Tale of Two Comedians

Do you remember Wanda Sykes, the alleged comedian, who during a performance in 2016 called then-President-elect Trump “racist, sexist” and “homophobic?” When audience members booed her “jokes” about the future President, she attacked them saying,

F— you, motherf——, f— y’all. F— you, you, you and you. The evidence is there.

Nice. For emphasis, she also gave the audience the middle finger.

In the same 2016 allegedly comedic performance, Sykes also said of Trump:

I couldn’t believe that we elected an orangutan to front the country.

A short piece about Sykes appeared recently in The Week, a news magazine. The article talks about Sykes’s two marriages, first to a man and next to a woman. Her white wife (Sykes is black) gave birth to twins about six months after their marriage. Neither the news magazine nor Wikipedia reports who the father is; nevertheless, Sykes considers herself to be a “mother” to the twins and also considers her own parents to be the children’s grandparents.

These family relationships and feelings provide important context for the following quote from Sykes, spoken in a 2015 live appearance in Michigan. Referring to her own children, Sykes joked:

There is nothing creepier than waking up and seeing two little white kids standing at the foot of your bed.

Imagine a comedian of any color saying, “There is nothing creepier than waking up and seeing two little black kids standing at the foot of your bed.”

So far as can be determined, using the now very biased search engines, Sykes has never apologized for that appallingly racist “joke” that she made at the expense of her own children.

Asked if she teaches her children about privilege, Sykes replied,

Hopefully they won’t get a taste of white privilege. I’m putting a stop to that. When we go in the store, I tell them, ‘Don’t ask me for [expletive].’

Where is her children’s “safe space?” Or is it now taboo, somehow inappropriate, perhaps even racist, to concern oneself about the emotional safety or self-esteem of white children?

In an interview with the New York Times, Sykes was reminded of another “joke” she referenced in her 2004 book, “Yeah, I said it.”

Here’s what Sykes said:

C’mon, retarded kids are funny.

Sykes told the interviewer that she would never speak about mentally challenged children in the same way now:

Yeah, I was guilty. I’m good friends with a lot of teachers, and just about all of them work with special-needs kids. I was hanging out with them, and I said “retarded,” and they were like, “Wanda, don’t use that word.” I’ve never used it since. But I’m not going to argue and go, “I don’t know why I can’t use that word!” No. When you know better, you do better.

To her credit, at least Sykes has repented for using the word retarded when joking about children with special needs. Has she apologized about the racial “jokes” she’s made about white people, including her own children?

In the New York Times interview, Sykes also said:

Here’s the thing. You could be a good person and a racist and not even know it.

Sykes currently appears in the ABC television series Black-ish; provided voices for two recent animated movies, Ice Age: Collision Course (2016) and UglyDolls (2019); and starred this year in a Netflix special, Wanda Sykes: Not Normal. So it appears that her apparently bigoted, insensitive “jokes” have not impacted her career whatsoever. Nor has any social media or mainstream media pile-on occurred, demanding apologies from Sykes.

Keep all of the above in mind as you consider the case of another female comedian, Roseanne Barr, who is a member of a cultural as well as a religious minority group.

Last year Barr was featured in the ABC television series Roseanne, until she got caught up in a controversy over an allegedly racist tweet. From Wikipedia:

On May 29, 2018, Barr responded to a thread on Twitter about Valerie Jarrett, a senior advisor to former President Obama.  It read

‘muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj’ …

The tweet was widely criticized as being racist about Jarrett (“vj”).

Barr was initially defensive, but later posted an apology “for making a bad joke about [Jarrett’s] politics and her looks.” She disputed allegations of racism, saying she believed Jarrett was Saudi (or white). …

Later that day, ABC canceled Roseanne and removed the show’s content from the network website. The cancellation announcement from ABC president Channing Dungey, the first African-American woman to head the network, called Barr’s remark “abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values.”

The racism charge derives from Barr’s reference to the movie Planet of the Apes.

Despite Barr’s explanation that she was referring to the oppressive political system of a fictional planet (as well as, it seems, alluding to the “liberal allegory of racial conflict” contained therein), too many preferred to believe the worst about Barr–that she was implying that Jarrett (and by extension other blacks) resemble apes.

Given that Barr said that she didn’t even know that Jarrett is not white, one would have to believe otherwise to think that Barr was using an old, very crude racial slur against Jarrett.

Barr could be forgiven for not knowing that Valerie Jarrett identifies as black. See Jarrett’s photo here. Besides her obviously light skin, Jarrett was, in fact, born in Iran, where she lived until age five and where she spoke Persian. Her family then moved to London.  So Barr was correct about the fact that Jarrett was born in the Middle East; she just got the country wrong: It was Iran, not Saudi Arabia.

When Jarret finally came to the United States, by her own description, she said:

I was 5 going on 6 and light skin, freckle-faced in a predominantly black school, public school, in Chicago in our neighborhood. And I had a British accent, and I was from a country nobody had ever heard of.

In fact, Jarrett is more white than black, 49% white according to a DNA analysis by the TV show Finding Your Roots, as hosted by Louis Gates. Not only that, Jarrett, like Roseanne Barr, has Jewish ancestryBarr’s reference to the Muslim Brotherhood is explained here, here, and here. Suffice it to say that during the Obama administration, both Obama and Jarrett were cozy with and very welcoming to people associated closely with that radical group, all adding credibility to Barr’s claim that her tweet was political and not racist towards Jarrett.

Nevertheless, after presenting her explanations, Barr apologized publicly and profusely to Valerie Jarrett.

As noted above, however, Barr’s television series was canceled the very same day as her tweet! It didn’t take long for the shunning and shaming of Barr to happen. Her career is now moribund. She has not been forgiven, despite her immediate apologies.

Ironically, Roseanne Barr was instrumental in helping Wanda Sykes to revive the show Last Comic Standing. Barr wanted to help young comics, female comics, and comics of color. Sykes actually worked on the Roseanne show when the Jarrett controversy occurred–the very series that got canceled at the speed of a Tweet.

What was Sykes instrumental in doing for Barr? Why, she “led the charge” to get Barr’s show canceled!

While Barr apologized and deleted the tweet, Sykes immediately emailed producers Tom Werner and Bruce Helford and quit.

“I was like, ‘Guys, I can’t be a part of this,’” she said. “I didn’t hear anything right away. They were probably busy trying to figure out what they were going to do. So then I said: “I’ve got to get ahead of this. I can’t just be silent.” That’s why I said I wouldn’t be going back” to the show on Twitter.

Let no good deed go unpunished.

This is the sad tale of two comedians. One woman made racist jokes about white children, actually did compare the white President to an orangutan, and made insensitive jokes about mentally challenged children, and yet her career thrives with nary a complaint nor a demand for apology. (Keep in mind that comedy routines are well thought out and deliberate.)

The other comedian made a political comment on Twitter, a spur-of-the-moment, middle-of-the-night comment for which she later profusely apologized, despite the fact that her comment was misunderstood and that she did not mean what others falsely assumed she meant. Now, despite contrition for a thought crime that she didn’t commit, her career is basically over. Will Roseanne ever be forgiven? What exactly will it take?

Why the difference? Where’s the justice? 


218 responses to “Tale of Two Comedians

    • Flummoxed now means “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, look away from evil, don’t even look for evil, don’t even think about it, pretend you’re not a reporter, hide your head in the sand, but whatever you do, do NOT look for proof or even ASK her for proof or even to answer the questions.”

      • It’s kind of ridiculous that they nitpick over the “fact” that her husband-alleged-to-be-brother is 3 years younger than her but she SAYS her mother died when she was 2, so NYT says that “proves” he’s not her brother. UH, besides the fact (noted or linked to in the article) that there’s a 6 month window between the date of HIS birth and the end of the year during which she was 2, there’s also the FACT that we’re talking about muslims who infamously have more than one wife at a time. Therefore, is it possible he’s not her “brother” but actually may be her half-brother? As with Barry (and the Clintons) you have to be very careful how you word things. They will commit sins of omission and also parse as in, “it all depends upon what the meaning of is is.” So brother? No. That may be true. Half-brother? Nobody asked, but equally may be true. They both originally had the same surname (Elmi, not Omar), and they definitely claim the same MAN as their father, so they may or may not have the same mother and still could be half-siblings. Either way, it’s potentially incest, bigamy, immigration fraud, perjury.

        • hot off the PRESS……

          IHearALandslideComing •
          One of the members of the House ‘fraud squad’, married to her own brother ? mother to her own cousins? And yet she lectures us on how America can be better. Yes, Ilhan, when you leave it will improve instantly. Sandy Ocasio (as AOC was known her entire life before running) isn’t any better. The Democrats do what they do best, attack Trump (because solving problems is hard…& stuff). The latest is the ‘Fraud Squad’ congresswomen. He talks about their ideology & that makes him racist.
          Wrong, Communist isn’t a race! Now the IG says that James Comey WAS investigating Trump while simultaneously telling him he wasn’t being investigated. That Dan Bongino guy who is always on Fox News (and is never wrong) has a great video out on that topic. It is up at Whatfinger News now (which replaced Drudge for me when he veered left), near the top on the right in red, so check it out. Amazing info! In the end Comey
          (at 6’8″) should be the tallest player on his prison basketball team. Oh, & Rashida Tlaib doesn’t live in her congressional district which is a violation of both state & federal law. We need to stand up to these communists & >>> stop >>> letting them >>>>>>>> PUSH PUSH …. us around.

  1. SIT ..on them AZZes & STILL GET PAID .. the RETIREMENT is RICH!

  2. WATCH: Rashida Tlaib physically removed from 2016 Trump event
    … ScreaminG ‘yoU Guys Are Crazy!’ <<<< GUYS? only GUYS R ..?

    Ha' …..1 DOWN ? if only that EASY! ….pack YOUR BAGS Bitch

  3. yep …shop till they DROP …KEEP PUSHING PUSH PUSH PEOPLE
    R SICK …OF thERE SHIT .. PELOSI & DEMO’S need 2 STOP “IT”!!!!!

  4. Yes, that is the video which Ty Clevenger tweeted and to which our article links in the first paragraph. …..^^^^^ comments….
    HUGE!… MUST SEE VIDEO: Reporter Ellen Ratner Discusses Her 3-Hour Meeting with Julian Assange – Was Outed Last Week as Ed Butowsky’s Source in Seth Rich Case

    Hannity on Assange: “It Wasn’t the Russians”


    GREAT UPDATE on the very important topic concerning the release of the DNC emails by Wikileaks and the subsequent murder of Seth Rich!

    I note the featured recent ‘tweet’ by Ty Clevenger HAS ALREADY BEEN DELETED.– https://twitter.com/Ty_Clevenger. — I suspect the tweet may have been deleted by ‘Twitter’ but it certainly could instead have been deleted by Mr. Clevenger himself, having second thoughts about the wisdom of publicizing his important, documented information at this time.

    Related: I found the short video titled “Watchdog: Meet Ty Clevenger, the bravest Texas lawyer” to be of general interest. — https://youtu.be/hllKxRKZVbg

  5. DIS-gusted? DID NOT ANSWER….

    ASKS 4 QUESTIONS TO BE REPEATED <<< ha' …. really now what?
    ….. ‘Can you repeat the question, sir?’ NOW WHAT is the ? ….ha'


    — WATCH LIVE: Robert Mueller Testifies on Capitol Hill About His Report
    — Mueller: Evidence ‘Did Not Establish’ a Trump, Russia Conspiracy
    — Mueller Admits Making up His Own Standard for ‘Completely Exonerating’ Target Under Intense Questioning
    — MSNBC Panel on Mueller Testimony: ‘Very Ineffective Defense of His Own Work’
    — Supercut: Robert Mueller Will Not Be Answering Your Questions

    • Some thought he did that to buy time and run out the clock, but if so, he deserves an Oscar for his performance.

  7. Rep. Michael Turner, R-Ohio, questioned former special counsel Robert Mueller during his July 24 testimony before the House Intelligence committee. Mueller, who Led an investigation into Russian interference in
    the 2016 election & possible ties to President Donald Trump’s campaign, agreed to appear before Congress, but warned he would Not go beyond
    what was already documented in his final report. !!! …

    • He didn’t lead it. That’s now obvious. When I read that theory, that he was a doddering fool set up as a figurehead because at one time he had a sterling reputation and was seen as nonpartisan and unbiased, I thought that was nuts. But after seeing him yesterday, I agree with whoever the talking head was who remarked that it appeared to be elder abuse. Or, considering I’m not far behind Mueller but hope I’m more on the ball, it seems more like abuse of the mentally challenged (for whatever reason he seems so).

  8. The Co-Conspirators in the American Left’s Takeover of the Democratic Party
    For the love of God, they should please just go away… while the rest of us join Donald Trump in trying to do everything possible to Repair the nearly irreparable Damage that has been done to this Nation as the result of 25 years of Failed policies & obsequiousness to the American Left & the Democratic Party.

    The tactics & objectives of the American Left were never hidden or obfuscated. So, HOW ….. were they Allowed virtually free rein to run
    AMOK throughout American society & stand on the Cusp of achieving their primary goal? ….WTP KNOW !!! JUST ASK … get your head out of the SAND! …. OPEN your EYES & EARS … GROW SOME ….BUDDY!!!


    • Those are excellent questions. I saw an interview of Trey Gowdy this morning and he asked people, “what did you expect, when you handed the gavel to Schiff, Cummings, and Nadler?” (That’s a paraphrase, but it’s what he said. I just am too lazy to go find the video and transcribe it.) That’s truly it in a nutshell and it shows why, if people really are sick of this presidential harassement, illegal abuse of government power, and these never-ending investigations, they need to STOP VOTING FOR DEMONCRATS, no matter how “normal” or “moderate” you think any of them are. THEY’RE ALL IN LOCKSTEP. Until they’re not, then it’s not safe to vote for ANY of them. Name the DemoncRAT who does NOT vote in lockstep with Pelosi all the time. And if any sometimes don’t, how often does that occur? 1% of the time? Less than 1%.

  9. MSNBC’s Jeremy Bash Complains Mueller
    “Sucked The Life Out” Of Report, “Set Back” Efforts To Impeach
    MSNBC’s Jeremy Bash criticized Robert Mueller’s performance after his hearing before the House Judiciary Committee complaining that ROB’
    …“SucKed the LIFE Out of the report” & “set back” impeachment efforts.

    • …YEP YES …I PONDER ‘OUR’ USA going 2 P O T .. YEP! ..as
      the JOKE that KEEPS on GIVING …& GIVING us HEART~ BURN!
      MUELLER: My Report Did Not Exonerate Trump…
      Defends Investigation as ‘Thorough’ and ‘Fair’…
      Explains decision not to subpoena president…
      ‘Outright liars’ made it hard to complete…
      Warns of ongoing election interference…
      Live-tracking deflections…
      ‘Frail’ Performance …
      ‘This Is Painful’…
      Departure From His Once-Fabled Stamina…
      TOMASKY: He Delivered the Goods!
      GOODWIN: Disaster ends impeachment talk…
      2020 may be final word…
      Lawmakers Prep Lawsuit to Enforce Subpoena of McGahn…
      @DRUDGE ……….

    WHAT …A DICK ….DICK …. DICK big time … get the HOOK!

  11. ..ha’ just 61′ .. great work Mr. President …glad they CAN count!

    high- LIGHTS … of the sick-dick-mueller …WHAT TRASH walks

  12. Impeachment should begin for Ilhan Omar, Conviction of immigration fraud should result in loss of US citizenship & deportation, US tax fraud, MN campaign finance violation ….is that ALL????
    ..OK COUNT ME ..IN ..4 SURE & any-O’ther-crap-on USA’ers OUT
    WE have NO TIME 4 IT … NOR Do WTP LIKE IT! … sick-o’s get lost


    ~ Leviticus Falwell ✓ᴹᴬᴳᴬ • ….^^^^^
    You think Hollywood has Trump Derangement Syndrome now….wait until Epstein starts >> naming names <>>> over
    Liberalism truly is a Mental D I S – order. Reality means nothing to them.
    dear celebrity elite ,,, how’s that trump shiit tasting ??

    • DRAMA … in the JAIL … EPSTEIN … not a nice place 2 play house
      the CLINTONS @ it AGAIN ? I ponder … or that he played with kids?
      Accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was found Injured in his Cell in a federal jail in lower Manhattan, NBC News reported Wednesday night.

      Officials do not know now whether the wealth financier Epstein tried to Hang himself, if he Staged a Suicide attempt, or if he was aSS-aulted, according to sources.

      • Exactly what I thought. Clintons. Right, a “staged” suicide. imho, probably a WARNING.

      • facebkwallflower

        I would have thought Eps would have made himself an insurance policy. This was probably not to 9ill him but scare those who could talk but do not have a policy for survival.

        • Seems like he did have an insurance policy until recently. He must have let the premiums lapse. 🙂 So I wonder what’s up with the sudden interest in pursuing and arresting and imprisoning him. It’s as likely that this is a preemptive strike by the corrupt SDNY to tie him up and to bury all documents and witnesses while there’s an “ongoing investigation” or “pending litigation,” OR AT LEAST UNTIL THE 2020 ELECTION IS OVER. There’s already talk that he can’t be tried for crimes he got a plea bargain for in the past, in which case he may just walk out–AFTER the presidential election. Or maybe not. Maybe they’re planning a more permanent solution.

  14. …YEP YES …I PONDER ‘OUR’ USA going 2 P O T .. YEP! ..as
    MUELLER: My Report Did Not Exonerate Trump…
    Defends Investigation as ‘Thorough’ and ‘Fair’…
    Explains decision not to subpoena president…
    ‘Outright liars’ made it hard to complete…
    Warns of ongoing election interference…
    Live-tracking deflections…
    ‘Frail’ Performance …
    ‘This Is Painful’…
    Departure From His Once-Fabled Stamina…
    TOMASKY: He Delivered the Goods!
    GOODWIN: Disaster ends impeachment talk…
    2020 may be final word…
    Lawmakers Prep Lawsuit to Enforce Subpoena of McGahn…
    @DRUDGE ……….

    • Yep. IF ONLY. Have to begin to wonder, again, whether the person who started the “send her back” chant was actually a DemoncRAT and this all a ploy to fend off the entirely possible actual deportation of a criminal fraudster.

  15. WOW! Robert Mueller FALLS APART! Caught off Guard, Mumbling, Bumbling, Stuttering, Confused, Doddering, Nervous — COMPLETELY LOST!
    ….lost & found? …. ha’ O’ sure …act as IF …

    • Oh, yes. That’s QUITE interesting. If anybody gets to the bottom of the truth about her and him, it will be the UK media. Ours has no interest in the truth. They may find documentation or they may ALREADY KNOW but aren’t reporting the truth, because this “husband/brother” of hers emigrated to the UK and not the US and so there must be plenty of public documents to find.

    • The supposed “truth” is that it was created long ago by a disgruntled RINO who hated Trump and that inadvertently, when a person at that event tried to find a higher resolution copy for the slide, he or she happened upon this parody seal instead of the real one. Supposedly, and this makes sense in an evil way, he or she did an online search for the higher resolution image but this parody seal is what turned up. SO, either it’s not true and the slide was deliberately created by a subversive person to punk the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES on puropse, OR this is a perfect example of the BIAS IMPLICIT IN BIASED SEARCH ENGINES LIKE GOOGLE. So the next question is: WHAT SEARCH ENGINE DID THE PERSON USE AND DID IT RETURN THE PARODY INSTEAD OF THE ACTUAL SEAL? IF SO, THEN WHY?

  16. ~ boys3rsk Parker Shannon •
    MEN can not have children? Michael LaVon Robinson is Moochelle. How many times did Barry Sortero call Mooochelle Michael? The FOREVER first MAN of the former corrupt white house with HIS two adopted daughters. This is the worst kept secret in Washington D.C. Joan Rivers was killed, because she let the cat out of the bag.
    ~ Parker Shannon boys3rsk •
    That did go around, but it ain’t so. Michelle is a female. Here’s the G-2 on her: https://tinyurl.com/y3rhyk8d
    ~ boys3rsk Parker Shannon •
    You might be the only person in America that doesn’t KNOW Mooochelle is
    a transgender. His ralname is Michael LaVon Robinson. He was Barry Sortero’s male lover, before his sex change. Joan Rivers was KILLED, because she spilled the beans. You can still listen to Joan Rivers explaining
    it on youtube.com, if you have the GUTS to look. But I doubt it. Communist liberals never look at the facts.
    ~ boys3rsk Parker Shannon •
    Michael LaVon Robinson played football at San Diego State University. He told his teammates he had a woman inside of him. He started dating Barry Sortoro, after he went to Rev. Wrights church. Wright had a reputation for fixing up gay men with transgenders. Wa La the “o’bama’s were born. You can check all this out. It was all documented when he illegally ran for the presidency. They adopt two young girls to round out the supposed “family.” You will NEVER see any pictures of Mooochelle pregnant. I wonder why? Just go to youtube.com, and punch in Michael LaVon Robinson. There are several videos that prove Mooochelle is Michael LaVon Robinson.

  17. VENTRILOQUISM ……. 4 SURE!!! ….. A BUNCH of DUMMIES…24/7

    2017 & 2018 will 4 – Ever be Remembered for invented political attacks & a chaotic Supreme Court nomination. It happened only because the handlers could find the unspeaking faces of respectable officials & sympathetic “victims” to paste onto clever slander. It will happen again & again, unless WE STOP …..enabling ventriloquists who Hide behind supposedly neutral dummies.
    It is up to each of U S >>>> to Ignore headlines and Press Releases.
    ….. Only then can W E >>>> Judge the TRUTH …. of what WE hear.

    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook
    ….F-in’ GEORGE!!!!! once again….

    • I was vaguely feeling sorry for the man UNTIL he doubled down on the concept that the president, because he’s president, does not enjoy the same presumption of innocence that every American is blessed to enjoy. No, according to Mueller, the president alone of all Americans has to EXONERATE himself and therefore is GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. This from a man who allegedly spent his entire life serving the country, the Constitution, and the law and seeking JUSTICE above all else. He doesn’t deserve any sympathy now. He may or may not have dementia, may or may not have been acting, but he is dangerously misguided and has done a huge injustice not only to the president and his family but also to the entire country. It’s damage from which our Republic will NEVER recover unless Atty. Gen. Barr does his job and metes out real JUSTICE. Drain the swamp NOW!

  18. YEP! FED-UP & WORSE in Our FACES …WTP were TOLD 2 S A Y
    SOME-thing’ . WTP …’R’ SAYING IT > U PEOPLE STINK! GET on the
    R ALLOWED ..2 TELL the DANG TRUTH … WeSeeU .. & your ALL

    • Now anybody with skin darker than “white” is SUDDENLY IMMUNE FROM CRITICISM. What a wonderful position to be in. To be a member of the ELITE “non-white” population means that not only do you alone have free speech (can say any hateful thing you like without retribution or even refutation) but anybody who contradicts or criticizes you is IMMEDIATELY labeled a bigot or racist and driven out of the workplaces, the social milieu–SHUNNED. FOREVER. THIS is what the United States is coming to? Totally un-American.

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