Mueller Report Released Today

The long-awaited Mueller Report will be released by Attorney General William Barr today. Next will come the Democrat “analysis” of the report.

Blah, blah, blah. Impeach!

Blah, blah, blah. Impeach!

Blah, blah, blah. Impeach!

Blah, blah, blah. Impeach!

Blah, blah, blah. Impeach!

Blah, blah, blah. Impeach!

Blah, blah, blah. Impeach!

Blah, blah, blah. Impeach!

While We the People say, “Get to the bottom of this seditious conspiracy, Attorney General Barr.”

Investigate! Indict! Convict! Imprison! 

Justice at last!

KAG, Mr. President!!


99 responses to “Mueller Report Released Today

  1. From their keyboards to God’s ears:

    “The Hill’s John Solomon joined Sean Hannity on the eve of the release of the full Mueller Report on Thursday.

    Solomon told Sean Hannity that the spying on the Trump campaign began back in January 2016 and it was all run by the Obama White House.

    Solomon added that more evidence will be released NEXT WEEK! …”

    “Joe diGenova: Barr will conclude, without saying it tomorrow, that it all started in the Obama White House. Barack Obama knew about this from day one. He authorized it. Brennan and Clapper informed him. Everybody knows that’s where we’re headed. And it’s about time. Because a lot of very innocent people have been hurt. Not just Donald Trump who has been absolutely outrageously harmed, by what President Obama authorized. But now “the chickens are coming home to roost.” …”

    • Oh, btw. Barr told everyone today in his presser that he WILL give an unredacted version of the report to some members of Congress. I would guess the so-called Gang of Eight, but I don’t think he was specific. Let the leaks begin!

      Transcript here:

      Pertinent point:

      “And as the Special Counsel’s report acknowledges, there is substantial evidence to show that the President was frustrated and angered by a sincere belief that the investigation was undermining his presidency, propelled by his political opponents, and fueled by illegal leaks. …”

      It wasn’t just a belief, it was the truth and Mueller had to acknowledge it in his report. But it wasn’t only that the investigation was undermining his presidency, the investigation itself was ILLEGALLY preventing him from BEING the president. They LIED to Trump. They lied and told him he was NOT under investigation. They WITHHELD information from him that he is constitutionally and legally authorized to have. In effect, the DOJ/FBI/Special Counsel put Trump in a ILLEGAL quasi-limbo for over two years. Two years of his presidency in which he was NOT allowed to have or use the tools of his office that are his RIGHT as POTUS to have and enjoy. The “intelligence community” conspired AGAINST the president, against the will of The People, to prevent Trump from being president. This is without a doubt, because the Obama administration and it’s shadow government after leaving office DELIBERATELY chose to WITHHOLD INFORMATION FROM THE DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT. They ADMITTED AS MUCH in documents Judicial Watch received from FOIA requests.

      They believed (or pretended to believe) that what they were doing was “by the book,” but illegally spying on a presidential campaign and then keeping the elected person from actually holding his office without all the appurtenances of the office is not “by the book” but IS sedition, imho. An illegal “soft” coup. What we’ve seen the past 2 years is the result of the guilty parties covering for themselves and cohorts (co-conspirators) BECAUSE THE PERSON THEY TRIED TO GET ELECTED NEVERTHELESS LOST.

      We the People demand justice AND retribution. It’s not enough to say, “We’ll investigate to make sure this never happens again.” NO, the guilty MUST BE INDICTED, CONVICTED, AND PUNISHED. Or else it WILL happen again.

      We already have this farce of a “special counsel” that was supposed to “fix” the problems of a special prosecutor. It didn’t work and this is the result.

      We already have so-called laws and special policies and special courts to supposedly ensure that the FISA process is never abused and illegal spying on American citizens (much less presidential candidates) NEVER happens. It didn’t work and this is the result.

      Who believes that they WILL come up with a foolproof system that CURRENT AND FUTURE PROGRESSIVES WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CIRCUMVENT IN THEIR NEFARIOUS SCHEMES? I don’t.

  2. Indeed!!!

  3. Rudy Giuliani !!

  4. FWIW; long but very interesting.

  5. Breaking: John Solomon: Plot to Frame Trump Began “in the White House” in January 2016
    … During the first half-hour of Wednesday night’s “Hannity,” investigative journalist John Solomon broke news when he said without equivocation that the Trump-Russia “collusion” investigation originated in a meeting “in the White House” in early January 2016, fully one year before an email was exchanged among top Obama officials indicating that information about the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign would be withheld from President-Elect Donald Trump.

    Thank you, P&E, for keeping our Minds here, 08-28-09- TODAY, as the Obama chickens now come home to >>>>> roost & roast!

    STOP the FAIL time, START the JAIL time!
    ~ Gary Wilmott
    If Barr does his job & is also willing to give up his friend, Mueller, Obama is going down. You would have to be a complete ignoramus not to realize that Obama cultivated criminality in his illicit regime. Obama hates Trump and absolutely had to have Hillary succeed him to provide cover for his corruption, treason and fraud. First step was to make sure Trump was not elected. When that failed, get Trump removed from office as quickly as possible by framing him as a Russian agent. It’s now Trump’s turn to turn the tables on the anti-American fraud from “who knows where”. There is a place in Hell for the person who Calls himself >>> Barack Hussein Obama.


    • Interesting that Clapper spun on a dime, dismissed collusion and obstruction, and stressed how horrible, simply awful, the worst thing ever–the so-called “Russian interference” in our election. He KNOWS it’s B.S.

      Did you notice that all the so-called “evidence” of the Russian hacking is simply ALLEGED but any facts about it that would PROVE it are redacted because, allegedly, it would reveal investigative techniques? Do they mention Crowdstrike? I didn’t see it. Did they mention that their allegations are second-hand because the FBI and NO GOVERNMENT agency examined the server, took the server, preserved evidence in any chain of custody? Not that I saw, but then again I didn’t read 480+ pages of CRAP.

      Like Levin says, that report is half OP-ED. The second half. The only part where they could even TRY to continue their witch hunt against the president. But even the first half is B.S. BECAUSE THERE’S NO PROOF.

      I would love to see a technical expert analyze the so-called “evidence” of Russian hacking. Nobody will EVER see it because the evidence (that would prove it wasn’t Russian hackers) has been DESTROYED, just as Clinton has destroyed so much other evidence.

      But it’s important now for Clapper and his ilk to keep hyping the “proof” of Russian hacking of the election (which is B.S., anyway, because all they did was buy some ads and troll in social media comments, changing NO VOTES. Besides which, they were pimping for BERNIE SANDERS first, and then were pimping for anybody in the race–witness how they got BLACK LIVES MATTER activists to come to fake rallies. Are we supposed to believe BLM activists wanted Trump?). Anyway, I digressed.

      The REASON Clapper is hyping Russian interference is that his defense, his ONLY one, if he can get anyone to believe it, is that they sincerely believed that the Russians were hacking the election which is why they “had to” investigate Trump’s campaign. They were wrong, yes, he and his ilk will say. BUT they had to do it for “national security.”

      IF anyone buys that, I have a big island in NY to sell them.

    • About P%E’s article. They report that Solomon said the investigation began at a WH meeting in Jan. 2016. Remember that Page/Strzok texts said that “the WH” is running the show. Remember that Susan Rice’s infamous email to herself said that Barry said it had to be run “by the book.”

      Now what’s interesting about ALL of that is that supposedly our esteemed current (one and only) POTUS is quoted in the Mueller Trash Dossier 2.0, as complaining that he doesn’t believe that other presidents had to be hands off of investigations. He’s the head of the executive branch, after all, and can fire everyone if he wants to. Trump particularly cited his disbelief that Robert Kennedy NEVER talked to his brother John about investigations. Ditto for Eric Holder and Barry Soetoro.

      He would be correct, but the difference apparently is that when Republicans are in the Oval Office, then the DOJ MUST BE TOTALLY INDEPENDENT FROM “INTERFERENCE” (read: obstruction) by the POTUS. When Democrats are in the Oval Office, then anything goes and anything is kosher. DOJ doesn’t have to be independent. Democrat presidents can interfere, obstruct, order, run investigations however they please without any worries whatsoever.

      The other irony here is that Trump, for all he knew because they deliberately lied to him, didn’t even KNOW he was under investigation.

      If you don’t know you’re being investigated, in fact if you think the exact opposite because your own employees (Comey, e.g.) have LIED TO YOU ABOUT IT, TELLING YOU YOU’RE NOT UNDER INVESTIGATION, then HOW THE HELL CAN YOU OBSTRUCT THE INVESTIGATION?


  6. what a waste of flesh ..he is such a DIP-STICK ..O’ so cock-SURE of self

  7. Rank & Vile – Absolute Proof Mueller FBI Investigators Leaked Investigative Documents to Media …. ~ by sundance
    Whiskey – Tango – Foxtrot !!
    There has been a widespread Media claim for 2 years that Robert Mueller’s special counsel team never leaked. However, today, while entirely obfuscating the lede aspect to their admission/story, Buzzfeed News outlines how FBI agents assigned 2 Robert Mueller’s team actually leaked documents from their investigation to the Media.

    This Admission is Stunning…. I don’t even think Buzzfeed Realizes what they are admitting 2 HERE!!! … It’s in these paragraphs (emphasis mine):

    • But, as with all the rest, they’ll probably get away with it. They’re DemoncRATS (even if some claim to be Republicans).

  8. As long as YOU keep calling them Dems, they will keep doing it.
    They’re COMMUNISTS, & it’s YOUR FAULT for not calling them COMMUNISTS!

    DO U ALL READ ….WTP …. WE R SO PAST ….that CRAP! ….
    Yesterday’s OLD news.. beat a dead HORSE .. & it’s STILL DEAD!

  10. UP 2 HIS ” E A R S ” as CHEATING should B his MIDDLE NAME!
    NEVER EVER trusted that DICK the 1st time I SAW HIM BREATHING!
    U HAVE 2 B …NUTS …2 think HE&SHE? has something 2 OFFER USA!
    CONS -CHEATED in Chicago .. & back 2 when he had diapers ON!!!

  11. Imagine it’s your Birthday. A chocolate Cake is placed before you, candles aflutter & your tongue salivating in anticipation of that chocolately goodness. You cut in to the cake, only to find that there is N O >>> chocolate!
    The cake is Vanilla! The Cake is a LIE! The chocolate was just on the outside, building up Anticipation for a Landslide of dark brown heaven. In consolation, the cake is pretty good, but it just Isn’t chocolate, dammit. That, my friends, is
    has DONE …NEVER … & just LOOK how FEW REALLY CARE …to LICK
    them ..dried OUT bones? WE HAVE LIVES 2 LIVE … BILL$ 2 PAY …
    > MOVE > ON!

  12. Should I make a prediction? In light of the yellow vest radicals decrying the vast amount of money billionaires donated to rebuild Notre Dame, and sudden stories about how the spire was a concoction of an architect within the past 200 years or so, let me guess that this “secular” monument will be rebuilt, I’m predicting, with a spire that more closely resembles a muslim minaret than a Gothic church.

  13. NOW that will PISS ^^^ WTP ? OFF? ..or at least a FEW of US! YEP!

    There are Not any trees in France that are large enough to replace the ancient Beachwood beams that burned in the Notre Dame fire.
    “The roof was made of beechwood beams over 800 years ago.

    Asked if any trees in Europe were big enough for the beams & could be imported to Paris, he said, “I don’t know.”

    & the lime stone structure etc. inside could have extreme effects from
    the FIRES HEAT… which make it WEAKEN … O’ MY .. the MONEY&POT

    they said he put OUT 5 years 4 repair which can take 10 +…so that the energy & Moola rolls in …. as memories FADE … we want it NOW!!!

    • O, Canada!!! I’m thinking they have plenty of trees in Quebec, eh? Anyway, I read an interesting article today:

      “Benjamin Mouton, who served as Chief Architect of Historic Monuments in France and oversaw restoration work of Notre Dame until 2013, says its extremely unlikely an electrical short circuit took place, and that it would take a huge effort to ignite the ancient oak of the cathedral. reports: “So, you’re telling us that this type of timber doesn’t burn like that?” Mouton was asked by an LCI host.

      Oak that is 800-years-old is very hard – try to burn it,” Mouton said. “Old oak, it is not easy at all. You would need a lot of kindling to succeed… It stupefies me.” …

      “In the Nineties, we updated all the electrical wiring of Notre Dame,” Mouton said. “So there is no possibility of a short circuit. We updated to conform with the contemporary norms, even going very far – all the detection and protection systems against fire in the cathedral.” …”

      First, I’m thinking what he means is “ground fault interrupters.” So where would a short circuit be? As for the 800-year-old wood–my sentiments exactly. Have you ever even tried to drive a nail into old (50+ year old) oak? It’s not easy, so how could such old wood go up so quickly? That was my very first thought. Add to that that I also read that the wood in the spire was lead coated! So how did that go up so fast, minus an accelerant? Everybody knows that as wood ages it hardens and gets denser. It’s NOT easy to ignite. Then there’s the obvious question: Wouldn’t they have done something, absent a sprinkler system, to FIREPROOF THE WOOD? I’m just sayin’. You have a nearly irreplaceable monument, a centuries-old cathedral beloved by millions, filled with irreplaceable objects of art and sacred relics, and yet you don’t do something as fundamental as fire-proofing the wood?

      • Oh, so interesting. Check it out:

        You don’t need to know French. It’s self-explanatory. Even after minutes with the blowtorch blasting, it smoldered (finally) but looks as if the tiny burned circle simply self-extinguished.

      • Isn’t it amazing? Sometimes when I make these predictions, I’m trying to think like a progressive and coming up with the wildest thing I can imagine while wearing their wolf’s clothing. This just proves that there’s literally nothing too far out for them to push. Did you see the story at Breitbart about how a town in Italy plans (or planned) to shroud with black cloths all the Christian crosses in their local cemetery (presuming it’s a public cemetery) in order to not OFFEND any muslims in the area? Now what I’d like to know is if the plan is also to shroud any muslim or Jewish symbols, too. Anyway, further stories say the mayor believes he “may have” made a blunder with this idea.

        This is typical liberal “logic”: Offend the MANY in order to not offend the few.

  14. HEY’ …LIZZY B’ . ha’….PASS the ‘PEACE PIPE’.. will YA’?

    FILL it FULL of that ‘GREEN’ S T U F F …..or just KEEP drop’in lower?

    • $640 BILLION to wipe away all the millennials’ college debt. What’s not to like? BUYING VOTES, much? I mean, how hard is it to spend OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY? She intends to pay for it by taxing the “rich.” How hard is it to look like a generous heroine when it’s not your own money you’re spending? Virtue signaling. Intention movements. What does SHE give? But what does SHE get? Oh, the good that I could do if I had Bill Gates’s millions to spend. First off, A WALL!

      She says no money for a wall to protect our nation. Price tag, what? $25 billion? But Fauxcahontas will blow $650 BILLION on wiping away private debt that nobody forced anyone to take on. I have NO SYMPATHY WHATSOEVER for people who took on more debt than they can repay. I did it the hard way and they can to. Night school. Community college. Merit scholarships. WORK to pay my own way. Why should We the People who paid our own way bail out people who willingly took on debts that THEY PROMISED TO REPAY but now want to repay?

      btw, will there be REFUNDS for those who have dutifully paid off their college loans already?

  15. YIKES! Some People’ … DID do Something …really B A D!

  16. Democratic LEADerS Double Down on M U Z Z-ling Impeachment TALK?
    …ha’ NOW ….what’s YOUR – NEXT…MAGIC … T R I C K ? KIDDIES???
    just like tiger woods come-back…. rotten BEEF never STOPS ROTTING
    IT WAS & IS STILL A BIG FAT nothing BURGER > U All R a Disgrace

  17. Democrats will Cut & Paste from the Mueller report & come up with articles of impeachment. That will Satisfy their base,? but anger the rest of America. In the End, it is not likely that any of this will play a role in the 2020 election. It will be forgotten, as the idea that Russians won the election for Donald Trump has been forgotten. …
    & they wanted bernie? …NOT HILL-BILLY bitch
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  18. ha’ ….. ‘PETER’ ~ BUTT’ …. if the SHOE FITS !!!
    ~ Raibeart MacIlleathain •
    Let’s face facts: Mayor Pete is very & devoutly religious, but the god he worships is not who he claims Him to be. Mayor Pete is just around run-of-the-mill religious zealot seeking to impose his Leftist Religion on everyone else.

    To Mayor Pete, he alone has the corner on truth. He alone knows how wrong Christians like Mike Pence are. Pete has set himself up as the Grand Inquisitor who will question anyone’s motives for opposing Leftist Dogma.

    Oppose teaching eroticism in public classrooms? Do you object to full grown men insisting on using a bathroom reserved in decent society for girls and women? Do you refuse to be forced into creating something you do not agree with? Pious Pete wants you to know, the HRC Inquisition is in your future.

    It’s our responsibility to keep people like Pious Pete’s hands off the levers of power. He might get elected mayor, but there’s no reason he should advance like another novice that nearly wrecked our economy. We Should have Learned a Valuable lesson with >>>>> Obama. (We did.)

    • So funny. I read where some commentator said he’s like the second coming of Barry in that he’s so “articulate”. I haven’t a clue who this guy is but one similarity I perceive: gay.

    • By the way: BUTTigeig?

      “Fun” fact:

      It’s a MALTESE surname, based upon Arabic for chicken owner. Noted Maltese in the news: Joseph Mifsud, attempted entraper of George Papadopoulos.

      Like Mifsud, Buttigieg the politician was in INTELLIGENCE. Naval intelligence in Buttigieg’s case. Interesting, huh?

      Buttigieg was baptized Catholic but is now Episcopalian (which makes sense, considering who recognizes gay “marriage.”) As for the comparisons to Barry: Why must ALL their candidates claim some “victim” status?

      His “husband”:

      His father: “He was translator and editor of the three-volume English edition of Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks, published from 1992 to 2007 with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities.[9] He was a founding member of the International Gramsci Society and served as its president.

      GRAMSCI: A hero of COMMUNISTS AND MARXISTS everywhere.

      And especially BARRY: Gramsci is Barry’s “ideological father.”

      And Alinsky:

      • “Gramsci looked towards the United States and noted that a true Marxist “uprising of the workers” would never be successful there. It would require an undermining of the culture – of the morality and norms – of the United States first. It would require a changing of the culture – by intellectuals and those of influence. But it would also require something else. As noted by Gramsci; “the mode of being of the new intellectual can no longer consist in eloquence, but in active participation in practical life, as constructor, organizer, “permanent persuader” and not just a simple orator”. Gramsci felt the movement would require a more subversive, directly participating element – community organizers.

        It would also require the media. …”

  19. OBAMA&HILL that TIGHT!!! …take a GANDER once Again… slime …+comments…

  20. Hillary Clinton: ‘It Could Not Be Clearer’ — Trump Would Be Indicted for Obstruction if He Wasn’t POTUS

    ~ Raptormann • …..+ comments…..
    This would be Laughable…. if it wasn’t for the Fact that the Hildabeast is the Most Corrupt person to ever darken the halls of Government…. Obstruction of Justice is the Clinton State Department destroying Devices with a Hammer and Destroying SIM Cards… She Colluded with Russia to receive Money for BJ make phony speeches and donations to the Clinton Family Foundation….

    The Clintons made Millions from their dealings with Russia…. & then peddled a Russian Disinformation Against Trump…… Crooked Hillary will drop the Red & Wear Orange before its over!

    ~ Cpriestess Raptormann •
    And that was after they used the ’90s to make Millions selling Military Tech
    to China. What was it missile guidance technology? that’s why I never understood how they could be S O Broke when they left office that she had to Steal the Silver.
    And their >>>> Treasonous Uranium Deal!! <<<<
    Clinton has balls as big as Mooch to have done what she did & still talk crap
    I…I can't stop laughing at this woman….OMG!! Have you ever seen or heard a more brain-dead, tone-deaf, lying, CON-niving, hypocritical, projecting felon in your life?
    No I have not. She is a category all her own.
    No kidding! The arrogance but she is a K-linton!

    • Especially convenient if it was a false flag or a muslim terror attack.

      They finally admitted that Sri Lanka was a muslim terror attack. In response, they claim, to the New Zealand (false flag?) attack by a “white supremacist” who really is a self-described eco-fascist. One wonders, if it was a false flag in NZ, whether the perpetrators have a conscience such that they accept the blame for the deaths of the 300+ Christians (who can’t be described as such by Barry and Hillary). They blame our POTUS for NZ and yet they don’t blame muslims or, say, Ilhan Omar for Sri Lanka. Did not HER language incite violence?

      They cover up what the truth is about Notre Dame and one also has to wonder if, in their warped logic, they believe they MUST do so in order to NOT “incite” Christian retaliation against the perps.

      • You would think that there would have been video recordings of the work being done on the historic cathedral. Master engineers do not have happenstance “glitches”…

        • For sure. There must be a lot of answers already out there, for those who have the guts to ask the questions. I doubt that the complicit media on any side of the Atlantic will bother to ask. I’ve implied it before: They were certainly cavalier about keeping this treasure and the treasures within it safe and secure. (It’s probably a UN World Heritage site, ya think? iirc, such places are under RULES for preservation, which is why many here object to that status being given to sites here in the U.S.) Oh, goodness. Another good guess on my part:

          “The Director-General also announced that a rapid assessment of the damage would take place as soon as possible. “We are already in contact with experts to assess damage, preserve what can be preserved and consider measures in the short and medium term,” she said. The assessment would be undertaken with the authorities concerned, including national, local, site management and Church authorities to develop an appropriate plan in order to avoid further damaging the site and to recover as much as possible of the original elements. Subsequently UNESCO would accompany and support the authorities in the recovery, rehabilitation and rebuilding of the damaged heritage site based on accurate documentation based on archival material, photos, films, historic documentation, plans and drawings. …”

          “A World Heritage Site is a landmark or area which is selected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as having cultural,[1] historical, scientific or other form of significance, and is legally protected by international treaties. The sites are judged important to the collective interests of humanity.

          To be selected, a World Heritage Site must be an already classified landmark, unique in some respect as a geographically and historically identifiable place having special cultural or physical significance (such as an ancient ruin or historical structure, building, city, complex, desert, forest, island, lake, monument, mountain, or wilderness area[2]). It may signify a remarkable accomplishment of humanity, and serve as evidence of our intellectual history on the planet.[3]

          The sites are intended for practical conservation for posterity, which otherwise would be subject to risk from human or animal trespassing, unmonitored/uncontrolled/unrestricted access, or threat from local administrative negligence. Sites are demarcated by UNESCO as protected zones.[4] The list is maintained by the international World Heritage Program administered by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, composed of 21 “states parties” that are elected by their General Assembly.[5] …”

          Hmm. Somebody fell down on the job?

        • Just a quick look for videos shows a number of them that hype about how the cathedral needs a “savior” because it’s “falling apart,” and the frogs (sorry) are “looking to America” for francs. See here, here (start about 4:48), here, here, here. Why didn’t they look to the UN? One might be forgiven for thinking there may have been a “crisis” in order to, you know, “go fund me.” The French OWN the cathedral, not Catholics. But as with their own DEFENSE, the French prefer to spend their money on their SOCIALIST programs than on something like a Catholic cathedral, albeit a World Heritage Site and a world monument.

  21. Here’s an oldie but goodie. I saw this in broad daylight. The first time Clapper appeared on the scene it was made apparent that he was a dope and a total fraud… a hired patsy…. wish I could find the video. When you get on-site scroll down for the headline…

    • The OBVIOUS question is: IF Brennan would misuse the FISA databases (using outside contractors) to try to instigate a “soft coup” against Trump to prevent him from being POTUS and then later to help destroy (and prevent, in effect) his presidency, which looks likely, then why the HELL wouldn’t he have misused (using outside contractors who coincidentlaly worked for himself) passport and other government databases in order to INSTALL a complicit POTUS, which looks likely that he did? Who was there at the inception, to ensure that Barry appeared to be qualified? BRENNAN. Who was there at the inception of the Trump/Russia LIE, to ensure that Trump appeared to not be qualified and instead to be a traitor? BRENNAN, again!


    • RE: photo of Podesta with 14 on his hand. I get a kick out of this:

      “14 is numerical shorthand for the white supremacist slogan known as the “14 Words”: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.””

  22. EMPTY HEADED? YES! the PANT-SUIT looks pretty snug 2 “ME” !
    she allows BLACKS 2 get AWAY with stealing from stores ..cus they R
    “POOR” ….. little BLK.folk!
    so they …do’ .. it OVER & OVER & OVER … ANOTHER> DUMMY!!!

  23. CONSPIRACY THEORY Former CIA analyst: U.K. spied on Trump campaign, passed information to Obama team

    OAN’s Neil W. McCabe spoke to a former CIA analyst, Larry Johnson, about the 2016 spying by the Obama administration against the Trump campaign. He indicated the British government helped participate in the spying and even gave direct information to the administration as a form of “oppo research.”

    By taking advantage of the “Five Eyes Club” – a joint effort of intelligence sharing between the U.S., U.K., Canada, New Zealand, and Australia – the Obama administration was able to put together enough information to help them “find” a case they could make against the candidate. It yielded no real fruit, but that didn’t prevent the illegally gathered data from later being used to help justify the bogus Mueller probe.

    • They ALWAYS accuse others of what they do themselves. Mark of a sociopath.

    • Why wasn’t the guy at the IT contractor treated like Manafort until he coughed up the truth? There were messages, iirc, that indicated that it was a cover up for Hillary and HE KNEW IT. Yeah, so maybe he’s a minion doing what his boss told him to do, but certainly the TRUTH should have been dug out by the FBI, which, of course, would indicate INTENT, because why else does one instigate a COVER UP?

    • Instead of asking Biden to make amends to Hill, why aren’t the media asking all the DemoncRATS to make amends to and APOLOGIZE TO Justice Thomas?

    • In a just universe, that woman would be treated like the pariah she ought to be (being a racist) in the same way that others who have been accused of saying “racist” things (that in many cases weren’t racist) have been treated! How about Roseanne Barr? What would happen, do you think, if the POTUS hired Roseanne as an advisor? We noted the racist, anti-white, BLACK SUPREMACIST, BLACK SEPARATIST, BLACK NATIONALIST language Biden’s “advisor” spouted when she spouted it, so it’s not as if he doesn’t KNOW (or shouldn’t know by now) what a RACIST she is.

    • I wonder if POTUS will pardon Blago.

    • After reading the second link, I wonder if McCain is the one who hooked up the “intelligence community” with Fusion GPS in order to HELP THEM cover up their prior FISA abuse (as is thoroughly documented at Conservative Treehouse)? McCain and Hillary were BFFs. Just look for the many photos of the two of them together. McCain hated Trump; we know that. Obama hated Trump, too; we know that, too. Fusion came on the scene when they needed the “insurance policy” to COVER UP all the spying the outside contractors (Brennan’s peeps, one wonders?) did in the FISA database, ILLEGALLY, which was stopped by NSA Director Rogers just before Fusion GPS got hooked up with the Clinton campaign in order to do “oppo research” (paid for by money laundering through Perkins Coie, an old Obama trick). TCTH also believes that Comey’s particular friend, the one to whom he passed his infamous memos (illegally!), may have ALSO been one of the outside contractors TROLLING THROUGH THE TOP SECRET FISA DATABASE to spy on Obama and Clinton’s political opposition. McCain, iirc, had previously hired the same people to do oppo research on Trump before Trump won the nomination. (Maybe. Maybe not. They obfuscate this deliberately.) Supposedly the dossier was passed TO McCain by Fusion GPS, BUT was McCain ALSO involved in helping to set up this entire “insurance policy” to protect Obama, Clinton, and the “intelligence community” (who mostly agreed with McCain’s hawkish attitudes, especially in the Middle East, as opposed to Trump), because McCain KNEW about the FISA abuse or else because when it was revealed he wanted to help bail them out?

      • Also from that link. If I knew this, I’d forgotten it:

        Perkins Coie is also home to Michael Sussman, a partner in the firm’s Privacy and Data Security Practice, who was retained by the DNC to respond to the cyber-penetration of their server in the spring of 2016. When, in late April 2016, the DNC discovered that its servers had been breached, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, then chairwoman of the DNC, turned to Perkins Coie and Sussman for help. Sussman chaired the meetings at the DNC regarding the breach, and, on May 4, 2016, he reached out to Shawn Henry, a former FBI agent who headed the incident response unit for the private cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, for assistance in mitigating the fallout from the breach. According to CrowdStrike, it was immediately able to detect the presence of hostile malware that it identified as Russian in origin. Sussman, after coordinating with Wasserman-Schultz, approached the FBI and tried to get them to publicly attribute the intrusion to Russia.

        When the FBI refused, citing a need to gain access to the DNC servers before it could make that call, Sussman balked and, again with the full support of the DNC, instead coordinated a massive publicity effort intended to link Russia to the DNC breach through an exclusive to the Washington Post, which was published in concert with a dramatic CrowdStrike technical report detailing the intrusion, ominously named “Bears in the Midst.”

        This public relations campaign started the media frenzy over the alleged Russian hacking of the DNC server, enabling every facet of the story that followed to be painted with a Russian brush—normally with a spokesperson from either the DNC or Hillary for America taking the lead in promulgating the story.

        It was about this same time that Elias decided to expand the scope of Fusion GPS’s opposition research against Trump, going beyond the simple mining of open-source information that had been the hallmark of the firm’s work up until that time, and instead delving into the active collection of information using methodologies more akin to the work of spy agencies. The person Fusion GPS turned to for this task was Steele. …”

        And that was because, concurrently, Admiral Rogers and the FISA court had blown the whistle on the illegal data-mining that outside contractors had been doing on the top secret FISA database–activity that the court actually said had been DELIBERATELY allowed.

  24. ~ CoolBrew •
    I think we all should post our favorite photos of this creep. This one is my fav…. …. picture 2 follow …B – LOW!

    ~ M.L., Easter Worshipper CoolBrew •
    I can’t go there. The pictures of him Grooming the Little Ones makes me feel I L L !!!!…. When it is a grown woman allowing herself to be pawed in public – a power play by him to humiliate her husband standing right there – I want to break things. Imagine a republican acting the way Joe does. It could never, ever happen. The Dems are the party of the Deviant, those who hurt & cause shame to others, oblivious too. I hates them 😡 …<< ME – 2 & ALL of US

  25. O’…such a SICK SLICK .. JERK of a DICK-AZZ! …& no 1 stopped IT?!!!

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