertheless, Sykes considers herself to be a “mother” to the twins and also considers her own parents to be the children’s grandparents.

These family relationships and feelings provide important context for the following quote from Sykes, spoken in a 2015 live appearance in Michigan. Referring to her own children, Sykes joked:

There is nothing creepier than waking up and seeing two little white kids standing at the foot of your bed.

Imagine a comedian of any color saying, “There is nothing creepier than waking up and seeing two little black kids standing at the foot of your bed.”

So far as can be determined, using the now very biased search engines, Sykes has never apologized for that appallingly racist “joke” that she made at the expense of her own children.

Asked if she teaches her children about privilege, Sykes replied,

Hopefully they won’t get a taste of white privilege. I’m putting a stop to that. When we go in the store, I tell them, ‘Don’t ask me for [expletive].’

Where is her children’s “safe space?” Or is it now taboo, somehow inappropriate, perhaps even racist, to concern oneself about the emotional safety or self-esteem of white children?

In an interview with the New York Times, Sykes was reminded of another “joke” she referenced in her 2004 book, “Yeah, I said it.”

Here’s what Sykes said:

C’mon, retarded kids are funny.

Sykes told the interviewer that she would never speak about mentally challenged children in the same way now:

Yeah, I was guilty. I’m good friends with a lot of teachers, and just about all of them work with special-needs kids. I was hanging out with them, and I said “retarded,” and they were like, “Wanda, don’t use that word.” I’ve never used it since. But I’m not going to argue and go, “I don’t know why I can’t use that word!” No. When you know better, you do better.

To her credit, at least Sykes has repented for using the word retarded when joking about children with special needs. Has she apologized about the racial “jokes” she’s made about white people, including her own children?

In the New York Times interview, Sykes also said:

Here’s the thing. You could be a good person and a racist and not even know it.

Sykes currently appears in the ABC television series Black-ish; provided voices for two recent animated movies, Ice Age: Collision Course (2016) and UglyDolls (2019); and starred this year in a Netflix special, Wanda Sykes: Not Normal. So it appears that her apparently bigoted, insensitive “jokes” have not impacted her career whatsoever. Nor has any social media or mainstream media pile-on occurred, demanding apologies from Sykes.

Keep all of the above in mind as you consider the case of another female comedian, Roseanne Barr, who is a member of a cultural as well as a religious minority group.

Last year Barr was featured in the ABC television series Roseanne, until she got caught up in a controversy over an allegedly racist tweet. From Wikipedia:

On May 29, 2018, Barr responded to a thread on Twitter about Valerie Jarrett, a senior advisor to former President Obama.  It read

‘muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj’ …

The tweet was widely criticized as being racist about Jarrett (“vj”).

Barr was initially defensive, but later posted an apology “for making a bad joke about [Jarrett’s] politics and her looks.” She disputed allegations of racism, saying she believed Jarrett was Saudi (or white). …

Later that day, ABC canceled Roseanne and removed the show’s content from the network website. The cancellation announcement from ABC president Channing Dungey, the first African-American woman to head the network, called Barr’s remark “abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values.”

The racism charge derives from Barr’s reference to the movie Planet of the Apes.

Despite Barr’s explanation that she was referring to the oppressive political system of a fictional planet (as well as, it seems, alluding to the “liberal allegory of racial conflict” contained therein), too many preferred to believe the worst about Barr–that she was implying that Jarrett (and by extension other blacks) resemble apes.

Given that Barr said that she didn’t even know that Jarrett is not white, one would have to believe otherwise to think that Barr was using an old, very crude racial slur against Jarrett.

Barr could be forgiven for not knowing that Valerie Jarrett identifies as black. See Jarrett’s photo here. Besides her obviously light skin, Jarrett was, in fact, born in Iran, where she lived until age five and where she spoke Persian. Her family then moved to London.  So Barr was correct about the fact that Jarrett was born in the Middle East; she just got the country wrong: It was Iran, not Saudi Arabia.

When Jarret finally came to the United States, by her own description, she said:

I was 5 going on 6 and light skin, freckle-faced in a predominantly black school, public school, in Chicago in our neighborhood. And I had a British accent, and I was from a country nobody had ever heard of.

In fact, Jarrett is more white than black, 49% white according to a DNA analysis by the TV show Finding Your Roots, as hosted by Louis Gates. Not only that, Jarrett, like Roseanne Barr, has Jewish ancestryBarr’s reference to the Muslim Brotherhood is explained here, here, and here. Suffice it to say that during the Obama administration, both Obama and Jarrett were cozy with and very welcoming to people associated closely with that radical group, all adding credibility to Barr’s claim that her tweet was political and not racist towards Jarrett.

Nevertheless, after presenting her explanations, Barr apologized publicly and profusely to Valerie Jarrett.

As noted above, however, Barr’s television series was canceled the very same day as her tweet! It didn’t take long for the shunning and shaming of Barr to happen. Her career is now moribund. She has not been forgiven, despite her immediate apologies.

Ironically, Roseanne Barr was instrumental in helping Wanda Sykes to revive the show Last Comic Standing. Barr wanted to help young comics, female comics, and comics of color. Sykes actually worked on the Roseanne show when the Jarrett controversy occurred–the very series that got canceled at the speed of a Tweet.

What was Sykes instrumental in doing for Barr? Why, she “led the charge” to get Barr’s show canceled!

While Barr apologized and deleted the tweet, Sykes immediately emailed producers Tom Werner and Bruce Helford and quit.

“I was like, ‘Guys, I can’t be a part of this,’” she said. “I didn’t hear anything right away. They were probably busy trying to figure out what they were going to do. So then I said: “I’ve got to get ahead of this. I can’t just be silent.” That’s why I said I wouldn’t be going back” to the show on Twitter.

Let no good deed go unpunished.

This is the sad tale of two comedians. One woman made racist jokes about white children, actually did compare the white President to an orangutan, and made insensitive jokes about mentally challenged children, and yet her career thrives with nary a complaint nor a demand for apology. (Keep in mind that comedy routines are well thought out and deliberate.)

The other comedian made a political comment on Twitter, a spur-of-the-moment, middle-of-the-night comment for which she later profusely apologized, despite the fact that her comment was misunderstood and that she did not mean what others falsely assumed she meant. Now, despite contrition for a thought crime that she didn’t commit, her career is basically over. Will Roseanne ever be forgiven? What exactly will it take?

Why the difference? Where’s the justice? 


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  1. Betsy Ross. Kate Smith. Thomas Jefferson. George Washington. Hate!
    But Love for ALL the others.

    Obama Loved Vladimir Putin, whispering that he had great things in store
    for him After his Reelection. When Mitt Romney warned during the 2012 presidential debates of the dangers of Putin’s Russia, Obama Mocked & Sneered. Obama got along famously with Hugo Chavez. Great with the Castros. Bill Clinton Hosted Yasser Arafat in his White House More than
    he did any Other visiting leader. ?? Love is a many-splendored thing.

    Kamala Harris has a wowzer of a slogan: “For the People.” Why didn’t anyone Think of that earlier?

    That’s when talk of Love turns to Resentment. Love for The People. But resentment for each & every actual person who parasitically lives off
    those who work.

    The most perilous ramification of socialism is that, sooner or later, unequal outcomes inevitably unfold because people are inherently different.

    How Socialism Works: Part Three — A Primer for Those Who Would
    Just Rule the World with Love of ‘The People’
    Love for The People sounds great – but which people are we talking about?

  2. Another great video there.

  3. video/1

    God Bless the USA! One Squad, under God. I love it!

    Well, I posted that on the previous page, but it’s worth seeing twice!

  4. Did you see that Schumer, anticipating taking the Senate and the WH in 2020, while keeping the house, is planning to change the rules on legislation to no longer require 60% majority to pass bills? In effect, this would disenfranchise the ENTIRE non-DemoncRAT population. And they say Trump’s a tyrant.

  5. This is BRILLIANT BECAUSE the mainstream media DO NOT REPORT this anti-American, racist, anti-Semitic, pro-Islamist stuff Omar says. THIS IS HOW, via this entire controversy, Trump works around the lying, fake news, cover-up media. HE creates questions in people’s minds. What’s he talking about? What did they say that got the President so worked up? Well, the media hasn’t told them, so they GO LOOKING for the answers. Maybe brain-dead, mind-numbed robots don’t, but thinking people, like on the right and even in the middle, DO go to find out how the wool is being pulled over their eyes. Then, when they find out, they’re angry at the Squad but also at the MEDIA for, once again, LYING TO US, covering up for the Left, and acting as if We the People are stupid. He’s a stable genius.

    • As an example of the fake, lying, COVER UP news, today my local paper did NOT report either what Emmanuel Cleaver SAID (eff bomb) NOR did they even report that Pelosi walked away from the House, leaving nobody in charge. NOTHING about the chaos yesterday in the House. And they LIED again about all the supposedly racist things POTUS said when, as usual, in EVERY CASE, they mischaracterized his words, lied outright about what he said, took them out of context, or just put words in his mouth by “paraphrasing” what they wanted to believe he “seemingly” or “apparently” said. It’s NOT seeming or apparent to ANYBODY without TDS.

  6. NEVER ENDS …does IT??? WAKE UP USA …OPEN YOUR EYES & EARS ….W I D E …..NOW is the TIME!!! …. ^^^^^^^
    ~ Alien Chronicles •
    She’s being protected by wealthy operatives using her as their mouthpiece
    & junkyard dog. She continues to spew lies & defamatory statements without regard to what is fact. Omar is a dull knife ? . …NO the CUTS Real & DEEP
    ~ LimeGreenYeti •
    None of this matters, Omar can do anything She Wants & is untouchable. She is VERY high on the democrat minority pyramid of power.
    I wonder if throwing the racist card will get her out of this?
    ~ hendrix •
    Lets not forget about Omar’s dear old Dad (Mohammed), He was part of
    the Somalian regime that killed thousands of Somalians. Mohammed, was known as the Teacher, if you didn’t learn your lesson then you disappeared (killed). He is living in the US, ILLEGALLY & drives a cab. If anyone wants
    to know where Ilhan gets her Hate, look no further than her Father, its all InBred. . ? a loaf of bread? now where O’ where did I just > See THAT?

    Knock Knock!
    Who’s there?
    Kenya who?
    Kenya Please tell me Where Obama was REALLY Born???

    There once was a man from Mombasa .. (KENYA)
    who lived in a very fine Casa.
    He thought he was King
    and Loved the Left Wing,
    Al Qaeda, Hamas and La Raza!!!

  7. TODAY’S DEMOCRATIC TSUNAMIS ~ Preparing for disaster… YEP!
    … I D I O T S … PURE & SIMPLY …. thank God were NOT U !!!

    Jack Cashill notes, .. ‘Trump rescued the Squad from the madhouse’


    https://www.wnd.com/author/jcashill/ & … MORE of JACK ….

  8. …got a ….Two-Headed Coin ….
    Meet Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s …… GOP challenger,
    Scherie Murray: ‘There’s a crisis in Queens and it’s called AOC’


    • A piece of toast would beat her, I suspect. Does she really “represent” Queens, of all places in NYC? Not that I know much about Queens, but I thought it was a bastion of blue-collar white people, at least going by movies I’ve seen. Guess the neighborhood has changed, like so many have.

    • BORN IN JAMAICA, so another foreign-born, woman “of color”.

      • Look at TCTH take on her: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/07/18/buyer-beware-aoc-challenger-candidate-launch-has-familiarity/

        “The launch of a “republican” political challenger in NY-14 to challenge Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sherie Murray, follows a very familiar political ploy…. A fake candidate intended to protect AOC in 2020. In June of 2018 Sherie Murray was an avid AOC supporter.

        In the last 36 hours you may have seen “republican” candidate Sherie Murray promoted, seemingly out of nowhere, by a variety of media platforms (social media and traditional). However, when there is an obviously coordinated effort to push a rapid high visibility roll-out; and that effort is for a singular congressional district; it is always worth doing some background research. … Is it possible that Scherie Murray was a strong activist supporter of President Obama and candidate AOC in the primary of 2018 [key note: ‘the primary‘] and then suddenly had a change of heart in 2019 after seeing AOC’s political activism in action?….”

      • ……again ….
        Ilana Mercer blames woman’s Parents for her need to identify as a more colorful race ….
        Nkechi Diallo was recently charged with welfare fraud in Spokane, Washington. Back in 2015, Diallo was the con artist formerly known as Rachel Dolezal. She has since reinvented herself. Once more.

        Ms. Dolezal, if you’re from Deep Space, is the lily-white woman who,
        in 2015, had dared to “identify” as a black woman.
        The “Racism Industrial Complex” is populated with frauds, shysters, impostors, phonies & morons – black, white & 50 shades of gray.
        Ms. Dolezal had been posing as all of these, teaching mumbo-jumbo studies at the bush college of Eastern Washington University.


        • Equal opportunity: Why can’t a white woman become a Jesse Jackson or an Al Sharpton?

          “Why, the Age of the Idiot sees killers exculpated, just because they kill. As the faulty reasoning goes, if an individual has murdered, raped, robbed or defrauded – then he or she must have been abused, neglected, racially oppressed (if black or brown), not wealthy enough, mentally ill, lacking in self-esteem.

          Anything but plain bad, slothful, sociopathic or parasitical. The more aberrant the crime, the more thrill-seeking, vulgar, immoral or wicked the conduct – the more elaborate, fanciful and scientifically baseless the excuse-making. …”

          But you see how clever they are. The “excuse,” the thing that ensures they never actually are brought to “justice” (as in justice for ALL), is that only the “oppressed,” those with “intersectionality,” can make use of the excuse. Everyone else, meaning those with “white privilege,” CANNOT use this “get out of jail free” card. In effect, in the end, then justice comes ONLY for whites (and especially white males). This is the “logical” end to their reasoning. Laws ONLY apply to whites and therefore only whites will face justice (incarceration, death penalty, fines, etc.). THIS is how they solve the dilemma of disproportionate incarceration. NOT by stopping the disproportionate number of CRIMES committed by persons “of color” but by “fixing” the statistics. And how do you do that? You let more people “of color” out of prison, or never send them there in the first place (iow, get out of jail free if you’re the “right” color), or you send more whites to prison.

  9. YES, Remember in 1992′ T was a Democrat… & no he did not DRINK
    back then ALSO ..I talked 2 many people JUST like THAT…I could care

    • What’s amazing to me is that this wasn’t even reported in my local paper today, against all expectations. They REALLY must be afraid of whatever other videos may surface.

    • I was thinking about this last night, remembering how young he was in ’92 and the fact that he was single. So what a surprise! He was looking at women at a party! Now that’s supposed to be awful, huh? Ogling women and commenting on them being “hot.”

      Fast forward to 2019: What if there’s video of Rapinoe doing the same at some party? Would the mainstream and the left similarly cluck cluck, Puritan-like, about HER? iow, do lesbians have a pass on #Metoo? Can they ogle and objectify to their little hearts’ content, simply because superficially they’re females ogling other females?

  10. Wild but interesting SPECULATION going around at the moment:

    1) Michelle Obama will enter the DNC race at the last minute as all the other candidates realize they cannot win.

    2) Obama pardoned (secretly) Hillary for all the crimes she committed up to his last day in office. She can now only be prosecuted for new crimes, or military crimes (treason). He also pardoned himself.

    3) Epstein office and Clinton foundation offices in New York were raided by maybe special forces during the man-made NYC blackout.*

    Who knows about any of that stuff?


    This is real. Adam Schiff has notified the big tech companies (F T G)
    that they will soon see lots of “deep-fake” videos showing people famously known doing really heinous things. (If you haven’t heard the word deep-fake before, it was introduced to our language a few months ago, meaning videos that are so expertly faked they could show anybody doing anything)*
    He tells the tech companies that they should introduce a blanket ban on any video they suspect of being “fake”. In fact since it is said that only the most powerful computers at the NSA could tell the difference, they should just ban based on their own suspicions. (Ban everything)
    This says more about a state of panic affecting our politicians. In other words they know something big is coming. They know what they have done.
    “Q” said about visitors to THAT island, ” they took their phones – these people are really stupid.”
    If indeed videos emerge, it will be impossible for the politicians to politically survive that event whether or not they have a pardon from Obama.

    “Q” says August is the month.
    We will see.
    * Not a new concept,
    Stranger in a Strange Land is a 1961 science fiction novel by American author Robert A. Heinlein. The profession of Fair Witness, invented for the novel, was based on his vision that there would come a time when photography could no longer be trusted!

    • You know, I noticed a sudden flurry of stories recently (past few months) that, out of the blue, started talking about the danger of “deep-fake” videos. It made my “spidey senses” go kablooie, because it certainly seems that the media and the DemoncRATS who use the media are trying to get in front of an upcoming story. What I thought it might be about was that there’d be videos of people like Harris or Booker, etc. It didn’t even occur to me that it could involve, say, Clinton and other sacred cows, like even possibly Obama. That’s a real possibility!

      It seemed curious to me when I first saw that phrase and stories about “deep fakes,” which happens any time there suddenly appears a story that seems to be a non sequitur, as with the Trump/Russia collusion meme that inexplicably was suddenly hyped by Hillary and her pals in the media around the time of the debates. Just out of the blue, Hillary started talking about Putin being Trump’s handler. I remember when I first heard it, I thought, “Huh? WTF? Since when do DemoncRATS care about Russia, especially after the infamous Obama/Clinton “reset”?”

      Yep. I’ll bet you anything there’s video out there of DemoncRATS at the Epstein island, homes, on his plane. So the only possible defense for them now, as when they scream about “conspiracy theories” or play the race card when they don’t want to answer something, is to muddy the waters by referring to the possibility of “deep-fake” videos (probably combined with “conspiracy theories” for a double whammy). The case against Epstein will take years to play out, no doubt. The TRUTH will come out eventually but their task, at the moment, is to muddy the waters and give (im)plausible deniability for the guilty until AFTER the 2020 election. Schiff’s goal, no doubt about it, will be to pressure social media into suppressing, shadow banning, or deleting any videos that get on the Web before the election.

    • I hate to even think about Moo stepping into the race, but given this sudden campaign to paint POTUS as anti-woman, anti-black-woman, anti-person-of-color, racist, bigot, anti-muslim, etc., nothing would surprise me. They’re teeing it up for her. She looks “moderate” compared to the “Squad,” if you pay attention ONLY to what the media do report about Moo. They have protected her and haven’t told the truth about her for years already, so they would and will keep doing it forever, or surely at least until she’s served 8 years in the WH. I doubt that men, however, even or maybe especially black men, would support Moo. Ya think?

  11. GETOUT GETOUT ..U all know WHAT U R DOING ..STOP the SHIT!
    YEP ..I SAY PLAY FAIR with USA …or …”GET OUT” loved that movie

  12. MO’ CRAP …on us …SOME ….mO’ …
    mo’ …. so she THINKS?…She added the next president needs to have
    “deep seriousness & focus” & operate “with a clear base of facts & ideas.” She also said she thinks her husband sometimes made the presidency look Easy. …YEP >LAZY …EASY? …HAVE 2 BE HOME 4 DIN-DIN… LAZY!

    “I guess it’s kind of like if the BLACK GUY can do it, Anybody can do it — & that’s not true. It’s a hard job.” … BUTT’ ..THEM Perks R O’ SO worth IT!!!

  13. Ha! …..JUST the START …..FOLKS ….WAKE UP NOW!!! Don’t care 2
    CARE ??? ….. U WILL ….SOON & then it’s 2 LATE! …. WAKE UP!
    THIS IS WRONG …THIS is not the NEW NORM … BUTT’ some cheer ON
    Large Group of Migrants Rush International Bridge, Assault CBP Officers

    MCALLEN, Texas – A group of 47 migrants violently rushed an international port of entry near McAllen, Texas, & assaulted officers in an attempt to Illegally enter the country.
    The violent incident took place on Friday shortly after 4 a.m. at the Pharr International Bridge when a group of approximately >>47 Undocumented migrants tried to Rush the Border, information released by U.S. Customs & Border Protection revealed. The bridge connects the Mexican border city of Reynosa with Pharr & McAllen. The local TV station KGBT first reported on the violent rush at the Port of Entry. … …..??? so R U LAUGHING?
    The migrants ignored the commands from CBP officers, Ripped off the Wire & barriers & then rushed towards the U.S. side of the Border. CBP officers
    in tried to push back the men. However, the group began Fighting & tried to RIP…. the Agents gear OFF .. as they attempted to rush the inspection area & >>>>> enter the country.

  14. PUSH push ….really Pocahontas….. CRAZY LOUD FOOLS! he paid his
    DUES …. U collect ours …4 YEARS? 4 some-may-be… U R NASTY

  15. MAN O’ MAN …. Black Beauty? Black HOLE’ ….Black-BERRIES?

    Michelle Obama counters Trump: ‘There’s a place for us all’ ..F’ MOOCHIE!
    Obama countered Trump’s attacks (OF COURSE O’ so expected…) on 4 Democratic congresswomen of ColoR? .. (YEP ..other countries R not always WHITE SKINNED! …..get IT???) …. by emphasizing the importance of America’s diversity.
    “What makes our country Great is its Diversity,” wrote in a tweet Friday afternoon. “I’ve seen that beauty in so many ways over the years.
    Whether we are born Here or seek Refuge here, there’s a place for us all. ?
    (THEN RESPECT … WHERE U CHOOSE … 2 live … WE DO …SOME DON’T …as WTP R SEEING …DAILY WEEKLY …minute by minute…)
    WE must remember it’s not My America or your America. It’s our America.”
    https://www.yahoo.com/news/michelle-obama-counters-trump-ilhan-omar-201821206.html ….

    • There’s a place for Barry but unfortunately we’re not EXACTLY sure whether it’s Indonesia, Kenya, Borneo, Bali, or Ambon. What an odd time for Moo to SUDDENLY start singing Kumbaya and claiming we’re one nation. So, let’s see: Is it that she’s the most admired among the ONE NATION or just among progressives? Is it any honor to be listed with Angelina, she of the blood vial around the neck? The home wrecker?

      “In December YouGov gathered open-ended nominations from panelists across 41 countries, asking them simply: “Thinking about people alive in the world today, which [man or woman] do you most admire?” These nominations were then used to compile a list of the 20 men and 20 women who received the most nominations and were nominated in at least four countries. An additional 10 popular local figures were added to the lists for individual countries. (By whom? Were the Obamas really nominated or were they perhaps added like this, as an afterthought? They’re not saying.)

      In January we then used the lists to poll each of the 41 countries asking two questions: “who do you truly admire?”, where respondents could make multiple selections, and “who do you MOST admire?”, where they could only pick one. These two numbers were combined into a percentage share of admiration, displayed to the right of each name in the graphic above and table below, which shows the full results for every country including local celebrities and public figures …”

      It’s an ONLINE POLL, so self-selected. I wonder if or how they controlled for somebody, say, stuffing the ballot box, as progressives are wont to do. How were the panelists selected, those who out of whole cloth made up the potential list of nominees? See how easy it is to fudge?

      REAL scientific. They start with a panel of whom? Biased progressives? Foreigners? What are they measuring? CELEBRITY? Being KNOWN? Then look at the stats. Moo’s figure IN THE U.S. is a whopping 15.37%, meaning that 84.63% did NOT choose her. Isn’t 16% of the population black? But I digress … Melania got 8.3% which is rather a big number when you consider how the media slam her and her husband non-stop. Just look at the names that were among the choices: Emma Watson! Seriously? Will Smith! Seriously? Vladimir Putin! Seriously!

  16. snopers ….. yes no …^^^^
    …. Did U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar Marry Her Brother?
    Rep. Ilhan Omar has been the subject of recurrent controversies, including ones regarding her marriages & family immigration history.

    • About the best you’re ever going to get from them is the ominous (for her) “UNPROVEN.” Hmmm. Interesting that they don’t say, “FALSE.”

  17. The real question for the citizens of America should be: Are we going to Count Illegal Aliens in reapportionment of congressional Districts in the states? After all, unlike American citizens, illegal aliens R ALL deportable. And if they were ALL deported, then California would have Fewer Seats in Congress. ….YES they SURE WOULD ….

    • We should NOT count people who have no business being here. They’re not citizens, they’re illegal, and so they have no right to representation or consideration. Name the country that counts non-citizens, much less illegal aliens, for purposes of representation. It’s ridiculous. Let’s have a vote on it. I dare them to put it up for a nationwide vote.

    • When is a hoax not a hoax? There’s NOTHING hoax-y about Harris’s story. It’s indisputable that she is NOT a natural born citizen, provided the facts we’ve been given about her parents are true. They were NOT in the U.S. long enough to have qualified for citizenship by the time she was born. They could NOT have been citizens at the time, if they both ever were U.S. citizens at any time. We don’t know the parents’ citizenship(s) but we do know that under U.S. law at the time, they could NOT have been U.S. citizens when she was born (no matter where she was born and we don’t know where she was born, do we?). Since they could NOT have been U.S. citizens, then she CANNOT BE a “natural born” citizen.

      She didn’t come out with that “legit info” BECAUSE she cannot. IF she provides the records, the TRUTH will be obvious–ineligible. This is also why Barry never provided any “legit info.” The documents will PROVE INELIGIBILITY for both.

  18. “I have seen Marco Rubio whose parents came here, fleeing poverty, who represents a community where they were told, ‘We Won’t Rent to Cubans,
    to Blacks or to dogs .. U can’t Drink from this water fountain’ ― I have seen him try to justify this,” said Navarro, who was born … in Nicaragua. …^^^^

    QUIT WHINING PLEASE …Yes … STAND in LINE …. just like
    everyone ELSE … (or NOT)…. Solving a Situation NEEDS SolutionS ..
    STIR DEEPER & DEEPER ..does NOT make U WINNER’s…more like
    WHINERS ..boo hoo… GET A GRIP .. U R wearing US SANE FOLKS
    O’ so tired of IN your FACE CRAP! … WE GET IT!!! ~ YES WE DO!

    • Excellent rant! I agree 1000%.

    • When will this INSANITY end? https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/biden-blames-trump-for-racist-remark-by-7-year-old-son-of-biden-event-organizer

      “Joe Biden said children are beginning to make racist remarks because of President Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric toward immigrants and minority lawmakers.

      Biden, speaking at a fundraiser near Los Angeles on Friday night, said there’s not enough attention being paid to Trump’s effect on children, according to a pool report from the event.

      He recalled that a man who hosted an event for him told him his 7-year-old son had been negatively influenced by Trump and asked why Spanish people were on a beach they were visiting.

      “Our children are listening,” Biden said. …”

      MAKE NO MISTAKE. This is ALL a plan to “justify” why they’re definitely going to SILENCE and DISCRIMINATE AGAINST the POTUS and ALL his vocal supporters, during this year and until after the 2020 election. It’s a PLAN. It will HAVE TO BE DONE “for the children,” because, you know, Trump’s a “racist” (they SAID SO), and so this hateful, racist rhetoric MUST BE SUPPRESSED because it’s violent and causes violence and damages children and makes people RACIST!!! (Despite the fact that a progressive scientific study just proved that people were MORE RACIST under Obama than under Trump. Caveat: That only, however, counted “white” racism, not racism by people of “color” against anybody else, but especially whites.)

      • Check out THIS unbelievable story: https://twitter.com/Cernovich/status/1152766965905154049

        She deserves an Oscar for that winning performance. The tears. The crocodile tears, which, of course, might be real because pregnant women can cry at the drop of a hat. Not PC but totally true. She’s upset that her 9 year old daughter witnessed the incident. WHERE, I’d like to know, was the daughter while she made that tearful video? Did she do THAT in front of the kid, further “traumatizing” her OR did she, with careful political planning, send the kid inside and then stay in the car to videotape her campaign spot on behalf of the DNC and against the president?

        In any case, her STORY wasn’t true. Now that the man turns out to be Cuban and a DemoncRAT himself, who loves Ocasio-Cortez, SUDDENLY her story changes. Suddenly her demeanor changes, too. Instead of the poor widdle hurt preggers woman, she’s a militant proud black preggers woman who is more than ready to stand over and berate a wimpy but WHITE man. How about charging HER? Turns out, apparently she’s the one who first began attacking him, apparently for daring to call her on her poor manners. The media persist in calling him white although he’s Cuban. Now, of course, there are people of all colors in Cuba, but HISPANIC, too? Brown, perhaps (although not very brown, sort of how Booker is not very black but is “black” nevertheless). I AM SO SICK OF THIS SORTING OUT BY COLOR.


        • I somehow missed this yesterday but look how crazed this story was: https://www.weaselzippers.us/426605-georgia-lawmaker-who-claimed-man-told-her-to-go-back-to-her-country-now-backtracks-on-claim/

          And, btw, it’s also a pet peeve of mine that some consider themselves to be so special that RULES don’t apply to them. If ya got 1 or 2 more than the express lane quota, okay. But 20 items in a 10 item lane? Not that I would EVER complain or confront but the GALL she has! It speaks to how she considers herself versus anybody else. No “do unto others” for her. Nope. She’s pregnant and so special.

          I don’t think there’s a handicapped line, although it’s arguable whether pregnancy is a handicap, anyway. They don’t give you special placards for pregnancy, so you can park in front, do they?

          In any case, it’s POLITE to allow her to go ahead and go through express but it’s the “tude” that gets me. The ENTITLEMENT. And her tude is also that we’re supposed to applaud her because she didn’t pull rank and announce to the man that, hey! She’s special because … she’s a legislator. AS IF LEGISLATORS ARE NOT JUST NORMAL AMERICANS LIKE YOU AND ME. AS IF THEY DESERVE SPECIAL TREATMENT FOR BEING … ELITE. Ya know?

        • Do note, also, the B.S. line about her husband not being there to protect her from the bully because he’s SERVING his country. Had to work that in, huh? What crap. What absolute crap. You don’t get to play the proud, strong feminist and then whine that, boo, hoo, my husband wasn’t there to protect me. What sort of 21st century lawmaker is this? Ironic, too, isn’t it, that she gets to make laws and rules but doesn’t think she should follow them? I wonder, did she tell the man, “Sorry. I’m 9 months pregnant, my feet hurt, and I just had to get out of this store and sit down?” Did she? Did she try to explain? Was he so unreasonable that he wouldn’t listen?

          btw, funny that she had to use the express line because she’s 9 months pregnant but she had no problem standing for multiple interviews AND a press conference.

        • https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/claudiakoerner/georgia-erica-thomas-go-back-publix?ref=bfnsplash&bftwnews&utm_term=4ldqpgc#4ldqpgc

          Look how the infamous buzz feed played it. She feared for her life (so much so that she had no problem towering over him at the “presser” that she called, not expecting him to show up, and poking her finger repeatedly in his face. Who looks aggressive?).

          She claims she was afraid he’d go get a gun after following her. She, on cue, OF COURSE, blamed the president, just like Jussie Smollett. IT DIDN’T HAPPEN the way she claimed.

          It’s very ironic that a fellow progressive, Trump-hating DemoncRAT gets this treatment. REMEMBER THE HIERARCHY of victimhood and intersectionality! I hope these people ENJOY what they’ve wrought. No excuses. If you’re male, if you’re even looking “white,” then you’re GUILTY UNTIL YOU PROVE YOURSELF INNOCENT. This man ought to sue her. She’s a public figure and HE’S NOT.

          btw, was she using her state social media account, the official one, while she was attacking the president? Campaigning on public resources? Just askin’. Lookeee, it appears she at least touts her government position on the same page:

          He says she attacked him first: https://twitter.com/LaurenPozenWSB/status/1152667394772557825/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1152667394772557825&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitchy.com%2Fbrettt-3136%2F2019%2F07%2F20%2Fman-said-to-have-verbally-assaulted-georgia-state-rep-in-checkout-line-steps-forward-with-his-own-story%2F

          Interesting, he says he’s already SEEN the surveillance video. Will WE get to see it or will Publix bow out of this one? Supposedly, the police were brought in AND she’s already said she has witnesses who will testify in court. So twill be interesting to see if there is any court. Notice that he says the STORE said they themselves don’t say anything to customers about violating the express lane policy, but they seem to have ENCOURAGED him to say something himself. Now this may not be true, that the store won’t intervene. It’s likely that the person in customer service and/or the cashier would be AFRAID (rightfully so) to say anything to that woman, so they lied to him, took the easy way out, and told him to say something if it’s so important to him (paraphrasing what likely happened). This is black privilege on parade. WHO will DARE to say anything? It’s the Ferguson effect, but in civilian life now. EVERYBODY must just admit and submit to the new “fact” that there’s now a certain elite in the USA, consisting of a caste of people “of color” or higher up on the intersectionality scale than most, who are ALLOWED TO BREAK RULES, LAWS, AND POLICIES WITH NO CONSEQUENCES AND YOU’D BETTER SHUT UP AND LIKE IT.

          • This is amazing. Watch the entire exchange. She actually argues with his self-identification and tells him, despite that he says otherwise, that he IS “white.” You cannot make this shit up. Now white people are the only ones NOT allowed to self-identify! Men can say they’re women and YOU MUST SUBMIT TO THAT AS TRUTH. But a Cuban-American man MUST allow this woman to tell him and the world what he really is!


            btw, just also check out how smugly that female anchor nods her head as if in agreement that it’s totally true and outrageous. And check out that the reporter on the scene claims, apparently falsely, that the woman in question had the “appropriate number” of items for the express checkout. This seems patently untrue, so either the reporter is wrong, is deliberately choosing words to make it SEEM as if the woman was in the right (“appropriate” number), or was lied to by the allegedly abused legislator. FACTS ARE FACTS. They are NOT what some reporter wishes were facts, or didn’t bother to actually ascertain. IF there’s a discrepancy, the woman said she had 10 or less items, then it’s incumbent upon her to either not report THAT or CONFIRM first that the woman is CORRECT and the man is lying. The congress woman owes the man and the president a huge apology.

  19. interesting as ..the-moderator won’t the list of GREATCRAP go THRU?

    • There is something seriously wrong with these people. Now having a white dog is racist? What color dogs to “people of color” have?

      • But wait! It’s even worse. It’s Ivanka’s young daughter who chose the dog so they’re actually, seriously, calling that little child a racist? Pigs.

  20. … force won’t work …nothing stops cock-roaches ON THE MARCH
    https://www.wnd.com/2019/07/watch-tlaib-forcibly-removed-from-trump-event/ ……OUT!!!

    • Wow. I seem to remember seeing that video back then but not knowing that she was who she is now–a representative or candidate to be one. Did I forget or wasn’t it reported or known at the time?

      • Miri …YES & YES ^^^ ..BUTT’ of course NO LEAKS on “THAT” side!
        CoCk-RoacheS …can’t watch them all the time! or CAN WTP???
        click on the video’s ^^^ heading & get >>> ALL the COMMENTS!!!!
        We can thank Obama for our very own Islamic state called Michigan.
        This is what will Seize Power if Trump loses in 2020. Don’t let it Happen.
        “Get a job” … NOW look what you’ve done
        This is what a modern Marxist looks like.
        She looks Like somebody who just had one billion dollars in Cocaine
        seized by Customs.
        Not very respectable — a U.S. Congress women acting like a powerless prole? What gives? Couldn’t she get anyone to do this for her?
        Notice the > Complete Lack of Fear things she Opposes. !

        She skips?? ….lalala …

        Wow,, further proof America is being forced into 3rd world status..Only in 3rd world countries do their representatives jump around and scream and throw chairs at each other.. We better get a hold of this stuff or we are finished as a first world.
        Deranged woman tells everyone they’re crazy
        if the govt is not going to do anything about our domestic enemies,
        We The People are going to have to do the job
        This is what a ‘home-grown domestic terrorist’ looks like!
        PROOF: you can’t fix crazy.
        Rusty Taliban ? With this name she should be removed from US
        Your an animal… be a Congress woman!
        Someone should have dropped kicked her face in when they had the chance. Now we’re stuck with this ISIS bride in Congress for a term

        Everything a DemonCrat ever thinks, says, or does is always code 4: “KILLWHITEY!” …& RID USA of TRUMP any WAY ..F A S T !!! ha’

        I love how the guy that says “get a job” obviously assumed this Tlaib
        clown didn’t have 1. Act like a child, get treated like a child.
        There are enough of these clips to thoroughly entertain people waiting
        for rallies to begin if they put them up on big screen monitors.
        The Leftist Who Cried Racist … Psychotic unhinged monster.

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