Happy Summer 2019

It’s officially summer, even if cooler weather in some parts of the country make it seem otherwise. Here’s wishing you all a safe and happy summer.

Happy Summer 2019!!!!


124 responses to “Happy Summer 2019

  1. ~ Heather …@drkates….
    OT—Trump suggests using YIPPY as the new search engine instead
    of google. …. Yippy.com ….COOL !!!

    • Will try it out. I used to use Clusty. Yippy seems to work a little differently. So far, I don’t see an image search. I’ve been trying out one called Gibiru. It’s private (or so it says) and is finding things that the others aren’t displaying. It claims to not curate search results or, as they call it, “filter” results. As an example how some are no better than the G-word with regard to censoring results, I tried to find that NY Post cover with the headline “who wants to lose the election,” using Startpage. It didn’t come up. What did come up was a bunch of anti-Trump information about how he’s going to lose. Gibiru found exactly what I was looking for. Yippy did put the link to the story with that cover first, though, unlike other search engines that want to hide anything negative about the DemoncRATS. The thing is: WHO does the search engine serve? It’s supposed to serve the USER and turn up what the user is asking to see. Instead, the progressive searches deliberately curate the results so you only see what they think you “need” to see (in order to keep you from being a bigot, islamophobe, deplorable, right wing, whatever opposes their world view).

      • Ok. I do see Yippy’s image search. It’s on the left. You click on the category of pictures and it shows you the choices. I’ll have to read up on how safe, secure, private, and non-spying it is.

  2. …..SICK …S O B’s …U PAY 4 THEM ALL…. I say SCREW U …OK!
    Julián Castro: Health Care for Illegal Immigrants ‘Is the Right Thing to Do’


    • Curious to see whether the Portland cops and the mayor do anything about this. His lawyer says she’s going to sue their pants off. I hope so because this won’t stop, otherwise. Those gloves are the equivalent of wearing brass knuckles. It’s allegedly to protect your own hands, but only when you’re punching something hard–like someone’s head. There’s so much evidence of a CONSPIRACY to assault and especially this guy, who was singled out for attention via documents produced by antifa before the “protest.”

      • facebkwallflower

        Stupid to sue. Find every crime possible to file charges. Press charges. The reporter went in good faith that appropriate security and/or law enforcement was in place for the event that required approval to take place. Press charges for setting assault trap. I don’t know, be creative. But suing is STUPID.

        • The FEDS need to investigate, pronto. These are crimes. I think the lawyer intends to sue the CITY and the MAYOR for ALLOWING these conditions and for looking the other way. I saw Ngo on Tucker Carlson and he said that when the first responders (or whoever it was) finally came to give him first aid, they told him he would have to WALK BACK through the very crowd of left-wing radicals that assaulted him, in order to get to an ambulance! This reminds me so much of the other incidents, I believe it was on a college campus in CA, where they made the people who had attended a conservative event walk through a gauntlet of “protesters” and allowed them to be attacked in the parking garage.

  3. O’ take ME there ….
    Where the Democrats are Trying to Take Us
    After watching the first two Democratic Party presidential debates last week, it has become Crystal Clear that there are embedded in this nation’s body politic prospective oligarchs who R overwhelming threats to the future of the nation. The Democratic Party and its puppet masters R unquestionably a clear & present danger to the United States

    The primary threat to this nation is not Donald Trump nor his supporters But an evolving autocratic oligarchy made up of the hierarchy of American Left, which includes elements of the political class, the mainstream media, the education establishment &, most recently, the titans of Silicon Valley. Over the past 25 years, while the bulk of the Republican Party & the hierarchy of the conservative movement myopically extended the hand of friendship, this cabal has been overwhelmingly successful in their stealth takeover of the Democratic Party, which is now the vehicle being utilized to Manipulate the “unenlightened & inferior” masses with utopian promises & Empty Rhetoric.

  4. WHY??? was he NOT BLACK ENOUGH???? REALLY W H Y ??

    UGLY: CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NYT Ignore Antifa Violence, Beating of Andy Ngo
    In an update to the coverage totals posted by NewsBusters’s Nick Fondacaro here & here, the flagship major broadcast networks CBS & NBC still have yet to acknowledge the Antifa violence committed on Saturday in Portland, Oregon, which included the Brutal Beating & milk shaking of Quillette’s Andy Ngo, which left him badly inJured with a Brain Bleed.

    Along with CBS & NBC, MSNBC & The New York Times have joined them in the refusal to denounce this legitimate, actual attack (sorry not sorry, Jim Acosta) on a journalist for simply doing their Job. And since Sunday’s Good Morning America, ABC has N O T ….. offered an update.

    In contrast to MSNBC, fellow liberal cable network CNN has at least offered a decent share of coverage considering their aversion to anything that goes against their preconceived narratives & endorsement of Antifa’s radical, violent actions & beliefs by some at the network.

    • It’s awful. What’s the next step in inhumanity towards the “deplorables” (who now can include even Asian-American gay men, just so long as they think “deplorably” or even just try to tell the TRUTH about the progressives)? I mean, this is how the dehumanization of Jews in Europe began. Subhuman, you know. Not worthy of sympathy, compassion, or justice. Saw the guy on Tucker Carlson and he’s obviously suffering neurological damage from the brain hemorrhage. Will he EVER get justice? btw, where’s Bill Barr and POTUS on this? Send the FEDS IN. This is a politically-inspired HATE CRIME against a man who’s a member of THREE minority groups: gay, Asian, and conservative. This is a FEDERAL CRIME because it’s domestic terrorism and CONSPIRACY to commit domestic terrorism. In fact, it’s likely that there’s COLLUSION BY FOREIGNERS IN THIS CONSPIRACY. Who funds these people? Somebody does. Even if the milkshakes were real and not concrete, in either case it costs money to make them, buy the cups, have the equipment on hand, etc. WHERE’D THE FUNDING COME FROM? The DOJ and the FBI need to find out and bust this wide open. Are they waiting for someone to be killed? Ngo may well have died, had the brain bleed been worse or gone undiscovered. btw, pray for his full recovery. Such an injury is very serious.

    • “The Antifa — anti-fascists, if you will, came out for sure and we should, you know, sort of be clear that there are a lot of different people that were out there who may not consider themselves a member of the anti-fascist group, but there are certainly a group called Rose City Antifa, who was out there …”

      Uh, excuse me. Isn’t this basically the exact kind of FAIRNESS that POTUS was trying to get across when he said that there were good people on BOTH SIDES of the issues in Charlottesville, when what he meant was that NOT EVERYBODY who was protesting the removal of Confederate monuments was a member of those ALLEGEDLY “white supremacist” Nazi-like, KKK-like groups?

      So the mainstream media make sure to qualify that not ALL those on the progressive left who marched in Portland were part of the violent ANTIFA group. How is that qualification any different from what POTUS said? They call him to this day a RACIST and to this day (in fact I read it just today in an editorial) that POTUS said that the white supremacists/racists in Charlottesville were “good people.”

      But THIS is basically what POTUS said about the MANY people who didn’t want those monuments removed and how they weren’t all racists, using their own words, this is in essence what POTUS said:

      “sort of be clear that there are a lot of different people that were out there who may not consider themselves a member of the [white supremacist] group …”

      Mainstream media, especially CNN: Nope, sorry. You’re a bunch of bigoted, RACIST, anti-Asian, anti-gay, anti-conservative HATERS. All because you say, in effect, there are good people on both sides.

      btw, I NEVER read them qualifying, for example, about groups progressive reporters dislike. Let’s just look at the reporting about the ALLEGED hateful, private Facebook group, totally unconfirmed by even the Washington Post, that allegedly consists of current AND FORMER members of the Border Patrol PLUS current AND FORMER members of the AMO. (DOES ANYONE POLICE MEMBERSHIP OF THE GROUP SUCH THAT IT’S CONFIRMED THAT ALL REALLY ARE BORDER PATROL/AMO AND NOT DEMONCRAT PLANTS?)

      Anyway, because some biased progressive group CLAIMED without EVIDENCE (WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE, for journalism that CLAIMS to be evidence based?) that a PRIVATE Facebook page contained ALLEGEDLY racist and sexist posts ALLEGEDLY traced back to (they claim) at least THREE (count ’em, THREE) people allegedly associated with the Border Patrol, then members of Congress (the usual suspects–Castro, Ocasio-Cortez, and Tlaib) TAR THE ENTIRE 20,000+ members of the Border Patrol as racists and sexists. Ocasio-Cortez, allegedly a representative of the People, accused ALL THE BORDER PATROL of threatening sexual violence against her personally.

      So if 3 people on an anonymous Facebook page that’s supposed to be PRIVATE, allegedly make posts that allegedly threaten her then the entire Border Patrol is GUILTY?

      By that standard, then every mainstream news organization should be under investigation by the DOJ BECAUSE THERE’S NOT ONE OUT THERE, I GUARANTEE, THAT DOESN’T HAVE AT LEAST ONE COMMENT ON AT LEAST ONE STORY OR EDITORIAL THAT THREATENS THE PRESIDENT OR CONSERVATIVE MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. Where in all the stories written about this alleged private Facebook group, allegedly full of Border Patrol members, is there ANY QUALIFICATION ABOUT HOW THE THREE WHO POSTED RACIST OR SEXIST COMMENTS ARE NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE ENTIRE BORDER PATROL? You won’t find it anywhere.

      I can’t emphasize enough that there’s NO EVIDENCE whatsoever presented that proves that the Facebook page exists, that the people posting on it ARE or WERE members of the Border Patrol, or that the alleged posts published in the media ACTUALLY ARE REAL. The story claims that the reporter “received images” of the posts allegedly from this private Facebook page. REALLY? WHO supplied the images? How did the group VERIFY the images? How did they ensure they weren’t being punked/used by partisans who wanted to smear the Border Patrol CONVENIENTLY JUST IN TIME FOR THE STAGED VISIT TO THE “CONCENTRATION CAMPS” AT THE BORDER? Facts/journalism must be REPLICABLE. WaPo admits they couldn’t verify the group, page, posts, and yet they published all of it AS IF IT’S TRUE. How do they know it’s not an elaborate, Jussie-Smollett-like hoax? https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/house-members-visiting-migrant-detention-centers-amid-reports-of-deplorable-conditions/2019/07/01/1ac091bc-9c13-11e9-9ed4-c9089972ad5a_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.4cb6d4d9342c

      Oh, btw, Castro is SUCH AN HONORABLE person that he snuck a camera into the holding facility even though cell phones and cameras are forbidden and were supposed to be turned in. Ocasio claims her phone was confiscated. How did Castro avoid confiscation and isn’t it a CRIME to take photos in secure DHS areas and then PUBLICIZE THEM? Or is HE above the law? I’m just asking.

      How much you want to bet that the “protesters” who were present at the facility and shouted “racist” or “islamophobic” comments, as reported in that link above, were PLANTS? I’m betting 100% probability.

  5. M W wood LOVE a PIECE …ha’ REALLY I WOOD!!! good God! wouldn’t
    it B lover-LY may-B some day SISTER! ~ off the charts FAR 2 ~ 2 OFTEN

    a BIT 2 FULL of her-sELF! as she thinks she is STILL doing her “routine
    OF” A Course In Miracles (ACIM) is a unique spiritual self-study program designed to awaken us to the truth of our oneness with God & Love.
    O’ ..SO LONG ..AGO!.. Yes as .. 1/2 of her is great … BUTT’ still NO!

    & here’s more on her ISSUES …. rock out!

  6. So every time I see Kamala Harris in the headlines this week. All I can think as my sub-conscience rushes to the front burner:

    Jessie Smollett and the FailedActing Job.
    Kamala Harris, an actress; director
    Jessie Jackson

    The orchestrated Race War that didn’t happen.
    And the very reason the charges were dropped.

    Wondering, is she a Natural Born African, by any chance? Did she grow up in Canada? Who is this imposter sitting in Our House?

    mmmm, the Obama/Jarrett srings are showing. Just like that lying fool, paid tool, AOC. Clue: AntiAmerican TRANS-formationalist. Greed and Control.

    The Boss of You, We The People.

    Lest, we ignore the tell-tale stench.

    In your Dreams, asshat.

    Busted, barky.

    • Correction: Jussie

      The Tool of the Obama Re-election Campaign 2020

      Like AOC, that lying nobody. Discard her. Ignore her. Hee’s an Obot.

      • You better believe it. BUT FOR the hoax coming undone, there would have been, at best, a great campaign issue for the commies and, at worst, a race war. This was most definitely community organized and it’s no coincidence it happened in Chicago.

  7. At 13, Harris organiZed a Protest in front of the building where She lived in Montreal because the “Owner didn’t Want”…. children playing on the lawn, her sister Maya told San Francisco Gate in 2012.

    Harris C O N -vinced other children to Join Her in protesting & they convinced the building’s owner to Change the rule, according to the news site. …PUSH PUSH .. your way or the HIGH-way? .. F …her nasty self

    • She’s a Liar. An Actress.An O’bot.

      Yeah,bring it on, Me. That was Me, too. Only here in the United States parented by poor, natural born Americans..Reparations? I paid for it. My wages have been garnished by the Democrats for at least 50 years. With $zero in return. Not even a Thanks. Commie Fraud.

      Keep America Great 2020 or for as long WTP can.

      Keep America Free.

    • Sounds like another Barry-inspired narrative (iow, lie) from another technicolor DREAM (auto?)biography. Any EVIDENCE of this? For that matter, any EVIDENCE she really was born in the USA? That story contains numerous conflicting “facts.” When exactly did they go to Canada? Her mother’s bio doesn’t mention when, IF, she naturalized, which is sort of important to know. Being born to “legal residents” does not a natural born citizen make.

  8. very interesting ..wearing the pants …in the family …says LOTS !
    O’ so much more 2 ALL the STORIES!!! …good bad & UGLY 2 …..

    • Interesting find, Zenway. So her mother named her Kamala to preserve HER CULTURAL IDENTITY–which is INDIAN, not AFRICAN. And her mother admits her daughter was “privileged” because she had educated, wealthy parents with high-placed jobs in academia. Huh. Who knew/knows? Nobody because, like Barry, they’re going to falsify the truth. Some African-Americans, however, already resent her pretending to be an African-American who suffered from the legacy of segregation, slavery, and discrimination. However, she even was privileged on the Jamaican side of the family, coming from slave owners/plantation owners who founded a town in Jamaica.

  9. those GRIFTER$ X’$ ..”2″ Ca$h-in-in is them’s MIDDLE NAME$!

    • Just more of his usual snark: One “citizen” to another, keeping in mind that most DemoncRATS believe if you’re here, you’re a “citizen.” He delights in rubbing our noses in it, confident that the truth will never come out, lest the African-Americans become disillusioned.

  10. This guy has made a collection of search engines (for Miri)

    July 4
    This guy, who, is one of my favorite independent reporters
    is going to livestream the celebrations from the Lincoln memorial
    including Trump’s speech. (if he can get close enough)

    That’s Just Informed Talk. I am going to check it out.
    He says there may be an F35 flyover. What’s an F35?
    Various threats made for July 4 and July 6 (Antifa)

    • Thank you! I will check into all of them. For the first time, I’ll probably watch the celebrations in DC. F35 is apparently some kind of stealth fighter jet. Single seater, so apparently not too big. Have you ever witnessed a flyover of the B-2? It’s AMAZING. Thanks for the link to the festivities. Oh, sorry. I misunderstood. Thought it was a link to a future live stream.

  11. Just because I’m feeling snarky about the “American princess,” here’s an interesting side-by-side of her pre- and post-, shall we say, princess-ness:

  12. Don’t ASK Kamala Harris who, while thanking school busing for helping to Launch her career, OWES>>> Much More for her advancement for her association with former Democratic Speaker of the California Assembly
    “Willie Brown” … YEP !!! another > SLICK ~ WILLIE …

    Kamala Harris’ first significant political Role was an appointment by HER >>Powerful then-boyfriend Willie Brown, >> 3 Decades Her senior, to
    a California medical board that has been criticized as a landing Spot for
    >>> patronage jobs & kickbacks. <<>30, Harris was Dating >>60-year-OLD Willie Brown, at the Time
    the Democratic speaker of the California State Assembly, when >>HE placed HER on the California Medical Assistance Commission in 1994. The position paid Over >> $70,000 per year, $120,700 in current money, & Harris served on the Board Until 1998. <<<<>> 20% of the meetings Each Year,??? according to commission records obtained by the Washington Examiner.

    Harris, now 54, & Brown, now 85, started dating in the spring of 1994, showing up >>Arm-in-Arm at Numerous High-profile functions,<>>> Kamala Harris, it’s Not What you know But W H O you know.

  13. ~ Intheknow •
    Harris is an ANCHOR BABY born to 2 non-citizens which makes her a
    us citizen but NOT a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. Therefore NOT eligible to
    Be President according to the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.
    ???JUST like BARRY??? YEP !
    Racism is the ONLY thing the RATS have.
    Kamala’s time machine
    Of course it is racist to deny a Jamacan-Indian the privilege of having
    a time machine.
    Maybe she will Put Rachel Dolezal on her ticket as VP! But the good
    money is on Michelle Obama.


    • But hey! Politifact (actually politiLIE) claims that she’s a “citizen” and a “national” and since she was born on U.S. soil that makes her a 14th Amendment “citizen” and they falsely, blatantly state that makes her a “natural born citizen.” iirc, they say this EVEN IF her parents weren’t even citizens when she was born!

    • You could actually say that Harris proves the racism of the DemoncRATS. First they put Barry up there. Half white (if not more so) and purportedly half Kenyan. What’s wrong with REAL African-Americans? Why do their candidates, if black at all, have to be either half white and/or not American blacks but foreign blacks? Now comes Harris, half (or more so) white (Indians ARE white or at least they were before political correctness made nobody want to be white anymore) and her Jamaican father is white and black but not descended from slaves. Cory Booker, iirc, is also half white (actually 45%). Any other “black” Democrat candidates? Why do they seem to have an aversion to real black Americans? Could it be racism? I’m just wonderin’.

  14. Mexico has a single, streamlined law that ensures that foreign visitors & immigrants are in the country legally, have the means to sustain themselves economically, not destined to be burdens on society, of economic & social benefit to society, of good character & have no criminal records, &
    contributors to the general well-being of the nation. Now, if it’s not racist for Mexico to have immigration laws like this, then, why is it racist for America
    to also have common sense immigration laws?

    Great question! Moreover, Mexico has done more currently to help
    support the American borders than the democrats! Enough said
    And Mexico provides foreigners with N O free medical treatment.
    Pay up front or go home.

    ~ Truthspeaker1984, it’s because Mexico does NOT have a Democrat Party intertwined with its media moguls who are trying to:
    1) flood the country with illegal immigrants,
    2) give these illegal immigrants driver’s licenses,
    3) Register these illegals to vote via a Motor-Voter law, &
    4) Flood the elections with illegal votes cast by Illegal Immigrants.
    This is A L L Driven by the Democrats Lust for Power, & it being common knowledge that recent immigrants from Central & South America vote
    ….. about 80% Democrat Party. <<<<< O'
    The 'Rats Are Perfectly Happy with the Crime, Gangs, the Illegal Drugs,
    Child Sex trafficking, human Slavery trafficking, the overwhelming
    of America's schools, health system, & social services system. as Long as THEY get the political POWER.
    ~ … It is not misinformation. It is lies.

  15. BLOOD MONEY ….with them babies portraits on the FRONT ??
    ? …nope …… CECILE RICHARD$ ….. SHAME on U !

    It’s no Surprise. The majority of Americans support President Trump
    & will ensure he wins in 2020.
    The Democrats are basically going to Hand Trump a second term.
    You Can Either support Trump, O R support Socialism. That’s pretty much what WE learned from the Democratic debates the other night.< YEP YEP!
    It only shows how successful President Trump’s policies have been, prospering… people Want to Keep & Support the person who brought prosperity.<<< YES WTP WANT THAT …100% … TRUMP 2020 !!!
    Trump wants borders & immigration reform & so does 95% of Americans
    The Democratic debates & the polls are Scaring American citizens into Donating toward Trump's RE- election. Keep on doing more debates & producing more polls. ….. ~ $nap, Crackle & Pop… Live! ~ TRUMP

    • Reportedly, they’re going to print the census without the citizenship question. Too late, the media report the results of a poll: 2/3 of all Americans WANT the citizenship question on the census. 88% of Republicans, 2/3 of Independent, and even 52% of DemoncRATS support a citizenship question. So tell me again: WHY did SCOTUS block POTUS? I believe their ruling is “arbitrary and capricious.” Got that, Justice Roberts?

  17. loosest LINKS in the FENCE…. BUTT’ WORSE!

    Maxine Waters encourages supporters to Harass Trump …
    administration officials ….. YES SHE DID!

    • Juan Rodriguez, the father of 1-year-old twins who died after he said he accidentally left them in his car all day while he was at work, has entered a not guilty plea to charges of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide.
      REALLY ? YOUR the Care-TAKER & PROTECTOR … really???
      He also has two older children, a 16-year-old and 12-year-old.

      the modern parent ??? NEVER EVER NOT CHECK TWICE???
      we MAY BE BUST ….BUTT’ ha’ ….. >>>> never that BUSY!!!!!!!
      NOT want the KIDS ? a burden? OUT 2 LUNCH? REALLY? DAD!

      • What is not being told about this story?

      • Consider the irony: He’s a social worker! Feel truly sorry for the family and especially those poor babies. With today’s technology, HOW does this keep happening? RIP, little angels.

        All that said, need to reconsider these rules that car seats MUST be in the back and facing backwards. Also, I heard that the car had tinted windows, compounding the problem. Passersby wouldn’t be able to see the kids and act. Such a tragedy.

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